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Shaun King TANTRUM! Calls Twitter Takeover "WHITE POWER" | Louder With CrowderSean King before deact


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Shaun King TANTRUM! Calls Twitter Takeover "WHITE POWER" | Louder With Crowder

Sean King before deactivating his,Twitter account he tweeted at its root,Elon Musk wanting to purchase Twitter is,not about left versus right that's how,you know they're about to lie now it's,not left versus right it's not,conservative versus liberal yeah it is,it's not about race but it's all about,race right it's about oh you that was,foreshadowing it's about white power oh,there we go sorry he wrote It's about,white slat in parentheses me power it's,about me Power white powder the man's,horrible film the man was raised in a in,apartheid by a white nationalist he's,upset that Twitter won't allow white,nationalists to Target and harass people,that's his definition of free speech by,the way for reference here's Sean King,as a child yeah the black activist,wow he's an eggshell he looks like,halfway between Urkel and Stefan yes but,he's also dipped and kid from kid and,play yes,that's a white kid there are more,pictures by the way he's awake,if you were going by like let's say you,were well you can also go by his parents,who are white well if you were painting,your kitchen black let's say yeah and,you showed up and it was painted this,right which would be like yeah this is a,problem that's eggshell friend yeah we,cannot do this actually I distinctly,wanted black because I'm a Wiccan and,this is going to throw oh anyone paint,their kitchen black I don't know why,would they eat my kitchen why would,anyone answer,now this morning looks like he's,returned to Twitter and he's already,back to talking crap he said uh when,someone said someone reported on the,fact that his Twitter kind of been,removed language he said you wish, I didn't delete my account,you literally made that up I was getting,death threats and hack attempts from,your buddies who stormed the capital and,had to make it more secure I'm right,here and you are a white supremacist but,here's the thing he did deactivate his,account and notified everyone though yes,he did so uh Mr King actually uh Dr King,Jr Jr Jr wanted to uh clarify his,comments and so we're really excited,having the show he reached out to us to,see if he could explain it himself and,actually you've had a lot of you you've,wanted I've spoken with him before yes,you wanted to interview Mr King I did so,and I actually have to go control him,for some work so uh uh on the line now,do we have them we have uh the man,himself uh Dr Sean King Jr,I really really is he there,yes I am here assalamu alaikum uh good,morning uh yeah thank you for calling in,Mr King I know you're a busy man oh no I,am not,okay I'm not very busy at all I had I,was sitting here waiting oh well either,way thank you uh so last night you,tweeted that Elon Musk was a fake,African uh white supremacist and then,you deleted your account I deleted my,account that is correct,Psych,psych I'm back,and I encourage all my brothers and,sisters to as well fake leave like I did,and then fake leave come back then fake,leave again triple geek Bombay up in,this Gordon Bombay okay so you,didn't uh I don't know the word re,anyway so but some people have said that,you're a fake African I mean I just want,to put that out there at least that,you're pretending to be African-American,is that true please,I do black things okay that sounds a,little no that's not a little racist,right that's not an answer at all are,you black Dave I got like five kids,okay you're dodging the question oh I,got scars on my face,from the struggle of a non-acre estate,what struggle uh uh well I struggled to,tie a proper windsor knot while sailing,I also found out that you don't use a,winds and not win sailing,gotta do a slip knot so damn I I I got,knocked off my shooter Holmes gangster, okay well unless you've been on a,boat you've been on a boat lately,there's spiders though there's a lot of,spiders I think that's true someone told,me to get a mint plant it repelled them,I found a damn spider in the mint plant,don't do you have a mint plant or,that is very interesting I would have,called that no I wouldn't have that's,very okay well anyway okay so let's just,let's be let's just put it is there any,black DNA in you at all I have seen,and I cannot stress this enough Dave,okay I have seen Madea's Christmas,11 times so no,I sleep in a wave cap,last night I messed around and got me a,triple double that's It's Hard Out Here,for a Pimp we was kangs I am frequently,late,Jerry curls okay that was just a mix of,pop culture and yes okay so uh you know,what I knew you weren't black Come On,Dave look you invited me on the show I,just I'm I'm here to promote my I'm here,to plug my new book man,sounds you say that again say that again,look you know it's just not right to,sandbag me like this I came here to,promote my book and you know you guys,are all just bagging on me what your,voice your voice okay you have a book,well I haven't written it yet,thanks for calling,watch louder with Crowder live Monday,through Thursday 10 a.m Eastern

