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'Joe Is Just So So Soft': Kit Connor & Joe Locke Answer The Internet | Heartstopperthat's what makes

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

'Joe Is Just So So Soft': Kit Connor & Joe Locke Answer The Internet | Heartstopper

that's what makes the show so  you know makes you go out so  ,oh we just we just get on so well don't we  ,hi my name is kit corner and i'm joe  locke and we are answering the internet,all right you pick out the first one okay,oh my god jennifer coolidge in that one video  ,hi how she says it i've been practicing  this wait do it again do it one more time  ,hi is that how she just sits i feel like  that's how she does it apparently so  ,it pans up from her dress do you know what's going  on i don't actually i can't lie i don't know this,hi i'm sorry i'm really sorry  but but if it's anything like  ,joe locking heart stopper then i  can understand exactly what it is  ,oh my god that would be a cameo wouldn't it that  would be a cameo what would she put alice totally,besties weight that's kit connor from rocketman  right that's that's me that's me from rocketman um  ,spelled my name wrong but i appreciate it either  way yeah i was in i was in rocket man and now i  ,am in heart stopper the thing is i think a lot of  people are shocked by that because i had a really  ,really serious baby face so um when i was in rocky  man i looked about 12 but i was actually about 15.  ,you know i would has he called you i'd love to say  alton called me um unfortunately i think he's very  ,busy um but he hasn't called i'm still waiting  you know my phone's always always open for for  ,a call from john why not i'm sure everyone's  turns open for a quarter mile yeah i guess so  ,been through heartstopper in the last 24 hours  and i loved it so much it's funny sweet and  ,incredibly heartwarming the cast are all great  especially joe locke and kit connor who have such  ,incredible chemistry just makes you go ah over  and over season two when question mark that's  ,the question i mean you know we do have extremely  good chemistry joe's great bounce off each other  ,no we we just it's just sparks flying all the  time and and that's the thing so that's what  ,that's what that's what makes the show so you know  it makes you go oh we just we just get on so well,exactly oh wow so this is i'm the profile picture  and the name is kit um but it says you're telling  ,me at the end of the day kick connor spell again  spelt wrong that is that's tough goes home knowing  ,he has had his lips locked with show lock and he  can sleep there's something strange about kissing  ,with like probably 20 people watching you yeah i  think it's a bit you know it's a clinical almost  ,yeah it's it's a bit strange but you know yeah  some choreographers i slept pretty well i think um  ,this was also april 22nd so they're released  so straight on there i want to be held the way  ,nick nelson holds charlie spring yeah i'm good  at holding things and holding people and that's  ,that's that's what i do so yeah there's a  lot of there's a lot i think because i was  ,like threatening to drop him and um and it's  because he was giving me a bit too much attitude  ,on that day and it was the last day and i just  felt like i could really you know i could i could  ,drop you in the sea right now and and they're  not going to fire me it's the last day so,kate does give her hugs bella or baby queen said  that i uh give some of the best hugs in the world  ,can we just talk about how talented kit connor  and joe lock are i mean they did it absolutely  ,amazingly uh and without a doubt they couldn't  find better nick and charlie we love them so much  ,thank you guys it's a lovely collage of pictures  from the comic yeah it's great thank you so so  ,much thank you really appreciate it it means a lot  um it was a whole lot of fun to film and so yeah  ,we're glad that people liked it there was there  was one person on twitter who just um tweeted  ,that they they used the video of um my character  coming out to his mum as a way to come out to  ,their parents and i found that that was like one  of the most sort of um biggest kind of pinch me  ,moments because i think that's exactly what we  really hoped would would come from the show um  ,and give people a sort of safe space and a sense  of confidence and comfort in themselves um and i  ,think that's you know that's an incredible thing  to be able to you know did i tell you that when we  ,were at the baptist of the day we told we bumped  into olivia and we told her about the tweet and  ,started living there you start crying by olivia  means olivia coleman as well first name basis,i listened to someone reviewing the show  yesterday and they were talking about how  ,after watching the little this  like melancholic feeling of  ,sadness not because the show is sad because they  didn't have this show when they were younger  ,does kit connor know how much nick nelson  means to all of us having a character with  ,such healthy bisexual representation and going  through that state of thinking you're broken  ,because you don't know what's going on i'm  going to cry again nick is so special to me  ,i think sweet that is that is beautiful  i

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Kali Uchis - Melting (Lyrics)

Kali Uchis - Melting (Lyrics)

hahaha,you are my church you are my place of,worship,the block cannot be the circuit,when I got caught I hope that you're the,burden,when you're around my hands I started,guarded,foreign,dreams,I pray that I can learn to be funny,I'm watching every stand-up comedy,is,everything,got some soft lips and some pearly,whites,okay,your eyes

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Softy Mahler: Up yours, Dibs!

