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Sebastian Gorka on President Trump’s Twitter feud with London Mayor - BBC Newsnightso why was the pr

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Sebastian Gorka on President Trump’s Twitter feud with London Mayor - BBC Newsnight

so why was the president tweeting,criticism of a London mayor at this,particular time yeah let's talk about,that for a moment but if this is going,to be another discussion about a tweet,for six minutes then it really again is,something that is unseemly but the,president was making a very very valid,point that we have to jettison political,correctness we have to apply honesty to,the threat and saying it's just business,as usual don't worry about a thing,a pollyannish attitude to a threat that,has killed a hundred and seventy people,in the last two years in Europe alone,and maimed more than 700 has to be dealt,with honestly okay I see that,but then is the right response for,people to sort of get together in a,constructive mindset and say nice things,and useful things rather than just you,know pathetic excuse by London Mayor,Sadiq Khan this is the bit I don't,understand in what way was the tweet I,know it's just a tweet but in what way,is it helpful to call him something he,says a pathetic excuse well again I'll,talk one more time about this tweet but,it would be much more useful for the,BBC's viewers and you know the alliance,between the UK and Britain in general to,talk about real policy issues and not,tweet the point is we will not come,together adequately to the task in hand,unless people talk honestly about the,threat to London the threat to,Washington the threat to DC the threat,to Paris and that's what the president,was writing about and that's a very,important substantive pull it is not,just a tweet it's a substantive point,but your point then is that other people,are talking dishonestly about it the,mayor of London or the UK Authority who,had in what way are the people you're,focused on as talking dishonestly about,the threat it's those people who speak,absolute fabulous fantasies and don't,deal with a threat at hand is Sadiq Khan,the Mayor of London is he one of those,people if his statements are meant to,deny the reality of the threat then he,could be but I'm not going to talk to,him you should ask him yourself well I I,know he's answering he's not and I sense,your frustration that I was asking you,about your bosses tweek and I know in,other interviews you've said it's just a,tweet it's not you know you stop banging,on a dollar really it's not policy,is it useful to have him tweeting random,thoughts getting us a little arguments I,mean if it isn't positive isn't it get,underway of his getting in the way of,clarity of message because here I am all,confused I was thinking he was being,critical of somebody when he says those,things like pathetic excuse by London,there and actually you've put me right,and explained he's not being critical he,doesn't even know what the London,Matthews are so I what is the benefit of,this communication by tweet policy I'm,sorry I can't help you with your,confusion what is the benefit that is,how a businessman who's never held,elected office won the election he out,trounced the mainstream left-wing,liberal media that's the value of,Twitter not everything is about policy,some things are about strategic,communications a stump speech is about,strategic communications as is the,president's Twitter account got it I,mean the reasons that you will probably,not understand or not want to hear a lot,of people here are being very critical,of President Trump for picking an,argument with the London there at a time,when the city has been facing an attack,and allowed you're talking for them I'm,I'm just I'm just summarizing what I've,picked up quite a few people are,suggesting and in the political,political circles that it would be,inappropriate for president Trump to,have a state visit to the UK did getting,to be bothered if the state visit was,canceled all or called off or at least,for the time being if anybody thinks,that a state visit is held hostage to,Twitter then they have no understanding,of the relationship between London and,Washington and that is a sad sad day for,anybody who thinks that so you think all,this talk that oh dear we better not,have a state visit or we shouldn't have,the statement it is just silly talk and,the state visit will happen in your view,I think if you ask Theresa May if you,ask the people I work with here at your,Embassy and who come here regularly to,talk to us I think they'd have a very,different answer about the importance of,a visit between two of the closest,democracies in the world today

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What Sebastian Gorka Tells People Who Don’t Like Trump’s “Mean Tweets” | Huckabee

What Sebastian Gorka Tells People Who Don’t Like Trump’s “Mean Tweets” | Huckabee

