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The Sins of Shadman: An Open Secretshadman it's a name you've probably,heard if you've been in this

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

The Sins of Shadman: An Open Secret

shadman it's a name you've probably,heard if you've been in this part of the,internet for any amount of time a name,is so infamous the mere utterance of it,is considered a meme a person so,infamous he's created a super,villain-like cult of personality all,hinged on going where no one else will,go however most who know him only know,just that the name and usually have some,kind of negative connotation attached,thereafter most only know him for a few,extremely notorious events where his,name has become embroiled in controversy,and very few people are capable of truly,assessing his character not many of this,earth have managed to bamboozle the,likes of colossals crazy and basically,the entire internet community all at,once even fewer have managed to,simultaneously make keemstar look like a,victim while also maintaining relevance,for years following and being fangirled,by some of the most popular figures,online but to truly understand the,position that shadman was in at the,height of his controversies we must,first examine his rise both to fame and,as an artist,it's worth noting that little is,actually known about shadman's personal,life beyond what he said himself so take,all that information with a grain of,salt instead of listing off a bunch of,superficial qualities about where he's,from or what his name is let's talk,about his actions according to episode,27 of the podcast sleepy cabin shad,originally lived in switzerland where he,attended an art university however he,was promptly kicked out after staff,discovered the risque half of his,portfolio causing them to report him to,the authorities according to the podcast,he was expelled and deemed a menace to,society boost themselves one of them was,criminal psychology one of them was in,the justice department oh my god,god they broke the bomb and said,we found some stuff on your website,which is highly illegal and we cannot,allow you back on the on the campus oh,well because you're a menace to society,this would be the start of a long career,of provocation still wanting to pursue a,career in art chad did the odd freelance,job before finally making his break,online garnering attention after,launching both his website and,newgrounds account in 2009. this would,be where his initial online notoriety,and presence began to take shape in 2011,he drew pornographic art of his own,mother the following year internet,animator ed gould creator of popular,webcomic turned serial animation ed's,world would tragically pass away due to,cancer while many outpoured with support,for ed his colleagues friends and family,after the loss shad had something else,in mind entirely shadman depicted ed,being brutally molested by the grim,reaper for most people this would be,enough for them to be shunned by the,community at large but somehow chad,consistently seemed to escape that,isolation the aforementioned podcast was,what painted the initial sympathetic,portrait of shadman an edgy provocateur,hell-bent on making everyone mad and,having fun doing it though offensive,ultimately harmless everyone on the,podcast including psychic pebbles oni,rice pirate and spaz kid were eager to,defend his behavior and stances citing,that his offensive artwork is not worthy,of expulsion and they were infringing on,his freedom of expression they would,also mock those who were outraged to him,constantly on the podcast,they might tell me that to prove that,they're nothing but an agent of,treachery themselves right,by like denying my rights to express,myself my own free time yeah completely,independent disconnected from what i do,in school,this seems to be the source of most,people's inclination towards shadman he,was friends with their favorite artists,people who were funny popular and,talented at creating artwork he was part,of the in-group for a time shadman even,lived with one of the hosts rice pirate,he's made several popular memes been,paid tribute to by animators like senior,payload and is treated by the hosts of,sleepy cabin like that uncle who says,stuff just to scare you but even back in,the day the truth is that shadman was,much closer to a different type of uncle,what they failed to mention on this,podcast is why shadman was expelled and,specifically why he sought refuge from,swiss authorities in a post from october,5th 2010 shad writes that he was forced,to remove all pornographic images from,his site because of laws in switzerland,that prohibited depicting underage,people in art if you don't mind me,asking how exactly did your artwork get,you in trouble switzerland has some law,against underage persons involved in,sexual activity and art the issue of,lolicon is something that's debated,pretty intensely online with lots of,people getting into trouble for their,takes on the subject for the unaware,loli is artwork of children in sexual,situations while some may defend its,right to exist many express disgust with,it and seek to cast out those who are,involved in the creation or enjoyment of,that kind

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What Happened To Shadman?

