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Simone Richards Returns to update us about New Scenes, Clears up Twitter Beefs, Being Single & Moren


Updated on Jan 29,2023

Simone Richards Returns to update us about New Scenes, Clears up Twitter Beefs, Being Single & More

now we are loved what is going on,everybody - your boy Eric aka young guy,comes to your love and the green does,you give it to your real already good,and we have a impromptu interview that,uh I was not expecting this to last,night and I'll let her introduce herself,once again the shout out to me,forgiveness,that's pretty nice of you I got the,exclusive porn trough was here it's,pretty crazy uh so yeah what's what's up,what's the update was do you know and I,actually thought about it like I don't,like girls like that like girls like,that but I thought about it I was like,you know what so if I don't like Rosa,which strap on us he's instead with a,strap-on so we gotta be booking cheesy,stuff like that which is also on,surprise that strap wanna see still sell,is actually one of the most uh top,selling stuff um there's a girl ducks,you know and I actually I posted one of,my previews on it online Twitter I have,behind inches and there's a little dildo,and I know that is dead person but I'm,really tall person,mr. Shenzhen good night cows like no,would they include a shrub won't stop,regards to positions why not just do how,she did it you know I'm saying like it,looked good you know so I got it from,her Gossip Girls two positions and you,know looks great Bullard Ziggler you,know she has a big black eye big but you,know and one day licks me there I just,start doing scenes like that guards,positions and I also it's just like,attic like let myself in there before,many offers you know so that's one,change of crime and there's no one's,pretty good you know I haven't had on 60,jobs we're going to be always looking,for girls clothes looking for females,shoe gonna be having my own movies on,DVD soon where the dorsum until that I,have so I try to shoot three times a,month and try to put those scenes that I,put it for my website on DVD like the,scenes writing out I'm working on,Simone's straps and asses you know,Simone straps and passages in them other,that's put me a series of me just like,strapping girls down basically and then,my other movie that I'm trying to work,on is Simone Unleashed where I actually,will be doing anal scenes and DPS in yes,and for a while I just say if I put on,some freak on like this side was going,through TVs and getting bangs but it's,been almost like a year and a half and I,still haven't done either of those,things because thing about DPS,I'm contacting guys about you know doing,a DP DP there's more easier to shoot,than game banks and guys always tell me,they don't really do game things like,that but yeah I see them on black or on,other websites doing gangbangs so that,just tells me they would do it just for,the right amount of money you know so,that's gonna be that and then yeah I,mean,regarding said I was really wanted to,say something because I would be like,what will we saw some one doing and then,she don't like girls because she don't,strap lahnsteins how the did I just,happened I'm like will I change behind,you know and that me opening a category,has put me into people as usual saying,that I'm basically pinky 3.0 you know,and that's accomplished I am Simone I am,never really had any looked up to like,that but the way she carries herself is,very good and I'm trying to oh gee,myself that's why I carry myself a,certain way you know very professional,don't try to get into I really,chop does not do is I've talked to you,last night and it's just like you would,think you would think it's porn it,wouldn't be that book fooling me really,talking as much as some people talk to,too much and they say and my and,getting messy drama and on time is it,like what's the pointing out doing it,like just chill is porn it's not looking,hip-hop that's why don't talk on their,poster like I told you but first your,food first anything,yeah yeah I actually follow her I,actually only person actually she's,actually like her she's I like her alive,from afar she's cool so yeah I mean what,else was a there was that then Oh,relationship update I do not have a,boyfriend,I broke up with him not because I was,the problem or anything I felt that with,him because of long-distance,relationships he's in San Diego I'm in,Texas you know I'm saying so I'm like oh,I don't know I I'm not gonna do this no,more you know we don't go back trying to,block this young writer really talk to,him you know we're on bad sirens I don't,know what I'm talking to me that much,there is no point I was talking and then,uh like I said I'm still on the tip of,where like if we're not dating or or if,we're not dating or if we or if you're,not a guy that I'm making videos with,for my only fans just that one guy then,we're not having sex I'm coming across,Twitter all the time with people making,the most unrealistic tweets but I was,telling you about first colony mall and,whatnot and somebody said I oh my gosh,awesome oh and she woulda came to my job,we're lost I would have lost my job and,got fired I don't respond to stuff like,that I'm like you know damn well

