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Twitter Files: Pfizer Board Member PUSHED Covid Censorship | Breaking Pointsall right let's go to th

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Twitter Files: Pfizer Board Member PUSHED Covid Censorship | Breaking Points

all right let's go to the next one some,Twitter files actually broke last night,uh given over to Alex Berenson at his,sub stack so let's go ahead and put this,up there on the screen the headline from,Alex's quote from the Twitter files,Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb,secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts,challenging his company's massively,profitable coveted Jabs to funnel his,demands Gottlieb used the same Twitter,lobbyists that the White House did fresh,evidence of an overlap between the,company selling the MRNA shots and the,government forcing them on the public,what he specifically points to is that,Scott Dr Scott Gottlieb who previously,headed the FDA under Donald Trump and,then later became a protractor on the,board of Pfizer,saw a tweet that he didn't like and that,tweet explained specifically about,natural immunity after covet infection,was at the time being litigated as,whether it was Superior to vaccination,protection it actually called on the,White House that tweet to quote follow,the signs and exempt people with natural,immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates,remember that we all went through this,big debate at the time as to whether,natural immunity should count,or not in any sort of mandate type,system in which you would have you know,almost like social credit be able to,board flights many of the things that,were floated at the time for Interstate,travel,Etc Anyway by suggesting some people,might not need this vaccination the,Tweet could raise questions about the,shots so basically Scott Gottlieb,reached out and used a Twitter lobbyist,to actually email uh the top point of,contact in the White House saying that,the post was quote corrosive and that,would worried that it would quote end up,going viral and driving news coverage so,that that email was actually found in a,search of records that they were run,over at Twitter last week as part of the,Twitter files all of this also kind of,involves Alex himself because we should,all remember he was banned from Twitter,and then actually unbanned after he was,effectively able to prove through the,discovery process way before Elon even,took over Twitter in the first place at,the White House and specifically Andy,slavitt who was working there at the,time mentioned him in private,Communications on slack some of which,I've covered here before so anyway a lot,more still needs to become from the,Twitter files on Dr fauci and more I,believe Alex is working on that right,now but this was one of the first things,Crystal that he decided to go and put,out there yeah well the other piece of,this is uh Dr Gottlieb is a CNBC,contributor yes and he also sits on the,Pfizer board of directors yeah that's,the problem and this is not disclosed so,when he he's doing his little like,contributorship let me just and,pretending like he's just a neutral,expert obviously Pfizer has a deep,Financial stake in how people view the,vaccines and how they feel about you,know getting a shot every year and all,of those things,um and the safety and efficacy Etc so,that seems like something that should be,disclosed every single time that he's on,air and this is par for the course with,not just CNBC uh with CNN with MSNBC,with Fox News with all of them they'll,have these people on they'll portray,portray them as if they're just neutral,experts just calling balls and Strikes,based on their expertise and you dig you,do one internet search and you find out,oh they sit on the board of Raytheon oh,they sit on the board of Boeing oh they,sit on the board of Pfizer and so,they're not just offering you their,unbiased opinion they actually have a,huge direct Finance stake in the,commentary that they are ultimately,providing and this may be one of the you,know grossest Parts honestly of cable,dudes it actually I'll show you even,more why it matters which is that,internally within Twitter after the,complaint was forwarded to this Twitter,strategic Response Team it was,internally flagged saying quote please,see this report from the former FDA,commissioner again,prescribing him former FDA commissioner,not Kaiser member with the financial,interest in the MRNA vaccine and,actually what ended up happening is they,ended up putting a quote you know tag on,the Tweet itself but it arose all the,way to that level it actually happened,again one week later after this where,Gottlieb tried to actually uh complain,to the Twitter lobbyist who then,forwarded it specifically about a,vaccine and lockdown skeptic saying,quote sticks and stones may break my,bones but a viral pathogen with a,mortality rate of less than zero percent,has cost or approximately zero percent,has cost our children nearly three years,of schooling now I don't even know why,uh Mr Gottlieb would even object to that,because that's just objectively true in,terms of both the mortality rate and,schooling it's also clearly a policy,dispute and last I checked at least at,the time they didn't necessarily have a,financial interest in lockdowns I guess,

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Debating a 16 year old Andrew Tate Fan

