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How Trump Betrayed America (w/ Seth Abramson)is Cephei Birds of the author of proof,of collusion how

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How Trump Betrayed America (w/ Seth Abramson)

is Cephei Birds of the author of proof,of collusion how Trump betrayed America,just an absolutely extraordinary book,welcome back to the program thank you,for having become it's great having you,on you you have produced a masterpiece,and it's going to be fascinating when,Muller's report finally comes out to do,a side-by-side comparison it give us a,summary of you know what you learned and,the I know you've been doing researching,this forever you know what you learned,what brought you to write this book and,and what people will learn from reading,the book so what the book is just so,people know is a curation of hundreds of,major media investigative reports from,around the world dating back to the,1980s and that curation puts all of,those reports into a single narrative so,we can see the whole timeline dating,back 30 years of Trump Russia collusion,and one of the things that you discover,when you look at that timeline is that,it's clear that there is a quid pro quo,relationship between the Trump's and the,Trump Organization and Russian,businessmen and oligarchs and ultimately,oligarchs to our agents of the Kremlin,to receive hundreds of millions if not,billions of dollars to the Trump,Organization through in some cases,clandestine in some cases hidden through,shell company in some cases open deals,with the Trump Organization and in,exchange for all of that money all of,that largesse what the Kremlin received,was a presidential candidate with a,historically pro-russia foreign policy,that stood to gain the Kremlin trillions,of dollars over the next decade and have,no positive benefit whatsoever for the,United States,so despite Donald Trump's claims of no,ties to Russia of having no indebtedness,to the Russians and having a foreign,policy that merely came from his own,illumination as to what was appropriate,for geopolitics in fact there appears to,be a quid pro quo yeah now I mean this,is if you look back in American politics,you know John Adams after the XYZ affair,when he ran against Thomas Jefferson an,election of 1800 was referring back to,the to the the purported attempt to buy,the by French officials to bribe three,Americans,to operate against American interests,and he basically accused Jefferson of,colluding with France in colluding with,a foreign power the American people,didn't buy it in Jefferson won the,election but this idea that and frankly,I think that was the last time before,Trump that there was even the argument,the suggestion that somebody running for,president was influenced by or under the,influence of a foreign power correct me,if I'm wrong on that but - what so you,know you could argue that this is bad,politically you could argue that this is,even treason is this illegal well let me,say this when you say treason I think we,could say that there is a small T,meaning a non-statutory treason in the,sense that this is treacherous or,traitorous behavior that is clearly not,patriotic or in the best interest of the,United States but there is also criminal,behavior here the Trump Russia,investigation ultimately is not a,collusion case capital C because of,course collusion is only a federal crime,in the context of antitrust law but,collusion small C just a lay term,meaning a clandestine agreement between,two parties that is some sort of a,transgression and therefore must be,clandestine that's a conspiracy right,underneath well underneath that umbrella,you do have conspiracy but you have,several dozen other federal statutes so,I think that what we will ultimately,learn and what proof of collusion I,think makes pretty clear is that we have,here a bribery case which is of course a,federal crime we have a conspiracy,regarding computer crimes we have aiding,and abetting,we have money laundering we have foreign,agent registration act violations,possible Rico violations illegal,solicitation of foreign donations wire,fraud bank fraud and then of course the,whole second half of the investigation,which is crimes after the fact such as,obstruction witness tampering,perjury lying to Congress making false,statements falsification on federal,forms and so on so yes this is in fact a,criminal case as well as smalti',treachery against the United States,we're talking ACEF the Seth Abramson the,author of proof of collusion how Trump,betrayed America South is a former,criminal defense attorney and criminal,investigator he teaches digital,journalism legal advocacy and cultural,theory now at the,in New Hampshire and the columnist for,Newsweek the Seth Abramson ABR AMSO and,net is is the website and you could,tweet him in South Abramson and I have,retweeted so many of your tweets over,the over the last year or so Seth as,you've been obviously working on this,book and doing this research does your,do you believe that your book makes a,strong enough case you know there was a,book that came out back in 2005 or there,abouts by Vince bully OC title titled,the the case for the impeachment of,George W Bush and or words to that,ef

