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Sophie Dee Cooking w Alyssa Lavonnehi everyone my name is ELISA LaVon and,I'm here with my friends S

Sophie Dee

Updated on Jan 31,2023

Sophie Dee Cooking w Alyssa Lavonne

hi everyone my name is ELISA LaVon and,I'm here with my friends Sophie de yes,hi guys so we just finished shooting and,we're really hungry so we were thinking,we would make some pizzas today for you,guys yeah what are your favorite coffee,okay so I don't like cheese I love a,cheese but I absolutely love pepperonis,and olives and mushrooms so amber like,cheese cheese mushrooms pineapple I,think we're not professional pizza,makers so bear with us making a mess,over here yeah making this I want so my,favorite pizza that I've ever had I,would say okay at you so one is called,Anthony's pizza I know that they have,them in Colorado that's where I'm from,and I absolutely love their pizza,because it's super thin Christ the pea,like this big and the crust is like,amazing it's like super powdery and like,super fluffy and it's amazing and then,there's blackjack pizza I love black,jack because it's super greasy and it's,just delicious,I just can't so I only like pizza that's,like yeah yeah I like that I like it,yeah bar unless is company really,accomplishing here and I really don't,think that anything is even coming out,right now it's like oh yeah I'm out of,the top what is this scrape it off I,know what that's all right I'm just good,I'm just going to take it out and if it,comes out like a giant chunk now my,hands are gonna be like super stinky but,okay anyways ready if it breaks Midway,yeah see you in about 15 minutes okay oh,sure yeah I feel quick and then what do,you say we get to those questions,you're really about afraid of what,you're gonna find,yeah so we we have questions our best,all right you go first no way what is,your favorite travel decision okay my,favorite travel destination I would say,the Big Island of Hawaii I'm like super,adventurous I like outdoor stuff like,hiking this 10-minute ten-mile hike like,in and out to go see like the log that I,like for into the ocean it was just,amazing meatballs and definitely Puerto,Rico again really a kiss for all outdoor,activities what advice would you give to,a normal guy that wants to win you over,just being himself,I think that you know just treat me like,a normal person you know I'm a normal,person you're a normal person it would,be weird when we get weird,yeah don't say like you know like weird,like vulgar stuff don't do anything,that's super force yeah it's your,craziness will come out in like three,months okay not yourself in the,beginning and you're fake okay then,we're gonna find out by it so what is,your nationality so I am a Lebanese,Spanish and black go fish,I just ate Welsh what is your education,and would you continue to study further,so one fact my degree is in cellular,molecular biology what I studied further,not at this point in time but if I did I,would,medicine research I did legend tourism,in college and then I left to go and be,a holiday ready I'm starving okay all,right I think we should take them and,put them on here too someday maybe so,just bend in half and bring out my,cooking fish so I can have a straight,line so I think the wines getting to me,all right my work is so cool, Pizza cutters just get the biggest,knife ever be da cheese did you enjoy,the perfect slices mm how's yours that's,good crispy,thank you really good all right guys,we're gonna finish eating our pizza hope,you guys have a good time with us we,have a lot of fun,hopefully answered some of your,questions make sure you guys subscribe,for more yes get all about content hit,that sounds really nice babe hey guys,thank you so much for watching my video,make sure you subscribe to my channel,and if you want to watch all my,exclusive BTS content go to so PD top,the IP

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Angela White and Sophie Dee - Instagram Live | Beautiful Laddies

