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Javonte tank Davis and Hector Luis,Garcia both made Way for their,Pay-Per-View fight tomorrow night they,kept a distance from each other on stage,I guess Showtime didn't want no pushing,and shoving going on but it's all good,but as y'all pretty much expected Ryan,Garcia thought this was a good,opportunity to get his name out there,you ain't ,notice how every time it's a big fight,week California clowns like Ryan Garcia,and Devin Haney that's police seek,attention and try to get the spotlight,on them,Ryan Garcia tweeted this out he was,talking about the moment where tank,Davis pushed Hector Garcia on stage he,said if he does this to me it's an,automatic besito,for those of y'all who don't know in,Spanish besito means kiss so I don't,know what type of time Ryan Garcia is on,but I think he means he would punch tank,in the mouth if tank Davis pushed him on,stage Stop the cap tank responded back,with I did more than that to you when I,seen you at the club as y'all know Ryan,Garcia got drunk at the club and tried,to go be buddy buddy with tank this is,the problem with California they think, sweet Ryan Garcia thought that tank,was gonna be his homie at the club Ryan,Garcia was clearly tweaking because he,was drinking too much y'all remember,this I seen tank in the club,a tough guy he's a tough guy he grabbed,my chain he grabbed my chain he grabbed,my chain why would you get on Instagram,talking about how somebody grabbed your,chain Ryan Garcia was low-key dry,snitching to the police on Instagram,live but Ryan Garcia is such a cornball,I bet he doesn't even realize what he,was doing this is what I mean about,California clowns they got no hood in,them Ryan Garcia was calling the police,on Instagram live he grabbed my chain he,grabbed my chain Ryan Garcia ended his,little Twitter war with see you in April,I think he's camping like I said you,ain't never gonna see Ryan Garcia in the,same ring as Javonte Tang Davis Ryan,Garcia is doing all this Twitter to,build up his next fight in April with,another Cherry cause you know it ain't,gonna be tank Davis,it would be a miracle if Ryan Garcia,ever steps into the ring with tank like,I said about everybody from California,they are actors Ryan Garcia is acting,like you wanna fight tank just like deaf,and Haney Devin Haney is acting like,he's some type of tough,Devon Haney begs for acceptance from a,community that he never knew Devin Haney,wishes he was from the hood but he's,from Henderson Nevada is soft that's why,I catch y'all,people from California like Ryan Garcia,and Devin Haney are so predictable I,ain't no sidekick but I bet you all,through tomorrow and tomorrow night,you're gonna see Goofy's like Devin,Haney and Ryan Garcia on Twitter,tweeting out this is to Javonte tank,Davis they gonna try to downplay his,performance they're gonna try to Hype,they self up like I said tank is a,pay-per-view Superstar Ryan Garcia,fights on an app Devin Haney fights on,free TV they are not the same live on it,live on ESPN It's gotta be tough for,Bill Haney and Devin Haney they probably,thinking damn how the hell is we,Undisputed but nobody cares how the hell,is we Undisputed but it's all eyes on,Javonte Davis,how the hell is we Undisputed yet we,fight on free TV how the hell is we,Undisputed but the entire world will be,tuned in to Javonte tank Davis,Pay-Per-View fight tomorrow tank is a,pay-per-view Superstar Devin Haney will,never sell on pay-per-view because he's,from Henderson Nevada he not like that I,have no respect for this guy bro live on,ESPN to Devin and his dad to get off my,dick that's why I catch up with my dead,Rams I'm gonna boom yeah on camera I,don't give a yeah I'm saying he's,just a dumbass fighter this is the way I,am,you ain't this scared like I,said before he does Paul's funny as ,bro Loki bro,honestly bro if I wasn't risk getting,shot at like all the time,if I was with him like I would shut the, up that's why I catch up with my,dead Grandma I'm gonna boom yeah on,camera live on ESPN live on ESPN live on,ESPN

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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About Southpaw

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About Southpaw


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The 700 Club - January 10, 2023

