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How Spiro Agnew Lay The Groundwork For Trump Supporters’ Distrust Of Mediathat was 50 years ago this

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How Spiro Agnew Lay The Groundwork For Trump Supporters’ Distrust Of Media

that was 50 years ago this week that,Richard Nixon's vice president Spiro,Agnew gave a speech to a Republican,organization in Des Moines the gist that,television news was out of step with,what most Americans think it was a,turning point for conservatives and,pointed us to where we are today,November 1969 all three broadcast,networks carried Spiro Agnew speech,about television news live and he was,none too kind to the men who ran the,industry the views of a majority of this,fraternity do not and I repeat not,represent the views of America saying,the power of television cannot be,compared to the print press Agnew,claimed the networks were censoring a,conservative point of view medium of,communication is not something that,Democratic people should blithely ignore,Richard Nixon credited Spiro Agnew with,him building his own criticism of the,press now 50 years later there are,comparisons of the Nixon era to the,Trump presidency where was that story in,the New York Times,well the New York Times is fake news who,and what news source to believe has,amped up recently,none more obvious than coverage of this,week's impeachment hearings while the,more middle-of-the-road CNN is getting,middle-of-the-road Nielsen ratings the,two most opinionated cable channels at,the best Fox News daytime coverage and,Sean Hannity saw huge numbers it is yet,another fraudulent hoax conspiracy,theory it is another witch hunt MSNBC,daytime came in second with Rachel,Maddow busting nighttime numbers it's,illegal and impeachable and he's gonna,get impeached for it as for history,repeating itself don't hold your breath,for Trump leaving these final words for,the media you don't have Nixon to kick,around anymore I had never heard that,speech from Spiro Agnew 50 years ago,about television I have to say he was,not entirely wrong the networks were,Univision when it came to their approach,to everything it was a clash of white,guys at each of the three networks and,they can,trolled the entire content basically the,universe of what we all consumed I mean,I probably wouldn't have agreed with him,but then I I certainly understand it now,there were no other voices and when you,look at it in the context of today I,mean that really didn't make a huge,inroad I think it empowered people who's,the silent majority for I remember that,term it certainly empowered people to,think differently and sort of away from,what the network the digest of the,network Daily News but it didn't change,things the way we've seen things change,today by the way that speech was written,by William staff however later went on,to become a columnist for The New York,Times you know the problem today is that,in the midst of all this we have Fox,News and rather than being a responsible,conservative voice it's spouting,discredited conspiracy theories in,primetime about the impeachment hearings,and you see that the Republicans on the,committee are essentially trying to,produce sound bites that will be heard,that night on Fox News I've thought for,years that if Fox News had been around,during Nixon he never would have had to,leave office and I think we're seeing it,play out today I think the thing that,jumped out of me is when you look back,at that time you had Walter Cronkite who,was the most trusted man in America but,what we forget is that while we think of,the solid journalism that took place at,the time he was also giving a lot of,opinion and talking about the way that,he wanted things to play out,specifically to be a Nam war right right,but but but still he did provide opinion,and which a lot of them did at the time,and you won't see you don't see anything,like that now at least not in your main,shows you have your primetime shows,which are all about opinion now that,gets lost I think on the general public,and you see that that push back the,other thing too is that when you look at,how conservatives at that time felt,about the the media there was a lot of,distrust you the same kind of climate,that you see now and we sit back and say,wow this is unusual but that same,feeling beyond just the you know Agnew,the community in general conservatives,they felt the same way,when you think of where we have now,where,reporters being caged off when they're,going to cover rallies it's just we've,accelerated this to a point that is I,think very very scary for the way we're,trying to understand truth and in fact,at this period of time I would I would,totally agree I want to just make one,comment the people at the top are not so,different I was at the top then with,rare exception there are other voices a,little bit down further from the top but,at the top the decision-makers are as at,the time agnew described you know just,as they were,I think what's you know really sad is,that yet people would like to go to a,place where they could find or feel that,they could find solid representation of,a spectrum of perspectives there's one,truth there's many perspectives they'd,like to hear the solid and not feel

