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ELON MUSK x TWITTER UNVEIL HUGE PLANS FOR SHIBA INU!! - SHIB NEWSthere's something cooking for Shiba


Updated on Jan 16,2023


there's something cooking for Shiba Inu,and the entire crypto market and that,thing has something to do with the Elon,Musk X Twitter partnership there's a new,update on the partnership that would be,beneficial to the crypto Market make,sure to keep watching this video in,order to not miss out on that disclaimer,hey there shebarmy welcome back to the,channel and thanks for joining in for,another video if you're new here you're,also welcome here on this channel I give,daily updates on the sheep token the,entire Shiba Inu ecosystem and the Sheep,Army,so if that's what you're looking for,make sure to hit the Subscribe button,and the notification Bell so that you,don't miss any new videos now let's get,into today's video,after acquiring 9.1 percent of Twitter,musk made a move to buy the entire,Enterprise in April of this year there,were mixed reactions to this move but,the reactions from the community were,mostly positive because of musk's,relationship to the crypto space musk,has been known to show support for a,number of cryptocurrencies so crypto,investors expected that his acquisition,of Twitter would be beneficial to crypto,unfortunately later in the year musk,backtracked saying that he was no longer,interested in buying Twitter there were,a number of reasons stated for this and,both musk and Twitter were almost,embroiled in a legal battle but that's,not the point here the point is that,when the news broke that musk was no,longer interested in the acquisition,many hopes in the crypto Community were,dashed if you're one of those who had,their hopes dashed because of the,backtracking well you're in luck because,there's a new update that'll fix your,home,musk's lawyers have just filled a notice,that states and musk is ready to close,the transaction for the merger and,Twitter has also accepted the terms of,the deal all that's left right now is,for the dotted lines to be signed now if,they actually go through with it this,time and must advise Twitter the social,media platform will start accepting,crypto at least that's what some League,texts insinuate,the league texts were between musk and,Jack Dorsey former Twitter CEO,apparently Dorsey was trying to convince,musk to decentralize Twitter and turn it,into an open source protocol funded by a,foundation and must seem to be on board,with the idea,while Dorsey didn't specifically mention,blockchain it seems like his idea for a,decentralized Twitter gave us the idea,of creating a blockchain according to,bitrate on April 9th musk lay down his,blockchain plans writing I have an idea,for a blockchain social media system,that does both payments and short text,messages links like Twitter,to reduce spam users would pay a tiny,amount of crypto to send messages plus a,blockchain would resist censorship as,there would be no throat to choke,later the same month musk mentioned that,he had a plan B which was a,blockchain-based version of Twitter so,this would basically be a paid version,of Twitter where users would have to pay,a fraction of a cryptocurrency to,comment or repost,now while musk has since retracted both,statements mentioning that a blockchain,based Twitter is not possible due to,bandwidth and latency issues it is,obvious that he is very interested in,featuring crypto and Twitter somehow I,think it would be interesting to see how,musk eventually makes crypto a part of,Twitter when the acquisition is complete,would we be paying for Twitter services,using crypto or would crypto payments,only be reserved for those who want to,run adverts also how will she feature in,all of this please share your comments,with us in the comment section below,meanwhile she burn rates have spiked by,over a thousand percent in preparation,for download day we're only about 6,million sheep tokens were burnt the day,before more than 26 million were burned,in the last 24 hours and I can imagine,that the rate of burns will increase,even more as the shiba inu game launches,and people all around the world start,playing,it's not just the rate of burns that has,seen a spike in recent times though even,the price of sheep experienced a pump,recently but this one happened as a,result of the announcement that musk was,back to being interested in buying,Twitter,she pumped by 4.3 after the announcement,and just like with the rate of burns we,can expect to see the price of sheep's,Spike even higher after the launch of,Shiba eternity,regular sheep investors are not the only,ones that are looking forward to and,preparing for download day though Steve,whales aren't doing the same if the,recent purchases are anything to go by,Watcher Guru reports that according to,the data on whale alert a mysterious,whale transferred over one trillion,Shiba Inu sheep tokens from an unknown,wallet to coinbase the value of,transferred Sheed comes to a whopping,12.15 million dollars,interestingly this is not the only whale,purchase that has happened recently but,before we get into that this channel has,a daily giveaway of 100 0

