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Seattle Needs To Be Cancelled For This Stunti didn't think i was gonna have a,halloween themed story

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

Seattle Needs To Be Cancelled For This Stunt

i didn't think i was gonna have a,halloween themed story this year but,it looks like i most likely will have,one,and this story is so absolutely,ridiculous it sounds like it,you would swear that ashton kutcher is,to jump out of a bush and yell that,you've been punked,you know that old show on they used to,come on mtv back in the early 2000s with,a celebrity where he would play pranks,on different celebrities this is what,this feels like but honestly it's not,that so as you can see by the picture it,says halloween is cancelled they put a,ghost and a pumpkin up there or,jack-o'-lantern and they have an ex,going through it and that is actually,true for,the city of seattle because according to,this and i'm actually going to read if,well,i don't know if it's one or two articles,for the story that i am going to uh look,at but,um,if it's split into two i'll read them,both because it's just absolutely,ridiculous and it actually does have,something to do,they,managed to find a way to shoehorn black,people into this that is this is how,ridiculous it is,so the title reads seattle school,cancels halloween parade because it and,this is their quote,margin lot marginalizes students of,color,what,and y'all know i don't like that poc,title so i'm gonna just stick with black,people for right now what is the black,population in the city of seattle anyway,what is the black population in the,entire state of washington,because i know it's not that large,but let me go ahead and get into it a,seattle elementary school canceled its,annual halloween parade this year saying,it marginalizes students of color these,are their words not mine,who do not celebrate the holiday,the decision to cancel the pumpkin,parade where students can dress up in,halloween costumes came from the racial,equity team at benjamin franklin day,elementary school after five years of,discussion so they've been talking about,this for the last five years,this is re this sounds so stupid this is,this i haven't even gotten through the,second part of this,up article yet i'm only i'm still at the,beginning,there are numerous community and,neighborhood events where students and,families who wish to,can celeb who wish they can i guess this,is a type which they can celebrate,halloween a seattle public school,spokeswoman said in a statement provided,to ktth radio talk show host jason rantz,historically the pumpkin parade,marginalizes students of color those,their words not mine,who do not celebrate the holiday,specifically these students have,requested to be isolated on campus while,the event took place,i just have the strongest inkling that,this was not a decision made by these,students they're in elementary school i,have a feeling this wasn't even made by,their parents i have the strongest,feeling that this was made by those,so-called liberal palm colored people,who are on the board,who think they know what's best for,black people now those are my words,in alliance with sps's unwavering,commitment to students of color again,their words not mine specifically black,males the staff is committed to,supplanting the pumpkin parade with more,inclusive and educational opportunities,during the day the statement continued,adding that the decision had nothing to,do with the ongoing woven 19 pandemic,before i go any further y'all know what,they're really saying,that,it's black kids that's complaining,quote unquote so it's our fault oh i'm,sorry not our fault it's their fault,that,they're canceling this parade,that's why i said they shoehorned black,kids into this and then it's going to,make it seem like it's black kids fault,why the other kids can't have their fun,listen not everybody first off not,everybody celebrates halloween first of,all did they ever take that into,consideration that maybe not everybody,participates in halloween festivities if,but you know they probably didn't ask,that they just assume oh because they're,black they don't have a costume and all,types of stuff like that that they're,poor,i'm telling you this has liberal white i,can't say pc on this it has liberal,whitism,written all over this,this is why i keep telling y'all when it,comes to that liberal white person man,or woman especially that female though,they are some of the worst sheep,and will i'm sorry worst wolves in,sheep's clothing that you will ever come,across,school principal stanley jasket,confirmed that the parade was cancelled,halloween is a very complex issue for,schools yes i agree this event,marginalized our students of color again,their words not mine several of our,students historically opted for an,alternative,alternate activity and library while the,pumpkin parade took place,this was an isolating situation and not,consistent with our values of being an,inclusive and safe place for all of our,students especially students of color,their words not mine and those with the,sensitivity to all the noise and,excitement of the parade jasket tote fox,news,i'm sorry news,the school informed parents o

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Kim Little expected to join the Reign next week?

