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Scott Baio Defends 'Jokes' About Women, Blocking Tamron Hall On Twitter | MSNBCright your own speech


Updated on Jan 24,2023

Scott Baio Defends 'Jokes' About Women, Blocking Tamron Hall On Twitter | MSNBC

right your own speech nothing,plagiarized there no I know the joke I,don't know exactly what happened I heard,things about the Milania speeches right,I can't comment that but yes I wrote my,speech in church I was asked to do this,Thursday I wrote my speech in church on,Sunday morning and then and then I,delivered it on Monday part of your,speech that got a lot of attention was,the final line there where you said make,America America again explain what you,meant by that make America Mary again,just means what what this country was,founded on which is hard work,perseverance individualism not looking,to government for everything,getting off the dole getting back to,faith getting back to the things that we,were founded on we've gone so far off,the rails and the people the people that,come here the first time voters and the,and the young people who had not thought,anything about the history of this,country they don't if you ask anybody in,school today who William Bradford is no,idea that the man started this country,as a Commonwealth and rely which is,basically socialism and realized very,quickly that that doesn't work and he,divides the capitalist system within,within the the pilgrims that were here,that's what I mean just hard work and,getting back to what we are as a nation,one people not factions of people not,the black community of Hispanic,communities they just just one you I'm,an Italian guy from Brooklyn I'm an,American I'm not an italian-american I'm,an American so that's that's what I mean,by that when you talk about for example,people wanting things from the,government one of the things that,remains hugely popular with your own,party conservatives Social Security and,Medicare you have older citizens in,Florida who say oh you want an Obama,phone but they want their Medicare so is,there some kind of hypocrisy there when,you have people who say I don't want,something free for the other guy but I,want things that started out as,socialist I,for myself and that's within your own,party well social security was started,by FDR who was a Democrat and and and,what I've read about all that is that,was done for votes that's right but,Social Security needs to be fixed but,for somebody to just get an S says he's,not touching it listen you can nobody's,purrrfect tamarin yeah,if I were president the hundred percent,of the time is made and I have all the,answers,I don't agree with mr. Trump on,everything I don't agree with with,George Bush and everything I don't agree,with you or my wife on everything,but I just think there are certain,things that instead of looking to,government just try to do for you so my,father went broke Medicare for example I,mean should we abolish Medicare in my,opinion everything should and I don't,have the fix but everything that's going,broke needs to be fixed whether it,becomes privatizing Social Security,should be privatized,I think metod health care should be,private I don't think it should be,government running it I think I think,the private sector will take care of,everything in this country talk about,your speech I know you said you went to,church and you've talked about your,religion one of the things that caught,my eye was this tweet that you sent out,July 10th the photo of Hillary Clinton,standing in front of the word-count the,O is blocking so it appears that she is,standing in front of the C word did you,think about that in church when just we,did it that's just offered up without,commentary I just thought was just put,everybody what you know what it meant,when you're out there I guess I'm asking,you know you're writing your speech in,church you talked about religion coming,back coming back to this country and us,having a moral barometer,where was your moral compass when you,put a photo of a woman that you disagree,with politically and that's fine,anywhere you want is it's the word count,that's what she's standing in front of I,just put it up there it is no commentary,attached to it I didn't call her,anything and the fact that you question,my faith picture,what you question others fate when you,when you say we need to bring back,religion implying that somehow the moral,compass for people that you don't even,know is let me throw this out to you,2010 you tweeted out an unflattering,image of Michelle Obama with the caption,Wow he wakes up to this every morning,last night I went on social media to see,where you were saying about your speech,and I realized that you blocked me why,he blocked me from some I'm just afraid,of anybody that's weak was a joke I'm,Tamron I'm a guy from Brooklyn I have a,certain sense of humor I sit with my,buddies and we smoke cigars and we make,jokes talking about a woman that way,make America great again doesn't know,about a woman yelling at her husband we,talk about yo you know my wife did this,all my wife is bridge breaking my chops,your wife that was the weirdest like,everybody's wife right there but my,friend's wife I doing about all,politicians are unsoc

