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5 Sneaker Accounts You MUST Follow FOR RESELLING (MAKE TONS OF $$$)yo what is good youtube alex here

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

5 Sneaker Accounts You MUST Follow FOR RESELLING (MAKE TONS OF $$$)

yo what is good youtube alex here back,with prescription kicks giving you a,daily dose,of streetwear news sneaker news and,everything else in between,man let's get into it today i'm gonna be,showing you guys the top,five best social media accounts to,follow,if you're getting into reselling these,five accounts are key,if you really want to get into this,resell stuff then you got to do the,research you can really,curate your feed to how you like it in,terms of social media and activity let's,start off with twitter,number one account to follow i don't,want to tune my own horn but,my personal page my twitter is heavily,heavily underrated man if you haven't,already follow my twitter at,kickscription,kicks prescription i believe it's one of,the best in terms of info why because i,give you,exactly what i do in my youtube videos,but in a condensed form,while i'm filming editing and really,pushing out content for you guys,to help you guys up your resale game you,know that stuff takes time i like to,have quality content,on twitter it literally can take me less,than a minute of my effort,to get that news out for you guys that,daily streetwear news or sneaker news,anytime i get any sort of,info on a super hype sneaker release i'm,gonna get it out to you guys,instantly on twitter if you turn on your,post notifications on top of that,you can't miss out on my jigs what,exactly are jigs jigs are certain,ways or bypasses to basically finesse,the system,think of a jig as a bypass or a hack,that's at the fault of the person,running that website,earlier this week i actually dropped a,free 50,fry jig okay if you don't know what fry,is i didn't know,before i looked into it basically the,website deals with selling,high high quality leather bags,shoes travel cases belts wallets you,name it okay and it's,it costs a pretty penny it's not nothing,cheap i actually found out a jig,where it was uh you can get free of 50,off any of your orders with a specific,code,this code it could be looped over and,over and over again and people,who turn on my post notifications they,were able to loop,that code and use it towards e-gift card,and like there were items worth like 500,plus on the store and people were,getting him for free okay,and i'm not even capping like check the,testimonials check all this feedback,right here like people just cooked out,guys,it's not a joke and on top of that i got,even other ways to make money a few,weeks back i had like an echo dot jig,uh where i got a handful of free echo,dots people looped that real quick and,actually got,100 to 200 in sold on the bulk,manufacturers,and people buying out electronics and,tech in bulk,and made thousands of dollars guys so,like it's free money on the table you,can't go wrong,if you have a twitter it's free i got,jigs free food codes,and of course the occasional giveaway to,give back to my people man i'm always,about,the community i feel like my account is,different from all these other accounts,i,will respond to you i will reply to your,dm's if you guys want to chop it up,about what you guys think is a good,investment if you guys are on the ropes,if you need help,with uh setting up or how to start off,reselling and all that,my dms are open you know i mean i'm not,like these bigger accounts that will,just ignore you,or just like not have time to even,answer your questions so,definitely take advantage of that hit me,up on there on twitter you know reply to,any of my releases what you guys think,this channel's for you guys you know,we're community and i just want to be,a different light in this community,because when i first started off i,didn't know what the i was doing,and i lost a lot of money,due to that fact you know but you live,and you learn you know what i mean you,pay to play,so i just want you guys to avoid that,though because it could easily,be avoided with just some simple,research and some searches and some,basic info so like i said man,follow me down below at kick description,so after that,little sponsorship moment i want to,segue into accounts that personally have,helped me i'm by no means,affiliated with these accounts so this,is this is genuine information i've used,these accounts to cook before,i just feel like this is my way of,giving back because they've helped me,make me money,so starting off follow at soul links on,twitter go links on twitter is key when,starting off,why is that well because most of their,tweets are either discounted products or,links you're looking for,sweet personals or a shoe that you've,been on a fence and getting,a lot of runners a lot of nike a lot of,adidas any name brand stuff,they usually will have a link to it with,a huge discount,i'm talking up to like 50 to 80 off you,do want to use them,for personal shoes but most importantly,they post,early links on dropday the list of early,links is really helpful to navigate,through if you're on a desktop you can,easily click through all of them and see,which website you get in first be wary,though