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Shiba Inu is set to be able to be used,for payments on Twitter this comes as,Elon Musk has recently bought Twitter,and intends to make a lot of big changes,this could really help the crypto market,and more specifically Shiba Inu so if,you have any interest in Shiba in New Or,you hold any ship then you need to see,this,so what is Elon musk's plan to,incorporate ship payments into Twitter,and how will it affect the value of,Shiba Inu in today's video I will be,answering these questions and I'm going,to be telling you all of the new price,boosting information that has just come,out about Shiba Inu and how there is,still a high possibility you could,become a millionaire from Shiba Inu I,have put a lot of research into this,video so make sure you watch the entire,video to not miss out on any price,boosting information welcome to crypto,hype your daily dose of Sheba if you are,interested in everything around Shiba,this is the place for you subscribe if,you want to stay updated with all the,ship news predictions and stay one step,ahead in the crypto World make sure to,hit the like button for us to provide,you with more ship news also just before,we go any further this channel has a,daily giveaway of 1 million Sheba tokens,to enter all you have to do is be,subscribed to this channel like this,video and comment hashtag Shiba Inu good,luck but before we get to our topic,let's take a look at the chart and see,what the price of Shiva is doing on the,3rd of November shall we,Shiba in news price today is around 1,203 units shibs price is down 0.4,percent in the last 24 hours with a,24-hour trading volume of 579 million,dollars,the token also currently has a market,cap of over 7.1 billion dollars ranking,it as the 14th most valuable,cryptocurrency,it has a circulating supply of 549,trillion coins but this number is,getting lower every day due to coin,burns the token started with a total,supply of one quadrillion if you are,looking to buy or sell Shiba in new or,any cryptocurrency binance is by far the,best exchange if you sign up through the,link in my description you will get,cheaper trading fees or 100 worth of,free crypto,also guys please be aware of scammers,impersonating the channel in the,comments we do not have a WhatsApp or,Telegram,now before we get to the main story of,the video we first need to update you on,the latest Shiva inucoin news so let's,not waste any time and get into it,group of investors buy 10 million,dollars worth of ship in six days,Shiba Inu has seen an increase in whale,activity this week as a group of,investors purchased 10 million dollars,worth of ship tokens in six days,reported whale stats this group of 10,whales now collectively owns 8.21,trillion ship tokens worth nearly 100,million dollars,the overall ethereum rich list owns a,four percent share in the total,portfolio of ethereum's largest holders,despite a price decline whales have not,moved away from Shiba Inu and have,constantly picked up the token,the whale Community has made good use of,shiv's dips at every turn accumulating,more tokens the development makes Shiba,a new and indispensable force in the,crypto markets that are always,attracting buying pressure even when its,price is down,shiv rally hard last week jumping 40,percent in the indices,if you were still watching it would be,massively appreciated if you could go,ahead and smash the like button it costs,nothing and really helps support the,channel,also keep watching to find out how,Twitter will start to use Shiba in new,as a payment method,shibarium moving ahead with great,strength unification the development,team behind Shiba in your subarian layer,to network has released a new blog,updating the community on the,development status,team said that their work with the,shibarium team remains their core,project for the year,the blog further added that the project,is moving ahead with great strength,however the unification team has not,provided any release date so far,as per the blog they said,it's much more important for us to work,with and support the team to ensure the,most secure usable vision and,accompanying product possible,unification said that the internal Alpha,is being optimized to serve the,requirements of the huge audience,the team has assured the Shiva a new,community that the launch is just around,the corner and another update on the,product will be available soon,essentially they don't want to rush it,out and then it ends up crashing or not,working properly,Shiba Inu has a string of releases up,its sleeve that could be beneficial to,its ecosystem the upcoming releases are,sherbarium layer to network shib the,metaverse she's stablecoin tree token,Shiba swap 2.0,among all the developments shibarium,could be a game changer for shib as the,L2 solution aims to lower gas fees,considerably according to reports,shibarium could also integrate an,inbuilt burn mechanism that could remove,ship tokens from circulation,therefore shibarium is touted to be the,development that coul