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Rachel Maddow Draws Parallels Between Spiro Agnew & Donald Trump In Her New Book 'Bag Man' | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow Draws Parallels Between Spiro Agnew & Donald Trump In Her New Book 'Bag Man' | MSNBC

joining us now is rachel maddow the host,of the rachel maddow show of career of,course he run,msnbc and this book rachel,i can't tell you how much fun i had,reading this book you got me,where i live uh this is so great,first of all you know the parents have,written a couple of real tomes and this,one ended up being kind of,i mean it's about a crazy thing but it's,kind of fun i'm so glad that you liked,it,well you know i i love your books on oil,on the military i love everything you,write and do,so i'm an acknowledged you know fan girl,but seriously the parallels here between,spiro agnew and,president trump are striking you write,first of all that agnew knew that his,default was,setting was attack mode he cheerfully,derided liberals the establishment,ivory tower professors and the press it,wasn't that he was proselytizing for his,own cause or for pet policy ideas,instead,he made a marquee act out of just taking,a flamethrower to the other side,sound familiar yes,i do think that agnew is,underappreciated as the sort of,first modern draft of the,type of republicanism that ultimately,brought us,i think sarah palin was along those,lines in terms of a national figure,uh and and donald trump it's a specific,type of republicanism that that deviates,from um,like what that party brought us in the,past and it should,it it sort of has tactical,you know markers that you can see,including going after the press,including just relishing political,combat for the sake of combat describing,your opponents as not only,uh bad but um evil,and unworthy of any respect or any due,political process,i mean agne was good at it before trump,was,and you know he also as you write he,attacked his own justice department,you write ultimately agnew failed to,save himself but he left a scorched,earth battle plan for any corrupt office,holder,that followed attack the investigations,as a witch-hunt,obstruct it behind the scenes attack,individual investigators in personal,terms,attack the credibility of the justice,department itself attack the media,informing americans about the case,punch back hard until either you are,broken or the system is,i mean nadering nabs of negativism aside,this is a playbook a familiar playbook,and let's just bring people in here,who have not had the fun of reading this,book which is out today i should say,so here you have agnew,taking cash payments inside his white,house office,as he had as governor as he had as,baltimore county executive before that,just continuing this these bribery,schemes,and the prosecutors these heroic,prosecutors in baltimore the federal,prosecutors,who have to make this tough decision,you've got a president under fire from,watergate are you going to let spiro,agnew,you know become president of the united,states and then be immune from any,prosecution,arguably controversially because nixon,is out,or you're going to get agnew to resign,and take a plea deal and not be,prosecuted but get him out of the way so,you've got a clean vice president,appointed,then you can deal with watergate and,richard nixon is that basic trade-off,yeah i mean yes and it's this remarkable,thing i mean,agnew i think is mostly forgotten but to,the extent that anybody remembers him,and the fact that he was forced from,office it feels like it must have been,some watergate adjacent thing,but it really was a totally separate,scandal it was him taking bags of cash,bribes including inside the white house,but the watergate crisis,loomed over all the decision-making,around his case and all the precedent,that was set at the justice department,around his case because,nixon was teetering it looked like,watergate might take him out actually,another thing sort of forgotten,by history is that there for the first,time was a real health scare around,nixon as well nixon had been,incredibly healthy had never taken what,he called a sick day his whole first,term in office,but in his second term he ended up,hospitalized with pneumonia,plus he's on the phone to his attorney,general,frequently sounding not well and being,completely unhinged in his upset over,over watergate it really seemed like,nixon was going to go and that would put,agnew in the white house when these,prosecutors in the justice department,had,fulsome detailed evidence about his,ongoing criminal schemes i mean he's,doing extortion and bribery and taking,the,bags full of money um and so that that,led to the imperative that he had to get,out of office that that was the most,important thing and the prosecutors,fought with attorney general richardson,over that because they thought that,agnew,should go to jail richardson sort of saw,to the horizon and said,more important than whether or not he,goes to jail is that he does not become,president which could happen,at any moment but we're also left with,the modern,legacy of that wrangling over these,crooks,over nixon and agnew both being crooks,in the white house at the same time,which is that while while nixon's excuse,me while agnew'

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The NISMO Patrol is a road eating monster - Tools in the Shed podcast: Episode 182