What Happened To Shadman?

it feels like it's been a while since,I've done a purely drama video while,videos about ongoing situations like,this one used to be the bread and butter,of my channel in recent times I've taken,a slightly different approach to focus,on more internet history rather than,ongoing stories so consider this upload,a return to form one year ago I released,a video about someone who you're likely,already familiar with shatman was,arrested in La for assault with a deadly,weapon of all the things you'd be,charged with I was not expecting this,although he is crazy right as one of the,original faces of the new grounds,Community Shad first became popular for,his controversial artworks branding,himself is a man willing to draw what no,one else dared no joke was off limits,for shad and as a result he also became,a figure for free speech in the online,world when his website was,removed by his internet service provider,a large portion of the community came,together to defend spent his right to,freedom of expression including,YouTubers like Elvis the alien,Elvis even hired Shad to do a number of,contract jobs for him on his YouTube,thumbnails drawing suggestive versions,of popular characters to draw in viewers,what I suspect Elvis didn't know at the,time or at least what I hope he didn't,know is that the reason his website was,taken down is also the reason that his,ISP dropped him Shad had been drooling,over 12 year old actress Daphne Keane in,Discord messages and shortly thereafter,decided to publish a piece of artwork of,her being said by her co-star Hugh,Jackman as Wolverine news of the Arts,existence reached back to Daphne's,management who promptly sent Shad a,cease and desist as a result he was also,dropped by his website host holy ,look what I found here all right people,ruin everything thumbnail Shad base uh,your movie sucks if Shad man ruins,everything here look at this tweet right,here all right Elvis the alien uh this,was after the legalsh the league uh,he says weird art this is in 2017 weird,art very weird but I'm in full support,of your website staying up it's the,people that demand this art that I'm,personally critical of in 2017 it was,commonplace to defend Shad even for,Behavior like this it was as recent as,2020 that popular e-girl Bel Delphine,even did a scantily clad cosplay of him,showing that he still had people openly,admiring him fangirling him and,defending him a lot of people were,openly fans of shad's Art and even his,brand either ignoring or fully embracing,the more unsavory parts of his life,because hey he's weird but he's not that,bad right what kind of audience is he,looking to attract and what kinds of,things does he want them to say about,the subjects of his drawings on an,unrelated note here are some images of,shad's fans getting the underage people,depicted to sign his artwork show Shad,stating that he'll be re-watching the,film alone so that he can once again see,his girl Daphne while some have shed,doubt on the veracity of these messages,it's hard to believe they're not real,when only three days later Chad posted,an eight image set of the actress being,brutally mustard onto his website she is,depicted severely beaten scarred and,covered in urine at the time she was,only 12. yeah he is that bad and for,some reason no one had put the pieces,together today it's very rare that,you'll see someone openly defending the,Shad base brand where the most having,realized how truly disgusting his,history is and instead deciding to drop,any prior defense they'd made of him the,Shad man name went from that of an,Internet provocateur complete with SS,inspired uniform to that of a man who,had been using freedom of speech as an,excuse to profit from an audience of,creeps shadman has been known for,drawing pornography of real-life,children in multiple occasions including,actors like Daphne Keane the young girl,in Logan LT corbus who was known as Soph,and then quit YouTube who was 11 at the,time and keemstar's daughter who I,believe was seven all of this behavior,is inexcusable and for an incredibly,long time shadman's Behavior was excused,excused and excused by everyone in and,around his friend group as of the,release of my video Chad's relevance had,already faded for some time the internet,has changed a lot since his Heyday and,his production of content had slowed,down considerably but it would be in,2021 when his true sense of Despair,began to show the following is going to,contain a lot of rumors and basically,hearsay that has come out about Shad as,of recent so you're welcome to take much,of this with a grain of salt,spaz kid was one of shad's strongest,Defenders back in the day coming from,the same area of the internet and having,years of Friendship with him it appears,the two have had a falling out from a,Twitter thread from October 2nd of 2021.,this all begins with spaz kid asking,Shad why he muted him Shad then responds,by telling him to burn in hell spaz then,calls him a for muting him and

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Twitter Is MAD At Markiplier...

