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4,000,000,000,000 SHIBA INU! WOW! THIS IS CRAZY FOR SHIB!we have a very interesting situation,that h

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Updated on Jan 18,2023


we have a very interesting situation,that has played out associated with,binance and sheba Swap and it's not what,you think okay so I want to show you,this four trillion,Shiba Inu valued at about 35 million so,that's what we're going to talk about in,this video that is trading check them,out links in description below really,cool D5 trading app okay so by the way,if you haven't hit subscribe drop a like,and drop a comment drop a comment let me,know when you found my channel I'd love,to hear from you on that note okay so 4,trillion Shiba Inus moved from Finance,to Sheba swap now when I first saw this,I'm like okay remember what I know that,binance themselves like if this was 4,trillion Shiba Inu by the way valued at,about 35 million dollars okay if this,was,um,Shiba Inu that binance owned why would,they move why would they be moving the,meshiva saw they wouldn't so what this,tells me is that this is a whale,okay that owns now again hey you know,what I'm open to you I'm open to your,guys suggestions if I'm missing,something here drop in the comments,below it's really early when I'm,recording this video I haven't had my,coffee yet so maybe I'm like oh yeah,it's that but to me it's like again it,wouldn't be it wouldn't be Finance,tokens by the way at the very bottom of,this it should it says that let me show,you this real quickly is that binance,holds 87 trillion Shiba Inu 87 trillion,yep you heard me right that's finest but,again those are yeah those could be um,uh holders and tokens and all that kind,of stuff but my point is is that binance,wouldn't be moving their tokens to Shiva,swap right don't you agree okay so if,it's not that,it's a whale moving their tokens off of,binance and moving them over to Shiba,swap,yeah there you go,so 35 million uh worth of shib is moved,in one single transaction uh that is uh,pretty crazy and again I always when I,do these types of videos I always like,to think about like,what would it be like just to own 35,trillion I'm sorry 35 million dollars,worth of ship,down 35 million that's somebody believes,in ship right I mean I love that I love,it when we see like single transactions,like about a month ago I did a couple,videos different videos by the way like,a 24 million uh I buy of 24 million uh,Shiba Inu there was another another,single transaction that was like 26,million things of that nature so it's,pretty cool all right so that's oh you,know what let's wrap up and take a look,at what's going on with the the ship,price itself okay so shib is actually,doing it's actually kind of going,against the grain the overall crypto,Market again as of the recording of this,video uh 849 billion Bitcoin ethereum,really not doing everything's in the red,look at this in shib is up uh actually,when I start when I looked earlier is,that five percent but it's up 13 on the,um a seven day it's at four percent so,yeah it's high today it's been so far in,the 24 hour period it's been that nine,five nine three so it's definitely been,well over five six seven percent plus,overall today so ships up running nicely,it's going it's uh you know kind of,going against the mold I think personal,only the reason it's up is probably a,little bit of shibarium right shibariums,coming we know it's coming we don't have,anything really new new information on,that yet but uh that's what I got for,you right now as always thanks for your,support I'll see you have a good one bye

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How Much #SHIB Will Shibarium REALLY Burn?

How Much #SHIB Will Shibarium REALLY Burn?