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Former 🌽 star Simone Richards part 2 “I want peace I want happiness “

Former 🌽 star Simone Richards part 2 “I want peace I want happiness “

there we go,um,hey kitty,speaking of cats,they're nine or nine dimension beings,as i said cats have nine lives any of,y'all hear the uh air let me turn this,air down son,there we go,um what was i talking about what was i,talking about,my my phone had gotten hot,and it had went down some,so,uh give me one second,it's kind of hard for me to see a little,bit,hang on,okay,um,all around,when,people have that understanding of i had,to forgive myself,for even allowing so much to,even come my way i allowed that,and that's when you do your shadow work,and you tap into,why did this happen the way it happened,matter of fact thank you i just had to,thank myself i just remember what i was,talking about um,regarding to the male species now it's,okay to think someone's attractive and,you're liking where the case may be but,it gets to the point where that's the,only reason why you want to get this,person pregnant,and bring a soul child a soul baby might,be also a new soul,that comes to y'all's lives,and,half y'all don't want to be fathers,don't want to be mothers,i had i had outgrew a lot of people and,some of them were mad about it and some,of them were not mad about they don't,care less,regardless i had to do this for myself,i want peace,i want happiness,and that's what i'm going to get i've,had experiences i've had,i've i've done adult work i've been to,strip clubs i've stripped my damn self,and,i've had,altercations,verbal or physical,um,i've had moments where i will be in,these clubs and i have this awareness,and i just don't fit in it's not it's,just not for me,safe for me,no it's not,you know,i have,gotten to the point where,the things i'm saying right now i've,always felt like this i've always,thought these things i've always had,this mindset certain music,i've cut down on,certain people i,keep on running into i keep on running,into the same person,but in different forms,that is what the has been happening,i have been running into the same,souls,but in different forms,and the entities is deeper than what you,think it is it's not just,angels and demons no,before religion was even made,there was,what we all call spirituality,and don't mind the filter,bumping my lips a little bit,i like you,um,and before,these religions hey you're really,religious you know what i'm saying,but there are those who are,practicing religions such as,christianity,um,muslim,anything you can think of but,there are those if you're not one of,them i hope you don't get offended,but for the ones who are uh there are,those who have who portray these things,and not following whatever your religion,says is not following is not giving what,you're trying to portray,i'm not religious,i'm not religious i am a free spiritual,being with free will,i do not think god is a man,or,any of the is man no,that's why i said me getting the cross,on my stomach the blackout one i know,why i got now i gotten it because i,didn't believe in that that's why,okay now,they had to go that far and tagged it on,me and,probably not but it happened it happened,it didn't really matter i was like 19,when i had that i'm 22 now,um,and at this point probably i'm going to,get a lot of these things fixed,regarding to having the unk,being um circling around the cross of my,chest and also my foot,but when you educate yourself more i,always knew about,the unk always knew about that you know,but me being myself want to be so, different,i got the way how i had it with regard,to the cross,but,before anything,spirituality was already around before,these religions were made,and these religions have took,things from spirituality and,ran with it they put little bitty parts,they put in their and they ran with,it,you know,now people want to say what's god this,guy i'm going to post about that as well,um,it's just a source i mean people just,came up with that word because that's,just a very,common word to use nowadays but it's not,just that it's the source it is not just,a masculine energy it's feminine and,masculine energy,the yin yang,the balance,hang on,like still can't it's kind of hard for,me to see,okay,and for example i know i had like 90,views in here,what because y'all thought i was going,to show something else no,um,those who really with me they're,gonna with me regardless those who,don't don't and i'm sorry you feel that,way,okay,but um,even all around together i do want to,say this,um i haven't i've i'll be tapping into,different topics my mind has so much to,say all at one time,i want to get back to a scenario i was,talking about earlier from the other,live before i had cut off and my phone,was acting weird,let's set mine in public,someone's with me saying ,really up below the barrel ,and i don't say half the that y'all,say to me because i don't feel that way,to y'all i wouldn't even think that way,i wouldn't fix my mouth to say that kind,of the bad that y'all cut my,child's mouths because the intentions,that i have are very genuine,now,when the warrior or my shadow comes out,that is