Twitter Is MAD At Markiplier...

well here we go again another day,another person getting canceled by,Twitter and this time surprisingly it's,Markiplier now I know what you might be,thinking how could Twitter possibly have,a problem with markiplier I mean this,guy is probably one of the nicest people,on YouTube has done tons of charity work,and overall it's a very unproblematic,and and just overall wholesome YouTuber,he's not the type of guy that you would,expect to get this attention from,Twitter well it's because Markiplier is,friends with Pewdiepie so recently,Markiplier announced that he would be,making an only fans now don't worry he's,not he's not really doing anything weird,on the only fans in fact this is,actually a a pretty charitable Endeavor,as he's gonna be donating all the,proceeds to charity so what exactly does,that have to do with PewDiePie and how,could Twitter possibly get mad at that,well if you guys don't know like five,years ago or so PewDiePie was playing,Pub G and uh he was on a bridge and he,died and he said he said a No-No word he,said a gamer word a very bad word that,he apologized for that he faced a ton of,backlash for anyway at the time there,were people basically trying to,de-platform PewDiePie his show had,gotten canceled overall he was basically,at the lowest point in his life and so,Markiplier made a video sort of,defending him he didn't defend his,actions obviously but basically said,that PewDiePie is a human and that,people have kind of lost that sense of,treating other people like humans that,that was basically the message behind,that video because people have an,automatic tendency to assume that if,someone is disagreeing with someone they,are their enemy and they're inherently,bad,and they should be ,but you can disagree with someone and,still respect them,you can even hate someone you can hate,and abhor their actions they're doing,that they're doing terrible things and,they need to be hated,but you still need to treat them with,respect and ironically of course years,later Twitter would forget that message,and forget that Markiplier is human and,they try to hold him to this impossible,standard of being perfect or at least,being perfect in their eyes in their,view of what being perfect is Markiplier,defended PewDiePie's repeated,anti-Semitism and anti-blackness and I,no longer feel comfortable supporting,him however if you do that is perfectly,fine just know who you support good,night now first of all you can disagree,with what PewDiePie did you can think,that it was horrible you can think that,the jokes he made were bad and harmful,but you gotta be so bad faith to pretend,that PewDiePie was actually anti-semitic,or quote-unquote anti-black like I've,watched PewDiePie ever ever since I was,like 12 years old I've been watching him,for that long and the guy has gone on on,quite the journey he's matured quite a,bit in the last few years so I don't,understand why people are bringing this,up now I mean Markiplier is trying to do,a good thing right he's trying to raise,money for charity and all these people,care about is five years ago Markiplier,supported PewDiePie why does that matter,it's just such a waste of time and,pointless Twitter probably finally,realized they can't cancel pewdiepie So,they moved on to one of his old friends,Markiplier I mean Twitter is is,basically Out For Blood they just want,to cancel everyone I mean come on if you,like Markiplier you like his content you,like what he does how does him,supporting PewDiePie five years ago,affect that whatsoever it just it really,doesn't make any sense to me PewDiePie,deserves it but Markiplier didn't even,really defend PewDiePie and he explained,this on his Tumblr it's so clear that,people like you have never watched a,PewDiePie video in your life and,speaking of that tumblr post Markiplier,actually addressed this controversy,years ago back in 20 2017 and luckily,someone has actually posted this on,Twitter since people are accusing,Markiplier of horrible things over the,respect video again I feel we should let,him speak for himself again this is a,tumblr post from February of 2017. hey,at Markiplier you say you're not above,criticism right well here's some some,words please sure the quest against,bigotry and hate is a goal that I,actively encourage however in the fight,I see people losing sight of what,connects us all because I didn't talk,about what you wanted me to talk about,my entire message must have been invalid,wandering and I must also be a bigot but,just because it wasn't what you were,looking for doesn't mean there wasn't,something to learn on both sides I can,see that you don't like me and I'm fine,with that I truly am and I'm fine if you,hate Felix too that's the honest truth,but my message wasn't about liking,everyone you disagree with I only,encourage you to see a fellow human for,the entire person that they are the main,point of my video was that it's so easy,to label people because a label is a,convenient easy to consume description,