Dr Sebastian Gorka is a renowned,National Security expert a strategist,and former deputy assistant to president,Donald Trump he was on hand at,Mar-A-Lago last month to hear his former,boss announce that he's running again,for his old job he says the response,there was electric as we expected it,probably would be there but will it be,enough to make Donald Trump the 47th,president of the United States please,welcome back to the show one of our dear,friends Dr Sebastian Barca,great to have you back great to be back,governor,even when it's not Christmas all the,guests get a little goodie bag after,they leave yeah and and your Huckabee,mug has got pride of place in my green,room at my radio studio so I thought the,least I could do for Christmas is to,give you the hottest selling item from,my website it's a little,serious but everybody wants it so this,is your America First mug wonderful with,a very serious message I like it uh the,FBI is Biden's gestapo it's a serious,message,selling thing on our website I believe,that is that's for you Merry Christmas I,will be drinking coffee from this cup,before,24 hours are over I wouldn't say that,nightclub for Christmas don't forget the,hot chocolate yeah maybe so my wife will,have spiced tea out of that that she,likes and I don't but that's a whole,nother story,um,I don't think you're surprised president,Trump is running I don't think any of us,are no what do you feel is going to be,the biggest challenge because there are,a lot of people that say Hey look you,know what uh he's just said so many,things that bothered people and they,want to move on what does he have to,overcome,he has to overcome two things number one,people have to stop this issue with the,style or the Mean Tweets whenever,somebody says that to me and say have a,look at your 401k yeah get back to me,look at the price of gas how about your,grandkids can they get formula for your,grandkids for the for the babies if if,the answer is no or the price of gas is,too high or my 401k is tanked who is the,person who created an economy the likes,of which we've never seen before and,then secondly for those who think,America's past my old boss which,incumbent president got more votes than,any other president since 1776 it's,president Trump so the guy who got the,most votes as an incumbent is the old,old Pony I don't buy it I've heard,people say that uh Republicans run great,campaigns Democrats run great elections,and I think that that's a good,distinction you know we don't understand,we've run all these issues we've we've,sold our points how do we lose well we,lose because they're working on the,elections and we're working on the,campaign they're the ones going to the,old people's homes they're the ones who,are saying okay we will organize for,weeks on end and I get it a conservative,radio hosts friends of mine say don't,forget to go and vote on polling day,take 10 people with you it doesn't,matter if they've collected 50 500,ballots in the preceding five weeks it's,a sad sad reality we just simply have to,be more organized what is the biggest,challenge you think Republicans are,going to be facing with a new Congress,we're going to have a new speaker at,least they'll be in charge but there's,even some you know some tension as we,get ready for these guys to take over,what's I think you know what the biggest,challenge is given your history and the,history of uh my colleague in the White,House your daughter yeah,it's a lack of spine you're a fighter,Governor Sarah is a fighter yeah you,love America we need a GOP we need a,speaker we need to have Republicans who,act as if they love America no more,footsie under the table with the,Democrats no more Marcus and Queensbury,rules because the other side doesn't,play by Marcus of Queensbury rules they,tried to impeach our president twice,they've got political prisoners January,6 prisoners in solitary for years on at,two years without due process it's time,for us to take the gloves off and play,hardball so the biggest challenge is for,the GOP to grow a spine next year you,know it's a little more than a week I,think our audience agrees with that,um in just a little more than a week,we're going to see the new Congress take,over January the 3rd and so one of the,questions will they open,legitimate investigations not to be mean,not to get revenge but to find out who,at the Department of Justice and the FBI,knowingly lied to a fisa court to get a,warrant to spy on and to try to really,stage nothing less than a coup d'etat,against a sitting president will they do,that when I was in the White House I,requested by name three of my former,students to be detailed to me to work in,the white house which is very standard,the deputy wants somebody to be detailed,and they said no problem about seven,days we just have to pass their,clearances over from the doj okay,six months later they hadn't appeared,every week HR is blowing me off finally,a very senior FBI agent comes to the,White

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Donald Trump aide Sebastian Gorka accuses BBC of 'fake news'- BBC Newsnight