Kim Little expected to join the Reign next week?

and so we will move on to our oil right,now,yeah so some interesting stuff for the,rain obviously they had a match to play,and we'll get to that in a second but,also,some some ross related stuff some awards,so ray had a pretty packed week,on the 12th at the san diego wave a,rematch of earlier in the season and,obviously these teams are going to play,each other a lot just because of their,geographical locations,but san diego's been at the top of the,nwsr regular season table,for around,the beginning of the season so they've,been top dog for a bit uh seattle was,able to force a draw,after giving up an early goal jess,fishlock,scored right before half she'd be of our,player of the game with a goal 90,minutes played two total shots a 7.9,match rating drawing three fouls uh and,completing 80 percent of her passes,san diego's got a lot of talent,granted,they are an expansion team and we've got,our things about expansion teams but,i think,i was thinking about it when we were,getting towards the end of that game,uh draws against teams like san diego i,can accept,but just you know i i didn't get to,fully see,the,uh attacking stats on it just because of,the mariners and the sea wolves,yesterday but you know,you can't just draw your way through the,season at some point uh the the,there has to be like a,breakthrough with the scoring and i know,that they're working on that and that's,coming but that's i think one you'll,you need to see like a couple goal,performance i think to see them break,through and then hit their stride fully,yeah but luckily they'll be able to,return home here soon,after this matchup uh and maybe that can,help spark it so,uh moving on here to team related news,on the ninth two things happened for the,rain uh the first being the arena,acquired forty thousand dollars in,allocation money um you see they're,split between 2022 and 2023,uh so the roran acquired that money uh,from angel city fc the other expansion,team in exchange for a 2022 one-year,international roster spot,don't know what angel city will use that,for uh but it's certainly interesting to,see how that plays out for them uh,noting what we received for it and what,angel city might use that for,also on the ninth four rain players were,named the may best eleven uh goalkeeper,fell until his choice defender alana,cook defender sophia huerta and,midfielder rose lavelle,uh,i mean,you and i have talked about fallon,before it's no surprise,with how good fallon's been this year to,see her up there but also,those three i feel like have been,earning honors,all season,uh those those three those three in,addition to fallon uh have been earning,honors all season so i'm not really,surprised to see that uh but just again,looking to,fully see that goal breakthrough to not,only help the scoring but also help,fallon out too,just to give her some cushion,so continuing forward this one's not,like,directly related but because of,when we say ol rain right it used to be,seattle rain,the olympic leon is the like parent club,they they,are effectively they're already a club,in spain,but they're acting like a manager in a,way in in which they run most of the way,that the rain operates now,uh leone the parent company the parent,club was sold to foster gillette it's,currently unsure how this will affect,the rain but it's certainly interesting,to note that their parent club was sold,right so interesting to keep an eye on,that i don't really think that there,will be much that goes on but still,something to,just you know keep an eye on,and just note that that took place yeah,um,in uh roster news uh on the 11th before,the match up with san diego laura harvey,announced that kim little is not with,the club yet uh she does have her visa,she's working on that they're going,through the process of it and she should,be ready to go uh next week,but it has been approved she's just not,there yet uh and then just fishlock and,megan rapino were both fine coming off,of entries last week and both did play,in that june 11th match,and then also in relation to the rain uh,this was announced just,in an hour ago or so uh but the rain had,four players named to the us men's men's,the us women's national teams uh roster,for the june friendlies that they're,going to have,which will be interesting i know that we,talked about with kim little she's going,to be really helpful with the,international breaks that are going to,happen,uh,so alana cook sophia orto rose lavelle,and megan rapino were all named uh to,the us women's national teams uh,roster uh for june friendlies so,interested to see how that plays out and,i mean you're losing two key defenders,you're losing a really creative,midfielder and megan,is able to impact the game so much,so important losses but obviously hoping,for the best for them,in their international appearances,in legal related news on the 7th orlando,had a couple of coaches placed on leave,the pride head coach amanda cromwell and,assistant sam green were currently under,inve