Angela White and Sophie Dee - Instagram Live | Beautiful Laddies

what do you think of my lunch array,I have a special guest that's gonna join,me very soon,guess who it is you ago just you like it,it's so hot a red Sparkle I'll stick up,stick around my butt I love it I got my,playboy necklace oh that's awesome I'm,wearing my aw today but I have like a,really cute playboy necklace to turn,this down I'm ready getting nervous how,you bring anything I'm getting nervous,again so nervous oh my goodness I make,you nervous why do I make you nervous,she's so hot,kick out of here you're hot you,got two naughty things on camera and,there are so many more naughty things,that I want to do with you Sofia,you too oh when this is over I know,can't wait how was your playboy thing,good yeah it was so much fun so I,interviewed Joanna angel she's amazing,just so nice I'm trying to enroll it all,tuned in guys Sophie and I shot,something really sexy together,and we want you to check it out yes,because we launched it today on our new,fans mmm,so you need to go to both about only,fans you should be following us both oh,yeah because we let we we launched our,sexy video today we've actually done a,number of sexy videos that are available,on our only fans our shower scene was,hot mm-hmm oh my gosh that is like a lot,of my favorite,I remember being and you're like so,yummies I'm not supposed to my Tiananmen,so long so I was like ready to just have,all of you to all of your sides it was,hot yeah,but now you just wanted that today,guides we yes there's something really,sexy for you so make sure you check it,out is it in your bio you gotta click,our links and yeah click the link in our,BIOS to check it out go watch it if you,guys give it lots and lots of love then,maybe we'll do another one,mm-hmm you might exam requests she what,you want us to do in the next one I,think we should let these men's yes oh,my gosh I want to do that well I mean,enough people have to go and join our,only fans and like it for us to do that,but if they do yes then gosh you're so,sexy this top makes a boobs a huge know,your foods make your boots look huge,that's a hundred percent what it is it's,your boobs what are you staring so cute,what have you been doing today um I got,burned I laid out by the pool and then I,had my dog Johnson live oh how did that,go it was cool Chad interviewed me for,about 40 minutes it was pretty cool it's,like my toy oh man I wish I could lay,out by the pool with you I know it's so,hot here it's I literally laid out for,about 30 minutes and I'm burnt already,will you still I mean you have like that,underlying pale skin like me I have pale,skin underneath but I have to like,constantly try and tan to make yeah,Brown yeah it could burn like three or,four times and then I start to get a,little color yeah that's kind of the,same okay,I wish we have nice brown skins that are,all this freckles yeah but your freckles,are so cute though look at maybe there,is this ridiculous oh count the ways,that I love you what do you do tonight,what are you gonna do ah,tonight I'm gonna make some I did on my,makeup so I'm gonna do some solo content,my only fans and yeah I have some,editing and stuff to do so kind of I'm,gonna do on my sex and stuff and then,I'm gonna get down and just sit and fry,my computer and cool what about you um I,have a couple of the shoutout,greetings to do so I'm gonna do those,and a few customs to you so get them,down yeah guys you know that we're both,on shout out Express yeah yeah you,should check us out there it's Sophie's,Iron Company so pretty cool awesome,you're such an entrepreneur,there's so many ideas I'm like I want to,make this work you know like I haven't,even finished one project I'm like oh my,god I have another idea I can't wait for,your other things to launch as well no,super excited in this crust yeah it's,gonna be awesome,guys going jerk off to our video right,now click the link in our buyers yeah I,want to miss you don't want to miss us,hmm and send us a message if you want us,to oil out boobies in another zoom video,yeah give us those likes yes yeah all,right I'm gonna go make some custom,videos Oh have fun I'm gonna have to,order a custom video for me I think of,some naughty things I love you gorgeous

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Angela White on Her Worst Experience Hooking Up with a Fan

