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Elon Musk HUMILIATED By His Ex-Wife On Twitterwhile we're talking about Twitter a day,after his Gene

The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

Updated on Jan 15,2023

Elon Musk HUMILIATED By His Ex-Wife On Twitter

while we're talking about Twitter a day,after his General intimacy that uh Elon,Musk,announced where he let back all sorts of,horrible right-wingers on to,Twitter people who have lied,impersonated uh attacked uh trans people,attacked gay people been racist been,anti-semitic homophobic,um on and on whoever uh you know people,as long as no one was prosecuted for,anything,or awarded anything in an,Anti-Defamation suit he let them on and,then he began to essentially uh get rid,of and suspend other accounts like Chad,loader got suspended,um there's a and this is after he spoke,to that Andy no guy uh that right wing,uh reporter,um and there's apparently a list of 5,000 people who are antifa,um hey Matt Matt Emma on the list yeah I,am not the FBI I thought yeah I mean,right exactly I am not on that list,um because,of peacock uh because peacock and,protected,um but here is uh Elon Musk as to why he,won't let Alex Jones on he's trying to,justify it right uh and is,saying let Alex come back on he,apologized can I just read this Alex, this is what says Alex, up with Sandy Hook he admitted,that and apologized he also got a lot of,quote conspiracy theories right and this,is where I saw Kim you're a dumb,guy like this thing where Alex Jones got,conspiracies right he's not doing,reporting on it also can you like name,those conspiracies he got right and how,it is,acting on you and they're spying on you,so many people do this but uh yeah if,serializers and they have a weather,machine all right so I got fat I got a,little 75 of it right uh if serialized,like Biden and Trump are allowed on,Twitter then Alex Jones should be,allowed to please reconsider in the,interest of real free speech it's just,the what they are saying that he got,right is that the vaccines are not,protecting from covid because now people,that's not right I know exactly but that,that's like the their example,um well I said the FBI and the CIA were,um doing bad things doing bad things I,know that's why I said that against,conservatives they drank the blood of of,Christian children yeah you know,surrounded by win some you lose some but,um they all ejaculated onto an owl,that's all right okay I got that part,wrong but uh everything else I got right,so here's Elon Musk,um,trying to establish his Bona fides did,some marketing and it's marketing,understand like he wants to be able to,justify bringing these people on he has,to figure out a way of not bringing on,Alex Jones because bringing on Alex,Jones doesn't give him what he wants,which is like the right wing cred,right and so he's got to come up with a,an like an extra special reason an extra,special reason,why Alex Jones is wrong,and he writes and this is sad I'm sure,if uh Elon Musk um was capable of,feeling emotion for other people I'm,sure you would feel sad about this uh my,firstborn child died in my arms I felt,his last heartbeat,I I Can Only Imagine,what that would be like,um to to have my child die in my arms,and and literally feel the last,heartbeat would be,devastating maybe the worst thing humans,without a doubt and and and I would,never forget it,and he says I have no mercy for anyone,who'd use the deaths of children for,gain politics or fame now of course,he didn't,that's not what Alex Jones did he,completely denied it and in fact,um that's his way of also opening the,door for anybody who like in any way,um politicizes,the shooting deaths of people like I,understand that's also a warning to,anybody who's like oh uh uh you know 32p,kids get shot in you know like in a mass,murder in a mall don't talk about,politics,don't talk about like whether we should,have gun control,but uh be that as a may he has a real,reason it's because his firstborn uh,child died in his arms and then his,former wife,Justine Musk,writes a sids-related incident that put,him on life support,he was declared brain dead and not that,it matters to anyone except me because,it's one of the most sacred and defining,moments of my life,but I was the one who was holding it,Jesus,and I guess you know like,the thing that is in its possible Elon,Musk you know,misremembered,um,but it's also more likely that this guy,is,uh uh so pathological that he is in fact,weaponizing the death of his own child,for gain I can't imagine what his,reaction to Justine saying that was like,oh yeah,like how dare you contradict me on such,something like that okay what's a,follow-up on that nobody's replying it,doesn't seem like,but um I I don't know the if you want to,be scared yeah we don't need it if you,want to be scared by Elon Musk that,would be the scariest thing his like,like ability,to use anything and his relationship,with his children to like I mean there,is like this and armchair diagnosis he's,narcissistic in terms of some of his,behaviors but like he has been vocal,about being pronatalist which is that he,feels like he it's his duty to populate,the Earth with his DNA because he is a,billionaire and wealth equals,intelligence and it'