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foreign,yo what's going on with you YouTube,jumping Christian we're coming back at,y'all with another video If you guys,haven't seen we're here we're here back,at Sneaker Kong guys I swear I feel like,I haven't been back to sneer Con in a,long time like my last year come last,year it might have been Fort Lauderdale,because we're here in Fort Lauderdale,syracon in 2023 Happy New Year's first,event of the year so we had to come back,back at steer con guys it feels it feels,so good to be back at a steering it,really does like it's hey I got number,love for circon I owe circon alive,they've been very helpful with my career,and whatever I've done so I've always,appreciate Sierra Khan and circon is,always a good vibe to come out it is the,New Year's 2023 this is the first event,of the year,I don't know exactly what we're gonna be,doing today hopefully we see some early,heat might do some cash out we'll be,vibing today we're just gonna be,chilling out today you know just hanging,out all right so for today fifth guys,what we got on today we have to rock the,Spider-Man joints today you know what's,up Spiderman joins to Chicago these are,the first ones that came out and make,sure you guys get on that drip grip,using my discount code JMK 10. save you,guys a little bit of money you guys,already know that the new Spider-Mans,are coming out later this year that not,a lot of people are that excited about,but I am anyways hey check out the socks,Taylor cargo pants shouts to Black,Taylor use my discount code Chris 10 and,also we got the Spidey t-shirt here,actually the Venom so that's the fit,today at Sierra Khan let's get it guys,not exactly sure what I'm gonna be doing,today guys we're gonna do that maybe do,some cash outs maybe see some early heat,I don't know what we're gonna be doing,today we're gonna be vibing out at,Sierra Khan it's just been a long time,coming back to Zircon so I'm excited,guys so let's get get it what you got,here tops shelf gear early aquifies,early we got them all early,Lobster special you got my size these,are clean though,they nice overall nine nine out of ten,you like them better in the sixes last,year hell yeah one thousand percent,These are nice all right so here we guys,have it these are coming out later this,year and these are the unc5 joints,coming out my man top shelf gear got all,the all of them just don't got my size,for whatever reason just call me soon,though I don't lose face I need these,though I need these no these are,actually pretty nice man it's like,nubuck right here,all that that,UNC uh blue throughout,you know those are all UNC blue shoe you,know I mean like it's it's loud about,this like they always do yeah a lot of,people complain about that little,College tag,um every time exactly I I would too I,kind of wish it had like the Jumpman in,the back or something jump in or Nike,Nike has been real real nice but this,anything but that man I know that's the,only part that it kind of but these are,nice though like get them I'm I'm I,really want these I got the threes I got,the fours,um the sixes last year he's okay too is,this a all women shoe uh no it's a men's,Aqua uh,I don't know I just don't think a lot of,people really be feeling fast like that,though like I like them it's a classic,yeah they'll come out to April they push,the back actually they push these back,they push it back to April which one uh,Aqua fives what about these these come,on Mars right yeah March Madness that's,why they do it they gonna go crazy,everybody's gonna everybody's gonna want,it it's gonna chill out they're gonna,want it they're probably gonna go like,crazy amount of money you've seen,probably like I say,decent amount it's a five I think,they'll do better than six so we got an,early look at supposedly supposed to be,the last Travis Scott Air Jordan one low,it is the Olive joint here it looks,pretty close to like the reverse smoke,that we have this one,just do a comparison all right thank you,sorry thank you Dave,preparation which one you like better,jump uh yeah Yep this is the last one,it's a women's shoe it's probably worth,something at least at least for bigger,sizes but yeah,got that Travis Scott that you know look,like there's some new logos in here why,is the same SOS 23 get the new Travis,Scott Cactus Jack logo inside,Olive even though it's I mean it's it's,a clean pair it's a clean shoe you don't,have them they're probably gonna be you,know worth a decent amount I don't think,they'd be worth more than reverse,hey Ross check it out the olive joints,but um,the best table in the show for real um I,sold up here for 450 450. so these are,gonna be the new slides yeah is that,what it is no they're not releasing yeah,they're not really supposed to be a,Kanye yeah,Roscoe are they gonna release these no,what so what are they doing there's too,many errors they couldn't get this this,thing kept breaking what we canceled it,yeah so these are canceled yeah wow Ross,wouldn't know it's crazy what about the,

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WTF I Cant believe I Got These For Retail!! MY FIRST SNEAKER PICK OF 2023!!