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The Thoughtful Bro - Seth Abramson

The Thoughtful Bro - Seth Abramson

all right we're going to get started um,hey folks welcome to the thoughtful bro,we're here for another amazing week on a,mighty blaze,i'm mark c so as always i'm a writer i'm,an editor i'm a journalist and,i'm here to talk about what makes great,books tick what makes great writers tick,um i'm here to support authors who are,bringing out new books uh with big ideas,in them,um a few quick notes about how this is,gonna work um we're live on the facebook,page of a mighty blaze right now if you,have a question for seth abramson our,author today,please put it in the chat and we will,try to get to as many questions um as we,can by the end of the call,um next week um i'm going to be on with,um henriette,lazaridis and rory power they are a,mother-daughter,novelist combo and we'll be discussing,henriette's and uh rory's latest books,and we'll just kind of,pick apart what it's like to be inside,of kind of a successful mother-daughter,novelist relationships they're,they're really cool people uh and it's,gonna be a fun kind of joint interview,um and then i just wanna before we get,started and i might be speaking fast,because oh my god we have so much to get,to with seth today,um but i just want to plug a mighty,blaze um you know we're a collection of,authors,who got together when kovitz started to,try to help people whose books tours had,been canceled,we are here every week with not just my,interviews but you know,dozens of other interviews week after,week with authors,who are pubbing um just to try to you,know help them reach readers,in a way that they might have before the,pandemic so um you know as my kids say,smash that like button um try to follow,mighty blaze and,like other videos that we do because all,of it is uh is supporting um authors,so um i want to get on to this week and,our guest today um,it is a great great privilege and very,very excited,to have seth abramson here so for those,who don't know seth seth is a political,columnist for newsweek he's a professor,of journalism and legal advocacy,at the university of new hampshire he's,a regular contributor to both cnn and,the bbc,and he was named as one of the national,council for the,training of journalists lists of most,respected journalists in the united,states,and the uk um he's one of only nine,freelancers to be,honored um in that way he was trained as,a criminal investigator he has degrees,from georgetown university and harvard,and also the iowa writers workshop,um so seth is perhaps best known for his,epic twitter feed,um where he has over 850 000 followers,and on his twitter feed and we're going,to get into this in a moment he's,pioneered,a method of reporting called curator,curatorial journalism,or also called meta-journalism um he's,written,two books already about the trump,administration,the first was in 2018 it was called,proof of collusion the next was a year,later,it was called proof of conspiracy and,now he's back with the third and final,book in the trilogy which was just,released,it's called proof of corruption bribery,impeachment and pandemic in the age of,trump,npr called the book a searing indictment,of trump's brazen behavior in office and,its dire consequences to the world,seth abramson welcome to the thoughtful,bro thank you for having me mark,awesome all right seth so first of all,do you have a copy of the book that you,could uh hold up,boom there it is great all right so seth,just take a moment and just tell us what,the book is about,so as you said this is the third book in,a 2500 page,meta non-fiction epic about donald,trump's foreign policy,and what it does in the three books and,specifically in proof of corruption the,most recent one,is it charts the courses of collusion,quid pro quo,between donald trump and a number of,nations uh and,and the list is quite a long one because,donald trump has the same practice in,every,country that he's doing foreign policy,agendas with russia ukraine,israel saudi arabia the united arab,emirates,turkey china venezuela particularly the,last items on those lists the last five,or six are in proof of corruption,and what i show in the book is that it's,the same pattern every time,donald trump is trading u.s foreign,policy,in exchange for personal benefit either,election aid,or some sort of financial benefit and so,the three books and proof of corruption,specifically,take you through these courses of,collusion with a particular focus and,proof of corruption,on ukraine china turkey israel and,venezuela,got it got it okay so we're going to get,into um a lot of aspects of this book,including how,how it was reported how you put it,together and also,the substance of the book but i just,want to promise everybody um who's,listening that um we are going to get to,some more current events things,at the end i mean obviously the passing,of justice ginsburg and,the integrity of our election are two,like top of mind issues for everybody,and seth has just been all over those,issues and frankly like,beating a lot of peopl

