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Me, Skylar Vox and my mom talk porn (comp clips)you know come to think of it,uh we should have been


Updated on Jan 27,2023

Me, Skylar Vox and my mom talk porn (comp clips)

you know come to think of it,uh we should have been the ones to give,wella's hand away in marriage,what the you know what i mean,how the did you i don't know,somehow,we were already friends so dude,i'm just saying that we we should have,been the ones,we should at least been offered yeah we,almost should have been like hey man,well,grandma porn hundred percent oh whoa,whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa,oh is that not where you were going with,that no i was just saying to be,lovely i'll be there i'll be chilling,she's getting her hooch pounded,upstairs,downstairs having,is crying hearing or getting pounded,like it should be honest,it should be us like give me the bottle,why,what are you going through my,one of my xbox friends grandmas just get, upstairs man just straight,straight dogged man,she's getting destroyed yeah,my fault,are you okay yeah why i don't know it,sounded like you were crying,oh bro hello capital xd comma colon,no i'm not high it's just,funny to me because yes mom because we,were just talking about grandma porn,and laughing about it and then you storm,in,please tell me these are going up on,youtube especially that c4 but,oh yeah bro like that the the porn with,my mom,well dude,yeah let's find,get the out of here stupid,action,downed one,movement,oh once uh yeah what's that went,down,he found the bag,nowhere near what happened oh well i,don't know you cut out like i was about,to say someone killed a dog,no i had i know i had to get a collar,off of your dog,so when i went through to get it i,didn't know that the dog was in two,pieces almost,so when i went over to pick it up,all i did was just pick up mush,and like guts hanging out of this dog,is anybody else going through your car,like what the happened to it,i don't know i didn't get it i was off,today before so is anybody else hungry,fine how about you what are you chinese,did you just shoot at me oh that's a,good it's like you don't want this,clown bro well no it's not that i want,to know if he shot at me if there's an,enemy,near me but speaking of shooting i'm,gonna go shoot this guy right in,the mouth,we got two minutes boys on me,had one without shooting a bullet i'm, legend,what did you do hey i don't know he just,left i mean he just left,i i scared my phone out of the comments,he didn't want any smoke with me,not i mean i won mine with two ,bullets that's it,what about the crossbow,what the oh my god he won,wait,praise allah 9 11 is my favorite,holiday,that's going to be a youtube video yo yo,yo,oh no god uh i hopped out just because,he blows the car up so you know,where is it i can't oh i hit him like,twice,i hit him once i hit him once in the,back,oh,that dude sucks bro he jumped over me

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Q&A With Skylar

Q&A With Skylar

sky you must ready their sky you havin,trouble stretch absolutely freaking,passionate oh do you think my face now,the first question is the first question,is the first question first question is,the first question is which okay so the,first question is where did you meet,right the first six time and then you're,like but let's just record another 12,time with it so first question is where,did you meet Skye first question is that,would have been in the middle of the,road outside of your house at like 2:00,a.m. one night it was the middle tonight,it was the middle of the night,yeah because Kris and Ryan's but they,brought me over yeah that was the first,time we like met yeah what is the cutest,thing you think about her and then you,go my way,laughing Oh actually she's got a really,good sense of humor I don't know if,that's cute though this is awesome I,would say your laugh your laugh,the cutest thing about me do you plan on,this isn't like related to us but it's a,question we can both answers like do you,plan on going to post-secondary school,yes,no no for me how many years have you,been dating her seven who has the best,memes in their phone I think the answer,would be a chase or Ben actually if Ben,was here like if we had like siblings,wars Ben and I wouldn't take it oh,here's a whole bunch of questions okay,so whose Corvette is that wouldn't you,like to know I like carrots I like,something I like I'm peeled and then,Bryce yes life's like with a potato or,candied carrots actually definitely can,you get candy corn candy Carol it's like,made in like like a little bit of brown,sugar and some butter and like they're,cooked,next question what does Skyler think of,your YouTube channel it's pretty,legitimate alright oh do you like that's,a great question that was asked by a,Skyler Chapman underscore I,I do enjoy meatloaf occasionally your,mom made some pretty good meat loaf the,other night I don't know I've never had,that before but that was friggin great I,was just like huh,actually I think that's the first meat,loaf than actually enjoying okay we just,had to change the battery there we are,all good now one good thing and one bad,thing about each other I read that,question I'm like this could either go,like good or it could go really bad one,good thing about you would be I'd say,like you make stuff and I think that's,awesome like there aren't that many,other people that like like to make,stuff you like to make and you bike you,ride bikes that's cool see one bad thing,about her is she thinks my house has no,food even though it has a lot I don't,know bad things cheap it's your turn,okay one good thing about doing is that,cute anyway and you okay a bad thing and,one bad thing I need that's the one,thing I was gonna say that exactly like,today he was in the video I was in,yesterday's video it was in whatever,video this the rest of this days in the,restless days it Wow,last but not least we have what is your,favorite food peanut butter on English,muffins with orange juice alright guys,that is going to be hip for this video,alright thank you guys so much for,watching that's gonna be it for this,video I want to give a huge thank you to,all of my patreon supporters and,especially the top-tier patreon,supporters Randi Robin Burton Mike,Maxwell and that's gonna be it for this,time guys thank you so much for watching,if you guys are new please subscribe if,you already subscribed please show this,people the front end has always been,drawing the video give it a big ol,thumbs up see you guys all next time,peace out