Donald Trump aide Sebastian Gorka accuses BBC of 'fake news'- BBC Newsnight

well we're joined by um Sebastian Gorka,now he's a deputy assistant to president,Trump from within the team there very,good evening to you do you think his,press conference is a bit unhinged mr.,corker I think it's pathetic that the,BBC would use words of that nature and,also the adjective weird it's only weird,to journalists like yourself who are,biased I mean brian Stelter is your,authority this is a man who on CNN by,his own media colleague Michael Wolff,was called ridiculous for his obsession,for attacking President Trump this is a,man who I'd ask your viewers to just,google brian Stelter fake news Delta,Airlines who propagate himself,absurdities on the media so no it was a,fabulous press conference right um can I,just ask you a couple of factual,questions did for his initial words,which we which went on quite a few,minutes isn't it he's only saved and he,made notice on that and prepared that or,did he just go in a basket,he's fabulous on his feet so he doesn't,need to if you watch his campaign,rallies this is this is a man who in any,one day would go to nine different sites,sometimes in four different states he,doesn't need an autocue he revels in,this and what we saw today was the old,Donald Trump from the campaign trail and,it was fabulous and did he gain some of,these questions with with his team did,he sit there saying now what questions,are we going to get what's the answer or,did he just he literally just said I'm,going to go out there confront these,guys in and give them hell no the,president doesn't need to but of course,he has a whole press team we have,amazing people here the right talking,points believe it or not I have talking,points for this interview I don't need,to use them but we have a team that,writes them now look there was his,moment in there where he made this claim,completely false claim about his,electoral college wound was the biggest,since Reagan and then they were turned,out that Clinton Bush and Obama all had,bigger electoral college wind,I guess I'm interested in how some,mistake like that creeps in because this,is a man President Trump who looks,carefully at these things what was going,on there what do you think was going on,there when he made that mistake,I think you're getting a little bit,obsessive yourself if you actually,listen to the tape that you just played,he said I guess I had the largest it,wasn't an unequivocal statement of fact,the bottom line is he trounced Hillary,Clinton and it was organizations like,CNN and New York Times and even the BBC,who said Clinton is a shoo-in,The Huffington Post said she had a 92,percent chance of winning,that's fake news and the BBC shouldn't,be a hostage to it mr. Coker what is,really striking is and it was striking,in the press conference as well that,there's a some tendency to leap back to,the election campaign to bang on about,Hillary Clinton and her weaknesses the,way that you've just gone about the way,pundits got the election wrong does mr.,Trump does president Trump realize he,won the election he got fewer votes he,won the election he is the president now,for goodness sake he doesn't have you,don't have to keep banging on about,Hillary Clinton he's the president it,looks almost narcissistic almost a bit,childish to be good to be talking the,way he does in campaign mode when he's,the leader of the free world only two,journalists who don't like him and have,an agenda is he looking back my gosh,I've been in this position for less than,a month we've done more work in one,month in the prior administration did in,six month I mean the number of things we,have achieved whether it's today with,the coal miners pushing back on the anti,coal mining policies of the,administration whether it's the,immigration reform whether it's the,modernization of infrastructure planning,that we've released it is uncredible the,amount of work you've already done and,to say that we're basking in a former,glory please be a little bit more,factual yourself because otherwise you,will be accused of fake news as well so,you agree with President Trump that his,White House is a fine-tuned machine and,is operating well let me tell you one,thing I've never worked at this rarefied,strategic level before I'm a political,appointee I'm a commissioned official of,the president it is incredible I come,into work every morning at 7 o'clock I,Oh,the newspapers and I can tell you that,when I read a story that bears,absolutely no resemblance to the issue I,was involved in I was in the room the,day before when it was being settled,eight out of nine times its fabricated,and all of these anonymous sources I'm,sad to say that you and your colleagues,have fallen into this trap of fake news,now it's not fake news we're trying to,understand what is going on there we're,not making factual claims a lot of the,time we're asking questions that you,don't like look Michael going on a story,I could ask away,i can'twe well why did Donald Trump say,on Friday that he knew nothing about,Mi