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Seth Abramson: Proof of Collusion | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Seth Abramson: Proof of Collusion | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

here's a columnist for Newsweek and the,author of proof of collusion oh good and,the forthcoming book proof of conspiracy,Seth Abramson's thank you for being here,I hope they will get to the proof of,collusion soon but before we do that I,want to just talk about your technique,because I think it's very exciting when,there's a new literary event and I would,say what you do is that I mean you're,what are the word you is accurate,ologist or accurate ology you're sure,it's real journalists I can't get that,but I get close and what you really do,is is put out a long long Twitter feed,I've read it and it's interesting,because it's like watching someone write,a book in real time you don't mind if,people see that you make mistakes you,erase stuff you amend stuff you edit,stuff so is this like the new version of,what we went through and maybe the 70s,when there was the new journalism when,they were mixing fact and fiction you,think this is as big a change well I,think it's definitely new we're in the,digital age now and what we find is not,that there isn't enough quality,journalism but that there's actually so,much of it that a lot of it falls,through the cracks it gets published,read once and then forgotten so what a,curatorial journalist does is they look,back decades across media that's being,published across different continents,and they see stories that are lost and,how they connect with one another and,how they might be important now but,weren't realized as important as that do,you connect the dots,exactly you're the guy at the evidence,wall essentially yep with the red tape,you know I I did a sketch of that once,but mine was yeah there it is we if we,put there's this,yeah there's Pat Donny in the middle and,but you do it for real and it's,interesting you you've said that Donald,Trump is the live embodiment of the,Internet what do you mean by that well,he is I mean he's ubiquitous he's in our,lives every second of every day he wants,to be in our lives every second of every,day and he's bad for us and he fatigues,us just like the Internet does,you also have cities the first meta,modern criminal scandal this is the,first meta modern criminal scandal now,how what does that mean well it means,that everything Donald Trump does that,is illicit and in another period of time,would have been done behind closed doors,or secretly on an audiotape that we,don't have access to he does right in,public Russia if you're listening or any,of his other statements suggesting that,he's a wels colluding in plain sight I'm,glad you said that I've said that myself,for a long time so we did something,tonight,to illustrate this now the comparison of,course is always to Nixon but Nixon,tried everything he could to keep it,secret as you say Trump does the exact,opposite he does it in plain sight I,think this is the the genius to his,getting away with everything I don't,think he knows he's doing it I think,it's cuz he's a narcissist but this is,the effect of it so what we did was we,took some of the things that Trump has,said again in broad daylight we put them,on a tape just like he did with the,Nixon tapes now imagine if you were,hearing this for the first time in this,way where we just got this imagine that,Donald Trump was surreptitiously taped,and you heard it this way,now if if people had heard that wouldn't,we say that's The Smoking Gun,it's possible but you know the other,thing bill is that there are things that,he does behind closed doors right,negotiating for two years while he was,running for president a multi-billion,dollar real estate deal with the Kremlin,and with Russians right but when that,comes out and when we find out about it,he then does 10 12 20 things that seem,just as bad within the next 24 to 48,hours right and as a result we lose,sight of how important even the hidden,thing that becomes public is but there,was a guy who was trying to put these,dots together for two years Robert,Muller why did he punt on this why did,he not you know call I mean answer the,call of history when it was so plainly,his job to do that I mean I thought I,thought this guy I guess we all did was,was gonna be the one to say here because,as I've said before just what we know,and this is what you do you put down,just what we know what is in his mind do,you think well I think a lot of people,are saying that he punted and I don't,think that that's accurate right on,obstruction,he knew that he couldn't indict the,president you can't indict a sitting,president under DOJ regulations and,therefore he wanted to pass that case,through to Congress had he made a,judgment on obstruction he might have,lost gravitas he might have had 50% of,the country who are more conservative,considering him to be a boogeyman,because now he's put his finger on the,scale he maintained his gravitas by,saying here's all the evidence it had to,go to Congress anyway so here it is on,the question of collusion I think we,have to understand that the law,investigation hasn't real