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Tamron Hall destroys Scott Baio over his offensive tweets

Tamron Hall destroys Scott Baio over his offensive tweets

one of the things that caught my eye was,this tweet that you sent out July 10th,the photo of Hillary Clinton standing in,front of the word count the O is,blocking so it appears that she is,standing in front of the C word did you,think about that in church I'm just,doing it that's just offered up without,commentary I just thought was just put,everybody you know what it meant when,you just come out there I guess I'm,asking you know you're writing your,speech in church you talked about,religion coming about coming back to,this country and us having a moral,barometer,where was your moral compass when you,put a photo of a woman that you disagree,with politically and that's fine but,would you look at anywhere you want I'd,say it's the word count that's what,she's standing in front of I just put it,up there it is no commentary attached to,it I didn't call her anything and the,fact that you question my faith it's,like I'm heating up a picture is nice,what you've pushed another state when,you watch out is for when you say we,need to bring back religion implying,that somehow the moral compass for,people that you don't even know is let,me throw this out to you 2010 you,tweeted out an unflattering image of,Michelle Obama with the caption Wow,he wakes up to this every morning last,night last night,some people are great here but last,night I went on social media to see what,you were saying about your speech and I,realized that you block me why could,block me from social media I'm just,curious that might have been a mistake,oh why would the block Johnny Benson why,it's okay if you do but I was wondering,it was a mistake,absolutely I'm not afraid of anybody,that tweet was a joke I'm Tamron I'm I'm,a guy from Brooklyn I have a certain,sense of humor I sit with my buddies oak,cigars and we make jokes are talking,about a woman that way make America,great again does that know a joke about,a woman yelling at her husband we talked,about yo you're all my wife did this all,my wife is bridge breaking my chops in,about your wife that was a way to recite,everybody's wife I did about my friend's,wife I do it about all politicians run,social meet against my point is I agree,with you we should all want to be better,people to teach our children to be,better soon you know but but let her,finish,I agree with you you haven't er I'm not,a parent but I see how this may or may,not affect our divisiveness there are,white people here hey black people your,hey when we tweet things out that are so,ugly and then we say do with race I,didn't say that tell you that you said,more people weekend devices that we are,all three okay I do this for a living,and catch up my words up I'm telling you,clearly what I said girls,here to get the Guinness is it isn't the,moral compass that you want to present,to our children to your fans that you,have this incendiary tweet about Hillary,Clinton and you certainly should,disagree with her politically because,you do or the first lady of this United,States Michele if I'm a regardless of,color here I'm just asking is that the,higher Scott Baio,listen there's different levels to me,you telling you you want you eat you,have me to be Square and nice to,everybody right yeah I let you talk I,let you talk let me talk Kevin and you,want me to you want me to be sweet and,gentle to a man a president who says if,they bring a knife to an argument you,bring a gun that's what President Obama,said go after a guy like that,all bets are off at that point,absolutely not true but outsiders,actually would prefer music parties for,the person you support said he could,take a gun out on Fifth Avenue and shoot,someone in the head and you would still,support him is that true Tamara the,strategic just keeping about some,ridiculous,did he say it unless he did did Obama,say that you take out a knife you take,out a gun I do not really good if I'm,funny for hard if I find it now it,father,I find the call you put up on your,social media I'm still only I cut I,can't because you block,we'll be right back

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Twitter Birthday, Donald Trump, Iraq Invasion, Scott Baio, Jeb Bush, Hydra & Other Jokes