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Shaun King says it's racist that Elon Musk owns Twitter

Shaun King says it's racist that Elon Musk owns Twitter

hey what up man it's your boy david,lucas man i'm on the road so bear with,my hotel setup i have a microphone i,just forgot the little thing for the new,macbooks because they don't have the usb,plug in so i'll have a microphone the,rest of the week but now i'm working,from the earpods so i don't want to hear,oh his sound is terrible fix your audio,oh,i can barely understand you y'all always,find something to complain about right,well uh elon musk uh is now the owner of,twitter uh twitter verified that they,are selling it to him they don't really,have a choice,and i think freedom of speech will be,back on twitter does that mean we'll get,trump,i'm hoping so bro elon musk is uh such a,savage have y'all seen the tweets that,he put on twitter and then today he,posted a picture uh with the meme of a,pregnant man next to bill gates,people are already complaining dude,that's,that's like,no matter what,you do in life people always have,something bad to say about it like some,lady i can't remember her name she was,like elon musk spent 45 billion dollars,on twitter he has enough money to send,everybody in america to a community,college for the next five years,so what,stop trying to tell people how to spend,their money,get you some money,if i had enough money,to buy twitter,and i could still do whatever the hell i,want to do i would buy it,and i wouldn't send nobody to community,college,you can't tell people how to spend that,money bro that's what i don't like i,hate that i hate when people do that,and elon musk is so savage that he said,i hope that even my worst critics remain,on twitter because that is what freedom,of speech means or that's what free,speech means,that is such a dope,thing to say that's like the dopest,tweet of the last 10 years i'm buying,twitter,and i want people that hate me to stay,on twitter and talk trash about me,because that's what free speech is about,like now,is the worst time to be wrote now is the,worst time to be woke bro like it is man,uh,cnn plus is shutting down that they,spend all that money on uh making it uh,disney,disney lost was a billion dollars,and also,the biggest of them all elon musk is,chomping people off on twitter,it's a horrible time to be woke dog if,your mo if you if you woke right now you,might want to like snooze a little bit,you know what i'm saying like don't,don't be quite so woke it's it's not,healthy,it's not healthy to be woke and vegan,like come on man we know that,like i said people are always gonna have,something bad to say uh everybody knows,sean king s-h-u-n,sean king,he says at its root,elon musk wanting to purchase twitter is,not about left versus right it's about,white power the man was raised in,what's how do you say that our apartheid,apart hide,part-time,apartheid let me go to google 30 sure,apartheid,apartheid apartheid,part eight,part eight,so you don't even pronounce the a,a forte,partate so yeah of course people uh are,gonna have bad stuff to say anytime you,do something good uh sean king who i,cannot stand uh he's like he's like a,racially ambiguous black man i'm sure,he's mixed somewhere down the line he's,very light skinned and he's always very,opinionated and in his opinion,everything is about white power so he,tweeted uh at his root elon musk wanting,to purchase twitter is not about left,first right it's about white power,the man was raised in apartheid by a,white nationalist or how do you say that,word apartheid,a-p-a-r-t-h-e-i-d,i think that's how you say the part,he they say he was raised in apartheid,by a white nationalist,he's upset that twitter won't allow,white nationalists to target harass,people,that's his definition of free speech,that's part of free speech,but free speech is free speech,i should be able to go on twitter and,say whatever the hell i want to that's,what i don't understand there's porn on,twitter,and y'all are fighting this guy about,free speech,and sean king you think everything is,about race,elon musk is more african than i am i,ain't never been to africa,he was raised there even though it was,south africa he was still raised in,africa dog,sean king get a life,get a life,for real man let elon musk do his thing,like why can't we all root behind him,tesla's are great,the gigafactory is great he got his own,internet coming out he already put a,satellite up in space he provided,internet to ukraine during the war,and we're supposed to say that,he's making power moves for white power,all right sean king,hey man let him do what he do,i think it's a great move,and i hope,he makes twitter great again because,people don't really get on twitter like,that there's a small percentage you know,some people go tweet but overall twitter,was crashing kind of like netflix so,hopefully he brings that back and then,hopefully next he buys netflix,maybe i'm a genius maybe i'm not if elon,musk buys netflix oh my god,that's all i gotta say all right man,y'all leave in the comments what do,y'all think y'all think,elon musk purchasing twitter