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hi guys welcome back to shipkai Elon,Musk crypto X Twitter and reveal big,plans for today's Shiba and ushiba new,news a Sheba menu whale recently pulled,1.7 trillion shares from cryptocurrency,exchange Ruby which could be bullish for,the cryptocurrency's price it appears,that he transferred the codes to his,personal account in this video we'll,talk about Ellen musk Twitter and reveal,big plans for today Shiva and yoshiba a,new news don't forget to smash your,thumbs share and subscribe to our,channel to see our latest content on,Sheba a new price prediction and expert,analysis without further Ado let's start,the video Dennis shows that a Shiba Inu,will has withdrawn 1.7 trillion chips,from cryptocurrency Trading platform,rubai which is potentially bullish for,the crypto price per tweet from the,tracker will alert crypto transaction a,user transferred 1.72 trillion chips,from a hobby trading platform to an,unknown wallet the withdrawal,transaction turned the shiba inu into,approximately 19.4 million dollars at,the time it occurred but since then the,value of this group of coins has dropped,at just under 19.1 million such large,transactions usually belong to a single,whale or an entity made up of multiple,investors in general Wales divertic,change flows into their personal wallets,for accumulation purposes while deposits,may be for dumping this buying pressure,in the market can have an upward impact,on the price of the meme coin Shiba Inu,is the first collectible card game Shiba,eternity launched on global mobile,platforms for users to download and play,many have wondered what impact their,release might have on sentiment around,the cryptocurrency the recent whale move,right after the game becomes available,may be a sign that the whales still see,value in stocking their ship Odyssey,however the price itself has not shown,any significant strength yet instead it,is down more than two percent over the,past 24 hours the meme coin is trading,around,1106 cents the shiba ninu price ice,peaked at,1172 cents a few days ago as the game,was about to be released but has been,steadily declining since then however,the meme coin's weekly losses still,stand at just one percent monthly,returns vary ship is down more than,eight percent over the past 30 days in,terms of market cap the shibang Inu,continues to hold the 14th spot on the,list of top cryptocurrencies meanwhile,over the weekend the whales bought a,huge clump of Grayling 155 million,behind the rate Rose 365 percent the,Sherborne platform which tracks,Sherborne transactions and removes meme,tokens to dead-end wallets shared via,its Twitter handled that over the past,seven days the amount of coin spurn has,decreased significantly compared to,those that preceded it this time Chiefs,burning was accounted for thanks to the,Joint efforts of the ship's Army a total,of 108 million six hundred eleven,thousand four hundred fifty nine meme,coins have been sent to U.N spendable,wallets another 4 44 million shares have,been removed from trading in the past 24,hours making for roughly 155 million,shares to buy nowlinacht two I mentioned,today that the grain Community has,burned about half a billion memes over,the past week on Saturday I reported,today that an anonymous wallet owner,purchased 100 billion Shiba Inu tokens,paying 1.1 million dollars for them at,the exchange rate on the day of the,purchase the cryptocurrency was acquired,on the coupon exchange as of today the,top 100 ethereum Wells have a fixed,amount of gray which they have not added,to or subtracted from in the past two,weeks 12 trillion 404 billion 455,million two hundred fourteen thousand,nine hundred sixty three this amount of,ship is worth 134 million 295 514 and,makes up 4.98 of their portfolio the,second most popular token is trading at,one thousand Eighty Four Cents according,to the figures provided by the,cryptocurrency market cap platform as it,turns out a sense of community is,crucial to the growth of graying hairs,whether they ask for it to be listed on,Robinhood or ask McDonald's to accept it,as payment the community has always,rallied around Chef's growth it has also,become home to a huge nft Community,artists who focus on the Shiba Inu dog,breed in their artwork rather than just,dismissing the hypertrite it's important,to recognize that what we're seeing is a,mass movement of Traders new to,cryptocurrency moving into the space,said Ben Callan head of research and,strategy at aax he added that sheep is a,meme coin and Embraces that because it,runs on the ethereum platform it is,currently using a proof of work,consensus mechanism and will migrate to,a POS proof of stake consensus mechanism,the upcoming ethereum 2.0 transition,will also affect the growth of the coin,change blog post a claim that after,studying stock prices and Market,volatility experts predicted that the,ship could go as high as 8 dollars at,0.50 and as low as four thousand one,hundred eighty three cents the potential,return on investment f