Softy Mahler: Up yours, Dibs!

book me for this week softy or you're,the biggest coward in the Northwest yeah,yeah this week and shut every Seahawk,fan down down those 12s what's up well,you only I don't want to have anything,to do with that no you're doing about,four foot nine weighs about 110 pounds I,don't want anything to do with Ghibli,first of all don't wait Jamie from a guy,who lost about 100 pounds himself I'm,trying to slim down and secondly you,only book me when your beloved Seahawks,have even a a sniff of a chance to win a,game so I don't expect your call softy,by the way what's the name of your coach,there again I forgot I'm sorry yeah no,no ignore me,was that the guy that you were,complaining about or was that somebody,else,it was him softy now it got awkward,his job but he can't stand the people he,walks with I think you said that Kyle's,the worst producer you've ever had in,the radio industry and your co-host is a,d-bag and you wanted to know if I had,any advice for you so remember I just,told you just be a pro Dan that's all,you can do it feels it feels like you,think you're selling dibs out except for,we all know this we all know this,already,you know what I got I got no,consternation about this game on,Saturday whatsoever I mean you guys know,that right none,are the Seahawks even gonna show up or,will it just be a straight,congratulations I think that uh we're,not even supposed to be here I mean we,got Gino freaking Smith starting a,quarterback for us we've got two rookies,to tackle we got a rookie a corner we,got a rookie at outside linebacker we,got a rookie at uh running back we got,Pete Carroll's son coaching wide,receivers we're not even supposed to be,here we were supposed to win five games,and instead we're nine and eight were,the seven seed and we're coming to Santa,Clara and Levi's Stadium with nothing to,lose baby nothing yeah that's exactly,what I thought you'd say that's what,exactly and by the way this is a success,I don't care if we get beat by a hundred,it's a loser mentality well no you're,not wrong you're not wrong softy but if,if you would dial into your actual heart,of hearts for just a second yeah you,give them what kind of a chance the,Seahawks not ten percent I think the,only way they win this game is if it's a,low scoring game and Brock Purdy plays,like the seventh round draft pick that,he is finally makes a mistake in the,fourth quarter sack fumble scoop scored,touchdown Seahawks take the lead I was,thinking a lot about actually guys to be,honest with you that uh game that we,played down there on Thursday night in,2013. I think you guys got us like 19 to,16 or whatever the score was and Frank,Gore had that long touchdown run I could,see the same kind of game going on here,on on Saturday where I just don't think,the Hawks are going to have an easy time,moving the ball against that defense,this this football team in some ways at,least on defense reminds me of the 2013,team that played you guys in the NFC,championship and that you're led by your,defense obviously so but I mean the,Seahawks had a hard time scoring points,against the freaking Rams guys on Sunday,okay and the Rams gave up like a month,and a half ago so I I just don't see the,Hawks moving the ball see our defense,has got to step up they got to get after,purney they got to make his life,miserable take advantage of the crappy,weather and hope for a miracle in the,fourth quarter but I'm I'm telling you,and I know I know what you're up to and,I appreciate it that this is all gravy,from here on out for the Seahawks this,was a rebuild man they're not even,supposed to be here they were supposed,to be a seven and ten six and 11,football team and instead they bounced,right back up and they identified a,bunch of key pieces for the future so,it's all good man and how about this you,know how many times in Seattle sports,history the Mariners and Seahawks have,made the playoffs in the same year it's,never happened until now wow what's that,wow look how miserable we are no it's a,great run and it's something that you,can certainly bask in and uh the,Seahawks fate probably will be similar,to the Mariners fate but is your offense,on a milk carton softy what happened,well Gino Smith is starting to play like,Geno Smith I mean that really is the,issue go back and look at the first half,of the year when they were six and three,versus the back half of the year his,completion percentage as qbr passer,rating interception sex blah blah blah,everything has been dropping and a lot,of it has to do uh it runs parallel dibs,honestly where Kenny Walker's injury I,mean he was banged up for like a month,and a half and they just could not get,anything going in the ground game and,now all of a sudden in the last two,weeks granted they've played the Jets,and the freaking Rams so I don't know,how much you take from those games but,the running game is kind of back the,question is is it back because the,opponents stink or is it back because,they're back and we're gonna find