what's up you guys it's Matt here so I,think the main question I get around,shibinu and shibirium is if we do have a,burn tax,and we will because they said they'll,burn on every single transaction how,much will shiberian burn will it be,enough to be able to do it by itself or,do we need some extra things that are,going into it more transactions that are,flowing through shiberium because it may,be cheaper in a way,um also the tax that they're going to do,is that going to be the best option if,you know we see what's happening with,Terra Luna classic and obviously people,are are more likely to go to other,places because the taxes on on chain,um but this place you would have this,tax now I'm going to address all of this,stuff I'll address the tax situation and,even having the tax to begin with and,then we'll go into how much chiberium,will truly burn and this is all based,off of,um you know speculation a little bit,understanding what the volume will be,and there's a lot of variables that take,place within this so make sure you take,all of this with a grain of salt and,it's not 100 that this will work out,this way so,anyways guys hit the like button hit the,Subscribe button hit the notification,Bell for more videos like this one I did,put a lot of time into building uh this,spreadsheet out and making sure that we,did have accuracy,um but make sure you guys hit the like,button hit that subscribe button if you,guys want to follow me on patreon feel,free to follow me on patreon and um you,know we can definitely talk about,different Investments and you know Shiba,Inu you can reach out to me directly we,can chat about your portfolio as well no,Financial advice of course I'll give you,opinions on strategies but that's pretty,much it,um but anyways let's talk about Shiba,Inu and shibirium because this is a a,big topic is you know you know how much,are they going to burn,um how much what's the percentage of of,burn that we're gonna see per,transaction uh there's just so many,questions around it because we're not,given a lot of information so addressing,the whole percentage piece so,understanding the comparison between the,two Shiba Inu and lunic you understand,that lunic has a whole different Dynamic,to it I mean yes you are paying lunic as,you do make transactions but when you,look at the transactions for Terra Luna,classic they're very very low compared,to what's happening on ethereum when,you're Trading,Shiba Inu it may be five it may be ten,and maybe fifteen dollars hell at one,point it was like ninety five dollars to,trade ethereum for a simple transaction,at one one point I tried to trade nine,hundred fifty dollars worth of ethereum,and it's gonna cost me 980 to send which,was ridiculous now it's not to that,level and now,um but you still do have higher prices,that you would pay so shiberium will be,a level to where you are going to pay,way lower in overall transaction fees so,then when you have that tax it's not,going to be as much of a burden as what,it would be with Terra Luna classic for,normal people normal day Traders or,anything like that,because they're used to something higher,anyways now it also all depends on,whatever the percentage is right if the,percentage is one percent then it may,end up being higher depending how much,you end up buying if the percentage is,0.5 it may end up being higher depending,on how much you buy but if it's the,point one percent it might be low no,matter the case so that's what I'm,thinking that they'll end up doing so,that kind of addresses that point we,understand that,um the the percentage piece could be a,lot bigger but it really all depends and,that's one of the variables here but,understanding uh breaking all of this,down I think we need to break down where,the prices are all these other stuff,where the price is for Shiba Inu,understanding how much we would burn,throughout time,um and how long it would take to do that,uh so again I built a spreadsheet but I,think the first thing we need to go into,to understand is to look at where the,circulating supplies are or look at,where the,um the volume is for everything that,would be traded on shiberium so the,things that will be traded on shibarium,right now that we know of would be,shibinu bone and Leash so we have to,understand the volumes of those so bone,or sorry Shiba Inu is around let's say,500 million I understand it may be lower,than that it may be higher than that we,don't know especially around any type of,bull market,uh Dogecoin or sorry not Dogecoin uh,Doge killer which is uh leash we're,looking at about 500 or let's say 600,um you know thousand dollars uh worth of,volume for that bone we have about seven,million dollars worth of volume that,flows through there so I put that all,into my spreadsheet,um and this is a spreadsheet that I came,up with,all right so we have everything up top,to where we have seven uh million,dollars we have 557,000,um when we have uh 500 million dollars,that flows through,shib right if we l