The NISMO Patrol is a road eating monster - Tools in the Shed podcast: Episode 182

hello and welcome to tools in the shed a,podcast powered by cars guide ready to,rip into car stuff that's caught our eye,this week,i'm cars guy deputy editor james and,with me are two of our key contributors,chesto and byron welcome,good morning good afternoon and good,evening,this week we're looking at the other,large suv,nissan's patrol is on fire currently,with a nismo performance version,potentially in the wings so we want to,talk about that we'll discuss a trio of,recent entries to the cars guide garage,and we'll catch up with an eco warrior,dressed as wario,in this week's musk watch youtubers you,can jump ahead courtesy of the time,codes in the notes below,and you can click on the chapter markers,in the timeline so let's go and,we're going to start chester it's great,you're in the podcast because this story,has been creating a lot of interest,during the week,yeah a lot a lot of chat about 200,series land cruiser,morphing into 300 series but but under,the radar almost in the background,nissan's patrol long long-time,competitor for for landcruiser,has been going pretty well and it's the,one with a,v8 not only a v8 but petrol v8 under the,bonnet,um tell us what you found in terms of,how it's going in the market and other,bits and pieces connected to it,we'll circle back to the exciting one in,just a second but we'll focus on the,patrol itself for a moment and you're,right at the moment it is deemed,the sort of other large suv isn't it,because all the talk,all the news has been about around the,land cruiser but in the background this,petrol-powered sort of off-road icon,is just racking up sales and racking up,sales so,they sold around 3 000 last year which,is four times,the number they sold in 2017. they sold,900 already this year,putting them on track to sell about 3,500. and chester correct me if i'm wrong,it's pretty much,the same car that was on sale in 2017,there's not not a lot of fundamental,change to it or there haven't been,some updates but um but nothing,fundamental,like it's that idea of just tickling,around the edges all right cosmetics,certainly nothing mechanical,uh for example the current character i,understand it doesn't get apple carplay,or android order or anything like that,so,it's got some some sort of old tech in,it but does it have bluetooth and cruise,control,yes it's so old but it is certainly not,deterring people and the interesting,thing there was that uh,the boss of nissan in australia stephen,lester was told when he got here and,he's,on the record is saying this that people,told me we'd never sell any more patrols,because it's petrol only and people have,diesel in that kind of a vehicle yeah,here you are a few years later and sales,are through the absolute roof now,part of that is circumstance of course,uh i think the rona,helps in that scenario i think the,ever-growing cues for land,are probably helped in that scenario and,and the ever increasing prices,we're at a point now with it where where,there's a between nine and 12 month wait,for a new patrol what it's a it's almost,a perfect,it's a perfect storm for a car like that,isn't it um,to me the patrol encapsulates,where the world has gone from an,automotive point of view,in that topsy-turvy unpredictable um,kind of manner and in 2019 i thought,surely this car is at the end of its,line,it's become irrelevant it's too big it's,just it's going to be,it's already outmoded and suddenly it's,had this second life,which is probably in the patrol way,since the 1950s when it first appeared,the last time i drove one i remember,looking at it and i thought yeah this is,very much about the u.s market no,surprise there,and isn't it obscene it's so big and,it's got this enormous petrol engine,and then i drove it was so good it was,so it's so,good in terms of meeting the brief for,for what it's meant to deliver uh yeah,sorry just don't continue on,well that's right i mean look that's,their argument as well is that people,think of diesel as a towing car people,think of diesels across country car but,they've found and i guess their,customers are proof in the pudding that,actually this petrol v8,does everything most of its customers,could ever want it to do,really you know the exception being,people who are on really rural,properties who might not have access to,petrol,for whatever reason right um but for,most people it seems to be,a suitable answer it's so comfortable i,mean and that that,v8 is a geared and be engineered to be,not lazy but but very smooth and it's,not a racy car by any stretch but it's,got plenty of torque,and uh it's a super nice car to drive,sounds great too,yeah sounds great too but to be honest,with you i saw one just yesterday i was,picking up a car we have there's a,facility in sydney dear listeners,where most press cards live to go and,collect for reviews and,it was parked there waiting for,collection in fact to buy a cars guide,or i think james,okay i was i haven't seen one in some,time i was struck again by just how,ma

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Sea Change: Stephen S. Clarey '62, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral (Ret.)

