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Donalds reveals if he would support impeaching Biden amid Twitter files falloutforeign,with an histo

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

Donalds reveals if he would support impeaching Biden amid Twitter files fallout

foreign,with an historic battle for the Speaker,of the House of Representatives an,extraordinary five-day fight not seen,since the mid-19th century ended this,weekend when California Congressman,Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of,the House in the 15th round of voting,that was easy huh,I never thought we'd get up here,McCarthy took several blows on the way,to obtaining the necessary votes to win,but ultimately flipped several members,in the 13th and 14th rounds even as at,one point Florida representative Byron,Donalds emerged as an alternative to,McCarthy gaining 20 votes himself to,potential speaker Congressman Donald,flipped back to McCarthy after reaching,a deal to verify his promises they,include a balanced budget within 10,years and a vote on term limits for all,house members,among others joining me right now is,Florida Congressman Byron Donalds,himself Congressman it's good to see you,thanks very much for being here,good to see you Maria good morning to,everybody so at one point you went,against McCarthy another point,somebody else,speaker can you tell us what happened,well I mean look first first and,foremost I'm frankly just happy that,it's all over with and we got something,uh transformational,um and and sound for the American people,and really to help the House of,Representatives once again become the,people's house not to the mechanics yeah,early on you know I gave Kevin the,benefit of the doubt but it came pretty,quickly clear to me that we were getting,nowhere and so at that point it was,saying okay how long is this going to go,what's this going to play out like and,so it was really about trying to make,sure that we can get people to the table,in order to construct a framework that,everybody in our conference can get,behind and I think what we get what has,been released and what people are seeing,now is one of the most transformative,um re reshuffling in the people's house,actually giving all of the,representatives of Congress whether,they're Republicans Or democrats the,ability to represent the voters that,have sent them to Capitol Hill so show,Congressman I mean one of the most,stunning changes in this rules uh that,you all will adopt this week is the,motion to vacate one member to call a,vote to motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy,so how long does he have is there still,a chance that you'd like to be speaker,uh no right now what we're going to do,is make sure that our conference is,together the Republican conference and,making sure that we are focused on the,job at hand uh secondarily with respect,to the motion of vacay and I know this,has been talked about a lot a lot of,Voters are saying what does this,actually mean let me take a step back,before the 116th Congress Nancy Pelosi,is the person that stripped the motion,to vacate out of house rules Republicans,have said it's time for it to go back,and there is a negotiation around that,because again if the people's houses,truly to be the people's house every,member of Congress should have the,ability to represent their District so I,don't think it's a big problem there has,to be accountability in our system of,government especially in the House of,Representatives and so that's why that,was able to get negotiated back in and,we were able to to land this plane and,now we're going to move on to the,business of the American people what,other concessions did Kevin McCarthy,have to make tell me about these rules,and whether or not we're going to see,defections tomorrow when you try to,adopt this package,uh I don't anticipate defections,tomorrow I think everybody's gonna you,know kind of take the weekend day and a,half that we have,um and then look at these rules with,with the sound minding that we're going,to go ahead and get them through but I,mean you're talking about actually,strict observance of the 72-hour rule,the American people just saw what,happened two weeks ago when the,Democrats shoved through 1.7 trillion,dollars in an Omnibus spending Bill,nobody had a chance to read it we have,firm commitments that any bill is going,to be laid on the table for 72 hours so,not just the members of Congress but the,American people actually get to read it,the other is ending all of these crazy,covid mandates and the funding,associated with them we have rules on,single subjects so that there's actually,any bill it has to go by that subject,matter and anything in the bill has to,be germane to that topic we don't want,to see situations where a coin Bill,comes up and that all this language is,shoved through that has nothing to do,with the bill title these things are,critical to have a functioning Republic,and a functioning legislative branch,Branch excuse me in Washington D.C and,now we know that there will be 12,separate Appropriations bills instead of,putting everything jamming everything in,in one package which is interesting when,you consider defense spending you know,this is one area that you know our,adversaries have been have been upping,and we have not

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Greg Kelly: This isn't Joe Biden's only secret

