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Bank of America grabs the top spot on the 2023 Just 100 listmeantime just Capital announcing its,202

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Bank of America grabs the top spot on the 2023 Just 100 list

meantime just Capital announcing its,2023 list of 100 most just companies,CNBC is just capitals media partner and,we have the exclusive launch of that,list our Brandon Gomez joins us now to,reveal the top five Brandon good morning,hey Andrew that's right so this year,just capital is once again recognizing,companies who are doing right by five,key stakeholder groups now those are,workers communities shareholders,customers and the environment just,Capital collected or sourced nearly 250,raw data points around 20 key issues,identified by the American public as,priorities in assessing just business,behavior of the 951 companies just,Capital covers from the Russell 1000,these are this year's top five most just,companies,kicking off the countdown making a,significant jump rising from number 99,to fifth overall is truest Financial the,company propelled Higher by its,commitment to pay Fair wages and to work,with a diverse group of suppliers from,Minority women veteran and lgbtq owned,businesses contributing over 1.4 billion,dollars to the U.S economy,for Accenture the company a leader in,prioritizing the appropriate treatment,of customers private data offering,disclosures of its own security,protocols and limiting its retention of,users personal information,coming in third Microsoft the software,company formerly held the top spot from,2019 to 2021. Microsoft is one of only,10 of the Russell 1000 companies to,offer at least 12 weeks of paid leave,for primary and secondary caregivers,they also disclose data to address pay,equity and maintain ambitious climate,targets,number two Nvidia the chipmaker,consistently leading on issues that,matter to workers performing detailed,analysis by gender and race and,ethnicity it is one of few companies,that report specific demographic,Workforce data that and the company's,offering of 22 weeks paid parental leave,show why Nvidia has consistently been in,the top 10 of the just 100 since its,Inception in 2018. the just 100 2023,number one company is Bank of America it,has risen steadily from number 104 in,2018 to number five in 2022 to the top,spot this year leading on worker issues,Bank of America has committed to raise,its current minimum wage of 22 an hour,to twenty five dollars by the year 2025.,the company has developed sustainable,financing products eliminated systemic,barriers for hiring and has prioritized,having a diverse and independent board,of directors,now for the full 100 list and video,featuring the top 10 you can head to, just-100,so real quick what sectors when you just,look from an it from a sector basis uh,led the list in terms of the rankings,yeah so traditionally Tech has been a,leader in the space this year financials,did see an uptick in their rankings of,the just 100. part of that does have to,do with the disclosure of a uh of a,minimum wage for all workers and so,again you're seeing names like Bank of,America leading Bank of America you know,as we said there has been slowly,climbing the ranks year after year but,again sort of joining the top 100s list,and seeing the most Improvement up about,138 spots for banks um support companies,in the financial sector for those,investors out there that are looking at,this list,the real question is do they outperform,meaning if you were to look at this list,over the last five years ten years I,don't know what you think the the right,period is are they outperforming are,they underperforming are all these,metrics that are part of this actually,equate to a better stock performance,yeah so uh these companies are doing uh,well in terms of their in terms of their,stock they're also performing better on,metrics uh compared to other companies,in the Russell 1000 so they are leading,on areas where whether it's return to,shareholders whether it's job creation,whether it's uh the paying the highest,amount of wages within their Industries,so these companies are leading on these,key issues and they in and of themselves,are leading,in terms of in terms of all of those,metrics that Americans are determining,what makes a company just

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Museveni's son on the spot after tweets about invading Kenya