Debating a 16 year old Andrew Tate Fan

women will be will sit there and say oh,yeah no it's fine uh I'd let I'd let my,boyfriend Cry on My Shoulder tell me,about all this and that but like in,reality she's really she's gonna get,turned off just because of that fact,first of all I don't actually think,that's true uh but even if it was for,for the sake of argument I'll just grant,that to you that's being a simp,and that's what I don't get is that,Andrew Tate comes along and says like,I'm the masculine alpha male yo don't,let women control you but now you're,going to literally harm your own mental,well-being raise your risk of Pride and,depression for a girl that sounds like,some major simp Behavior right there,like women are uh they're basically,trying to become masculine like they're,they're taking the traits of a man onto,a woman they're basically like they're,trying to get power like power over a,man you would have to give me something,to demonstrate this I don't think that,women as a collective are trying to get,power over a man but again you're saying,you should compromise your own,well-being for the sake of attracting,women you're giving that woman so much,more power,foreign,I see you chat and yeah it's quite,possible that this guy is young but,that's why I'm going about this in a,little bit more of a different way I,think that whenever I'm arguing with,somebody who seems young but also like,they're trying to engage in good faith I,feel that I can be more persuasive,towards them is it okay if I ask how old,you are I'm 16. okay so what's up I told,you to get into my Discord after you,commented said um as if this nerd knows,anything about the real world or,something like that yeah I was talking,about uh you were saying some wait I,can't say like any like,uh you can swear I don't care if you say,like whatever I don't care,anything about that it's just no slurs,like nothing that's gonna violate to us,so basically um you were saying some, about like Andrew Tate or something,uh like,that uh he was saying get out like quote,get out uh all his whole models get out,the Matrix whatever are you hey I'm so,I'm really sorry to interrupt you are,you able to talk any closer to your your,phone it sounds really echoey and it's,kind of hard for me to hear you yeah I,got you okay so basically um you were,talking about Andrew Tate like his whole,model being uh like get off the Matrix,and clown in them on that,uh-huh do you uh believe in or like not,believe do you uh think what Andrew Tate,does is right,do I think what Andrew Tate does is,right uh I think that Andrew Tate is,kind of a symptom of a larger issue I,think that there's a lot of rigid,expectations on men I think that men are,feeling very,um I think that men feel that they don't,have a good Community or a good place,right now and I think that somebody like,Andrew Tate comes along and he kind of,offers them Solutions but they're not,really Solutions they're just leading,them down a bad path kind of like what I,said in that short,um there like I said there's a lot of,rigid expectations for men a lot of,these expectations are harmful to men,and Andrew kind of reinforces them and,teaches a uh view of masculinity that I,find to be incredibly harmful and,detrimental for men's overall mental,well-being,I mean the view here as I'm asking the,linear is kind of like it's a,realization to the world we live in now,where men are just like living in this,oh it's okay to uh give your uh,expressions and your emotions and show,them to your uh like to your girlfriends,to your girl like it's basically like,he's just opening the eyes of like young,men who don't really know what they're,doing wait Andrew Tate what doesn't he,argue against men showing their emotions,to like their girlfriend and stuff,yeah that's what I'm saying I'm saying,he's opening those people's eyes yeah,and that but that's the problem,so,because telling men not to show their,emotions uh is detrimental for men's,well mental well-being,well that's just how the world works,okay well that's the thing is see you,along with Andrew Tate are content being,like well that's just how the world is,bruh well at one point slavery was just,how the world is brah but you have to be,able to recognize what's harmful and,push for a legitimate change and in this,case Andrew Tate telling men that they,should suppress their emotions or be,stoic or suck it up be a man these are,incredibly detrimental for men's mental,well-being they've done numerous studies,not even involving just men or,masculinity just General Studies showing,that when people in general suppress,emotion and bottle emotions up they are,far more likely to attempt suicide or,suffer from depression uh this is just,setting men up for negativity especially,for all the talk that we hear from snico,and Andrew Tate and these other red pill,people about how men commit suicide at,higher rates that's true but part of,that reason is because men do not feel,that they can adequately Express their,emotions men feel emotio

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Apple iOS privacy changes affect Twitter, Spotify differently

