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How to Cop Sneakers for RETAIL! NO BOT NEEDED!yo what's up everybody it's your boy pat,and welcome b


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Cop Sneakers for RETAIL! NO BOT NEEDED!

yo what's up everybody it's your boy pat,and welcome back to another video on my,sneaker channel in this video today,we're gonna be talking about how to find,news on sneakers um restocks as well as,when shoes are going to be releasing a,lot of you guys may be into sneakers but,not sure how to exactly find the,information about which sneakers are,releasing i don't use any cook groups or,anything like that all of my information,comes directly from either twitter,instagram and even youtube sometimes so,i'm gonna go ahead and share that,information with you guys as well,without further ado no hesitation let's,get straight into this video all right,so when it comes to sneaker news on,youtube the person that i normally watch,is this guy right here elliott page,elliott page every sunday drops a video,on sneaker news he tells you all the,shoes that are upcoming for this week,recaps last week and he even tells you,some future releases that you have not,even heard of until recently so make,sure to be up to date he's consistent,he's always on it so if you're ever,looking for someone on youtube to get,sneaker news from this is a guy right,here so make sure you subscribe to his,channel check him out i guarantee you,won't regret it all right so now let's,head over to twitter and let me show you,a couple accounts that i follow that are,constantly sharing sneaker news restocks,and releases so we have so links which,is a very popular one a lot of people,follow this one they also do ps5 and,xbox releases as well um so for instance,on this one they're telling you shoes,that are almost live they constantly are,posting different links for different,shoes not only just the popular ones so,even if you're trying to get your hands,on specific shoes that aren't,necessarily the most popular they always,post the most deals um discounts and,things like that so make sure to check,them out you got just just fresh kicks,let me tell you just fresh kicks is,probably the one that is most reliable,when it comes to sneaker releases,especially on release day i constantly,use them because they always drop the,new domain link so normally as you guys,know when a shoe drops they normally do,a domain change and you have to click,the new link he's usually the first one,to drop it so i'm constantly looking out,for him on release day hey i've been,successful i've been successful,following him so definitely one to check,out another one another good one is soul,retriever soul retriever also has an app,uh the app is not free um if you have,not joined the app waitlist make sure,that you join it i believe it's 9.99 a,month if i'm not mistaken for the pro,version and it gets you constant updates,um constant restocks that happen every,single day make sure to check them out,check them out on the app store as well,so this one is another one as well these,sneaker heads an awesome release info,page it constantly is talking about new,shoes that are dropping the official,images of the shoes things like that so,make sure to follow them if you're,looking for sneaker news and of course,we also have sneaker twitter this is a,very popular one you can't go wrong with,this one constantly dropping links they,let you know when shock drops and stuff,are happening they constantly get,sneaker news as well as the restock to,follow them as well listen i follow so,many accounts so many different things i,feel like you can't just follow one,because some are faster than the other,so you want to make sure you have all of,them just in case one gets information,but the other one didn't now this page,right here on instagram is probably one,of my favorite pages to be on kj stock,numbers so this page right here every,time there's a big drop they normally,post stock numbers let's say you're,looking for a size eight and a half a,size nine 30 minutes before the drop kj,stocked will drop the numbers of how,much stock is going on on sneakers,definitely something that's super,valuable especially if you're into,reselling as well because now you know,which size to go for now you know which,size everybody else is not really going,for and things like that and as you can,see he only has 3 000 followers he's not,that big though if you're trying to find,stock numbers this is the page to do it,so make sure that you give them a follow,on instagram you do have to be following,his kj stocked page which is his seller,page in order to be able to access this,one because this page is private make,sure that you do that like i said this,is a very short and straightforward,video i wanted to give you guys some of,the things that i used in order to cop,pairs of shoes as you can see i was able,to get the yeezy restock that happened,on monday trust me this is all valuable,information make sure that you go follow,those pages i'm going to leave the links,for some of them down below until next,time i'm out