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The Conspiracy The Gave Donald Trump The Election (w/ Seth Abramson)

The Conspiracy The Gave Donald Trump The Election (w/ Seth Abramson)

our quote for the day from Franklin,Roosevelt the liberty of a democracy is,not safe if the people tolerated the,growth of private power to a point where,it becomes stronger than the democratic,state itself that in its essence is,fascism ownership of government by an,individual by a group or by any,controlling private our end of quote,what a day as we continue through the,show I'm wondering are you going to be,marching anywhere in the United States,are you going to be participating in,many of the protests that are happening,Saturday you know the day after the,after the inauguration it is happening,tomorrow,meanwhile I've read this historian,huffington post and just it was just an,absolute jaw dropper the headline the,domestic conspiracy they gave Trump the,election is in plain sight and I just,want to show the first paragraph of this,with you and then bring out and bring,out its author information President Lee,presently available public and available,confirms that Eric Prince,Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump conspired,to intimidate FBI director James Comey,into interfering in and thus directly,effecting the 2016 presidential election,this conspiracy was made possible with,the assistance of officers in the New,York Police Department and agents within,the New York field office of the Federal,Bureau of Investigation all of the major,actors in the conspiracy have already,confessed to its particulars either in,Word or in deed moreover all the major,actors have publicly exhibited,consciousness of guilt after the fact,this reassessment has already been the,subject of articles and news outlets on,both sides of the political spectrum but,has not yet received substantial,investigation by major media unlike whoa,a conspiracy with Erik Prince Rudy,Giuliani and Donald Trump is written by,Seth Abramson Seth is the assistant,professor at the University of New,Hampshire former public defender a,columnist for The Huffington Post the,author of six books his latest golden,age his website Seth Abramson a se th a,br a M s o n dot net ACEF and you can,tweet him at,Seth Abrams and Ike sued me Seth I've,been mispronouncing your name dr.,Abramson welcome to the program thank,you for having me Tom,Abramson I'm sorry so a conspiracy,sitting in plain sight tell us about,this well I know that the word,conspiracy causes people some pause but,in looking at the facts here that really,was the only appropriate word to use,this is an election that as you know Tom,really shows it seems quite evidently,and I've been pulling on some of those,themes and two in particular led to this,story the first was Rudy Giuliani's,frankly bizarre behavior in the weeks,leading up to the election including a,number of mentions on public media CNN,Fox News about there being an upcoming,October Surprise that he would not,reveal but that he thought could swing,the election to Donald Trump and then,simultaneous with that the fact that as,reported by the New York Times Jim Comey,wrote to Congress because according to,The Times and many other sources,he had become quote-unquote sure that,news of the allegedly new but actually,duplicate Weiner emails would leak to,the press if he didn't do something,putting those two things together and,then doing a little bit of follow-up,investigation,it becomes clear that director Comey,feared the leak was going to come from,the Trump campaign as a result of Hatch,Act violative leaks to them from the FBI,and NYPD and that he wrote to Congress,which certainly did,swing the results of the election,because of the fact that he was,essentially intimidated into doing so,because he believed if he didn't speak,on the Clinton investigation that in,fact false information would come out,and then finally Tom as you saw in the,article,Eric Prince is the one who previewed for,all of America exactly what that false,leak was going to be from the Trump,campaign because he gave an interview on,November 4th with Breitbart in which he,I think it's fair to say and I say this,as an attorney slandered and libeled,Hillary Clinton stated a number of,untrue facts about those duplicate,emails and did so not knowing that in 24,hours,James Comey would come out and reveal,that they were all duplicate emails so,we actually have a preview of how the,Piercy would have unfolded and in this,case unlike many I see Jim Comey as,someone who allowed himself to be,intimidated but may not be the primary,villain of the story as so many seem to,think he is that's interesting,so to to put this in a somewhat larger,context reports I've been reading,suggest that Jim Comey had basically two,things that if they were leaked out into,the public or made public could it,influence the election one was you know,more information on the Hillary Clinton,emails you know that turned out to be,nonsense but still it would have fed the,news cycle and hurt her and the other,being this dodgy dossier about Donald,Trump having sex with hookers in a,Moscow hotel and the Democrats you know,I'm assu