Sea Change: Stephen S. Clarey '62, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral (Ret.)

great to see all you early revelry folks,here this morning thanks for coming in,dick thanks for an induction that my,mother would have been proud to hear,where she's still around,thanks another thanks to you for a,tremendous effort on organizing our,reunion and a special thanks last night,we thanked Buddha for his great effort,in putting together a very memorable,class book but I think a more special,thanks to all of you for sharing your,life stories which are just a,unbelievable treasure for us all so on,behalf of everybody thanks very much,dick and Mike asked me to start off the,seminars today by talking about my Navy,career as a background perhaps to a,discussion of how the role of US,military reflects a changing world and,how that amplifies the larger theme of,not just a changing but potentially a,post American world,they'll be follow-on discussions about,that later and Tom and Toby tomorrow,will talk about key national priorities,in the current age before again I want,to give proper credit for this,presentation all the graphics and all,the metaphors are courtesy of my wife,Bonnie who did countless presentations,as a manufacturing consultant with,Colgate Palmolive Pillsbury and Dan and,yogurt,during our eight years of Williams,tuition the boring parts I take credit,for you as I am most certainly a bit,baffled by the hype over change whether,it be sea change or any type of change,we seem to want it only when it's,combined chemically with hope but all we,have to do is look around us today here,on this isolated idyllic campus to know,that change though sometimes subtle,sometimes dramatic is inevitable so what,about the military I'd like to focus,this morning on three questions using,the Navy as a proxy,what hasn't hasn't changed has the US,military merely adapted to change or has,it been a,change agent and not all of the American,military the future be operating in a,post American world and what exactly,does that mean I'll try to stay on topic,but it's sort of impossible for a sailor,not to wander off into some sea stories,so here's a brief once upon a time of,how I came to choose the Navy as a,career,I came to William sight-unseen,after graduating from Punahou School in,Honolulu while my father was stationed,at Pearl Harbor yes this is also Obama's,alma mater he was a senior when our son,Christopher was a freshman there and our,daughter Ashley was in the fourth grade,this was the days before Hawaii,statehood when Pan Am was still an,airline and not a primetime soap and,before wide-body jet aircraft,revolutionized trans-pacific travel,every August the Navy would send a troop,transport ship island hopping across the,Pacific to collect college-bound,military dependents and military,families on reassignment what better,preparation could one have for college,life than an unchaperoned a seven day,cruise across the Pacific,with 35 college-bound suntan islanders,when we graduated from Williams the Cold,War was hot and the Vietnam War was,building up and in those days of,universal service many of our classmates,as so well chronicled by Buddha served,however fleetingly are happily in the,military many of you after those two or,three years found yourselves choosing to,return home to familiar fields medicine,law perhaps business and I too into the,family business,only I have found that I was already,there my maternal grandfather was a,pioneer Submariner who entered the Naval,Academy in 1911 my father a Naval,Academy graduate in 1934 was a submarine,hero of World War two and who went on to,command a Pacific Fleet but I joined the,Navy with no intention of making it a,career however being extremely draft,eligible I like many of us chose to,enter Officer Candidate School in,Newport Rhode Island in July of 1962 and,to my surprise I found that I'd come,home would like Brer Rabbit that briar,patch was the place where I was born and,Ralph temple and Pompey's arm will,recognize the metaphor,so what hasn't changed and what hasn't,changed let's start with my first job in,the Navy I was selected to be the,regimental adjutant at my OCS class a,job for which then fiancee Bonnie,irreverently suggests that I was chosen,because I could yell very loudly a,number of our classmates were at OCS,with me some who remember me with the,same irreverence that bonnie does so,here's a good starting point for what,has changed over the course of 50 years,who is here today who remembers when we,look like this I couldn't find all your,pictures so if I forgot you or talk,your OCS experience please accept my,belated apology like many of you bonnie,and i married when she graduated from,smith in 1963 my 222 dollar monthly pay,increased by a hundred and five dollars,now that I had a dependent here we are,on our camping honeymoon across country,returning to my ship in San Francisco,with all of our worldly goods atop our,volkswagen including the Mellencamp,family tent Bonnie had vaguely,anticipated being the working wife of a,Long Island commuter like man

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Matters Financial and Geopolitical from a Frontier, @alykhansatchu

