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I'll Be Blown For ChristmasI dare you to bite that bottle!,I dare you to wear this in public!,WHAT A


Updated on Jan 31,2023

I'll Be Blown For Christmas

I dare you to bite that bottle!,I dare you to wear this in public!,WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?!,Hey guys, ready for Christmas?,Not yet, I'm busy humiliating this guy with dares,Your skirt is falling,S-SHUT UP!!,Can I play too? Can I?!,Ehh... Sure?,I dare you to... To...!,I dare you to play this whistle!!,Blow it! Blow it! Blow it!,OKAT THAT'S IT!!,See that blind guy? Act like his son!,Wh-- Hey! That's kind of messed up man...,Huh? You don't wanna do it?,Ahh! I'm Xingren, I'm scared of blind guys, they gimme me anxiety!,Can we play with dolls? Oh no, I poop my diaper!,Hey, excuse me... Umm... Dad?,Son? You're finally back!,What?!,Oh son, I'm so glad you came to visit, I prepared something special for you, just you wait for me-- ,Shoot! I broke my ancient relic,Why don't you just leave already?,I can't leave this poor old man alone, this is your fault!,You are wasting my time man, come back and finish the game!,Shoo! Go and play with your box or something,Ah, great! Now I don't have anything to do!,How so?! Remember I'm still here!,I dare you to blow it!,This is not gonna work...,I'm finally here! After years of looking for this house, there is a bunch of homeless people outside...,Maybe it was a bad idea to visit my dad after all these years...,Dad? Then why don't you go inside?,We got separated since I was a kid so I don't have much memories with him... I'm practically a stranger...,I see, we need to get proof that you're his lost son...,Xigua, why don't you teleport us to places that help him to remember experiences?,No way, I'm outta here! ,Don't you want help reunite a lost family?,No!,THEN I DARE YOU TO DO IT!!,ZHONGZI!,Hiya!,Teleport us to the carnival!,Okie!,Okay so, did you two ever play here?,Honestly I've never been in a carnival,Oh! What if we go to the river?,Fine!,DID YOU EVER ROW COUNTERCURRENT?!,I'm scared of water!,I SUPPOSE YOU'VE BEEN TO THE VOLCANO AT LEAST ONCE!,I CAN'T HEAR YOU!,WHAT ABOUT PARACHUTING?!,HELP! I'M FALLING!,Damn it! This people don't have any memories together!,Sorry girls, but I never did any of that with him... He's blind remember?,I'm exausted and we couldn't even get a clue!,Yeah, and all we have is this whistle...,Hey, I remember these,My dad used to buy me one all the time when I was a child,SON?!,Dad?,Son, I recognize that sound anywhere, you are my son!,Yes dad, I'm finally back!,Come inside, I have something for--,Oh, darn it! I broke my other ancient relic,Well, who's gonna take my next challenge?,I pass...

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Minecraft Animation Is Sickening.

Minecraft Animation Is Sickening.