The 700 Club - January 10, 2023

House of Representatives is up and,running after last week's bitter battle,for speaker in one of its first moves,the republican-led chamber is targeting,the funding for the president's plan to,add 87 000 new IRS agents the GOP is,pursuing what it calls a bold agenda the,first order of business to pass some new,rules governing how the house operates,CBN Capitol Hill correspondent Matt,gelke explains,House Republicans are hoping to show,they can work together and put the drama,of last week's Speaker of the House race,behind them they're ready to shift into,work mode with week one priorities that,include protecting The Unborn and,standing up to China,the house will be in order newly minted,house Speaker Kevin McCarthy survived 15,rounds of voting and unrest in his own,party before securing the speaker's,gavel the first votes under his,leadership weren't nearly as contentious,the house passed a rules package with,only one Republican no vote the,typically routine procedures were a,sticking point in negotiations last week,McCarthy made multiple concessions to,hardliners in his party in order to,secure his win this rules package is a,rules package that reflects this body,the entirety of the Republican party on,making sure that we restore the people's,house and we are united to do that among,those changes doing away with Omnibus,spending bills and requiring a 72-hour,review before a vote as well as,reversing a pandemic error procedure,allowing members to vote from remote,locations just think about this for the,last two years you've had proxy voting,including just a few weeks ago you know,where you had dozens if not over 100,members of Congress voting from a remote,location on a 1.7 trillion dollar,spending bill that was written in dark,of night and dropped on members before,they could read it Republicans then,successfully passed their first bill,repealing a large chunk of funding for,the IRS meant to help hire 87 000 new,employees over the next 10 years,Democrats argued the resources were,necessary our government should have the,resources necessary to ensure that it's,not just the middle class that pays our,bills and pays our debt but the wealthy,tax Dodgers who pay their taxes other,priorities will include committees,focusing on China including a bill this,week that would prevent exporting,products from the Strategic petroleum,Reserve to the country there are also,two pro-life measures scheduled for week,one including a born alive bill that,would penalize doctors who don't provide,life-saving care to babies born after an,attempted abortion there will also be a,resolution condemning attacks on crisis,pregnancy centers and religious groups,we think it's important that they set,the tone showing that the pro-life issue,is extremely important to the party and,to this Congress the house will also,look to pass a bill next week that would,codify the Hyde Amendment which,prohibits federal funds from being used,on abortion procedures Matt gelke CBN,News,well welcome to a new Congress now the,issue is will it make it through the U.S,Senate and I certainly applaud them for,saying no more on this Omnibus Bill,Let's have these things separated out so,that we can actually be making,Intelligent Decisions and not just,trying to decide things in one lump Bill,if you have a problem with one,particular part major vote against all,of it that's why they put it all,together they're trying to hide some,things in that and that 72-hour review,is absolutely important to imagine,passing legislation that you haven't,even read but they've been doing it for,some time well another new those five,major storms have struck California just,since Christmas heavy rains are,drenching the state bringing floods,potential mudslides Efron Graham has,more on that story from our CBN News,Bureau in Washington Ephraim,Gordon State officials say the storms,are rolling through California the worst,they've seen in years the Federal,Emergency Management agency issued a,disaster declaration for the state,Monday anticipating that reservoirs and,rivers will flood about 3 thousand,people Statewide are fleeing their homes,including including residents of the,wealthy Southern California community of,Montecito at least 14 people have died,in the storms downed trees and high,winds knocking out power to about 87,thousand customers forecasters predict,more storms will continue hitting,California for at least another week,Buffalo Bills defensive back Demar,Hamlin is home in Buffalo today,continues recovery in a local hospital,Hammond was flown home yesterday exactly,one week after he collapsed on the field,during a nationally televised game in,Cincinnati the dramatic episode spurred,a wave of prayer across the country,including by sportscasters on National,Television upon his release from the,Cincinnati hospital doctor said Hamlin,has been doing occupational and physical,therapy eating a regular diet and,meeting with family members Sunday,Hamlin tweeted he'd like to be on th

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Jake Gyllenhaal takes on gritty role in 'Southpaw'

