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we HIRED FRENCH ASSASSINS to KILL EXPLOITERS (Sea of Thieves Gameplay)hey what's up YouTube hippo TC


Updated on Jan 18,2023


hey what's up YouTube hippo TC here and,boy do I have a banger of a video for,you today have you guys seen or heard of,a bunch of shysters out there in the Red,Sea doing that thing where you're in the,PVP mode and you spawn in on the boat,and they're in the Red Sea and you can't,touch them well a friend of ours bail,had that happen to him but fear not,because hippo and green figured out a,way that's me hippo green the man the,myth of Legend we figured out a way to,go after them now we thought maybe we,could vote down the shores of gold,ourselves but we are not unable to do so,but that's okay because you know me,hippo TC the only thing I got is my,speech and we hired French assassins to,help us sink the scurvy dogs out there,doing the naughty things you're can you,you hold that server can I take that,server from you do you want to trolls,controllers,uh,uh bail Bale says he has a he has guys,exploiting the Red Sea bugs and they've,been here for 20 minutes now full of,supplies can you send me an invite to,your server we would like to troll the,trollers because we know how to troll,them,is it like a Duo yeah I think so right,is it a Duo bail God oh my gosh are you,okay with us messing with them for a,little while you guys want to troll some,trollers oh my gosh I'm so excited I,thought this I thought it was over I,thought they fixed that how do they,figure out how to do it did they figure,out no there were more more ways,absolutely okay all right Vale are you,cool with this we might we will probably,have to lose all the supplies but the,end result possibly if we can do it we,can pull it off correctly we'll be able,to troll the trollers,all right you send that invite sir,all right Bill tell me when you got that,invite sensor,oh there it is enjoy it on bail,what about this,it's where they at right,at right oh look at that what's up,they're in the Red Sea hold on yeah,Northeast,I love it okay you're the best we're in,TGs guys a thing or two about a thing,I'm sorry this is happening to you but,we're gonna troll we're gonna troll the,living hell out of them okay,I love you,I'm gonna get green in here got it buddy,you're the best you're the best much,love chat let's get some more up to bail,she wasn't joking all right green joint,on me wasn't joking they're in the,shores of gold that's the one that,they're at they're doing what yeah,they're doing the shores of gold cheese,one should have been fixed it's not,though the one I was thinking about I,know,it's almost,yes yes we will,okay okay,oh my goodness okay oh these guys got,soups for days son of a gun,all right I'm sorry there's only one way,to do this and it involves oh or your,hole,beautiful,oh my God I know I know it's full yep,oh my god oh geez I know I know the only,thing there isn't matchup is like,pineapples oh I took the pineapples let,me put another pineapple down there,that's not that's not me no I've got two,hard ones it's fine okay all right so if,this ever happens to you,what you got to do is you gotta despawn,your ship by going into the Red Sea,correct that's it yes so that is what we,are gonna do,we want to grab these guys names or,anything oh yes since this is okay yeah,yeah this is shy stream okay reportable,Behavior but the names and I've got the,map here,big boy costume all right big boy,all right I'm gonna go down below take,us in sir I look so good,take us in to the despawn,so these guys are doing the shyster,thing of where they like sit in the Red,Sea,but there's a way out of this,we might need to go a little more,towards them,okay because we're like I think I mean,it depends I don't know when we'll,despawn you know,yeah yeah but we should be able to go,out of the circle for a little bit,yeah but um sunset in the circle we,should be able to get it,foreign,what's so bad about what they're doing,like what does make it Manimal,um they're cheesing,the PVP they're making it so like you,can't,like fight them,yeah it's just against what like rare,has said don't do this it's reportable,oh I can't wait to try hopefully this,works,if it doesn't work I'll be sad I think,it does yeah,we're getting close to them,are we going more towards the edge like,I think we go right towards the shores,of gold,all right towards it okay well I think,so right like we gotta despawn oh yeah,yes you get it okay beautiful beautiful,all right,now,we should get up we should get a boat,actually you know what,aha,I think it worked I think it worked we,trapped him in the circle we trapped,those guys in the circle chat,hey hey hey hey I'm sorry I blew you up,Captain double gun done,oh oh,yeah guess what now they're trapped in,the circle,but we're still technically in a fight,I think we gotta go to uh tomorrow's,Peak,I freaking work,wait can we just put down the shores of,gold,uh I don't know,I've never done this myself so I'm not,sure how you'd do it how can we vote it,yeah I think we can I think we can just,put it down I think so,wait no do we still have hourglass value,I think we s