Apple iOS privacy changes affect Twitter, Spotify differently

yeah those twitter shares now down eight,percent on some concerns about user,growth but it is worth noting that,twitter didn't show some resilience to,those very same factors that slammed,snap first the impact of apple's,operating system change twitter was,insulated by the fact that 85 of its,revenue is from brand ads with a smaller,percentage coming from the direct,response ads that are more impacted by,apple's limits to ad targeting twitter,saying that the impact from the ios,space is modest and they do see,opportunity to improve the relevance of,their ads now that second issue was,snapped warning about a pullback from,advertisers impacted by supply chain,constraints twitter did benefit from the,fact that half of its ads are for,digital goods or for services now its,user growth though fell short of,estimates raising concerns about,potential market saturation particularly,here in the u.s and revenue guidance was,on the lower end of that expected range,that's weighing on the stock it's now,down over eight and a half percent this,morning now meanwhile spotify shares are,surging this morning on better than,expected revenue growth with podcasts,helping grow ad revenue 75,in the quarter spotify ceo daniel x,saying that apple's changes did not have,a significant impact because of the,services strength in first party data,because users log in to spotify they are,able to understand who those users are,now no comment about any impact of those,supply chain issues saying that the,biggest factor for the fourth quarter is,going to be once again growth in the,podcast industry so really interesting,here guys to see how these two companies,are managing the same issues very,differently than what we saw snap deal,with,huh yeah i mean it's kind of shining,some light on the models isn't it julia,it goes right back to what adobe ceo,sean tune orion was telling us yesterday,around the importance of first party,data and he would argue tools like,adobe's that help people get access to,that first party data content grow that,relationship that's sort of what spotify,has but then at the same time having,that big chunk of twitter's business in,brand advertising i mean that's not a,good thing,all the time right if you're not able to,uh target your advertising i mean am i,reading that right yeah,well what's,yeah absolutely i mean yes first party,data is always more valuable you just,have a better sense of who your customer,is you don't have to worry about,tracking them when they're off your,platform but the first party data thing,is one thing to me the brand advertising,thing is really funny in a way because,twitter was really criticized for not,having more exposure to direct response,advertising direct response advertising,was considered a key strength for snap,for facebook for others this is where,twitter wanted to be so they were slowly,growing their direct response business,just at the time that apple announced,this operating system changed so in fact,something that was a weakness for,twitter the lack of a direct response,business turned out to be a strength,once apple announced this change and now,twitter does have an advantage though,and that they can build out that direct,response business with full knowledge of,all of those apple constraints whereas,snap and facebook have to retool their,direct response businesses that they,already had

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Creating Disruptive Products with Spotify, Twitter, and Uber

Creating Disruptive Products with Spotify, Twitter, and Uber

hi did you just want to introduce,yourself and say how do you think you,have or haven't disrupted sure I'll,start I'm Sammy I'm a product designer,at spotify work on the monetization team,monetization but definitely help out,with other parts of the spotify like,radio and social and i think spotify is,disrupted market may be in two places i,think it disrupted the way people are,consuming music and maybe also the way,music labels and artists are now making,music through digital streaming um hey,everyone my name is scott silverman I'm,a product designer also at uber and I,previously before we were I've been uber,for about six months prior to that I was,at Airbnb for a few years um so I think,you know the ways the ways sorry,technical difficulties here um the ways,that you know uber have uber has,disrupted or you know fair I guess some,of them are fairly obvious in that we,are working on disrupting the way that,people move around cities primarily just,right now it's focused on transportation,so how do you get quickly from point A,to point B one of the ways I i like to,think about uber is it's my sort of,until we actually have a teleport this,is my sort of modern version of,present-day teleport it's it's my my,personally it's my fallback for when I,need to get somewhere really quickly,it's a replacement for me for it a taxi,cab and some of the things that we've,kind of improved upon in the traditional,taxi experience is primarily around,access around cost and around speed and,experience so we've provided a faster a,potentially safe for a better a more,efficient and a I think more enjoyable,way to get from one place to another and,we've done that in I think work close to,260 cities around the world now I am,Chloe sladden about almost six years ago,I founded Twitter's media team the media,team was responsible for,highest quality content across,television news music politics a whole,range of different areas of media and,I'd say the way Twitter disrupted,Kristen who mentioned some of them but,in media in particular it became a,wholly new way to find and discover,media so it became a new kind of front,page for news it became a new kind of TV,Guide for how to find what TV shows were,popular interesting so really changed,how users found content they cared about,and then it changed the nature of that,relationship so TVs traditionally been a,one-way medium and it really became,amongst many other o things a two-way an,interactive TV platform a way to have a,relationship with journalists and with,breaking news a way to get to know,celebrities and politicians better so,that that latter piece to other than,finding media Twitter also really,changed the way people connected with,celebrities or other high-profile users,it shifted during elections how they,discovered politicians and what they,stood for word how they connected with,them and in that it disrupted a whole,range in the value chain of the PR field,and how celebrities are connected with,their fans in the past how fans,understood and connected with their with,their celebrities and and how news was,disseminated from those high profile,people so for you talked about who he,disrupted but how did how did spot if I,do it um initially when Spotify first,started i think back in two thousand,five or 2006 the music market in,stockholm where they originally started,from was a lost market it was considered,lost market so music labels were making,any money mainly because piracy was so,dominant especially for downloads of,musics an album and so what the founders,of spot if i did was they went to the,labels and said listen this is a lost,market we really can't do anything i,mean people are just parroting give us,your inventory in terms of like music,and all your albums and we're going to,try and figure something out and so,essentially the founders of spotify went,into a partnership with the music labels,they gave them all their content and,launched spotify which is a streaming,service i think the main point was that,it,a lot more difficult to download,something by trying to find the torrents,and like downloading the album's instead,you can have this amazing one-click,access into like all the all the music,that you can find in a legal way that,makes people feel good so would you say,it's more it's a business model,innovation or a user innovation I think,its a mix of both I think in terms of,business model it was definitely a way,for the music labels to actually start,making money in those markets again but,in terms of like a behavioral it's,something that really wasn't done that,well until that point were you like you,had this huge library of music that you,know one click and you can just start,playing this random song that used to,like 10 years ago what's your favorite,Spotify some wow song in general mm-hmm,this is embarrassing but probably,borderline by Madonna guess that was a,great track have that can someone start,buying that okay from the Twitter,perspective I think that it's a