Angela White on Her Worst Experience Hooking Up with a Fan

disaster that i had listen i want,to tell the story i can tell the story,if you disastrous i don't want to hear,one all right let's hear it yeah it was,actually a fan,um yeah i know i i three,fans,fan on what level like he was waiting in,line at the porno,okay so he was legitimately a fan i met,him at an expo i was at sexpo in,australia,um he came up met me got a signature he,was very sexy and very charming he was a,french model so i can imagine he was,like give me your number i'm like no you,give me your number and i had no,intention of texting or calling him but,after i got back i was staying at a,hotel because i wasn't living in that,state i was like you know what,maybe i will like text him so i texted,him,and um i was going back to victoria,which was where i was this is in,australia so this is where i was at the,time i was like let me know when you're,in melbourne,so the next time he was in melbourne he,hit me up and he's like let's go out and,do something so it's like okay let's do,brunch because dinner's way too,like serious i want to do something very,casual so we did brunch he was really,sweet,um and at the end of brunch he was like,by the way i missed the point um he's,actually he's also an artist so he's,this french model he's got he's a french,model and artist so just in case any of,the fans out there are feeling like oh,this could be me,i mean this guy he got a couple things,going for him,he's a really good artist i've looked at,all this so he's not just any old artist,he's a beautiful artist,so after brunch he's like okay so i'm,staying at my friend's place at the,moment he's out at work um i want you to,come back with me and i want to paint,you,and i'm like,this is my titanic this is titanic,he's going to paint me like one of his,friends yeah so why australian girls,yeah so,we went back to the apartment and we,start making out no painting going on,nothing was he even set up did he make,it look like he was gonna paint you i,mean he did have a sketchbook okay dirty,dogs he brought his sketchbook to brunch,so i thought okay maybe he's,legitimately gonna paint me so now we,start making the whole thing was a,disaster by the oh really yes i thought,really was it was he bad at kissing he,was okay at kissing okay but we get to,the bedroom and um so he's like groping,me he's moving down he goes to finger me,he shoves four fingers straight into my, no,no just four fingers and i'm like whoa,no do you think that he thought because,you're a porn star that you were ready,to go maximum volume he said i thought,you can take it and i'm like,yes i can take it but you know like spit,on it a little bit treat me like a lady,yeah yeah kurt's thinking about this,so i was like no we're not doing that i,also wasn't prepared for ana,no you can't you have to ask before you,go into that poll,so so that happened and then we,continued on and it got to the point,where we're about to and he tries,to put it in me bare and i'm like,no yeah like put a condom on he's like,oh uh i don't have any and i'm like okay,i have some condoms here you go so,already like so many red flags like if,you're willing to just slide your ,in me bear i don't know you you're,probably doing that with everyone i'm,very i'm very like particular about,sexual health so i like that yeah no so,we start and there's like a big,mirrored wall in the bedroom and i,noticed like he's not looking at me and,i look across and he is literally,watching himself like american,psycho style i'm like wow,so i'm like you know what i'm already,here i'm already this dude i may,as well get off so i'm like you know,getting myself off rubbing my doing,my thing like whatever,um and then we switch positions and i go,to suck his dick,and he picks up his phone and i think,he's changing the music,and then i look up and i'm like no,you're not about to like film me without,consent,so i i start getting dressed immediately,i am out the door and he's like no wait,wait don't go don't go in his french,charming french accent oh my god i'm in,the elevator and he runs down the,hallway in his box of shorts being like,poo stay as the elephant oh my,god you got out of there and didn't,forget anything,no i didn't forget anything i put all my,clothes on grab my handbag i'm out i'm,just imagining like there's something,that she's gonna leave behind that's,gonna force her to come back in this,story okay,like i gotta prove to everyone that i,was with angela white i mean,wow no consent nothing so will you ever,try,to a fan again,well,um,there was a couple other ones there,they were before him though they were,good they were identical twins right,well but okay before it went bad from,your perspective was it a turn on,thinking that this was a guy who was,jerked off to you or was it kind of,neutral i didn't think about it like,that i just thought it was like so dude,let's see what's going on yeah i wasn't,sitting there thinking this is a a fan,or anything like that wow,yeah but that is but i haven't ,the f

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TRY ON HAUL w Sophie Dee

TRY ON HAUL w Sophie Dee

hey guys so I went over to JD today and,they hooked me up and I figured some of,this stuff is so sexy that I thought,I'll do and then we'll try a video for,you guys so let's have some fun with it,dig in and let's see what we got you,ready,this is cool cool eek really weed stuff,on it I am nude smoking weed I've only,really been trying like little pens I'm,like try and get me to sleep if I don't,know what everything is don't laugh at,me loose this try this on first like so,Safa needs let's get at least it fits,over my food so win-win you guys think I,know what this is you put you eat in it,and you grind it up so you can put it,into the pipes and stuff pretty cool,leggings,please watch hi ladies,these are pretty comfortable I might,wear these face as I just said like I'm,so near to weed I had these little,chocolate things and I didn't read it,and it said like 20 on it,they realize you're not supposed to eat,like the whole days,I couldn't stop giggling my eyes are,watering these are cool,I open everything and I suppose we're,leggings hot dog t-shirt,you never Trey got bath salts definitely,can't eat these and the way you start,eating people see what you be doing in,Florida can't do that,whoa look at all of this this is gonna,be the more potent well so pretty,now I don't even know which ones to help,you go sleep or stay awake I guess it's,gonna be kind of a fun experiment seems,like I'm gonna be pretty high for like,the next year,honda's we'd even last there's somebody,new that sicko bad,whoo they got matching APIs things cool,writers kick backs frying stuff is,pretty hot sweater oh yeah this is ready,alright guys that's it today thanks for,watching make sure you hit that,subscribe button