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Something is WRONG with the story in Sea of Thieves

Something is WRONG with the story in Sea of Thieves

so sea of Thieves is packed with law,more so now than ever before but with so,many conflicting storylines the devs,sometimes mess it all up let's look at a,few examples,okay so first off a more recent arrival,to Sea of Thieves and something that,really bothers me being somewhat of a,law geek the very mad let me tell you,all about the fairy man nobody really,knows why he does what he does we only,know that he does what he does out of a,sense of Duty and brought this lifestyle,on himself as a choice but he guards the,land of the living from nefarious,entities returning to the Sea of Thieves,his rules are simple follow the pirate,code and you can gain entrance back to,the land of the living now I know what,you're thinking we don't all follow this,code I for one certainly don't on,occasion but how would he know really,he's not a mind reader I mean we're all,still Human After All so that's all that,cat oh wait we could be skeletons now,why are you letting skeletons to the,door fairy man what's your reason for,this stop staring at me Grace Morrow one,of the founders of the devil's Roar who,was poisoned by her former team member,Stitcher Jim thankfully because she was,made of hard stuff the poison didn't,kill her but instead left a nasty scar,on her face that looks like a fruit box,thing Stitcher Jim also killed her,entire crew and ran off with most of her,money she vowed to hunt him down and,kill him if she ever found him I mean,yeah that makes sense so Grace why was,it shortly before the heart of fire,update Stitcher Jim was standing in,every single Tavern in the world,including yours I mean heck you've got,to Blunderbuss in your hands ready and,willing standing there looking directly,into the tavern for two months and then,surely after he left you send us on a,quest to go look for him are you stupid,we all remember the mystery right well,probably not but here's a recap DeMarco,was murdered by who we had no idea a,huge hunt was started where a lantern,found me his body showed us Clues to,what had actually happened and it looked,like the pirate lord was at fault,however we slowly started to realize,that these Clues were all fake and were,being given to us by the true killer in,an attempt to frame the pirate lord the,sea Queen was the true killer even,though she already died but glaze over,that and the pirate lord was able to,save his daughter and a very touching,speech was made about his son's death,and his love for his daughter it was a,very heartfelt moment that sent a,message of the love the pirate board has,for his family members apart from one,problem it's been like four months and,his son's body is still festering in the,sun you gotta you know get off your,plump ass and go do something about that,Dad of the Year,2023 are you fed up with your top of the,rage console or your top of the range,gaming PC are your frames in Minesweeper,causing you a headache then worry no,more my little champs the wonderful,people over at Apex gaming PCs are just,what you need to put a smile on your,face the perfect place to craft and,build your PC for those of us who don't,have the foggiest look at little Timmy,here he just got his Apex gaming PC and,he's very happy I'm very happy,foreign,checkout and save yourself some cash or,links are down below,the Shroud the Sea of Thieves is covered,in a thick fog this thick Fork chokes,those who pass through it warps Lumber,and metal sinks ships and kills the crew,the only way through it is at certain,intervals the fog opens up and ships are,able to pass through but only the,smaller vessels hence why even the,biggest chip in the game The Galleon is,in comparison a very small Galleon you,can see this fog in the maiden voyage,and that's the only time you're ever,going to see it because once you're in,the sea of Thieves it amazingly,disappears out of existence and all you,have is some Red Sea a Red Sea that has,never been discussed or talked about,within the law of the game Where's My,fog rare where's my fog flame art so we,all know flame art has been trying to,make his way back to the Sea of Thieves,for the longest time he's tried several,ways manipulating wonder and Stitch a,gym getting her son to search for the,veilstones and most recently summoning,The Herald of flame to use its power to,resurrect him all of these things fail,after many many attempts and,troubleshooting and creating all sorts,of Mayhem which then resulted in the,pirate law the getting his veil of the,Ancients to go back and forth to the Sea,of the Damned whatever he wants and,indirectly giving the dark brother an,easy access out of the Sea of the Damned,at will by strapping a gold hoarder,skull to a staff he then suddenly turns,to his son and says oh by the way you,know those thoughts that we made they're,aligned in such a way to create a portal,to allow my soul to travel back to my,body so let's get on that flame heart,why didn't you just do that to begin,with you big numpty Reaper's hideouts,now for those who didn't kn