this peaceful sleeping beauty is me hi,my name is marina,all right audience today we're gonna be,checking out some minecraft roleplay i,feel like this is a long-awaited series,on my channel and i already know you,guys are gonna love this series anyways,i don't know about you but i'm,definitely a man that loves romance i,love romance stories all right some fan,fictions you know i'm about that kind of,thing i like romance so i think why,wouldn't i love minecraft romance,roleplay moving in with guys enchanted,kiss season 1 episode 1 minecraft,roleplay,this peaceful sleeping beauty is me hi,my name is marina and this clip was,taken moments before disaster struck oh,no baby what happened moments before,disaster struck did our favorite bryant,marlin bring you back to his dungeon and,started buggering your cupcake did your,stepbrother come into your bedroom and,give you some sugar before you decided,to rise and shine i mean if it was your,step brother i already know something,else that was rising and shining,three,two and,one,diana you better have a good reason for,calling me this early in the morning,whoa,calm down marina i was just trying to,give you a good morning phone call to,wake you up on the big day,you do remember today is moving day,right oh no audience our main characters,are having to move out of town into a,place that they've never been to before,they're gonna have to move out of town,into a an apartment with a,bunch of men a bunch of boys too this,legit sounds like the classic college,girl story oh my gosh did you not hear,the big day today oh my gosh what's the,big day patricia it's moving day silly,puss wait so that means i get to move in,with a bunch of men and i become a sperm,bank sign me up,remind me to never stay up reading,webtoon stories again,it might have slipped my mind hey man i,can agree in this situation i don't know,if any of you guys watch webtoon but man,sometimes it can get pretty addictive,you know there's just a story you're,reading or you're watching whatever you,like to call it and bro when the story,gets spicy it is getting spicy and you,just gotta see it to the end but yeah,audience on a side note do this acting,this voice acting so bad like you know,normal acting is already a little,difficult right so i would assume that,voice acting is a little bit you know,more simple because you can go ahead and,just do whatever you want with your,hands you know you can be pretty,flexible with how you sound in your,voice but dude do you really have to be,that dramatic like oh totally i stayed,up all night watching webtoons the way,that todd gave jennifer the hickey on,her birthday okay that was hot like why,do you have to be so dramatic like just,just go ahead and sound natural at least,i thought you would be more responsible,marina since your new life motto seems,to be i'm 18 now let me be an adult,anyway did you at least pack up the,stuff,well duh i'm not that much of a,procrastinator man what are you talking,about you are literally the biggest,procrastinator you just said that you,was the sleeping beauty and you just,slept past your entire thing watching,webtoons man this girl got a serious,case of fumble 19 all right she's got,that fumble itis by the way did you,happen to look at what dorm i'm in,i'm hoping mom put me on the same floor,as you but,i'm 100 sure she didn't oh no that's,unfortunate isn't it because guess what,you were not put on the same floor as,your friend you were set on the same,floor as a bunch of hunker sausage boys,they're about to move inside your,college dorm they're about to be getting,it in get her done you know what i'm,talking about i asked her do that three,months ago and i'm positive she forgot,about it,i haven't had the chance to look i've,been so busy with being an r.a that i,forgot to,sorry em but on a less stressful note,did you decide what you're going to wear,first impressions is always a must,well i mean if first impressions mean so,much all right my first impression of,this show right now this series i'm not,seeing anything romantic right now,where's the kissing where's the hugging,where's the making out i want to see,minecraft booty where is the booty i,need my refund this is not what i,expected when i say minecraft roleplay,and it says that there was an enchanted,kiss there have better be an enchanted,kiss in this episode i need a refund,there's no chesticles well you act like,this is high school d,i'm a freshman in university i think,people are over the whole,first day impressions,in about a week i'll be wearing,sweatpants and a crop top to every class,they'll be lucky if i even do my hair,yeah and all the and all the college,boys are gonna like that they're all,gonna they're all gonna dig your style,first off they're gonna be digging your,grades they're gonna be wanting to get,them straight a's they want to impress,you and then they're gonna be digging,your style and then eventually they're,gonna be digging them pants and you,expect to land a bo

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Minecraft Animations Are Getting FREAKY..

Minecraft Animations Are Getting FREAKY..