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what day's today it's monday,all right,and you're judging britain's got talent,have you got here with you today uh my,mom my dad my sister,kenny are you singing for us today yes i,am let's do it it's all yours onto the,star good luck good luck,well nice to meet you nice to meet you,too simon oh thank you and what's your,name my name is emmy davis and where are,you from you meet me i'm from wellington,city,come on neck of the woods,how old are you i'm nine oh my goodness,so,are you going to sing yes i am okay and,what are you going to sing i'm going to,sing i put spell on you by screaming j,hawkins oh my goodness,why that song,it's because i've been practicing it and,good reason,everyone's making me look a bit stupid,this year i've realized that,i'm sorry,you aren't stupid i know i'm not but i,feel a bit stupid this year,so thank you with me we sort of become,friends i like that okay so why did you,decide to come on the show amy because,since i was five i've been watching this,show and i've always wanted to be on,this show really so do you think you're,gonna win in me,i'd love to,well look i'm not going to ask any more,questions because i'm feeling really,really stupid right now so,good luck,she's really,sweet i'm funny,i said,i put a spell on you,because,oh,i love you even if you don't worry,is,it's like you transform you're this cute,nine-year-old and then you're like wow,take that and we really did we were,under your spell i loved it well done,thank you,it sounded so retro so vintage so,otherworldly it's like you were,channeling goodness knows what it was,amazing,david,you sure you weren't miming,i'm sure,no i was just i was completely,gobsmacked,it's extraordinary,can i ask you a question,yeah were you expecting this reaction,no that's what makes you so special you,were,incredible thank you,but let's start with david i'm going to,say yes,i'm saying yes,it's a yes for me,i think you got about 5 000 yes's,wow,where's the roof the roof's gone the,roof's gone oh you blew it off,well done

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Sky Bri Pulls up on Adin Ross (Full Stream)

Sky Bri Pulls up on Adin Ross (Full Stream)