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I BOUGHT my account on EBAY?! [Sea of Thieves]

I BOUGHT my account on EBAY?! [Sea of Thieves]

what the f is happening right now in,this lobby,he's in my chat,come here,you listening to me,hello brother,hello,what's going on act natural oh natural,hey yeah cute is my mic on,yeah,what the is going on,uh hi i just got this game i'm trying to,figure it out though,i'm better than you,um that's pretty much what we want to do,hey come here i'll teach you something,come here brother come here,i'll teach you something,come here come to this,um and browse and go down to browse,resources and buy storage crank,cannonball freight we'll create,bootcrate,okay,all right browse offers,merchant alliance offers,or,press on it go down one and then oh wait,no no,i don't have enough gold,no business,yeah i've watched some like youtube,tutorials but i,i i keep thinking don't listen to them,listen to me don't listen,all right let me this is this is how you,custom your boat,i'm gonna put on i'll put them sweating,wait,can you,you have nice cosmetics,yeah can you can you put on the most,like expensive thing that you have,okay,thank you,i i have i only have the vanilla like,default i think,let me check oh that's pretty sad,yeah no it's all good though i could i,could help you get some if you need i'm,pretty good at the game,i say so myself,what do you want,um the only thing i have,all right first of all come with me come,with me mister come on no no,throw him in the brig,i think he allows us to throw them in,the brig right,yeah vote,all right let's vote a man,where is he,all right i'm voting him in,you know how you need me to teach you i,it's um i see my crew but where do i go,from there,go to my crew go to his name connecticut,dog name,done,you looking at coconut head,wait no these are actually nice sales,yeah these are the only ones i have on,my account,what the f,who said that me that better not be you,hey how'd you get these,hey you need to put a shirt on too,okay i don't want to see,you're pretty flat i don't want to see,them,i,one of my friends gifted these to me,that's what he said at least i don't,know,what what are they uh,i don't know,but,well there's no oh there's an action,wins um so i'll show you how to raise an,emissary we could raise reapers um,whatever you would like,but,come with me first of all let's put a,top,whoa oh yeah,yeah,that's what you can do,dude look where i landed,we're gonna vote for this emissary over,here this this is for the badass people,badass use this one all right,if you want to be a badass and run,around like a badass just vote for that,badass um,yeah so pretty much what we're gonna go,do is uh get you some money man um,come here put go to closing and put a,shirt on man,okay,hey why are you a chick though,cause i think she's hot,oh nice yeah she's pretty hot,thank you she's mine though all right,off,what the that's pretty tall oh this,bastard's firebombing us get some,buckets of water get some water,oh my god dude this guy you're a bastard,this guy's so good dude okay i got a,shirt do anything else,uh,depends if you wanted do you want us to,have anything else,what do you recommend,um,like how do i make someone like be,afraid of my pirate,or make make some goal first all right,come here we'll show you how to raise,the anchor,okay,maybe put a hat on if you have a hat or,something,okay,what i've been trying to get is um it's,something called it's something it's,rare but,what the how do you have that,i have what,what,have what dude did you buy this account,dude,okay i had,i are you hacking,do you we're making gold today we're,making do you promise me,today we are making good today we have,been kind of embarrassing,really rare it's obsidian uh uh six-pack,i've been grinding for that prayer,city and wait a minute,hold on,i really want that yeah it's so rare,oh,dude,yo how much did you buy your account for,like 150,what i was gonna say i could buy for,five i want that so,yeah grab this thing grab this thing all,right this,pull it down yeah pull it down grab it,whatever your key says for it yeah pull,it down,oh yeah,good job dude come to the back one oh,back one down,uh you can put these on an angle and you,get wind,it's pretty cool oh the,the little lion i see the wind,yeah,how long have you been playing the game,for,uh i say about like five months,i love this game so how long have you,had the game for you bought your account,i bought the account about a month ago,maybe come with me,so your thing says sailor i mean some,people like that control but put see go,here,and go over the title and see what,titles you have because that that,account has cool stuff on it like that,account people will wish for like people,would like dive into the snow but naked,for that account,literally,okay the first one was this one dude,more check more,okay there's 15 pages,wait how how do you know how to get the,six pack or did you did that come with,the account because i've always been,one-on-one but i had no clue really how,to get one hey,youtube it came with it when i look when,i when he gave me the login it was all