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Did Putin Buy Trump The 2020 Election? (w/ Seth Abramson)

Did Putin Buy Trump The 2020 Election? (w/ Seth Abramson)

so did vladimir putin buy donald trump,or did donald trump,just think he had which is even weirder,seth,abramson is with us he's got a new book,out laying all this stuff out it's,astonishing check it out leave your,comments,ding the bell share with your friends,and subscribe to our channel sturgis,motorcycle rally it turns out has been,linked to,over a quarter million cases of covid uh,we know of one death so far but this was,an amazing study that the german-based,iza institute of labor economics did,um based on anonymized cell phone data,anybody can buy the data about you know,who's where with their cell phones,and they they wrote this is from these,researchers quote the sturgis motorcycle,rally represents a situation where many,of the worst case scenarios,for super spreading occurred,simultaneously the event was prolonged,individuals packed closely together a,large out of town population,low compliance with masks the results,are staggering they're estimating 12,billion dollars that you and i are going,to pay in health care costs,for these guys as a result of this,meanwhile donald trump keeps,rolling along and and continues to be,unwilling,to criticize russia or putin or anything,basically any autocrat in the world but,specifically that,and seth abramson uh has a new book,coming out,uh proof of corruption bribery,impeachment and pandemic in the age of,trump it'll be out,next month and uh and i'm sure it's,available for pre-order his previous,books proof of conspiracy and proof of,collusion,he has dropped by our program to talk,about he put together a long twitter,thread,basically uh you know with the premise,of i believe proof of corruption,over the weekend i thought it was,spectacular and he's on the line with us,seth abramson,uh the website is seth abramson,a-b-r-a-m-s-o-n-s-e-t-h-a-b-r-a-m-s-o-n,dot net,and uh and of course seth abramson uh at,twitter is his twitter handle,so seth tell us why this uh you know,this may not actually involve vladimir,putin but trump,thinks it does well tom first uh thank,you for having me one,minor correction actually proof of,corruption is out today,uh everywhere books are so great if,you're interested in reading about it,so with respect to the the tweet thread,that i did that you were talking about,um in 2008 donald trump was trying to,sell an eight-figure,palm beach property that he had made,improvements to,but he hadn't been able to sell despite,these improvements despite trying to,sell it for a long time,and he just wouldn't drop the price,because he wanted to more than,double his money this was another,example of his abstinence as a,businessman,and more evidence of his terrible,business sense generally,but the upshot in the thread that i did,on twitter is that donald trump got,rescued in 2008,and got almost 100 percent of his asking,price for this,essentially lemon of a property from a,putin ally dimitri,rabolovlev and trump believed that,rebulavlev,was in fact a putin proxy,and that in fact he was doing business,with vladimir putin,uh in 2008 that sale made him 54,million dollars almost in fact more than,double,what he had put into this property at a,time that the economy was tanking he was,facing,financial difficulty and again he firmly,believed,that vladimir putin had saved him and so,that was basically a bailout,exactly and it was a bailout again a 54,million,dollar bailout but but just to be clear,if the story doesn't in any sense end in,2008 because when donald trump,goes to the miss universe pageant in,moscow in 2013 he gives an interview to,nbc,in which he says putin is following my,activities,he follows my interviews he's interested,in me clearly this is a carryover from,less than 60 months earlier this deal,that he believed he had,completed with putin through ebola lev,and at the time that he was in moscow in,2013 tom,putin's chief kremlin builder aras,agolarov,was offering him the richest deal of his,life even better,than the 2008 deal so of course donald,trump thought that putin was not only,interested in his,activities but interested in rescuing,him from financial despair and even more,than that,making him into the billionaire that,he's always claimed to be,so why would a billionaire oligarch,basically hand donald trump trump trump,a 54,million dollar check um you know during,a major recession when trump was out of,cash and freaking out,maybe looking at another bankruptcy in,2008 why would a russian oligarch do,that if it wasn't,at the direction of president putin,well that's exactly right tom and that's,what we actually learned from both the,mueller report,and the senate select committee on,intelligence report is that vladimir,putin has that degree of control,over his top oligarchs he can direct,them,to spend their wealth in a particular,way to help,the state remember oleg derapaska,another oligarch connected to trump,world through paul manafort,famously said i don't distinguish myself,from the state,and that's the sort of state of affairs,no pun intend