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there's something cooking for Shiba Inu,and the entire crypto market and that,thing has something to do with the Elon,Musk X Twitter partnership there's a new,update on the partnership that would be,beneficial to the crypto Market make,sure to keep watching this video in,order to not miss out on that disclaimer,hey there shebarmy welcome back to the,channel and thanks for joining in for,another video if you're new here you're,also welcome here on this channel I give,daily updates on the sheep token the,entire Shiba Inu ecosystem and the Sheep,Army,so if that's what you're looking for,make sure to hit the Subscribe button,and the notification Bell so that you,don't miss any new videos now let's get,into today's video,after acquiring 9.1 percent of Twitter,musk made a move to buy the entire,Enterprise in April of this year there,were mixed reactions to this move but,the reactions from the community were,mostly positive because of musk's,relationship to the crypto space musk,has been known to show support for a,number of cryptocurrencies so crypto,investors expected that his acquisition,of Twitter would be beneficial to crypto,unfortunately later in the year musk,backtracked saying that he was no longer,interested in buying Twitter there were,a number of reasons stated for this and,both musk and Twitter were almost,embroiled in a legal battle but that's,not the point here the point is that,when the news broke that musk was no,longer interested in the acquisition,many hopes in the crypto Community were,dashed if you're one of those who had,their hopes dashed because of the,backtracking well you're in luck because,there's a new update that'll fix your,home,musk's lawyers have just filled a notice,that states and musk is ready to close,the transaction for the merger and,Twitter has also accepted the terms of,the deal all that's left right now is,for the dotted lines to be signed now if,they actually go through with it this,time and must advise Twitter the social,media platform will start accepting,crypto at least that's what some League,texts insinuate,the league texts were between musk and,Jack Dorsey former Twitter CEO,apparently Dorsey was trying to convince,musk to decentralize Twitter and turn it,into an open source protocol funded by a,foundation and must seem to be on board,with the idea,while Dorsey didn't specifically mention,blockchain it seems like his idea for a,decentralized Twitter gave us the idea,of creating a blockchain according to,bitrate on April 9th musk lay down his,blockchain plans writing I have an idea,for a blockchain social media system,that does both payments and short text,messages links like Twitter,to reduce spam users would pay a tiny,amount of crypto to send messages plus a,blockchain would resist censorship as,there would be no throat to choke,later the same month musk mentioned that,he had a plan B which was a,blockchain-based version of Twitter so,this would basically be a paid version,of Twitter where users would have to pay,a fraction of a cryptocurrency to,comment or repost,now while musk has since retracted both,statements mentioning that a blockchain,based Twitter is not possible due to,bandwidth and latency issues it is,obvious that he is very interested in,featuring crypto and Twitter somehow I,think it would be interesting to see how,musk eventually makes crypto a part of,Twitter when the acquisition is complete,would we be paying for Twitter services,using crypto or would crypto payments,only be reserved for those who want to,run adverts also how will she feature in,all of this please share your comments,with us in the comment section below,meanwhile she burn rates have spiked by,over a thousand percent in preparation,for download day we're only about 6,million sheep tokens were burnt the day,before more than 26 million were burned,in the last 24 hours and I can imagine,that the rate of burns will increase,even more as the shiba inu game launches,and people all around the world start,playing,it's not just the rate of burns that has,seen a spike in recent times though even,the price of sheep experienced a pump,recently but this one happened as a,result of the announcement that musk was,back to being interested in buying,Twitter,she pumped by 4.3 after the announcement,and just like with the rate of burns we,can expect to see the price of sheep's,Spike even higher after the launch of,Shiba eternity,regular sheep investors are not the only,ones that are looking forward to and,preparing for download day though Steve,whales aren't doing the same if the,recent purchases are anything to go by,Watcher Guru reports that according to,the data on whale alert a mysterious,whale transferred over one trillion,Shiba Inu sheep tokens from an unknown,wallet to coinbase the value of,transferred Sheed comes to a whopping,12.15 million dollars,interestingly this is not the only whale,purchase that has happened recently but,before we get into that this channel has,a daily giveaway of 100 0