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Gizmodo Loses Their Minds From A Shadman Tweet

Gizmodo Loses Their Minds From A Shadman Tweet

never had one of those days where you,think you're just in some sort of fever,dream and the stuff that's happening,around you is just your insane delusions,I did yesterday unfortunately I have,come to find that my insanity was real,and I hate it I I don't know what,possessed this and it's just so insane,I've seen so few things as stupid as,this what happened was yesterday Gizmodo,in their infinite wisdom wrote up an,article about shad man now for those of,you who don't know shad man is a,relatively well known dough not,completely known porn artists he is,referenced a lot he's friends with a lot,of big name artists in the internet,scenes he gets around a lot he's also a,meme master and the gigantic troll his,art is very is very noticeable it's a,very distinct style and you've probably,seen a picture too of his just because,it's been shared around even without,context for it,so yesterday what happened was shad man,posted up a picture of well lollie,because that's a long way does that had,the iconic Smash Mouth thing with the,shape of an L on her forehead and the,Smash Mouth Twitter retweeted that,as they do with every thing that,references them I spent just two minutes,looking through their Twitter feed and,that's what they knew and,Gizmodo apparently desperate for a story,and to accuse someone of being alright,they've gone through a desperate was,when were there scrolling through random,celebrity Twitter feeds found this and,they could not stand it this this was,just an affront on them so they accused,shad man of being and I'm not even,joking I'm quoting this one of the alt,writes favorite anime porn Nazis quick,question how exactly do you get Nazi I I,kind of get where you get that from,but the swastika is never in any of his,art he's never drawn an actual Nazi,thing he draws his persona and some of,his characters in military garb leather,military garb so yeah I can kind of see,that but there's never a swastika,there's never any Nazi iconography,there's never anything like that his,symbol is a skull that's more,anarchist than Nazi and the article,contains such beautiful tidbits as,naming him by his joke Twitter accounts,name marshal shatters yes he's slim,chatty yes he's the real chatty and then,one of gizmo toes gripes against him was,that he drew Hillary Clinton and Jill,Stein as naked children smoking weed,you know the thing he does with every, buddy,I believe that they were trying to get,across that he's conservative or he's,right-wing and this was an attack on,liberals or Democrats or whatever his,art is so far from politics you other,than spoofing it and making fun of,politics in general he never takes sides,he never does anything like that his art,has no message no meaning if it just is,other than like him meaning or trolling,so you're looking for something that,does not exist and it's I just I see,stuff like this and first I found myself,wondering this someone thought this was,serious,someone at Gizmodo thought that this was,a real thing,couldn't take a joke wrote an article,about it and then an editor at Gizmodo,saw this and went yeah this seems fine,we're gonna go with it so my faith in,humanity has dropped a few points but,the big thing is this seems to be the,standard status quo for a lot of the,media right now is anything you don't,like or anything that has any form of,humor even accuse it of being alright,I've seen at this point more people,accused of being outright then we'll,ever be members of the alt-right which,is weird too because I've found that the,majority people that get accused of,being in the alt-right are actually,centrists or in the left themselves it's,just that to these people anything right,of socialist is a Nazi,I I don't get why they keep do it well I,let me rephrase that I get why they keep,doing it because it's it's basically the,clickbait of the day you say alright,suddenly there's the views right there,there's the clicks right there but I,don't get why in the sense of trying to,win people over to your side because in,the grand scheme this is a losing,strategy you are accusing people being,something they aren't so they're going,to get really pissed off at you and then,they're either going to become the thing,that you're accusing them of so that,well not exactly they'll people who are,I've talked to a lot of people who were,on the left and they are now either,Center or Center right because they've,gotten so fed up with the left,constantly accusing them of being Nazis,are all right or what have you and,that's why I say in the grand scheme,this seems like a losing strategy,you're not making friends you're not,winning votes if that's the goal if the,goal is just to get views and clicks,congratulations you're destroying an,entire political alignment that you say,you're a part of I it's so weird to see,this because in the last five years it,seems like the left has just grown a,gigantic stick in a task and can't take,humor in any form whereas the right,pulled theirs out of their