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Bobby Lee Bitcoin Podcast Episode 7 | Sophie Dee

Bobby Lee Bitcoin Podcast Episode 7 | Sophie Dee

okay hello everyone welcome back to my,podcast Bobby Lee Bitcoin and today we,have two very special guests we have,Tyler and Sophie D both uh serial,entrepreneurs and content creators and,they're now the co-founder of gig social,which is a two-sided Marketplace for uh,influencers and Brands and they're also,co-founders of an upcoming sfw nft okay,that stands for self-funded woman so,welcome to the show Welcome to the Bobby,Lee Bitcoin podcast we're going to talk,about Bitcoin and and crypto and any,other questions you may have,um oh one more thing and Sophie is very,very famous she has a 15 million,followers on social media yeah wanna,tell us about that first he's a big deal,a big deal,I mean my Instagram is really,getting pretty popular yeah yeah I just,started Tick Tock it's actually pretty,cool learning all the different videos,and stuff for tick tock yes yeah and,what what's your Tick Tock account maybe,you can share that with the audience I'm,Sophie D live and my Instagram Twitter,and Facebook is just Sophie D okay good,good how about Tyler yeah my Instagram,is t-tom10 that's,tthom10. I'm gonna change that one,because it's shorter now you find,something else and then my Tick Tock is,the same thing with another 10 on top so,I need to yeah we need to make it I need,to figure it out and I am currently,going viral right now on Instagram my,reels uh I have a real I post yesterday,that's over 3 million followers right,now and before that my top reel was like,10 000 so wow from ten thousand three,million yeah yeah shouldn't you be a,billion yeah so how did the two of you,get into crypto and tell us tell us why,you're interested in crypto it's been,like two years now I'm yeah about two,years so uh you mentioned gig social,that's our primary business,um we've been working on a new platform,and we started that almost two years ago,so we didn't realize that building a,complex site like this would take that,long we thought it would take four or,five months,um and so after starting it uh we were,just like okay what else should we do,while we're waiting for the completion,of this and that's when we started,getting into crypto,and it just sort of sucked Us in yeah,this so this uh this gig social does,that platform interact with crypto does,it take crypto for payments or it will,yes it does it does accept crypto yeah,yeah cool cool people do buy ads through,there too like asking you know to,promote an nft or you know certain low,coins or something got it got it yeah,yeah essentially the focus of it is it's,very difficult to get an influencer to,post your brand if you try to DM them or,email them they rarely respond and then,there's an issue of trust between both,sides and then keeping that influence,around track with posting at the right,time and all that stuff so our,Marketplace makes it easy where I can,find the influence where I want that's,perfect for the campaign I'm looking for,I purchased directly through there we,hold the money in escrow the influencer,completes the post and then the payment,is released so excellent make it much,easier and now which crypto specifically,is it Bitcoin or you also support,different ones I believe it's Bitcoin,and then,um the a couple stable coins okay we,have,yeah we're literally working on that,right now that's the final steps yeah,cool yeah so when did you so I'm curious,when did you start hearing about Bitcoin,and investing in Bitcoin for the first,time how long ago was that someone,actually told me years ago to buy it and,you know I was just like everybody else,like yeah you bought it you bought a,billion Bitcoins I wish I so wish I,listened to those people,um but no yeah and the same thing I,first heard about it probably seven or,eight years ago wow,um The Challenge was that you know it's,only a few amount of people that are,talking about it yes so you just think,that they're crazy and people smart,people you know that you talk to and,they're like Bitcoin like no don't don't,waste your time on that yes,um and so it's just you know we never,really thought about it but now,seriously we've gone into it maybe about,a year ago right a year and a half now I,think yeah yeah so when it when it had,its rise to like 66 000 during the covid,time yes I think a lot about nine months,ago yeah it's about nine months ago a,lot of the mainstream retail investors,started noticing it because all the news,starts covering Bitcoin and you know of,course when it's going to 60 everything,is saying oh it's going to go to 100,it's going to go to 200. so it draws,everybody in yeah and now what we're,going through is uh Bitcoin has seen a,major correction yep um a lot of it due,to the economy and whatnot and so now,the the all the news is saying it's,going to zero it freaks everybody out,yeah it's scary it's quite it's quite uh,very volatile and very extremes right to,exactly two two huge extremes yep yeah,this is this is actually very common so,so your earlier part of the story about,uh hearing about