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what is going on everybody it is Ahmed,and I am back today with yet another,video for you all and today guys we're,going to be talking about Shiba Inu and,how it is absolutely dominating in this,slight what looks like a bull run now,members always like to preface by saying,that I'm not a financial advisor just,trying to put you guys on the plays that,I'm in and if you are new around here,make sure you smash the like button and,consider subscribing to the channel,Bitcoin continues a slight rally of 0.5,on the day ethereum up about one percent,right at over thirteen hundred dollars,and holding steady there which is,absolutely phenomenal but Shiba you know,up another five percent making it total,gains over the last week almost 15,percent nine thousand two hundred and,eighty five satoshi's getting ready to,eat a zero now is it something that will,be sustained and will we see it continue,to run,one thing that you need to notice is,that trade volumes up another 160,million dollars from 300 million,yesterday to 461 million dollars,exchanging the hands of Traders which is,fantastic volumes coming back into the,space volumes coming back into ship,again allowing it to continue to grow,and actually move up in the ranks in,terms of market cap so Shiba Inu was,sitting at 16th and now 15th surpassing,Tron and getting ready to also overtake,polka dot hopefully very soon for that,14th spot by market cap,now Shiba Inu to be featured at the,world's top men's fashion showcase and,this was the piece of news that came in,just a couple hours ago Shiba Inu will,be showcased at the world's top platform,for men's collections as renowned,fashion designer and ship partner John,Richmond is presenting the pity,imagine,Uomo event in Florence,so it says here that it was stated from,at ship BPP I'm excited to see this ship,uh pity is a leader in the organization,of fashion leader Leisure and cuisine,so again John Richmond made this known,in a tweet wherein he revealed a new,collection see you there ship Army he,added in the tweet shibino has also,and excuse me Shiba Inu has had a host,of collaborations in the past year and,we've seen so many Partnerships,from shaitoshi from ones that the team,had no idea were coming surprises to the,community it's been amazing though the,market continued to be bearish the,growth and excitement for ship continued,to grow one of the most notable was his,entry into the Fashion World,through the John Richmond partnership,so let's see where this goes I'm excited,to see what happens they also have here,that Shiba in your donations accepted by,Texas Christian University Toshiba in or,other cryptocurrency supported by,bitpayer accepted as donations Now by,Texas Christian University for its,National Championship bid giving it,again just another place to get some PR,which any PR or any coverage that's,positive or sheds light on our favorite,crypto asset Shiba Inu is always,welcomed in my book really do appreciate,you guys support as always thank you so,much for tuning in Smash the like button,consider subscribing and check out the,link down below for MooMoo where you can,get your accountem 15 free stocks and,until next time,take care,keep investing

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OH OK! SHIBA INU X TWITTER! These Cryptos Will Skyrocket If Twitter Starts Crypto Payments!

OH OK! SHIBA INU X TWITTER! These Cryptos Will Skyrocket If Twitter Starts Crypto Payments!