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My Unjust Twitter Suspension

My Unjust Twitter Suspension

hey guys I wanted to address my Twitter,situation with a quick as you can see,here I've been suspended for now and I,just wanted to clear things up that some,people may think I've been like breaking,the rules or I've been violating the,terms but I definitely haven't I've been,playing very close attention not to,break any rules on Twitter now here is,why it's gotten taken down because of,false DMCA copyright strikes it's,actually the first time I've ever heard,of these didn't even know that was a,thing on Twitter but let me show you an,example I cropped out the names and,addresses just in case they were like,real names and addresses used so I don't,want those people to get into any,trouble there's any real people involved,but it's clearly a fake DMCA because the,name sounds really fake and company is,definitely fake I looked it up,look it says job title artist alright,that's a broad and the email address,looked shady is anyway this here,that the description of original work,are copyright 2014 so it's a cog right,that was made in 2014 for a drawing I,did tonight in 2017 doesn't make any,sense and you can click on the link to,the original work right here let me let,me get it set up right quick here you,can see this is just uploaded to an,image be be like some free image sharing,site uploaded as a guest and and if you,can see it down here but it says,uploaded four hours ago which is,definitely after I posted it to each,other oh the boss or the person who did,this just took the image that I tweeted,and use it as an original reference so,clearly Twitter is not even look into,this there were like a lot of these,they're just like tons of these they all,say like basic the same thing like good,faith belief I have good faith belief,that use of,the manner complained of is not,authorized by the copyright owner its,agent or the law but I drew it so I'm,the owner but they claim to be the owner,it's good it's so fake it's ridiculous,that Twitter didn't even look at it but,still just a box that automatically was,like guilty until proven innocent I,really just like that but I've heard a,lot of cases on YouTube was the same way,so just another one of those flawed,system is perfect,before I end it off here let me just,show you some other examples of images,that I've seen a pieces of art that have,been copyrighted and I uploaded,apparently screenshot of this funny like,Instagram notification clearly from my,Instagram okay so I didn't know that was,a copyrighted piece of art it isn't or,it's funny that I actually made a tweet,about this saying like hey this is fake,you should not you should not like my,account is in jeopardy because a safety,MCA then that tweet about the fake DMCA,it got claimed as a copyrighted piece of,art like this is the copyrighted piece,of art holy crap guys what's the point,and it's great little screenshot from my,Instagram is a copyrighted piece of art,not the piece of art itself the,Instagram screenshot is the original art,that was uploaded it's so fake anyways,I'm trying what I can to get the account,back I'll see what I can do I'll see if,they will even respond because I heard a,really bad I put really bad stories,about Twitter support it's not getting,back in case if anybody knows how to,help with this or how to make this,process go fast so I can use Twitter,again please let me know and have a,great evening guys and I hope to see you,soon with some new art

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Probably the Worst Tweets Ever