Greg Kelly: This isn't Joe Biden's only secret

I think the swamp is coming for Joe,this is a big deal folks,um yeah he's still being protected he,still has a lot of allies the media but,he's vulnerable here he is as lawyers,would say exposed there's exposure for,Joe Biden with these classified,documents found at that office he,maintained for several years in,Washington D.C now first of all a quick,review it was a no-show job provided by,the University of Pennsylvania the Biden,Penn Center for Global diplomacy,engagement blah blah blah blah no,classes taught Joe shows up once in a,blue moon and gets paid 900 thousand,dollars over two years uh that's a lot,of money isn't it now that office I had,it all the way until well November just,before the election lawyers working for,Joe Biden I'd like to know more about,that found 10 classified documents just,before the election related to Ukraine,Iran and the United Kingdom and you see,that yeah Ukraine Ukraine hasn't that,country been in the news a lot,dirt Biden worked there,for 87 000 a month and these are the,documents that Joe Biden apparently,chose to hold on to and Joe himself has,extensive experience in Ukraine remember,going all the way over there to meet,with that President and insist of all,the countries in the world I always,wanted to know the answer to this,question,how many countries did Joe Biden go and,insist that their prosecutor be fired,huh did he do that in Argentina I don't,think so it was one country Ukraine,where Hunter had a job and Joe being Joe,he bragged about it,I said I'm telling you you're not,getting a billion dollars I said you're,not getting a billion I'm going to be,leaving here and I think it was what six,hours I looked I said I'm leaving in six,hours and the prosecutor's not fired,you're not getting the money oh son of a,got fired,tough guy tough talk that's also known,as a quid pro quo and it was very very,weird so where are we Ukraine documents,in Joe Biden's office that's a you know,Joe has entanglements with countries all,over the world so does Hunter especially,Hunter and we believe Joe may have been,the beneficiary of all of Hunter's Shady,business dealings and they were Shady,all right now let's get to the Joe Biden,part of this equation and his brief,academic career the Biden Center for,diplomacy and whatever right nice sweet,office that looks like it has less,security than a Marriott hotel,conference center right the business,center at the bottom of the hotel it's,at 101 Constitution Avenue Washington,D.C guess what else is in that building,we looked it up and uh lots of people,have businesses there there's a,steakhouse there's another Cafe there,are two restaurants it's actually you,can rent the car there there's a lot,going on in this building where Joe,Biden apparently put classified,documents and when he got there,2017-2018 he was not the vice president,of the United States he was an ex-vice,president of the United States that'll,be important in a moment,Steakhouse everybody a steakhouse that,was there oh I checked out the parking,situation right they're pretty serious,about parking there's a sign that says,you can't park here if you don't work,here okay no security guard nothing like,that compare that to Mar-A-Lago anyone,everything you see is owned by Donald,Trump members only and it's protected by,the Secret Service still,I'd say that's pretty secure remember,when the fake news freaked out about the,the secret documents that Donald Trump,was said to have had,then there is Mar-A-Lago itself right,the more we learn about the poorest,nature of of the beach club it sounds,like a lot of people were coming in and,out of Mar-A-Lago you can't just have,them lying around in boxes at Mar-A-Lago,where different people can just walk in,and read those documents so this is a,very serious matter you don't have to,make too many jumps to realize how how,many people at Mar-A-Lago and the type,of people at Mar-A-Lago who could have,potentially had access to this these,documents the places filled with foreign,Nationals it's filled with type of,grifters who have always flocked to,Donald Trump and have always tried to,get close to him because they see,opportunities,hey shut up oh yeah I've been a,Mar-A-Lago it's not like that at all uh,all right you know Mar-A-Lago is members,only can I see the restaurant at Joe,Biden's uh office look at that little,kid taking pictures look at all those,people there,saying that,Mar-A-Lago in comparison is a fortress,compared to where Joe Biden had these,documents it's an absolute Fortress,compared to this Arrangement and Joe,Biden showed up there again as an,ex-vice president of the United States,he had no entitlement to any classified,material,what's his excuse for all of this,on the news at home can you explain how,classified documents ended up in one of,your offices and should the public have,been notified sooner,let me get rid of the easy one first,people know I take classified,documents a classified information,seriously when my lawyers were cle

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Megyn Kelly: This guy is to blame for Biden's missing documents