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Post-Match Press Conference: Megan Rapinoe // Seattle Reign FC

Post-Match Press Conference: Megan Rapinoe // Seattle Reign FC

I mean it is kind of laughable,I think there's skid score five goals,that to give up for I mean obviously we,want to tighten up defensively oh those,are just feeling a lot of kind of sloppy,goals just sort of let the momentum get,away and just couldn't couldn't really,grab hold of different I mean with that,said their quality team obviously,especially tacking wise they just have,so much firepower and they're currently,good on the comeback so which kind of,need to weather the storm and yeah yeah,I think we let the game get to wide open,I think it was open in general I think,both teams like to play in tech and,style and go forward and have a big,shape but I think that when we go up,like that we can't just expect that it's,just going to keep going like that I,mean I think we've had a couple of the,big wins during the season against you,know not nearly as good a team to sky,blue so I think we just kind of lost,focus a little bit and just sort of let,let it just be open like that and we,really needed a consolidated game at,that point which wish we didn't so,that'll be a I'm sure the lots of films,from this game not in the in the form of,the five goals but we'll learn from it I,mean the hugely points at home this was,this was big for us we left last week,wanting a lot more in very disappointed,with only getting one point at home out,of them so it was a big win in terms of,points and where we are on the standings,and kind of kicking on through the break,and leave everyone with with happy note,going into the break,because your hands before,yeah I think we we you know sort of as a,group it was kind of understood that we,want to go for the wind we don't want we,didn't want to just pack the name kind,of consolidate at that point that we had,already given us the lead we wanted to,go for the wind felt like the game was,open as well and it was something that,we could go for I mean we need the point,bottom line I think we're not in a,position where we can afford to want to,go after a draw a fish in our home but,really just in the table we we've,dropped too many points in too many,places to not be gone for the three I,mean obviously there's a lot of changes,in their backline that haven't seen they,kind of play obviously Kelly playing a,lot higher they play pretty lopsided so,I think we try to get at the flanks,anyways especially for for outside backs,that go high I do my favorite of cheatin,so we try to catch them on the break as,much as we can or getting all out on the,other side that's kind of our game plan,all the time table there's a lot of,changes hopefully hoping for a little,miscommunication here there for them,yeah not the shaky PK yeah Matt Winer,and you always want to you know show up,in this big moment I've put a couple,free kicks like into the goalposts,though so that was my second offering,Narron was going to try to kick me off,and probably if I had another one over I,mean obviously three really quality,opponents at home on the west coast man,I'm very very happy about that obviously,living in Seattle and being from,California and not too far to travel,because we're midseason and we're just,like in the tired range now I mean,hopefully big crowds and great games and,put on a show for everyone it should be,a really good test for us I think we you,know happy with the results in Europe,you know that's a long long way to go on,a short week and play two games I think,we're we're happy with the to win so I,think our performances will want those,to be be a lot better and put on much,more of a show at home,yeah I mean huge obviously the WNBA,all-star game I think was a huge success,it almost sold out in there and just,just in general I think the whole city,really got behind it from from what I've,heard just from to and other players,this was the best altar game that,they've been to and it really felt like,a special event which is what they,deserve,I mean they're the you know the best,basketball players on the planet and,it's pretty cool to have them all in one,place at one time and be able to put on,a good show like that and I was just,like big fangirl the whole weekend just,trying to get involved in everything,that I could so it was a great event now,I think we had 4,500 here today which is,one of our larger crowds,maybe we'll get people to come back now,there are nine goals in one game it's,pretty and pretty entertaining but yeah,it's pretty cool I mean we have you know,two of the best franchises in women's,sports night as the storm being here for,for 20 plus years and that's being here,this is our fifth year hopefully it'll,it'll just help to keep growing the,women's sports scene in this,inter-school city I did yeah she was,course tiger he was court sack I thought,I was going on,yeah it's all been very positive,I think obviously soon I have had a lot,of conversations about this and it was,only gonna be a matter of time you can't,stay stay on gay dating me for for that,long but I think it was really the,perfect way fo