all right so what is up uh my fellow,stds welcome back to another video and,uh well i got some interesting to talk,about today because uh yeah,yeah i don't want to talk about me so,you know what i found these minecraft,excuse me animations and some of you,guys asked me to make a video on,minecraft animation so i'm like,oh my god,i almost stood up at my old man but yeah,long story short here we're gonna be,reacting to a very very uh interesting,freaky,overall std inducing sexually,transmitted disease virus all type of,corn swaggle so let's go,gosh,hey,why is there a whole lot minecraft,family just chilling in the middle,of nowhere like straight up posted up,chilling in like the middle of some farm,like what is this i know we're not,watching bob the builder so i don't know,why that we got some random family chill,in here looking like they're in some,construction zone and they got like some,random minecraft girls one with some,literal bowling balls on her chest like,bro i don't know what this is right they,were on the wrong website,i'm a little scared,what,oh my,this is uh,very interesting to say the least like,i'm so confused i don't know if i'm,supposed to like have some sort of a,backstory or this is like a series or,something but i'm a little confused i,don't know maybe i'm missing out on some,some kind of lore but uh dude i i'm not,i'm not getting it so far i'm not,getting another like you got these,random two minecraft,thingies chilling like the skeleton and,the zombie dude and they're just,laughing like just literally going crazy,psychotic psycho laugh bro and and you,just got these two couples chilling by a,fire one of the i'm assuming to be a,sleeping bag and the other one's on some,kind of a log and i don't know dude i,don't know,hey,what,okay,hmm,bro this zombie's trying to get some,play he's trying to steal my man's girl,like he just slides out of the cut,orchestrate to playing with this,skeleton dude like just popping out the,cut these are trying to straight,up get some girls brought me you can't,hate on it i mean they're trying to,raise her up hopefully my man who just,got straight up punked out of his girl,slides bro like he pulls a little dirk,and slides for vaughn or something,because like bro this man got to get it,back in blood he just got his girl took,him from a zombie but this zombie dude,just straights up pops out of nowhere,and takes his girl bro and he gets,embarrassed like that now it's war after,that,steve you've gotta help me i'm stuck,you know every time i watch an animation,that's like heavily edited i wonder how,people spend time actually animating,stuff like this like it's not like it's,a good animation where it's like oh yeah,this is this is so cool this is a work,of art not this is literally aids like,you spend your time animating and they,obviously have talent whoever animated,but you decide to waste that pretty good,talent on cringey minecraft sexual,freaky relationship animations,like bro you are a virgin,all righty so let's put two and two,together she's stuck in a fence here,right it's obvious she's stuck at this,fence she just went for that food and uh,you can tell she's in between that gate,and uh she's in an awkward position that,she's probably gonna be stuck in and uh,well let's just put two or two together,from uh obvious other videos that may,not be on youtube uh people who get,stuck in things and people who uh end up,liking them,it doesn't really go that well let's,just say like that some very,inappropriate stuff ends up going down,and uh,i think that's about i think it's gonna,get freaky freaky,i think it's safe to say that we're,supposed to be uploading this to the uh,the orange and black website and they,ended up uh settling with youtube,because,this is this is straight out of the hub,bro this straight off the hub i'm gonna,be a hundred percent here this is this,is not you two white bro she's literally,stuck in the fence and then you got my,boy minecraft steve pulling up behind,her like this is straight off of some,fan not even fanfic some like role play,stuff on a website that is not kid,friendly,buddy is so tempted he has the devil and,god on his shoulders telling him what to,do here like bro jesus like my boy steve,over here went from a gaming legend to,like some kind of a beast like some kind,of a p star bro like what are you doing,here like bro stop trying to give her,back shots and just help her out of the,fence buddy like you're doing a little,too much,it took my man steve a lot of thinking,all right a lot of considering because,uh he had some up two options on the,table here he could have been a good,citizen or committed some very very,sinister accident well he decided to be,a good guy rescuer shout out to my man,steve he could have turned into to uh,to a different kind of star a different,kind kind of a legend about to go from,shooting a minecraft movie to a whole,nother movie all right an entirely,different movie,so in the end he ends up viciously,back

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iShowSpeed Look A Like Plays Jenny Mod !

iShowSpeed Look A Like Plays Jenny Mod !