Megyn Kelly: This guy is to blame for Biden's missing documents

so the FBI the president knew about,these classified documents well before,the midterms and said nothing until now,Joseph Rabino Biden president of the,United States leader of the Free World,holder of the nuclear codes and,hypocritical liar pathological liar it's,time to return the favors GOP LED house,let's get to it shall we,all right now here to join us as,journalist and host of the Megyn Kelly,show Meg Kelly also my good friend Megan,can I do that can I say we're also very,good friends for a very long time I I I,wanted to make sure we got you on this,show because this is this is huge this,is unbelievable for how many months did,we hear Donald Trump can never run for,president Donald Trump is disqualified,from the human race because he had those,documents at Mar-A-Lago and remember the,whole FBI spread them out so nicely now,now we find out,Joe Biden may have the same exact,situation on his end what are your,thoughts on this Italy legally and then,you know other after,of course there's no accident that they,waited to announce it until after the,midterms right they were fine announcing,it about Donald Trump 90 days before but,this was too close and they needed to,protect Joe Biden so he didn't and they,also needed to give him and the justice,department time to set up cover to make,it look like oh we're treating both,matters exactly the same we you know we,looked at the doj the doj has set up a,process we're trying to figure out,whether any laws were broken so trust us,you know there's no special treatment,for Joe Biden versus Donald Trump which,nobody believes I mean this is going to,go nowhere this probe into Joe Biden,forget the Department of Justice policy,that they don't indict sitting,presidents,um even if they didn't have that policy,and it's not a law uh they wouldn't be,doing it here because this is truly only,happening so that they can give sort of,the color of authority to what they're,already doing to Trump and over there,indictment looked pretty much like a,foregone conclusion against Donald Trump,and I will say look the circumstances,are not the same Trump definitely tried,to avoid turning over the boxes and it,was wasn't cooperating to the extent,they required of him and returning these,documents whereas Joe Biden turned them,in once they were brought to his,attention according to his lawyers,however let's go back a step further,let's take a let I'd love to talk to the,guy at the National Archives why didn't,you figure out that these documents were,missing you know how aggressive he was,in tracking down the Donald Trump,documents where was your thorough search,after the Obama Biden team left the,White House to figure out what's missing,I'm not sure I have everything let me,stick a team of dogs on the former,president and vice president make sure,that I have everything I'm entitled to,as the archivist oh whoops it slipped,his attention I guess and Joe Biden's,been sitting with these things unsecured,in a facility that we understand not the,facility itself but the University of,Pennsylvania has received some 54,million dollars from China after they,partnered with Joe Biden on this,facility and this this Think Tank right,so it's all it stinks to high heaven,they weren't secured that China's got an,interest in this whole thing that why,else would they pay 50 54 million to the,university after it established this and,it's close ties with Joe Biden and you,know not to mention what they've been,doing with Hunter Biden so there's two,things here there's probably not,political Jeopardy but it looks bad,there's absolutely PR Jeopardy and,political Jeopardy uh for Joe Biden do,we know well I'm not sure we know that,yet Megan you know some of the things,that I was reading that some of the,documents had to do with Ukraine some of,the documents had to do with with Iran,again this was when Joe Biden was vice,president so many tentacles to kind of a,tackle right here let's start with you,know there's some that would say a a,president a former president or a,president has the ability to declassify,documents whereas a vice president,doesn't there's there's that but then if,these are classified documents I mean we,don't know what else could be in there,and you point out China so so let's go,with these one at a time so can the,former president Trump Declassified,documents where the former Vice,President Biden cannot yes that's,correct and just to correct what I said,before what I meant to say was I don't,think that Biden will be in legal,Jeopardy but I do think political,Jeopardy has come in his way,um but yeah no president Trump could,declassify anything he wanted and says,he did Joe Biden's already admitted he,didn't declassify these documents it's,his lawyers saying that they were indeed,classified even top secret even with the,most sensitive information in them so,Joe Biden's sitting there saying I have,no idea what's in them that's what my,lawyer says he's not going to be able to,wiggle out of this by sayi

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Twitter Files Part 9 - Elon Exposing Twitter's Previous Corruption #twitterfiles