what is going on everybody it is Ahmed,and I am back today with yet another,video for you all and today guys I want,to talk about what's on the screen here,and that is crypto Twitter the coins,that will Skyrocket of Twitter starts,crypto payments now remember as always,I'd like to preface by saying that I'm,not a financial advisor but rather I,always try to put you guys on the plays,that I'm in and I want you guys to pay,attention to what statements they are,making in this quick two-minute read,it's only a matter of time before,Twitter Begins the integration of crypto,payments within its services now that,Elon Musk is at the Helm of the Affairs,the introduction of cryptocurrencies on,the social media platform are more,likely down then never in this context,it becomes all the more important to,assess which cryptocurrencies would,stand the chance to feature on Twitter,payments and in a in the latest reports,suggest that musk wants to introduce,subscription fee for Twitter users you,guys saw it via Twitter blue those who,have a verified badge and if you're not,aware of the verified badge it's a,little check mark saying that you are,who you are account information this,account is verified because it is,notable government news entertainment or,any other designated category for,everybody to put or keep a good standing,with Twitter you have to be a part of,Twitter blue meaning you have to pay a,four or five dollar monthly fee to keep,that status as a verified member and if,you're not a verified member that is,something that you might have to start,doing to have certain access on Twitter,sensible right subscription-based,Services just like YouTube and YouTube,TV there are some advantages that you,get if you're a part of this well,let's keep talking,Twitter crypto payments is it almost,certain this has led to the speculation,that cryptocurrencies would soon be,introduced to make payments for Twitter,subscription fees while a majority of,Twitter users are reportedly unwilling,to opt into subscription-based Services,there could be a huge this could be a,huge huge game changer with the move,experts in the matter believe that the,subscription-based business model would,not only help Twitter's Revenue but also,solve its content moderation problem if,you're not an authentic user you're just,a robot well guess what you're not going,to be paying money to bot around because,most of these people are probably living,in third world countries looking to take,people's money from them at any given,moment I know there's probably hundreds,at this point of different your pop,accounts that are not verified so,remember if you're following me on,Twitter make sure there's this check,mark next to the name because that's the,only way to identify that yes you are,truly talking to the right you're a pop,it's unfortunate we're plugged with so,many cameras in this space but what you,guys are here for is what are the,cryptocurrencies uh the top,cryptocurrencies to get Twitter,integration and I think this is where,it's notable especially to the ship Army,now before we continue on remember,there's always always always this link,in the description below for MooMoo for,15 free stocks when you deposit money,into your trading account up to two,thousand dollars per share could be,yours watching today free bonus and Free,level two data of course come with it so,open an account get a free stock deposit,100 get five more deposit two thousand,dollars get fifteen total stocks on top,take money take advantage of Free Money,Take the Money Take the Money meanwhile,several cryptocurrencies could benefit,from the potential Twitter crypto,payments integration,crypto influencer Ron nooner believes,binance's stablecoin busd could also be,benefited if the move goes ahead with,Elon musk's support of Dogecoin of,course the meme coin could be the first,to get featured in crypto payments by,virtue of its scale and impact Bitcoin,would also stand a chance alongside of,Doge because we know that at some point,Tesla did accept Bitcoin as a form of,payment for their vehicles they stopped,that because of the you know again just,electricity electric usage and the Just,non-clean Energy that we use to mine,Bitcoin but they said that one day they,will hopefully,reinstate the payment methods utilizing,Bitcoin and other tokens alike already,Tesla is allowing a select purchase with,Doge on Tesla merchandise we know this,is a fact because Elon is a big big fan,of Doge now this is where it gets gets,interested interesting excuse me he says,here that I suspect that Twitter will,launch blockchain payments between users,soon I would imagine that options will,be Bitcoin no explanation necessary,being the number one cryptocurrency in,the market Doge because elon's a lover,um for the troll and busd because,binance was once the biggest of the,biggest investors of Twitter this is a,fact apart from these cryptocurrencies,Twitter could consider adding a few more,and this is where it gets inter

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Burning 99 9% of #SHIB Supply!!! Shibarium Will Burn TRILLIONS