sky so look you um I told you I said I'm,never talking to you ever again,unless you got a tattoo of me,and you got a tattoo,you got it,you like it that's crazy you got that,that's crazy,like that's really crazy you got a,tattoo of me on your arm and,that's gonna be there forever,I'm never gonna get covered,what the ,what if like I just stopped talking to,you,I'll still love it really yeah what,happened,yo he's tweaking,I would show you guys uh him either what,I'm,shy you know how to adjust the chair,um,fire so you really got the ,tattoo I can't believe you did it you,understand like everyone thought you,weren't gonna get in but you don't,lie we pinky promise best,I don't pick my promises all right so,since you did that for me I gotta do,something for you in return okay so like,I'm like yeah you said I would have a,surprise,well,you got to come up with that because,like that's you know what I mean like I,don't know like I told you to get a,tattoo I know what I want what do you,want,what do you think,I want you know I just we gotta you know,I mean got a couple dates you know what,I mean fill it out first like what if,you know that happens and it's like what,the what's next right,you don't care,no I think we should hang out off stream,yeah yeah for sure get to know each,other more oh so on offshore I told you,but next weekend is it locked in,the thingy the thing you told me was,locked in today we didn't do it today oh,yeah is that locked in what is that we,got we rented out a haunted house like a,full big one,and I'm gonna stream it if you wanna I,would love to come really you'll come,yeah okay okay cool,um,so yeah we we definitely do got to talk,at all I like you guys really probably,don't believe me but as soon as I was,done with that stream like I had I had a,pack and I left we haven't really hung,out off stream at all not at all this is,our second time I,have time or third I guess third because,we're going to Vegas together but it,wasn't you know yeah it wasn't like,quality time so what'd you do today,nothing,in bed all day and then Sean hit me up,and he was like are you down to come on,stream so I got ready okay and I've been,out there for like an hour I'm sorry I,left you out there so I had a I had to,like kind of like you know get right I,had to shave my chest and stuff oh yes,can I see,yeah but let me ask you a question do,you prefer hair or I prefer hair,personally see you should hold me that,you should have told me that because I,just got it look I'm sure right now,see it's like all oh damn yeah what are,your armpits too I didn't want shout,anymore what the yeah like shot,made me like you got a baby what the, no you made me do the armpit I,pointed a gun you did no okay then you,were like do the armpit it yeah, it see like,yeah you don't gotta you know what I,mean but you know maybe yeah yeah,um so damn okay I mean even that's like,shape too but you like do you prefer a,guy like I prefer hair like just grow it,out however you want it why,I don't know because it's not it's not I,like just like a natural vibe,Jesus Christ I shouldn't have shaved,them,you should it'll grow back,um okay,um, I just get so nervous right here,really I do why because I don't know I,feel like there's a lot of tension you,know I mean you know what I'm saying,there's a lot of tension and just like,there is time yeah there is I know you,feel it too mm-hmm yeah,um okay so besides,you know, or anything like that is right,that you'd want me to get done because,you got a tattoo me,I mean,are you down for a tattoo or you don't,have any tattoos no no so you will I,might get a tattoo no okay so then what,would you do,just hit me with something,I can't even think be on my only fans,it doesn't have to be but we can,be creative and come up with something,else like what I don't know like I'll,lick your nipples or something,okay,okay I'll just suck on the ball,hmm,you won't even have to show your deck on,this,second so on the balls will be shown,whatever,um I mean chat uh what are y'all um,damn what do y'all think chat um,yeah they they uh,also I just wanted to be known that I,got STD tested three days ago got the,results back two days ago I was clean so,your STD results that came back positive,for whatever nothing to do with me thank,you very much hold on a second hold on a,second did you see the clip that,was not a real doctor no the guy came,and like had like a bottle of like, like plastic like duct tape and,just came in and said you have herpes,like what the was that okay that,doesn't count yeah yeah it does not,um I'll get ICD tests on streamer real,one but if they take like two days,that's the only issue right I get my,back in 24 hours is there any way to,like for a rapid to get it done like,that I don't think so because when I,oh I see they do urine and,so you're clean as a whistle Queen maybe,I could show the results you have,nothing nothing,I've never had an STD M how do you like,keep track of that because I mean you,you know you I

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Reading an embarrassing twitter thread written by a sonic porn artist