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Modi’s Plan To Teach India’s REAL History In 2023

Modi’s Plan To Teach India’s REAL History In 2023

How many of your friends know Raha Dahir, Bappa Rawal, lacchit borphukan, the Hindu Shashi Dynasty, Rana Kumbha,Maybe 50% will say no,But i bet 100% of them know Aurangzeb, Akbar, Shah Jahan, Babur, Khilji,So why do we know more about invaders than our brave heroes?,ts not your friends' fault,its our education system's fault, ,Akbar 97 times, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb and Jahangir 30 times,Chhatrapati Shivaji 8 times.Rana Sanga and Maharana Pratap 1 each,Why is this the case: George Orwell said: Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,This has been case with India for over a hundred years when first the British and then our own political leaders taught us false version of history,Basically made you jump in a diary canal by calling is little Ganga,This created many generations of Indians who grew up thinking their country has never produced anything good and everything they got had come from overseas,We will discuss why its important to change and why in 2023 it might,Hello and Welcome to The Show!,o understand how and why India was mentally colonized, ,we need to understand How British Destroyed Indian Education,you may have heard of the Midas touch,Then there's the British touch: Whatever they touch gets destroyed,This was done to Borders, Economy and Education,Bihar and Bengal had over 1 lakh schools in the 1830s, according to William Adam, a British Surveyor,The way every nook and cranny of Patna has a coaching center Madras had a school in every village according to him,G.L. Prendergast, a senior British officer of the Bombay Presidency found there was literally no village without a school,pre british Education system was composed of Gurukuls and Pathshalas,British soon realized that to control India, they need to control minds of Indians:,That had to be done by making Indians completely dependent on the British government: De-legitimize and Demonize the Indian education system and economy,Create an alternate form of Government that provides employment and financial security,Christianize India via education & Job guarantee,The British did this with the help of two main people Max Muller and Thomas Babington Macaulay,In his letter to his wife he explains how his incorrect translation of the Vedas will uproot Indian civilization.,Macaulay explains how idolism will be destroyed in India by controlling education.,After they delegitimized and demonized Indian education they created their own education system in India funding it. It started with English Education Act 1935,To create a population that was Indian in some color but British in Culture,The british also destroyed traditional Indian industries, made millions jobless and shifted all manufacturing and industry to England, making Indians dependent of British government and British goods,Once the population was made depended on the British government for jobs and education. People only educated in English could give the ICS exam,The British Raj also made it mandatory for the Indian government servants to send their kids to convent schools,The British encouraged missionaries to set up schools by giving them land on lease for 99 years for throw away prices such as Rs.1 per annum,Guess what the Church is still the largest landowner in India after the Government,The goal was for an Indian to ahte being an Indian and want to become British. Being British and speaking English became Aspirational,This education system created Raja Ram Mohan roy. This plan was so successful that Raja Ram Mohan Roy considered Sanskrit inferior to English and advocated European Education,South Delhi’s lavanya must be making him so happy in Hell,Even Mahatma Gandhi has acknowledged this fact,Unfortunately this situation didn't get better after India’s independence,How Congress and Left destroyed the Indian Historical Historical Education,The brown Sahibs that were created by the british unfortunately became in charge of India’s education system,It is highlighted by the fact that even the Independent Indian government released a stamp promoting Max Muller:,This is likeCongress releasing a stamp of Modi,Though Nehru believed in Indian languages like Sanskrit which he has mentioned in the discovery of India,he never reformed the British oriented Primary education to create Sanskrit as a link language , Probably Nehru was too busy,It seems Nehru only loved 3 things one Non alignment the second socialist and Edwina, he nationalised education too making it inefficient,who had no experience of running such elite institutions,as a reult of which they suffered,His nationalization of education was despised so much that India’s first nobel winner, when given Bharat Ratna by Nehru smashed it in protest,, compared with China and US, which produces about 4.7 million and 600,000 STEM graduates respectively which translates to about 1,400,000 and 285,095 patent applications,India produces about 2.6 million STEM graduates every year and that translates to r

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Nuggets Handle Lakers, Bucks Beat Brunson, Bulls Roster Future | Run It Back