uh-huh,so you said what say it again yo how do,i put this little screen,just search jenny jenny,right there,i'm scared i'm scared i'm scared i'm,scared i'm scared,i'm scared i'm scared i'm scared jenny,about to come here,i'm scared i'm scared bro this better,not be,okay okay okay okay okay i'll get okay,just be ready to cover that screen,okay okay all right okay i'm gonna cover,my screen right now,yeah i'm gonna cut my screen don't give,her a diamond do not give her a dime,remember because she's going to get,naked bro,okay,speedo spawn it,god yo jenny,let's,go,i spawned it oh,i don't wait let me hide my screen when,i spawn it i'm gonna hide my screen when,i spawn it,wait i gotta put it in like my,how do i put it in my,mouth like my inventory type you,know like look look at my screen,how about um search it back up just just,press it,drag it down to the first this one yep,i pressed now press escape,okay and then you right click and then,you right click respond wait so now hide,the screamer don't disagree which one,okay you can't okay just be ready to,hide it like what are you leaving right,now,like leave it open right now spawn her,because she's gonna be fully clothed and,everything but then like,if like,just be ready to press your your hide,screen button just in case type and,don't give her a diamond bro because,she's going to get naked,all right and like you saw i facetimed,you and soji what the it is like,all right i'm about to all right i'm,gonna do it let's go,i'm not the deafen man,i'm not a different i'm out of depth,all right it's me y'all now it's me you,guys it's me and you guys,it's me you guys now that's me and you,guys,yo i swear yo bro bro if there's,something that okay all right,don't hide all right don't hide all,right promise me it's not nothing bad,seriously promise me it's nothing bad,okay,the music too loud oh yeah you're right,let me turn down the music,uh,oh my gosh,still too little,goddamn all right okay okay okay okay,all right go on so so i gotta press,right click right,i did it,oh,oh god,baby girl,oh my god,oh,god,oh,oh my god,oh,oh,oh,jenny,oh let me sniff let me sniff,oh,she can walk can you walk,what's up girl,dale,give her a diamond,oh god well i will give her everything,baby,i will give her everything,we're diamond i'm about to give her a,diamond,you want me to find you a diamond baby,you want a diamond,oh my god baby,jenny you fool you thick,oh my gosh jenny,oh my gosh,oh gosh i gotta give her a diamond,i'm gonna give her a diamond,oh wait,hold on how do i give her yo how do you,find a diamond,chad where do you find diamonds,right clicker,i can't do this on stream bro,i can't do this on screen,i can't do this on stream,i can get a,if i give her three,green,buzz lightyear stones i get a blowhop,two diamonds is s-e-x,one goal is strip,which what should we do,it's sensor it's sister,it's sister,hey sister,wait wait wait wait wait wait let me get,out of here let me get out of here,i really got it let me get out of here,let me get out of here,all right i'm back i'm back i'm back i'm,back, i'm scared god damn all,right okay how do i wait how do i get,diamonds how do i give her diamonds okay,no got a nice ass,man,set which one is sister which one it,hold away let me ex wait let me ask my,boy,inventory,yo is this scissor,none of them are censored,they lied,i showed you,oh my gosh,okay all right you know you know what,you know what you know what i might you,know what i'm gonna uh how am i,screaming,yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm,gonna have my screen i'm gonna have my,screen on my screen yeah,so you can like okay okay okay make sure,you don't slip up okay okay,there is where's die oh search it okay,start diamond,okay diamond diamond,oh my gosh,all right i need diamond what else i,need i need to go and i need gold too,i need to go to i need gold i need to go,i need to go i need gold i need gold,oh what up hey yo chat what was that,green stuff called what was that green,stuff called,tell hey yo what was that green thing,uh hey emerald okay good stuff,this y'all ready man,it's like a dream come true,jenny oh jenny,so jenny oh jenny,i've been going through so far,i've been trying to get a girl for so,long,so long,wait time slash sister,okay,how do you,it's an unknown command,it's an unknown command,they worked they worked they worked they,cleared okay okay okay,bro yo music yo bro i'm bro hey hey i,can't be getting no to this dear,own hell no bro,come on now my boy,okay,so jenny right i right clicky right,and i can choose whatever i want i can,do this,this,or this,which one should we do,which one,which one,which one shot,two,or one,two one,two one,two,no chad you always start off with one,you always start off with one you always,go first you always go first let's go,no it's dark no i don't want it to be,dark i want this no i want to see every,angle,no how do i turn off the no no no no no,no no,how do i change the weather,no no no no no no no no how you change,the weather no i don't w

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I found the WEIRDEST Animations on YouTube

