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Co-Creator of Splitgate answers Community questionsmomentarily the man of the hour of,course creator


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Co-Creator of Splitgate answers Community questions

momentarily the man of the hour of,course creator split ian prue,also co-founder of 1047 games and ceo of,1047 games um,wants to talk directly to all of you so,please bear with us as he's probably,wrapping up another important meeting,um also there we go up here,there we go,what's up cardinal,how you feeling,i'm feeling good um you know i have uh,you know we talked to the pros i spoke,with the pros today and and everybody,was very understanding which i was,really happy about um seems like most,people i've i've chatted with have been,pretty understanding which is obviously,uh a relief um,but uh overall i'm just excited to be,able to finally kind of break the news,and and,be transparent about this um because,it's been you know,we want to tell you guys everything,obviously um and uh we wanted the,community first and you know with this,decision it's one of those big decisions,where you can't talk about it right and,as much as we wanted to talk about this,a month ago,we couldn't and so now finally being,able to to share this is really nice,so,i'm feeling good,all right well a lot a lot of,information to unpack we had our initial,uh letter which i hope everyone here has,read,but also we had an faq a lot of uh,nuanced information um so,if you guys haven't seen that um,definitely check the um one of the,recent announcements um faq,has a lot of important information but,uh we're gonna at some in a few minutes,we're gonna go ahead and do a q a,anyways um and you know answer your,questions directly here on this town,hall it wouldn't be a town hall if it,didn't have a q a,so uh yeah anyways anything else you,wanted to share,in about uh the decision making process,or,you know about the current game the,future game stuff like that,i mean the main thing i'll say is is,just,i'm very excited and i know that this,was um probably tough for some people to,hear uh but you know i think the,overwhelming feeling internally is is,one of excitement um,you know we we really have a lot of big,things planned for this next game and,obviously you know split gate started,off as a school project you know i don't,know if everyone knows that but that was,literally my senior project in college,at stanford,and uh there's a lot of stuff that we,did really well,you know the gun play the portal,mechanic,you know there's a lot of really really,awesome things i love split gate i mean,i still play it regularly um but there's,also a lot of things we want to do,differently that it's just we've learned,a ton over the past five plus years,and you know this allows us to build,something that i think can truly be,special and can go compete with the,biggest games out there uh and,ultimately that's the goal here right we,want to build something that has the,player base that you guys deserve that,has you know the player base we had when,we first launched this thing on console,and even bigger than that,um and this is what we think is going to,allow us to get there,well said okay,um,i think there's there's some uh probably,a lot of a lot of questions out there,answered in the faq once again if you're,just joining,um,we wanna we're gonna hear your questions,so make sure you raise your hand and,we'll we'll try to get to as many of you,as possible for this hour but please,please check, faq,and there's a lot of information beyond,just the the letter that we,um shared with you guys today so um,anyways well how about we just start,answering some questions ready,okay let's see go ahead and raise your,hand,of you,oh my discord's glitched there's too,many people,hold on okay now it's back all right,let's start with this guy,kennedy,raises his hand,i got the gun,uh thanks for putting this together i am,uh interested to talk to all of you i'm,curious when did you reach this decision,internally and like what was the process,that led you here obviously you're,trying to,basically build a new foundation because,the existing platform isn't capable of,doing all of the things that you want to,do but could you speak to,you know what those things are and what,your timeline has been,yeah absolutely um so i guess timeline,so obviously you know we,we launched the beta in july right uh we,did the massive fund raise in september,right we raised 100 million um right,around the fundraise nick and i started,just thinking about this,it wasn't like hey we should go do this,it was more like you know what do you,think about this like just,you know do you think we should,keep doing this thing you know we got,all this money we've got all this hiring,we need to do,um there's a lot of things we've learned,and sort of the reality of it is like,we've got this really really fun and,special game that you know it does it's,very special it's very unique,um,but there's so much more we could do,with this thing if we started over right,i mean not started over but you know if,we kind of had a clean slate,and so that was kind of the first time,we had any sort of conversation and it,

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Splitgate Is Dead, And They've Declared WAR On AAA