Burning 99 9% of #SHIB Supply!!! Shibarium Will Burn TRILLIONS

what's up guys it's Matt here so I've,made a couple of videos about Shiba Inu,and when I say a couple of videos just,recently I made a couple of videos about,Shiba Inu um over the lifetime of this,channel I made a lot of videos about,shibinu because I do believe in,um what the community can do,and I think that that's the biggest part,of this ecosystem is the community which,any,um you know cryptocurrency it's really,about the community that drives it,forward you can see utility that pushes,it so far,um but support for that utility or,support for that project will bring it,to a whole new level so chibin is,actually making a little bit of a move,today with the rest of the market and I,want to talk about burning 99 of the,overall Supply and some people are like,hey you know that's a lot of Supply to,burn do you think we can really burn 99,percent,I do believe we can burn,um 99 we can but the the real question,is will we right,because it's not only about us but it's,also about them implementing something,that we can support to create those,Burns and one of those things that we,know is going to be a huge impact is,going to be shiberium so I wanted to,talk about burning 99 in this video,burning trillions of the supply,um so hit the like button hit the,Subscribe button hit the notification,Bell for more videos like this one also,make sure you guys check out some of the,links down below it does help out the,channel and if you guys want to follow,me on Twitter at Perry 8K you can follow,me over there if you're interested in,Terra Luna classic and you're also,interested in lunatics token I'm doing a,giveaway on Twitter so make sure you go,over to Twitter and,you know follow me and do everything,that it says you have to do in order to,enter the giveaway because the more,retweets that we have the more winners,that there actually are so make sure you,go over to Twitter and check that out,um uh so anyways let's talk about,um Shiba Inu now if you didn't know,um maybe a couple of days ago,um on the seventh right so yes exactly a,couple of days ago,um I was talking about Shiba Inu because,shiberium Network put out this post they,talked about shiberium shiberium update,while our last post,um uh while on our last post we wanted,to remind everyone that bone serves as,their required gas token for,operatability uh within,um uh shiberium we also would now like,to formally announce that each shiberium,transaction will burn ship,um some people are looking at this and,saying okay you know we'll see,transactions that are burning but,it means a lot more than that and I put,out in my recent video talking about how,it would burn a lot,um and it will burn a lot if we see a,lot of transactions that go through,shiberium in general it doesn't have to,go through ship it doesn't have to go,through only one position any,transaction on shiberium seems like it,will burn Shiba Inu which is a big deal,a very very big deal which can create,essentially create billions,um upon billions upon trillions of,um Shiba Inu that's being burned off now,will it happen within the first year,will we see all the supply burn off in,the first year well it depends how much,volume I would say no,and we're not going to see that happen,um but a lot of people are hopeful that,we're going to see,um shiberium burn so much ship that we,now get shipped to a price of 10 cents,or a dollar or whatever I think we have,to crawl before we walk because one,penny is still a six trillion dollar,market cap so we can find a way to,decrease that to where it would be,hundreds of billions or tens of billions,then we can start to see a penny we can,start to see uh 10 cents we can start to,see a dollar we start to see the vision,or the picture of where this is going,um now also on Twitter right now Shiba,Inu is trending and it's all because of,that right where you have a lot of,people that are excited about what will,happen with shib you have businesses,right that are going to be flowing,through shiberium or using shiberium,utilizing shiberium there,um mysterious uh Shiba in a whale moves,3.3 trillion chip ahead of shibarium,launch so you obviously have a lot of,different news over a half a billion uh,ship burned as,as as the year begins so that I guess,the the burn rate increase so there's a,lot of different things that are,happening within the shiba inu community,and bringing Shiba Inu back up into the,mainstream news I mean it's always been,there but just kind of at the top I,would say you know the top five uh,cryptocurrencies by popularity obviously,you want to see Shiba Inu up there as,well with the amount of holders that it,does have 1.3 million holders it's huge,so let's go into what's happening with,uh shibinu right now now by the time,you're watching this it may be different,because it might be like five o'clock or,so currently it's 11 A.M where I'm,looking at this so it may be different I,just want to let you guys know that,um but it's not really saying a,prediction on where it's