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Sea of Thieves Season Eight: Official Content Update Video

Sea of Thieves Season Eight: Official Content Update Video

Choose your side and get ready to fight!,It’s time to put your skills to the test,in the Battle for the Sea of Thieves,,explore thrilling new locations,and earn some incredible cosmetics.,So load the cannons and sharpen your cutlass,as we explore the depths,of Sea of Thieves Season Eight! ,In Season Eight, you’ll be able to opt into on-demand PvP combat,,duking it out in explosive ship battles,that all take place in the shared world of Adventure.,You’ll be fighting for one of two opposing Factions.,The Guardians of Fortune, who are loyal to the Pirate Lord and his allies,and the Servants of the Flame, who pledge themselves to Flameheart and The Reaper’s Bones.,Crews who join either Faction can choose to represent them,while either going about their normal pirate business,or actively hunting and sinking ships of the opposing Faction. ,And this all begins with the Hourglass of Fate. ,Found on the Captain’s Table of each ship, ,you and your crew can use it to choose which Faction you wish to fight for. ,Though be warned, ,by voting to represent a Faction,,a crew is effectively marking themselves as ready and willing to engage in PvP combat.,This means that you can be actively hunted by ships of the opposing Faction. ,But if you want to go on the offensive and hunt opposing Faction ships yourself, ,then look no further than the War Map on the Captain’s Table. ,Use it to seek out a foe, and then… ,dive below the waves! ,As you glide though the murky waters far below,,you’ll scour the seas for a worthy match. ,You can use this time to ensure you and your ship are ready for the battle ahead. ,And once an opponent has been found, ,you’ll ascend from the depths ,and burst out from below the waves! ,The opposing Faction ship will be directly ahead of you, ,so ready the guns,and let battle commence!  ,Both you and your foe will be placed within a designated Battle Area,which is visible on your ship's map.,If you stray out of bounds, ,the Hourglass of Fate will start to become unstable,and you’ll see a warning urging you to return to the fight.,If you continue to leave the area your Hourglass will be destroyed,,sinking your ship and your opponent will be declared victorious. ,Winning battles by sinking opposing Faction ships ,will reward you in several ways. ,Each successful battle will make your Hourglass of Fate more valuable, ,so the more ships you can sink, the more gold you’ll receive,when you vote to leave the Battle at an Outpost.  ,You’ll also earn Allegiance. ,This represents the deeds you’ve done on behalf of either Faction,,similar to the experience you earn for the Trading Companies.,If you’re able to sink multiple foes in a row without being sunk yourself, ,you will start to build up an Allegiance Streak.,As the streak gets larger, ,so too does the Allegiance you’ll earn from your victories. ,Reaching an Allegiance Streak of 4 will mark you as a Faction Champion, ,and your position will be displayed on the map table for all to see.,Defeating a Faction Champion earns you slightly more Allegiance ,and a lot more Hourglass value than would normally be awarded.,So you can expect to find courageous crews heading your way,to try their hand at sending you to the Ferry!  ,Faction Champions can also choose to hunt crews larger than their own, ,so if you’re an ambitious solo slooper ready to prove yourself,,this is the perfect way to test your mettle against some more fearsome foes!  ,Though sinking ships isn’t the only way to earn Allegiance. ,When you bring treasure aboard a Faction Ship, ,you’ll gradually increase your Treasure Grade. ,The more valuable the item you bring aboard is the more your Treasure Grade will increase. ,And if you can successfully defend against and defeat rival Faction ships while this treasure is onboard,,you’ll earn even more Allegiance for each ship sunk. ,When you leave the Battle by voting at an Outpost,,your current Treasure Grade will increase the amount of Allegiance you receive. ,You can even choose to sail as an Emissary while also representing your Faction, ,potentially netting even greater rewards. ,The higher your Emissary Grade,,the more your Hourglass of Fate will be worth when you choose to leave your Faction.,However choosing this style of play will make you an even ,more valuable target for ships from the opposing Faction, ,so best be on your guard!,With Season Eight we’re also adding two new Alignments for the Captains of the Sea of Thieves. ,Complete the Milestones to unlock new trinkets,,crests ,and other Faction themed cosmetics. ,And as you build up Allegiance with one or both Factions, ,you’ll unlock some spectacular rewards for both sides. ,At Allegiance level 100, ,you’ll also gain access to special Faction only parts of the Athena’s Fortune tavern,or the Reaper’s Lair.,So long as you’re also a Pirate Legend or Level 75 Reaper, that is. ,These secret areas offer a number of exclusive rewards, ,some of which are literally life-changing… ,The Guardians of Fortune wi