Jake Gyllenhaal takes on gritty role in 'Southpaw'

yeah this is six weeks I need six weeks,I'll give you my everything you give my,everything is it my my family I can't,lose my daughter in the new movie,southpaw Jake Gyllenhaal's portrays,boxer Billy hope of man searching for,both personal and professional,redemption we're so pleased to have Jake,join us now from our downtown studios,good to see you good to see you too,thanks for having me I have to tell you,I just saw this yesterday and I'm still,thinking about so many things Jake but,what drew you to this character of Billy,hope,well I think it's a story all about,family you know and about what you do,and the sacrifice you make for your,family and particularly for your,children and you know Billy hope is a,character that early on in the film you,know basically thinks about himself and,then throughout the journey of the film,ends up really learning how to become a,father you know he became a father at a,very young age and ultimately learns,that it's the most important job that he,could ever have in his life so I think,that is really what drove me to tell the,story and then also I just think boxing,is an amazing sport and a beautiful,sport on film and it really translates,an emotional journey your internal,emotional journey particularly,cinematically so Forest Whitaker plays,tick who becomes your trainer in this,film and there's there's this one part,and I'm gonna paraphrase a little bit,Jake but he says something like boxing,isn't as much about this and he puts up,his fists than it is about this and he,points to to his head and you talk about,that journey and it's a physical one,because your body in this oh my goodness,I thought the training involved but also,it's the mental aspect of this - yeah I,mean Antoine Fuqua who directed the film,always said to me that this journey of,preparation and even before we started,shooting was it was all about sacrifice,that was a word he always said sacrifice,sacrificing all the things you think you,know and and humbling yourself to the,fact that you have to use your mind to,change your body and also you know to,learn a new skill I don't even know how,to box when I started this movie so,there,months and months of training to even,figure that out but yet I think that's,really what the film ultimately is about,is how we use our heart and our mind and,how much more powerful they are than den,are in our body and the physical you,know is it true that Antoine Antoine,Fuqua the director trained with you yeah,yeah he did I would train twice a day,because I was so scared that I wouldn't,know how or look like I knew how to box,and while we were shooting so I trained,for five months and I figured if I train,twice a day that make five months into,ten months and so Anton would come every,morning with me to the first session,pretty much every single day in,pre-production and then when we were,shooting - he'd be the one who come at,night so I'm tired you go no we're going,to the gym but we're gonna go to the gym,got a train so yeah he was a huge,motivating factor in all of it and he,himself was a box when he was a kid and,then throughout his teens too so he's a,big boxing fan that's where your good,uppercut comes from you got quite the,uppercut going on in the movie you,mentioned it's also a journey for your,character - to fatherhood and and Oona,Lawrence who plays your daughter Leila,in this is outstanding and the chemistry,that father-daughter chemistry is,something else,I agree she's probably one of the best,actors I've ever worked with she's just,such a she's just alive and awake and a,real a real girl you know and she,happens to be extraordinarily talented I,mean she won a Tony actually for her,role as Mathilda and the Broadway,musical actually so she's she's pretty,talented and pretty skilled but she's,just a great girl and as soon as I met,her I just I fell in love with her my,heart just immediately opened I thought,like she's she's perfect and throughout,the whole journey and we did a lot of,improvisation and for a for an,eleven-year-old that's a difficult thing,to do and she did it with such ease you,know she was guiding me through most of,it as I feel like kids do in general I,feel like they guide the adults you know,what you got a good point there I think,you're right and and also rounding out,this amazing cast at 50 cent in this as,well but Rachel McAdams yes yes I like,50 cent and Rachel McAdams left to the,last because they're sort of the best,and 50 needs another 50 which is which,is Rachel Rachel is amazing,and I know you know I wish I could have,her here because I feel like she makes,me more of a legit Canadian you know but,uh yeah she's amazing she's incredible,and she was so wonderful to work with,same thing we were discovering scenes as,we went a lot of the time and I think,that can really be scary for actors but,you know she is game and really she's,really up for anything very prepared and,very disciplined but has such a,wonderful heart such a wonderful you,still h

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Southpaw Featurette - Rachel McAdams (2015) - Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Movie HD