Museveni's son on the spot after tweets about invading Kenya

imagine your father going online so he,can literally save your ass because of,you deciding that you're going to go to,war with Kenya this some many years ago,Idi Amin tried this and he does not,social media him he was,but then,decided Miami is going sick,and kot was not having it it wouldn't,take us my Army and me two weeks to,capture Nairobi hey this thing really,made you realize love each other we are,so United but the truth is is this is,this is this a dog without a leash or is,it you know just because he's we know,he's been groomed let me surmise he's,been groomed for the presidency for the,leadership there do you think he would,sort of come up as someone who might one,day actually you know be true to his,wife,first of all these are the dangers of,entitlement yes he is taking his,position as uh,yeah,Mr Mr Sun Mr son of uh Kampala of Uganda,East Africa,the dangers of entitlement have the,President coming off his seat to write a,letter so that we can forgive him,watch I think also it's the thing of,well he said it was a,Jew so the same way Matthew is saying,that sometimes even when you are a,spoiled kid and you're playing with your,toys sometimes it gets a point when your,toys start becoming boring so you start,that's what he's doing he's played so,much with the local people there that,now he fills up and uh what about if I,just widened my wings kidogo I go to the,Nini but a lot of things coming back,even to us people do not realize that,sometimes when you make these kind of,statements they post an actual risk yeah,international relations exactly that's,why I'm sure someone in our current,government was told to stop making,roadside declarations and things like,that because then you might say,something in a in a in a light moment,Spar of the moment but you do not,realize the ramifications it will have,in the long run yeah absolutely not the,issue of cows and how it brought,problems yes,have been started for a lot less so this,was more of you know making sure that,the Diplomatic ties are okay people can,brush it often say because rumor has it,that he was inebriated at a hotel here,in Nairobi felt one two three things and,went on Twitter and had a Kanye West,Moment by the way have you guys seen him,on Instagram it's another story for,another day anyway,um it can actually lead to you know,animosity between countries,problems and diplomatic problems I'm,just so happy that it has been sorted,but where try that stuff with Rwanda,just try but I think Kenya should have,been more pissed off that he said if he,comes and takes over he'll move to the,Westlands or Riverside the guys like me,I'm saying get the right I'm not coming,closer you can keep it for yourself,anyway speaking of rubber drowsing we,have to rubber browse our wallets and,pay some bills keep it right here

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Classified Documents Found At Biden Think Tank | The View

Classified Documents Found At Biden Think Tank | The View

so the White House says it's been,cooperating with the National Archives,and Justice Department's review since,November after discovering classified,documents from when the president was,the VP and they were locked in his old,office now this has Republicans like,Congressman Byron Donalds suddenly,losing his mind and,taking the matter of holding on to,classified documents very very seriously,suddenly take a look number one what was,he doing with classified information in,his possession number two why did it,take six years and I want to stress this,for the American people Joe Biden left,the vice presidency in 2017. point,number three and this is the one that's,most important everybody can go back to,the Hillary Clinton email Saga we know,other presidents have had classified,information but why was there a rate on,Mar-A-Lago but now this story just kind,of seeps out and everybody's saying oh,we just want to get down to the bottom,of it and everybody's giving the benefit,of the doubt,well aside from the facts that Biden,turned over the documents as soon as,they were found and has been cooperating,with authorities unlike some folks who,had to have a subpoena,and said they had turned over everything,you know now we don't we do not know,anything about the nature of this okay,so let's keep that in mind but I'm just,saying Byron needs to calmed down a,little bit because there are some,perhaps differences here the Optics are,not necessarily the best,so is it good news for you know who,anything that makes us talk about him is,good news for him not really I mean I I,think that no matter what you just said,is right that there are differences in,what happened yes so not good well we,all know that Trump is a liar and a,thief you know we know that,so it's not that big a jump to say that,he obstructed and he lied we don't think,that Biden is a liar and a thief so we,give him the benefit of the doubt that's,probably what's going on but what I,think also is going on no matter what,the truth of it is will be they will,spin it bobble head and Marjorie Taylor,and that crowd Matt Gates you think,they're not going to spend this that is,just as bad as Trump and so the the LIE,gets out there people believe it just,like that Donaldson person whatever his,name is what's his name Byron Donald's I,saw him also he was at the uh the fight,on the floor too he was nominated for,speaker a number by two people darling,15 rounds,empowering has been so invasive so,ubiquitous that no one will believe the,truth anymore and that that you can put,that at the at the feet of Donald Trump,who started the lying so and no,absolutely no one's gonna like this take,but I'm gonna go there anyway um it is a,big deal um I held a tssci security,clearance I would have been in prison if,I took one classified document home it,worries me that so many seniors did he,take it home no you didn't take it home,it was it but it was in a locket it was,locked and and that's true so that's,what it's supposed to be and I wanted to,enter yeah I'm sorry I want to be clear,the sacks are different than the Trump,case however I think this is a huge win,for Trump because if you're Merit,Garland who is already extremely,cautious and doesn't want to break the,long-standing Press precedent of not,indicting a president it's very hard to,make the case that Donald Trump should,be indicted for this even though the,facts are different when he can argue,well now the Vice President also took,home classified documents I think that,this kills the case the only difference,is obstruction which Trump did did,engage in obstruction,obstruction is a big deal,facts matter and let's not talk about,alternative facts okay because let's,talk about the fact that Donald Trump,was asked to return the documents,voluntarily refused then refused several,subpoenas kept them in toilets and kept,them not in a locked place and kept them,on the floor anybody could have had,access he had top secret classified,information including things that would,put people's lives in danger including,nuclear uh documents and there were 300,documents found so I think you cannot,compare one to the other that's not,comparing apples to orangutans,clearly different the legal standard is,not where you keep the classified,documents the only place it could be as,a skiff so even if you put a lock on the,door that doesn't legally change the,fact that you did not transport them,securely,element there was there's a clip of,Biden I would like to pull because he,obviously has weighed in on Trump's,situation and if we could air that,when you saw the photograph of the top,secret documents laid out on the floor,at Mar-A-Lago what did you think to,yourself,looking at that image,how that could possibly happen how one,anyone could be that irresponsible,and I thought what data was in there,that may compromise sources and methods,by that I mean names of people who,helped or Etc and it just uh totally,irresponsible well that's why we're,saying that we