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e herkese selamlar sevgiler arkadaşlar,son birkaç gündür Ortalıkta bir sürü,gelişme oldu yeni gelişmeler Öncelikle,elim baskın Twitter'la olan muhabbeti,biliyorsunuz Elmas Twitter ilk başta,109.2 sini satın almadan önce de haber,vermedi aldıktan sonra da bir 11 günse,ki bunu bildirmedi bu da elim baskın,Aslında hisseleri daha düşük fiyattan,almasına yol açtı bununla da Elmas lasek,arasında Ufak da olsa bir tartışma,yaşandı bunun sonuçlarını olacak Onu,zaten Bekleyip göreceğiz Ama şu anda,Yılmaz çıktı ve dedi ki ben paramı,Konuşuyorum şu fiyattan işte 50 4.20,dolardan hissettiğinizi satarsanız,hepsini alacağım dedi tabi dünyanın en,zengin tek insanı elim maskeyi Diğer,taraftan diğer grup var hatta yüzde 10.2,sine sahip olan elmastan daha büyük,hisse sahipleri Suudi Petrol Kralları,buna prensleri buna izin vermediler şu,anda Twitter ile alakalı böyle bir,problem var Fakat ben bu olayda şöyle,bir nokta gördüm geçen sene Mayıs ayında,elymus çok manipülatör kırıklığı Dünyası,çok etkiliyor Twitter'dan,uzaklaştırılmalı Hatta yasa çıkartılmalı,diyen herkes şu anda elim baskın Twitter,almasını istiyor Bu bir topluluğun En,azından Kripto topluluğunun bir araya,geldiği anlamına gelebilir mi Bence,artık gelebilir Çünkü o zaman herkes,Elmas K karşıydı tweet atıyor doge,yükseltiyor bizim paralarımız çöp oluyor,bunun önüne geçmek istiyorlardı Şu anda,herkes edin bastığın yanında bu olur mu,peki Yani bu olursa arkadaşlar Twitter'ı,aldığı zaman neyse ne işte ödeme,yöntemleri vesaire derken çok küçük,hacimler fakat Twitter sayesinde,dünyadaki bütün kullanıcılar Kripto ile,tanışmış olacaklar Bu da kriptonun,kullanıldığı yerler bu çoğalması,anlamına gelecek bu da topluluğun,birlikte yükselmesi anlamına gelecek şu,anda 2 trilyon dolar civarında bizim,markette yerimiz var Kripto topluluğu,olarak bu işte üstü milyon dolara,çıkması için Twitter bunda çok büyük bir,reklam payına sahiptir Arkadaşlar bu,elim baskın Twitter'da olan muhabbeti,Bundan sonraki süreçte ekstra bir şey,bekliyor 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bilgilendirm

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CEO De Twitter Llevará A SHIBA INU A $0.10 | SHIB Criptomoneda