WTF I Cant believe I Got These For Retail!! MY FIRST SNEAKER PICK OF 2023!!

we know they're bringing this back,because of the popularity of the panda,down do not please do not call these the,panda Jordan Ones warning we will make,fun of you if you do that well guys New,Year same habits did not take me long to,get my first sneaker pickup of 2023. in,fact I literally bought these the first,day of the year the morning I woke up I,saw that these dropped and I had to pick,up two pairs I'm super excited so let's,open these up,all right so these right here these are,the 1906 R first pickup of the Year,being a new balance,didn't expect that,all right this is probably probably the,most popular colorway just because it,resembles the 2002 R protection pack as,you guys can see very same style where,they have like the rip suede throughout,the whole shoe you guys know shoe I'm,talking about right the one from like,two years ago that like restocked a,couple times last year they did that,same style on another silhouette the 160,1906 D sorry guys I'm new to New Balance,so I don't know all the models yet the,second colorway might not be as popular,as the first one I wanted something a,little bit different and we got these,right there oh okay these are way better,in person than I that I thought they,were gonna be I don't have any shoes,that just have a black midsole with a,light upper so I wanted to try these out,I even like right here where this lace,lock goes into the end from the New,Balance logo I think that's a little,cool hit look at this suede bro that,furry shaved suede throughout the shoe,nice little mesh on the toe look at,these they fit so perfect beautiful now,these aren't like Ultra boost,comfortable like I'm not gonna see him,be like oh it's the most comfortable,shoe I've ever put on my feet but,they're great I mean if you've had a,pair of New Balances you know that New,Balance you know obviously it's a,running shoe brand so they're gonna make,their shoes really comfortable and I,could see myself wearing these all day,like this is a great all-day shoe I rock,with these for sneaker pickup of the,Year 1906 d,I got the name right so we're starting,the year off obviously we just got our,first sneaker pickup but we also got a,huge package from the Richie Lee,collection and I'm going to show you,guys everything they sent me because,they literally sent me the entire,collection that's dropping this weekend,but before we get to that I want to let,you guys know what else is going to be,in this video because after I show you,guys all this clothing I want to give,you guys a little update on what I got,planned moving forward here in 2023 and,I'm gonna show you guys a new segment,that I'm going to be doing here on crew,TV where me and Mina sit down and we,discuss upcoming releases we just,recently saw the new Jordan spring,lineup so me and Mina discussed what our,favorites are what we don't like what we,do like all the little things but yeah,we'll get to that point but as I,mentioned Richie Lee and his company the,rich Elite collection sent me their,newest drop that's dropping this,Saturday and let me tell you guys if you,follow me on IG you know that I rock the,Richie Lee collection heavy and I'm not,just saying this because he's the homie,genuinely love their products they're,perfect they're simple wearable,comfortable like it's everything that I,need in my life when it comes to,clothing right now because I'm not like,how I was a few years ago where I'm,wearing Supreme box logo this babe camo,that like don't get me wrong I'll pull,out some streetwear here and there but I,really just like a simple clean fit,these days so yeah I want to show you,guys some of the pieces they sent over,because they sent over everything like I,said and again all this will be,available on their website I,will leave the link down below and also,follow them on Instagram and that's,where they give you guys all the updates,on what's dropping upcoming releases,inventory restocks like everything first,off we gotta start out with this hoodie,right here it is a all black hoodie but,as you can see it's got a fade to it,which I absolutely love because it gives,it somewhat of a vintage Vibe obviously,that is very popular these days so I,definitely rock with it it's comfortable,it's got like that loose fit and I think,even got it in another color right here,the beige with that fade too so super,super dope there was also matching pants,to this which I did not even know I,think it's yeah it's this one right here,so as you guys can see they did,sweatpants that have that same Fade to,it so if you want to wear a full set you,could definitely pull that off and have,that cozy comfy sweatpant Vibe so the,denim we got right here from the new,collection we got two versions We got,this faded one with the ribs and we also,got this one right here now this one,looks like I was working in a wood shop,or something like that but I absolutely,love this color I just love the fit of,the Richie Lee pants it's the perfect,fit I'll throw up a