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Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading list

Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading list

perhaps this is a good place to also,mention,a little bit of a fun,Little controversy that evolved over,Twitter so I posted a reading list,quickly before heading off to a New,Year's party of books that I hope to,read in 2023 and these are based on,books that I asked people to vote on and,these are the ones many of the ones they,selected and they happen to be many of,the books I've read many times,throughout my life and really enjoyed,and they were like old friends that I,love visiting and revisiting and every,time I read them I get something new and,they they're just,read different throughout life,you know the way in my teens when I read,The Stranger by Camus was very different,than it was in my 20s and different in,my 30s I'll say my favorite book Now by,kamu is probably the plague and all of,that has evolved with Dostoyevsky I read,the idiot several times I read Brothers,karmazov both in English and Russian,Notes from Underground I mean I love,Dostoyevsky and a lot of these books are,just,yes they are Classics but they're also,deeply profound and they move me on a,intellectual level but also just as a,human being they're like travel,companions they're like old friends,uh old to dead friends,so yeah so I was wanted to celebrate my,love for books and it was very strange,to me that,um and if I'm just being honest for a,second is kind of painful that,um some prominent figures uh that I,respect,were kind of cruel about the list and,they they responded they mocked it and,all that kind of stuff,and basically taking the worst possible,interpretation,and,I have to be honest and say it was um,it wasn't fun because uh,it was just,it was just a silly kid me,kind of in a joyful New Year's mood,sharing with the world books I love,and,I think what was happening and this,seems to be happening a bit more,is there's a bunch of people that are,just almost waiting or hoping that I,fail or maybe that,I'm some kind of bad human being and,they they're looking they're trying to,discover things about me,that reveal that I'm a bad human being,and maybe somehow,um,this reading list reveals that I don't,know uh,I don't know,so one criticism,was that everybody read these books in,school and they're basic,I think my response to that criticism is,no first of all most people have not,read them in school maybe they're very,Cliff Notes and they're not basic,they're deeply profound some of the,greatest words ever written,but also,I don't think I've ever gotten,a lot from books I was forced to read in,school when I had to read them for like,an assignment some of these books I,think I've read in school but most of,them not but it's only when I read them,outside of school on my own volition,that I really gained a lot from it and,especially throughout my life regular,times as a teenager as a 20 in my 20s,and in my 30s,so no these books are profound and,deserve returning to and like I said,there are old friends that give me a lot,of meaning every time I return to,revisit the ideas and give me a new,perspective on life,another criticism was very kind of,nitpicky and the list was put together,really quickly and the goal I like,setting tough goals the goal is to read,a book a week and you know on one week I,had uh a little prince,followed by brothers karamazov and,people criticized uh that how can you,possibly read Brothers karamazov in one,week maybe I won't maybe I'll fail,miserably uh but I love trying and but,that's not actually was that wasn't,actually the goal I should have said I,intend to finish reading it by the end,of that week so you start earlier,because Little Prince uh takes you know,an hour or two to read and then Brothers,karamazov,um I could have the two weeks it should,take about 30 40 50 hours to read it,that said friends,I've read it already in English and in,Russian I'm interviewing uh the the,world famous I would say amazing,translators of Brothers karamazov of of,uh Dostoevsky of Tolstoy Richard pavirin,and Larissa volkowski,uh probably across multiple days so this,book means a lot to me I'm not uh,somebody's just kind of rolling in what,are the cool kids reading these days,these books have been lifelong,companions to me and the fact that,people just want to stomp on that and,a large number of people did people have,respect,yeah I'll be lying if I said it wasn't,it didn't suck a bit,anyway the,the love for reading,um,uh persists I have to say after that I,was very hesitant to even make this,particular video on Orwell on 1984.,and I'm not sure I want to be public,with my reading after this and I know a,lot of people will say no there's uh,like we're here with you where they're,very supportive and I love you I mean I,meet so many incredible people but the,reality just does suck to be vulnerable,and share something with the world and,uh receive that kind of uh that kind of,mockery at scale so,uh I will definitely I can I will not be,affected or broken by any of that kind,of stuff for something that's actually,meaningful like th