Splitgate Is Dead, And They've Declared WAR On AAA

you know what this really bloody well,shocked me it really did,split gate i mean it was such a big,victory story and now it's on,maintenance mode,and initially i felt like,like the oxygen just left my my lungs,when i first heard this and then i i,stopped had a bit of a think i saw the,community are saying and a bunch of the,community saying oh our game is in,maintenance good,because it turns out,remember when they got all of those like,100 million dollars they got giga,investments,and they are putting those dollars,to work,in a world where we see arena shooters,struggle where we see flashes in the pan,where halo infinites doing what halo,infinite did and lots of people actually,looked at this game and thought oh ,that kind of,this this is kind of you know halo,infinite level success before infinite,came out of course back in you know in,that summer and we just weren't quite,sure how good infinite was going to be,split gate was the game that uh had a,funny little situation because it of,course came out as split gate arena,warfare in 2019 not that many people,really knew about it it felt more of an,early accessory sort of thing it then,got a bit of a relaunch in 2021 as just,split gate and then a relaunch into beta,and that is the beta that launched this,game into the stratosphere with more,than 10 million players downloading,split gate and,with all of this incredible hype behind,the game,the studio received significant,investment which included a round of 100,million dollars,in september 2021,today you're gonna find out how they're,actually going to be spending that money,because it is a an interesting situation,with this game,it went into the,stratosphere but behind the scenes,there were there were cracks and those,cracks have led to the development team,deciding to sunset split gate,they've done an ama they've done a,discord town hall they understand the,gravity of this situation,to look at the numbers,here's split gate on pc,now it's hard to say between split gate,and halo i think they do target similar,enough players i would have imagined,that on console halo would maybe just,trickle ahead dude hope so yeah it's,halo it's got that brand recognition,yeah because halo's got that recognition,called that's all over here in pc then,what do we see well we see a 24-hour,peak of about,fifty 1551. if you're wondering how,that's comparing to halo infinite,infinite's getting between like five to,six thousand uh sort of like peak,concurrence uh you know these days like,in and around this month so,yeah this is a lot smaller than halo,infinite they did have this humongous,spike of players but people didn't,really stick around and that's one of,the hardest things when it comes to,putting significant time investment into,an arena shooter we've discussed this in,the channel before,the notion that perhaps there are,inherent things with arena shooters that,do lead to there being some degree of,struggle uh we talked about that a long,time ago now we have this video i can't,remember what even the video is called,now but it was this kind of thing of,like,maybe the baby people want to play them,but when they sit down they just don't,have the energy i don't know they don't,have the strength to put in the real,hard grind to get good at those games,versus games that are like more,i guess more enjoyable and slow to burn,so well there's more of an emergent,gameplay narrative and like a very,interesting potentiality of hitting that,one more game button within the battle,royale genre which of course is a genre,that we've seen just completely,you know sweep and actually i know like,fortnite is down a little bit but,overall that genre is super strong i,mean just think of apex so you might be,wondering what's happening to split gate,then what's happening to all that you,know time players have invested,it's going to continue to exist on its,uh on its current platforms it's going,to get a infinite battle pass when the,current one ends september 15th i'll,just keep on giving people rewards,including multiple new characters but,there are no new feature plans for this,game they will patch bugs,they'll monitor game breaking issues,there's also going to be no maps created,by 1047 the studio however,they're,there will be community maps,right so at least that's good now of,course the question you might ask is,like with all this investment with there,being a bunch of buzz,why,well here's what they've said,they said that it's actually it's for,the community that they've made the,difficult decision to end development on,on split gate they say they think they,have something special they have,something special with their community,but they have a reality and reality is,the problem because they're trying to,update upgrade and build for the future,at the same time right,and this is something that,kind of,well,is going to lead to problems,right because of the way that split gate,was actually developed because this,i mean it's spun out of a very small,te

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Why Splitgate Won't Be a Successful Esport!

Why Splitgate Won't Be a Successful Esport!