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Becalmed - Official Sea of Thieves Music Video

Becalmed - Official Sea of Thieves Music Video

Our ship she dreams of,wind in her sails of wind in her sails,unfurled,and shining as we cross the sea,we cross the sea for home,then we'll all raise our voices,a song in our hearts,and set our eyes on distant shores,with wind in our sails again,they'll be cheering and calling,no more squabbling and brawling when we have the wind in,ourselves when we have our things on the ground,we'll sell our fortune around,they'll be feasting and pleasure,no more rationing and measure,when we have the wind in ourselves,us,thank you very much for watching remember if you liked what you saw,then there's a wealth of content already on our channel and there's lots more to,come so subscribe and click that little ship's bell for,all those notifications cheers

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Sea of Thieves Official Podcast Episode #9: Community Queries and Season Eight Teases

Sea of Thieves Official Podcast Episode #9: Community Queries and Season Eight Teases

Hello and welcome to the Official Sea of Thieves Podcas,t I'm John McMurtrie, head of video production at Rare, and I'm not alone because that would be  ,a really boring podcast I am joined by some of  the legendary captains of the Sea of Thieves I  ,will let them introduce themselves starting with:  Joe Neate, Executive Producer. I'm Mike Chapman, Creative  ,Director. Drew Stevens, Production Director. Nice  very well done a great start off to a great start  ,it's been not too long we had a podcast back  at Gamescom. Mmm, Under the bridge? Under the bridge  ,um it was great we're avoiding the blazing heat. We  were, it was very hard. But what has happened since  ,then? You know, what's been happening in your,  what's been happening in your life, Mike? Oh so  ,much John so much um recently we've completed  the hat trick of the shows we've had SOT Fest  ,which we've obviously talked about a length what  a wonderful show that was we went to Gamescom where we  ,recorded the podcast and we recently went to EGX  so spoken to a lot of familiar faces some kind  ,of wonderful friends out there in our community  gotta feel like I've got some new insights on  ,what our fans are asking for, and like on top of  that, just incredibly busy planning Season Eight  ,and some of the exciting stuff we've got coming  next year so it's all been a bit of a whirlwind if  ,I'm honest, but a good whirlwind. A nice whirlwind.  Are you doing all right in your personal life as  ,well? Um yeah I'm fine yeah yeah great good it  doesn't always I always have to think what have  ,I actually done that doesn't involve Pirates  and I don't think much if I'm honest with you  ,nothing's happened no well nothing's happened  what's happened with you then Drew? Uh well I've  ,had some interesting weekends recently I dressed  up as a ravager and did a Guardians of the Galaxy  ,uh Secret Cinema experience in London, and then  traveled to uh Island nubla as part of a Jurassic  ,World Experience