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Twitter Networking, Spotify Opportunity & Marketing RIGHT

Twitter Networking, Spotify Opportunity & Marketing RIGHT

what's up everybody once again finally,getting this video out for Saturday,usually it's Saturday morning but now,it's Saturday evening I couldn't even,find my phone,but that's a whole nother story big,3-series is one of the things I want to,touch on really quickly today that,really showed me a lot of things that I,really haven't talked too much about,when I looked at people comments and,response to some of the parts of it and,it just reminded me from an artist,standpoint right there's this opinion on,hip hop as far as what people thinking,what you personally like in some of the,opinions and just from an artist,standpoint particularly if you are,moving independently you can't afford to,have some of the opinions that a lot of,people have generally speaking you have,to be able to separate reality when,you're doing your own marketing campaign,now it's not that you can't have a,personal opinion and really think things,should be one way but you have to move,off of reality which is one huge reason,I say when you do your marketing,campaigns measure based off of people's,actions not what they're saying whereas,sometimes people will say they love your,music and things like that but now,they're not playing your music or the,only time they played it was maybe one,more time so how much do you really love,your music,alright that's an action their actions,are telling you something otherwise or,even if they do love it that much how,come they aren't listening to it so when,you think about your results you always,want to measure actions because the,actions are really what you're trying to,drive not people's overall opinions,opinions is more more of a branding,thing not necessarily marketing and,actually getting results in building a,fan base other than that also quickly,Twitter I touched on Twitter last week,on Saturday I want to go a little bit,deeper now because I realized I'm not,gonna have a chance to do a full video,like I went to probably not within the,next month or maybe even two so one big,thing because I talked to somebody,earlier today and they were talking,about Twitter and they were going to a,new city and they wanted to know how,could they meet people in a new city how,do they get around like what's the good,way to network and move around one thing,that's worked a way for me very well is,actually just hitting people up before,you go to the sea doing a little,research trying to go through things,tweet people email people just finding,out who's who and fine and you don't,even necessarily say hey can't we meet,but ask them hey I see you're in the,music scene where should I go what,should I do I'm gonna be here in these,dates do you know if something's going,on,accelerate feather a lot of times I've,had people basically I become cool,people just by doing that like I didn't,ask to meet with them but a few of them,said hey you know what we can meet up I,know that could also be a little bit,dangerous for some people but you know,just make sure you meet in a coffeehouse,or some kind of place that's not crazy,and weird,another thing well and I guess a perfect,example for that with me is I remember,last year when I was at Spotify,headquarters and Stockholm meeting with,a lot of those people actually before I,went to Stockholm though I was I hit up,by a guy on Twitter and just wanted to,ask him about the scene and we became,really cool have been keeping up with,other but I hit him up before I got,there I just thought that he was over,like something using meetup group asked,him a little bit about their personal,music scene he put me on had a great,time when I was there we met up like I,said we keep up with each other I'm so,meeting and hitting people up beforehand,is one gonna be the one of the best ways,where you go to a new city but then when,you get there you meet people aggghhhhh,who else should I meet what else should,I go while I'm here and then you just,constantly repeat that process and until,you know you start the hit once you if,you keep those two simple things,eventually you can kind of navigate some,of the other things that you can't plan,for and make them work for you because,everybody has their own goals lastly,those of you who have my newsletter you,already got this um action link on,Spotify I'm not gonna have chance cuz,I'm on a place where I could put the,link up but Spotify it's finally opening,up their ad studio to pretty much anyone,they've had it for about two years the,ad Studios been but private though so,now they're doing 30-second audio clips,fifteen or thirty second audio clips and,there's a wait list so Skype type in,Spotify ads so you'll probably better,find a link to that waitlist again of,you are on my email newsletter I went,ahead and sent that out earlier this,week go ahead and do that because it's,gonna be you want to be the one of the,first people in because as they allow,people more and more people in there in,beta phase right now,the prices are gonna rise to because,it's gonna become mor