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oh hey there the rich coin team would,like to welcome you back Elon Musk is,taken to Twitter and announced some,significant upcoming changes related to,Sheba than us it's possible that the,recent 1.7 trillion share withdrawal,from the crypto exchange Ruby was caused,by asheba and ubuel who may have been,bullish on the price of cryptocurrencies,it would appear that he has transferred,tokens to his own account in this video,we discuss the lead musk Twitter and,share some exciting upcoming,developments regarding the shiba new to,keep up with the latest content,regarding Shiba a new price forecast and,expert analysis please give this video a,huge thumbs up share it with your,friends and subscribe to the channel,let's jump right into the video without,any more delay according to a tweet from,crypto transaction tracker whale alert,the actions of ishiba and you will who,reportedly withdrew 1.7 trillion ship,from The cryptocurrency Exchange rubai,may have a positive impact on the price,of Bitcoin one to an unidentified wallet,a user sent 1.72 trillion ship from a,personal cryptocurrency exchange at the,time of the shiba inu withdrawal,transaction it had been converted to,nearly 19.4 million dollars since then,and however this quantity of coins has,lost value and is now worth only about,19.1 million dollars large Financial,deals are typically the domain of a,single whale or a group of multi-whales,working together the primary motivation,for a will to make a deposit into their,personal wallets is likely for dumping,while an outflow transfer is made to,their personal wallets for accumulation,the market price of the meme coin could,go up in response to such bullish buying,pressure the collectible card game Shiba,eternity starts the Sheba menu and is,available for download on mobile,platforms around the world many were,curious as to how the news would affect,the cryptocurrency's value after it was,released the timing of this latest will,transfer just after the game launches,May indicate that whales continue to see,benefit from keeping their vessels,outside of trading hubs however the,price itself has not shown any signs of,strength as of yet instead it has,dropped by over two percent over the,past day the current price of a meme,coin is reportedly,1106 cents the value of a Sheba and you,peaked at,1172 cents a few days ago right before,the release of the game and has since,decreased gradually the meme coin has,lost only one percent of its value each,week so far variation in monthly returns,is to be expected the last 30 days have,seen a decline of over eight percent for,ship Shiba Inu maintains its 14th Place,on the list of the top cryptocurrencies,by market capitalization meanwhile over,the weekend whales purchased a sizable,amount of ship the rate is now 365,percent higher and this amount amounts,to 155 million in dollars through its,Twitter account the Sherborne platform,which tracks Sherborne transactions and,purges meme tokens from debt and wallets,revealed a dramatic decrease in the,number of burn coins over the past week,the combined efforts of the ship Army,paid off in the end making ship burn,count this time the United Nations has,received a total of 108 million six,hundred eleven thousand four hundred,fifty nine meme coins as of today,October 2nd roughly 155 million shares,after the removal of another 44 million,in the previous 24 hours are available,for buy you stated today that the ship,Community had destroyed approximately,500 million memes over the past seven,days an unnamed wallet owner reportedly,spent 1.1 million dollars on 100 billion,Sheba a new tokens on Saturday according,to your report the digital currency was,purchased through the Q Quinn exchange,there has been no net increase or,decrease in the amount of shib held by,the time top 100 whales on ethereum in,the past two weeks 12 billion dollars,404 trillion 455 million two hundred,fourteen thousand nine hundred sixty,three dollars this ship is worth,approximately 134 million two hundred,ninety five thousand five hundred,fourteen dollars and accounts for 4.92,of their cash on hand the price of the,second most popular dog token which is,worth 1084 cents is currently 8 cents to,quote Dana from the coin market cap,website conspicuously a strong sense of,community is essential to ships,development demands have included having,it added as a payment option at,McDonald's in Robinhood ship's,development has always enjoyed,widespread support from the local,population also a sizable nft Community,has settled there those creative types,whose work center around Shiba new docs,instead of taking the popular opinion as,gospel we should examine it as Ben,Callan AI head of research and strategy,put it what we're seeing is the mass,movement of Traders new to crypto moving,into the space he continued that chip,coin recognizes its status as a meme,currency because it is built on the,ethereum network it uses a proof of work,consensus mechanism at the moment but,plans to