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OL Reign 2022 attendance numbers announced

OL Reign 2022 attendance numbers announced

foreign,not much going on just because I mean,this is kind of a quiet period anyway,nobody played around the league the uh,first round playoff matchups don't start,until this upcoming weekend on Sundays,when Houston and Kansas City played to,find out when our rain who our rain will,be facing in the semi-final at Lumen,field on October 23rd which the entirety,of the lower bowl at Lumen field has,been opened up tickets are going pretty,quick I know that we talked about it a,few weeks ago with ticket giveaways and,that was kind of tough you know,giveaways I'm not the best at doing,giveaways so we'll figure that out and,be better about that and I'll give you a,more concrete uh talk on getting those,tickets set up maybe after we find out,who the rain are playing but speaking of,tickets and attendance the only thing I,have for you to look at,um is the rain attendance numbers from,this past year having gone from Lubin,field over to Cheney here uh year one,and really trying to build that,knowledge of the rain here in the city,of Seattle so uh in terms of attend,ensues the average attendance this past,season was six thousand one hundred and,eighty five which saw increases as the,year went on the rain set more,Standalone records,um it seemed like every last video game,as the rest of the regular season,finished out,it's an increase of 13.84 percent from,last year at Cheney last year's,attendance at Cheney was 5433 on average,so just interesting to see how that,continued to grow,Seattle was fifth well the rain or fifth,in the league uh Angel City topped out,at 9 105 on average which was good to,see you know I know you'd like to hold,somebody's record but it was good to see,that um,to see these grow two of the top three,teams and attend worthy two expansion,teams uh in Angel City and San Diego so,that's good to see I really enjoyed,seeing that,um some something on a little bit of a,lower note we looked at League news here,on the third an investigation by U.S,soccer found systemic abuse and,misconduct in women's soccer which made,some ripples there was the Yates report,um on October 5th Portland soccer if you,don't know Portland uh the Timbers and,the Thorns are owned by the same sort of,management fired two Executives Portland,parted ways with general manager Gavin,Wilkinson who's been uh,I'll I'll referring language here and,we'll just say he's a really bad guy,um has been involved in a lot of the,scandals uh surrounding the Thorns uh,and president of business Mike Golab,after both were named in the report on,abuse in women's soccer more Executives,were outed across the league Chicago red,stars removed owner arnham Whistler for,coming up uh former coach Rory Davis,abuse and you know as much as I tell you,and uh you Belle and you know the people,watching that I really love covering the,rain and enjoy watching women's soccer,is really just really disheartening to,see the way that these women are treated,uh just trying to play on the pro level,you know the struggles that they deal,with already let alone having to worry,about,just being able to Pro not having to,deal with the dumb comments on the,social media or not getting properly put,on television like last year the,championship game was almost at nine in,the morning I you know so stuff like,that you know just to deal with all of,that is really tough and then to look at,it and see that you know uh not only is,this happening at the pro level but also,I talked about it being systemic,happening you know from youth so uh just,really tough to sort of look at and,obviously our solidarity is with those,players staff members who have had to,deal with all of this you know because,our our nwsl players are so strong to be,able to deal with all they do as pro,athletes but also having to deal with,this crap in the workplace you know so,um I think simply put keeping anybody,who enabled this uh,sort of behavior this abuse these sort,of actions keeping them in their,positions is wrong and they need to be,at it immediately just cannot have any,sort of leftover uh hangover,uh leftover I guess I'll stick with that,from any of these uh scandals and abuse,situations it can't happen I mean they,just need to be removed outright and,they can never see the light of day,again so,um,I don't know if you've got anything else,to put on that but that's you know just,without really going into the reports,you know fully fully it's just you know,Portland's head scandals you know and,it's not just Portland I know North,Carolina has had that Chicago uh nothing,too much of a story wise but when the,last rain coach before Laura Harvey left,uh the report there were some reports,that it was because of uh some stuff he,shouldn't have been doing as a human,being let alone a coach so,um I'm sure we'll hear about that,unfortunately there's a uh,E60 uh feature that came out about this,so I'll be planning on watching that to,get the full report on that but yeah I'd,you know I don't know if there's,anything you want