one of the weekends, and then  other than that I've just been sitting at home  ,watching all the cool stories from Gamescom  and EGX and not getting covid! Yeah so just  ,extensively like pretending the real world isn't  it doesn't exist every weekend just go and Escape  ,what's actually happening in Britain so that's  great two secret Cinemas uh one secret sin and  ,one like live experience both in London so it's  been a bit of a London busy set of weeks but  ,I think. Do you not follow Drew on Instagram?  No I didn't I haven't accepted his requests,who did the ravager one I didn't know about  Jurassic World yeah it was amazing was it yeah  ,sounds great what about you Joe uh I got some  new windows from my house it's very exciting  ,I've been planning it for ages they're a  nice anthracite gray oh very 21st century  ,yeah an older style house and it actually works  quite well and they're a bit bit better sound  ,protected so like the road and stuff it doesn't  make as much noise it's a bit warmer as well you  ,know which is all very good coming to winter  so very exciting stuff I was gonna ask if they  ,were all see-through but then it goes all right  yeah oh yeah no it's the frames yeah I'm just  ,painted over all my windows just sat in the dark  awesome it sounds cool no no it's great yeah I  ,wish I'd known now if we could we could share  kind of diy things we'd done in chores we've  ,done that I've got loads of stuff well yeah  no we had um had the bathroom repainted um,it's not actually great but our landing is great  you know and it is as well it's very yeah it's  ,kind of topical at the moment isn't it had some  laurels putting in the garden and very nice gonna  ,look at them longing layers they grow each day  it's it's a it's a whirlwind it's a whirlwind  ,very good right well uh how about you John oh um  no I haven't really been doing anything like I  ,can't even think sure well I've been thinking  about what I want to do to my house in terms  ,of upgrades but I haven't actually done any of  them yet I want to get this is quite nerdy but  ,I want to get like cat 6e networking around the  entire house so that I don't have to rely on Wi-Fi,I've got cat6 running through all the cavities to all the different rooms.,that took me a while to parse what you just  said then I heard cat sick yeah I want cat  ,sick around the entire house so where's this  going is that does it attract something or  ,repel something yeah no no sorry networking  yeah that's all I can really think of to be  ,honest anyway let's go on with the good stuff so  we're gonna chat for you through different things  ,um and I'm going to sort of frame  it by asking you questions from our  ,Sea of Thieves community. So the first  question we have is from Galactic Geek  ,and he asks or they ask what new features can we  expect to see in the coming months since season  ,seven was delayed how will this affect the road  ahead that's a great question like if I give my  ,perspective I imagine you

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Official Sea of Thieves X019 Composer Panel