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COLD WAR gameplay with mouse and keyboard!!! !Discord !twitter !Sponsor

COLD WAR gameplay with mouse and keyboard!!! !Discord !twitter !Sponsor

yo what up,hold on a second,what is going on man,yo what up uh bro,hey 370 rising let's go expert,what up,either back in the building yeah we back,man we're about to play some call of,duty right now we about to,we are about to see a noob in action,who's playing uh it's me showtime uh,if you want to pull up come pull up,anybody else want to pull up if you want,if you're a sponsor you want to pull up,like who it is,hold on give me a second give me a,second you trying to pull up fade away,yo we trying over here,yo he always he trying to brag and ,for real and what's going on sebastian,hold on let me we got one more person,joining,uh bunny hop drop shot yeah man,yeah uh one more shipping,uh certain people got this order shipped,yo ruben what's going on,uh let me see,what happened,from last thursday uh yeah they,went by waves david,what's going on reuben,can't join,and she can't,go to a lobby i could join and see if he,want to join up for me,yo mr wren what's going on man how you,doing today,you're offline go to the lobby,how about you thanks for asking any any,time man,um i'm doing good man i can't complain,we did an early stream with the game,stop drop,you in the lobby,yo be right back hold on,i don't know why you can't join me,that's just so dumb,there's something in the settings or,something,they will cross play connection yes,that type is open connection is wireless,ip hidden ap hidden apn,uh that 3080 was live yes on the amazon,but you know how amazon drop is,what's going on vision,don't show your ip here no man you it,says that you're not in um,see if you can join me it's saying,you're not in the,you're not in the lobby,by the way saying you're not in the,lobby,yo yvonne what's going on how you doing,today,okay now you now you're in the lobby,though,okay now it says you're in the lobby let,me join,yo yo,yeah hold on,look who it is great waiting on,the snow oh man,waiting on the snow why are you waiting,in the snow,can't hear them can't hear them,is there,here it goes all right now,somebody,was hold on man i'm gonna fix these,audios,i don't know i'm just saying what's up,what's going on my god,kind of buzzy yeah i think it's on my,man's mic,no not yours,hold on be right back,i gotta okay i think we're good we,should be good,all right i think we should be good two,times tuesday,what's going on t what's going on y'all,all right,uh let me see if he's responded,to get turnt man yo,i texted you you can't join me,uh,in the social,i do got you let me see if i can invite,you,you see it,ain't get no invite this time pro 4 is,you right,i don't know i want to get carried i'm,sleep,for ps5 you can't join,yeah showtime pro 4 you on i see you,i'm about to uh i'm about to what's your,activation,uh guys i could do it again like it's in,your friend because again,four four two one,got it,um the man joined,what is the playstation yeah so um,try to send them an invite um it's show,time show time pro 4,okay hold on what up ricardo,uh no i'm on pc i don't know why they,don't got the pc working,how do i oh right here yeah adam,okay you said show time showtime pro 4.,what's going on ricardo,the number four just the number four not,zero four,no number four and he's playstation,right yes,do i need um i need the numbers at the,end pound,the activision uh yeah,okay four four two,one nine four five,when i'm playing with fadeaway i'm,playing with um karate kids showtime,um that's the the man is your did he,accept it,oh yeah yeah that's your brother right,no oh the man is um,oh you got it okay all right i'm in here,i'm in here all right we got a full,squad everybody invite you boy,how was that oh amazon,oh i got a uh i used ps5 on amazon,man all right,that was coming from you on me oh for me,right okay um yeah,um use ps5 or amazon may make no sense,do i start their game uh,that hot structure,oh boy all right it's time to get busy,yes sir marquis if i have to carry you,for a game you know i'm about to put you,on blast in front of your whole stream,i'm just like,oh ,don't be surprised if a girl being,taught man listen,yo i don't know you need some help you,need some professional help yo,all you ps5 on amazon,you guys gotta carry right,here heavy i'm just letting you know,right now they're pulling up heavy,yeah bro oh i still got that,i'm all good,wow you missed my jiff cheeto,oh my god here it goes,why do you hate cold war,oh,this guy didn't even see me man but,hey parks is lagging oh i got a flag,bill let's go,so all of a sudden you're a fragmaster,you think you've been all the time,up,oh,work you kind of gotta put in work with,cold war that's all,oh my goodness man,joe see i was trying to keep it cordial,but you wanna teabag me i,heard you yeah you're gonna have to pee,back you bro,no it's serious now you don't up,where are you going what you get see,that ,oh,they came up behind me like crazy,oh,um,ah don't worry you'll get the next i'm,sure,yo oh good good ,he's gone,oh my gosh,oh you got him go ahead lower my,accuracy because you guys