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Post-Match Press Conference: Megan Rapinoe // Seattle Reign FC

Post-Match Press Conference: Megan Rapinoe // Seattle Reign FC

yeah definitely I think programs,physical standpoint this is the best and,fittest and strongest that I've been and,just being able to to back up games like,that I mean this week was ridiculous so,to be able to kind of keep the level and,go that hard and be able to play I think,I played three 90s I think the work that,in the optin was really paying off which,allows me to just go out and play and be,able to not really think about it too,much and last the whole game and be,impactful so I think from that,standpoint for sure yeah I want talk,about too much or one jinx it,I mean I think it's no surprise that,Portland at the back or oftentimes a,little bit loose with it I think whether,that's going back to 80 feet sometimes,they're just a little nervous or a,little sloppy with it so we always want,to put pressure on it I think in general,we want professional centre-back someone,put put our press on people but,definitely think it was going to be that,I'm just one pressure I was figured it,was going to get booted out but it's,kind of a soft cast back and swim for it,yeah I mean I thought we had a lot of,joy getting in behind on my side I don't,think bagging is used to playing left,back that's probably how I play if I,played left because well it's difficult,so I think she struggled with the ball,over top even though she has taste kind,of a starting from a little bit deeper,but thought now pick it up and just,immediately knew that they had a high,back line I tend to shoot pretty early,I'm not the most clinical finisher I,probably have a lot more goals though a,servo as a clinical finisher but I tend,to kind of get out of my feet early and,I think on those two I think you know,knowing that goalkeepers backing up if,you kind of hit it right it's hard it's,hard for them to get back and then,across so sometimes that far post ball,is really on,look like the first time and she would,heard my gosh close a lot of times,better,was there something like hospital did I,um I mean just knowing that she's,naturally an attacking player I feel,pretty confident going against that I,know how I would travel to defend,playing back there obviously it's very,difficult position so I just tried to,mix it up come inside a little bit but,we were finding a lot of drugs the ball,over the top yeah she closed the space,quickly but Felix I could move it move,it quick and kind of get around her got,a couple lucky bounces and first half as,well right able to take it down the line,but just kind of mix it up and try to,try to be creative and try to keep our,own toes a little bit but it's going to,be tough for a offensive player against,any half-decent,forward to like a defense,like you're creating chaos and coming,out the other end a separate head I mean,I guess in other sports they call,how awesome you are that you know how,much the song looks like I just wanted,to create chaos and I don't want better,will be better yeah I mean I think,especially from our front three I think,that's something that we talk about,won't put a lot of pressure we want to,play high pressure sometimes even if we,have to break from the team,they always can't come with us so that,we always don't want to give that space,up in pine but I think you know the more,we can step high on teams and press them,and if you're good enough to breaks down,then we'll have to drop eventually but,it is difficult we have someone,sprinting at you like a friggin maniac,sometimes probably shouldn't go but it,does kind of create that chaos and it is,it is kind of nerve-wracking to you know,have Merritt's burned down your throat,or naho or you know Lindsey coming out,of the back or whatever it is so I think,as a team that something we focus on at,least with the front three is is trying,to put their backline under pressure,session with Portland,they've gone long a lot especially on,the solid side it seems to be their game,plan is just to get it down her side and,try find Roth over the top but you know,we know they're not really trying to,play so the more pressure we can get on,them the harder it's going to be for,them to kind of do their over-the-top,thing,later you've got to come back very well,I think this week we were kind of forced,in the in the Kansas City game that we,were going to just going to have to dig,it out and then I think we we gained a,lot of confidence from that dug it out,camp come back draw against a very good,team and so we kind of tasted what it,felt like to just dig it out I think we,always want to play we always want to,play this the style that we want to but,sometimes you just can sometimes you,just have to dig it out so I feel like,we kind of tapped into the heart a,little bit in this stretch and just knew,that it was going to be tough is always,going to be tough even if we had,everyone the whole time it was always,going to be top off see blues Alou who I,think 100 cats for the club tonight,which was I'm like I've been here as,long as you have and I have like 45 I,don't know I wa