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CEO Robinhood Confirmed Elon Musk Is Running Shiba Inu Via Twitter 🔥

CEO Robinhood Confirmed Elon Musk Is Running Shiba Inu Via Twitter 🔥

see ya on Twitter Robinhood revealed,that Elon Musk owns a Shiba Inu the,future of the Sheba and new,cryptocurrency what are the expectations,where can I find the most recent updates,regarding this digital currency we will,answer these questions in today's video,Welcome to the wealthy coin Channel,don't miss the next video by not liking,this one and subscribing to the channel,the live Shiba Inu price today is 11,cents USD with a 24 hour trading volume,of 301 million dollars USD we update our,ship to USD price in real time Shiba Inu,is down 2.47 percent in the last 24,hours while the investing sheep wait for,the next top asset volatility and trade,volume have dropped during the past few,days a price that is contained inside of,very small range is sometimes,interpreted as a precursor to a,subsequent significant breakthrough,indicating that the consolidation phase,preceded the new movement in this time,frame the Sheep price has created a,tight trading range between the levels,of 50 cents as support and 55 cents as,resistance given that the pair has,managed to escape the falling triangle,it seems that the downward trend has,paused for the time being for the ship,coin to resume its upward Trend the,Bulls need to be completely committed in,the last two weeks the shiba social,mooding next has stayed relatively High,between 79 to 100 indicating widespread,positivity prices have increased by 1.9,percent in the last 24 hours as a press,time data on the supply chain indicates,that the number of sheep owners has,grown by at least 0.25 percent over the,same time period Elon Musk the owner of,Twitter and CEO of Tesla is a fan of the,meme coin Dogecoin although ship has,more Twitter followers cheap at 3.6,million followers on Twitter while,Dogecoin only is 3.5 million early in,2018,musci's control of Twitter and he has,sent push Doge and cheap using bitpay as,the payment Gateway he led Tesla,consumers pay for select items using,both coins after musk issued an,ultimatum to all employees in an email,the social media firm he Now controls,has seen key members of its engineering,team leave the employees have the option,of accepting increased hours with an,emphasis on engineering staff or leaving,with three months pay in light of musk,massive layoff of three thousand seven,hundred employees at the beginning of,November 2022 concerns have been,expressed about the company's long-term,viability despite this he announced in a,tweet earlier today that Twitter had,reached a new record high in terms of,user activity moreover Twitter has lost,its head of cyber security Lee kistner,which raises concerns about the,company's ability to keep its deal with,the U Federal Trade Commission despite,the drama playing out on Twitter the,Sheep Community encourages members and,fans to connect with them on other,platforms including Discord word,telegram and Reddit we feel it's,important to inform the community that,has ship is still going strong until,Twitter headquarters figures things out,to see the canonical connections to each,of our hashtags please visit our Cuda,profile solid social media presence,Cheval Farms there has been a consistent,rise in the number of cryptocurrency,wallets holding ship despite the ongoing,crypto Winter According to data compiled,by coin or kitkop the number of,addresses holding ship has been on the,rise from the end of August 2022 drop,someone at the end of September 2022 and,has since been rising at a relatively,consistent rate to 1 million two hundred,seventy four thousand one hundred fifty,holders as a press time the ship,ecosystem has also been increasing at a,rapid rate this date in 2022 October 6th,in collaboration with plus side Studios,the community has created shebu eternity,a free-to-play collectible card game,available on Android and iOS devices as,of March of 2022 plus side Studios has,created games for companies like Disney,and Warner Brothers owners of closed,governance token leash and Skybox were,required to participate in a pre-sale,for land parcels and ship the metaverse,which was launched by the ship community,in the shib ecosystem skyboxes are a,group of 10 000 non-transferable tokens,created by users the Sheep Community,Enlisted the help of a visualization,Studio the third level whose work has,appeared in films from the MCU and the,Star Wars saga to increase the size of,the virtual world the wagmy temple a,tranquil zen-like atmosphere and growing,Dunes a form of desert habitat inspired,in part by the huge Sand Dune National,Park in Colorado USA the Egyptian,pyramids and the Sahara Desert were both,created with assistance from the third,floor we appreciate everyone who join us,tonight on the token Discord for a,Fireside conversation about wagmy Shrine,for Shiva in the metaverse we are,pleased to unveil the hub's color,concept artwork as a surprise to the,community Big Ups to everyone on the,third level there's new conceptual art,out there visit and enjoy the beautiful,Scenic Dunes as you look furthe