Reading an embarrassing twitter thread written by a sonic porn artist

yo guys i'm um hello,this is costa and i'm going to literally,read,this embarrassing twitter thread,made by a sonic porn artist,holy this is going to be really,funny so please smash,like because i got more epic gaming,content that,that is so gaming right it's so gaming,all right let's start reading lol xd,uh be sure to read this post here to,find out more information on what,happened yesterday,this sort of thing cannot happen to,anyone else,why did i get a day i just draw sonic,porn oh shut the up you, dumb okay i'm not going to be,too harsh look at this noise,yeah here's what i wrote yeah just pause,the video and read it because,i don't know you want to read it yeah,you really want to all right,let's actually click on the,embarrassment that is this to your,thread,so i have decided to show you what,happened earlier today i was invited by,a group of people who were extremely,right-wing,and very transphobic they called me,loads of names and even told me to kill,myself,typical bowling fashion this is going to,be a long,thread and i guess she is actually right,because,this is a kind of a long thread not,really i don't know,so you can see yeah yeah i'm a friend,i'm friends with these,dudes yeah yeah,they did the right thing because this is,a porno at least,so you're getting read by a,nine-year-old transgender,pathetic wow this ,okay i'm going to stop laughing uh oh,poor what,guy at what the does even that,mean,get your together holy ,struggling to get his words together,uh all right wait i already read this,the main leader too many donuts,is the main figurehead he's an infamous,youtuber who,uses the face of jared floyd it's george,floyd your dumbass,ironically to gain subs and views and to,act very homophobic,okay seriously what even is this grammar,to gain subs oh my god,i'm i'm not i don't even speak english,natively and even i know better grammar,than this dumbass,it wasn't hard to find his account i,just,go gold him a lot what even is this,grammar,i mean i can tell that she isn't,natively speaking english as well but,even i can speak better,the funny thing is that i never once,backed down,i played this game before where we troll,people,i just know how to beat these people,look at his brain that followers of his,all two of them,this actually thinks,she's like,doing the right thing so this is like,the end of the thread,uh uh no,wait the funny thing is that after they,have gotten bored with me they try to,kick me out,however they never figure out how to,kick someone out,and that pissed them off so badly so bad,that they really decide to lock their,account,pissed off oh my god this reader,even tries to assume some false ,yeah i mean i'm defending this ,guy because he's in the right here,you're porn artist,and you're trying to defend yourself,with such a horrible grammar,so here is what you need,oh my god i cannot even read english,anymore i'm really,i'm i really lost my brain at this point,so here is what you guys need to do,please spread awareness,flag flag their accounts and make sure,that no one else deals with this awful,people,i may have thanked their but,not everyone is me,please pair spread awareness,and yeah um before i actually end the,video i'm just going to look at the,quote weights,uh yeah one of them is probably sure,what uh what the actual hell no one,deserves this,no one doesn't have to put,this bs ,look at the ,holy please read the stretch it has,been harassed by a group of,bad people,okay it doesn't matter if you like trans,or gay people as long as you don't do,this,i won't have a problem but this is the,sort of thing and i'll be tolerant,that's wait wait i can't even,read,this group is a pile of garbage making,fun of trans people, hate groups like this telling,someone to kill themselves,for being these douchebags,holy he's really pissed off i mean,i don't know if he's so she or he but,whatever i don't really give a ,your genders they're only two chances by,the way,uh why why would you even join a group,like this,you're just asking for trouble this guy,actually has a point,i didn't exactly join the group as i was,more or less just,trusted in there i looked to see what,was going on and well,now you know besides even if i do enjoy,they will just keep going,on going and harass others uh okay,yeah this guy actually has a point,because really this,this she was just bored so oh for ,sake, these you shoulda just,said that i'm out,transphobic idiots should not,hurt my friends like,that t well t i'm gonna kill him,okay so this is where the video ends i'm,going to stop embarrassing myself with,reading this tweet so goodbye

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Sliding in with Skylar Vox and the boys

Sliding in with Skylar Vox and the boys

i'm so excited for infinite warfare for,infinity,wars you mean infinite,yeah infinite dog my bad it's like every,name,is this is an infinity war,oh,face up on the roof up on the roof dude,you're trash,kid no connor you're good you're letting,our bounty get away you bastard,yeah i'm sorry i was kind of in a fight,i bet you're voting for carol baskin for,president, no,i'm going there,it's hard for me to get a good angle,with this ,go to the load up with him gas is moving,in you save zone located,uh yeah there's a truck there's,a car car coming up a new car coming up,on you,i got i got got the guy in the car got,the guy in the car he's dead he's dead,did he run through an exploding,one's landing right here hold up,yeah but i have a bruin you don't,yeah yeah he actually just burst no we,might be uh,some person right here bro pick them up,i i have an airstrike right now,yes i'm good yeah yeah,yeah but you got yours off of that one,oh we've been up for three ladies let's, go,all right boys buy uavs buy your babies,oh my gosh,you can't get inside of water,right here on me,oh,stupid,don't stupid a miswant if you're you're,coming afraid of dying,horseback oh right here bro bring it,literally right now,good kill why did i get hit,um,get off of me you don't do anything,wait where is this bounty he's,over here somewhere,i mean i got him yes he's moving in,him i'm yo i'm killing this guy ,this,he keeps,you idiot dog,connor you're gonna have to come jump,down get me,behind the tree he's behind the tree,just you know i got you bud gotcha i got,you got you,see for him i don't have my c4,i don't have ammo i'm gonna commit this,loadout,yeah i'm gonna hit it with you i need,and now i've got c4 all right,i think they ran away from us,of course bro we always get