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Highlights: Seattle Reign FC vs. Sky Blue FC | May 12, 2018

Highlights: Seattle Reign FC vs. Sky Blue FC | May 12, 2018

downtown seattle beside the space needle,uw medicine pitch at memorial stadium,sets playhouse to the seattle reign it's,just their second home game of the year,and today they take on sky blue fc,in their fifth game of the season,moved into the lineup for offense,continuing it up forward taylor taylor,good save,from sheridan,and knocked out the touch,rapino plays it through it's catley,serving header down in it's taylor,fifth minute and seattle feels right at,home,well you can't ask for a better start,from seattle rain this is a quick throw,in,a quick restart,megan rupino finds steph catley down the,inline we knew this was going to be a,good relationship between the two of,them and then jodi taylor unmarked,in the box,all over the top johnson,cutting toward goal it's pulled aside by,williams,lifted away by kawasumi,hatley,brought down it's megan rapido,same as it ever was,well there's nothing that sheridan can,do about this shot this is just,remarkable,again megan rapido just floating in,behind,this back line for sky blue just picks,up the second ball and then a perfectly,bent ball to the upper 90. again nothing,the sheridan can do,a typical rupino goal,again using every ounce of the field,that they can fizzlock,in the last five and a half games,seattle has outscored sky blue,7-0,rupino rapido cutting it across out in,front the turn taylor picked up,by sheridan,nearly eight,and the sweet relief of halftime for sky,blue fc,killian,headed down chance ricochet is wide,lloyd,who's inside the six,two nil lead for seattle they're looking,to expand upon it trepino,rapino again,only world class,well i think if you're a coach,indranoski you sub her off right now,amazing performance two brilliant goals,we've seen this time and time again but,your first game back after three games,due to inch out due to injury this is,unbelievable,lloyd,harley lloyd steps it outside mccaskill,incredible response,we did know that if sky blue is patient,in the attack,they would have their opportunities here,they are connecting a few more passes,than they had the last few attacks,mccaskill stepping in,he's won the ball for sky blue,mccaskill a missile,latsugi,well this is just too easy for the,seattle reign they opt for the short,corner,sky blue doesn't get enough pressure out,early on,a good service in,with a little luck off the post ali,long's there just to tap it in,mccaskill,mccaskill winding over the top epic,header better saved by williams again a,great little chip ball over the top,rapino scores two,all world finishes,taylor in the fifth long in the 84th and,seattle rain blow out sky blue four,goals to one,the second best start in franchise,history

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Seattle Interview Series #40: Marley Canales