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what's up everybody my name is Jeremy,Jones and I am back with another video,today I'm going over my top ways of how,to check for sneaker restock so stay,tuned,I'm at that still support all right man,I'm back with another video man before I,get too deep into this video yall,already know what to do man go ahead,that like button and if you're new to,the channel and you like sneaker content,consider subscribing man and also,comment down below y'all know our,response to everybody's comment man,alright so let's just jump right into,the video so I thought I have made this,video for some reason like a couple,weeks ago but I had intentions on to but,I didn't really make it so one of the,number one things I always get asked,like people hit me up in the d-ends or,they always asked like how do you know,about these sneaker restocks how do you,know about a sneaker really releases and,everything so one of the two ways how I,find out about sneaker restocks right,and it doesn't mean that just because I,know about a sneaker restock is that,you're gonna be able to hit the second,time you'll have a better chance but,let's face it with everything going on,and like this year is sneaker releases,in 2020 there's been a lot of sneaker,restocks man mainly because of what's,been going on with the whole pandemic,type thing but anyway I want to get on,top I don't wanna get on too much about,that but anyway so the main things are,always used man is one the j23 app if,you haven't had if you don't have the,j23 app when i downloaded it i believe,from the app store it was $2.99 now i,don't know if it went up or went down,but they also have a twitter so you can,follow them on their twitter page as,well that's kind of like a little free,option for you and then other way that i,use the most is the sole links Twitter,the Twitter account so that's pretty,much the only reason I even have a,Twitter now that I even put that out,there right okay so soul links so I'll,have their information kind of going up,on the screen over here somewhere,so you guys can check it out so if,you're not following these two accounts,on Twitter be sure to follow these two,accounts on Twitter especially so links,they're pretty much dead on about when I,sneaker like restocks,and not only do they just tell you about,the restock they usually have the link,right where you can click directly on it,and go and purchase the sneaker now with,that being said there's a lot of people,that do know about it but I find out,more and more there's still a handful of,people in a sneaker community or they,could just or you could just be new to,this new community that,you don't really know about this right,so I got to make sure I drop out this,content you know over here men on my,sneaker I drop gems like I'm dropping,knowledge I want us all to be able to,eat for retail prices on these sneakers,right yeah I know how I feel about,resale so that's why I'm very big on,sharing information with you all man,because at the end of day I'm not greedy,but like I said I do recommend sold,links over J 323 out but they're both,great sources on how to find out when,sneakers restock in fact they even tell,you like they show you some up and,combat sneakers as well just like,sneakers have but sometimes they'll have,like a first looks and a rough estimate,of when the sneaker is supposed to be,released or they'll tell you when I,think is gonna like probably get pushed,back as we've been knowing like this,year a lot of sneakers that big getting,pushback right okay so but the most part,I keep all my sneaker to find out most,of my sneaker knowledge as far as like,when the comp a sneaker or when they,restock these are the main two accounts,that I use like like I said I think I,know soul links do have a app as well in,the app store but I don't have it,downloaded I mostly just focus on the,Twitter account if you're not following,my Twitter account you can if you want,to but I rarely post on it so there's,not even a really like jump for that I'm,more so you know just using it just to,make sure I found out about sneakers man,so that is what I want to give to you,guys real quick just the quick little,video because I thought for some strange,reason I thought I had already made this,video but I really didn't I had to go to,my own channel and and kind of,prioritize of what I made what I hadn't,made but anyway like I said more sneaker,content on the way definitely got some,stuff coming up about gold and stock,eggs again,but I'm gonna save that for another,later video I just want to do a quick,little video man if you're looking for,sneaker restocks remember this sole,links in j23 gap I don't know why a lot,of bigger sneaker youtubers another like,sneaker heads haven't shared this,information but maybe they're like me,maybe they thought everybody already,knows but anyway man I'm going on gonna,buy the hand stop rambling man if you're,new to the channel consider subscribing,go ahead and hit that like button and,comment down b