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Is 2019 the year of impeachment?: Attorney Seth Abramson analyzes Trump and Russia from every angle

Is 2019 the year of impeachment?: Attorney Seth Abramson analyzes Trump and Russia from every angle

and welcome to salon talks I'm Dean,Obeidallah and today we're joined by,Seth apron a lawyer a professor at,University of Hampshire and it's got a,great new book must read book proof of,collusion how Trump betrayed America,Seth welcome to salon talks hi Dean,thank you for having me so Seth before,we talk about your book which is a must,read for many reasons we'll go through,it you know we're just in the last few,days we heard that Paul Whelan a 48 year,old former Marine is now reportedly been,formally charged with espionage by the,Russians and it's curious to me that,this comes only weeks after 30 year old,Maria Bettina the Russian spy who pled,guilty to trying to influence our,elections actually did plead guilty and,now there's rumors not even rumors,reports that the lawyer of Paul Whelan,and Russia is saying we're open to swap,patina and well what do you make of this,so based upon the current status of,Maria boo Tina's case in the federal,system in the United States we should,assume that federal prosecutors and,again it's not federal prosecutors with,Muller's team but other federal,prosecutors have gotten all the,information from Maria boo tina about,what she was up to in 2013 2014 2015,with her alleged handler alexander,tortion that they're going to get and,therefore a swath of boo Tina for Whelan,doesn't make a lot of sense or the,Kremlin in terms of keeping United,States prosecutors from accessing the,information they got from boo Tina so I,don't think that would be the reason but,they might want to swap because it would,make boo Tina unavailable as a witness,in any further proceedings but it's for,that very reason that I suspect federal,prosecutors would never agree to any,such swap they don't just want the,information from glue Tina they also,want her to be available as a witness,and it's interesting in that very point,you made makes me feel that Donald Trump,would love to see her swap not that,she's so far implicating him in any kind,of conspiracy with the Russian but,clearly her involvement with the,National Rifle Association other leading,Republican she set up dinners for them,friendly events where Russians were,brought there to meet Republican,officials I would imagine Trump would,love to see her swamped and that's sort,of my concern here I think there would,be a political firestorm the likes of,which we have not seen yet if Donald,Trump somehow overruled federal,prosecutors, Maria boo Tina back to Moscow given,as you said Dean that her case isn't,just about what she was doing in the,United States in terms of spine with the,assistance of Alexander torsion it's,also about her contact with top,officials at the NRA and also the,channel that she and Paul Erikson,created through the NRA to top officials,in the Republican Party so if you have,the leader of the Republican Party,sending her back to Moscow making her,unavailable as a witness I think that,would be a political controversy even,bigger than anything we've already seen,so far it's a the petina case didn't get,as much press as maybe it deserve but,there was one quote from the prosecutors,involved saying the patinas case is a,vivid quote part of a larger mosaic of,Russian influence operations in our,country and specifically referring to,2016 elections so it's not just online,media being attacked it's really they,were sending people here to do things,clearly and everything I've seen from,intelligence agencies and tell me if I'm,wrong what's the help Donald Trump win,the election that's right I mean it's,not just that Maria boo Tina at Freedom,Fest in July 2015,asked Donald Trump about his view of,sanctions on Russia giving him the first,public opportunity to say that he,opposed sanctions it's not just that she,was having high-level contact with NRA,officials or that her boyfriend said he,had a back channel between the Kremlin,and top Republican Party officials there,are even aspects of the butene case that,we haven't talked much about for,instance in the fall just about 60 to 90,days before the 2016 election in the,fall of 2016,Maria boo Tina starts made in contact,with JD Gordon who is the number two,person on Donald Trump's national,security advisory committee at that,point and apparently this will seem,humorous but they went to a Styx concert,together or they were scheduled to go to,a Styx concert together and so I think,there's more even about what glue Tina,was doing during 2016 that we don't know,about yet so her value is significant to,federal prosecutors full disclosure I,went to a Styx concert a long long time,ago when they were doing the I think,grand illusion tour I was actually a,great job I'm not sure how it would be,now so let's talk about your book proof,proof of collusion how Trump betrayed,America and I think what's so important,about your book Seth is that,in paints the picture for people that,Donald Trump's involvement with Russia,long predates this election because if,someone just said,back now why would Russia wanna help,Dona