Twitter Files Part 9 - Elon Exposing Twitter's Previous Corruption #twitterfiles

hey everyone we'll kick this off in a,couple of minutes just waiting for the,panelists to join Ian just woke up as,well,Kyle Nelson Stephen how are you guys,doing great Mario doing great this is uh,I didn't expect this another drop right,yeah man the drop started I thought we'd,have more time for this Ian literally,said man I'm gonna get some sleep and,then wake me up when it drops and then,you know 30 minutes later it dropped so,uh,he just I don't know if you even had,time to rest a bit before uh before I,forced him to wake up,it's crazy how was your space man you,did a space for nine now as yesterday it,was insane,it's man it's the first time and uh man,I mean Mario man what you guys are doing,here on Twitter,I don't know how you do it my brother,it's crazy isn't it man it's crazy it's,inspiring it's inspiring for sure how,how do you get that like how do you,survive for nine hours you were there,the whole time because you were hosting,it,yeah I mean it's you know at some point,you want to end the room and then,somebody else comes in the room man yeah,drop something heavy it just keeps going,and going you know so 100 the FTX stays,when we're covering the FTX collapse we,had,um our space lasted over 20 hours that,first space and the other one over I,think 10 to 15 hours I can't remember,Jesus Christ because it was it was um it,was a weird feeling man like I wouldn't,I wouldn't wish us on on anybody,um all right so just for the for the,audience um uh if you want to request to,speak check the DMs,otherwise we'll give it another minute,or so waiting for all the uh panelists,to join let me see who's in,okay let me see you,I've got fidget oh how are you man,I'm good I I just realized that,garyvee's not as smart as I thought he,was,garyvee's what I thought he said,garyvee's in the space or something no,who's he doing here he's hosting a space,and I'm just realizing that he's not,quite as smart as I thought he was,nice yeah,yeah,um,all right let's see where Ian is at just,sent an invite to him,and then we'll kick it off,um if you can if someone could just pin,Matt taibi's thread above uh that will,be great before we can kick it off,yeah done deal just to,ah perfect man,and let me get,so Mario have you looked at any of these,yet or we're gonna just read them live,now I'll read them live in a bit just,giving you another minute or so because,um I think everyone's recovering from,the last panel we did um so I'm just,giving it another minute or two before,they join and then we can kick it off,fair enough,how many is he dropping them quickly or,slowly uh there's 28 that I see right,now so it's it's pretty well uh yeah I,think yeah I think he's dropping he's,dropped it or dropped it all at once he,did a bunch of threads and just kind of,strung them out,yeah I think Matt TV did that last time,as well and what's the main phase anyone,read it yet like what's the theme about,before I kick it off yeah so you could,tell just from the opening is that the,Twitter files is going to be how they,how Twitter itself let the intelligence,community in and get behind the curtain,I think I told you last time that the,thing that I found so interesting was,that they um they went from what is,normally an adversarial reaction for,most companies they don't really want,the the feds you know muddling in their,business and the fact that there was,this open Channel back and forth and,sort of this cooperation it's not all,that common with that legal process so,this is it looks like it's going to be,the backstory on how that happened,starting in like 2016 2017.,Perfect all right man uh all right let,me just the last message to my group The,panelists that we all know,cool,all right here we go we've got another,thread to go through another topic to,cover,um I hope you all enjoyed the the space,we did earlier about the um,um,I'm talking about covert vaccine and the,concerns there was a very balanced panel,it's a great discussion one of my,favorites so far so see how this one,goes I'm going to open up the thread and,kick it off I think it's,um linked above let me get Alex up look,everyone joining a bit late Aaron is,here as well and bring Aaron up,who else we have,uh let me make sure my team is checking,the DMS and then we'll kick it off,all right how are you Alex good how are,you I'm just I'm just catching up myself,on the thread honestly yeah we're gonna,we're gonna we're gonna read it out now,I'm gonna kick it off uh since Ian is,still uh opening his eyes Jim is here,let me get Jim up,and now we can kick it off Ed how are,you man I'm good how are you guys,good man you ready for this have you,started reading the thread I just,started right now,all right I'm gonna kick it off for the,audience so the audience you can start,reading it yourself before I do it and,then we can start,um,discussing it all right let's open it up,while Ian comes in I'll kick it off,there you go the drop started 10 minutes,ago this one's about Matt taibi again,the Twitter files