I found the WEIRDEST Animations on YouTube

yo what's up i did not want to make a,video about this but i had to talk about,it weird children's animations that kids,should not watch,weird gaming animations where your,favorite characters are,and even some animations that make you,just want to throw up this is my story,on how i searched all over youtube to,try to find the worst animations and,then i tried to talk to the people who,create these animations to see what's,wrong with them and to see if they,really need help,on my channel we try to clean up the bad,and weird content on youtube so if you,want to help me make youtube a better,place click subscribe and if you don't,want to subscribe that's completely fine,just sit back and enjoy my videos i also,have a second channel where i post every,other day i play random games i do,random stuff on there so go subscribe,link in the description you know,normally i expose real people like in,the last video i talked about that vegan,teacher she's a real person so talking,about animations this is kind of new to,me this all started when i got an email,on june 5th from 42 shloki ambani who is,this this mysterious person told me to,make a video talking about weird,animations and even sent me a link to,one of these channels so naturally i,clicked on the link to see but i didn't,expect this the video was deleted by the,uploader,that's weird,normally it says that youtube deleted it,but the person who made the video ended,up deleting it was it that bad that the,dude realized he was weird and ended up,deleting it i wanted to find this dude's,channel but the link didn't take me,anywhere but i remember the email told,me to search up hashtag minecraft,animations on youtube so i did that,hopefully these are some cool animation,oh my god,steve i'm stuck what i do not want to do,this but let's see what this is,okay how did she just trip over that,rock and then just teleport into the,fence,steve you've gotta help me i'm stuck,i'm glad they added that among us sound,effect because this video is actually,becoming suss do you trust me,okay what is with those sounds,the video was posted by mind time so i,decided to go on to that channel to see,what they post now because that video,that we just watched was from seven,months ago right steve i'm stuck steve,i'm stuck steve you gotta help me i'm,stuck every single video,287 videos on this channel and they're,all animations of the same nasty idea,but then i found something even worse i,watched like 20 of these videos and no,it's not because i like it i was looking,for something and i found it on a video,where steve has to help alex this kid,commented heart eyes and then he said,dinner with you i wasn't sure what he,meant by that comment but i i went to,see if he commented on any other videos,and guess what i found he posts heart,eye comments and like mouth emojis under,every single animation that gets posted,look at his profile picture he is six,years old but that wasn't bad at all,compared to what i found next i can't,show any of this i'm gonna show what i,can but wow so i'm searching for,minecraft animations right and i see a,video titled marie did an oopsie it,looked weird so i clicked on it and,it's basically a minecraft character who,forgot to put their clothes on,yeah,the person who posted this video was,jenny slipper yt i went to the channel,and they only had one other video so,i clicked on it and this is the video,that broke me it sent me into a crazy,rage i just didn't know what to do,it's time to stop i am blurring this,video i'm just gonna say it's minecraft,girls dancing that's basically what it,is why is this on youtube i took a look,in the comments there's a three-year-old,named lee smith who says he loves it,there's a six-year-old angelo who said,he loves jenny and then four-year-old,yuki says cute and big,what is wrong with people,what's wrong with you i needed to figure,out who this jenny person really was i,was so mad so i went to the about me,section of that channel and i found a,channel linked the channel was named,hacker boy gaming who is hacker boy,gaming,is that the real person who was posting,those nasty minecraft videos i clicked,on that channel and all i saw was gaming,videos but on that channel i found an,instagram link,the instagram took me to ice underscore,yukimura this might be the person behind,the jenny skipper yt channel that posted,that video,but then i noticed something the video,that we watched earlier of the minecraft,dancing girls was reposted in the bottom,left it said like slippery tee or,something that was the original creator,of that video so it turns out the person,who posted it jenny skipper or whatever,wasn't the original maker of that,animation but i found out who really,made it i went to twitter and i typed in,slippery tea because that was the name,that was in the video right and i found,it,250 000 followers following this person,what the minecraft characters with no,clothes five nights at freddy's,characters and more oh my god,imagine do

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IShowSpeed revisits jenny mod with ben [GONE WRONG] [FULL VIDEO]

IShowSpeed revisits jenny mod with ben [GONE WRONG] [FULL VIDEO]