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Sebastian Gorka Unleashes His BLATANT Homophobia

Sebastian Gorka Unleashes His BLATANT Homophobia

i want to start with sebastian gorka,sebastian gorka is a former,uh consort of well rather the,more precise word would be consultant,for donald trump and uh an advisor,and he's someone who is in the same,orbit as steve bannon we cover steve,bannon pretty regularly here because of,the role that he is playing in the,global fascist movement um sebastian,gorka is right there next to uh steve,bannon and donald trump that said uh,they decided to go just for homophobic,um and in this case it's over um uh pete,buddha judge we covered that story of,him adopting he and his partner adopt or,his husband adopting uh twins and now,this has become the topic of fodder for,the republicans and here is sebastian,gorka attacking um,well,let's take a listen in,it would be fun because if they set that,president and we can do it with all of,the documents regarding obama the iran,deal,biden and his uh actual encouragement of,using the logan act to frame mike flynn,so whichever way you cut it you know,either you know donald trump destroys,them or we get we get all the weapons we,need to uncover the real corruption the,real dirt of all these democrat,administrations that have sold america,you know,to our enemies for decades now but look,it's very simple what else have they got,grant what what else are you going to,talk about as you approach the midterms,it's like the distractions of the last,two impeachments when the border is open,when the economy is tanking when when,boot edge edges are quote unquote,paternity leave i thought how do you,have paternity when you don't actually,have the child okay adopting it how does,that how does it get you paternity and,by the way can conservatives stop,calling it his husband okay it's not his,husband in western civilization men,can't have husbands so can we have a,little bit of accuracy in our use of,language so whether it's a hundred,supercargo ships off the coast of la,whether it's uh the the the uh retreat,from afghanistan kabul under the control,of the taliban this is the track record,of the democrats in just 10 months so,what are they going to do look at this,shiny object over here look at our,quote-unquote insurrection,then georgia that that,there was a lot in that clip it was it's,it's full of ignorance and it's a lot,but i look at how he tied geopolitics,like on the global stage to pete buda,judge and his husband adopting um and,then to the paternity leave isn't it,funny how all of these things all of,these bigotries,seamlessly overlap,yeah,i mean i mean there's so much to unpack,here,starting with the fact that you're,saying,in in western civilization,you can't he can't have a husband no,actually,if you look at our laws you can,okay this is something that has already,been passed into legislation and so,you know when i'm hearing from people,who are on the far right uh they sound,delusional they sound delusional because,what we see over and over and over again,is them denying the facts of where we,are as a country them denying the,election them denying our legislation,them trying to deny us our voting rights,and so they sound delusional they sound,ignorant uh but hate is hate,hate is hate and so uh you know i'm not,surprised that there is this attack on,people,uh,who,are from the lgbtq community,but what what saddens me,is the fact that you are you're mocking,uh these parents,and you are,thinking that you have enough power and,control to deny someone,paternity leave,even i mean if you have enough kindness,and love in your heart to take children,in,and raise them as your own with love and,care,you know i know that's not always the,case for adopted kids but,there are some families out there who,are doing an excellent job after,adopting uh children and yes they should,be granted time off to bond with their,child,um to settle into the transition of,becoming a parent,because at the end of the day again,going back to these corporations ben we,we compromise and sacrifice so much of,our lives for our employment,but when it's said and done and we're in,our our hospital bed our employers are,not going to be there because our,children are,and so why why shouldn't parents,whether they're from the lgbtq community,whether they've given natural birth or,whether they they've adopted why,shouldn't they be given um this time off,there's some there's some um employers,who are giving a pet leave,when you buy a new pet,you get time off to bond with the pet,i'm sorry,i don't mean to laugh so i don't mean to,laugh so hysterically but you know we,always do come down to whether or not,who's going to get treated better in,this world black people are pets but i,digress um because i know i don't know,it's not about black people per se but,it's like it's so many intersections,here georgia and in the absurdity of of,a group of people who like to,forward themselves as being pro-life,being opposed to,one um,gay couples lgbtq couples adopting in,the first place because you have to,understand it took years i mean yeah i,me