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Interview With Pornstar Simone Richards. Talks Pool Party Video, Wanting To Be a Legend & More

Interview With Pornstar Simone Richards. Talks Pool Party Video, Wanting To Be a Legend & More

what is going on with everybody it is,your boy Eric okay a young God comes to,you live in the green dungeon get into,your room I'll rugged and um I got some,out in the other line and I let her,introduce herself who do we have,hey guys how you do today okay,that is super swell all right so the,people that's watching this right now,and probably wondering like whoa how did,you get some more Richards I wanted to,tell a little backstory so it was a,Saturday of last week and I went to LA,and my friends were in fight is this,porn pool party they told me that and I,was like yeah it's probably gonna be,really stupid sounds like I'm not gonna,go so they ended up going I ended up,staying in for a night and watching the,on pay-per-view fight so they get home,and they're like you know you missed it,it was his girl getting her booty,clapped I was like excuse that I was,like excuse me,just give her booty clouds I was like I,was like was she clapping her booty or,was another doing it and they was,like show me so they put out a video and,there goes Simone Richards getting her,booty clapped and I was like yo that's,some all Richards it was like we don't,know who that is,so I showed her some of your videos and,guys they turn into the Thirsty's things,I ever seen in my life and yeah it's,like yeah it's um own riches right here,so yeah I was really mad because I like,down I said I like linked up to a hurt I,can interview and my homeboy Trayvon,which is my cameraman he was like yo I,got her information and I was like oh,man so I shot the Trayvon for this,because if it wasn't for Trayvon this,interview would not be happening right,now so shout-out to him um so first,thing I'm gonna start you saw you were,like the president is the hardest way to,get in contact with you I've emailed you,like 30 million odds were interview I,could not get an interview so why are,you so hard kitty contact with your like,like in the Obama,people will copy and paste my email,which is mine come into my iCloud and,then text text me through their enemy,dick kicks say it's my email that's why,it's all my bio so that's why I don't,have it on my Twitter no more I took it,down quick so interesting thing that I,learned about women we since you bring,up meat pictures love nudes women,not so much like you I don't like you,don't like me pictures um I don't know,if you can explain why but like if a,girl sent me a new like oh so you you,like me pictures you might be the first,woman I've ever heard say that in my,life every girl I've ever met be like no,penises aren't cute so but you you,wouldn't mind a like you ,wasted cingulum Eve idiot so this,actually might align to something no so,you're like the third woman that I can,come to my mind from Texas right now so,is you make an Italian and the stripper,chick got no name gizelle de blanco' and,all three up house let me coming you all,seem to have like a dynamic personality,light like y'all are very confident in,yourself and like like I don't know I,just I feel like y'all not gonna let it, like ball shawl around like y'all,just you oh you letting a bunch around,oh that's what I'm saying so that's like,y'all three women y'all like when I,listen to make this time Agnes style you,and she selling she pick up and,suddenly meet like I'm kind of scared to,make this tell you and all three odd you,seem like I have like a very just like,you know like y'all waiting to be ,wit you know I'm saying so is that like,a Texas woman thing,but people think I do for an hour like,oh let's never talk Smee I might,heaven I'll beat the out you I'm,sorry like you guys I tried a special,snapchat I'd make it very well no like,both if I do for I won't put my hands on,you and Hearst and that's why I don't,responsible acid or social media I was,telling you last night I would never,start it to launch it all social media,because it's social media what the ,I look like being like a phone,you know that's what be laughing a lot,on Twitter I laugh a lot of because,I have a sense I think what have,different mindset you know I'm saying so,what they might think it's gonna hurt my,feelings,I might laugh at it cuz I think it's,funny that's why I don't I don't get,personal Twitter like does I just a post,by a my only fan I prefer myself hella,heavy every box on the phone I promote,my only fans my website I respond,positive things that my my father say,about me I'm always laughing I laughing,a lot of they say it's best when,they thought I had a boyfriend with a,capful net but a lot of my videos they,go viral all right and I really didn't,know how fast I was gonna blow up that,quickly and I guess it's the fact that I,don't get personal in there like a lot,of that I say is on my snapchat,because sometimes you saying on,Twitter it can be misconstrued it you,know and certain you might say on,social media can either help you or ,you up you know that's why because me I,have my own website and and I look,at these people's Twitter's and I'm,thinking okay well who's I w