them more,than your age bro what the hell,go tick tock live,dude jenny oh you know what i'm gonna do,jenny my dad i'm gonna do jenny mop,okay all right jenny my dad okay all,right jimmy monday okay jimmy mom stay,less,judy ma,all right,let's see let's get on jenny my damn,me and ben on jenny mod then okay all,right,jenny,all right you guys want jenny mom,okay,but we're going to get on jenny monday,all right,okay,me and ben right me and ben i want me to,ben,okay,nice,no i don't it's not,then i say no when i get on here bro i,don't get it then i say no when i get on,here,do jenny but treat her like a real,girlfriend dude jenny but treat her like,a real girlfriend okay all right i'm,gonna treat her like a real girlfriend,bro,and chad what do you do with your real,girlfriend,what do you do with your real girlfriend,my point exactly,all right y'all come on,okay,wait how do i add somebody in my world,how do i ask somebody in my world,uh server,i reconnect,i'm gonna make i gotta make it,okay,then how can i add bend in,how can i add bend in,wash,sit wait wait,okay hold on wait,what just happened,what has happened,what the ,oh,oh,all right okay okay wait how do i get,out of wait why am i fine,hey why am i flying wait,chill chill,okay chill,how do i stop flying,how do i stop flying y'all,damn,stop flying,stop flying,i'm really flying this is crazy,damn,it's how big the minecraft world is,wait is this space in minecraft,there's no way,by the way i want to see something i've,heard i've never been in creative in,minecraft,look at the clouds y'all,is this space i want to go super high,i hacked minecraft,yo,where am i at,wait i want to keep going up,is there space,wait am i still going up or am i like,going down like which one is it,y'all can't hack minecraft like me baby,there's no space wow there's no space,am i still going up or i'm not,i'm not going up no more,am i i don't know,i'm not,i'm not going up,no i'm not wow,i thought there will be space,all right how do i get here okay slash,game mode game mode creative okay,oh,your game has been updated to creative,mode,what does that mean,am i falling,i can't tell if i'm falling tonight,i'm falling,baby baby baby baby baby baby i'm back,i'm back i'm back,no no no no no no no not right now,wait i want to introduce you to somebody,how can i bro how can i invite ben,if this is single player,come on babe follow me,why does she follow me,hey,hey,why don't you listen to me,oh you know what all right so you don't,want to listen to me,you know you know you don't listen to me,all right so jenny if you don't listen,to me there's going to be problems okay,listen to me,listen,follow me,why doesn't she follow me y'all how do i,make her follow me,come on baby follow me,come on baby,oh my gosh bro,come on follow me,all,right,get a lead,get a lead what's the oh use lease oh at,least okay,where's where's elise at,a lead,oh okay i got you,there we go,yes sir,yes sir,you're my girl uh-huh you're my girl,come here baby,yup you're my girl follow me baby,i know it's hard for you to walk so just,i'll help you out baby come on,yeah,hey hey hey what's going on,what's going on,come on baby it's okay baby i know it's,hard for you to walk,come on follow me,there you go all right,come on come on come on,shout out to feeling bro,she's not swell yo boy,bro is she 12 or not dog because if you,12 bro i'm like online you're gonna have,to die bro are you 12,say something don't just look at me,man you know,no,wait what if i eat her,i can't eat her,hmm,i wonder what she tastes like,why she's not i can't eat her,i want to eat her come back come back,come back come back come back come back,come back come back there you go you're,back you're back you're back you're back,all right follow me okay come on let's,go,bro how can i yo bro how can i let every,okay how can i let other people hold,away let me see something,i want to have do i gotta press,multiplayer,and press add server,like how do i do it,oh rio i don't have to make a,remote how do i do it,you can't,by the way somebody said put this in,what it do,let it do a damn thing come on baby,follow me follow follow follow hurry,hurry hurry,follow me,rio it don't break bro it doesn't let me,for some reason,oh they're saying jenny my does it,no,no way i want you to how do i kill that,real quick no follow me,i want to show you out let's go to the,village,come on babe,come on baby follow follow father follow,i want to show you to my village,my villagers,yo,come on come on come on,oh ,you think she pretty bro you like her,she look good don't she,ah, me huh she look good don't see,ah,hey,do the a say that one more ,time watch what happened,all right yeah you think i'm ,well we think i'm, is wrong with you boy,ah,stop seeing that ,you know what,you know what,why i can't put this guy on the leash i,want to put you shut though,right why don't he say bro come on bro,all right bro you know what ah,he can't swim,you can't swim can't you,stupid all right come on baby follow me

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I made every block extremely slippery (ft. WilburSoot)