Twitter Birthday, Donald Trump, Iraq Invasion, Scott Baio, Jeb Bush, Hydra & Other Jokes

hi everybody welcome to this week's show,I'm Joe here we are in Studio B Culver,City I'm air joined as always by the,miserable liberal Steph's a murano is,here hey Steph H&M still here yeah you,can't see her but you could hear also,from Team yacht Samira hilarious,Japanese man Robert yeah samura hey,Robert how are you also with his run of,the tech Hank Thompson hello new sound,equipment I'm freaking out don't freak,out be the way I bet Bernie Sanders,today hi everybody met Bert's a deed so,it's a big day met Bernie Sanders today,he shook my hand he came up and he goes,you're Jimmy door right I said yes he,goes big fat of your YouTube work that's,what he said he said videos are,great he said something like that I,don't know if that was exactly what we,said to each other but it would more or,I could have said hi senator Sanders,jimmy dore nice to meet you nice to meet,you now you could have been that too I,don't know exactly what we said but it,was either that or he gave me a,compliment on the show he gave he gave,our resident latina a hug Mexican and I,love Bernie Sanders yep hey listen,today's birthday he knows birthday was,Twitter Twitter's birthday 10 years 10,years old Twitter and forty characters,for ten years happy I say happy birthday,because you've connected me to a whole,world of people that I otherwise would,never have had the chance to block or,mute that's right that's what I see you,know the GOP is getting desperate to,stop Trump before he secures the GOP,nomination and then continues to run a,typical GOP party platform that's a good,joke hey it's our 13th anniversary of,the Iraq invasion and has the media,learned anything about its uncritical,reporting we'll discuss that right after,this unedited Trump speech traditional,gift for 13 a year anniversary is rubble,rubble rubble good joke robert z hey did,you hear scott baio friend of the show,Scott Baio,friend of the show teen heartthrob has,endorsed Donald Trump which makes sense,because he was on that show happy days,which was set in the 50's just like,Trump's policy you know it's a measure,of how bottom of the barrel,reprehensible Trump is that an,endorsement can even tarnish the name of,Scott Baio look for the new sitcom,coming out this fall Joanie Loves not,see lot of Scott Baio jokes diagnosis,incompetent anybody GOP leaders would,they wish Trump would go away but his,ignorant ideas his racist attitudes and,batshit policies are more than welcome,to stay today's GOP uh you know luckily,he did you hear that Jeb Bush has,endorsed Ted Cruz give me a break Ted,Cruz give me a brick he's endorsed Ted,Cruz Jeb Bush give me a break has,endorsed Ted Cruz and luckily for Cruz,Jeb support comes at the exact moment he,needs an endorsement that won't make a,bit of difference one way or another the,GOP is happy no matter who wins Ted Cruz,or Donald Trump because they'll still be,able to use their beautiful hail Hydra,banner BAM that's a joke I don't get but,I'm told it's funny Captain America joke,if you loved America you'd get that joke,you see Obama and he was in went to Cuba,sure Obama went to and I feel much safer,with Obama at a cuban baseball game then,I would with Trump or Cruz in the White,House Situation Room that's mostly just,true you know when terror strikes but,like Brussels we just had the big,Brussels terror attack everyone scared,remember more people die slipping in the,bathtub not that it's not bad I'm just,saying don't freak out okay you know,when terror strikes our meat american,media steps up its game by turning to,the expert,who've always been wrong and always,makes things worse they Thank You,American media you know I would feel so,much safer right now after this Brussels,terror attack out feel so much safer if,a reality show star who builds golf,courses and his own brand of steaks was,in charge hey maybe this is all a bad,dream and will wake up to find Donald,Trump never entered the race and Ted,Cruz's the front-runner and oh wait,a minute what's coming up on today's,show we got phone calls from Ted Cruz we,got another phone call from Liam Neeson,is coming up today who else called in,today Robert uh I forgot Oh repair Rick,Perry calls in today that's right plus,we're going to talk about President,Obama goes to Cuba Chris Matthews has,some crazy ramblings twice dan Rather,also shows us why he's not on television,anymore okay plus we're going to talk,about Denmark and how they're so happy,and a lot lot more a lot more that's,today on the Jimmy Dore show,you