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up welcome back to the channel in,today's video we're talking about,Twitter and Shiba Inu how and how both,can really help each other out so right,now we know Elon Musk has officially,taken over Twitter as a result we saw,Dogecoin Spike and shibi new Spike as,well Shiba Inu is up big time now the,Market's falling back down giving us a,beautiful opportunity a lot of whales,started taking profits a lot of people,started taking profits which is good,when the market rallies and goes up 50,you want to take some profits and,usually we expected the day after to be,a little bit of a fall nothing too big,of a deal this is an opportunity to,stockpile a more those profits that we,took the last few days maybe a chance to,buy some more while the price is down so,when you look in the overall Market we,have to understand that you know Twitter,is a huge company it is so valuable,um you know the thing is that it in,terms of being a profitable company,that's where they have some issues now,Elon Musk took took it over is he going,to be successful in running Twitter I,have no idea I'd love to know what you,guys think though so comment down below,do you guys like Elon Musk do you think,he will make Twitter very successful in,terms of being a profitable company,because you know social media Outlets,tend to not be as profitable as you may,think they cost a lot of money it's a,lot of work you know they have a hard,time with advertising so we'll see if he,makes it a profitable company but,because it is so popular because there's,so many people employed and it's such a,massive aspect of everyone's daily life,so much news brought out on it,it's a big deal for them to start you,know it's uh the now the new owner of,Twitter who happens to be a big fan of,shibi Inu and Dogecoin so it's a big,thing to think about but remember,shibino is still up 20 the last seven,days okay Dogecoin is still up 97 on the,last seven days a lot of these tokens,are still up so this is a great time to,take profits if you are up,um you know if you haven't taken profits,yet and maybe if you have taken profits,start to buy more say your low buy limit,orders I have alerts coming out on the,patreon tonight going over all the,different uh alerts that I've sent out,previously so I highly recommend you,guys check out those alerts because,those alerts go over basically you know,everything we need right now especially,with the FED meeting coming up on the,second which is just in a few days and,remember our expectation is hopefully,the FED is a little bit more dovish,hopefully they back off that 75 basis,point hike hopefully they give us a,little bit more clarity into what will,come in the coming months you know,that's the reason the markets are down,right now stock market sound crypto,Market sound because no one knows,exactly what's coming and that scares a,lot of people so they pull their money,out which is presented one of the,greatest opportunities right now uh you,know for anyone who does have the,ability to invest they have great,opportunities right now because of how,Dirt Cheap some of these prices are I,mean just look at Bitcoin at twenty,thousand dollars that is dirt cheap,ethereum at 1500 that is dirt cheap,compared to where it will be in the,relative near future so if your plan is,to you know retire early or you want to,you know have an investment that grows,substantially remember this millionaires,are created in Bear markets okay,millionaires aren't created in Bull,markets you don't make money in Bull,markets the people who make money in,Bull markets are the people who start,investing during the bear market and,this everything that's happening right,now is 100 normal the markets go down,they go up they go down okay they're,cyclical this is a part of the business,cycle it's very normal economic Cycles,so we are in a very very good situation,right now so if anyone has any fear or,doubts don't have any fear or doubts,there's nothing to be scared of when it,comes to a lot of these tokens we are in,a good position and patience always pays,off so,highly recommend you guys check out our,patreon group Link in description down,below I got links to all the different,uh you know awesome benefits in there so,definitely check out the patreon if,you're interested anyways just want to,say love you guys so much thank you for,watching keep you updated and I will see,you in the next one

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OH OK! SHIBA INU X TWITTER! These Cryptos Will Skyrocket If Twitter Starts Crypto Payments!

OH OK! SHIBA INU X TWITTER! These Cryptos Will Skyrocket If Twitter Starts Crypto Payments!