Nuggets Handle Lakers, Bucks Beat Brunson, Bulls Roster Future | Run It Back

oh y'all are so cute you were watching a,boring college football game last night,no worries there was fun basketball,being played and we watched it all let's,run it back now,good Tuesday morning and welcome to run,its back I would like to introduce the,esteemed panel I was gonna say of Judges,but what are we judging besides,everything uh sham sharania Stadium,Insider joining us from his beautiful,little office Lair uh Chandler Parsons,from a very Stark and almost serial,killer like blank room and Eddie,Gonzalez on the end there killing it,what Chandler I know you're in a new,house but we put a poster up something,it's freaking me out it's my second,night every year Michelle give me a,break,I know it's it's pretty awesome,newspaper yeah instead of something else,started right away because nuggets oh,the Nuggets oh Jamal Murray how about 34,points for him big,look jokic only needed five field goal,attempts last night to earn that triple,double they're tied for the best record,in the west uh and the West is obviously,a flip-flopping up for grabs thing right,now but are they the best team in the,west despite what it might say you know,what Chandler let's start with you,uh it's tough because like you just said,it kind of switches every single day and,switches weekly with this Western,Conference it's so jumbled up and it,just seems like the nuggets are the most,mature and consistent team right now but,they're only going to go as far as their,defense and they've got good guard,defensive players like Bruce Brown like,hobo Pope but it's going to come down to,that we all know how special jokic is,offensively,um last night I don't know if I've ever,seen a guy play that well taking five,shots perfect from the field perfect,from the free-throw line perfect from,the three-point line,um the guy is just a Next Level,unselfish star who cares about nothing,besides winning and helping his team win,um and then you see a guy like Jamal,Murray who's starting to slowly get his,legs back,um and he had a big game last night I,love that he took 29 shots that is a,huge sign for him to kind of start,feeling it getting his legs into it and,becoming that second best player on a,continued team and again it's it's it's,kind of all chaos right now and every,week I feel like there's a different MVP,and a different team in the west but,right now I yeah I like them as the best,I trust them a little bit more than New,Orleans and Memphis in a playoff series,uh and it's hard to bet against jokic,right now,let's let's be honest guys they beat the,Lakers without LeBron without A.D at,home uh shout out to Jamal great game 29,shots like you said he took care of,business if you look at some of those,clips those shots are wide open the,Lakers were not there trying to compete,this was never a close game they made it,closer later in garbage time but it was,just like everybody was going through,the motions are the nuggets the best,team in the in the Western Conference I,mean I guess they're tied with the,Grizzlies right now the Grizzlies have,won eight straight by the way,um The Warriors are still making it,happen without Steph Curry they got comp,out there and I'm gonna sound like a,broken record until they prove me wrong,but as long as we can run Jamal Murray,and nickel gets in the pick and roll in,the playoffs I'm gonna feel strongly,about about three four other teams about,against them in a series I've seen this,movie before congrats to them for the,regular season it was probably going to,be a third straight MVP if he keeps this,up but yeah it's only so excited I can,can get about this team,so a couple things one this is like the,perfect game for LeBron James to sit in,terms of like the the home game for,Denver I don't know if there's as much,of a a for sure win in the league right,now like the the Nuggets bring it at,home uh and that was gonna be probably,an L regardless of whether LeBron James,played or not last night but you know,I'm gonna go the other way with Eddie I,saw this and I might be biased I saw,this nuggets team in the bubble I saw,the way Jamal Murray played down there I,saw the way Nicola jokic played they,made it all the way to the Western,Conference Finals they stung everyone,everyone that year was hoping for Lakers,Clippers and they get there and I think,once they got Aaron Gordon who's,basically played like at an All-Star,level uh I think this team was really on,the cusp and now you're starting to see,them put things together Jamal Murray's,healthy,um I I'm I'm on the bandwagon now I,don't know if they can get by Golden,State and some of the other Elites for,sure but they're they're right there to,me and I think with Jamal Murray what,he's capable of gives me that assurance,yeah and at the same point I feel like,there's a lot of teams in the west right,now like Phoenix like the Clippers like,the Nuggets where if they get healthy,and they can hit that stride at the,right Point there's not a clear-cut,favorite to me and New Orleans

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Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade's rivalry became beef thanks to fouls, mean quotes, and fake coughing

Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade's rivalry became beef thanks to fouls, mean quotes, and fake coughing

- In early 2022,,Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki sat side by side,during an "NBA on TNT" broadcast.,The air between these two Hall of Famers was light,,the conversation friendly.,Reggie Miller made sure to point out,that that represented a shift.,- Hey, do you want me to switch seats?,Is there still history here between you two?,- The history on paper is obvious.,Nowitzki's Dallas Mavericks met Wade's Miami Heat twice,in the NBA finals.,They had a rivalry, but when Dirk said this-,- Are you sure?,- There were some rough patches.,- He knew Reggie wasn't just talking,about rivalry, he was talking about beef.,(quiet baroque music),The 2006 NBA finals presented a new huge opportunity,for either Wade or Nowitzki.,There could only be one.,Dirk entered the league back in 1998,,when the Mavericks made moves to acquire the gangly German,,then pair him,with another bottle blond newcomer, Steve Nash.,The next eight seasons,saw Dirk crush one assumption after another,,making the Mavs look smart,for valuing him more than everyone else did.,Not just a novelty bench player,,Dirk could contribute big minutes.,Not just a catch and shoot stiff,,he proved creative and feisty enough to be a top scorer.,Not just Nash's co-star,,he could lead a great team by himself.,That was where we found Nowitzki in 2006.,In the two years after Mark Cuban's franchise,let a future MVP walk away,,Dirk eased the pain of Nash's departure,by ascending to the game's upper echelon,,a tiptop scorer on a tiptop team,in the conversation for League MVP.,And the spring of '06 brought more "not just"s.,Dirk kept doing new stuff.,He led Dallas's first ever playoff series win,against the rival big brother San Antonio Spurs.,He led Dallas to an extremely satisfying,six game conference final victory over Nash and the Suns,to secure the Mavericks' first ever trip to the NBA finals.,By winning it all, Dirk could erase all doubt.,He could turn 28 years old as a champion and franchise hero.,Singularly powerful, "not just" anything,except a bonafide legend.,In the way stood the Miami Heat,,led by a player who had ascended even faster.,Dwyane Wade got drafted by the Heat in 2003,,immediately became Miami's clear cut centerpiece,,led them to a playoff series victory as a rookie,,and became an all-star by his second season.,And while Dirk's employer squandered his rising co-star,in free agency, Wade watched Miami boss Pat Riley,move Heaven and Earth to add star power in 2004.,It's Shaq!,This is a fun distinction,and I think it's worth appreciating,to understand the rivalry and beef to come.,Dirk lost his best ever teammate,,then proved he could carry the Mavericks.,Dwyane proved he could carry the Heat,,then gained his best ever teammate,,up to that point anyway.,More to come.,But for the time being,,we had the 2006 NBA finals,and for all Miami's big name talent,,Dirk and the Mavs had the upper hand.,They'd foreshadowed as much in the regular season.,Dirk's Mavs had beaten Wade's Heat,almost every time they met, including what Shaq called,"a good, old-fashioned Texas beatdown" in February '06.,Many experts favored the Mavs,and Dallas validated that choice,by winning games one and two by comfortable margins.,Dirk Nowitzki stood two wins away,from that legacy-securing, doubt-obliterating title,,and if he'd hit this last second free throw,instead of rimming it out,or if he had avoided Wade's fingertips,with his buzzer-beating lob, who knows,,maybe he could have taken game three in Miami.,Instead, that narrow defeat began a sickening turn,for Dirk and the Mavs.,The Heat won game four in a romp to tie the series.,For game five, things got peculiar.,While Dirk had an off night, Wade racked up 43 points,,thanks in large part to his 25 free throw attempts.,That number is still a single game finals record,for anyone but Shaq in 2000,,when he was getting fouled on purpose.,This was a controversial amount of whistle blowing,,it still is,,and it included one of the most scrutinized calls ever,,Wade driving and drawing a Nowitzki foul,,securing two free throws to take the lead,with less than two seconds remaining in game five.,That made it three straight wins for Miami,and it left the Mavs feeling very sour.,Nowitzki got fined for kicking the ball into the stands.,Then he said not only had he not fouled Wade,,but Wade pushed off multiple people to make that play.,As recently as 2016,,Nowitzki hadn't gotten over that officiating,,and he's not alone.,And game six in Dallas was more of the same.,Wade played brilliantly and drew 21 free throw attempts.,He missed two critical ones down the stretch,,but no one remembers that because the Heat pulled it out,for their first ever championship.,There was plenty to whine about,and you better believe Mark Cuban and company whined,,but the outcome was the outcome.,Wade was a winner in his youth.,Dirk was a loser in his prime.,He and the Mavs blew it.,This hurt Dirk's reputation, not to mention his psyche.,It was fodder for the doubters,and Wade