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Simone Richards Whoops On A Big Girl In Parking Lot In Fort Worth

Simone Richards Whoops On A Big Girl In Parking Lot In Fort Worth

what's happening youtube,it's your boy jimmy montana you already,know what time it is,it's time for another reaction video,with yours truly alright,today y'all we got another epic ass,reaction but before we get into it i,definitely want y'all to subscribe to my,channel click the bell notification,to my channel so y'all can stay in tune,with these moves,as we make them alright and you don't,miss out on my upcoming videos all right,but today we got an epic crazy reaction,y'all,today guess what fellas y'all gonna love,this one because we got a,reaction porn star simone richards,whoops on a big girl in a parking lot in,fort worth,texas all right it's going down and you,can already tell by the title this is,going to be epic y'all ,definitely don't want to miss this ,cause it's about to go down cause,somebody say,chick fight yes sir let's,get into this reaction right about now,let's go get me oh ooh,big girl got you uh oh,oh,oh,y'all can already tell who won this damn,fight,i don't need to say anything else all,right but the big girl man look like she,was about to,she's about to whoop some ass at the,beginning for like the first three four,seconds but,oh no simone ass came back with the left,right hook,and she just kept it coming and then,when she slung her to the ground look,like,uh simone head kind of ran into the side,of the curb probably messed up the,makeup and everything,but she came back with a vengeance hit,it with the right,look in that kick to the eye it was over,after that,that kick oh man,that lets you know size do not matter,even though d was too healthy girls,it still went down in the dms if you,already know,but that was my reaction to the video go,ahead comment your reaction to this,fight let me know who you,feel won the fight do you feel simone,riches one or do you,feel the super heavyweight one all right,definitely comment that below,sighs don't matter hey don't no,discrimination definitely comment below,i don't know the girl name,the other girl name if i did i would say,it but otherwise we're going to say,simone riches or super heavyweight all,right,that's what we're going to call it all,right don't get mad at me get middle get,mad at the courier or the mailman or the,messenger yeah that's how i go i,got

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Simone Richards Instagram Live (10/3/22)

Simone Richards Instagram Live (10/3/22)