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Neuroscientist Answers Illusion Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Neuroscientist Answers Illusion Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

my name is Pascal balish a professor of,psychology and data science at NYU I'm,an expert in visual perception I'm here,to answer your questions from Twitter,this is optical illusion support,and O'Malley oh nice username an anomaly,asks have you seen the optical illusion,where you stare at a spiral then look,away and things appear to be crawling,yes this is a a very striking example,it's called emotion after effect and you,take a look at this video here if you,look at the dot in the center it's 10,seconds or so and then look away I,recommend looking at your hand the hand,will appear like it is crawling and,what's going on here we actually,understand this very well there's been,thousands of studies on this over the,decades we know the neurons in your,brain that are underlying the perception,of motion once they get active for a,while they get tired they fired a lower,rate than they did before and and this,is not,um you know enter morphizing that you,can measure this with voltages in the,brain and we have user s bernian asks I,was staring at the spinning dance,illusion thing and she started spinning,backwards this goes viral on social,media every so often and let me be very,clear or early on every time this does,go viral people say oh if you see it's,spinning clockwise or counterclockwise,this will tell you whether you're like a,left brain or a right brain person and,I'm here to tell you no that has nothing,to do with that that is literally fake,news that is not true reasons you can,tell that is not true is that if you,look at this video you might notice that,Midway looking at it the dancer changes,the direction of motion so it was,clockwise before now it goes clock,counterclockwise and vice versa so,obviously nothing's changing stimulus if,you watch this again you will have a,different experience maybe the image,itself,is devoid of critical information so if,you the Contour,is just black so it's unclear if this,hand is in front or this hand is in,front so whether the dancer will spin,this way or that way will depend on your,assumption if you see the front hand or,the backhand yes and the way you can,switch this if you deliberately force,yourself to presume that one arm is the,front and one is the back this,highlights two important things one your,perception of the world is an,interpretation of the world and that,interpretation depends on the,assumptions that you make about the,world if there's not enough information,about the world this is a great one,Spiros lancos asks what is motion,induced blindness motion-induced,blindness is a great example of like how,important motion is so what you see in,the video is if you focus on the dot in,the middle and there's three yellow dots,that are always there if you keep,focusing it on the middle those dots in,the perfect start to disappear now I'm,claiming that they're always there they,never go away you can confirm that and,you can rewind the video but just by,keeping look looking at that so what's,going on here motion is very very strong,so this is not another example of how,your perception is the best guess of the,world so there's two competing models,now one is that there's three dots and,they're always there and one is a,rotating plane that's kind of occluding,those dots and in when in doubt your,brain will go to move to motion and I'm,actually now gonna ruin magic for you I,guess because most magic tricks rely on,this the idea is if I create some,distraction by you know move making a,lot of motion here I can do literally,anything else in plain sight and you,will not see it says the sea bass asks,can someone please explain the,difference between the five phenomenon,and beta motion to me and I'm happy to,help beta motion is happening right now,if you're seeing this on a on a device,and this is a video of me talking there,is no motion so you see I'm moving right,now but there's no motion you see uh,still images uh something like 30 or 60,or whatever the frame rate of your,monitor is a second your brain is,inferring the uh motion between that's,basically there's two objects first one,is object here and an object is here the,brain is filling in that something is,moving if something is here and it,disappears then something is here the,brain,concludes infers as an unconscious,inference a conclusion it's a guess it,didn't just was here and then it,disappeared that was here now it moved,that's the inference if you make this,fast enough uh 20 Hertz or 30 Hertz it,will appear like Smooth smooth motion,that's the beta motion what Phi is is,you have uh the objects static sometimes,in a ring and you have then some shadowy,thing occluding it it will appear like a,object is moving around them that's Phi,that's what Phi motion is colian asks,how do mirages happen so weird that is a,example of a genuine optical illusion,most things that are called optic,illusions are not optical illusions what,do I mean by that Optics means light,it's Greek for light so a mirage is an,example of an a