hey guys miles today bringing you a,brand new video in the last video we,discussed why i believe split gate can,be a successful esport,and you can check that video out by,clicking in the upper right hand corner,of the video right now,in today's video we are going to be,discussing the exact opposite of the,last video,and going over all the reasons why i,think split gate will in fact,not be a successful esport now before we,get started i do want to encourage you,to try split get out for yourself,and form your own opinions don't just,take my word for it check it out for,yourself,especially if you're rather bored with,the current fps lineup that we have,between call of duty,warzone apex legends etc if you'd like,to,you know change things up and have a ton,of fun with something a little bit,different then split game might just,have what you're looking for,i also want to quickly remind you that i,have been streaming split gate here on,the channel,a few days a week so make sure you guys,subscribe hit the notification button so,you guys can catch the next stream,maybe we can talk about some of the,stuff that we're going over in today's,video,all right now that that is out of the,way let's get into the nitty-gritty,details that might just be the downfall,split gate competitively speaking,first and foremost as a casual player,that is interested in maybe taking,things to the next level or just tuning,in to some more competitive play,you might find top level split gate,gameplay a bit hard to follow,now thanks to the portaling system,splitgate offers some of the fastest,movement in any modern fps game,and combine that with top level accuracy,and map knowledge,you may find yourself getting a little,lost trying to follow high-level,gameplay in this game,it's not as straightforward as other fps,titles such as call of duty,which have a fairly simple transition,from casual to competitive play,with the exception of some rule changes,and banned items,no in split gate your casual players,don't use portals nearly as effectively,as the pros,and some very new players may find,themselves struggling to remember to use,the portals at all,just the other day i was watching some,high tier highlights from a recent split,gate tournament,and even i who have been playing this,game off and on for a couple of years,i was getting a little bit confused with,how the players were using their portals,to move around the map,so effectively and efficiently that,being said i also hope that i can learn,a bit from these players and implement,some of their techniques into my own,gameplay,and i hope you all do too i might even,be able to make a tips and tricks video,covering some of these once i feel a,little bit more comfortable,using them now secondly with the insane,growth that splitgate has been,experiencing ever since arriving on,consoles,they have struggled to solve the queuing,issues and the servers are absolutely,jam-packed,at all times with queue time sometimes,reaching over an hour,now they have been really really good,about being forward and open,when it comes to queue time server,capacity and updates etc etc,but ultimately i think it's you know a,good thing and all the attention that,this game is getting is great,but unless the issues are solved it will,unfortunately drive a lot of new players,away,which was the same reason that games,like pub g started to fall,you know without a casual player base,only the most competitive players that,are really into the game,are going to remain and that's only,going to last you so long in esports you,absolutely need a casual player base,if you truly wish to succeed the casuals,are the ones that are going to buy up,your skins,they're the ones that are going to give,you the money through microtransactions,and dlc etc etc and then of those,casuals,some of them are going to be able to,transition to the more competitive play,and also feed into that pro scene,but without the casual players once your,pros are tired of the game and they dip,out,who's going to come in to replace them,nobody now that kind of brings us to the,last point,which some of you may or may not,disagree on this one,but when it comes to cross play and,different input options for the game,i'm not really sure how that translates,to competitive play,in every game every game and every case,that has tried to implement,cross play and different input options,you're eventually going to run into the,mouse keyboard versus the controller,with aim assist argument,and that usually has a negative impact,on the competitive integrity of the game,in the community especially when you,introduce things like the kronos max and,little things like that i actually just,retweeted probably the best breakdown of,this so far you know the whole aim,assist versus mouse and keyboard thing,i'll try and remember to throw the link,in the description so you guys can read,along,it's a several part tweet that really,just breaks down,all of the nitty gritty details between,you know