what is going on everybody it is Ahmed,and I am back today with yet another,video for you all and today guys I want,to talk about what's on the screen here,and that is crypto Twitter the coins,that will Skyrocket of Twitter starts,crypto payments now remember as always,I'd like to preface by saying that I'm,not a financial advisor but rather I,always try to put you guys on the plays,that I'm in and I want you guys to pay,attention to what statements they are,making in this quick two-minute read,it's only a matter of time before,Twitter Begins the integration of crypto,payments within its services now that,Elon Musk is at the Helm of the Affairs,the introduction of cryptocurrencies on,the social media platform are more,likely down then never in this context,it becomes all the more important to,assess which cryptocurrencies would,stand the chance to feature on Twitter,payments and in a in the latest reports,suggest that musk wants to introduce,subscription fee for Twitter users you,guys saw it via Twitter blue those who,have a verified badge and if you're not,aware of the verified badge it's a,little check mark saying that you are,who you are account information this,account is verified because it is,notable government news entertainment or,any other designated category for,everybody to put or keep a good standing,with Twitter you have to be a part of,Twitter blue meaning you have to pay a,four or five dollar monthly fee to keep,that status as a verified member and if,you're not a verified member that is,something that you might have to start,doing to have certain access on Twitter,sensible right subscription-based,Services just like YouTube and YouTube,TV there are some advantages that you,get if you're a part of this well,let's keep talking,Twitter crypto payments is it almost,certain this has led to the speculation,that cryptocurrencies would soon be,introduced to make payments for Twitter,subscription fees while a majority of,Twitter users are reportedly unwilling,to opt into subscription-based Services,there could be a huge this could be a,huge huge game changer with the move,experts in the matter believe that the,subscription-based business model would,not only help Twitter's Revenue but also,solve its content moderation problem if,you're not an authentic user you're just,a robot well guess what you're not going,to be paying money to bot around because,most of these people are probably living,in third world countries looking to take,people's money from them at any given,moment I know there's probably hundreds,at this point of different your pop,accounts that are not verified so,remember if you're following me on,Twitter make sure there's this check,mark next to the name because that's the,only way to identify that yes you are,truly talking to the right you're a pop,it's unfortunate we're plugged with so,many cameras in this space but what you,guys are here for is what are the,cryptocurrencies uh the top,cryptocurrencies to get Twitter,integration and I think this is where,it's notable especially to the ship Army,now before we continue on remember,there's always always always this link,in the description below for MooMoo for,15 free stocks when you deposit money,into your trading account up to two,thousand dollars per share could be,yours watching today free bonus and Free,level two data of course come with it so,open an account get a free stock deposit,100 get five more deposit two thousand,dollars get fifteen total stocks on top,take money take advantage of Free Money,Take the Money Take the Money meanwhile,several cryptocurrencies could benefit,from the potential Twitter crypto,payments integration,crypto influencer Ron nooner believes,binance's stablecoin busd could also be,benefited if the move goes ahead with,Elon musk's support of Dogecoin of,course the meme coin could be the first,to get featured in crypto payments by,virtue of its scale and impact Bitcoin,would also stand a chance alongside of,Doge because we know that at some point,Tesla did accept Bitcoin as a form of,payment for their vehicles they stopped,that because of the you know again just,electricity electric usage and the Just,non-clean Energy that we use to mine,Bitcoin but they said that one day they,will hopefully,reinstate the payment methods utilizing,Bitcoin and other tokens alike already,Tesla is allowing a select purchase with,Doge on Tesla merchandise we know this,is a fact because Elon is a big big fan,of Doge now this is where it gets gets,interested interesting excuse me he says,here that I suspect that Twitter will,launch blockchain payments between users,soon I would imagine that options will,be Bitcoin no explanation necessary,being the number one cryptocurrency in,the market Doge because elon's a lover,um for the troll and busd because,binance was once the biggest of the,biggest investors of Twitter this is a,fact apart from these cryptocurrencies,Twitter could consider adding a few more,and this is where it gets inter