Probably the Worst Tweets Ever

when it comes to twitter i'll usually,read a tweet get a frown on my face and,then forget about it two or three,minutes later because twitter is just a,constant stream of the dumbest all,the time it's just an actual cesspool of,diarrhea constantly flowing through it,but occasionally there are tweets that,just stick with me and there's one,that's just been living rent free in my,ass for the last two weeks and i just,want to talk about it today it comes,from seth rogen i'm sure you already,know what tweets i'm about to mention,because i'm super late to this one but i,don't care just like puking while having,a bad hangover i've got to get it out of,my system to feel better so our story,starts just like every other fairy tale,with a robbery in l.a casey neistat,makes a tweet so our cars got robbed,this morning because los angeles is a,crime riddled third world of a,city but tremendous appreciation and,gratitude to the hard-working officers,at the lapd west la who not only,arrested the but they got,all our stolen goods back that's about,all there is to it that's all she wrote,right there this fairy tale has a happy,ending shrek gets the girl case closed,like there's really not a whole lot to,really dissect here and you wouldn't,expect this to be a controversial thing,to say his car got broken into people,got arrested and they got their stuff,back i mean that's a complete adventure,right there like the only people that,could really be offended about a tweet,like that would be the people that got,arrested like if they're on twitter on,their phone in jail like hey you,buddy i would've got away with it too if,it wasn't for that meddling dog but then,out of nowhere from the top turnbuckle,comes seth rogen making a surprise,appearance at wrestlemania on twitter he,i guess he's like the head of tourism,for la because he got mad that he called,la a of a city that's what he,took issue with so seth rogen replies,dude i've lived here for over 20 years,you're nuts ha ha actually i'll do the,seth rogen laugh,it's lovely here don't leave anything,valuable in it it's called living in a,big city bro just don't get your car,broken into it's that easy it's called,living in a big city you should expect,your to be constantly violated,because you're living in a big city,don't leave anything valuable in your,car cause you're gonna lose it duh,dummy idiot this is your fault,now you're the one that is to blame for,this you don't want your valuables,stolen don't leave them in the car in la,la's wonderful but just expect all your, to get broken into so plan,accordingly by keeping less valuable,stuff in your car,love la it's great,it's such a stupid thing to come in and,say,out of nowhere even casey neistat who,plays nice with everyone is taken aback,by it he's like what the is this,it's so,outrageously stupid very rarely will you,see somebody defend la like tooth and,nail obviously there's people that like,la especially extremely wealthy people,like seth rogen who found crazy success,there but it's pretty rare that there's,someone is delusionally off the mark so,consistently like seth rogen and this is,the perfect example of it he finds the,one spot and the one opinion that almost,no one agrees with he's also just not,really shy about showing that he feels,superior to the average person like he,took personal offense that casey neistat,said la was a and then like,shames him for being upset that his car,was broken into bro just get another car,get other valuable things it's that easy,so casey neistat responds i can still be,mad though right feels so violated,asking his permission to be mad like oh,if seth rogen says i can't be mad then i,guess i'm okay with it then seth rogen,replies yeah oh yeah you can be mad but,i guess i don't personally view my car,as an extension of myself and i've never,really felt violated any of the 15 or so,times my car was broken into this dude,is just leaving his car out like a candy,bucket on halloween it seems,once a guy accidentally left a cool,knife in my car so if it keeps happening,you might get a little treat this is,certainly up there with the wackiest,stupid i've read on twitter from a,celebrity,it's,baffling that not only did his brain,come up with this as a tweet but it,passed the filters that his brain has to,post it he's like yep,this looks good and he hit tweet and,it's still not deleted and i'm glad it's,not i'm glad that he's just gonna stick,to his guns and leave this up this,is something that i feel is gonna haunt,him forever because he is still getting,clowned on to this day for this tweet,it's been two weeks now and i don't,think it'll stop anytime soon because it,is just that outrageously stupid because,seth rogen doesn't view his car as an,extension of himself he's totally fine,with people using it like a ,fleshlight they just treat his cars like,a dumpster and they dive right in,and seth rogen gives them a nice thumbs,up i suppose and i'm assuming that,extends to everything in seth rogen'