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you too what's good what's going on,man it's your boy ben we back with,another video man today,today we,are about to be on our way to best buy,to go to secure the ps5 man,oh i've i got lucky enough fortunately,to actually um,get one so now we're going on our way to,go pick it up it's been sitting there,best buy for,for a few days and i really hadn't had,the chance to go and get up and quite,busy lately but anyways though man y'all,stay tuned y'all make sure y'all like,this video man spam the light bulb right,now go ahead i'm getting,one two three four five seven and i spam,that like button man show some love,we're gonna be back here in this spot,right here with the console and i'm,gonna show you all,uh i said show y'all i'm talking too i,don't need no i'm talking about my man,look,like the video man,i'm saving up for you you're so dark,racist bro no i didn't tell you no,i know that talking dude i'm black,myself would you come out,nah you listen to uh justin,bieber,no i do not am i real i'm really dark,yes,like you can't see you barely you,guys see me,you can only see your teeth because you,smiley,you being racist oh my god ain't no,light on this man i got like seven,light poles what am i supposed to do,where that phone is you feel me you need,right here,they put the flash on man show my,skin man,there we go moisturizer use,healthy skin smooth skin 5.99,lincoln,anyway i was just with you all,right so guys we're at uh best buy as,you guys see,um,i'm super excited bro you know what i'm,saying i'm nervous at the same time,because then somebody tried w,i don't know people there's a thing when,so when you are blocking if anybody,wanna,like get into the vlog and like a,lot of people are gonna be staring at,you but you can't pay attention to them,you know what i'm saying because you,start,paying attention to them you get all,nervous and they ain't gonna want to do,the , what they got going on do what you,want to do,all right so me and my niece we about to,go in here and we about to go,get this uh playstation and uh,yeah what number playstation is it the,playstation 6,because i'm on a new level with this, you come on let's go,it's close yo it is called look look at,the drip,look at the drip i see the drill man,we playing with,playing with two we playing with,yes,it's really the fact that you got that,you got on,shorts how cold it is,like you really got on so it's like who,wears swords,i might actually end up getting,bro i remember when i used to play this,game yes,you used to i said used to ain't saying,i still played it,y'all let me know if i should not,spiderman,thinking about getting spiderman let me,know,should i get another controller just in,case like i have a bad game with 2k,and then i lose it i'm sad,yeah probably yeah you play for it,you're funny,you're real funny,can't wait right,the playstation huh ready go get the,playstation,come on now i know i had to think about,this,because i'm so used to saying xbox,because i don't have two xboxes,so i'm so used to xbox,it really is,it off,so we have here,secures this baby,well they say five percent of the six,you feel me,it kind of said five i thought you were,going for what he said you know what it,is,my real reaction when i get to the crib,because i can't do too much out here,because,yo we back at the crew,we is back at the crib man look guys,i'm super excited that i was able to,land my,hands,on the ps5 super excited,man um it's definitely a blessing i've,been trying for,weeks trying to get this thing man and,god um,i caught it from best buy online bro uh,it's just i don't know you got to be on,top i'm gonna put like a couple people,descriptions and stuff like that down,below in the um,in my own comments not comment section,but in my description so you guys can if,if you're still trying to secure the,playstation 5 but before it gets like,super late on any year or whatnot bro,you got to be on twitter man that's the,best way a lot of people will put out,links and stuff like that for you to,actually,like so when they release you can click,the link and then you put in your,information whatever and you can just,purchase it,it still was tough it's tough as hell,you got millions of people trying to buy,this