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super chat i appreciate that share the,stream and discord on sensors,yeah we got three thousand some ,watching this bro,like three thousand she can't,go ig,bro she can't go on ig live because she,banned,wait i don't think you just smoke on,here either like i don't think you're,allowed to smoke,like you just see what i'm a rule of,blunt thing,my bad my badge is you know what i'm,saying damn scholar,hey hey you are you smoke dutchies,yeah i don't smoke ,i like them because like both super easy,to roll i'm lazy if i want to get super,suited like maybe i'll smoke a black but,i i mean,not a black um a backwood but,i've been smoking so much lately i don't,really be getting high like that anymore,like you know what i'm talking about,yeah you probably need some new gas,like brock is the cause he like,it's like it's like i see you,i can't tell you papa titty because i,get banned he'll get banned,yeah no no i used to be able to do it,while i was,doing it at first like they used to,raise them up on live,like show them but somebody,reported me i'm like damn,like why would you report me if i'm,showing y'all you know what i'm,saying,somebody somebody in chat ,reported me three times,and they had told me if i do i gave him,a warning if i do it again i get my ,terminated,so so so i can't i can't,yeah you i re i would but i like just,out of the kindness of my heart not,trying to get your ass banned because,i know how difficult sometimes it could,be to get that back,hey hey,i know you got snapchat i don't have,snapchat,no nobody the only thing i have is,twitter,seriously they said twitter on age,restrict,twitter is the best for me personally in,my profession because you could post,pornography on there you see straight,titty ass booty everything dick, all that,they don't care that's why i want to see,the joker,hey look though hey what if i have,screen you i put emoji on,four stars,i'm gonna cover the screen up and i'm,gonna like put emoji on and i'm gonna,post it and y'all can babysit on there,y'all be able to see it on my instagram,y'all ain't gonna better see the wheel,but y'all better see on my instagram so,if y'all wanna see it,if she show it then check out my,instagram,soon bro yeah,do discord nah oh yeah you know tell me,your discourse,yeah i don't know i know how to invite,people i think,but i don't know um because,it bugging because like there's so many,damn people on that ,yeah i don't know um,that show that's a good school that's,the name of the chat but i don't know,hey go to this go to this go to this go,today i know go to invite player and,just send it to my twitter dm,just send to my twitter dm the link and,i just you know what i'm saying,hey they said risky scream but y'all,won't be able to see it,and i'll put emoji on it nobody won't,get in trouble,hey but look look before she do that, oh it's so like that,let's get a thousand likes,so hey you want anything before you,don't,uh you want,nice shout out,i'm chilling i'm trying to study this dm,real quick,yeah look good skyla girl you,gotta be hyped like a ain't,trying to get banned,i make good living i ain't trying to get,paid,hey i want everybody right now to,subscribe,right now everybody subscribe and hit,that bell right now,4.2 thousand people in the stream i,asked skyler to show them right,now we got four point one in the stream,i'll be able to see you don't know cuz i,gotta get it and put em,in the club everybody soap up and drop a,like buddy only, scholar i got my mother,the title of the stream with my name in,it so people,click on it hey look i'll open it i'm,going to hide the screen open i have the,screen uh it's not the high screen so,they will see,if y'all won't see that video go on,instagram,uh i gotta wait like a week or two,hey we're gonna turn up hey scotty,moving too much girl,i keep hiding that's how you move out no,type of ,like i ain't trying to,only people can see it me and you me,oh yeah,titties don't forget that,wait y'all wait y'all wait y'all