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Drunk Tweets, Rep. Fires Staffers

Drunk Tweets, Rep. Fires Staffers

congressman-elect larson was forced to fire to rehab is staff members because,they were treating inappropriate things on their personal twitter accounts now,usually i would be in favor of the staffers because whatever interpersonal,twitter account just because you're working in government doesn't he should,have people in your business all the time concept excludes art slash,hilarious and sell unprofessional that i completely sympathize,with representative rob activity you get someone to give you a couple of the,treats one of them is,andress second possibility friday test right now,living for today in the office,and then have stag ad,december to remember,hash tag workouts gets,okay so you know i don't work completely drunk,and and that is a treat from assets,uh... burrows who is out one of his assistants,one of his assistance out in the software,is that they fire okay i'm sorry i had him for his life to a bad i want to get,your twitter account alike i give your boss or your daughter down,but if you even if you're going to congressional office loaded what the,fact that was i supposed used up on,this is the liberating feeling like i a m although workers are from was a,problem,info,isn't it can this be assistance in type of things like this away,means star alliance systems an onslaught of the jury can write to me that you,take a left hand side of them over means that yeah i hear you indian first maybe,diseases that particular area as the senate the entire world but none of the,building roads and laptop,but uh... in the congressional office even if i put this away what else abbe i,disagree with you on that sweet i don't think he should be fired i think that,that wants a suspension because i don't think i'll see that is that the media,but the next one is a big deal,taxpayers i hope you don't mind that i'm watching youtube clips of your body at,my job thanks you're the best,the says that the,utilities uh... it could be house its,like you're saying on twitter in a public domain are placing thanks very,much with i said that was after you,started,details,i do i have one last week and this week definitely outboards getting fired,i really like d_c_ but i could have used another day away the silver lining is,that i don't have to deal with my idiot box opt,come on man,call call all birthday when you're set,at that,i fancy let me try to get five essay recent i think about what you are the,most laid back box on the planet ranch is a good and i think sometimes that,i have to ask you something,if somebody had called unity at on twitter,it's like a since nineteen eighty eight hundred would you buy,aunts,and just like i said from the truth,and things,seriously,like the disposal of the cosmic gate all the time,so despite what he does i believe that frank there was a bit,is like a legendary reasons to do it for,pocket but he doesn't need right,so if he meant haste,right,uh...,uh... if he meant by that he really meant a leg of my idiot box there was,somebody would be is but it was something i ate,without for such a little but but but but,on such a softy yasir native,there because i thought they were good why do you think that what what is it,that you think that we're doing wrong,this by it and we think would,well babies on the something we should change its but if it turns out right,he's an idiot like it is good for you know with,for consumers so that would lead to restore,the that updated is struggling in a fighter but he's still with but if he,has an interest in canada not markets this very simple hai deliverance,this is a good inflation like your conversation had what happens on,it was the guys substance fight for peace is your dot com,and,sleeveless visitor ip dot the oregon regulated

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Rycote "Super Softie" (2015 new version) review re-upload