and you just said it's fantasy it's not,really reality,I mean the sex is happening we I,mean it's right there in your face,is on camera but,um,it's not,realistic it's got that mindset of,somebody wanted somebody 24 7. oh,man I have a plop,this is not realistic,I don't think I know is that,from my understanding I've tried being,cool with a few in the industry to us,I try being cool with a few like,literally like probably five Max,in that industry behind closed doors to,a certain extent but I just stopped,talking to him because he didn't get it,they were feeding into it,oh yeah,and they weren't getting it,mm-hmm,I'm like I said the pool party,I guess at all,this is what it is of course my folks,you guys at once,no,it just that's the way she wasn't,planned,that's why I'm like I just got jumped,yeah,all right,okay,I guess I have a different point of view,different mindset so I'm not going to,say what people think or what they say,um if anything I wish it was more,organized because a lot going on that,night you know,I did a little tour contest one I was,butt ass naked didn't care,um,came around the house,looking for my swimsuit,uh I'm gonna have a phone got my phone,and I'm here and I'm here right in the,back side who's tested,I think a whole bunch of people talking,I'm too busy with my own ,next thing I know,I'm here Buddha say oh she's tested yeah,I know who they're talking about,and I was clapping my ass one time,because somebody really wants me to clap,my ass I said okay cool boom there you,go,um,yeah,next thing I know Ray was from,the back and I was taking my commented,in the front that was really oh ,and that was it,and then after a while,are they like uh two minutes,yeah that's it,what's wrong,huh,but of course,um when I I posted on my on my Twitter,I posted that and also uh another video,uh things on his Twitter too,um of course double standards stuff like,that I don't care I don't I don't think,that way so I don't engage in it,um,I'll do all that sad school don't stop,what's that about it I mean if I didn't,stop it,once again y'all turn this into uh,like it's bad or something like that no,that's the reality of it,um but nobody ain't dressed what kind of,man,regard to him and his wife,his wife actually did my makeup for a,freak mob,oh yeah I got a different perspective I,got a different mindset so I'm not going,to say what let me say,is different,oh yeah,of course,and of course Justin don't care because,he's done like that too he's ,females with guys that he was cool with,and stuff like that hang on,uh-huh,we're different we don't have that,mindset that y'all have,that others have,we don't hide shift from each other,we're not embarrassed,we're just different different Dynamic,different bonds uh,what are you gonna do,I know I'm saying like we're gonna do,are you doing like weights cardios,okay you gonna do your hair are you fine,okay,foreign,I almost threw up,yes that pepper strong,hang on,um,foreign,this whole Consciousness is oh,scattered I'm up,you got different that's a different,point of view different mindset got a,different thinking process,what,hey pretty you okay,hey Mama,I will cast our nine-dimensional beings,they create hurts in their throat,yep thank you,hey pretty,hey,yeah,I love you,and,he'll be back,thank you,got a low-key wouldn't respond to,another one first one,there you go okay hang on,thank you okay all right,phone wallet keys,okay all right love you okay,yeah,okay pretty,you wanna say hi,hey baby,but um,he's got a different mindset,unless especially when you wake up more,and more a lot of just ugh,in this one if I had my phone just to,communicate and everything this one was,going it's gonna go forth the YouTube,channel and,like I gotta really use the restroom but,I'll just say this before I get off um,just look forward to the YouTube channel,to the YouTube channel,uh my book,everything like that,um like I said I got my my point of view,my thinking process,yeah I love you too,um the way how I go about things my,mentality,um,my thought process,my Consciousness is,everything's different,only thing I had to stop doing regarding,me was,engaging entertaining ,that really was ,outside of everything else that's to say,anybody went to school with me,stuff like that I don't with y'all,I don't never will I don't like y'all I,don't with y'all to Galactic female, you,uh when my neighbors in school me I,don't with him him I don't,care,because y'all have that mindset y'all,called me a hoe y'all did all these,things,but y'all follow me though,oh y'all follow me,and then when I was trying to be cool,with those who I tried to be cool with I,could ask questions,um meaning,oh how is she how is this,I said I'm not a being like I'm a,conspiracy theory which is always truth,and too,oh yeah,because I'm chosen I know I am one of,them,I hardly believe that I really do just,different,oh yeah,hey baby I know,I mean you all y'all have a chance to,find out,give me no chance,y'all y'all really thought,okay but yea

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Former 🌽 star Simone Richards. Describe 1 of scene. Y she said “im getting jump” friends using her

Former 🌽 star Simone Richards. Describe 1 of scene. Y she said “im getting jump” friends using her