whole,and it is it's tough bro at the end of,the day i feel like it's,it's about luck i really don't believe,in luck but i feel like that's what it's,about,with this right here um but yeah man i'm,super excited i'm tired as hell by the,way i apologize if i,you know what i'm saying if i sound my,voice a little raspy tell your man,i'm tired bro i've been been up early as,hell,oh let me let me know if you guys,enjoying the vlog john like you know,i haven't done like a vlog video in a,while bro i like talking to the camera,one-on-one like talking to my,my subscribers like talking to my,subscribers and my subs and my,my my day ones my loyalties my family my,people,you know what i'm saying i love it i,love it i love it man so let me know if,you guys enjoy it man if you do

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Easiest Way To Find Hype Sneakers To Resell (Simple Twitter Method)

Easiest Way To Find Hype Sneakers To Resell (Simple Twitter Method)

how's it going guys zdb shoes here back,for another video today I'm gonna be,talking about how we're going to use,Twitter and a few other apps and,websites to kind of be able to buy shoes,as quickly as possible when you want to,resell when you want to buy them just,for simply reselling or if there's a,shoe out there that you really want and,you don't wanna pay resale for it you,really want to play retail and you want,to get it quickly before a lot of people,buy it this would be really helpful as,well,so anyway let's just go ahead and jump,in so first of all I want to say you're,gonna need a Twitter for this if you,don't have it you know just make one,really quickly it's not it's not one of,those deals where like you don't have to,use it to talk to people or anything you,can you can solely just make a Twitter,for following sneaker accounts and,that's actually what I do myself is I,have a Twitter dedicated to following,sneaker accounts and releases and things,like that so I want to delve into this,too much because I talked about it a,little bit in my other videos but you're,gonna want to have the apps if you're on,your phone you're gonna wanna have the,apps goat stock X Nike sneakers and if,you're into sneakers at all I'm sure you,had those and then the adidas app and,the Nike app you know just in case a you,do do any shock drops or things like,that which they do occasionally on the,Nike sneakers app and I've actually been,a part of a shot drop before I've been,able to get really lucky and get one of,those pairs but anyway outside of that,you need to get on Twitter and there's a,couple accounts you need to follow and,before I tell you the accounts what,these accounts do is they monitor,different websites and different shoe,websites and they kind of aggregate all,of their sales and their restocks and,things like this and a lot of times they,know within within a minute or two when,certain sneaker websites have restocked,or put certain shoes on resale and the,value of this is that you can find out,the about these almost instantly buy the,shoe and like if it's a restock that's,really helpful because reef stocks,usually sell out really quickly and the,price on stock X or go doesn't really,change much so for example you know you,buy a restock and you can instantly turn,around and make a profit on stock X but,anyway the first account you're going to,want to follow and this is my favorite,one is sneaker shouts it's just at,sneaker shouts and I will link it below,in the description the great thing about,sneaker shots is that they also have a,website that I can link as well and,basically they aggregate every single,thing they tweet about they aggregate it,on their website and they have a whoops,they have a list of all their past deals,that they've put on they're on Twitter,and on their website and even if these,deals are not valid anymore you can go,check and see just in case maybe they,updated the deal or something like that,they also have release states so it's,really nice to get on the sneaker shouts,and see what kind of deals they have,going because you never know you might,get lucky and get some off White's on,sale before anybody knows that they're,on sale on stock X and flip a profit,really quickly sneaker shots is the,account that I've been able to utilize,the most to buy some really cheap retail,sneakers so I highly recommend it if you,don't follow any other account follow,that and on all these accounts guys make,sure to hit the notification bells so,you can get a notification on your phone,when they tweet about anything that way,you don't start scrolling through your,timeline and see a deal that happened an,hour ago and you missed it but anyway,guys so the next one is sole links it's,just at sole links and this one kind of,does,same thing is sneaker shouts but just a,different one you'll find that a lot of,these accounts post the same deals but,sometimes maybe so links will post