Matters Financial and Geopolitical from a Frontier, @alykhansatchu

good afternoon and welcome to mattis,financial and geopolitical from a,frontier let me start with an interview,I did with Bruce Whitfield of this South,African radio station radio 702 that,link is on the front page of the website,rich co dot ke and I was talking about a,number of things including extreme,concerns about coronavirus making,landfall in Africa and I've already,explained that I think it's been here,for a while just not diagnosed and I was,just explaining that I thought that,would hit our economy across the,continent and then on top of that the,violence of the reversal of the,china-africa feedback loop and,phenomenon which has been positive for,20 years and now is in a violent,reversal and also touched on the,argument between the World Bank and the,African Development Bank the downgrade,by Moody's of Nigeria by of the IMF of,Nigeria and Moody's of South Africa,macro thoughts Chinese remember remains,poised to depreciate versus the dollar,says t commodity he's saying it broke,and held above the bullish flag this was,from yesterday though we've had a little,bit of a better performance today and we,are currently just below 7 I personally,think they're going to do everything,possible to keep it around these sorts,of levels and as I said on the 13th of,August it remains the most important,currency to watch right now and at that,time I don't fact it in the viral impact,because I don't predicted it,like a book I've seen which predicted it,two decades ago and he even gave it a,name Wu Han 400 the important point to,note and specifically with respect that,feedback loop phenomenon and Germany as,well as caught up in the crossfire of,that so it's emerging markets Germany,frontier markets as obviously Asia China,is much bigger in the global economy now,than during the SARS epidemic it is also,much bigger in the financial markets and,this analysis is from Jay s blokland,home thoughts I returned to here we go,round two the prickly pear prickly pear,prickly pear here we go round the,prickly pear at five o'clock in the,morning I saw that will live Dharampal,is leading a trip down the Ganges next,year with steeps travel and this is the,photograph they're using to promote it,he's a fantastic writer,I haven't read his latest book and I,look forward to getting my hands on it,professor Galloway nice shot,of New York indeed this is a shot from,CS Dickey of Paris France cubist Louvre,here we have a Ryan over the central,bohemian highlands one of the most,identifiable star groupings in the sky,from our cat door and took me back to,room II we come spinning out of,nothingness scattering stars like dust,the door to hell in 1971 Soviet,geologists were drilling in the Turkmen,desert when the land gave way beneath,them leaving a 70 meter wide noxious gas,in,ting crater they ignited the gas to try,to burn off the excess but the crater,has been ablaze ever since which I,thought was quite remarkable and that,took me back - it certainly feels like a,decade of semiotic arousal when,everything it seemed was a sign a,harbinger of some future radical,disjunction or cataclysmic upheaval this,is the first moving picture of a solar,eclipse captured by a British magician,turned filmmaker more than a century ago,in 1900 has been rediscovered in the,archive of the Royal Astronomical,Society that's from Rainmaker 1973,political reflections build the wall,this is in India where a wall has been,built so that President Trump doesn't,have to see his slum and that took me,back to the 2nd of December when I was,writing about the politics of,ethnographic nationalism past is present,resist assist 20 posted this photograph,one of Hitler and one of President Trump,and for no good reason it took me back,to my favorite piece in ecclesiastes,vanity of vanities as the preacher,vanity of vanities all is vanity there,is no remembrance of former things nor,will there be any remembrance of later,things yet to be among those who come,after the Bloomberg campaign is hiring,experts on malignant narcissism and,comedy writers to get into Trump's head,and push all his buttons to make him,even crazier utter genius that Spiro,Agnew's ghost,and I thought to myself that's probably,the optimal strategy China's coronavirus,death toll hits mm that's Bianco,research I wrote about it last over the,weekend and I still am highly skeptical,of the numbers because of the linearity,with which they're being presented this,is lethality charts using with Johns,Hopkins time series data that's from,awesome,thk a useful resource and you can see,there again,there are four data sets there all of,which are very relevant a study,estimates 86% of all infections were,undocumented prior to the Wuhan travel,shut down on January 23rd that's why I,knew Laura 69 study estimates 86% of all,infections were undocumented prior to,the Wuhan travel shut down which,explained the rapid geographic spread of,covered 19 and indicate containment of,the virus will be particularly,challenging,we estimate eigh

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Mike Flynn the Leader of Qanon Trump Cult?