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Shams Charania on the NBA’s Rocky Restart | The Bill Simmons Podcast | The Ringer

Shams Charania on the NBA’s Rocky Restart | The Bill Simmons Podcast | The Ringer

all right I don't know how this hasn't,happened before but it's happening now,he's at the athletic he said Stadium,what out what are the gigs do you have,shops just those two for now but,obviously during the pandemic I've been,pretty busy just you know appearing on,you know networks I didn't like CNN and,T NBC so but just those two right now I,have a lot to cover I want to start here,do you think this NBA season is actually,gonna happen yeah I think so I mean it's,definitely get off the ground you know,all the planning preparations been put,into place for this to happen,like there's you know all these,protocols,you know everyone around the league that,I speak to it's all systems go now are,there gonna be things put into place if,there are a rash amount of positive,tests or you know an outbreak occurs I,think the league does that have that in,the back of their minds and it's it is,you know mentally aware that that is a,possibility I think even Adam silver has,said it publicly he's talked to people,privately about it but everything as of,right now is it's all systems go well,you talk to a lot of people are you,sensing a growing apprehension as the,Cova cases spike around the country and,especially in Florida I've been feeling,that for weeks though you know there,have been swathes of players coaches,executives that have had kind of this,growing uncertainty about it but again,the fact that the vast majority of,players want to play LeBron James has,been vocal that he wants to play,Yanis wants to place you have a lot of,these star players Kawhi Leonard you,know as long as things are safe and you,know given all the other leagues right,now the NBA is the only league to have,this you know fully daily testing,protocol set up you see the MLB you you,have different players coming out saying,like listen we're not getting the daily,testing that we need I saw Chris Bryant,said yeah I've been tested in five six,days that's not happening in the NBA,like these guys getting tested daily I,think that's part of the reason why,you're seeing like you know over a over,two dozen positive tests I know even in,the last several days you know obviously,these guys results are private you know,them it being released is is really,their decision but there have been,through even,last four or five days you know a good,amount of players that I've tested,positive as well and so the NBA is,treating it as no Chris Paul and,Michelle Roberts when you when you hear,them speak publicly and privately I mean,it is kind of like trying to treat it,like an injury because that's that's,where they're at right now I'm trying to,in terms of trying to restart this this,NBA do you believe the official number,of positive tests versus with the actual,numbers because I've heard it's closer,to triple figures then maybe they're,admitting um I mean I think the last,thing that they you know the NBA,announced was 25 I don't think that,they're they're uh you know I don't,think that they're falsifying that now,since that 25 came out on Friday you,know I do know there have been several,others there tested positive which I'm,sure reflect on you know the next,announcement that the NBA does make and,reveal the teams as far as positive,testing um but again it's not you know,you don't have you know a bunch of teams,dealing with it but there are several,teams that are B gonna you know going in,Orlando I'm told that are not gonna be,traveling with their full complement of,players like you know there's a group of,three four or five players that are,gonna have to stay back to make sure,that you you know comply with testing,protocols what's your responsibility as,a reporter because you obviously have,incredible access to information and you,have to vet,what you put out there versus what you,kind of took away there's stuff maybe,you find out that isn't supposed to be,public and in this case you know if,somebody's test positive and they don't,want anybody to know then it's their,right for nobody to know so have you,stumble I mean you don't obviously don't,say what you've stumbled across but you,must hear things that you just can't act,on at all right yeah I mean but again I,think that's just the nature of the,beast especially right now right like,Crona bars isn't you know a torn ACL or,an injury like I've had different people,say that to me and and that is true and,you know you've got you have to respect,the player you know yeah early on you,know when Rudy Gobert tested positive,Kevin Durant you know different guys are,on the league Donovan Mitchell it was,such a shock you know we in America not,forget the NBA but I thought in America,period I remember that night you know,you're Tom Hanks his wife test positive,and then within 30 minutes Rudy Gobert,tested positive and you know the crazy,thing about the Rudy Gobert situation is,you know again the league you know,basically that game was suspended right,there was so much chaos at the being of,that Thunder jazz game and I remember I,he