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LEAKED: Sebastian Gorka Threatens Civilian Over Twitter Criticism

LEAKED: Sebastian Gorka Threatens Civilian Over Twitter Criticism

I sometimes tweeted Sebastian go uh-huh,and someone accused me of not liking the,Jews and I said just because I've cared,about protecting small business and,hungry from rootless Cosmopolitan's that,I'm now - sir mind it's just the cruise,my Sebastian guaca impression is admired,by Stephen cook from the Council on,Foreign Relations I don't think in any,other administration with a foreign,policy practitioner the most prestigious,foreign policy think-tank on earth,retweet a YouTube sketch making fun of a,White House terrorist but in this case,they did because Sebastian Gawker is a,magnificent Jew,I've been trying to read his PhD,dissertation not that far from my Trump,University jokes it's totally,unreasonable unreadable but I am hoping,to do some readings of it in the future,but look but one of the amazing things,and people were like hitting me up all,over the place with this over the break,was Sebastian Gorka of course is hard at,work in making the alpha males which he,literally said the alpha males are back,in charge now,which is like again I mean you tell me,not to make virgin jokes and I know I,shouldn't but this is a grown man,talking this nonsense anyways who is,supposedly not just like a grown man,talking this nonsense who is a Breitbart,etre a grown man talking this nonsense,who apparently is part of devising a,counterterrorism strategy and the real,foreign policy practitioners including,people by the name of Michael s Smith ii,who use you will discover listen this,phone call is no prize himself sounds,like a total nut sack nuisance but isn't,actual you know practitioners advise,members of congress and blah blah blah,now I am NOT,using this to prop up the traditional,national security establishment they,have a lot of problems obviously but,what I love about sebastian Gorka and,there's a lot of people like this there,was a guy named Robert Caruso who's more,on the Democratic side although he never,reached these Heights obviously Gorka is,is a fraud and a scam according to even,just like the kind of basic people that,make up the inner workings of foreign,policy and Michael s Smith is a guide,the second is a guy who tweets about,Gorka a lot and in the middle of,planning how we defeat Isis and putting,the alpha males back in charge or if,telling a bureau who's ridiculous or,saying how could I be an anti-semite my,father was treated poorly but looking,ominous sebastian Gorka is looking at,this guy's twitter feed at least once to,do and getting very upset so what,sebastian Gorka did last week is he,called michael s smith using his so,phone not a word or phone to ask why,he's being overly and mr. Smith recorded,this call for your listening pleasure so,to answer the question I was,highlighting my concerns about the fact,that you are working in the White House,and and we counsel colleagues why would,you react with your concerns when he's,recommending you to me how does that,concern you why the reason of concern,I'm up,I understand how Josh is connecting us,is a problem for you is it because yeah,I didn't get back to you fast enough is,that the reason I mean have we ever met,no we have not as a matter of fact so,why why is this,seven eight or nine or ten or 11 or 13,times a day,I have notifications every time you,tweet I get it yeah I have a,notification it's right next to my,Batphone Wow are you are you defeating,jihad by monitoring or scrolling my,Twitter feed I mean honestly to begin,you've called beautiful as a White House,official you have called an American,citizen and begun the conversation very,confrontationally by accusing me of,animus towards you of which I've,explained there is no animus towards you,I believe that you're sure no no as a,matter of fact that's not the case at,all as I would I would submit to you,that a majority of terrorism experts who,have experience working with,policymakers which you do not until now,would agree that you are not a expert of,level sufficient to be working in the,White House with the president hitting,back with lack of media exposure I think,you find that by advisors at Connecticut,school of broadcasting which they write,quite a sophisticated grassed with the,intricacies nuances and reach,ichika ramifications of Tears smith,that's a name often used by jews to,cover their real identity you aren't a,member of the tribe of gomorrah that,killed christ,are you or are you just don't happy that,the last time you appeared in the pages,of USA Today was three years ago,Oh attempt to impugn my academic,credentials because my Master's is it,from the Harvard Extension school these,people can possibly be working crazy, I am working I'm being tweeted,when you tweet at me you empower the,terrorists here's an example of,Sebastian Gorkhas dissertation work now,I admit and it's this graphic already up,on screen okay the people I'll explain,it to people listening the podcast but,honestly like I don't literally don't,know how to explain this so here's a way,in which I'm really humble when