Rycote "Super Softie" (2015 new version) review re-upload

last July I tested over on the tube,shooter mag channel and website this the,Rycote super softy it's a new generation,of microphone Windjammers designed to go,over a shotgun microphone and the idea,is that it would replace the traditional,furry Windjammer also made by Rycote i,think it's safe to say that Rycote are,pretty much the industry de facto,standard world renowned they know their,stuff and they've been making these for,years you'll have seen news crews using,these documentary crews using these but,anyway they decided enough was enough,they wanted a new one and they came out,with this which as you can see is,furless is not a cylindrical shape it's,more like a a weather balloon and it's,made of this stuff they call 3d Tech's,anyway to cut a long story short I,tested it against that and was rather,surprised when it didn't work that's,possibly exaggerating it's not that it,didn't work it didn't work as well as,the old traditional one now this was a,bit of a surprise because ricono their,stuff as I say they've been doing,Windjammers practically since the,invention of wind and I had a chat with,them and eventually they discovered that,they had had a manufacturing fault in,this particular size of the new super,softly which is the 18 centimeter with,the 19 to 22 millimeter hole and that,manufacturing fault meant that it wasn't,having as good a performance as it,should have now they have rectified that,so if you've bought one of these you,should be fine if you think you've got,one of the early ones and isn't,performing as well as you expected,Rycote are willing to have a little chat,with you and see whether you have in,fact got one of the Duff ones but it's,now 2015,and what Rikard have done is said AHA we,can improve on that so they've brought,out this one which is a revised version,of the super soft Ian as you can see the,shape has slightly changed the old one,looks like a wind of a weather balloon,this one if you turn it outside I think,is more like a Zeppelin so a slightly,different shape and this used to be the,shape on just the 12 centimeter the,short version but now apparently it is,this shape for all versions of the,supersoft it's made of the same stuff,this 3d Tex but the question still,remains does it work so in order to find,out I initially subjected this to the,lab test I took it to the test table I,pointed a fan at it and I started doing,all kind of measurements and so on and,then as luck would have it the weather,turned very blustery here in Kent so I,took this and I took this and I went up,to the top of Bluebell Hill and I did a,little test recording just to give you,an idea of how blustery it was here's a,recording of a naked microphone without,either of the wind jammers on it just so,you can get an idea now I took two,identical microphones up with me both,Sennheiser ME 66s on one I put this on,t'other I put this so here's what they,sound like and I will toggle between the,recordings so you can compare them one,to the other,now you might think that one of the,microphones perhaps had an unfair,advantage with the other windshield,providing an additional wind block to it,if the wind was blowing in that,direction,when I thought of that so I swapped them,round,now I know what you're probably thinking,and that is that the super softly came,off worth there that the wind noise was,louder on the super softy than it was on,the old one but I have to tell you your,ears may be deceiving you because if you,look at the meters and you look at the,waveform and in particular Sony Vegas,Pro which I use to edit has this set of,loudness meters which judge how loud a,sound is in terms of your ears acoustics,rather than simply how big the waveform,was when recording and it tells us that,the super soft heat was in fact quieter,the old softy was picking up some very,loud but very low-frequency rumbles from,the wind whereas the new super softly,was more acoustically transparent so it,was picking up the sound of the wind,whipping around and it really was,whipping around there where's the old,softy was simply muffling everything and,that becomes more apparent in the next,test as well because of course it's not,enough simply to reduce wind noise you,could put a microphone in a concrete,bunker and it would reduce wind noise,but it wouldn't make a very good,microphone so the question is how well,can they keep out the unwanted wind,noise whilst recording the sounds you,want and that's what this next test is,all about after a time she heard a,little pattering of feet in the distance,and she hastily dried her eyes to see,what was coming after a time she heard a,little pattering of feet in the distance,and she hastily dried her eyes to see,what was coming it was the White Rabbit,returning splendidly dressed with a pair,of white kid gloves in one hand and a,large fan in the other it was the White,Rabbit returning splendidly dressed with,a pair of white kid gloves in one hand,and a large fan in the other let me,think was I the s

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Kit Connor and Joe Locke Answer Burning Questions