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is there,these already under the bat hey man we,can call these the scarecrows right here,man,what are these,whoo so sneaker regrets that we uh,recently purchased you know this is,gonna be a forever ongoing thing as we,you know created Five sneakers this is,our fifth our fifth tenth video might be,my content you know we look at this as a,therapy session,who wants to go first let's go first all,right what do you got because I'm kind,of excited just to kind of let it off I,know that box Jordan once Jordan one,Lowe's man I think in a recent house of,hype I almost call these to shoot a year,oh God damn Zion voodoo's man A lot of,people are kind of feeling these,actually I've seen a lot of people uh,copies I want to throw the voodoo on,them okay because at the end of the day,you know that that goes into count too,much in the threes my brother three I,think it's what you paid that pissed you,off more than actually the shoot that,actually does dictate like is it is it,the shoe and like not being able to like,well get a fit off or what is it okay,not only are online photos way better,you know when you see them in hand,everything just looks so dull I'm not a,fan of the gun battles you know me,gumball you don't like gun bottoms I,don't like gum bottoms yeah that's such,a bummer to hear dude I don't have,anything in my wardrobe that could,actually like work with this shoe the,details is there I like the details the,upside down Jordan symbol the the jewel,reverse which I like that see those,details all those details is what he was,selling me on when he would send me,these pictures look at these on foot,these are fires those are boots four,boots,been all over them,where did Lord boots if you guys don't,know Lord boots is the evolution of tone,Jones from exactly Tom Jones came up,with little fire freestyles you know,what I had to it was time to evolve yeah,even with tunnel Jones it's because you,like the tone of wheat yeah and neutral,colors and just exactly I'm saying this,shoe right here might be Yoshi these,really go for three no not anymore,that's the big one when the price goes,down,that's part of the regret I could have,waited like one week and it could have,been I could have 250. you're good at,like kind of giving a lot of gr's a,chance though you know Ryan my brother,yeah sometimes you're gonna have some,misses it's all good you know lately,though man I've been hidden that's why,I'm kind of sad but that's enough about,me man who else wants to go next,that's a big ass box I got a little,backstory so um you know with winner,here and everything I kind of wanted to,try some you know like Red Wing boot,type Vibes oh Lord let me see I always,like some Red Wing boots and then I,always saw Luigi from rude okay sample,These Boots Are they I'm not fully fully,uh on the regret train I'm on my way I'm,on the way yeah Brant I don't even know,what okay for when you had to cover,enough so I saw these right and then I,was like you can't even find these uh,These Boots anywhere and I randomly,looked on grabs it was like 5 a.m I,randomly I couldn't sleep randomly,looked I put rude combat boots and this,guy had him and he was like literally,saying you cannot find he made like 10,pairs of these toys you know what's,hella funny about something it's meant,to be you wanna tell a funny about the,story this reminds me of your last,regret story which is the Solomons you,saw that kid,you're like oh I'm getting it and then,look what happened,man but here they are Imagine them,covered up maybe covered up and uh,he's there,these already out of the bat hey man we,can call these the scarecrows right here,man,what are these I see what you mean they,were covered because I did not expect it,to be obviously no one go away,this is damn near cover your calf rich I,don't know what you were thinking did,you not learn anything when you got,those Yeezy 900s,do you guys see the Red Wing Vibe though,do you wear these down it's not a condom,yeah you don't just fold them over oh my,goodness so me is this a this is not,even regret is this a regret though huge,regret my good how much you pay uh 250,250.00 oh my goodness retail what okay,retail was 900. I got them from the guy,for 250. does it not make you question,why he's selling for 250. uh he said he,couldn't fit him more he felt he,couldn't sell them,but Rich my brother,that's just what it is and uh you know,when when you when you try to step out,the box a little bit you go have some,regrets and it's all good oh my God it's,all good so these will be for sale what,is the next plan for these because I'm,just putting them up right now that you,know that there's two holes left and,it's still have a long time,yeah that's when you uh see someone in,the Amazon and you gonna strangle them,yeah man in the day you whip someone's,could always use an extra rope I'm so,confused looking at these Bros all right,man that's my regret I'll stick by it I,you know I tried this I was gonna say,I'll give you epic for trying becau