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Sebastian Gorka and Janice Min talk 'Fire and Fury' – BBC Newsnight

Sebastian Gorka and Janice Min talk 'Fire and Fury' – BBC Newsnight

dr. Gawker I know in your previous news,night encounters we have spent a lot of,time analyzing weather news night itself,is fake news etc so just for the sake of,our viewers and for the sake of moving,the story on why don't we agree to,recognize that that's how you view,things and this time just shed a little,bit more light on how you see operations,in the White House it's very good of you,to join us was there anything in the,coverage of Michael Wolf's book that,struck a chord with you that you,recognized nothing at all especially if,you look at the basics facts he gets,completely wrong in the excerpts that,have already been published he can't,even get right whether the president,knew John Boehner he says on the day,that he became president he'd never,heard of the Speaker of the House John,Boehner when any child can go on Google,and put in the name Donald Trump and,John Boehner and find photographs with,those two men golfing with each other,two years ago if you look at the book I,haven't spent money on it but the,introduction page ten Michael Wolfe,states he cannot verify any of the,information he's providing in the book,and as such it's a work of fiction I'm,looking at that now what he actually,says as many of the accounts of what has,happened during conflict with one,another many in trumpian fashion boldly,untrue it sounds as if he heard a lot of,conflicting accounts he wrote them up he,let readers decide what to think and the,accounts that came from multiple sources,he wrote up as factual that is what,journalists do no it's not what,journalists do journalists verify their,sources if you ran a story that was,conflictual and just said I'm gonna,allow the BBC viewers to decide which,version it's reality you'd be warned or,you'd be fired a journalist has to have,at least two verified sources for every,story Michael Wolfe is a charlatan and,he's a liar and his introduction tells,you as much and yet curiously he paints,a picture that a lot of other,commentators have also recognized he,paints for example a picture of a,president who sounds like he slightly,lost his mind who behaves in an,impetuous erratic a childlike way do you,recognize,that at all in the president he repeats,the calamy of all the febrile left-wing,Trump derangement syndrome suffering,progressives out there and I don't,recognize nice okay so you don't,recognize from where I actually worked,in the White House,okay I'm not I'm not a political hack,who came in to write a book to make a,lot of money and to please the elite,that failed both nations that we're,talking about whether it's the UK or the,United States Donald Trump won in the,same reason on the basis of the same,facts that brexit one in the UK and,wasn't predicted by the elite so this is,a joke okay as an insider just um,paint a picture for us of what you know,to be true then for example I think,we're told you know some of the,observations in the book say,most days Trump prefer to be in bed at,6:30 p.m. watching his televisions,eating cheeseburgers making customers in,confidence that's right such garbage,I mean garbage sleeps this is a man who,sleeps less than two and a half hours a,day okay that's the fact when he's,tweeting at 4:00 a.m.,nobody's tweeting for him that's the,President of the United States let's,just forget the Paris entry Yemeni,forget the palace intrigue look at the,last eleven months what is this,president done he's revitalized NATO,we've had the 71st record-breaking stock,market rally a seventy eight percent,drop in illegal immigration across the,southern border Isis destroyed the South,Asia trip revitalizing our relations a,one and a half million jobs created the,lowest unemployment in seventeen years,judge the President on the facts on the,ground not on delusional people who want,to sell book just help us there were,some of the details because it is,fascinating and people will read it for,example Trump's rules no one touched his,toothbrush he like McDonald's because it,was pre-made any news is that news,somebody's tooth brushing habits it's,none of that true I'm not gonna,the view is time with this rubbish okay,let's talk about your tooth brushing how,do you brush your teeth,that's news right the interesting thing,is Emily do you floss it's the details,isn't it that allow people to know,whether the rest of it is true let me,quote you something about Sean Spicer,repeating the daily mantra you can't,make this excuse me shet up or Kellyanne,Conway who according to Woolf mimed,putting a finger gun to her head when,she privately quoted the president why,would you make up gestures or make up,words,could they be true in one of his recent,books thirteen people demanded that he,retract the quotes that he attributed to,them because they were fictional they,were made up his book is the equivalent,of Harry Potter,he's never been told to issue a,correction I have no idea what he's been,told because I couldn't care less I,couldn't care less whether people of,domani retractions he