Official Sea of Thieves X019 Composer Panel

good morning good afternoon good evening,my name is Larry herb Xbox Live's Major,Nelson welcome to XO 19 we're doing the,first panel of the day today and I am,very excited joining me on the XO 19,stage is Robin Vela legendary,award-winning Robin beam Lynne that,Robin thank you for joining us no,problem now for those of you that don't,know Robin has created probably some of,the most beloved music in gaming and I,don't I don't want to oversell it but,I've got the list in front of me I mean,it's I'll let you go through some of the,games started to begin hey games I've,been at rare since 1994 right,my first game was killer instinct right,right,conquer jet force Gemini mr. pants the,list goes and this goes on beautiful,yacht I did a little bit on Viva Pinata,and salt dialogues differ on that I did,a little bit on,bunju nuts-and-bolts yeah and then of,course you one of the things you a lot,of folks now know you as is foresee a,thieves which is interesting because,this is a game where the music not only,you know really asks the atmosphere but,actually players can play the music in,the game which is your means they're,playing your music,yes it's and then you brought the,hurdy-gurdy with you that's it this is,what they play this is the this is the,actual one that produces the music that,people hear and play in game huh that's,pretty extraordinary were and we're,gonna actually look at take a little,closer look at that later yeah you a,funny story is I was talking to the,Robin before we got started and the,hurdy-gurdy actually had its own car,because rare is about two hours away,from London so the hurdy-gurdy had its,own car to come down and join us today,and other apparently it asked you to,join it so you were able to ride, home for the hood the,reason I wanted to talk to you today,first of all I'm so excited you and I,chatted a write for SIA thieves launched,I came out to your studio it's just one,of my favorite interviews I've ever done,but you you've had quite a history in,gaming or or that brought you into,gaming and I know I get a lot of,questions of how do I break into gaming,what do I do,can you take us through a little bit of,your journey how you got from young,Robin to accomplished Robin so that's I,started playing trumpet at the age of,seven,and I did all my sort of exams I'll be,doing the UK called The Associated Board,I did up to grade 8 got to grade 8,getting into trumpet boys like Miles,Davis improvisation so I wanted to do,that once to see a guy at Leeds college,he said you need to get a keyboard you,to get where are you where are you in,this photo this is are you on that fight,on there yeah I assumed that's why it's,out yeah where am I yeah it's on the,back somewhere top top yeah there you go,okay middle there okay lovely yeah it's,a big band I played in called force 10,yeah so just when I go into sort of like,that wanting to go sort of the jazz,route oh there's a band a plating called,Brazil this feels like after the band,room yeah wow these are some there you,go is that you that's me my goodness,that's my keytar that's so you were,you're rocking the keytar in the 80s,Early 90s Davis t-shirt rockin that,right Wow,yeah so but at the moment I've got the,keyboards the guys school when you want,you should join our rock band so I,immediately sort of diverted and went,down that room so music was really,always part of your life growing up and,and we were you one of these people that,always had an instrument with you were,always humming and writing music could,tell us about that yes wait I mean it,being so classically trained I didn't do,an awful lot of sort of writing it was,actually when I joined the band that was,a massive sort of learning expense to me,because these guys were just sort of,going the risk goes like this for eight,bars and I was I was going that I don't,know how you how you remembering that,how you and I was so used to reading off,the page and that was when I got into,writing music right was a real sort of,learning curve for me where can we look,at is there is there a moment where you,where you know you're performing in your,band,you've got the haircut you you know,you've got you've got that you've got,the keytar and where can we can werster,jump to vision was into about I sort of,started to write music for TV I'll start,to work for another composer and of his,assistant and we do would we recognize,any of the work or any of the shows you,it's kind of sort of local Yorkshire TV,only up in Leeds so I did a kid's drama,a two seasons of a kids drama there,which was sort of so had fairly well,received and then it was actually just,my brother showed me an ad for a company,looking for musicians in house,it was rare uh-huh and I just sent a,tape actually if this would be some,things on tape then right and uh yeah I,just send that and then got the job out,always I'd started to sort of have an,eye on on this or the games but the game,start to sound like real music right it,didn't sound like the plink

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This is How to Master Ship Ramming in Sea of Thieves