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so the split gate servers are down,again so let's go read some discouraged,fans,tweets shall we,this is the tweet that started it off,after much internal,deliberation oh jesus christ,uh that word we've decided to leave the,servers offline until friday,this gives us time needed to implement,fixes to the matchmaking,and back-end stability our priority is,getting, hell our priority is getting all,back up to,more smooth uh whatever that it's just,that why why is a dyslexic person doing,this kind of video god damn it,yeah bro why can't you just fix it while,we play,and then have the update that takes a,couple of hours are you kidding me,that doesn't work like that,think about it how are you supposed to,fix something that someone is already on,it doesn't it doesn't work like that,that it just doesn't work like that,but your micro transactions are up and,running just fine couldn't wait to get,those open huh,get your priority straight and fix your,game first don't worry about how to milk,your player base,but you were clearly hurt by valor and,call of duty or something else,the micro transaction isn't the problem,you,fool it's the servers the amount of,players,how the does micro transactions,come into i'm sorry but this comment,this this tweet does piss me off i know,that i'm,i know that i said that i wasn't gonna,be toxic about anything or anything like,that,but this does this does piss me off,because it's,why cool the micro transactions are in,the game,they're not like balance micro,transactions but they cost you a ,kidney just to get something for,starters,and secondly you don't have to buy,anything in this game,it's a free game i didn't mean to go off,into a tangent there however that did,annoy me,so i'm terribly sorry,wasn't that funny i'm actually losing my,patience with you guys,we've waited so long and now you say,there's no game,for more days i'm sorry if you keep,putting servers down you're gonna lose,me and everyone else,okay for a starters you have not been,waiting so long,because we've been playing since 2019.,we've been waiting so long for this game,to blow up,and uh if we lose one player i'm pretty,sure it's not going to matter in the,long run this isn't me being toxic this,is me saying it in general,i don't think it will matter because,split gate is now actually,in the eyes of everyone it's shown that,it can,blow up again it's come back from 300,players for christ's sake,big yikes might as well just focus on,the actual release if you can't handle,the beta,makes me wonder if you can all even run,the alpha okay,so what part of this game has been out,since 2019 and has,had a concurrent player place of 300.,it's not the fact that they can't run it,it's the fact that there are literally,too many players joining at once,the game's blown up like blown up blown,up,trust me it's not the fact that they,don't know what the they're doing,they just genuinely have too many,players,it's a good thing most of the comments,on the twitter,on the tweet is actually like low-key,like really nice,so i appreciate all you for being like,nice to the devs and everything yes,there are some, to say the least not saying,that then guys i just,uh did was tickets but yeah there are,some proper main ones on there i have,seen i'm not going to put them in the,video,but i promise you i will be putting out,good content once,everything is fixed everything just give,the devs time,they'll be fine they've just gotta get, in line,wow that rhymed oh poet i don't even, know it let's go,just give them some time remember use,code jib,and uh,that was loud that was yeah loud

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5 Portaling Tips for Advanced Splitgate Players

5 Portaling Tips for Advanced Splitgate Players

happy one-year anniversary to split cake,exactly one year ago today split gate,released and I released a video about,five basic tips to get better as a,beginner a lot has changed with the game,since then and so has players,understanding of the games mechanics,with this video I'm gonna share five,more tips revolving around portals in my,experience even pro players don't,implement these strategies often enough,if you already use these strategies,great keep doing them and getting better,but anyways here they are five portal,tips to improve your split Gate skill,starting with number one pixel walking,in speedrun videos of the game portal or,portal to a frequently used strat,involves the player placing down a,portal barely walking through it placing,another one and repeating the process,and split gate it's not so different,pixel walking or triple portaling should,be a regular part of how you navigate,the map every map has places to zip,around and quickly outflank your,opponent or for getting a power weapon,the best map to practice this is on,outposts for example use the backward,wall to get to the sniper by only pixel,walking the better you get at triple,portaling the more a map will open up to,you number 2 portal proxies you're,probably familiar with portal flanking,during gunfights when enemy starts,shooting you but by the time you're,shooting back,they've already portal behind you the,strat I want to show flips this idea,around what if you shot a portal to make,them think he were flanking creating,proxy portals only works on players,anticipating the flank which luckily,every experienced player should be,expecting don't do it too often though a,mixture of actual flanking and proxying,to keep your opponent guessing will go a,long way the best way to sell a proxy,portal is making the enemy think you're,going to go through it keep in mind that,if the enemy can see your entrance,portal it will be harder to trick them,don't forget that your opponent might be,pre shooting your proxy so if you're,standing in front of your portal they'll,be landing shots on you anyways number 3,portal placement when you aren't walking,through your portals you'll probably,want to use them to scout for the enemy,or shoot them the problem is your portal,is going to be glowing an invitation for,enemies to shoot back as,target there are only so many places,that a player can stand in front of a,portal but if we're creative we can use,that to our advantage if you look at,this wall to place a portal at the top,of it the bottom of the opening allows,you to just barely see through the other,side on this wall we can crouch and peek,on the side so we aren't as exposed from,the enemy's perspective they're,naturally going to want to shoot back,squarely in the middle of the portal,more experienced players won't shoot,back and tell their reticle turns red,through your portal as a general rule,place the portal at the floor if you,want to move through them but if you,need to shoot instead place them higher,off the ground,number four portal blocking another,thing you should be dealing with your,portals is denying the other team easy,access to flanking you there are times,where you're gonna need to hold your,ground like in king of the hill or if,you're waiting for a power weapon to,spawn learn exactly where you need to,place portals on certain walls to,maximize hogging space here are some,examples,just keep in mind that enemy players,will most likely throw grenades so if,you hear that EMP sound try to block it,again and finally number 5 portal angles,by portal angles I mean other portal,walls you can see from we're sitting,some angles can be seen from just,standing in certain spots while others,require a jump or a little jetpack need,to see it's impossible to show all known,angles in a single video plus it's very,likely some haven't even been discovered,what's important is when you get good at,pixel walking your eyes begin to see new,possibilities for navigating the map,here are some interesting new angles,I've found through playing split game,over the past year,so there's five portal strategies you,should be using regularly in split-kick,I hope you learned something and thanks,for watching