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look man,i want everyone to be very very careful,and be careful about these scams,yo what's going on with your youtube,drumming chris here we come back,at y'all with another vid what we have,here today,a little bit of an information video and,a little,information that i kind of came into you,know kind of came to me,caught my attention i've been meaning to,make this video for a while now because,you know with 2020 been going on the,pandemic,everything and i talked about this too,my video that's kind of reminding me i,was like yo,with all these scams and finessing and,stuff it's been,on a whole nother level especially in,2020 you know i get it everybody's at,work trying to people it's not working,you know it's,it's whatever but still no one should be,scamming no one should feel like they,got god and i hate to see that,and that's what i'm here to help you,guys out because actually,i recently got god i got scammed early,this year you know,i had my guard down i didn't really,think of it it didn't go through all my,you know,didn't follow my gut you know but it's,all good i'm i'm here to help out and i,hope no one else gets scammed because,a lot of people hit me up all the time,in ig my dm so yo we think about this,page is it legit or is this page is it,legit,this so on and so forth so so i just,want everyone to be careful because,with these local ones coming out,everyone's really hyped about these,things,and there's gonna be a lot of finessing,going on especially on the interwebs you,know with ig and everything like that,and i know it's gonna be a lot of,thirsty people out there it's like hey,this is gonna be easy way out,i want to just go ahead and grab them,pay my money and think you're good to go,and then next you know they block you,and then you,out of money so it kind of sucks ig scam,right now that i've been hearing a lot,about i'm sure some people it's like,these,pages that act like their stores or,something like that uh you know they act,like they're a sneaker boutique they get,pairs and stuff like that yo dms for a,pair place your order we'll give you an,order or one scam i actually heard of as,well is like these,raffles that they're saying like yo dms,to enter in the raffle and then they'll,hit you like hey you won the raffle,and make sure you pay us and there's a,little bit of steps,and kind of things that gives you the,heebie jeebies if it's legit or not,and here trying to help you guys out man,shout out to my boy johnny nguyen man,because he hit me up and he recently got,scammed and he was like yo what do you,think is this,is this a scam or so on so forth well,actually he actually hit me up saying,like yo,if you want to enter in for these um,want to enter in for these like i,believe,civil civilized civil dunks are,available,at so and so shop for 200 i just copped,a pair they're worth like a thousand,dollars on stockx i was like no way well,it kind of seems,sus you know what i mean so i hit them,up myself,personally i said hey civil dunks,available,they said what size do you need to order,have very limited sizes oh no,to check our handy-dandy system anyways,the,total order is plus shipping is 200,i was like cool man 200 for some dunks,man is going for a thousand,i'll do that all day every day but,here's the tricky part i said how's the,payment and i need a side nine and a,half is it okay,we do have that pair available would you,be looking to make an,order i said yes they said we accept,payment through,apple pay or cash out which one do you,prefer,that right there gave me like the whole,like,why does the sneaker boutiques asking,for cash app or apple pay first of all,that seems very,unprofessional i have won a raffle,before by,uh oneness it's another local sneaker,boutique and when i want a raffle they,usually send me an email they send me,invoice and i pay by via credit card or,something like that that's,100 legit to me you know especially if i,can pay,that way i want to pay through what's it,called like paypal and they was like,we can't do a paypal invoice they said,no we do not,pay we do not accept paypal due to the,fact that the account has been,hacked and we lost oh boohoo well,probably because you've been hacked,because you've been scamming people,that's what's been going on,that just seemed really sus and then i,was like nah i'm not i'm not gonna do it,man so,so i checked out the page all right the,page seemed somewhat kind of,legit you know i got 13k followers not,following anybody,and you know it says on here on the side,new revival dailies quickly respond,24-hour team,express two-day shipping and a secure,payment only and they accept returns oh,do they,um you know looking through the pictures,and stuff like that i was kind of like,this seems pretty sus,i said they got 13k followers uh and,they only have like 50 likes or,something like that and most of the,people that i like that i saw was,basically,like it didn't seem legit all the people,that liked their photos it didn't seem,legit it just l

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The Most HYPED Sneaker Releases In 2023 !