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Shaun King Faces MAJOR BACKLASH For The DUMBEST Tweets About Elon Musk

Shaun King Faces MAJOR BACKLASH For The DUMBEST Tweets About Elon Musk

it is the end of the world or at least,it is for the twitter woaksters who woke,up this morning to news that elon musk,has basically all but confirmed to have,bought twitter this is amazing because,everyone is having a total meltdown,leftists all over twitter are freaking,out and we're going to be taking a look,at some insane things that sean king,who is a a total woke activist,a neo-marxist insane person,who has decided to post some of the most,ridiculous tweets that i've seen for a,very long time on twitter,and he has completely been completely,um,destroyed over these tweets which is,hilarious the backlash towards him the,backfire of these tweets is amazing so,let's go ahead and take a look at all,this stuff that's going on,first of all twitter to accept elon,musk's offer to buy out company report,says this is a thing that's happening,basically elon musk has bought twitter,let's just be honest of what is going on,here okay,and so because of this there's like i,said a total meltdown of what is going,on here and the best of all is coming,from sean king himself who got,completely ratioed for this tweet as you,can see here 4 500 comments,compared to 1 700 likes this is,hilarious and this is what he decided to,say,at its root elon musk wanting to,purchase twitter is not about left,versus right which it isn't even about,that really it's about you know freedom,of speech a lot of this stuff that's,happening with twitter right now is,because twitter decided to take the,steps of silencing banning canceling,whatever you want to call it,babylon b,who,for a joke for a joke that they made,elon musk is a bad big fan of babylon b,he's been on their show on their podcast,whatever everything else he loves,babylon b and when he saw that that,really was the last straw for elon musk,so twitter has brought this on,themselves,for continuing to push some of the most,insane anti,free speech,uh policies that i have ever seen,so let's go ahead and continue with sean,king what he has to say here it's about,white power,the man was raised in apartheid by a,white nationalist he's upset that,twitter won't allow white nationalists,to target harass people that's his,definition of free speech how do you,know that how do you know that's his,definition of free speech because elon,musk literally gave his definition of,free speech just last week where he said,free speech is when you you allow,someone that you don't like to have to,be able to share their opinion online,that is what he literally defined as,free speech and that is about as as,basic of a definition of free speech as,you can have,sean king has decided to continue with,this insane rant and he said elon musk,has openly called himself a free speech,absolutist and said that he wants to,create a space where anything can be,said about anyone that's why white's,nationalists are giddy today,here on twitter and other platforms that,i track daily,john king just really putting in the,work for us all it's just it's stunning,and brave,it's,dangerous and listen i don't even like,the democratic party,oh yeah so sean king is trying to come,off as a a you know a very very,a very very centered person he's just,super balanced and is he's not biased,about anything he's very very centered,very just um,he doesn't take a side yeah that's all,bs,so for me this isn't about left versus,right not at all it's about how the,richest man in the world a son of,apartheid raised by a white nationalist,wants to be sure his speech and that of,other,white men,isn't,censored,like i said he got completely destroyed,for this rightfully so because this is,absolutely insane,absolutely insane and then he decided to,tweet this out just a little bit ago,dear elon musk would you allow hate,speech on twitter would you allow white,supremacists and bigots to target and,harass african americans,and then he continues on because it goes,on and on and on because apparently that,is the definition of free speech to,people like sean king which is sad it is,said that that is their definition of,what free speech is is when hateful,people,get to say what they want that really,isn't what free speech is all about free,speech is about,you being able to express yourself,especially when it comes and free speech,is at the end of the day um a safeguard,against the government that really is,what free speech is all about the end of,the day and because of that you have to,open it up to everyone to be able to,share their opinions,it's about protecting yourself and,protecting what you have as your,opinions and everything else against,what the government can do to silence,you because it is a slippery slope when,you start to censor what people can or,cannot say that is what all of this is,about,and,sean king is you know not only is he,like the whitest dude i've ever seen but,he doesn't know at all what he's talking,about when it comes to free speech he,obviously hasn't been paying that much,attention to what elon musk has said,either because elon musk i