I made every block extremely slippery (ft. WilburSoot)

so I made this mod that makes every,block in Minecraft incredibly slippery,now I made a separate video showcasing,all of that stuff but for this one I got,a little buddy that will join us this is,will burst if he's gonna youtube channel,with a few subscribers and he's pretty,good at playing Minecraft I introduced,to you two dumbasses trying to survive,in a - 200 degrees Celsius environment,and joy hello Wilbur hello why are you,so much welcome to my winter wonderland,it looks really nice but is active we're,actually in like minus 200 degrees,Celsius whereas for my jacket somehow,okay somehow we are still alive and that,is not to be judged right now it doesn't,don't worry about that part however it's,low now however everything how do I stop,everything in the world is extremely,slippery because everything is extremely,cold we are we are we are in extreme,danger Wilbur Oh danger I'm extremely,I'm sliding into the ocean is extremely,dangerous how will we survive,I hope listen here's how we're gonna,survive okay there's three things you,need when you live in this is this is a,tutorial by the way if you ever find,yourself in real life into a minus 200,degrees Celsius environment there's,three things you need okay yep one build,a cottage cottage yep yeah all about,edges yeah okay good then you can okay -,ah there's this realm it is it is called,the nadir okay they didn't ate their dog,get there with yes it's Dutch you can,get there with obsidian and apparently,it's uh it's it's really nice and warm,and cozy right there it's actually where,we sport Resort was recorded,you know all their other fun summer,activities yet oh it's all gone there,you you were good at building a cottage,right mm-hmm I'm very good at building,colleges yeah good because,coincidentally we need to build a,cottage well let's go now what's good we,get a fire Ziegler's there's no wood,anyone hears my would take my ratchet,tons were too slow Matt's are driving,through banks but that's when the frost,does to you slows down your reaction it,gets you man it gets you happy if you,see more actually like super cold those,two people it's crazy,no what is it down it like it just it,like slows down like your thought,processing and stuff and it just it,makes you into like an idiot very much,it's so cold oh noes your IQ it removes,you minus 50 IQ on a hole what if you,lived what if you even live in a warm,environment,dude gain knowledge oh yeah yeah all the,people from hot countries are all really,smart way smarter than me and faster,than the Icelandic immediately I growing,like a part of it okay,hey so there's only like two hundred,thousand of them we can make fun of them,oh okay yeah no that's okay I've got,wood like I also do have wood yes,now we have wood together fondue uh-huh,and look at that it's it just turned,morning yeah I've got wood and now I'm,gonna get dirty yes,prepare for this to be very gay Fundy,wood in the morning III still remember I,sent back to a day in math class when I,was I was sat there next to him this kid,jacob markham and he looks at me he says,hey hey we'll but have you heard of ever,heard of this game called minecraft and,i was like what what minecraft dude he's,like oh look it up when you get home so,i got home and i got google mindcraft,thinking well there's a psychology but,hi I'm actually like 100% afraid of the,sea okay yeah I don't like I don't like,I don't like the sea when I played micro,for the first time I spawned on an,island and were squids and at some point,I managed to lunge myself into water and,I think because I got I got so,incredibly scared,did I just quit the game for like half a,year oh that's pretty way to me because,like I'm sure you know about my song,squid song I made I do not know about,your song when I was about 13 years old,I wrote a song about the madding squids,- minecraft oh did you like squids III,didn't but I was it was a hate song what,it kind of it was like a diss track but,I was encouraging people to be nice to,them the chorus was and the squids are,completely useless just be glad it's,them not wolves spare a thought for the,squids when you build your waterfalls,you drown them stab them watch them die,what did they do to you spread the,message around the world,squids of people - you should have you,should have sent me that song when I,when I was scared of squids dude if,you're scared of water test something on,you because I'm genuinely scared of the,ocean - okay Google Earth has a way of,doing the terrain of everything,including the ocean it does like the,depths of the ocean right here we go so,look away if you don't like this I might,need you to stop this alright back to,Minecraft that's a microvia that's a,microbe let's get cobblestone so that we,can start mining and get where was it,okay we need to finish the cottage for,us we need to make the cottage you're,the cottage master as you can see it,looks absolutely beautiful at the moment,but you can make it even beautiful er,cow I'm I need yo