Southpaw Featurette - Rachel McAdams (2015) - Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Movie HD

don't get hit too much I thought I had a,lot of heart and I also thought it was,really gritty it's not pulling any,punches,he don't know fun intended I can't find,like that anymore think about her,you got hit a lot dad southpaw is about,the fighter who's from the top falls to,the bottom he has to learn how to become,a father,that's know how to become a better human,being you are all I care about the three,of us that's it that's all that matters,so I'm gonna tell you the truth you're,gonna be punch-drunk in two years if you,keep this up,Maureen's kind of tiger mom a little bit,I mean she doesn't want anybody coming,anywhere near her family she's super,protective maybe to a fault even which,pants on let's go so we can get home,okay mm-hmm Anton's used to love Billy,and Marines relationship I think he says,he says that all the time he loves these,guys and he he doesn't want to let them,go,yeah they don't they don't exist without,each other it was so important it was,real love they didn't genuine and when,me and Jake sat down and met Rachel it,was almost instant you know with Rachel,is pretty amazing because I think she,prides herself really on her preparation,and a certain type of structure and,antal really blew that up and I was like,we were playing and improving things and,trying things out and she just was,totally game she's go,I got a interesting choices like when,she actually gets in the scene it was,unexpected to be as aggressive at,different points when Billy's been my,fighter for 10 years I know it's best,form and I've been his wife for like a,hundred I know it's better for him first,day Rachel came to the set we were,filming some of the boxing stuff she had,her coffee she was in a regular clothing,I had the cameras going I literally told,Billy just go grab her pull up on the,ring to start kissing and she went right,there with him and afterwards she was,just like I don't know what film I'm in,right now what's going on and so right,away said yeah she's the one and that's,the sort of energy and she was training,in boxing and she did that I did a,little bit of training you know a little,bit of boxing with his coach Terry,Clavin who's amazing just to get a sense,of what it is you know just to,understand it better and there's a few,interviews I found of boxers wives,talking about a day in the life or what,they do she wanted to understand what it,felt like what it's not like she wanted,to make sure she knew what she was,saying to him when she said you're,taking too many punches she actually,understood that because she was around,so much I tell you here cut your own,camera there's gonna be boxing scene in,this film that hasn't been shot quite,like this before I think they're staying,mostly inside the ring and it's really,tight and close and really feel the,violence and even before we started,shooting Jake was so dialed into this,character so you know with those two at,the helm and the heart and the fire that,was already there on the page I just,thought it could be my special,don't you let me go he needs time off,invite his hannel you don't give me,something else to do it,wanna go to rounds we'll need you,you

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The Southpaw Sessions Round 1 with Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal

The Southpaw Sessions Round 1 with Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal

welcome to the southpaw sessions I'm Joe,levy a contributing editor Rolling Stone,and also a contributor to magazines like,details where I wrote this month Jake,Gyllenhaal cover story the occasion was,southpaw these gentlemen need no,introduction Jake Gyllenhaal Eminem,executive producer of the southpaw,soundtrack and Jake star of the movie,let's talk about where this movie,started Kurt Sutter the creator of Sons,of Anarchy wrote the script originally,for you with your life story in mind and,tell me how that script first come to,you the original idea was for me to be,in the movie you know something that,would would be similar to my life story,but I don't know maybe metaphorically do,boxing you know coming up or something,you know and the script had been in,development for quite some time and Kurt,Sutter got on board and once we got the,script you know it was incredible but,this was in 2010,yeah even and it works for a while and,by the time the script had got to a,place where everybody felt comfortable,with it the timing really just wasn't,right for me to to be able to to do it,and to be able to make that commitment,and the the story of the movie is the,story of Billy hope who jake eventually,came on board and portrayed a southpaw,boxer developed with you in mind you're,a lefty as you say in phenomenal you,write with the left and he loses,everything and what about that he loses,his family he loses his his title what,about that resonated with you I mean I,just I love stories like that you know,comeback stories that's one of the,reasons that it appealed to me you know,in the first place was just the idea of,it you know and based off just just just,me not being it the fact that I wasn't,able to do it I just felt like this,script is so good like I want to be,involved if I can't be involved in the,movie I want something to do with it you,know if I can produce music for the,soundtrack or whatever happens I just,feel like I want to be involved and,seeing the movie,and how Jake did it is just it's,incredible so I'm super excited just to,be a part of it you know and what a job,that everybody did ants were on the way,he did it and put it together everybody,who forest everybody who's in this movie,is killing their roles so and Antoine is,Antoine Fuqua director,Jake tell me how you first came to meet,with Antoine about this project I had,met with Antoine like five years before,and we had like a lunch meeting it was,very Hollywood and he told me he saw,something in me that no one had seen,before,and I was like all gee okay and I,thought it was kind of bull to be honest,and then a year maybe four years later,we had another meeting about this and he,said I told you five years ago I saw,something you that and I want to bring,it out of you and and you know and I was,like oh that's funny I thought maybe,that was I was booked and he was like no,no this is for real and I read the,script and I thought it was amazing and,I thought the idea of this,father-daughter story which is,essentially thing that really drew me to,it you know was so moving and Antoine,said to me no I want to shoot these,fight sequences like real fights I want,there to be HBO cameramen they're,filming it I want Roy Jones jr. and Jim,Lampley there I want Tony weeks there's,a ref I want the whole thing to feel,real so do you know how to box and I was,like oh no but I can learn,you know and and and so I so I you know,he's like alright well they have to,commit and I said I'm in and this was,after you'd filmed night crawlers so not,only do you have to learn how to box but,you had lost quite a bit of weight for,that role so you had to literally,rebuild your body,I met Antoine well right before I,started shooting night crawler and I was,like you know 35 pounds lighter and I,remember being like oh no I can play,this box here you know I remember,thinking that and just thinking like how,is he ever going to believe that I could,play a boxer when I'm just like sitting,here all skinny but yeah I mean to me I,just needed a running start I just,needed a ramp,and I knew if I had a long enough,Running Start I'd be able to make it now,you trained for five months and you had,taken up boxing is exercising training,at one point so you already when the,script came to you had some boxing,experience is that right yeah I did that,I messed around with it for a couple of,years with Emanuel Steward and Hill,McKenzie and just uh you know we they,would just come to my house and we would,we would hit the pads have sparring,sessions sometimes the manual would,bring some guys from his gym from,German and got my ass whipped a couple,of times a couple times did pretty good,you know but uh it was all it was all,just you know it was all for fun and,exercise recreation kind of thing if you,guys compared the training notes,inspiring notes at all not really yeah,well let's get into it,that's what this interviews gonna be,about no I I mean the funny thing is is,I sort of took oh I took a little bit o

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Southpaw Featurette - Story (2015) - Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Movie HD

Southpaw Featurette - Story (2015) - Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Movie HD

the harder you fight I get it,only now you take away too many hits you,can't fight like that anymore think,about her got hit a lot dad the thing,that intrigued me about this story from,the get-go was the idea that it's a guy,who has gotten by on his rage and his,own anger let's go,you made a career out of it a great,success made lots of money from it and,you meet him at the top of his game,and he's winning but he's not winning in,the right way and that it's gonna end up,affecting his life and his family's life,all I care about the three of us that's,it that's all that matters so I'm gonna,tell you the truth you're gonna be,punch-drunk in two years if you keep,this up,she knows that Billy needs to fight in a,way that's integral to who he is but,she's trying to get him in and get him,out without losing him I thought it was,important to tell a story about an,athlete who has to learn how to become a,father baby you ain't never been real,real male,let's go how about this I'll take your, then I take your bill it's a,journey,about taking responsibility let's go,home and how that anger can actually,kind of destroy you what's like you,built Beach everyone's told him that if,you use these you'll get what you want,and he did he got the big house on the,hill all the cars all the money all the,friends he's a gladiator he's a champion,but then and all that's taken away he,just crumbles lose all his money loses,kind of loses his mind and he has to,pick it all back up and do things,differently he had to sort of get to,that place where everything went away,money fame job career family where,everything was gone where he could then,rebuild himself and that's where the,redemptive process,Billy ends up coming to tick wills who,becomes an anchor in his life in a way,that he starts to teaching lessons that,are beyond and outside of the ring,he teaches him how to kind of harness,his anger in a different way and,understand it and take responsibility we,start small,well like training no bake your cookies,what it comes to his life it's the first,person to clearly indicates to and it,doesn't matter that you really hope all,the people recognize you as the star,fido right now you got two weapons,shotgun aid Oh power no position they,used to track up a relationship that's,really truly a friendship great demands,the type of intimacy that he's never,really understood and as a result of,that I think it allows Billy to grow up,in a way that he never had before most,importantly it's about learning to be a,father that's why I wanted to make the,movie,Billy who can make this is your time Joe,mom,you control your destiny,you