Mike Flynn the Leader of Qanon Trump Cult?

jim stewardson how are you,i'm good man i'm good despite the fact,that you can't retweet me well you know,it happens it happens it happened you,it's your name,you were banned from twitter but you've,got this film and i wat i think you sent,it to me a couple weeks ago um several,weeks ago and,this thing is a great film it's about,what is about an hour long i think it's,45 minutes 45 minutes so it's a quick,watch but you really break down in the,film this q and on thing but i thought,it was so appropriate to have you on not,just to talk about this film but you've,been following these q and honors for,for a long time now since i think before,um the,2016 election was over you were,following some of these q and honors um,what and it wasn't really queuing on,them they've always rebranded right this,right-wing thing always does this,rebranding and these conspiracy theories,they always rebrand as they try to,regain do you think that's what trump's,doing with with fraud social do you,think that's what he's doing is kind of,trying to rebrand the q anon,uh absolutely i mean he's not even,trying to rebrand it right i mean trump,social is basically just q anon,uh there's really not much else going on,there except for mega propaganda,right and you're right that it was the,significant thing that trump did was,just re retreat uh two drops like,straight q drops right he retweeted a,lot of other people,uh who were kind of queuing on,propagandists many many times hundreds,of times when he was you know president,of the united states,amazingly uh but to my knowledge he had,never retweeted just a raw cue drop,before this one was a particularly uh,vile one uh q drop 11 i think was was,the one,and uh uh so it's significant that he's,just,directly talking straight to um q anon,victims is what i'll refer to them as,one i took a screenshot of one of his,his repost or whatever the they,call it over on fraud social but um when,he reposted this one it it has a really,long,um,letters you know and it says,um and i forget what the phrasing is but,it's their code we watched mike flynn,do this um this oh thing what what is,that what the hell is that thing that,they do um where we go one we go all is,that what is that what they say,uh it is what they say and it is what,mike flynn raised his hand to,on, july 4th right 2020. this is a,former general who's taking the oath to,our country,absolutely he still has three ,stars on his chest which do not belong,there,um so so let me be let me let me like,not bury the lead mike flynn's cue,right literally so that is who q is,that's what you're saying uh that is,what i'm saying mike flynn has been um,running basically psyops on america,as you mentioned since the 26th before,the 2016 election,so what what i have done over the last,two years is sort of track,the entire progression of this you know,psychological warfare operation,um that has brainwashed a third of the,american public,if you look at what's going on out there,you look at the polls and literally,a third of the country has,completely delusional beliefs,and that is a result of a sustained,psychological warfare campaign,led by,retired lieutenant general mike flynn,it started with pizzagate and all of,that stuff he cooperated with wikileaks,julian assange roger stone guccifer all,of that ,that was run by an operation called,maga3x,maga3x was started at the rnc at the,republican national convention in 2016,that was the convention where mike flynn,said lock her up,they started this project called mega 3x,and we have documentation about how it,all worked,and they ran the operations that started,pizzagate that,you know hillary is is sick she's,mentally ill all of those sort of memes,and operations will run out of this,this group called mega3x which was,started incidentally by peter thiel,mike flynn jeff gaseah who's peter,thiel's white supremacist henchman,um and jack posobik and a bunch of other,you know white supremacists,um and mega3x then after after they,successfully,stole the 2016 election through what,mike flynn calls digital soldiers,after that was done,they when mike flynn got uh pinched,for talking to the russians and then,lying about it to the fbi,that's when q anon started,because mike flynn couldn't talk,he couldn't talk because he,pled guilty,literally the week after q started was,when,mike flynn pled guilty,and then guess what happened after mike,flynn got his pardon,that was the cues last q drop in,december of 2020. so you're saying that,he could talk at that point,yes q was literally the period of time,where mike flynn could not talk,it talked for him well,but it's re-emerging here gabe,we've got jim here um,welcome gabe this morning um,and and we watched,because you bring up mike glenn jim and,gabe watched a a little clip that you,made a while back,and,this clip had a cult leader i forget,what her it's i forget what her name is,elizabeth claire profit that's it that's,it profit they use,they they even go as far as calling,themselves

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#AnOpenSecret Producer Gabe Hoffman gives a statement on ALEX JONES INFOWARS 10⁄20⁄17