um,I want to go,certain places like I said I want some,I've been to clubs really like clothes,like nightclubs strip clubs is when I,was trying to make some money,other than that,um,that I went to other clubs outside of,that was just to go hang out with those,who I thought my friends,I thought they were my friends,they wanted to go I didn't want to go I,just went because they wanted to go,that's it other than that as y'all can,tell,I don't like all that I don't,like it to a point where that's a hobby,for me that's fun for me like if I go to,a club I'm trying I'm fishing I'm,looking for money I want money X1 is a,Capricorn in me I might be in Capricorn,in this room have an understanding of,money,I'm not a hoe I'm not I'm none of that,I don't believe in those things,that's why because yeah I don't see how,people can put themselves in these,interviews it's just just toxic and,draining like you keep on going back and,forth they're not going to get you and,they're gonna understand you they don't,agree with you, down them people, them them ,them literally,and I'll haunt y'all natural Realms,leave me alone,I don't play that,is putting put myself in that,predicament in that position,which is not for me,that's the karmic energy,yep,but,I knew,um once I seen more and more people,I think I was raised my voice a little,bit,another video God do I do think it's,selfish,is selfish,for um,for,anyone to come to come to anybody for,Solutions help right you were claiming,you want help you want Solutions,everything like this,is what you are claiming that you want,but,I'm so sorry I'm coughing a lot,baby you got that smoke out,you got the Smoke Out,come I'm trying to talk and I keep on,having that smell creeping my esophagus,oh that's not that's seasoning baby oh,yeah that shit's strong,if you ain't season it ain't seasoned,and,karmic energy are people who teaches you,life lessons so you can be the best you,yep and everything's world is a number,of energy,um,it's frequencies everything like that,ah damn it,but um,it is very selfish to keep on coming to,me,with your chaos,but you do not want Solutions you don't,want Solutions you don't want help you,know,you don't want that for yourself,I had a lot of people in my life like,that,my God,I've had people say Simone,they're in college,I think PV,no need to say names we don't do that,if I ever do say something about his,name and you got me absolutely also, up and I'm gonna clear your ass,up a little bit because you need it,because I don't know I'm not ,with you I'm not doing it,um,oh Simone,what's going on,I need you,to come over,to drive all the way out here,and,hurt these people,why,what's going on listen now let's in a,live situation,and if I go out and I do all that,I save you,and you do not and you go right back,into that I'm not being a friend no,more I'm not,you're training,see me I'm a different person uh when I,go through I face that head on,by myself,if I did ask somebody for help,I'm not gonna go back to it,to that chaos after this took me out of,it because I go back to it I just said a,big ass you to you and it's,respectful a big ass you it's a,life lessons,a lot of y'all don't want help a lot of,I don't want Solutions,drain your friends,dried up proof juice,yeah I would drain them and drain them,until they don't be your friend no more,you're draining as and you lie too, much,you know half as ignorant as ,I feel bad for you I feel sorry for you,you okay,let me get back I want to watch a movie,and you put that I'm about to throw up,and put that fan on,okay thank you,foreign,if I had somebody help me and they take,me out of that situation I'm not going,back to it because to me if I go back to,it after they just did all that to,help me out they drove over here to help,me be there for me and everything,being there for me my lowest,being there for me at my lowest,and,I go right back to the situation,that's a big ass you,and then I just little Pitty Pat lies,and other going on y'all know what,y'all be doing,y'all know better,and that's all Simone,my other friends don't cut me off the,way how you do,there's been times I cut people off and,then I come back to him I'm like I think,they came back to their senses I said I,miss you I miss hanging out with you,everything like that I'll admit it too,oh yeah yeah,ego's not that strong now,and after a while I'm like yeah nah,there's a reason why I cut them off this,time around I do it again and I'm not,coming back,I'm so sorry y'all,I'm so sorry,I almost threw up,I don't know where Justin put,in that kitchen,is so strong,That season,I'm about to throw up,I'm so sorry,I'm so sorry,That season is so strong,exactly you can't force the horse to,drink water,you sure can,um,oh,Goblin too yep what's that paper,yep,okay,a lot of y'all,did not want help a lot of y'all,did it with Solutions a lot of y'all,just want to be friends with me because,you have this mindset of she got,followers based on her doing sex work,even get Cloud off her,oh everybod

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The Deycast EP15: WTF Is Wrong With Simone Richards?