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Samaria Rice Says Shaun King Raised Money In Tamir Rice's Name Without Permission

Samaria Rice Says Shaun King Raised Money In Tamir Rice's Name Without Permission

his proceedings are concluded this court,is adjourned,following idea for this ,company,you ever had a great idea stolen from,you and didn't know how to go about,getting justice,and charles ford is the anatomy of a,corporate lynching he takes us behind,the scenes of his public copyright and,civil rights lawsuit against his,employer khan edison,in this explosive page turner ford,writes of an idea he submitted being,taken and used without credit or,compensation,in a book where no names have been,changed to protect the guilty ford,details how he stood his ground legally,against death,and racial discrimination ford's,exploration of a corporate lynching,attempt,inspires readers to pursue justice and,fight back legally in the face of,corporate opposition and retaliation,the anatomy of a corporate lynching is,available on amazon worldwide and,paperback and on kindle,find ford at author charles ford on,instagram,so tamir rice's mother samaria has been,really calling people out these you know,so-called activists that show up every,time,a black man or a black child you know,dies now a lot of times we're thinking,at a time period,oh man they you know they out there,riding for the community,but then we're finding out you know a,lot of these,activists were just grifting you know,we've seen what happened with patrice,colors how she was exposed all this,money about black lives matter,um then you know you samaria called out,tamika mallory,about the same thing um about her and,what,you know got her by the time i heard,that what she was doing with that gm,commercial is not that,the commercial was an issue is more so,what she was saying that stirred a lot,of people up,about that now samaria is calling out,sean king now sean king you know he has,been questioned,on many fronts um some people even call,them talcum x,a lot of people call them that and they,call them that because,you know people have questioned um is he,a black person,you know he never really showed that he,was you know he said he is,but he never showed you know anything,that say well yeah that's my dad over,here or just,you know anything like that right um,but that's always been in question for,years so samaria called,sean king out and she had made a post on,instagram,we'll go ahead and read that so she put,out,sean king why do you think it's so,important to tell folks we had a,conversation,we talked and everything that was said,was very toxic,and uncomfortable for me to hear that,you raised,additional money and then say,you did not want to bother me she said,personally,i don't understand how you sleep at,night i never gave you permission to,raise nothing,along with the united states you rob me,for the death of my son now,she says the united states the police is,a representation of your government,so when the police is harming you your,government is harming you,when the police is harassing you your,government is harassing you,see our biggest problem is that we look,at the police as this separate entity,understand they are the foot soldiers of,white supremacy,okay that's who they are the civilian,version of course they got a military,version,and they have the civilian version which,is the police and we say oh we need,police reform,no we need government reform because,they're only doing,what you allow them to do and what you,told them to do and what you train them,to do,so it's always been the government doing,things against black folk,they not no separate entity on their own,and they did you know what i'm saying we,have to look at it like that,so she's right about the government,taking her son away,she says continuing you gave me a cop,and donut conversation,and it all lies sean please stop,thinking we on the same page,she says as a white man acting black you,are an imposter that cannot be trusted,my son was 12 years old and the doj,needs to reopen his case period he said,tamir human rights was violated,why would you so ever make it about you,he said you are a selfish self-centered,person,and god would deal with you white man,now that's what i was reading her quote,verbatim,um now of course tamir rice you know,himself if you don't remember,he was 12 years old at the time playing,with a little toy gun,inside of a park a missouri called 9-1-1,but he also said that i think it's a toy,gun though,he said that i think it's a toy gun but,when the cops showed up it wasn't even,not even,three seconds the cop gunned down tamir,rice he wasn't around anybody else,he was alone he wasn't being threatening,anything,this you know white man killed tamir,rice now this,happened in cleveland ohio on november,22 2014.,now of course his death had received,national coverage at the time period,but in remember barack hussein obama's,department of justice was in office and,nothing,happened see that's part of the stain,of barack obama's legacy see he don't,have a good legacy of black folk,because he was in there for eight years,he brought no justice,he had he had the the at least the first,t