#AnOpenSecret Producer Gabe Hoffman gives a statement on ALEX JONES INFOWARS 10⁄20⁄17

thank you,Gabe Hoffman is our guest I'm Alex Jones,we're here in studio in Austin Texas,he's flown here from Los Angeles he's,been a successful man on Wall Street uh,and invested a million plus dollars in,producing the film I guess going back,five years ago an Open Secret and then,Hollywood for two years has blocked its,release Drudge Report exposed it it's,gotten attention now since all this,Weinstein news broke they put it out for,free a few days ago it's got a million,views on Vimeo YouTube Google Facebook,and others been trying to censor it,we've retweeted it at real Alex Jones,and at Paul Watson at prison planet,we're asking you to retweet it or post,it on your own Facebook get it out there,this is the Pressed info it's from Vimeo,it's posted at free the,film five years in the making,absolute must see,Leanne McAdoo exposes to one of our,great reporters she's out in Florida,she's going to be joining us here in a,moment we're getting Skype lined up but,Gabe Hoffman producer of the film and,Open Secret uh you want to make a,statement so please do it well thank you,Alex I am grateful that thankfully I,live in Florida and not the Socialist,Republic of California exactly,there's a message I'd like to send,to the powerful pedophiles in Hollywood,and their cronies,when we wanted to make an Open Secret we,decided to follow the facts wherever,they may lead we hired the private,investigators we had months of,meticulous work done we got an Oscar,nominated director we spent over a,million and a half dollars but it's only,the tip of the iceberg,the professional critics have weighed in,93 percent positive rating on Rotten,Tomatoes,you conspired with your Hollywood Elite,to keep us out of some film festivals,but we wouldn't stop that wouldn't stop,us,Drudge Report Alex Jones all these other,folks we unmasked in an Open Secret one,of the most prominent child acting,coaches in Hollywood as a pedophile we,got him to confess on camera,we found five Brave survivors who were,willing to go on camera and bear their,souls and we defend them,we defend them some of the proven,pedophiles the convicted pedophiles,are your friends you invested in their,company den which was a front for,pedophiles you went to their den parties,at the mansion that Suge Knight used to,live in bought with your investment,dollars where young underage boys were,forced with drugs and alcohol so they,wouldn't fight your sick pedophile,deviant immoral sexual abuse you hired,convicted pedophiles to work on sets in,some cases even after after multiple,convictions,your pedophile friends got exposed for,the first time in our documentary film,and Open Secret you started to get,nervous you knew we were getting closer,to exposing you so you made sure that it,wouldn't get a single offer from,Hollywood,not anything not a little money we got,nothing we didn't even get a no money,down percentage deal absolutely anything,but that wouldn't stop us we launched it,independently ourselves the American,people started to see it,so once again we waited we knew this day,would come and we released it on the,internet the one thing you and your Rich,powerful Hollywood cronies can't control,for free,because you see there are some things,more important than money a concept that,you obviously do not understand,the American people now can see it,exposing Hollywood pedophile misdeeds,and make up their own minds in just a,week over one million views,it's gone viral on social media and,Twitter,you can open your own Twitter feeds and,see in horror each day thousands of,people just calling you out to your name,for who you really are,but there's more to come you don't know,just how much evidence we have of all,your connections and misdeeds that we've,kept in reserve,we gave a few exclusive kernels today to,Alex Jones on Infowars we have a lot,more,are weapons more dangerous than anything,violent our weapon is the truth,Brian Singer Garth answer your David,Newman and Gary Goddard you're not,convicted pedophiles but for some reason,your creepy friend Greg Schneider went,after an Open Secret why,despite the fact that in our film,we don't make any claims against you,you sicked him on us and we've exposed,it he has stalked harassed cyber stalked,and tried to intimidate not just me,but he did that to survivors he did that,to victims he did that to families he,got into personal email addresses,personal Facebook pages Twitter,disarming staff,just unbelievable,so here's what I've got to tell you,what was in an Open Secret,that you're so afraid of the American,people finding out about Hollywood,you're only starting to find out now,the great Reckoning is finally upon us,the great Reckoning of Hollywood's long,history is sexual misdeeds,for decades people have been praying,that this day would come,sexual abuse and sexual violence toward,the vulnerable women men and children,who are just trying to earn a paycheck,in the entertainment Industries will no,longer have to deal with this abuse,i

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