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Celtics offer Nets Jaylen Brown centered trade package for KD, per reports | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Celtics offer Nets Jaylen Brown centered trade package for KD, per reports | NBA | UNDISPUTED

can you realistically see this deal,getting done yes and i was ahead of the,curve if you go back a little bit we're,ahead of the goal golden state go back,and look at my timeline on twitter look,it up i bet you're 100 grand i propose,the package around draylen brown the,moment kevin durant requested a trade go,look it up on twitter you've been just,just adamant he's going to golden state,xyz even though jaylen brown is a is a,25 year old all-star i still believe,golden state and you see the package,that go that they asked for golden state,they asked for uh jordan poole moody,wiseman and andrew wiggins and three,first round draft pick and golden state,said nah bro y'all must be thanked with,minnesota somebody who reported that it,was in the you didn't see that in the,paper i didn't see that i got a paper i,got you i got a i got it you get that,paper you subscribed to that yes that,that was that was the report now i don't,know if it's true but you know people,throwing out reports and they said uh uh,golden state said no but i thought early,on skip that a a jaylen brown package i,thought jalen brown smart maybe grant,williams and some draft picks but,the question was is that still enough,skip at some point in time it's also,being reported that kevin and kevin,durant's mind has not changed it has,nothing to do with kyrie it has nothing,to do with anything other than he's,tired of being in brooklyn and he wants,to move on but if i'm if if i'm uh,brook if i'm boston i'm not gonna let,marcus smart hold this deal up because i,do believe why they'll be they'll be a,little,a little worse defensively i think,they'll be better offensively so now you,got wings of jason tatum and uh kevin,durant you still keep your rim protector,in robert williams you still got a jack,you can do a lot of different things in,al horford and you got brogden skip that,you brought in to really man the point,so for me i'm not gonna let marcus smart,and i understand marcus smart a,defensive player of the year he's a 25,28 year old he's a very good player but,i'm not gonna let him hold this deal up,skip i'm sorry i'm not,so if if it's gonna take jaylen brown if,it's gonna take marcus smart if it's,gonna take three first-round peaks and,possibly uh pig swaps and another,rotational player is that going to be,grant williams possibly is it going to,be derrick white possibly but skip i'm,not letting i'm sorry i'm not letting,marcus smart hold this deal up if i got,opportunity to get kevin durant and this,has this is a kevin durant special if,you can't beat them jordan that's okay,they got kd written all over this one,god what happened he got swept out of,the playoffs go join the team to swept,you and let me you know i'm saying he,wants to win a title for boss that he,wants to bring a new challenge when the,challenge was right before him he,succumbed to the pressure of the the,challenge that was right before him and,so he wants to take on someone else's,challenge instead of finishing his own,challenge but for me yeah uh if i if i,can get brown,smart,possibly grant williams three first,round draft picks included with my pig,swaps that seems like a good deal,because it seems like we're going to,talk about this a little later the,golden state seems like bob myers,they're starting to close the door and,want to move on but uh this was a pick,this was a trade that i proposed many,many many uh like a month ago no he,requested a trade,what july like early july so it's been,about 20 about three weeks,i'm on this i'm in front of four four,brothers,did i just imagine day after day after,day you beating me over the head with he,wants to go to golden state he's,crawling back to the domes,baloney there was never anything going,on there,no no no no no no no no so let me ask,you a question so you believe that,golden state says you know what take,wiggins take weisman take pool take,kaminga take moody the huge they are the,nests would have said no to that trade,yes they would have said yeah,no they would no way did i just imagine,all the golden state stuff or help me,out i i don't know i don't remember,anything about boston but i don't read,your twitter yeah yeah,they're gonna pull it up they're gonna,pull it up and that's getting better so,he can see it did you ever bring it up,on this show i did i don't remember i,did okay i did did you ever bring up,golden state on this show i did or did i,just imagine no i brought up golden,state for like four straight weeks you,brought up a golden state okay because i,still believe golden state has a better,package even though jaylen brown is,included in the boston package okay,my turn,i'm dug in on this i'm not gonna back,off on this kevin durant is going,nowhere,i i understand this offer is,is legit it's valid,it's enticing i get all of the above,but in the end you can have all those,guys you could even swap out jason tatum,for jaylen brown in this deal do do,jayson tatum plus marcus smart plus,grant williams plus three future f