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I Can't Stop Penetrating this Dragon | High Speed Deepest Sword Review

I Can't Stop Penetrating this Dragon | High Speed Deepest Sword Review

lipstore is a game that contains two of,my favorite things that you can find in,a video game one is simple design and,the other is lowbrow and juvenile humor,it is also a tool of the globalist furry,agenda which aims to introduce deviant,urges to the general populace by putting,eyelashes on dragons don't think i don't,see what you're doing and we won't stand,for it the game is actually really fun,and i got a hook to it in the first few,minutes of playing it which translated,into about 6 hours of playtime in total,this might not seem like much but,consider that the game is very short in,fact the average player will finish this,game in less time than it would take an,intercontinental ballistic missile,launched from the krasnoyarsk facility,in siberia to reach downtown chicago,that's just my little fun fact for the,day,over the course of these six hours i,became good enough the deepest sword to,join the elusive one percent though i've,yet to be contacted by the wall street,bankers and so i'll have to continue,stealing copper wires to fortify my,slowly degrading internet cable if you,plan on playing it yourself do it now,because learning by trial and error how,to not repeatedly fall over latch is,half the fun it's free on steam so feel,free to try it out and come back in 15,to 30 minutes or if you're part of the,less abled community two hours deepest,sword is a platformer but it is not like,the other platformers it is quirky,independent and doesn't follow the rules,it doesn't care that a platformer should,have jumping and more than five,platforms it's going to do what it wants,and enter into an abusive relationship,with getting over it just like getting,over it deep sort introduces all its,mechanics at the start and only asks of,you to get okay with them to finish the,game i mean it is only four buttons how,hard can it be the controls are a and d,to move arrow keys to rotate your sword,and mouse buttons to do the same but in,a way that disappoints your parents you,win by giving the dragon as the d and,the right arrow repeatedly five times in,total you could do a and the left arrow,key instead but it is slower and so the,d method is preferred with each success,your weapon gets progressively longer,and the dungeon gets an additional room,designed around your increased size you,might stop yourself and think that's,only 9 rooms and you would be wrong,because it's 5 and i cannot even read my,own script but there's a reason deepest,tour gets away with having so little,content because it's free because you,have to adapt your strategy to,accommodate your increasingly,threatening sword so in reality you,could think of it as five factorial,rooms to illustrate let's take a look at,the second room which has a bottom root,that is very fast very easy and,completely impassable with any of the,larger swords so you'll have to take the,stairs which are custom made for the,third sword but become increasingly,infuriating with anything larger,whenever you manage to be the current,level and stab the dragon a feed it is,actually quite difficult due to its,gaping hole being surprisingly tight and,slippery you are rewarded with a comment,and returned to the start while some,might actually enjoy this if the,comments are hurting your ego i suggest,a technique invented and endorsed by the,catholic church pulling out or as i like,to call it drive by penetration this,should secure you the mental edge for,the rest of the run and if that's not,enough or if you're a militant atheist,who rejects the church and instead likes,to discuss the role it played in the,atrocities of the second world war even,though nobody else at the party is,interested let me give you another piece,of advice taken directly from sir isaac,newton yes it's true newton's first law,of locomotion is in fact all that you'll,need to near effortlessly beat this game,as 90 of the difficulty comes from the,unusual but ingenious design decision to,give the sword inertia to put it in,layman's terms when you sing the sword,the sword swings you and so when you try,to adjust its position you fall of the,latch when you want to grab onto the,ledge you are slightly pushed back and,slide off due to insufficient leverage,and instead of safely pole vaulting over,the chasm you are pushed down by your,own hand because you are too much of an,impatient and didn't let gravity,do the work for you once you grasp this,simple concept you can easily finish the,gain in under 6 or 7 minutes yet there,are still ways to go if you aim to,become the fastest penetrator in the,west you will need to know the three w's,where when and how,this is the fourth room when tackled,with the self-reported average sized,sword like this shitty motivational,poster set there are always two choices,two paths to take one is easy and its,only reward is that it is easy what the,poster forgot to mention is that the,easy path also gives you an achievement,and is 10 seconds faster as a matter of,fact the other path is pure bait a

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