it,steel before sneaker shouts so I just,like to have kind of two different,sources so not too much else to to write,home about about so links but is a very,useful one to use as well and then,another one is kicks deals you know like,I said pretty much the same deal there,as well but but like I said the more and,more accounts you follow these the more,useful it is because some of them find,out about deals prior and someone will,find out about different deals or better,deals now I kind of want to go back to,talk about sneaker shots again and the,reason sneaker shouts is my favorite my,favorite account is because when a deal,happens or especially when lucky easy,release happens because user releases,are really crowded they aggregate every,single website that these shoes are,available on so what I do on a release,day when I'm trying to get a certain,pair of shoes is literally just go to,the sneaker shouts link and click on,every subsequent link they have within,those and that significantly raises your,chances of getting that shoe so and yo

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I'm gonna help you cop sneakers early,from the Nike sneakers app on shock,drops if you love sneakers let me know,by hitting that like button if we can,get this video up to 800 likes I will,announce a brand new sneaker giveaway,next week so make sure you guys hit that,thumbs up make sure you guys subscribe,and stay tuned now looks so bits of this,fire video we do have an early unboxing,which my brother opened the box already,I told him not to but he did anyway,we do have an early unboxing from Nike,from a shop drop but before we get into,this unboxing I'm gonna show you guys,these shoes these do release this,Saturday I do want to tell you guys how,you guys can get notified and get access,to early sneakers on the Nike sneakers,app so shock drops are random right,that's why they're called a shock drop,we don't know when they're going to,happen they happen out of nowhere at,Nikes discretion on the sneakers app the,sneakers app does not notify you when a,shot drop is happening you have no idea,you just have to be on the app and hope,that it's still there and that you're,still able to put in your entry so if,the Nike sneakers app doesn't notify you,when there's gonna be a shock drop well,you're probably asking how do you get,notified if there are shock jobs how can,you increase your chances of copping a,shock drop how to get notified for sharp,drops and know that a shock drop is,actually happening you know when it does,actually happen so there are a few big,tips I have for you first off apps right,the first number one app you need is j23,app I think it's a dollar ninety-nine or,maybe $2.99 to buy buy that app I'm,telling you this is not sponsored this,is my honest opinion buy that app I'm,telling you guys it will make you so,much money if you're just looking to,resell shoes or just save you money if,you're looking to buy shoes for retail,it will notify you when there are shock,drops for Jordans and hype releases on,the Nike sneakers app and not even just,Nike sneakers app j23 runs across the,board on any website any hype release,that you want to know about j23 i'm,telling you is the way to go download,the j23 apps spend that money i'm,telling you there's totally worth it,once again this is not sponsored but,make sure you buy that app and then turn,on notifications for the app so that you,know you get notified when there are,shock drops for,and hype releases across the board,besides just Nike sneakers but,especially for Nike sneakers now the,next tip is to have Twitter,I feel like Twitter is so necessary to,have when you're into sneakers because,back in the day Nike only released their,sneakers on Twitter so I feel like now,you need to kind of have Twitter as well,Twitter is more important back then than,now but I still think having Twitter is,still an essential thing if you're,really into sneakers and really about,this some great Twitter accounts to,follow will definitely be so links they,have amazing deals all the time and they,will notify you of shock drops when,things are going on they'll notify you,hey there's a shock drop going on hey go,try to cop on a sneakers app go try on,this website that website so links is,definitely a great account to follow,another great account to follow is,sneaker Twitter I they're amazing as,well they do the same thing kind of a so,links they're awesome as well,they have different you know sites and,different ways of copying and shock,drops information guys you guys need to,be alert on these apps and you need to,have twitter twitter is the way to go so,links I also think has an app so make,sure you download the so links app as,well so those are my major tips for you,guys on how to cop shock drops just have,notifications on for these apps and,these Twitter accounts and they'll,notify you hey if there's a shock