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Donalds reveals if he would support impeaching Biden amid Twitter files fallout

Donalds reveals if he would support impeaching Biden amid Twitter files fallout

foreign,with an historic battle for the Speaker,of the House of Representatives an,extraordinary five-day fight not seen,since the mid-19th century ended this,weekend when California Congressman,Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of,the House in the 15th round of voting,that was easy huh,I never thought we'd get up here,McCarthy took several blows on the way,to obtaining the necessary votes to win,but ultimately flipped several members,in the 13th and 14th rounds even as at,one point Florida representative Byron,Donalds emerged as an alternative to,McCarthy gaining 20 votes himself to,potential speaker Congressman Donald,flipped back to McCarthy after reaching,a deal to verify his promises they,include a balanced budget within 10,years and a vote on term limits for all,house members,among others joining me right now is,Florida Congressman Byron Donalds,himself Congressman it's good to see you,thanks very much for being here,good to see you Maria good morning to,everybody so at one point you went,against McCarthy another point,somebody else,speaker can you tell us what happened,well I mean look first first and,foremost I'm frankly just happy that,it's all over with and we got something,uh transformational,um and and sound for the American people,and really to help the House of,Representatives once again become the,people's house not to the mechanics yeah,early on you know I gave Kevin the,benefit of the doubt but it came pretty,quickly clear to me that we were getting,nowhere and so at that point it was,saying okay how long is this going to go,what's this going to play out like and,so it was really about trying to make,sure that we can get people to the table,in order to construct a framework that,everybody in our conference can get,behind and I think what we get what has,been released and what people are seeing,now is one of the most transformative,um re reshuffling in the people's house,actually giving all of the,representatives of Congress whether,they're Republicans Or democrats the,ability to represent the voters that,have sent them to Capitol Hill so show,Congressman I mean one of the most,stunning changes in this rules uh that,you all will adopt this week is the,motion to vacate one member to call a,vote to motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy,so how long does he have is there still,a chance that you'd like to be speaker,uh no right now what we're going to do,is make sure that our conference is,together the Republican conference and,making sure that we are focused on the,job at hand uh secondarily with respect,to the motion of vacay and I know this,has been talked about a lot a lot of,Voters are saying what does this,actually mean let me take a step back,before the 116th Congress Nancy Pelosi,is the person that stripped the motion,to vacate out of house rules Republicans,have said it's time for it to go back,and there is a negotiation around that,because again if the people's houses,truly to be the people's house every,member of Congress should have the,ability to represent their District so I,don't think it's a big problem there has,to be accountability in our system of,government especially in the House of,Representatives and so that's why that,was able to get negotiated back in and,we were able to to land this plane and,now we're going to move on to the,business of the American people what,other concessions did Kevin McCarthy,have to make tell me about these rules,and whether or not we're going to see,defections tomorrow when you try to,adopt this package,uh I don't anticipate defections,tomorrow I think everybody's gonna you,know kind of take the weekend day and a,half that we have,um and then look at these rules with,with the sound minding that we're going,to go ahead and get them through but I,mean you're talking about actually,strict observance of the 72-hour rule,the American people just saw what,happened two weeks ago when the,Democrats shoved through 1.7 trillion,dollars in an Omnibus spending Bill,nobody had a chance to read it we have,firm commitments that any bill is going,to be laid on the table for 72 hours so,not just the members of Congress but the,American people actually get to read it,the other is ending all of these crazy,covid mandates and the funding,associated with them we have rules on,single subjects so that there's actually,any bill it has to go by that subject,matter and anything in the bill has to,be germane to that topic we don't want,to see situations where a coin Bill,comes up and that all this language is,shoved through that has nothing to do,with the bill title these things are,critical to have a functioning Republic,and a functioning legislative branch,Branch excuse me in Washington D.C and,now we know that there will be 12,separate Appropriations bills instead of,putting everything jamming everything in,in one package which is interesting when,you consider defense spending you know,this is one area that you know our,adversaries have been have been upping,and we have not