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MSNBC's Tamron Hall CHECKS Scott Baio Over His Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama Tweets *sips tea*

MSNBC's Tamron Hall CHECKS Scott Baio Over His Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama Tweets *sips tea*

guys this your girl teeth I want to come,on in and talk about the whole Tamron,hall situation when I tell you I got up,this morning and I seen Tamron Hall,trending on Twitter Lord I felt the hell,out Tamron hall,is a real sister she keeps it 100 she's,a fan she's a tea sipper you know I'm,saying and I watch her all the time on,the ID channel i watch on MSNBC this,morning she's trending because of her,interview with Scott Baio okay so let me,go ahead and take it back a few days so,what happened is that two days ago Scott,Baio was trending on Twitter so when I,woke up I seen him trending I first got,his damn chachi done that you know I'm,saying cuz who the hell is thinking,about Scott Baio in 2016 I thought went,into the trending topic I realized that,he hadn't died thank goodness you know,God is good he did not die but what it,was the one person that was named my,Scott Baio in 2016 was Donald Trump,Donald Trump decided to invite Scott,Baio to come to the Republican National,Convention to do a speech yes Scott Baio,yes that Scott Baio from Charles in,Charge from Happy Days from Fame yeah,him mm-hmm,when I first heard this I was like a,Donald Trump don't sit the hell down,somewhere who the hell invites Scott,Baio to speak like who's checking for,Scott Baio not knocking his career but I,would just think that he didn't bite,somebody a little bit more modern okay,anyways so Scott Baio goes up there he,does his little speech and you know he,does his little thing and then he,decides to basically meet it with Tamron,Hall but he was not ready for this one,honey when I tell you Tamra hog checked,him on every little point I couldn't do,nothing but laugh my ass off watching,this she went in on Scott Baio she,confronted him about his hypocrisy his,little shady ass twisted he doesn't sent,out about Michelle Obama and Hillary,Clinton I want you guys to go ahead and,watch the interview with Tamron hall and,Scott Baio check this on them a comeback,not commentating in this country talk,about your speech I know you said you,went to church and you've talked about,your religion one of the things that,caught my eye was this tweet that you,sent out July 10th the photo of Hillary,Clinton standing in front of the word,count the O is blocking so it appears,that she is standing in front of the C,word did you think about that in church,when just like that's just offered up,without commentary I just thought was,just put out there was no anyway you,know what it meant when you just got out,there I guess I'm asking you know you're,writing your speech in church you talked,about religion coming back coming back,to this country and us having a moral,barometer,where was your moral compass when you,put a photo of a woman that you disagree,with politically and that's fine but,tell me you can work it any way you want,it's the word count that's what she's,standing in front of I just put it up,there it is no commentary attached to it,I didn't call her anything and the fact,that you question my faith by saying I'm,making up a picture is nice what you,question other's faith when you share it,when you say we need to bring back,religion implying that somehow the moral,compass for people that you don't even,know is let me throw this out to you,2010 you tweeted out an unflattering,image of Michelle Obama with the caption,Wow,he wakes up to this every morning last,night,last night some people are great here,but last night I went on social media to,see what you were saying about your,speech and I realized that you block me,why could block me from social media I'm,just curious,that might have been a mistake okay why,would the block job that motivates them,what it's okay if you do but I was,wondering about the message it was a,mistake absolutely I'm not afraid of,anybody that tweet was a joke I'm Tamara,I'm a guy from Brooklyn I have a certain,sense of humor I sit with my buddies and,we smoke cigars and we make jokes,talking about a woman that way make,America great again doesn't know it's a,debt I ain't got a joking about a woman,yelling at her husband we talked about,you know you're all my wife did this all,my wife is R is breaking my chops no,your wife,that was what we do inside everybody's,wife I give up my friend's wife I do it,about all politicians on social media,guess my point is I agree with you we,should all want to be better people to,teach our children to be better so,you're all but but let her finish I,agree with you you haven't er I'm not a,parent but I see how this may or may not,affect our divisiveness there are white,people your hey black people here hey,when we tweet things out that are so,ugly and then we said do with race I,didn't say that hey you think you said,there are people were getting devices,said we are all three,I'm tagged do this for a living you,can't shout my words up I'm telling you,clearly what I said girls,here to get the Guinness is it isn't the,moral compass that you want to present,to our children to your fans that you,h