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2 Michelin Star Restaurant Spectrum Review

2 Michelin Star Restaurant Spectrum Review

hey guys I'm Julia from this moment,alone and I'm really excited to be with,you for episode 2 of season 5 I went to,a place called restaurant spectrum which,is located in the Waldorf Astoria,Amsterdam two Michelin star soon as you,walk into spectrum there are so many,soothing dulcet velvety tones you know,the furniture there's a little bit of,crystal here and there everything is,very understated ly elegance there's no,Gordon s at all different elaborations,of the shitake mushroom with a cream of,zatar from the Middle East we serve only,this one as a finger food the rest of,the mushrooms or decoration we have,pearls of split peas with anchovies and,vanilla the bacon is decoration but they,could we also used inside which is all,about the curtain from cauliflower I,feel I have ballet imperial caviar deep,sea prawn for the coast of Spain served,one smash on top the base roasted bell,peppers smashed what another infused,with ginger crispy short strip and it's,finished with an excellent dressing so,the short rib had interesting textures,of chewy and crunchy you really get the,ginger in there but then that's nicely,offset by the acidity and sweetness of,the watermelon - this would be a roaster,can you see my face now,with a sauce made of foam Caribana it so,cured egg yolk on that bowl we're inside,you can find different kinds of green,with razor clams and cockles and I would,recommend eating it all together,probably last night alone yeah well my,things the texture was quite cool,actually because it was almost like,little rice pops that kind of went off,in your mouth and the lemony tones from,the verbena worked really well with the,natural saltiness of the fish European,lobster and astronomy I don't eat feel,so I took the option without the viola,bow the point of differentiation for me,for this dish was the black currant,perhaps if I'd included the liver it,would have been a little bit less,traditional tasting however the dish is,still flawless and comfortingly so the,mango winkles and you could instantly,smell the coffee that emanated from the,sepia and it marries beautifully with,the shower of the flesh there was a,refined sweetness of mango in there and,then the beautiful Indian spices just,provide a little bit of a background of,the exotic so the sea bass they actually,brought out in two different ways the,first way they incorporated the skin so,it's not to waste any portion of the,animal I think that's obviously really,important in this day and age I know,Michelin star restaurants do get a bad,rap for not being that sustainable so it,was encouraging to see a restaurant that,did take sustainability into the,equation the skin crispy,Tartaros the sea bass passionfruit and,shredded interestingly enough it,actually incorporated the exact same,ingredients as the next dish which is,also sea bass but - in the skin yeah,actually - that sea bass was cooked how,bro compared to the previous dish it was,delicate it was sweet and it was a,multitude of textures because it,incorporated,sea and jellyfish I wouldn't be the,first person to kind of look at,jellyfish and kind of feel a little bit,ambivalent but honestly with with really,top-notch restaurants I find that they,take all your food fears and they,completely smash them because they use,the ingredients with so much love and so,much care,crispy duck we marinated this for three,weeks,try it for three weeks the sources of,pomegranate and black olives coming from,the barbecue with pickled tulip bulbs on,top we have the cracker which just makes,the skin of the dog and we have brought,off the duck which you have written this,in a bits of pickled grapes and pickled,tulip that salty crispy duck skin it,deserves its own penthouse all of the,flavors were there you know it was sweet,it was sour I was just I was so,satisfied eating this dish the broth the,gravy of the pomegranate it had really,rich Stocki flavors I'm finding it,really hard to try and cook a favorite,because I mean every dish so far that,has come out has really really hit them,off for me and that's ready I think so,this is first dessert is a Mandarin,Mandarin with marinus the green marinus,of tarragon some flower seeds and we,have liquorice in nitrogen,it had that acidic tartness of the,Mandarin but it was so really enjoyable,Araki white chocolate with pear,jerusalem artichoke with Magnolia white,chocolate and white truffle on the white,truffle dessert was definitely inventive,but I'm not sure if I would use white,truffle in dessert because for me there,was a little bit of a disconnect in,terms of what I normally used to and it,didn't really enthralled me by any means,so lastly as a treat for me they brought,out a sweet version of the first,original mushroom dish but what they did,was they took the pickles out of the,first version okay yeah I was sore,skeptical I didn't think I thought how,can a chocolate taste like a savory dish,that I've just eaten in a restaurant,they all tasted like the dish that I had,so I was m