The Deycast EP15: WTF Is Wrong With Simone Richards?

ah man what's up homies how you guys,feeling how you guys feeling i might,have to turn this fan off i'm not gonna,lie it's starting to sound a little loud,i'm gonna turn it down a little bit,because i you know,i ain't gonna lie at first i was like, it we ain't gonna be hot but you,know what for you guys for you let me,see let me send let me bring you a,little closer let me bring you a little,closer you're gonna be all up in my mid,but chill don't dicky also don't dicky,on this i'm trying to make sure my my,braids stay now all right chill,your boy they got got length all right,but how you guys doing though like,what's up with y'all how y'all feeling,y'all good,but,before we get too much into today's like,topics and stuff i just want to say,um,like comment subscribe make sure you hit,that post notification bell you know,this is for the youtube audience because,you know you guys why are you guys not,checking out the the spotify version,if more of y'all check out the spotify,version i will start,it's going to take a lot of work but,i'll start editing clips together make,it because i'm thinking about instead of,posting like um,a whole,like video like the first like 20,minutes to youtube i'm thinking about,just posting funny moments to youtube,how y'all feel about that i think,what if i just start doing the funny,moments to youtube that y'all y'all ,with that y'all feeling that y'all,feeling that,because i'm thinking that's a good,joy or like moments that you know,clipable moments and ,ha stop it,or i might just post like little,segments and let me know though,or if y'all want the full videos and, y'all gotta let me know about that,too,also can anyone in the comments below,like let me know about like um,a camera or camcorder that can record,like for hours like maybe two or three,hours like straight,because i would love that and i would,need that thank you um,so,i ain't gonna lie guys your boy gained,some weight,i'm not going to catch you it looks like,i got a bbo now,and i just wanted to say like,please help me,if you guys got like any like tips for,like losing weight and stuff let me know,because,listen,i just can't stop eating food,i mean you're not supposed to stop but,you know what i mean like i just can't i,can't stop it's hard bro like,i don't know why people act like it's,not hard to lose weight,it's man hard to lose weight like,i think i'm a good like 2 30 right now,never been 2 30 2 35 to be exact never,been 235 i'm trying to get back to like,maybe 180,so i need to lose a good 55 pounds,55 pounds,so if y'all got any tips and please,let me know hit my dms because bro,i need to go to the gym i think i'm,gonna need to start like calorie cutting,or cutting calories because my,i ain't going hi y'all,y'all having issues with y'all ask me,this spring because my acne on,some angles and i've been drinking my,water too,like i drink like maybe like three four,water bottles a day,and yet this crazy,someone lied to me,maybe i just need to cut out like,juicing soda all the way but,i'm trying to lose my weight because i'm,tired of people saying i got a bbo or i,got a big ass,i don't like that stop talking about my,butt,it's hurting my,feelings but anyway speaking of bbos,can we talk about yo,can we have a serious discussion real,quick like can we can we be honest with,can can i be transparent with you guys,can y'all please go stop paying,800 to a thousand dollars for a bbl that,should look nasty bro it looks,disgusting why are you paying such,little money if you want to look if you,if you want your butt to look nice and,you're getting a bbl please go to a good,surgeon cause half of y'all looking like,y'all got sticks up y'all asses look,hard look like concrete why you got,a concrete ass like what the is,wrong with you,you got a whole cement ass,drawing,should be looking nasty too like it like,i don't think i know like women say like,they do things for themselves but listen,i'm gonna be real with you a lot of guys,don't like bbos,they like the natural it don't matter if,your booty a little flat i don't if you,got a pancake booty a pancake booty is,better than a bbo,pancake is better than concrete booty,that look hard and nasty and it'd,be looking lopsided like now like,especially nowadays i'll be seeing a lot,of women with bbls like why is that like,a more natural thing now like,no stop it if you don't got the funds,don't get a bbl stop going to dominican,republic because that's what you ,up first of all y'all know damn well,dominican republic don't got no good bbl,surgeons y'all playing yourself and then,not only that you don't even take care,of y'all bbos y'all be saying y'all,don't y'all know you're not supposed to,see when you're bbl right away you,posted like let that join rest you post,a massage it let it heal and all that,y'all don't let it heal,and then you're getting back shots three,days later after your bbl surgery wow,energy,you will need to take a few months break,from your only fans,can we talk about anoth

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Former 🌽 star Simone Richards discuss her recent transition. Her being married, pass trauma. 