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Shaun King Praises And Calls For Terrorism, Twitter Does NOT Suspend Him

Shaun King Praises And Calls For Terrorism, Twitter Does NOT Suspend Him

I don't know what form it will take I've,been saying this for the past couple,years that I believe we will see some,kind of civil conflict now I've had the,conversation over and over again about a,second civil war the reason I don't like,that phrasing is that many people will,then get this vision of two sides,marching towards each other and like,clearly defined lines so what I've said,is I think we can expect like insurgent,seen mostly from the far left now we've,seen sporadic fringe far-right whatever,you want to call it violence and I say,far-right in the reference to,traditionalism people who are like,diehard the world must be this way etc,etc but in terms of an actual civil,conflict we need organization so fringe,wackos doing fringe wacko things doesn't,really I don't know it doesn't I'm not,gonna predict any kind of civil conflict,because one person did something nuts,with this story about Willamette,vanspronsen though we can see the,organizational or ideological support,first from Shaun King in what may be one,of the most disgusting dangerous and,irresponsible posts anyone can make but,you know what I don't think he cares,nor does Twitter he's made numerous,posts now supporting overt acts of,terror violence extreme violence and,Twitter has not taken his posts down why,one of his posts is from weeks ago so,first let's take a look at what Shaun,King said now we're gonna talk about the,potential for civil conflict now I don't,have the tab pulled up but head over to,Tim Kass calm slash donate if you want,to support my work there's a bunch of,ways you can do it more importantly,share this video if you think it's,important because YouTube probably will,not they're they've changed the way they,share content and you know I got to say,maybe it's kind of a good thing they're,trying to you know ratchet down the this,I don't know these kinds of,conversations perhaps it's all a,self-fulfilling prophecy but Twitter,Facebook they're not doing it they're,making things worse okay so here's,what's happening Shaun King tweets that,I'm I'm not gonna read it I'm not gonna,read what he's what he says I'm gonna,paraphrase it,he calls will invents Bronson the first,martyr saying he was attempting to,liberate imprisoned refugees that's a,lie these P,are not refugees there is a distinction,between economic migrants and refugees,not to say that any of them should be in,prison that's not the point the point is,he is manipulating people he is a sick,twisted individual this is one of the,most terrifying things I've seen Shaun,King has 1.1 million followers and he is,driving people into madness,he says his here was John Brown the,white abolitionist who led the raids on,Harpers Ferry in 1859 this is what our,country has come to he was on to say,presenting the final letter from Willem,vanspronsen who keep in mind was a,terrorist who threw firebombs at a,federal facility and listen if you won't,have an argument about the difference,between a freedom fighter and a,terrorist we can argue all day and night,and we can talk about the philosophy of,one man's freedom fighters and other,man's terrorists fine this is different,this man was throwing firebombs at a,facility holding migrants meaning he was,going to burn down the building,containing the people he claims to want,to save that is not freedom fighting,freedom fighting would be showing up the,mill tonight with bolt cutters and,trying to break in not burning it down,and killing everyone inside but of,course John King won't tell you that he,says he was shot and killed by law,enforcement as he attempted to attack a,for-profit refugee Detention Center,refugee they don't understand the,distinction between those who come here,seeking jobs and those who are truly,refugees those who are seeking you you,know or fleeing violence there's no,reason you can't make a life for,yourself anywhere else but if you have,someone threatening you sure your,refugee the US has not systematically,detaining refugees he says it's a,beautiful painful devastating letter and,then he says that he's not crazy in,action is Shaun King is now saying not,only is this guy not nuts which he is,he's telling people it would be crazy to,do nothing he then goes on he says this,is where Willem was murdered this,weekend his actions will be called,terrorism and people will call him crazy,but neither are true his mind was very,clear no it wasn't actually he lost,custody of his child and his friends,said he was suicidal,Shaun King is a dangerous sociopath who,is trying to inflame tensions to,take everything down and get people hurt,including the migrants that are in these,facilities he says he is now arm-in-arm,with John Brown these camps must be shut,down amazing now it was a so-so listen,these posts are about a day old okay so,maybe Twitter's and take them down,because they're about a day old right,which means you've got to report them,then Twitter's got to review them and,then take action sure,should Twitter take them down you kn