drop,going on if you have twitter make sure,you follow a bunch of sneaker accounts,make sure you give me a follow Danny,Moore 2369 I'll put that up on screen,and I'll leave a link down below in the,description make sure you give me a,following on Instagram and Twitter also,makes you hit that thumbs up right now,but make sure you follow a bunch of,sleeker twitter accounts because people,on Twitter will help you out they will,tweet they'll retweet they'll share they,help people out on releases on release,information how to copy,twitter is a really really good thing to,have when you're into sneakers when,you're really doing this so four sharp,drops have Twitter and have soul links,and j23 app that's my best advice for,you guys and they'll let you know hey,there's a sharp drop going on on the,Nike sneakers app like I said Nike does,not notify you so these are the really,the best ways to go about it to really,knowing if there's a shock drop I can't,stress this enough about having the j23,app especially I'm gonna give you guys a,really good example so about two years,ago we had the release of the Jordan one,you,nc off-white I was actually at the mall,with my friends and I wound up

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ain't trying to live life fast too much,in this world i won't see,turn into a snake if i ride ever try to,pray on my cheese i just want to stay on,my peace,make a better way for my seed they don't,never talk about me,so i'ma get it,yo yo yo yo what's the word sneaker hurt,it's your boy lotta dragon back with,another,unboxing video if you guys have not,already done so please make sure you hit,the like and subscribe button,it's very very appreciated we're on our,road to 200 i'm doing a giveaway like,200 subs,so definitely make sure you guys tune in,stay in,pay attention like subscribe check out,the videos,because i got some special stuff coming,i'm doing like raffles,giving away merch doing all type of,things every 100 followers,every 100 subscribers i get we've gone,ahead gonna give away some shoes so,definitely make sure you tune in today,we got uh,it's not early because i didn't know how,to score them early i'd have to pay like,i'll go today to scorm early but,i got something super super exclusive so,i'm not the biggest star wars,like fanatic i do like the movies i do,know characters i don't,know the exact storyline because it's,like episodes and things are out of,place,so i'd have to like really sit and watch,it but all in all i know star wars i,know characters and i knew this is going,to be a dope drop just to even have is,like a collectible or anything like that,so when i seen that they were dropping,them,well i didn't even who paid it like we,ended up seeing them on like because i,do have an adidas account,they put it up and sold links and said,that they were going to do this uh,boba fett drop and like i said i'm not,the biggest star wars fan but my garuga,he is so he went for his pair and i went,for another pair,just to like have in the collectors um,just to have his collector's item and,probably you know,somebody wanted in the future it might,give it to my kid my kid my store,star wars because he like a whole lot of,like out of space,spaceships and rockets and things like,that he likes that so,just something to keep something at home,see what the value look like anything,like that but i know it's going to be a,dope grab so,without wasting any more time about to,show you,foot district foot district is located,in spain this was an overseas drop when,i caught,this i caught it the day before,two days before they actually dropped on,adidas so it was the wednesday was,last wednesday but like two wednesdays,ago when these actually drop so,yeah foot district out of spain,super super dope is that,yeah and i seen some pictures man i got,lex the turtle man he actually has these,as well,and i see he had like a mini like,twitter review on them,and it made me so excited to hurry up,and go ahead and get to this let me,get this box open stop talking about it,okay so already i'm excited,yes yes yes star wars adidas,boba fett collectors,edition i'm learning that all the star,wars,shoes kind of have this box,so i might be on the hunt to go grab all,of them just for a collection just to,have them,for somebody it's just like collecting,toys or something like that you know,just to have a complete set it's not my,size but,i'll rip packaging super fire looks like,a toy,believe this is the slide out box,oh it's now your little poster,okay okay adidas,so i'll rip like packaging is just like,super exclusive like,and then the other side i'm pretty sure,you probably have to collect another,pair of shoes to like complete the,poster and things so,yeah that's that i'm going to put this,back up put that back behind that there,but yes let's get to the shoe,now when i bought these overseas,i would have probably bought the right,size