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Suzuka's First Proposal Was Nuts | SouthPawRacer's Soapbox

Suzuka's First Proposal Was Nuts | SouthPawRacer's Soapbox

brat 10k subs just flew right by me,thank you so much everyone get a one an,all himself Paul Reis sir I'm back on my,soapbox once again to check out some,racetrack proposals but the Japanese,Grand Prix just like a week away I,reckoned it was a good idea to look at,the proposals for the Suzuka circuit,this track is pretty spectacular,as it is as we know it but it could have,been even more spectacular try three,crossovers instead of one but we're not,gonna get to that just yet quick history,lesson it was the late 1950s and,Soichiro Honda the president of the,Honda Motor Company at the time wanted a,test track and a racing circuit to,promote the sporting prowess of Honda's,machines a site was chosen near the,Honda factory in Suzuka and mr. Honda,himself penned the initial design for,the Suzuka circuit that's definitely a,racetrack this was actually not located,very far from where the current circuit,is it goes clockwise around a couple of,lakes just to the north it would,definitely have been fast I'll give it,that I mean it's got some long straights,it's got a twisty bit near the end and,big sweeping Bend going around the lakes,but the problem with that area was that,it was flat I mean it probably would,have been a serviceable testing venue,and even an all-right racetrack if,things had gone ahead but it was pretty,unremarkable and Soichiro Honda did not,want unremarkable so it was that,Soichiro Honda enlisted the help of John,Hogan Holtz the Dutch designer who,penned all trucks a new site was chosen,for the circuit a 3d model of the site,was used to help determine the design,and the hond and the hood went to work,who convulse was concerned that the,design would be restricted by the rice,fields but mr. Honda Asher,that everything would be okay whatever,Coogan Holtz wanted for his design Honda,would provide it so they decided to go,all out on the first one look at this,I've overlaid it on top of the present,circuit layout just so we can compare,wow what an opening sequence of bends,this designs dated 26th of August 1960,and I don't believe the position of the,start/finish line had been determined,yet nonetheless we'll start over here I,guess where the current start/finish,straight is an extremely fast downhill,tightening right hand up I'm not going,to get them mixed up this time that,exits over two bridges into a left-hand,flick and then a supa dupa dupa dupa,tight hairpin that would probably have,been a first-year affair even more of a,first gear affair than the hairpin that,ended up being put on the circuit out of,the hairpin it's a left-hand kink,underneath one of the bridges than a,hard right under the other bridge then,another hard right and we're going up to,where the esses section of the current,circuit is now so I presume this section,would have been a little bit uphill,there is an S section on this one but it,seems much simpler and much shorter than,what we ended up getting left right left,and then a flick underneath the bridge,towards the hairpin v happen now now,what I find interesting about all of,these preliminary designs is that they,all share that hairpin that section,going under a bridge then through a,right-hand kink straight into a braking,zone for a tight 180-degree hairpin,seems to have been the only real,constant factor in this Circuit's,preliminary design stages other than the,crossovers where Spoon curve is now this,would have been a little bit more of a,complex section but following the same,basic shape seems like,it's got a little bit less flow to it,than what ended up being put there then,it's a very simple end to the lap going,over the crossover and a very fast,probably flat out right going back to,where we started this would have been,spectacular this would have been,challenging it would have been really,dangerous as well I genuinely wonder how,Formula one cars of today would handle,that opening sequence 16th of January,1961 brought us this iteration of the,design now things are starting to look a,little more familiar this is where the,the fast right into a slightly tighter,ride that opens the lap was first,introduced but the opening section,remains complex and twisty the hairpin,is still there in some form but Wow I,really like that carousel style,arrangement leading up into these air,spins yeah that corner would probably go,downhill then uphill back into the SS,section and I'd really like to see a car,go through that we've got a switch back,then a left-hand kink and what seems to,be the embryonic form of the digna curve,the hairpin remains but the section,after is a little bit twistier it is not,a continuous right-hander it is a right,left right series of s's into a tight,left and spoon in general seems a little,bit sharper in nature but it opens up on,the exit the end of the lap is once,again pretty simple they hadn't,introduced the concept of 130r yet so it,would have been a very flat out into the,lap the third Hogan Holtz proposal came,later that month 29th of January 1961,and th

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