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hey guys welcome back to Shiba Inu,crypto Shiba Inu to be used for all,payments on Twitter Elon Musk making big,changes ship news Shiba Inu price was,down 8 on the 7th of November along with,cryptocurrencies across the board a,bearish starts to the week pulls down,the prices of most of the top cryptos,including the top meme coins that,charted quite a run at October end Shiba,Inu price action however presented some,gains on the hourly chart despite the,larger bearish Blues,in this video we will talk about Shiba,Inu to be used for all payments on,Twitter Elon Musk making big changes,ship news don't forget to smash the,thumbs up share and subscribe to the,channel to see our latest content on,Shiba Inu prize predictions and expert,analysis without further Ado let's begin,the video,recently aggressive ship burning and the,accumulation of Shiba Inu tokens have,acted in favor of the meme token's price,a recent update from shipburn,highlighted that in the last 24 hours,there had been a total of 40 million one,hundred and twenty eight thousand one,hundred and Ninety Six ship tokens,burned in the late October Shiba inu's,burn rates had spiked by a massive 1 800,percent notably the monthly burn rate,average of about 4 billion was observed,till September however the ship burning,process has plateaued since then,despite the ship price gaining momentum,throughout the end of October its burn,range has been significantly affected on,November 8th ship's 24-hour burn rates,fell by almost 58 percent,the recent burnt the number of ship,tokens burnt to over 410 trillion,burning tokens aims to decrease the,supply thereby affecting price and,demand however this hasn't always panned,out for Shep data from coin market cap,shows that the ship price is trading at,0.00001093 a 7.77 fall over the last day,nonetheless ships 24-hour volumes stood,at 471 million dollars a 12 rise over,the last day for the ship price the,0.0000100 Mark has acted as a key,support and resistance a look at Shiba,inu's daily price chart suggests that,the ship price sank over the last three,days down almost 16 percent from the,0.0000120 level while shibs weighted,social sentiment was positive it hadn't,moved much additionally Shiba Inu social,volume sank following the price move to,lower levels a slight spike in ship's,daily trade volumes on coin market cap,was a healthy indicator however this,could also indicate Shiba Inu,liquidations as price momentum turned,bearish,however one interesting Trend was that,despite the bearish price trend ethereum,whales are still stacking up on ship,whale stats showed that the top 2000 eth,whales had shib as their top holding,with over 102 million dollars worth of,ship tokens,even though ath Wales could Aid the ship,price momentum some retail support would,be key below catch ship's address,Holdings suggests that holder numbers,spiked by 53.94 the number of ship,Cruisers who played a crucial role,through the 2021 rally dwindled by 25.14,if ship holders can turn things bullish,it's possible that the shiba inu price,0.000120 dollars,however the,0.0000100 level is now a support level a,fall below that could potentially lead,to further sell-offs one of the most,well-known names of the Sheba ecosystem,shitoshi kuzama has recently spoken to,fans in a post on the official Blog the,shiba inu developer gives an update on,Shiba eternity new nfts and much more,last week kuzama released a post that,gives fans an inside look into Shiva,eternity unveiling a player's guide from,the game additionally new nfts were,revealed with information on where,investors can purchase them Shiba,eternity is a card-based mobile game,based around the iconic meme coin,currently available for download kuzama,started this update by noting that over,250 000 users had downloaded the game,the post noted the amount of time spent,by the development team in crafting a,top tier experience for players,conversely kuzama hinted at a future,in-person tournament for the game that,would be updated later moreover the post,unveiled to the first player's guide for,the Mobile card game kuzama describes,the guide as a living document that will,be ever-changing and growing as the game,does alongside the guide is a collection,of lore that gives further context into,the gaming experience in addition to the,guide and information on Shiba eternity,the shiba inu developer update by kuzama,allowed the announcement of brand new,nfts the post signifies the desire for,kuzama to orchestrate new images that,bring to life sheba's unique Journey,consequently AI technology has crafted,the nfts revealed with the link for,purchase,when confronting why he utilized AI,kuzama stated AI has a place in the,Sheba ecosystem and it is vital that I,am aware of its current ability and,limitations the post concluded by,promising more Community updates in the,future,Shiba Inu has dominated the meme coin,Market alongside Dogecoin investor,interest in meme coins has reached a,peak since last year despite the on

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