Former 🌽 star Simone Richards discuss her recent transition. Her being married, pass trauma. 

peace you know having an abundance of,peace having joy um,and and abundance you know what i'm,saying those are all things that that i,think of when i think of greatness,so real we're just just to read this,this comment real quick what will i say,um that's how i felt the first time i,manifested,bringing the first time,once once you pop your manifestation,cherry just like whoa wait a minute,it's like whoa this is crazy so yeah i,feel like that that power is you know,it's a great feeling too,and a lot of the times a lot of times,your manifestations will come with,synchronicities like little calling,cards where it's like okay this is no,coincidence yeah so i i feel like that,that's one of the greatest things that,you can experience you know so y'all so,what's up bro so what do you think about,the obstacles you know so let's get to,it you know what i mean,well like i was about to get into for me,it's it's really patience,you know it's it's the,you know when the the manifestations,aren't as instant as i just described,because all the times they're not you,know like bigger manifestations might,require some it might require the most,higher big mama to shuffle some things,on the board for you behind the scenes,and you have to you have to have that,patience knowing it's coming but when,you don't have patience you know it's,like you order it's like you at a,restaurant you order your food and you,know it's going to come out amazing but,you get impatient like man what are they,doing in the back you end up you end up,rushing out yeah i'm saying going home,and the whole time they're about to,bring your meal out so a lot of times,that impatience can make you impulsive,and make you do things that are gonna,prolong the manifesto,but the only reason because that's deep,the only reason why i prolong the,manifestation is because i just said the,patience but it's deep because what i,feel like even in my life i have been,this close,i didn't put in the work i just spent,the money,i didn't i didn't put i mean i didn't,just really just put it in the i have,you know um,created this manifestation i'm just,waiting for it to be reciprocated back,and i just i gave up,right and and i was gonna say gabriel,too soon but no you shouldn't give up,ever yeah so it's like i gave up right,at the time i feel like my life,continued to like i was like complete a,cycle and i kept like starting over in,new areas the same area because i was,this close been there patience,you know see let me tell you something,it's always something to look better,when they say the grass look green on,the other side you gotta look at that as,your own life like there's always going,to be somebody that's going to present,something to you that is not what you,want for self but it's going to seem,more circle it's going to it's going to,seem more beneficial in the,circumstantial way,and that's what i do is best for you at,that point,exactly,yes it is like manifesting in fact i,have my god right next to me,what's up how y'all doing he's family,yes yes like i told y'all last time he's,going he just wants to listen for now i,was gonna say but we got a lot of good,things about you,because he's been his shadow work and,everything like that we literally i was,telling you earlier we went to the park,for about an hour and a half man it was,so beautiful out there it was so,beautiful,no phones,we had a little kitty cat out there and,her in a bag and the carrier,actually grounded talking to us from god,to goddess really speaking,a whole like a lot of,past trauma healing like from from,partnership what what is something that,you want to heal from and is there,anything that i can do to help you heal,so i can really be there for you the way,how i feel about the way how you feel,like we both get there for each other,you know because there might be some,people who do not have that support,system you know,across somebody like that that's that's,a real blessing for us that's a real,level,or they never had it and they require,more support,but some people are trying to say look,at them like they this and that they'll,talk down it's like yo you know so that,person just may never had that so they,require more you know,exactly yeah you know so really you know,i feel like what you what y'all doing is,beautiful because um the key to having a,great relationship is knowing the person,you're with not just on like like a,physical aspect but on like a regular,everyday aspect but on like a soul see,when you when you say when you talk,about pain,pain is in the soul,yeah,so when y'all speak about these deep,traumas and have to ask these deep,questions that is almost like soul,bonding like y'all connecting y'all,souls are connected so i feel like that,is like the deepest level of healing,yeah you know what i'm saying,now especially together in a,relationship that's a beautiful thing,you know um i ain't gonna lie you know,we gonna i'm gonna give y'all a heads up,right now i will supposed to say this,but we act

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