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BJP finds out Rahul Gandhi's secret weapon? PEEgate and more | Sunday Show

BJP finds out Rahul Gandhi's secret weapon? PEEgate and more | Sunday Show

(Music),Namashkar Aadab and Welcome,This is Sarthak and,You are watching Sunday Show,The show where we do News Ki Baat Entertainment Ke Sath,Friends, there is a bitter truth that the girlfriend's male best friend and January's winters,Should never be underestimated,Both of them are very unpredictable,What a winter it has been,The number of clothes that are not in the cupboard are hanging on the body,But still feeling cold,And in this winter season, do you know what is going on in the headlines?,Rahul Gandhi’s T-shirt,You must have seen that Rahul Gandhi is doing Bharat Joro Yatra wearing a white T-shirt,Now it has become his ootd trademark look,Many people are asking that,What are you eating that when everyone is shivering in cold you are wearing just a t-shirt?,There are 50 issues but you won’t believe,BJP & Congress are fighting over this T-shirt,And the outfit is being judged with full animation,Like if he is wearing a thermal inside or if the button is put up or not,There’s an entire analysis of when, what & how much he is wearing,As if he is not just walking but doing a ramp walk,If they had power, they would have even started measuring him,Both sides are arguing vehemently,You have to agree on something,The Vikram-Veda look is good on him, isn’t it?,In the winter season, with hot tea let me serve you some hot news,The first & biggest news is Delhi’s Kanjhawala case,Don’t worry will give just give some basic bullet points,It’s someone’s tragedy, if even we start exploiting it then no difference will remain,Quick timeline,In Delhi on new year’s night, between 1-3 am,A Baleno car hit Anjali Singh who was in a scooty,And dragged her for a few kilometers,And she passed away during the incident,It was found that during the accident, the girl was not alone,A friend was there with her who got saved,After the accident, she went back home & did not tell anyone about the accident,It is said that not even enemies should get such friends,After this, the police arrested all the accused,And since one of the accused had connections with the flower party,The media started to defame the girl,That the girl was drunk, she used to party with boys, her character wasn’t good,And a point of advice whenever you hear such arguments on news immediately turn off the TV,And then ask yourself why were you even watching it in the first place,Let’s move forward, quick update,Two news came from dev bhumi Uttarakhand, ready?,First is Joshimath,Joshimath is a small town situated on the hills,If you travel from Rishikesh to Badrinath you will find a small town in the middle,Many people stop for an overnight stay,Last week many houses in Joshimath started getting cracks,Around 500 homes got cracks & it is said that,Joshimath has started syncing,There are two reasons behind it,One is case specific & second you can apply in any tourist spot using ctrl c & ctrl v,First is, around 100-150 years ago a landside happened,on whose debris the Joshimath is built,Meaning there is no strong base below,The exact thing was also mentioned by a Mishra committee report in 1976,That there is no strong base so construction needs to be done carefully,Otherwise, there could be problems later,To which people did not listen as usual,And no authority or government took much care of it & the construction continued,Second is, recently it has been seen especially in this century that,Tourist spots are being over-constructed like Manali, Kasol, Shimla,Over-construction is happening here,It is very obvious that every place has its own capacity,Both in terms of infrastructure & resources,And we should start being careful taking Joshimath as an example,This rapid & uncontrolled construction should be regulated,We have seen in 2013 that nature can be dangerous if goes out of control,Basically, mountains are being exploited,It is important to understand that if you have a farmhouse in the mountains,Then give it to me, I have ready to take your share of guilt,The next big issue happened in Haldwani,Where about fifty thousand people had come to be homeless after a High Court order,There’s a slum area near a rail line where people were living,Railways said that it was their area which has been captured,Then the High Court ultimately decided in the favor of the railway,And gave 1 week notice to empty the area,After this many people came on the road & started protesting,They protested & said that where will all the fifty thousand people go in 1 week,Then supreme court said that in this less time, so many people cannot be displaced,If you’re taking away their place you will need to rehabilitate them,And to be honest this happens in many places,And from your AC coach, you might feel this is a poor or dirty India,But no one likes to live in slums,These are mostly people who migrate from their place,due to trouble and live in small huts in the city,It is simply a failure of the entire system,Another successful protest story happened this week,When many people of the Jain communi