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welcome to savvysabs podcast i'm your,host,sabrina salvati so guys i don't have a q,a today because,i have a special announcement i found,out yesterday that i have been,chosen to be the master of ceremony for,the medicare for all,march in boston,i'm super excited i am incredibly,honored that i was selected to do this,guys i'm going to be speaking in front,of a lot of people so,cross your fingers for me but definitely,excited about,that for those who don't know there are,medicare for all marches,going on in july july 24th all across,this country,there are multiple cities that are on,the list,if you are interested and you want to,participate please follow,m4m4all on twitter so you can stay,updated with everything that's going on,with that a lot of people don't know,but this is actually the way that canada,did it,when they passed universal healthcare,they did it by province,they didn't do it you know nationally,and i just don't think that that's gonna,happen for us here in the us i don't see,you know the house and the senate,passing medicare for all,nationally across this country so at,this point i think the best way to go,about it is to go state by state,go through the states we have a medicare,for all bills sitting in the house in,massachusetts right now,just sitting there so if you,are in the boston area july 24th and you,can come out,please come out to the medicare for all,march,we'll be starting in nubian square and,we will end up at boston common we're,going to have some pretty cool guest,speakers but i can't tell you who they,are yet because that is on the hush,so yeah that's my exciting news,but now i want to get into today's news,so sean king,has come under fire,yesterday sean king was trending on,twitter and,not for good reasons for those who don't,know,sean king is a writer at one point in,time he worked with tyt,it was a long time ago he is known,for covering stories about you know,police brutality,some of us in the african-american,community,are not too fond of sean king,not all of us but some of us,some of us feel that,sean king basically,profits off of police killing unarmed,black people,i tried to find a nicer way to say that,but,i couldn't really think of a nicer way,to say it so i just,got straight to the point there but,that's not why he was trending on,twitter,sean king was trending because samir,rice tamar rice's mother,posted a statement on instagram about,sean king,and how she really did not appreciate,what he did with her son's story,for those who don't know tamar rice was,the 12 year old little boy,who was killed by a police officer he,was,on the playground i think it was a park,actually was,a park and he was playing with a toy gun,police officers thought that he had a,real gun and they shot and killed him,that was tamar rice he was only 12 years,old,i want you to hear what tamar,rice's mother said about sean king,listen to this so this is the post that,she put on,instagram says sean king so it's,addressed directly to him,why do you think it's so important to,tell folks we had a conversation,well we talked and everything that was,said was very toxic and uncomfortable,for me to hear,that you raised additional money and,then,said you did not want to bother me,personally i don't understand how you,sleep at night,i never gave you permission to raise,anything,or nothing let me scoot up here,along with the united states you robbed,me,for the death of my son you gave me a,cop and donut conversation all,lies sean please stop thinking we are on,the same page,and then this part is interesting as a,white man,acting black you are an imposter,that cannot be trusted i'll comment on,that in a second,my son was 12 years old and doj,needs to reopen his case period tamar,human rights were violated,why would you so ever make it about,you you are a selfish,self-centered person and god will deal,with you,white man,let me pop out,so i want to address the white man,comment for those of you who are,watching you're probably like what sean,sean is is is black so,there have been rumors and i i don't,know if this is true,so please you know just letting you know,hold on my phone,boy i tell you i don't know what it is,you guys but every time i want to record,that's when people want to contact me,okay,uh there have been rumors that,sean king is actually a white man,pretending to be black,i don't know if that's true so,i'm just telling you what the rumor is,apparently,a while back somebody got a hold of his,birth certificate and his birth,certificate,said that his dad was white and we know,that his mom is white,sean king came out after that and said,that his real father is a light-skinned,black man,um i don't know,i wasn't there i don't really know about,his parents situation like that so,i don't really know but that is a rumor,that has been going around,so that is why she called him um a white,man,and apparently his family pictures that,have,been released all show that everyone in,his family is white,um but again i