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qué onda babies todo bien espero que sí,porque hoy les traigo un vídeo que es,bastante interesante ya que no vamos a,hablar de algo del estilo crímenes como,cuando hablamos de la compra de asesina,hoy vamos a hablar de la artista que fue,puesto tras las rejas y encima este,artista no es cualquier artista estamos,hablando de el rey del porno como se lo,nombró en internet o más conocido como,jackman el creador de lassad beige el,artista para adultos más conocido de,todo el internet creo yo hablando de,arte para adultos recuerdan que en,instagram tengo algunos dibujos que no,puedo subir por youtube que en twitch,hablo de polémicas que no puedo tocar,acá por youtube porque bueno son más,cortas y que al final del vídeo vamos a,estar anunciando los ganadores del,concurso psycho calaca que hicimos en,colaboración con proyecto z ahora sí,vamos al tema del vídeo malditas,y yo soy el enfermo este tipo es mi,trabajo como escuchar llaman fue puesto,en prisión y quienes llaman para los que,viven debajo de una piedra o en el,sótano de un jugador de lol bueno en,resumen muy rápido porque ya mil,personas hablaron de quienes llaman les,voy a decir se andan es un artista,rechazado de la escuela de artes que se,dedicó a la creación y distribución de,dibujos altamente polémicos y,cuestionables algunas de sus polémicas,involucraban dibujos no safe for work,entre paréntesis eróticos de menores de,edad entre ellos actrices e hijos de,famosos además de su famoso dibujo donde,representó al creador de la amada serie,world siendo abusado poco después de que,haya sido anunciada su muerte obviamente,este último dibujo le causó el odio,infinito de los fanáticos de la serie,que no eran pocos tenían millones y,millones de visualizaciones los,capítulos en youtube y obviamente,millones y millones de fans que odian a,muerte asia man y de hecho muchos de,ellos deben estar detrás de la difusión,de sus datos privados que igual son,incomprobables porque es alemán es un,máster en ocultar su identidad ahora que,ya tenemos un breve resumen que marca,los principales hechos hicieron que,jackman se asoman porque no hablamos,bien de lo que sucedió como el título de,zhejiang fue arrestado el pasado 26 de,octubre más la noticia llegó a redes,sociales en los primeros días de,noviembre un poco de tiempo después,bueno es normal que siempre que alguien,terminó involucrado en cosas ilegales,los datos lleguen al internet algunos,días después como pasó también con esta,cosplay a que se difundió el asesinato,que cometió bastante tiempo después de,que lo haya cometido pero bueno es muy,común eso hace tiempo chapman fue,oxidado por un usuario de twitter quien,en sí muchas pruebas a su favor expuso,el rostro y el nombre de jackman o según,éste usuarios shaddai en muchos lados,van a encontrar que el internet insiste,con que el nombre real de schattmann,halladay pero de nuevo no hay ninguna,fuente 100% verídica que confirme esto,por ende todo es supuestamente porque de,nuevo se avanza de muy bien cómo ocultar,su identidad además de contar su nombre,y exponer su rostro esta persona en,twitter también habló de que jackman era,un adicto a la heroína y esto último,resultó ser cierto ya que al arresto de,jackman fue debido a un robo a mano,armada estando bajo los efectos de la,heroína de hecho hay un clip de tweets,que gustan bastantes chatman es decir,hay un clip de twitch donde actúa de una,forma muy sospechosa y mucha gente habló,de que podría ser que estaba muy drogado,en ese momento así que eso me dio que,les juegan contra el respecto se los,dejo acá para que lo vean,esto,diabetes,pero yo,según la poca información que pueda,recopilar respecto ya que de nuevo los,datos son escasos llaman a salto una,persona en las calles de los ángeles,estando altamente drogado cuando la,policía lo encontró fue puesto tras las,rejas pero actualmente ya se encuentra,libre debido a la ayuda de una fianza de,50 mil dólares que dio pagar para salir,más se presentar ante un tribunal este,19 de noviembre es decir jackman si bien,ya salió de la cárcel porque pagó 50 mil,dólares se tuvo que presentar hace unos,días 19 de noviembre los tribunales de,lo que pasó gracias a eso no se sabe,nada no sé cómo fue la presencia en,tribunales lo que sucedió exactamente,pero creo que no salió mal ya que estuve,chequeando al twitter de schattmann y,estuvo publicando cosas recientemente de,hecho es un par de horas subió algo así,que doy por hecho de que él pudo quedar,libre pero seguramente va a tener que,seguir algunas reglas o pagar algunas,multas ahora porque no hablamos un poco,de las declaraciones de jackman en,twitter ya más estudio declaraciones a,twitter al respecto del tema las,declaraciones de schattmann al respecto,del tema en twitter fueron las,siguientes les dejo el tweet en la,pantalla para que puedan leerlo no hay,tiempo para explicaciones no se,preocupen por mí soy que usted es y,siempre lo seré soy profesional veo que,tú no quieres ser tú y acá les dejo la,foto de cuestión del tweet la verd

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Metallica: Enter Sandman (Official Music Video)


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