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My *NEW* Kill RECORD in Splitgate RANKED! 😯 INSANE 43 KILL GAME! (Splitgate Gameplay)

My *NEW* Kill RECORD in Splitgate RANKED! 😯 INSANE 43 KILL GAME! (Splitgate Gameplay)

all right i'm going through the back of,the cell,mason's back here,hit 165,for 265.,i thought one's five hp going bottom,back i killed three with the sniper,nice,got four,they're on here,no i instantly died bro,attack's gone,i got the rail,how that mist,killed the guy with sniper,i have the sniper now okay,killed two,they're spawning god knows i'm gonna try,and get in hell one spawn lower,there's three of them in opposite tower,me man what the heck,oh teammate,damn 40 hp i smg,i spawned on opposite side i'm not even, close,i'm holding hills though it's my railgun,once my railgun right here,is that on rail,on a sniper,is,still sitting here,i'm going to next,actually,14 for sniper,when is shoddy 5 30 right yeah,there's no way i just got lasered like,that,killed one off the hill i think there's,one on sniper nests,okay,stay alive till next is 110 health on,the cell,irell,no dude they closed my portal and i went,through,shoddy's on the uh,like in the tower just sitting hill,right now,teammates are standing in front of me i,can't see anything,i gotta fit the phone,i got two needs one more shot he's out,of ammo,so they don't have shoddy,nice,29.99,i dropped sniper on now,how long are you streaming for i don't,know,x60 back in,they're just spawn in here like i don't,want to jump down that sounds like a,terrible idea,got one,ah there's two more,the other ones should be killed by your,teammate nice good break,shot he's gonna spawn at the end of this,hill,got two,tried to hop out the rails down shoddy's,down with like one bolt left in it on,hill,yeah i'm gonna go like sniper and try,and get it,no way he hit that wow,i don't know what's going on i'm getting,flown out by ar he just he's literally,not picking up their own gun it's down,on sniper right now,it's the same kid that literally just,walked over a rail gun,nice,to be honest i didn't really move much i,kind of gave him a free shot,there by shoddy spawn,160 140.,this kid's more talented than i will,ever be at any video game ever,there's one more here,four dead,on him,no,wait why do you reach out as a different,kid that's about to say i was like,what's going on here,gg,nice nice nice eyes nice do it again do,it again,where was another one man we needed,more that would have been a cool kill,feed