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Sebastian Gorka: Trump's Twitter Feed Is the Most Powerful Tool We Have When Dealing With China

Sebastian Gorka: Trump's Twitter Feed Is the Most Powerful Tool We Have When Dealing With China

as you know we live in the greatest,country in the history of the world,America and we have all sorts of means,of leverage at our disposal and here is,Seb Korca blankety-blank advisor to the,President on with Bill Hemmer on Fox,News as we have mm yeah I guess I don't,know mounting crisis we should say that,the state yeah yeah no real crisis ease,us is going to ban travel to to North,Korea starting September 1st I only,heard North Korea well people you know,go I don't know what it's supposed to,mean Dennis Rodman can go who and every,but traveled North Korea's banned,according to September 1st and says,Americans should leave there but here is,Bill Hemmer looking to Seb Korca to find,out what the president can do Korean,China this is a newspaper the China,Daily said this Trump is wrong it says,in his assumption that Beijing can,single-handedly handle the matter with,regard to North Korea as Beijing has,said repeatedly does not have the kind,of control over Pyongyang that the US,President believes it does posit what so,what we have is the Chinese government,saying you know Donald Trump is not very,bright when it comes to these things and,he thinks that we can simply wave a,magic wand and make it happen and then,sub cork is gonna come and say no not a,magic wand good,it does what card left do you have to,get China to act,we have you know the president's Twitter,feed we have the most powerful man in,the world making it very clear that we,came out of the Mara Lago Summit with,very high hopes let's look at the facts,forget op-ed pieces apology for a moment,I just want you to marinate in the idea,of we have his Twitter feed and the,melago summit the president has said,that Micah's new facelift looked utterly,grotesque we all concurred and then he,said the Chinese are going to get,serious about North Korea,this all happened at the mall lagos,summit that's how we roll our bill,you'll recall that in between the,flourless chocolate cake and the crème,de mint we had discussed these type of,things now he goes on to argue that,China does have some influence with,North Korea but look how he wraps them,austere globe China controls more than,80 percent of the imports into North,Korea that is a massive point of,leverage,China has wanted a buffer state since,1950 we understand it but at some point,a buffer state that these stabilizes the,region isn't good for Beijing either so,the president has made it clear he is,not satisfied he is disappointed with,what Beijing has done since mar-a-lago,and he wishes to see them step they,respect can a twitter feed change the,mind of those leading China if you can,win a US election with it I think it's,pretty powerful bill don't you know we,shall see oh my god what a, that's the official or,unofficial Chinese response to,subnautica Xi Jinping is sitting there,going god damn,we're being sub tweeted although I got,blocked we did now we're going to eat I,say not Korea this is the most,diabolical administration ever with,Obama we can just say remember opium war,apologize again look boys now with them,they make us do things with Twitter very,bad Oh William meme war we're gon lose,meme walk the way he used the one word,drake clap for lakers that's beautiful,let's say that just really put us in,corner ok North Korea u democracy you,win again mr. Trump hi folks Sam cedar,here we still need your help on our,patreon page YouTube ABS have come back,but not nearly as much as we had before,so if you can help us out any little bit,helps head over to our patreon page,right at this URL and you'll help us,keep helping you by making videos

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Sebastian Gorka: 'Trump made the world a safer place, the clock is ticking on Biden'