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Sophie Dee vs Diamond Foxxx Milf Drama Episode = 00103794 - گرم، شہوت انگیز لیڈی

Sophie Dee vs Diamond Foxxx Milf Drama Episode = 00103794 - گرم، شہوت انگیز لیڈی

hi welcome to browsers house 2 finale we,have five performers waiting backstage,to remind you why they've come this far,but before we bring them out this is how,you the viewer at home can determine who,the winner is,sorry let's get to it,please welcome Nicole Anderson radium is,up thank you I shower you know for a,change,yes yeah Nicole tell us about your,experience in Francis House - it was,interesting I guess I'm not really and,so the view is back home probably,thought yeah but we've gotta get to know,you and you are actually one of the,funniest kills on set yep finger fall,little arrow it's just hard because when,you uh what's going on when you get to,that point where you're just you're so,exhausted and on top of it you have a,super dry personality and a dry sense of,humor,the yeah it comes off with super kunti,but I really did it overall I had a,really good time it just was like losing,sleep and stuff good was hard for me,honestly if they do what they did last,night tonight how do I look at the,comments and some of the things have,been posted in the members section I,stayed out of it some do I stand out of,it entirely not to be disrespectful to,the members at all but I kind of know,you Connor ran away with the lead at the,moment you were you know thousands of,votes ahead but you didn't really push,it like some of the other girls did I,knew going in that my performances from,not gonna hold up to the other girls for,sure I'm not a scary strong performer I,wanted to participate when they asked me,because I felt like it would be good to,push my boundaries and step a little,outside my comfort zone,and Miami's beautiful and the girls that,we got to work together were fantastic,women but I knew I didn't stand a chance,I knew going in my challenges working a,minute

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what's up this is and I'm back and today,alright y'all wanna know and y'all think,I'm avoiding the question I haven't been,avoiding this is just it's so boring,that I didn't think you don't really,wanting to know but I guess you do,everybody that has been eight so what do,you do man you just sit around all day,and do YouTube videos what do you do now,how do you earn a living right now ace,well there it is basically before I got,an entertainment I've always worked in,offices like the phone company the IRS,fixes group stuff like that boring stuff,so right now basically I'm sitting in,office with my nerdy glasses and I call,people on the phone as an email all this,stuff basically that's what I do,it's nothing interesting I'm not gonna,go into all the dynamic so basically,eight sons are living right now but,working in the office weird is dirty,glasses so that probably brings up the,question ace you ain't know what you,used to do then don't you get to do porn,they're just off snow did your boss some,of your test and say like uh hey give me,those reports and oh by the way it's bit,less honest butthole really as open as,you it looks and uh movie I saw you in,with her no man Anna,and ain't happy but ya think people know,you know but like the type of job I got,if someone was to bring it up or let's,take some mics I think go tell and say,that I do porn or whatever but they were,getting more trouble than then awkward,because they do the wait a minute of all,why are you talking about porn on the,job,you don't we have zero tolerance for,anything about sex so why are you even,bringing that up and it's a minor like,nobody P maybe no no no no football,why are you telling you that you watch,that type of thing,so seeds or somebody to bring it up the,fourth the stores in the brown whoever,brings it up will get some more trouble,than I would but I'm sure people know,and I might tell sometimes it's cuz like,women like us start looking at means a,different way I think you know what I,mean like one day is I and I'm just the,regular guy you know a minute turns neck,hey you don't say it like that type of,thing and we guys I know I know a lot of,them you know because I can just tell,so what if you do this weekend you know,my cousin tell them about this being on,a lot of porn chicks or something but,nobody ever really plays it up to me,yeah so that's pretty much it work in a,cubicle with a computer and that's how,it makes money right now but my stand-up,comedy my comedy acting that type of,thing that is still my man is pompous,you don't send I'm still trying to get,back this time I send a really really,strong and that's it you know,now today I'm supposed to tell you on,balance doing eight chicks and a limo,one time but I wanted to answer that,question I'm like what I'll do by now so,yeah then I was employed now so we'll,get you the ancients in the limo some of,the time anyway go and subscribe this,channel and I'm,and you know this video again