This is How to Master Ship Ramming in Sea of Thieves

are still crashing straight into a,gallon causes one hole for the Sloop a,slope crashing into a Brigantine also,causes just one for the Sloop however a,Sloop crashing into an equivalent,generally causes one in the front and,two in the back this information shows,that the slope has the strongest Hull of,all three ships with that information,the most damaging RAM to a Sloop is a,Sloop which is why it's our primary,focus Sloop also does the most damage to,larger ships this is to make up for its,single Cannon opposing multiple cannons,on other ships that usually solve,problems better than ramming if you want,to take your Naval Combat skills to the,next level pay attention to the tips and,tactics we're about to share ramming can,be a powerful and effective way to take,out enemy ships in combat but it's more,complex than just crashing into them it,could also end your adventure with a few,oversights this guide will teach you,everything you need to know about how to,run effectively and emerge Victorious,fuzzahir sit back relax and enjoy at one,point during my stream our souls looping,and encountered this guy the reason why,he is important is that he is the reason,for this video something happened that,made me wonder as things didn't make,sense initially as I'm not usually,someone that Rams into ships but after,analyzing the clip I rammed the ship,more than a hundred times to discover,what happened to unlock the secrets of,ramen here's what happened this ship,rammed into mine and we were both at,similar speeds with identical ship types,but due to me falling off the ship near,his ladders I decided to take his Loop,instead and RAM it into the nearest rock,to make it sink faster so initially we,exchanged ships but the strangest thing,happened by the time our rammed his to,make more holes it was still barely,filling and when I returned to mine it,was already sunk my ship had completely,filled though before he had the quarter,in which is less than two buckets to,wheel so we slapped the ggs and now more,than 100 grams later I have the answer,Jackie and I ran the slope into every,type of ship to get the finest results,and into every part of the ship bow,Stern Portside and starboard and how,they affect each other properly this,knowledge helped us achieve more,significant and better victories in our,adventures in more creative ways like,stealing for the fortune keys by causing,ramming destruction and cleaning out the,trash by the way if you want live,Shenanigans I stream on Twitch three,times a week the bow of any ship is the,strongest with the slope on top think of,it as a slightly more armored Part Of,Your Vessel so now we want to use that,wisely it makes a difference which side,of the ship you run into as not all,sides are created equal generally any,slope Ram should cause around 3 holes in,any other ship but what makes a,difference is the tier of the hole if,you did not know there are three levels,Tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 with tier 3,pouring in the most but of course that's,only the initial realm once the ship,continues side by side Rams into other,ships more holes will be present with,vary on ship speed waves and angle so,everything we cover is for the initial,Ram which is the most important first as,a general rule no Ram can cause more,than 3 holes for the initial hit,regardless of ship type however we must,keep something in mind since the game,sometimes has hit detection issues as a,result you might rarely find answers,that don't make sense which is,unintended sometimes you see four and in,others you see none but now back to our,Discovery what matters the most is the,speed for example we ramp The Galleon to,the side of the slope against the wind,it caused fewer holes than ramming a,slope at full speed into the side of the,Galleon same results with a Brigantine,when it gets to ramming Sloop his boss,this also supports our discovery that,Sloop has the toughest hole later on we,round the slope at snail speed into the,side of another it caused no damage to,either but hitting it from the same,exact location at a faster speed caused,several holes in both ships showing us,that speed makes a difference with this,conclusion we can now summarize that the,bow is the strongest for All Ships sides,are the weakest and ship speed matters,as for rhyming from the stern which is,the back of the ship this is usually,intended for boarding other ships it,only causes two holes and usually a,recommended approach only if you are,boarding to finalize their sink anything,caused by a slope would impact other,ships more than a brick and a galleon,the faster the ship the more damage,caused with the limit of three holes so,you don't have to be too fast to achieve,three a slope with half sales down is,Max damage to other ships now which side,of the slope is better to run into after,several Rams to the left and right side,of the slope we realize that the left,side is stronger than the right which,means rhyming the left side which is,port side from t

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