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Seth Abramson on CNN (3.21.18)

Seth Abramson on CNN (3.21.18)

there is growing criticism of Donald,Trump after he congratulated the Russian,President Vladimir Putin on his,re-election the US president talked,about the phone call during an oval,office meeting with a crown prince of,Saudi Arabia critics and election,monitors say the Russian vote was,neither free nor fair the White House,dodged questions about the call saying,the u.s. does not get to dictate how,other countries operate president Trump,had an additional surprise I had a call,with President Putin and congratulated,him on the victory his electoral victory,the call had to do also with the fact,that we will probably get together in,the not-too-distant future so that we,can discuss arms we can discuss the arms,race well join me here in Los Angeles,democratic stretches Carolyne Heldman,Republican strategist Charles Morin and,CNN senior class Ron Brownstein and in,Manchester New Hampshire attorney and,professor Seth Abramson we can ask you,to sit tight sit for a minute while we,look into this Russia phone call and,Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and what,seems you're making this phone call even,more extraordinary so reporting we have,from the Washington Post President Trump,did not follow specific warnings from,his national security advisers when he,congratulated the Russian President,Vladimir Putin Tuesday on his reelection,including a section in his briefing,materials in all capital letters stating,do not congratulate the community,officials for me with the call Ronald,the post does point out that the,National Security Adviser HR McMaster,did not mention the issue when he spoke,with the president before that,conversation with Putin but still it was,it was written down it was there and did,he need to be reminded about that in the,first place open question what's more,remarkable that the president ignored,the all cap instructions or the all,constructions ended up in the Washington,Post two or three hours after the call I,mean it is a both things both facts are,statements about how this White House is,operating,we're not operating I mean clearly the,fact that it was released to the press,so fast just underscores,the intense divisions within the White,House leaks occur when one side in the,internal debate feels that they're not,being hurt or being trampled on and,second it underscores I think what we've,seen increasingly over the last couple,weeks where the president,feels untethered and feels more free to,ignore advice from you know the the,experts and the senior officials around,him and both of those either of those,would be a volatile both of them,together are downright combustible okay,well Senator John McCain the Republican,he may be battling brain cancer but he,still actually has a spine he treated,this out an American president does not,lead the free world by congratulating,dictators on winning sham elections and,by doing so with radomir Putin President,Trump insulted every Russian citizen who,was denied the right to vote in a free,and fair election,Charles fair point I mean I think at the,end of the day that President Trump was,making an acknowledgement of the fact,that the international community is,going to recognize Vladimir Putin for,plenty of Democrats across this country,that were congratulating Hillary Clinton,winning a sham primary against Bernie,Sanders but again the international,community is going to recognize Vladimir,Putin and again the President does have,you know unlike senator not seriously,right actually quite seriously if you,look there's a comparable level of,democratic openness in Russia as there,was in the Democratic leader of the,party absolutely fact the Republicans,should have done more of that during the,primary and they would have had a big,john McCain is not the leader of a,United States of America president Trump,is he has the ability and the right to,call and acknowledge what the,international community is going to do,which is recognize Vladimir's part about,weapons in Syria today president Trump,is using this opportunity to try to,address one of the biggest problems that,Russia has which is weapons sales in,Syria what they're also not addressing,according to the Washington Post Trump,also chose not to heat talking points,are maids instructing him to condemn,Putin about the recent poisoning of a,former Russian spy in the United Kingdom,with a powerful nerve agent a case that,both the British and US government have,blamed on Moscow and Caroline the,president also did not raise the issue,of Russian interference in the US,election in 2016 all in all it was a,pretty good call,right so he doesn't acknowledge that,five days earlier the international,community including the United States,condemned Russia the Russian regime for,the murder of those two spies for a,violation of international law in,addition but you know killing people he,didn't acknowledge that he meddled in,the election he didn't acknowledge,what's happening with the power grid I,mean what happened in a nutshell is,Dona