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Sophie Dee Biography ♥ Boyfriend ♥ Career ♥ Unknown Facts ♥ Film Debut & Lifestyle 2020

Sophie Dee Biography ♥ Boyfriend ♥ Career ♥ Unknown Facts ♥ Film Debut & Lifestyle 2020

so fede short bio hello my friends,welcome to my channel top celebrity,people,today's celebrity Sophie D Sophie D is a,Welsh actress stripper and adult actress,apart from her adult career D has,appeared in several mainstream,productions she has starred in two,independent horror films theatre of,deranged and unmanly demise in 2011 I,hope you enjoy this video if you love,Sophie d watch this video to end and,don't forget to subscribe my channel and,pries Belle button Sophie D biography,real name,kirsty hill nicknamed sophia D Sophie D,Sophie Mary Beth Kirsty Sophia D topped,by lover profession adult film actress,model years active 2005-present,ethnicity white zodiac signs Capricorn,date of birth January 17 1984 age 36,years place of birth Llanelli united,kingdom nationality British Christianity,net worth Sophie D has an estimated net,worth of 3.5 million dollar dollars as,of 2020,Sophie D professional debut film debut,in January 2005 she moved to California,and began her career in the adult film,industry during her five-year career she,was nominated numerous times for AVN,Awards,she chose her stage name because a,friend told me I looked like Sophie doll,she has starred in two independent,horror films theatres of deranged and on,mime Lee television debut sophie has,appear in a string of minor roles in,various television shows and credited as,Sophie Dee as well as Kirsty Hill which,include a sequel to one of her earlier,appearances theatre of deranged too in,the Fox Network comedy series new girl,in 2014 he appeared in the Damon Wayans,comedy a haunted house - credited as,Kirsty Hill famous for after leaving,school she had various jobs such as,working in cafes and selling products,door to door she later became a lap,dancer and stripper in Birmingham,England and she eventually found a,topless modeling job she worked as a,page three girl for about a year and,then Sophie Dee boyfriend,he banged II was married to African,American adult actor Lee bang he,interesting facts sophie held a variety,of jobs several jobs in cafes and,selling products at home and worked as a,dancer and stripper in birmingham she,has two PEC Angie's dogs named Sammy and,Bobo in 2011 she launched a mainstream,film review site topless movi, then 2014 dee appeared in,the Damon Wayans comedy a haunted house,- credited as Kirsty Hill she has,appeared in more than 650 films,then 2014 she appeared in the music,video unicorn zombie apocalypse by,border and sickness which also featured,actors shannen doherty and Zack Ward,Sophie D career with the face of an,angel,Sophie D is one of the most adorable,porn stars of the world if you'd seen,her on the street wearing clothes you,wouldn't guess she's a porn actor,however it is that face that made her so,popular the contrast between her,adorable attitude and the things she,does when the camera starts rolling,makes her fans want her more and more,she does all the naughty things you,would want a porn star to do,Sophie D is a hot British babe born in,Wales 32 years ago she has blue eyes and,her natural hair color is red but she,usually dies at dark brown and she also,had a blonde period like most of the,porn stars she has a strong build which,is good because she needs some back,muscles to be able to carry those huge,fun bags on her chest all day after her,breasts implants she shocked her fans,with a pair of 36 F boobs which she,really knows how to use in her movie,Sophie D physical stats body tips slim,height 5 feet 4 1/2 inches 1.63 meters,wait kilograms 55 kilograms or pounds,121 pounds body measurements 35 26 to 36,inches by color blue hair color brown,shoe size she wears a size 6.5 us shoe,dress size her dress sizes 6 us,Sophie D favorite things favorite,fashion designers Rick Owens favorite TV,shows Gossip Girls 2007 to 2012 favorite,destination Paris Sophie D social media,Twitter 930 1.3 K followers Instagram 6,meters followers Sophie D house Sophie D,lives in a luxurious house which is,located in Llanelli United Kingdom

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