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KSI: Dillon Danis Won’t Compete for Misfits Boxing Again - The MMA Hour

KSI: Dillon Danis Won’t Compete for Misfits Boxing Again - The MMA Hour

he is the undefeated,let's see boxing,promoter,boxer recording artist,um YouTuber uh sometimes actor,entrepreneur,um drink entrepreneur as well there's a,lot of things that this guy is doing,he's kind enough to give us some time he,is the one and only JJ AKA KSI there he,is hello kids oh what's up all right,first of all I'm not a good actor,I'm terrible you were in a film right,you were in a film oh it was I I no no,okay it was terrible well uh yo great to,be here man thank you for having me from,from the uh familiar spot right here,this is big,yeah yeah no it's uh well obviously last,time I saw you with uh Dennis going ham,and then all obviously after going in on,him and uh going in on me and you know,Misfits and everyone and it's true yeah,we probably had a bit too much faith in,him actually trying to show up I didn't,even didn't even show up in the end so,yeah that was that was bad enough but,Israel is I'm still back you know,fighting this Saturday and uh yeah I'm,ready you know fight comes done I'm,prepared and uh yeah I'm excited to get,back in the ring and just again show,everyone that you know I'm serious about,uh this boxing thing okay okay so we,went a few steps to uh ahead there yeah,you just went and went crazy on me uh,first of all you know who would have,thought I get the 10-7 over Dennis you,don't even get to punch him in the face,it's a crazy world that we live in,um but let me ask you this let's start,with that uh going back to Austin uh you,guys agree to the fight he says to us in,the interview that he was supposed to,fight,Logan Paul Logan gets injured and I,guess it was according to him some Talks,Of You may be fighting someone else and,I want to ask you about that person is,that all true did it all go down like,that or was that made up,no no that is all true so I was gonna be,fine wouldn't we and Tyron Woodley uh,Dennis yeah and I was and then uh what's,his name uh Logan Paul was gonna be fine,then Dennis and then uh yeah and then,Logan got injured uh the budget got,shorter,from The Zone uh and then we were kind,of like oh okay and then Pine Woodley,was just having a little back and forth,with the rehydration claws and you know,the weight so we were just like well,we've got Dennis here who's who's free,and he's hungry and he's he's been,telling us he wants to fight he's been,going in uh telling my manager moms yo I,want to fight I want to fight I want to,fight so I was like all right let's,let's go Dylan Dennis he wants it you,know he's hungry for it and he's gonna,be entertaining you know I know between,Dennis and Tom Woodley I'm gonna get,more entertainment from Dennis because,he's just wild and he's just weird,stupid but he he's you know he,gravitates eyes towards him and it's,just going to make it a bigger spectacle,also get the MMA Community into the,whole uh into whole into watching it and,it was just kind of like a smart play,and I knew I'd just knock him out anyway,but you know I think it would have been,just a great Showcase of me to be like,okay this is what I can do and then uh,and then yeah he's just there's a lot of,just well I mean there's obviously we,all know what the story is well so I'm,curious was there any part of you that,thought he might not show up like,initially no no no no no,real soon,throughout the process like even when,you saw him sitting here were you,starting to have any doubts,while I with him being there kind of,made me go oh okay he's actually serious,like he's going on your show he wants to,actually fight he's he looks like he's,somewhat prepared you know maybe he was,rambling on here and there but he looked,like he was serious so I was like all,right cool and you know from what my,manager's been telling me what people,have been telling me they're like oh,he's he's actually down so I was like,cool let's do it like I did hear,Whispers especially on Twitter and like,maybe if you comment here and there,being like oh he's not gonna show up,he's not gonna show up he's not gonna,fight he's gonna fight but I was just,like,nah man especially with the amount of,money he was going to be getting I was,like there's no way he's gonna just put,out especially everything he said saying,I'm not a real fighter saying that you,know I'm I mean I'm I'm an idiot uh I'm,stupid this is that that I I call box,blah blah blah he's gonna knock me out,blah blah blah there's no way he can,come through this much smoke and then,pull out and then he did,it is a crazy thing it is an absolute,crazy thing is there any part of you,that goes back to the press conference,and says we should have known then like,he didn't show up to the press,conference maybe that was a sign,well I mean that could have been smart,on on his part because for him to travel,all the way to the UK to do a press,conference and then fly back to wherever,he's from to then train again it's it's,kind of doesn't really make too much,sense and you know maybe,if he had then maybe use that as a,holiday not holiday as a way t