Sebastian Gorka: 'Trump made the world a safer place, the clock is ticking on Biden'

uh dr gorka,would would your man donald trump have,handled the afghanistan situation better,differently,well look uh you don't have to like him,you don't have to voted for him or work,to him like i did let's just look at his,track record look at his four years of,in office and compare them to the last,seven months of the bud administration,my old boss donald trump,made the world a safer place he wasn't,an interventionist like his predecessors,but he wanted to end stupid wars but,also send a shot across the bows of,those that threatened us or our friends,whether it was putting little kim back,in his box in north korea stopping the,launch of missiles across the sea of,japan whether it was guaranteeing that,russia didn't invade another one of its,neighbors whether it was,cancelling the iran deal putting,swinging sanctions on the murderous,mullahs in tehran or the thing that,we're most proud of in the trump,administration we were told by his,predecessor obama that isis is a threat,we just have to live with he actually,said it is a generational threat and you,just got to suck it up we came in and we,said no we're not going to put up with,this this is a threat to all of our,friends and allies in the middle east,around the world and we declared war on,the caliphate of isis within five months,just five months of coming into the,administration we unleashed the hammers,of hell on the jihadists and we,destroyed the caliphate so you know that,when we were in the white house our,friends were safe americans were safe,and our enemies were afraid and on my,radio show let me just share this on my,radio show yesterday i had the former,chief of staff of the pentagon in the,trump administration who wrote the trump,withdrawal plan from afghanistan who,said to,my three million listeners,this is not the plan we had we wouldn't,have left without securing the embassy,we wouldn't have left leaving 40 000,americans to fend for themselves across,taliban held afghanistan so no this this,this disaster this catastrophe that will,make the iranian hostage siege look like,a tea party must be laying at the,doorstep of biden and i think his days,in office are now numbered,i was going to say is it is an,unsurvivable,set of mistakes is it the kind of has he,has he taken a mortal wound here,president biden,look at look at the interview he gave,with a friendly outlet with george,stephanopoulos who was the democrat,president clinton white house uh,strategic communications director that,disaster was that interview was a,disaster two days after the the collapse,of cardboard he's asked about the people,falling off the aeroplanes and he says,oh who cares that was four days ago,wrong joe it was two days ago and that,calluses could you imagine if donald,trump had said well who cares if they,died that was four days ago,since then not one person has been fired,not the secretary of defense not the,state department chief diplomat anthony,blinken not the national security,adviser who've all said the fault think,about if you think if a cabinet member,in the uk had said we don't know how,many brits are in afghanistan we're not,sure if we can get you all home and then,the most shocking of all the state,department,sent a reply to all the americans,trapped in afghanistan who registered,for evacuation and they said make your,way to kabul airport by yourself,by the way and this is an unclassified,email we cannot guarantee your security,this is unconscionable to para the brits,you guys are going outside the wire to,rescue not just british nationals but,irish nationals and we with the biggest,military in the world are are beholden,to a senile old man and his cabinet who,can't do anything,truly the clock is ticking on the end of,biden's time in office,according to uh coverage in today's,telegraph newspaper uh president biden,ignored,or or kept away from boris johnson's,attempts to contact him for,approximately 36 hours,uh yes you know all the while the,taliban were,cementing their control in afghanistan,does president biden respect his british,allies,given his actions you'd have to,you'd have to con you'd have to conclude,either he doesn't or he's uh not compos,mentis he's incapable or he's afraid,it's not just it's not just bojo he,didn't ring any any foreign head of,state for three days,he went on vacation he went to holiday,to camp david when kabul fell he came,back three days later to the white house,gave a 20-minute speech where he he he,armed an art he stumbled refused to take,questions walked away from the podium,and this is the most mind-numbing of all,it's shambolic he got back in his,helicopter and went back to his vacation,back to his holiday in camp david that's,the opposite of leadership and what,message does it say not just to our,allies i mean look i was born in the uk,that the uk u.s relationship is the most,important to america what message does,it send to the taliban to al-qaeda to,isis i can tell you i i i have friends,in in the counterterrorism com

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