CEO De Twitter Llevará A SHIBA INU A $0.10 | SHIB Criptomoneda

CEO De Twitter Llevará A SHIBA INU A $0.10 Bienvenidos‌ ‌a‌ tu canal, Avance Cripto.  ,Todo lo relacionado con Shiba Inu ha estado muy  movido, y las noticias no paran de llover. Está  ,sucediendo de todo, como por ejemplo el CEO de una  gran red social demostrando su apoyo a Shiba Inu. ,La confianza que tienen los desarrolladores  del proyecto Shiba en su trabajo solo puede  ,compararse con el apoyo de la comunidad. Esto  lo demostró Shytoshi Kusama al responder con  ,seguridad a las acusaciones de que  Shiba Inu podría ser una estafa. ,Por último, se ha registrado otro gran movimiento  de SHIBS por parte de las ballenas. Este es otro  ,punto que habla muy bien sobre si sigue siendo  rentable o no invertir en Shiba Inu. Si no lo  ,fuera. ¿Por qué esta gente seguiría adquiriendo  cantidades tan grandes? Para saber más a fondo  ,sobre estos temas y conocer sobre lo más  reciente de Shiba inu, sigue viéndonos. ,¿Shiba Inu estafa? Primero que nada hay que  ,aclarar que esto se trata de comentarios sueltos  en las redes sociales, ninguna prueba concreta.  ,Algunos andan diciendo que la cantidad de Shibas  en circulación en lugar de disminuir ha estado  ,aumentando. Como bien sabemos, actualmente están  implementando un sistema de quema para reducir la  ,cantidad en circulación y aumentar su valor. ¿Entonces, cómo es posible que la cantidad  ,de Shibas en lugar de disminuir está  aumentando? Pues la respuesta es simple:  ,no es posible. La información por parte de  los desarrolladores de SHIB ha sido clara,  ,que están reduciendo la cantidad de tokens. Estos rumores parecen tomar valor en el hecho  ,de que el precio del SHIB ha estado  disminuyendo en relación a los días  ,anteriores. Como ya se dijo, esto no tiene que  ver con la noticia falsa de que hay más Shibas. ,De hecho, Shytoshi Kusama está tan convencido de  ello que en su Twitter ofreció 1 billón de Shibas  ,a aquel que pueda demostrar mediante Etherscan  que efectivamente se aumentó el suministro. ,Más publicidad La cadena televisiva Fox mostró en su pantalla  ,al token, con el nombre de “Dogecoin killer”.  La incluyeron entre las demás criptomonedas que  ,siempre publican. Es decir, que la pusieron al  mismo nivel que otros tokens como el BTC y ETH,  ,lo que demuestra la importancia que está tomando. Por su parte, CoinMarketCap habló sobre la  ,influencia que tiene Elon Musk sobre los  mercados financieros y su relación con  ,el SHIB. Luego de que el empresario  publicará que no posee, Shiba Inu,  ,el precio de la moneda empezó a bajar con fuerza. No obstante, esto no duró mucho tiempo ya que  ,rápidamente rebotó y alcanzó casi el doble de  su valor. Esto saca a relucir que quizás la  ,opinión de Musk ya no es tan decisiva, o que  por lo menos no lo es con respecto al Shiba. ,Las ballenas comprando por lo alto Uno pensaría que siendo las personas que holdean  ,la mayor cantidad de Shib, las ballenas ya están  satisfechas con su inversión, pero este no es  ,el caso. Cada vez vemos cómo adquieren más y más  tokens. Tal es la seguridad que tienen en el valor  ,que adquirirá el proyecto de SHIB a largo plazo. Esta vez fueron las ballenas número 1 y 5 quienes  ,aumentaron aún más la cantidad de tokens que ya  poseen. En el caso de la número uno, invirtió  ,alrededor de 1 millón 200 mil dólares, lo que  equivale a 16 mil millones de Shib. Por su parte,  ,la número 5 hizo una compra mayor: 60 mil millones  de SHIB a cambio de más de 4 millones de dólares. ,Cada vez que pienses en vender tus Shibs, piensa  en estas personas. ¿Por qué en lugar de vender,  ,siguen comprando? Algunos sabrán que los demás  no, y esa es una de las mejores garantías a  ,futuro que tiene el token. Shiba Inu y Twitter ,Esta no es una noticia que afecta directamente  a la plataforma, pero no por eso es menos  ,interesante. Jack, el CEO de Twitter, quien es  un conocido entusiasta de las criptomonedas,  ,publicó en su cuenta una imagen de la  aplicación de Coinbase en la Appstore. ,¿Cuál es la parte interesante de esto? Que en el  título de coinbase se lee “ Coinbase: Trade BTC,  ,ETH, SHIB”. Es decir, se observa a Shiba Inu  en el nombre de la aplicación, hecho que el  ,CEO de Twitter hizo notar muy sorprendido. El BTC y el ETH ya son casi que un estándar,  ,las criptomonedas que dominan el  mercado, así que es comprensible  ,que estén ahí. Considerando el resto de tokens  que existen es una gran noticia que Coinbase  ,coloque ahí a Shiba Inu. Lo está usando como  una representación del mercado de Criptomonedas. ,Propinas Lighting Una de las funciones más  ,novedosas que Jack está evaluando implementar  en Twitter son las propinas lighting. Se trata  ,de un sistema donde se le podrá dar dinero  a creadores de contenido de la plataforma,  ,y la cuestión es que será con criptomonedas.  Ya está función está en fase de pruebas. ,Las propinas serían con Bitcoin, y por eso  es tan relevante este twitter. Demuestra el  ,interés que está tomando Jack por Shiba  Inu, y abre el debate sobre si

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