but it was in like,uh i don't know what type sizes now it,wasn't even like uk size not,it had like 37.5 i just picked the size,not knowing that i picked the size five,and a half so uh,yeah so i got a tiny shoe here but it's,all good though,it's actually a pretty good size and,value you know get your small foot girl,a small forgot i really like these but,uh,let's let's just take these out,because like let's hit this very very,nice box to the side,these are the adidas,bow effect star wars edition,this is the high top the top tens,i'm not a big adidas where i just really,got my first pair like eating,anything but yeah so yeah this is the,top 10 model of,adidas i think this is like the best,shoe to go ahead and,put it on you can see he got like little,crater marks,got his flag on the back everything,everything leather quality is phenomenal,it's probably the best leather i felt on,a shoe,in years like in years forget all the,reviews that i've been doing this,this past year none of the leather feels,better than this,none of the shoes none none,really very very bad glue stain,adidas,look at that look this is bad,can i pull it off you don't know,that's bad it's a bad booster but other,than that the shoe is like,super dope you got your,boba fett aglets on,they say boba fett on on the agles on,the shoestring,make su

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the open awareness joints on g-dog,Friday May 7,what help you to Bishop boy located,sneaker Boykin is bringing on saying,anyway man,I don't know box if you go I saw I got,to be excited cuz it's real booming ugly,outside this raining is real just you,know I'm saying I love the lane help me,go to sleep really late at night no,saying but anyway gotta unboxing he got,to the crib yesterday today trick and,that thing was on the dough stick this,is the box,I don't think I care about that box over,here,anyway this is the box we not eating,right here darlin I you haven't seen my,last video please go watch my last video,I unbox box are parodies that were,another colorway some of y'all probably,already know I'm talking about so I,don't give it away,Oh,oh snap Magadan started doing some move,all that it was see by them that's what,I care about so here we go y'all listen,so check this out,give Nike get Nike get a bonus call when,you load and close card Wow guys so,they have given me a gift card so,basically if I load this with some money,I'll get one or in return arm low 50 to,75 get five low 75 to 100 get ten load,100 load 100 or more get $20 so that's,something new that they doing nothing,that's pretty neat got a little little,gift card like that but anyway man bang,Nike box y'all see it,Nike box bang Nike Air shake and,destruct colors are black white black -,Team Orange my size 10 and a half these,retailed for 140 on the 90 site feed it,came in this colorway and also came in a,white and red colorway I hope y'all was,able to get a parent some of y'all may,not have been a fan um but let me know,um I had oh yes sure I had to give me,some had consumer dump things is nice,may dump times nice mang dumb Dennis,Rodman man aka the one yeah anyway but,chairman kitty Armand air shake in the,stroke a little ashy you know they like,action so what looks now walking guys,off my sensi-button guys off the time,but you know I think they are super dope,man like I said the best part to me is,this is this right here how they got it,laced up you can lace them up on the,size um put on I'll be doing a review at,ease uh this week sometime so I'll be,dropping the video shortly I know y'all,waiting on that on foot on the Easter,colorway that I got I mean that's coming,to matter of fact I'm probably gonna,drop that video,Oh tomorrow I've just been real busy and,I kind of got tired up so but um here it,is man,you show y'all both the shoes and then,I'm gonna get up out of here cuz I only,got time to be doing which I like,I understand but anyway bang they go man,now of course the camera is making me,look more ashy than what they really are,they really are super duper dope I mean,they really not that ashy oh but you,know here they go man I look at that,right there,my arms are words we say if I can all,see let me just color right and it,better know anyway y'all get the picture,we're here they go man nike air shake,quick strike or nike air shake in the,stroke,I'm Dennis Rodman things man so tell me,man if y'all like these if down like,these if this is a cop or if this is a,no-no confi all please go to my channel,please like please subscribe and also,please don't forget that big Reena,ringing mailman this should boil okie to,sneaker free and I'm another child a,mini-me because I got to get back to the,beers Nighy you understand what I'm,saying remember a mind is a terrible,thing a positive man it's a terrible,pain wait till next time I'll be seeing,you,holla back

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