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50 Tips for Splitgate

50 Tips for Splitgate

split gate has easily become one of my,favorite games this year for those of,you that have never heard of split gate,first of all uh why second of all,basically it's just halo and portal put,together and if you want to learn more,about it i've made multiple videos about,this game you can check them out and,then come back but anyway i know a lot,of people really like this game and want,to learn how to improve at it and,although it's in beta there is a ranked,mode so a lot of these tips will help,you climb up a lot quicker look i may,not be the best player in the world but,i did hit diamond in both ranked modes,and i am technically a professional,player although i lost in the third,round oh,macro seems very sweet but i think,anybody who cares about this game will,want to listen to these tips and tricks,so without further ado let's start the,video shall we,you should try to have an extra portal,always out somewhere in case you need to,quickly escape to heal i've seen a lot,of low-ranked players just not utilize,the portals enough you can create,portals through your own portal this is,called a three-way portal this will,allow for you to maneuver through maps,extremely quicker all you have to do is,step out past the blurry point and,create another portal and then step,backwards and boom you're already there,if done quick enough you can be a menace,in this game on objective based games,like domination or king of the hill,especially use your portals to block,walls so enemies can't use them,obviously they can throw grenades at,them but you can always continuously,make portals close your portals it,doesn't even have to be both just,closing one will make your portals,closed enemies can't chase you or shoot,you through it if it's closed if you,hear an enemy portal make this noise,or see an enemy portal blink,that means an enemy is looking through,it so shoot it,some maps have bottom floor areas use,them as momentum boosts to get to higher,up areas or move super fast to get,insane kills,of finding enemies from a distance,remember that you can make a portal,right behind them instead a lot of,people aren't really great at turning,around so quickly the bfb has a lunge,effect if you aim slightly away from the,enemy it will lunge further giving it,better range than normal practice this,it's pretty insane you'll know it will,lunge when it opens up so you may not,want to run the iced out bfb even though,it's,beautiful,find different angles that can be great,for shooting enemies through this can be,extremely powerful on maps with portals,really high up like,king oasis,only one person needs to be on the hill,in king of the hill it's king of the,hill 101 just because you have four,people on it it doesn't make the hill go,up any faster you need some people to,play some defense on the side and to,block enemies from coming through with,their portals aim your portal low so you,can always walk through it that way,you're not caught stuck behind the,portal when you're trying to run away,don't underestimate the power of melee,if you're close enough it's always doing,50 damage well not always with momentum,your melee can do more damage all the,way to the point of being an instant,kill you don't even have to use your,portals you can just jump down on an,enemy and then boom,instant kill if an enemy portal spawns,near you that tells you that the enemy,has line of sight with that portal which,can help you locate them in games like,take down in takedown if you're the last,alive,standing keep portal jumping until your,teammates respawn it's better than,trying to fight 1v3 the sniper has a,bigger hitbox when scoped in so instead,of no scoping practice quick scoping it,will be a lot easier trust me a lot of,these maps have holes in them so you,should probably learn where those are so,you don't you know,if you overheat your plasma rifle you,can just swap weapons and it will cool,down in your inventory,grenades have a big radius so throw them,in ways that can take out multiple enemy,portals at once instead of just aiming,at one you can change your reticle by,the way some of the defaults are a bit,clunky you don't have to shoot through,portals head-on you can use angles,making you less vulnerable to get shot,at from enemies you can more accurately,choose where to portal by zooming in and,portaling this allows you to portal,through little holes or cracks with ease,you can shoot a portal below an enemy to,trip them up it's not common but it can,be a clutch way to take an objective if,you put a portal on two sides of a box,you can use it like a window this is,great in king of the hill or domination,put your head down the headshot,multiplier is real in this game,seriously you might just survive by,doing this learn the spawn locations of,power weapons to better know what to,expect on each map is there a bfb rocket,launcher shotgun you gotta know in this,game you can hurt yourself so don't make,portals in front and back of you and,accidentally shoot your

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oh,what did you do,two,one,i mean that kid's not one,all shot ,kid's not lagging at all,we got one shot left,i just have to hold up here for the next,you don't need to peek that side,we didn't need to peek that,i just need to hold up here for the next,two hills,because an excel's over there,and i'll have fight over it,that kid's flying around with a bat,he's dead,is,double kills,okay,i need to carry like i need to literally,drop 800 kills this game,like not trolling,everybody in the lobby's low level i,need my teammates to play the hill,as long as they play the hill i'll be,able to slay out,and that's all we'll need,playing this one on this side now,below me i should grab an ar,i don't know,until i have to sit with my parents,i'm not going in until my team's here,now we can just hold hill all four of us,that's up in eight seconds,i'll probably go grab that,i have it oh damn,awesome,give me it,is so sick,where's the melee lunge where is it ,i needed that all right am i i'm 3900,right now i think i'm not sure,hey let's just fly back in here my,teammate's still popping i can help him,okay okay okay hold on that kid was,ready for me all right i need to get,back up to sniper i should get that bat,though probably right,does he see it see it see it he doesn't,see it he dropped down okay,it's one shot on the hill is,that's two,we need to hold up here the entire time,for the next hill again,okay i need to get back up there,actually rotates in two seconds sniper,and battery fuller up there this one,right here okay,oh i didn't mean to fall out all these,snipers off the map rather than in their,hands,are so strong in this game you watch you,literally don't have to aim like at all,that's a big kill,they're starting to figure out they need,to get up here to win,they're starting to figure out they need,to be up here,so you know they crouch in this corner,be annoying they're going to run right,up here and try and go through i'm just,going to get boston,oh,be on twenty i think but,where are,is they coming like,confused are they are they coming i know,they got my teammate died right there,hold on i'm 30 health actually never,mind,i don't think anybody would pick it up,oh pick it up get away all right nice,gg,we need to pop off we need it to pop off,to win that game,that was a nice 40 bomb,i saw the ranks i said,i'm going to drop 40 to win drop 40 only,one

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