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Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Case | The Full Story | Dhruv Rathee

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Case | The Full Story | Dhruv Rathee

Hello, friends!,The court trial of the Hollywood celebrities Johnny Depp and Amber Heard,,was perhaps the most popular court trial in the world.,Surprisingly, it wasn't even a criminal trial.,It didn't have a direct impact on people's lives.,Still, people all around the world were very interested in,the personal lives of these celebrities.,During this trial, fan bases were developed.,"I support Johnny Depp." "I support Amber Heard.",Some people say it is an injustice against women.,There were references to #MenToo as well.,How men are falsely accused in such cases.,In today's video, let's find out what actually happened.,And what it reveals about our society.,I'm curious if you expand a little bit on the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp verdict.,I'm here because I stand with Amber Heard.,What did Miss Heard say about the defecation in Mr Depp's bed?,What have you lost as a result of Miss Heard making these allegations against you?,Nothing less than everything.,All of you would be familiar with Johnny Depp.,He's a popular Hollywood actor.,He is known for the eccentric characters he has played in films.,His most famous character has been,Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.,On the other hand, Amber Heard is also a Hollywood actor.,But isn't as popular as Johnny Depp.,Some of the famous films she was in were,Justice League, Aquaman, Never Back Down,,Drive Angry, The Rum Diary.,Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met on the sets of The Rum Diary in 2009.,In her court filing, Amber had said that,they had started dating in 2012.,This was the same year Johnny Depp announced his separation,with the singer Vanessa Paradis.,Johnny and Vanessa have 2 children together.,Lily Rose and John Christopher.,Around the same time, Amber split up with her previous partner.,And in 2014, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got engaged.,The following year, in 2015, the two got married.,The marriage didn't even last 1.5 years.,In May 2016, Amber filed for a divorce.,When the divorce was granted by the court,,it even issued a restraining order against Johnny Depp.,A restraining order meant that,Johnny Depp couldn't contact Amber Heard,,couldn't meet her.,You might wonder why the court issued such an order.,Because Amber Heard had complained that,Johnny Depp used to physically abuse her.,That he would be violent towards her under the influence of drugs and alcohol.,She cited one such example,,when she claimed that Johnny threw his phone at her,it hit her face injuring her.,But a spokesperson of the police told the People's Magazine,,that when the police officers investigated this complaint,,they found no evidence in support of the claim.,Johnny Depp denied all such accusations.,Johnny's lawyers claimed that Amber was,trying to negotiate the divorce settlement by making false accusations.,so that she could get more money for the "abuse".,In August 2016, Johnny and Amber reached an out-of-court settlement.,Accordingly, Amber got $7million.,The newspapers then reported that Amber had,had donated half of the money,to a children's hospital in Los Angeles,,and the other half to the ACLU,,the American Civil Liberties Union.,An organisation that stands to prevent violence against women.,During this time, Johnny and Amber released a joint statement,saying that all was well.,And that they had mutually resolved the problems between them.,"Our relationship was intensely passionate,,and at times volatile,,but always bound by law.,There was never any intent of physical or emotional harm.",Later, in January 2017, their divorce was finalised.,In the divorce filings, a Non-Disparagement Clause was also inserted.,To prevent both of them from publicly saying anything derogatory against the other.,Our story would have ended here.,The world didn't need to be involved in it.,It was a common divorce between two celebrities.,They had mutually reached the settlement.,The End.,Thank you very much!,But that's not how it went.,In December 2018,,this issue came back into the limelight,,when Amber Heard wrote an article in the Washington Post.,She wrote that she had become a public figure,representing domestic abuse.,And that when she had spoken against the violence against her,,she had to face the wrath of several people.,In the article, she hadn't mentioned Johnny anywhere.,Even so, logically, it was very obvious,because she had been married only once.,To Johnny Depp.,Any reader could understand whom she was referring to.,For this one article,,Johnny Depp filed a $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard. ,Johnny claimed that Amber Heard wasn't a victim of domestic abuse.,Instead, she was the abuser in their relationship.,This was in 2019.,In response, Amber filed to have the defamation case dismissed.,She came forward with several examples of abuse towards her.,She claimed that in May 2014,,they were in a private jet,,and Johnny was heavily drunk.,He started throwing things at her.,She was verbally abused.,He kicked her.,And then he passed out in the