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Elon Musk Appears In Over His Head With Purchase Of Twitter

Elon Musk Appears In Over His Head With Purchase Of Twitter

40 million that is the number of,election related tweets sent on Election,Day 2016. then came 2018 which according,to Twitter was the most tweeted midterm,election in history one of those tweets,included this video of Voters waiting in,line in Snellville Georgia one hour,after the polls opened according to the,user this happened because there weren't,enough power cords for the voting,machines after that tweet was posted NBC,verified the information and responded,that the holdup was indeed due to a lack,of power courts the machines were,running on battery power and they ran,out of a charge,a verified political strategist asked,the user for the address of the poll,site so she could report it to the NAACP,and by Nightfall polling hours were,extended and how did voters waiting in,Georgia's long lines find this out the,NAACP tweeted the breaking news that,they had won their case arguing for,extended voting hours,breaking voting times will be extended,by three hours and two precincts polls,will now close at 10 pm per court orders,for many Americans Twitter has been the,place to look on Election Day to keep up,with what's happening in their state and,across the country it has been an,essential tool for messaging and,organizing through elections and,pandemics and social movements Twitter,has been the virtual Town Square where,we exchange information and ideas about,some of our biggest challenges which,makes the massive changes that Twitter's,new Overlord Elon Musk has implemented,just days before election day it's what,makes them so Insidious reportedly,starting Monday musk will require the,400 000 verified users on the platform,to pay eight dollars a month to keep,their blue verified check marks but he's,allowing all users to pay for a check,mark too with no plans to verify that,the paying customers are who they say,they are,now the point of the check mark system,launched in 2009 was to address,misinformation to prevent fake accounts,from impersonating real people and,organizations,now the point appears to be in to be to,increase revenue for Elon musk's new,company at least one Twitter employee,working on the new blue check mark,subscription product got locked out of,the company's systems last night during,a meeting and that is how that person,found out they were fired they were one,of nearly 3 800 people fired in the past,24 hours as part of another one of,musk's big changes to the platforms Mass,layoffs affecting half of Twitter's,Workforce here's a look at who musk has,decided to get rid of the curation team,is now gone they helped guide users to,Reliable news sources instead of,conspiracy theories about half the,company's security team is now gone,raising concerns about users privacy the,human rights team also gone they worked,on protecting human rights human rights,Advocates journalists and citizens in,places like Ukraine and Afghanistan and,Ethiopia the ethical artificial,intelligence team is also gone they were,doing research on algorithmic bias like,intentional political bias on the,Twitter platform all this happening,after musk shut employees out of the,content moderation systems that are,required to limit misinformation that's,something he did last week musk only,agreed to renew access this week after,civil rights leaders complained about,the possible spike in misinformation and,hate speech this all of this is the,field of play in the virtual Town Square,days before one of the most,consequential elections of our lifetime,joining us now is Ben Collins a senior,reporter covering does information,extremism and the internet for NBC News,Ben thanks for being here tonight thanks,for having me so,the timing on all of this now granted,musk just purchased the company right,but he's aware that there's a midterm,election happening and that puts all of,this in the crosshairs of so many,complicating factors do you think it's,on purpose it's in spite of that how do,you read these drastic decisions ahead,of just a really potentially fraught,period in American politics it's hard to,know but the ethical thing to do here,would be for him to just wait until,midterms right uh and that is not what,he did he fired people four days before,midterms half basically half the company,four days before midterms and in the,process of doing that you got rid of the,health Team you know the uh the curation,team anybody who would be able to you,know suss out lies from facts on a,platform that is about to be inundated,with people impersonating other people,right uh those people are gone and at a,time when we have real world elections,deniers running for office trying to,effectively affect the vote polling uh,policing poll stage policing polling,stations I mean the the opportunities,for misinformation to spread are are so,abundant it's hard to even enumerate all,of them what practically happens the con,the the curation team is gone so how do,we how are we going to start to see the,effects of that as Twitter users as the,audience here sure I

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