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Getting Started with Spotify API (Complete Overview)

Getting Started with Spotify API (Complete Overview)

and here is where um you pass in the,authorization details so,hey friends welcome to the video i just,want to say a massive thank you to a,whopping 4 000 subscribers i'm really,chuffed about it and it's nice to know,the content i'm making is helping you in,your programming journey with that said,i'm going to be celebrating on the,weekend with a big fat takeaway i,haven't decided what i'm getting yet,probably not good idea in lockdown but,you know,go enjoy yourself and celebrate these,moments with that said let's keep this,community growing so make sure you smash,that like button if you're learning,programming i want to see more videos,like this,now let's get on to the video today,we're going to do something slightly,different,in this video i'm going to give you a,complete overview of the spotify api,what i'm going to do is walk you through,the spotify api through the lens of a,programmer you're going to get a better,understanding,of what the api has to offer everything,from libraries and interacting with,tracks to,understanding authorization and how you,would go about doing that,depending on the app that you're trying,to build and the bonus at the end is,we're gonna look through an end-to-end,example of creating a playlist,with the spotify api in python i highly,recommend that you watch the entirety of,this video because not only will you,learn how to navigate the spotify api,but you're also going to get some pro,tips,on how to work with other apis in the,future with that said i'm sure you're,going to enjoy this video so buck your,seatbelts and let's get started,right the first thing you want to do is,you want to go to,um i'll put a link in the description,below and essentially this is what the,homepage looks like so it's spotified,for developers and hey as you can tell,you've got a few links now i'm going to,break this video up into three parts,the first part i think will browse,through the api documentation,just to give you a flavor or give you a,better understanding of what spotify,offer out of the box which is quite cool,so essentially we'll look at,the different things that you can do,with the spoiler api so that's the first,thing i'm going to do,the second thing i'm going to do is then,look at authorization and rate limiting,authorization i think deserves its own,entire section because i get a ton of,questions,about like how you go about authorizing,with the spotify api because there's a,couple ways to do it,and you might want to adopt a specific,authorization flow,depending on the app you're trying to,build and then we'll leave the best to,last which is actually interacting with,the api,so we're going to write a very simple,python script that actually creates a,playlist,using the spotify api and we're going to,keep it simple we're not going to do,anything,too complicated i've got a project,actually on my youtube channel,where i automated the process of adding,a music,video from youtube to spotify and so if,you're looking for something a bit more,complicated fun challenging,all that jazz i'll include a link up,above so for free to click that but,again the goal of this video is,or in the case of the last part we just,want to do something simple,and i just want to show you how you can,uh do that by creating a playlist with,the spotify api,right so let's start with hovering over,the docs link and as you can tell,you get a nice little menu here and,you've got a couple of things right so,as you can tell here you've got ios and,android so essentially if you're,building a mobile app,you're gonna want to be referring to,these links here but if you're building,like a web application,you know a python or javascript file,that's gonna run locally,um then you're gonna spend most of your,time in the web api,um by the way later in the video what i,will do is i'll go over examples of,different types,of apps that you can build and in those,scenarios what kind of authorization,flow,um you'd adopt so uh we'll keep that for,later on in the video but for now again,we're going to build a simple python,script so what you want to look for is,this link called reference and as you,can tell reference also exists,in every sub menu here so you've got it,under the web playback sdk,ios and android and the reason why is,because reference,essentially this is like the crux of the,spotify api this is essentially where,you're going to spend most of your time,and this is because,um this is the page where spotify tell,you all the different uh,bits of information that you can get,from the api and they expose all the,different things that you can do with,the api,and so um and they get quite specific,with that so as you can tell on the left,hand side,if you've used spotify before i imagine,if you're watching this video you have,then you can see on the left hand side,already there's uh it's already starting,to ring a bit familiarity right because,you've got,like playlists and you've got browse and,you've got follow and l

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