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Elon Musk's Crazy Announcement about The Management of Twitter

Elon Musk's Crazy Announcement about The Management of Twitter

Elon Musk recently went into further,detail about the censorship practices of,previous Twitter management and exposed,giant agencies in the USA who were,spending billions of dollars behind,closed doors suppressing free speech and,doing horrible things throughout the USA,societal censorship is becoming an,increasingly pressing issue with many,questioning the role of government and,private organizations in stifling Free,Speech this debate has come to a head,recently as Elon Musk released a series,of tweets detailing how social media,platforms are being used to silence,dissenting voices with that we finally,know who are these people and what,exactly they have done all this time to,silence anyone who was opposing them at,the heart of this controversy is the,election Integrity partnership EIP a,Consortium of four organizations that,have teamed up with the cyber security,and infrastructure Security Agency Cesar,to monitor identify and filter out,so-called disinformation related to U.S,elections but the more important,question is why is mask opposed to this,what are the powers that sisa has why,should we all be worried well while,Cesar may claim to be working against,disinformation in reality it's simply a,propaganda platform for the federal,government by partnering with,organizations like the EIP Global,engagement Center gec and elections,infrastructure information sharing and,Analysis Center ISAC sisa has been able,to shape public opinion by hand-picking,which information can be shared and,which information should be silenced by,working with social media companies they,have been able to influence The,Narrative of events by actively,suppressing any conflicting reports or,opinions that don't align with their,agenda Caesar has become a tool for the,government to heavily censor voices and,spread false information to control,public opinion this type of behavior is,increasingly dangerous and should not be,tolerated in a free Society the agency,has also been criticized for its close,ties to Silicon Valley with several of,its top officials having worked at tech,companies before joining the government,in addition sisa has been accused of,partnering with tech giants like,Facebook to censor political speech with,the agency's involvement in the EIP,sparking widespread controversy EIP or,the election Integrity partnership is an,organization made up of four private,public institutions the Stanford,internet Observatory the University of,Washington Center for an informed public,the Atlantic council's digital forensic,research lab and Graphica a social media,analytics company the Consortium was,formed in 2020 in partnership with sisa,and the dhs-backed elections,infrastructure information sharing and,Analysis Center the EIP set up,communication portals with big Tech,platforms throughout the 22 20 and 2022,election Cycles csa's censorship tactics,were far-reaching and extremely,dangerous it collected over 859 million,Tweets in a database to analyze for,misinformation and labeled 22 million of,those as such on Twitter alone the,agency had a total of 120 analysts,monitoring social media on shifts of up,to 20 hours a day with an average,response time between his partners and,Tech platforms of less than one hour,these analysts were used to Target,misinformation narratives for,platform-wide throttling meaning they,could essentially silence conversations,or topics that went against their own,agenda this resulted in hundreds of,millions of individual Facebook posts,tick tocks and tweets being impacted due,to misinformation terms of service,policy changes that Cesar Partners,openly plotted and boasted tech,companies would never have implemented,without their interference the agency,was not only censoring conversations but,also controlling the narrative around,certain topics to manipulate public,opinion the fact that Cesar had no,qualms about targeting the president of,the United United States and other,political figures shows a clear bias in,their mission to suppress misinformation,as well as disinformation all of this,points to an agenda of censorship and,control over public discourse that,favors the political left Elon Musk has,recently emerged as one of the loudest,voices against sisa since the,organization was formed ever since,taking over Twitter Elon Musk has let,the world know is utter disdain for the,censorship platform alleging that it,does everything it can to censor the,rights while letting the left get away,with anything he wants Alex damos the,chief censor of Cesar responded to mask,in a tweet asking him to be more,transparent about the allegations Elon,Musk responded to the Cesar censorship,tsar's request for transparency,regarding the enforcement of rules,against both sides of the political,Spectrum saying you operate a propaganda,platform this statement implies that,Cesar is using its resources and power,to censor content that does not align,with its political agenda by calling it,a propaganda platform mask is suggesting,