The Most HYPED Sneaker Releases In 2023 !

welcome back everybody today we'll be,discussing the most type sneakers for,2023 along with whether they will be,profitable or not or they may even sit,on shelves resulting in a sale price if,you haven't already feel free to check,out my video on the most hype Jordans of,2023 as this video will focus on,non-jordans since all these releases are,too far out to gauge demand properly,like we normally do I'll solely be,basing most of these off a prior release,with some correlations as usual I'll,have more precise predictions for each,one of these as we do approach the,release date to preface this if you guys,enjoy these types of videos regarding,the market reselling and even info on,how to acquire these limited products be,sure to subscribe and enable us,notifications this is where you're,always 100 updated furthermore for more,urgent updates like shout drops or site,lists follow my Twitter Keith adam10 and,also personals for you this way you're,always in the loop 24 7 whenever there's,a restock or shock truck for early,information before these shock drops,actually occur though make sure to,follow endurance for updates on the next,restock or key giveaways before getting,into some with dates first something,that I'm sure everyone is extremely,excited for is the off-white Air Force,One Paris which will be coming in Gray,the picture you see is just a mock-up,though you guys may recall we discussed,these a few months ago these are set to,drop sometime in early 2023 for a,hundred and fifty dollars as of now,they're apparently Paris exclusive but,considering these will be extremely,profitable with an incredible margin of,course they will be worth free shipping,I'll keep you guys updated as more info,comes out of course because even if you,don't want to reship the off-white drop,on their website should ship worldwide,and if you recall that green Air Force,One off white truck was a big cookout at,least for endurance and gargantuan users,thanks to our bypass so of course I'm,going to keep you guys updated on it,moving on starting with some dates on,January 3rd today we were supposed to be,seeing the dunk low reverse Brazil drop,for 110 however it does appear that,these are going to be delayed until,later in January whenever they do drop I,would expect these to be profitable with,a subpart decent margin then on January,5th for Europe while the U.S state,should be sometime later in January for,120 dollars in men and 90 in grade,school the dunk low plaid should be,dropping I could certainly see a lot of,demand deriving from female buyers for,these so the grade school might be,profitable with a decent a good margin,and as usual large sizes should do okay,at least for these so maybe some,potential for Brick profit with the poor,margin on those then potentially on the,7th for 200 we may be seeing the LeBron,7 fam you drop like most recent LeBrons,I'd expect these to just be personals,then potentially on the 14th for 130 or,more the SB dunk High pawn shop will be,dropping while these are SBS and they,are a collaboration I wouldn't expect,this particular colorway to Garner a ton,of demand nonetheless I am still,expecting potential for lunch money with,a subpar margin at least on large sizes,10 and up then on the 15th for 120 the,dunk low Sesame Bagel should be dropping,some of these sizes are already close to,or under retail so I wouldn't expect,much from these at best perhaps some,brick profit with a poor margin on sizes,11 and up if you have no tax then on the,19th and also many more times throughout,the remainder of 2023 we'll be seeing,restocks for all of the panda dunks all,of the dunk low pandas the men women in,grade school should continue to be,profitable with a good margin and the,highs should remain to be just personals,while the stock is huge and keeps,growing the demand also still has been,holding up moving on to February,potentially as early as the first for,185 dollars the off-white Air Force One,mid in Pine Greenwood dropping it seems,like there is pretty solid demand for,these at least as of now so I'd expect,these to be at least profitable with a,good margin but nothing too crazy then,sometime in February with no date the,dunk low Valentine's Day should be,dropping for 120 dollars I can certainly,see both large sizes and even very small,size performing well enough for,profitability with a decent margin on,these and potentially still lunch money,with the poor margin on some of the,middle sizes moving on to march on the,third the Air Max 97 gold will be,returning considering last time these,dropped they did brick and even some,sizes now are selling pretty close to,retail for the old pair I'd have to say,personal only for these in fact you,might even be able to grab these four,Below Retail if you're patient also,sometime in March for 120 dollars the,dunk low ATL will be dropping I can see,these being profitable with a subpart,the decent margin at least on the larger,sizes and potential for lunch money with,a poor m

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The BEST Sneaker Releases In JANUARY 2023 !