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SethAbramson Security

I experience what you might expect,someone writing on a controversial topic,with a large audience receives so both,through regular channels and other,channels there is abuse and worse well,regular channels like through DMS,through emails through comments on,Twitter itself those are the regular,channels and then on occasion through,irregular channels you'll get some abuse,I don't allow it to do that I can't say,that it doesn't affect my mood it does,because I'm a human being and I don't,want to give that up I don't want to get,to a point where I'm not affected by,people's anger or or the things that,people say sometimes maybe I'm too,affected by it but I don't want to,become you know insensate to other,people's reactions I don't think that,would be healthy either but I'm resolved,to have it not change my behavior,because at that point you've essentially,been in some way you know intimidated or,coerced or convinced to do something,other than what your natural instinct,would be and to me that would make an,already difficult situation because I,don't really love being on Twitter that,would make it fully intolerable,so anyway internet-enabled hate I think,can be diffused through human productive,human contact even if it's happening,online but where you have a one-on-one,conversation via DM no one's watching,there's no audience you're not,performing for anyone and you just talk,to people and you say look man I'm just,I'm just a guy I really am I'm just a,guy you know whether you have one,follower and I've been at one follower,or whether you have 500,000 followers,I'm just a guy the vast majority of,people in the United States the only,thing that causes them to be deeply,unpleasant or worse to someone who,they've encountered online is that they,are not understanding that they're,dealing with a human being,I think most,well if they understand that the person,you wrote that email to is you know they,have family they have passions they big,laugh they've pride they've been hurt,before they experienced anything anyone,out there has experienced the person,you're writing to you has probably,experienced in some cases maybe far more,than you could ever imagine I think when,people understand that they pull back,I've had people contact me through DMS,in the most vicious way and on occasion,I will engage them which they don't,expect is going to happen and I'll write,back and within about ten minutes we're,having a pleasant conversation and I,mean people who approached me in the,most vicious way because the moment they,recognize that the person on the other,end is human is willing to engage people,loves discussion isn't an ideologue in,the way that they think doesn't want to,be hated once people that have,productive conversations the vast,majority of people will change very,quickly their their perspective on the,exchange I think one of the only,exceptions to that is someone who has a,problem with you because of your,minority status in some way you know for,me the fact that I'm Jewish for instance,but that's that's not sort of a,irrational or humane objection it comes,from a completely different sphere I,don't think that has to do with the,Internet at all

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