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Black Twitter Rips Shaun King After Begging For Money For Fashion Line (BOYSCAST CLIPS)

Black Twitter Rips Shaun King After Begging For Money For Fashion Line (BOYSCAST CLIPS)

the sean king he's been amazing so yeah,basically sean king like the like black,twitter sort of turned on him i'm taking,this everybody's turned around all right,i'm done with this puppy i first sweated,through it so,everyone sort of turned on,sean king and a big part of it was,saying that he,you know stole people's money,and he had all these charities and,allegedly some people are saying also,he's not black and that he's not black,yeah i just like to run glasses over the,yeah and he's also not black right,but he's one of those guys that's sort,of entering the matthew mcconaughey,territory where i'm like you gotta,respect it at some point like yeah alley,same thing he's like um which of the,caller the like pastor you know,those like mega church pastors who are,like complete scams like gajillionaires,yeah so he comes out so everyone got mad,at him,in his own community and it was really,like black twitter sort of you know,turned on him right which was,and then he comes out and he posts a,house and he goes this is my family and,we have to move which is devastating and,my family's cried over this non-stop,because fox news in new york post posted,a picture of my home everywhere and i've,been doxxed and out of the gate it was,like it was not it was every publication,and if you go look at the people like,because white people don't even really,know about him that much you know what i,mean it's way more of a he's a celebrity,kind of in the black world right,was yeah was but it was so he's like,first he's like,all like black guy's turned on him he,was like these right-wing bigots totally,you know what i mean yeah he goes magga,has infected your black brain posting my,thing but even more importantly,sean king's entire,thing,was based on doxing people,like his whole deal,was like hey here's a guy a woman that,was like a karen,what's her name you know what i mean so,we can get do your thing internet yeah,so his whole thing is doxing people and,he's like i cannot believe the,right-wing truck i cannot ,believe because the new york post doxed,me and then he goes it's not safe,anymore to move right so he goes it's,not safe anymore at my house she's got,this 800 000 house in like new jersey or,something right yeah because it's not,safe for me so i got to move out of my,home,and here's my cash app venmo yeah i know,that's the best paypal yeah you put all,this stuff he goes help me move,i mean it's literally it's you know we,see it all the time in the the kind of,cancel cancelling world but it's just,like live by the sword die by the sword,you die he's not die by the sword he,honestly he's playing 3d jets with all,y'all oh,i mean he has to move and all that ,i don't know he's not doing well or he,doesn't dude black people call him,talcum x you know how crazy that is yeah,that the like the black community has,embraced calling him talcum x which was,basically like started by stephen,crowder i think,like i never heard that before that was,like a really like fringe thing and,people were like oh don't call him that,and then now it's just like that is his,nickname for all people right,and then he goes i was minding my,business and all this happened but it's,like he's accused of like fraud,he's like minding my own business it's,like the you know getting people to send,him you know millions of dollars and,then it's like questionable where the,money went or whatever and he docks his,people and it wasn't right-wing people,it was like kind of his own people or,whatever yeah and then so i'm just,watching this whole thing and i was just,like,you like the balls to come out and be,like,everyone's mad at you for,um,you know essentially like stealing their,money kind of is the main accusation and,then he comes out and he goes,oh because everyone accused me of,stealing money i got to move so anyways,so you send me more money and then the,next post after that on his instagram,goes september 11th i'm launching my new,fashion line fashion line it goes sean,king do rags,line of durags by sean king yeah,i'm releasing a line of durags and afro,picks,and like you know black hair products,dude even tamir rice who was like one of,the black kid who was like killed by the,cops or whatever his mom came out,recently was like we talked about but,he's like she was like yeah he raised,all this money on like the back of like,my son getting killed and like didn't,tell me about it and like didn't give it,to me and like,she's like he just took it and she's,like what the yeah he's like i'm,sort of like a curator of charity funds,yeah yeah,but,this that one was so because i was,looking at the one being like the balls,on this guy and then the next post is,like also fashion drop yeah he's like in,de blasio territory of just like nobody,likes him yeah i guess he they sort of,people like him too you do sort of box,yourself into a corner because i do get,okay so you build this like doxing and,fake charity empire,and then you have all these followers,and you're just like