The BEST Sneaker Releases In JANUARY 2023 !

December is soon coming to a close with,that comes January today we'll be,discussing sneakers to resell in the,month of January if you're not into,reselling that is okay as well you could,use this guide to know what are going to,be the most hype sneakers the most,limited or even what popular General,releases May potentially go on sale,because hey we're all trying to save,some money specifically we'll be,discussing the name of the sneaker the,retail the release date and whether the,sneaker will be profitable or not or if,they may even sit on shelves resulting,in a sale price be sure to subscribe and,enable post notifications this way,you're always 100 updated all these,profitable releases also be sure to,follow my Twitter for Urgent updates and,info Keith adam10 and also personals for,you such as the recent shock drops and,exclusive access we have seen and for,early information before these drops,actually occur make sure to follow,endurance kicking it off with January,1st for 240 dollars the Foamposite One,dream world will be dropping like most,recent Foamposites I'd have to say,personal only in fact you should be able,to find these for Below Retail in the,secondary Market or on sale if you do,want a personal however this shoe is,actually pretty interesting features a,quote from the Roman philosopher and,stoic Seneca success happens when,preparation meets opportunity this,summer I actually was reading some of,his letters to Nero so definitely a,really cool concept but unfortunately,still Bricks now we have a ton of drops,this month and unfortunately we're,probably gonna take some Alice,consequently I've been looking for,healthy ways to take out my frustration,and I think I found the solution,introducing rage Shadow Legends it's,available on both mobile and PCs I mean,just look at the weapons you could use,after taking L's on some Travis Scott's,there's tons of awesome bosses to take,on which personally I like to pretend,are Timmy's you could head to the,Dungeons and face off against deadly,bosses conquer its awesome campaign and,well you get the picture and in fact,raid has prepared something special for,all new players this Christmas get ready,to celebrate the 12 days of raid,download raid Shadow legends from the,link below and copy your player ID from,in-game and then go to, enter your,player ID and then set out on a fun,festive Adventure that lasts 12 Days,running until January 10th each day,experience a new chapter of this wintry,story and play a new minigame for a,chance to win some amazing in-game and,real-life prizes including holiday,themed raid Champions and even Amazon,gift cards worth up to a thousand,dollars for existing raid players head,to 12 days of where,you could find a special holiday promo,code that everyone could use for a small,festive gift and this month they've,released a legendary champion based off,MMA and pro wrestling Legend Ronda,Rousey you can get Rhonda for free right,now by logging into raid and playing for,seven days between now and February 28th,use a special promo code raid Ronda to,get a bunch of helpful stuff perfect for,leveling her up but there's more new,players use my link or scan the QR code,right here and get a free starter pack,with this cool in-game loot you will,find your rewards here in your inbox for,the next 30 days only then potentially,as early as the second for foot sites,but more likely on the third for other,websites we should be seeing the dunk,low reverse Brazil drop for 110 dollars,there does appear to be some decent,Demand on these hence I would expect,large size to be profitable with a,decent margin and even other sizes to,still hold up for lunch money with a,poor to subpar margin also potentially,on the second for 120 dollars we may see,the dunk High psychic purple in Black,drop I say potentially since only the,finish line and JD calendar have them,loaded so they might get pushed back a,little bit despite many dunk highs,breaking I do believe large sizes do,have some potential for lunch money with,a port to subpar margin considering how,the white pair of these performed I'd,expect these to perform worse but still,potential for some lunch money at least,on the larger sizes moving on to the,fourth for 120 the dunk low Mars Stone,will be dropping unfortunately pre-sale,is already around retail for these so,I'd have to say personal only then on,the fifth for 120 the dunk low tart and,plaid will be dropping I would expect,large size to be profitable with a,decent margin but I also think the very,small sizes might have solid potential,for profitable ability as well,particularly because I could see high,demand deriving from these from girls,considering they match the typical,pajama pants all it really takes is one,viral Tick Tock but that's of course a,bold prediction we'll see about that,also the US date for these might be,delayed a bit so I'll keep you updated,on the same day the Air Force One,version of these sho