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Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid Sit Down With Shams Charania at 76ers Media Day | Stadium

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid Sit Down With Shams Charania at 76ers Media Day | Stadium

see the sixes of Joel embiid,Ben Simmons thanks for taking the time,so when you guys look at last year that,excruciating Game seven laws they get it,to Leonard drives right down to the,baseline fall away for the win how did,you guys get over that how long did it,take you guys to get over there our,stuff and especially also because when,you we had a chance to like make make it,very far we had a chance to win it all,and you know - no that's your season and,then like that it was hard but then,again he was like I come back next year,even better it's the same for me,obviously it was an amazing shot a lot,of a lot of things ran through my head,I'm also able to start but the first,thing I really came to me was we gotta,get better but we're so young we have a,great opportunity in front of us so,we're you know we've learned from that,situation and I promise you if we had,that same situation again it wouldn't,have gone the same way but that's how,you learn and grow,so hopefully that situation that,happened with us helps us get better you,know for certain different situations in,the future,right I mean to an extent I must've left,a bad taste in your mouth right yeah we,we like to compete we don't like to lose,but at the same time that's how you,learn and grow there's a part of the,game so anything to help us get better,for the future I'm all for it so you,were mostly at law so so was it the,emotions stick to you guys or was it,like you got to get over it it's about,working harder got a good / you know the,Tom like you said you got a lot of,things going through,you know tough shot Game seven you know,you had a chance,me personally I know I didn't show up,you know I can't blame that I wasn't,feeling well but I know I didn't do what,I could do the whole playoffs actually,so to me was like a lot of regrets felt,like I could've done more but I did so,like I said he was just about walking,you guys can still get so much better so,how much of a motivation factors are for,both you guys you know we've,accomplished so much so early in the max,contract all-star games if there's still,so much we got it we're just getting,started,and I'm excited he's you know I put a,lot of work in this summer this is the,best summer I've had since I've been in,the league I'm just ready to work you,know I think the one thing about just,playing the game while I'm talking about,you anything I don't think it's just a,shooting on business confidence and you,know you practice you're gonna do what,you practice so you know I'm putting up,thousand shots all summer working on,different for working things like that,so I'm confident when I step in the gym,and feel prepared so I'm not really,worried about what people saying and in,terms of that I think it's just more,being prepared I think both of us have,had great summers and I'm excited to,start with the team where we have a base,there's no guys who are coming in later,as we did have lost season you know I,was like it was a lot different also you,have a team,you know you're training guys have you,guys come in which is tough excuse me,Joe any time of jail,so when you look at you two you know,team has changed around you but you guys,are still the foundation piece of the,pillars here what does that mean to you,in that position it's a great deal of,pressure which I love he has a lot of,responsibilities as far as you know,being leaders and you know pushing the,team forward and or taking a team to,that to the next level or you know we,trying to win a championship take the,team there so there's a lot of pressure,but it's cool,we love it but he's like I said it's,whatever he you just got to come in,every day make sure you do what's right,for the team first of all,then do you feel that pressure to like,you know long-term deals already for you,guys locked in face of the franchise do,you feel that tell us everybody's gonna,feed off what we do so we have to set,the tone so if we're out here we're not,working then you know it's gonna affect,everybody else so if we we stick,together we work hard every day we the,first ones in the gym taking our bodies,everybody has to follow us we we have to,keep that standard so I'm excited to see,that side of it I think over the past,year we've both matured a lot more in,terms of our game Sam I said so I'm,looking for the season how'd you,describe you guys militia with each,other just you know now you guys are,sitting right next to it how do you guys,describe them come on court we want to,win of court Joe does this thing I do my,thing we watched you telling histogram,we just have different lives but on the,court we want to win we're competitors,and that's what I love about Joe and,every time I step in the flow with him I,know he's gonna put a elbow through,somebody's face so we're trying to dunk,on him and he doesn't play that's what,matters you know on the court and then,after call you know I like to be chillin,you know I don't do anything I just like,staying home playing video games,a

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