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Shaun King gets dragged on Twitter

Shaun King gets dragged on Twitter

hey y'all welcome to my channel and,today we will be talking about Shaun,King if you don't know what Shaun King,is he is one of the leaders of the black,gloves movement so let's get started,things did not go well on Twitter for,Shaun King this week a lot of people are,saying that he is a fraud and stealing,money from the victims families that he,supposed allegedly raised a lot of,people who had a lot to say and I wasn't,looking good for Shaun King,Clarissa Brooks was the main one that,was saying a lot of stuff saying our,folks on a whole Shaun King accountable,for money that he raised for Cynthia if,you know who Cynthia is she is a young,lady that was charged with murder when,she was 16 she recently received,clemency because she was to serve life,in prison but people thought that was,too harsh for her since she was only a,teenager Shaun King went on to say I,never even raised money for Cynthia,Brown never raised it never touched it,never knew about it he also went on to,say I need to be very clear on something,if you have posted publicly that I have,ever spent was stolen a single penny our,brains for families and it's moving I'm,opening up a legal case against you,everything is illegal what y'all saying,Clarissa Brooks put out a statement,saying that she has been dealing with,Shaun King for a while and she knows the,type of man he is,and he's bullying her she's saying that,she will not retract her statement and,she will not be released in a public,apology and I say all it is to say F,Shaun King Wow y'all that's when stuff,took a turn turn turn and it was not,looking good Shaun King put out another,statement saying that he approached,everybody,they refuse to take down with the stuff,they were saying about him he never,stole a penny from any family and then,he announced that he is going to talk to,his legal team and stuff is about to get,bad for everybody that say anything,about him,bans was not happy with what Shaun King,was saying saying that he's bullying,Clarissa Brooks because she's black a,lot of people are saying that Shawn King,blocked them for selling the truth and,saying that he's worse than a GoFundMe,people are saying that Shawn King is,allegedly taking everybody's money and,profiting off a black people this week,has been rough for Shaun King I don't,know what's gonna really happen after,this now y'all know I have my opinions,but I'm away into the receipts come out,and then when the receipts come out i'ma,let y'all know what what's goin on I,hope y'all like and subscribe to my,channel I post every single day during,the week not the weekends but I will see,y'all Monday have a good day

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