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When Biracial Idolization Goes Wrong - Harry & Meghan Documentary Twitter & TikTok Reactions

When Biracial Idolization Goes Wrong - Harry & Meghan Documentary Twitter & TikTok Reactions

if you like our videos be sure to join,this Channel or my patreon to get access,to exclusive content hear realistic,level up advice from me and other women,with real world experience the links to,join are in the description box please,like share and subscribe and enjoy the,video,hello hello,hi everybody good evening and thank you,for joining me,oh sorry about that I forgot to mute,myself,um so I told y'all on the last live,stream,that I want all the New Year smoke okay,and I'm pretty sure this video will piss,a lot of people off,I already see a lot of empathy for Megan,in the chat room and I have empathy for,her too,um but y'all know that anytime I do a,video,being even slightly critical of,light-skinned biracial women light skin,or biracial women,um literally all hell breaks loose,black people lose their minds black,women especially lose their minds,um and I've done several videos on my,channel,warning black women of over identifying,with Meghan Markle,in particular calling her you know a,black princess and all that stuff I got,a lot of heat for it,um but I I warned you guys and I tried,to prepare you for what I've been seeing,you complain about in regards to Meghan,Markle in this documentary and you know,I had to come and rub it in your face,because with the way y'all drag me baby,oh y'all gonna get the smoke,y'all gonna get the smoke,y'all gonna get this work,and we're gonna break all of it down in,this video,but you know I was dragged I was called,bitter I was called jealous I was called,insecure so I am prepared for this time,to be no different but I don't care,because you know it needs to be said I,thought the documentary was pretty good,um I I wanted to keep watching,um and you know I think Megan is very,likable I think her and Harry,have a cute little family and you know,I'm just glad they got a chance to,really go into detail,about their experience with the royal,family because it was messed up what,what happened to them,right and so you know we can all,acknowledge that we can all feel empathy,for Megan and all that stuff,you know what I'm saying,um,so you know again this is not going to,be a full review of the documentary so,if you're looking for that this won't be,the video for you I'm more interested in,discussing the reactions to the,documentary,particularly the reactions from black,people and black women on Twitter and,Tick Tock so let's Jump Right In and,look at these,these um,comments so this one says I finally,watched that Harry and Megan Doc and,baby we gotta get our girl some black,girlfriends and this is a guy I think,he's a gay male if I'm not mistaken,um and he says and her celebrity friends,don't count she needs some girls that,are going to keep it real have her back,keep her hip and share the T on all the,cute black hair products but then I,don't know if she wants any to be honest,so here are some responses this woman,says she ain't what none it seems and,you know this um response says her,entire life and career she has created a,specific Circle for herself excluding,black women out of that because until,this moment she never even saw herself,as that so no,and then another response says it seemed,pretty clear to me from her choice of,sorority friends Etc that she wasn't,really connected that experience,and therefore that sister friend group,we latched on to her as a symbol not the,other way around,that bishop and choir at the wedding,were nice but you know and I thought,that was nice too because I saw that,little part in the documentary and this,response says exactly she didn't,consider herself black until she was,part of the royal family and got treated,like the Negro she is now she wants to,use Blackness as a shield she was,complicit with white privilege until it,excluded her,uh here's another response she's a white,passing biracial woman it is entirely,possible that she does not culturally,relate to being black and that is okay,what she has not been as anti-black,unlike other fully black celebrities,like Kanye leave her alone,and so you know they go on to argue I'm,not going to read all of this stuff you,can you know read it on your own you can,pause it,um,but,it seems that the the main takeaway,based on what I'm reading,from black women is that Meghan Markle,doesn't and never really saw herself as,a black woman she doesn't identify as a,black woman which we already knew I,already told y'all that we already knew,you know because she always referred to,herself as being biracial or a woman of,color you know she's always written on,her her experience with that right,um so you know that was the issue that,some black women had some black women,also had an issue,um,with her intentionally trying to pass as,other by keeping her hair straightened I,saw that come up a lot you know in the,responses,um a lot of y'all had an issue with her,not having a lot of black friends you,know before becoming famous and making,black friends or like Serena Williams,and Oprah and all that,um because all of