Seattle Interview Series #40: Marley Canales

hello everybody and welcome back to the,sprinkling shell sports podcast i am,your host as always charles hammacker,today,uh on episode 137 of the show itself uh,seattle interview series number 40.,i have marley canales did i say that,right did i botch it,nope that's correct perfect all righty,so uh you know one of the newer rain,draft picks from the past uh past draft,obviously uh having spent u14 through,u23 with the us men's national team you,know 2017 to 2021 with ucla,uh two-year captain with the team there,2020 all pac-12 second team and then,2021 all packed off third team how,you've been i mean uh you know i know,we're kind of getting close toward the,beginning of when players are supposed,to report how has it been for you you,know since you've been drafted until,this point you know whether it's,training or just you know kind of,knowing the fact that you've been,drafted,yeah um it's very exciting,um,honestly going into the draft i didn't,know where i was going to end up,um but i'm so thankful for the rain and,laura harvey for giving me this,opportunity,and i'm from san diego so i did stay,pretty close for college um so i'm,really excited for this new chapter in,my life,so just,get it out of the way,would it be better to pinpoint for you,where,you know you first started playing,soccer or where the love of the game,began because in speaking with,your teammate now lauren barnes she said,that that love is kind of,you know in a career it's kind of come,on and off right,is that,a similar case for you or how has your,story uh you know really taken place,with the game of soccer itself,uh yeah i think that i fell in love with,the game as as soon as i started playing,um my,dad played soccer and my older sister,played soccer so it's just been in the,family and so it was just automatic that,i would start playing as well,and,so i started playing when i was about,three,and i just loved the game i was obsessed,with,being like my older sister and so i saw,her trying out and,like i said i knew i wanted to so,i've loved the sport um since i was that,age,and yeah i mean i think it's very fair,to say that whenever you play a sport,for,now about 20 years the there's ups and,downs for sure um i tore my acl my,junior year of college and,that was as many soccer players know,it's very very difficult um but,thankfully that,that time away from the sport made me,love the game so much more and missed,the game so much,so,it was a blessing in disguise that,injury and now ever since then that was,about two years ago,i have been full go on this sport and,just looking forward to starting my,professional career,i do want to talk about well you've,already addressed the acl so i don't,worry about that anymore i guess,um what was your reaction to the awards,that you won at the high school slash,club level and did it affect you at all,your mindset as a player you know was it,just sort of hey this is a,representation of the work that i put in,right was this something that i'm just,playing the game i don't really care you,know you know three-time nscaa youth,all-american 2014 2015 california,gatorade play the year finalist 2015 cif,all san diego player of the year,did that,what did that have any impact at all on,you or is it just sort of hey i'm,playing my game those things are just,those are not my main focus,yeah i don't think that those accolades,have ever really been my focus i think,that my love for the game and my drive,and competitiveness is really what i,look forward to going on the field um i,look forward to going to training and,putting in the work and i think any time,you can get,your work recognized is always nice,for sure but i mean those aren't,necessarily things that i am focused on,or always,reading about or stuff like that i just,i love to compete and i love the grind,of the game and the sport so that's,really just what i have been always,focused on my whole life,my my dad trained me uh basically my,entire life and he kept me very grounded,so um i credit that a lot to him and so,um yeah i'm very thankful and honored,for those awards but again i just i just,love to play the game so that's really,just what i go out and do,so with moving that to the national team,the time that you spent you know with,the national team throughout the years,uh,how would you describe the time that,you've spent with the national team,and perhaps any lessons that you've,taken you know,or absorbed while you've been there,yeah it's been such an amazing,experience representing uh the us and,the crest and it's very cool because now,i see players that i played with when i,was you 14 you're 15 he's 17 on the,national team and they're already in the,nwsl they're they've had incredible,college careers as well and so it's very,cool just being able to make those,connections at such a young age because,you make those connections because,you're all there for the same reason you,know you they all love the game they're,all very very talented,and so now it's just

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OL Reign vs Angel City FC NWSL Game Review July 30, 2022