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welcome back to kicking it with the cool,man we got a real legend a real legend,in the building today young Tick Tock my,brother what's good fam how you doing,been a long time yep you're you're yo,this guy's a big sneaker head he had to,pull up do some sneaker shopping but uh,before we get things going like show me,what's going on with the outfit got a,legend in the building show us the,outfit man what you got first of all,zoom into this little eliante they got,the little Bridge legend in the building,it's all got the gold Drake gifted OVO,owl you got you got a track with Drake,coming out,it's coming okay,young Tick Tock you know got some,amiri's right here stack back 10K rack,and you know got the unreleased bruh how,many sneakers you got in your collection,a million so you see your Sneakerhead oh,you don't sneakers you see the chain,legend in the building y'all legend in,the building hey what size are you nine,and a half to eleven nine and a half to,eleven uh pull some out for this Legend,oh got these yeah what what's these,called these the ebays right eBay yeah,yeah I think these the eBay Donuts what,type of shoes you at you like dunks you,like you like Air Forces Jordans you,know we got some designers,baby blues I probably have a couple you,got a couple they got a couple of these,you got everything man you got a legend,in the building got every shoe possible,hey drip down bus you probably got more,shoes than cool cakes these are size,nine analyze the patent leather analyze,that right there you see that analog,yeah analyze it got legend in the,building so you gotta analyze it you,know what I'm saying,they inspired by Travis probably but you,know you popping off right now so what,what words of advice would you give to,any up and coming rappers out there in,order to go forward,you gotta move two steps yeah vandalize,it analyze it legend in the building oh,no no I got the Travis sent me them,specifically the OG specifically got I,got these yeah these are the uh the,Jordan Ones the highs yeah legend in the,bed lows and lows legend in the building,all right you know what you know what we,gonna do for you man,you make a shot,fifty percent,all right I get a little bit let's go,let's go Aliante hey he was making me,feel feel certain type of way I had to,bust out the cool kicks chain you know,what I'm saying yeah all right this is,what we're gonna do for you all right,you make a shot 50 off the store all,right let's see if you're a Hooper,hey another try nothing yeah,legend in the building make noise,if you want,you good yeah let's just let's just keep,it going bro let's go skip the bat we'll,cut this part out like these dishes came,out yeah I like it about these the,eights the red eights I think these are,elevens,got the new dogs,three,all right well what you try to pick up,today man I know you're a sneak ahead so,legend in the building I'm trying to do,something different this time you know a,little Tick Tock come in the building we,see what we're doing I'll try to sell,some shoes what so I got I want to do,something different I just sell some,shoes you want to sell sell some so you,guys be buying selling almost Celsius,yeah first time right here at cool cakes,you want to sell some shoes all right,I'm gonna connect you with my boy Romney,he gonna take care of you real quick all,right Robin this is my boy right here,young Tick Tock he wants to sell some,shoes what's up bro,Travis sent me the exclusive Travis sent,him personal from his closet so what you,what are we working fine man half cents,yeah he tapped in man the next one is it,up and coming you know me yeah I haven't,I feel like I've heard I might have,heard you Manny what song have you shot,her respect on my name what's taking my,name,you know,yeah,what,no good I'm sorry come on man put,respect on my name Travis sent me no,it's not just no put I got Eliana,to drip 10 racks of Miles,authentic come on man I'm sorry no Tick,Tock you don't do that I'm not gonna buy,a paper these are real come on,hey yo man why don't people keep tagging,me on social media people keep tagging,me like wait dude bro bro,that's just you bro bro no we're,security here bro what's going on,security,yeah man,yeah they treat us dirty man but if you,could grab it you could have it Melrose,hell no I kept the chain though let's go,hey let's go come on

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