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Twitter Files reveal Adam Schiff wanted Paul Sperry banned | Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer | Wake Up America

Twitter Files reveal Adam Schiff wanted Paul Sperry banned | Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer | Wake Up America

journalist Matt taibi dropping yet,another round of Twitter file Bombshells,his latest report exposing how closely,top government officials allegedly sort,of allegedly worked with Twitter back in,2020 they tried to suspend certain,accounts because they didn't like them,specifically shedding light on,congressman Adam Schiff saying quote,they also received an astonishing,variety of requests from officials,asking for individuals they didn't like,to be banned here the office for the,Democrat and the house Intel committee,Chief Adam Schiff asked Twitter to ban,journalist Paul Sperry wow here break it,down retired lieutenant colonel Tony,Schaefer Tony welcome back I saw this,and I was just like this was the guy,okay now I'm I'm I'm not a I'm not a,constitutional scholar however,the First Amendment right here we have,we printed this out for you guys,Congress shall make no law so the,congressman there it is right here thank,you Jason for printing this out it's it,shall is pretty clear so a congressman,doesn't have to make a law he could just,go ask journalists to ban the free,speech of a journalist,no Carl look this is uh clearly illegal,it's actually covered in title 18. uh,deprivation of rights under the color of,law what you've described is exactly,what is illegal uh Adam Schiff decided,uh to use the federal government as a,venue to actually not only suppress,information carry out what I consider a,coup against a sitting president which,was the Russia collusion narrative and,the impeachment so let's be very clear,on this it talks about it being a crime,to act under the color of love that is,to say that use your Authority as a,federal Authority official or a member,of Congress to deprive you and me and,Paul Sperry of his constitutional right,as you just as You just defined and so,there's no there's no gray area here,Carl it's it's black and white and it's,a clear violation so there's no doubt,and so you know look Kevin McCarthy gets,elected now we have likely Jim Jordan,going to head up the committee,investigating a lot of these things,right uh,are we gonna see any perp walks here or,is this just going to be oh we're really,mad we're gonna send you a very sternly,worded letter from the UN saying we're,mad and then back to business,the honest answer is uh I think a lot of,us are going to go and Define this as,clearly as we can as illegal we're going,to provide you the audience that we we,serve here and others clear and precise,information that shows that this was,something that should be prosecuted but,the sad answer is Carl probably not,because you have a corrupt president in,the form of Joe Biden who has his own,issues which are going to be,investigated you have a corrupt justice,department under Mary Garland who will,not investigate anybody of his party,that is to say that Democrats have a,free ride and so until we see someone,come in probably in 2024 where you,re-establish control of the executive,branch of the government all of this is,going to sit on the back burner with,that said there's no reason to not go,through it I trust Jim Jordan I know Jim,Jim's going to go through and do a,thorough investigation I know Andy Biggs,I know Scott Perry they're all going to,do their best to get information,critical to showing how badly our rights,were violated as the American people and,be able to start are keying this up for,other federal agencies to pick up in,2024 and and then on yeah but then we,just got to hand it over to the justice,department which you just said is not,going to investigate well maybe even not,fire people first before you hand it,over absolutely that that's true but,Elon Musk okay the the billionaire who,basically has done more for the country,in the last six months than anybody else,he released this tweet reacting to the,news saying that U.S government agency,demanded suspension of 250,000 accounts including journalists and,even Canadian officials,uh 250 000 accounts that's a huge swath,of people it's just people they don't,like,yeah well it's one thing to go after us,another thing to go out to the Canadians,for goodness sake jeez no but to be,serious about this,my account was amongst those because you,know Carl I don't know if you knew this,the day I started trolling Ray apps I,was suspended permanently so I have no,doubt that the FBI or someone behind the,scenes went to Twitter back then and,said you need to get Schaefer off there,and I've been off permanently so since,then but yes I think again this is,deprivation of Rights what I find and,completely baffling is the FBI then,admitting oh yeah we do this with all,the social media companies this is,routine I know it's like okay you just,admitted to multiple felonies to the,American people and it's it's something,that again I I it needs to stop,immediately and then those who actually,set up these policies and engage in them,need to be held accountable that's the,thing is they're just so bracing about,they're like hey we do it yeah it's,illegal bu

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