OL Reign vs Angel City FC NWSL Game Review July 30, 2022

hey guys welcome back to my channel,where i talk about the nwsl women's,soccer just soccer only soccer in this,video i'll be talking about the nwsl,regular season after dark match between,oh well reign and angel city fc,yes it's one of those matches,it's one o'clock in the morning right,now,anyway it feels like forever since i did,a game review for oh well rain i ended,up missing the oh well rain kansas city,match because i had family over,and,after following the us women's national,team in concacaf and england and germany,in the women's euro i was kind of tired,i might take a break from soccer,sometime in august to rest and gather my,thoughts i think i want to go to the,beach,anyway oh well reign did lose one nail,to kansas city which was disappointing,but hopefully in this nwsl after dark,match where weird stuff always happens,the rain team will be able to come away,with a win against angel city the,players who were away on international,duty are back so we do have rose laval,sofia huerta alana cook megan rapino,jamina lopez quinn and jordan haitema,back on the team as well angelina is,still with the brazil national team but,after the copa america final she'll be,back with oahu reign,now that we have a lot of our players,back it's going to be interesting to see,who laura harvey decides to start,tonight,we also have tobin heath available for,selection as well and since i did didn't,get to see her rain debut against kansas,city i'm looking forward to seeing her,play against angel city,i'm also looking forward to jordan,haitima as well another new rain signing,hopefully she can finish and get some,goals,i mean i hope oh well reign has been,working on their finishing,like how is it that we have all these,great players a great attack midfield,and defense but we can't score goals,it honestly drives me nuts,oh and i do want to add on august 14th,in the match against gotham fc we'll be,having a family reunion with olympic,leone meaning the leon team will be here,to present the women's champions league,trophy to oel reign during halftime the,leon team will also be watching the ol,reign gotham match as well,i mean we better have solid finishing by,then or else aydah hagerberg or eugenie,los amer selma selma bacha might go up,to laura harvey and say f this give me a,shirt and i'll score some goals,f this i'll do it myself,anyway let's get into the injury report,and line up for this match,so starting with the injury report,bethany balser is out due to illness get,well soon angelina is out for,international duty and megan repino is,suspended for this match due to a red,card if you don't remember before the,international break pino got a red card,for arguing with the ref while on the,bench during a match against angel city,and it carried over to this match now,that she's back with the rain team,that being said let's get into the,lineup for this match so for the lineup,4-4-2 we have fallon telus joyce in the,goal for defenders lou barnes alana cook,sofia huerta and sam hyatt in the,midfield we have quinn just fishlock,roosevelt and kim little and for,forwards jordan haitima and sierra king,good lineup it's great to have our,players back from international duty i,can't say that enough but i'm really,interested in jordan heitzema i'm,excited to see her play and hopefully,she'll be able to grab a goal or two,tonight,our midfield is stacked it's great to,have quinn back they'll be able to help,get control of the midfield fishlock all,is great in the midfield and in the,attack level too,yeah overall it's a great lineup i just,hope we can finish and score some goals,tonight it's game time let's get into,the first half first half we are off,good luck go well rain one minute cook,sends it up headed away ball sent up to,haitima mrs haitsema reclaimed by angel,city boston into the angel city box,collected by hair cheech,fishlock attempt from distance say by,here cheech two minutes boss sent,towards the rain box collected by cook,three minutes where to cross heights,emma can't get her head on it kind of an,awkward angle the ball dipped too low,and she couldn't get her head on it four,minutes angel city foul rain ball boston,into the rain box headed away a while,rain outside the angel city box kim,little loses possession,five minutes angel city counter attack,rain gets it back angel city attack,again rain wins it back,hey cam pass it to quinn so they can,pass it to huerta both of them are open,damn it,six minutes where it's out of town,blocks seven minutes barnes cross goes,wide eight minutes angel city transition,angel city attempt save by fallon angel,city recaro scores off the rebound angel,city one nil,oh well reign are you serious where is,your defense it was just fallon and,barnes in the box,10 minutes little turns over the ball,huerta wins back the ball um wins the,ball back from endo where to down but,she's okay announcer talking about,bosser and how the team is missing balsa,i mean would players with the players,that oh wh

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