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Legend making the move into porn?! Mrskinscom

Legend making the move into porn?! Mrskinscom

have you ever considered actually doing,it,a pawn yeah mmm no okay I've really,actually considered doing it cuz you got,to get it like taxed you need to get,taxed through it you can make your own,thing and like set it off yeah and like,did and this isn't how harder for guys,again supporting girls not if you do a,nice now let's say this when's the show,gets like a hundred thousand two hundred,thousand dreams does listeners somebody,try to see you meet and some like yeah,like an only fans but you know there's,only fancy a leak so it's not like it's,gonna be my fans yeah it's gonna be calm,/ Cree ways blaming no I,wouldn't do it no no would you what hard,up before we get on me would you do it,if your face what you shown at all okay,what the hell we will come and see how,hard you were to do it even if your face,was just shown no probably not now at,all never no I mean you telling like,Charlie would just me my girl like,actual joint to people on the internet,it could be anybody you could run it,however you want whatever is comfortable,you could be your significant other if,she's with the shits or it could be just,a bunch of shoot of it could be,you have you lights we're asking nice,step out it not okay and what about your,you ever consider doing apartment no no,just let it all hang I'm not about that,life dude what about your faces in isn't,shown doesn't matter that's that's not,me right well I don't think you would of,course not yeah my face being shown and,nobody noses me see the problem is I,find out birth,I'll see if that's if they're like,talking me to find out that's on dim you,know I'm saying they looking um you know,I'm saying me today,I'm just I'm just another meat you know,the way I see it it's 2020 we already,have face recognition what's next,back home dagger that girl recognizes,meet breath me Jesse me recognition a,nation embody recognition voice there's,a whole website of who'd meet is it just,like there's a lot of websites almost,like there's Gamescom you seen that one,doctor skin it's a whole it's a whole,website dedicated to nude scenes in,movies throughout the entire catalog and,what they do is they rate it by you know,best shot of the Year best you,know labias best areolas best everything,ins all the things you can see in movies,way to em not like porn movies were like,blockbusters and like you know ,TV shows and I you can look for,actresses and you can see it whether or,not there's ever shown their and, that websites crazy I actually had,real-life actresses showing their ,on screen uh-huh the the money's,there they don't care yeah,though is that do you I'm saying do you,guys know what blockbuster movie where,after shoulder all right avatar the blue,joy,yeah oh it's mr. skin sir oh my god like,I know I bought like there was a sip,like I never heard of a actress,for long so whatever cave ,I'm pretty sure if you look for you'll,find your dude I mean but they found i,blockbuster movie you got the best scene,directed by women just Chris best of,Emily where Kostas the model yeah that's,a bad the number one is Rachel I,mean Adams Emily and Greta Kowski yeah,Anna Kendrick,Natalie Portman LG Plaza and I can't,forgot nude scene all right let's find,it I don't get this men excited dogs,don't get this men excited I'm trying to,find this real quick,get a login yeah all right hmm Aaron I,just gotta log in it's free I swear I'm,gonna send you out of Lane good but if,you guys never heard of his web site and,you want to just you know meows yes,eight of the show I'm saying for science,I'm just saying it's there for you for,scientific research obviously just to,keep up with a show you guys are how,let's see what this guy's you know let's,see what they're talking about boom,that's your perfect excuse,now that you're looking for because you,want us because you want to see what,they think,though why doesn't she wants a website,i've never heard of his website no do it,we're 71 episodes in bro,this man they don't know where the,g-spot is well almost Dasha Bri level,has a sex scene in this room what the, yeah hey yeah man,they made a movie about this website it,was um said that the fat kid fat,Jewish curly hair John Jonah Jonah Jonah,Hill and Seth Rogen they were in a movie,about this I'm knocked up knocked up yes,now you're gonna head out at all by the,way ummm I saw it I work a couple of,weeks ago terrible ending it was uh it,was terrible for me how did you just,like to randomly find this movie the,scenario

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