Kit Connor and Joe Locke Answer Burning Questions

I couldn't stop crying, so they had to send me home.,That was quite embarrassing., What, are you nervous?, I don't know.,They all probably think I'm this, like, gay nerd., Well, you kind of are a gay nerd., Shut up, rugby lad!,HOST: Who is the most romantic couple on TV?, Ooh., Everyone knows that I absolutely adore Normal People,,so probably Connell and Marianne.,That's my power couple., I reckon I could have told you that., Well, maybe you should've. It would have helped, actually., I feel like it's hard to beat Nick and Charlie.,What can I say?,No one can beat us., Do you like me?, Wasn't that obvious?,HOST: What was your most embarrassing moment on set?, When I couldn't stop crying, so they had to send me home.,That was quite embarrassing.,It was for no reason.,No one had done anything.,I was just very tired, so I just couldn't stop crying,,and so they had to send me home.,- - It's OK.,I've got you., But I came in the next day, and I felt so much better., I'm fine.,It's honestly fine.,HOST: What movie do you watch to heal a broken heart?, I always say Notting Hill.,It's my comfort movie, and I just love it., Why wouldn't he?, I'd say Bridget Jones.,Any sadness I'm feeling, I'll just stick it on,,and I feel so much better., You like me just the way I am.,HOST: Heartstopper has been picked up for two more seasons.,What was your first reaction to the news?, I am completely and utterly over the moon about being,renewed for two more seasons., I'm so proud., Shut up., We thought we might get a Season 2,,but that's probably it., I'm not getting my hopes up, but I just,think maybe there's a chance.,JOE LOCKE: And then, we found out it was two in one.,I was driving to school when I got the text,,and I almost crashed my car.,I was like, what the--,like, it was very overwhelming.,HOST: Who'd you tell first?, I phoned my mum, and I just screamed.,But she was at work, and she was like, Joe, I can't talk.,And I was like, yeah, but this is important!, Exactly the same.,I called my mum, first things first.,It's the priorities.,Priorities are there., I want to tell the people who matter.,HOST: What movie would you like to remake together?, Ooh., That's quite a good question.,Ooh., I feel like an Indiana Jones-esque adventure movie., Ooh, OK.,Those people are trying to kill us!, I know that!, But like, it's like almost more of a comedy,because I feel like we would just--, Yeah, exactly.,Exactly, we'd just make it funny., Why are we like this?, I'd love to do some kind of, like,,gangster movie or something., That would be cool., Kit Connor and Joe Locke in Goodfellas.,Never rat on your friends,and always keep your mouth shut.,HOST: Your co-star, Yasmin Finney,,has been cast as Rose on Doctor Who.,Which one of you would make a better doctor?, I'll start.,I think Joe.,I think Joe would make a better doctor., Ooh., I bet you can do it., You know how every doctor's got, like,,their own sort of, like, style?,I think Joe could really do a really cool kind of doctor., Thanks, Kit.,That's very kind of you., That's what I would have done., If I'm going to be Doctor Who, you can be James Bond., Thank you. Fair enough.,I think that's a good trade., We all should get a chance.,HOST: Who's the bigger IMDb nerd?, It's definitely me.,It's 100% me.,I sent Kit his IMDb when he went up to, like, number six.,He was like, oh, I didn't even notice.,I was like, how do you not notice?,Have you not been checking your STARmeter every week?, My mum, she, like, runs my IMDb Pro account.,But even then, Joe told me I was quite high up on the list,before my mum did.,So I think it's got to be Joe.,

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How Many People To KILL A Huge MINOTAUR (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator)

How Many People To KILL A Huge MINOTAUR (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator)


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What It Takes To Be Mister Softee | Forbes

What It Takes To Be Mister Softee | Forbes

make your money and run that's the way I,call it I'm out here every day ten hours,a day seven days a week and just get it,done and just stay high it's so simple,sometimes silent chilled Jose how are,you everything good hey what's going on,my friend simple is that you Street your,customers right there we'll come back,here my friend everything go ahead,everything going man the scene I know my,made everything go to my father and my,uncle started the company in 1956 mr.,coffee brings delicious treats right to,your door I started driving a Mister,Softee truck when I was 16 and at one,point I owned five trucks of my own,before moving back into the company,itself located right now at 229 Street,at carpenter Avenue in the Bronx the,boogie down bronx you go to you go to my,Hatton a lot more money for a cone and,people say oh oh it's more money in that,but the guys in my hand get a lot of,tickets they always sit in on a hydrant,the truck behind me is going to go to,Lexington Kentucky business in Lexington,is going to be completely different than,say business in New York City and so,these people need to have the,flexibility to do what is right for,their market both in terms of product,and pricing I'm able mr. Softee for many,years this is my truck my franchise and,I'm happy very happy very happy to have,my own business being an entrepreneur I,was introduced to the business by my,brother-in-law the first time when I,went out in a 1960 truck I thought we,were not gonna make any money I thought,it this guy's gonna you know he's gonna,starve to death marrying my sister so I,was like ah let's go to work we went out,to work and we did pretty good money for,those days I was like wait a second we,went out the next day we did really good,money what's up wait a second let's buy,our truck so we bought a 1960 truck for,$12,000 and that's how I started,yesterday was a it was a 975 day example,not saying that it did why let's put it,into quotes so nobody knows my bill,supply was 100 150 hours our profit,margin is pretty high,we view our franchisees more like,partners I have a vested interest in,them being successful so like the young,young lady who's going to take this,truck to Kentucky I want her to be,successful because I wanted to buy you,like five more mr. Softee is is it's,become a tradition it's a New York City,tradition and generation from generation,from generations their kids bring their,kids their kids bring the other kids we,own the streets every day and,and they lovers

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