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Actor Scott Baio Interview at Beckman World Premiere

Actor Scott Baio Interview at Beckman World Premiere

2020 brought us so many unexpected,experiences for all of us,but tonight we are here to covering the,red carpet of batman,after so many months we are here finally,in universal hilton,and we are looking forward to ask some,questions from the stars of the field,it's so amazing to see your father and,daughter on the red carpet,it's so amazing to see a father and a,daughter on the red carpet,so the first question is for the little,lady that,how did you spend the quarantine did you,spend probably a lot of time with your,daddy what did you do,how do you respect the quarantine oh um,playing golf that's it yeah we play golf,a lot,we play golf we were out about running,walking whatever,so she couldn't go to school which is,unfortunate because i think it's,detrimental to them,but you know we try to live our lives as,as normally as we could,yeah did you did you practice some,drama things or like drama,did you make some drama practices,or something no we don't really do,acting here,that's good do we do any acting,like when i do musical theory yeah we,have to like practice it but,um no,tell me a little bit about the shooting,how was the shooting what was your,favorite part we're not i'm not in this,movie okay,we're here to support david white who's,in this movie and produced it in his,company pureflix,please made it but we we just we just,finished a pure flex original called,courting mom and dad,oh nice that she wear both and she plays,my daughter and,uh that should be coming soon but we're,here for to support david,yeah and we're friends we go to church,together,and he's a good man,could you tell us a little bit more,about this um,sure tell just what recording tell us,the storyline okay um,so there's three children and there's um,my mom's christy swanson and my dad dad,um they are trying to get a divorce and,we we're so we're sad and stuff so we,try to stop them when we get a lawyer,and the lawyer tries to stop them with,mediation,they hire a lawyer and it goes like,crazy it's a sweet movie yeah thank you,thanks today,this is reporting for bionic bus,stay safe stay connected we're still on,the board,and we still showing your passion

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'Charles in Charge' actor accuses Scott Baio of child abuse

'Charles in Charge' actor accuses Scott Baio of child abuse

my name is Lisa bloom I'm an attorney,here at the Blum firm and I'm here with,two of my clients Alexander Polinski and,Nicole Eggert actually harassed by Scott,Baio and ultimately assaulted by him,between the ages of 12 and 15 years old,getting the job on Charles in charge,when I was 11 was one of the most,wonderful things that had ever happened,to me my excitement did not last long,during the first year of the show I was,11 or 12 I observed Scott with our,co-star Nicole on his lap backstage I,was so naive i innocently hopped on his,lap expecting to hear a story about,Fonzie or happy days,Scott immediately threw me off him and,began angrily calling me well Nicole,laughed I felt confusion shame and then,fear when I realized I had judged the,situation wrong as I was coming to terms,with this Scott Baio began a pattern of,abuse that was unrelenting mr. Baio,repeatedly told me about gay sex acts,that he told me I would grow up to,perform I would protest and ask him to,stop saying these things but he said it,was for my own good Scott told me of his,sexual conquests with young girls and,the co-stars of the show at the same,time tried to convince me that I was,unlovable defective and branding me with,the most vulgar words for homosexuals,that exist Scott pulled down my pants in,front of over a hundred people and on,another time he laughed as he cut a hole,in the canvas wall of my private,dressing room on set and exposed his,genitals to me one of the most painful,memories of my childhood was when Scott,and I were backstage waiting to enter,the set for a scene I faked a basketball,to him he got startled and in anger he,assaulted me by throwing a burning hot,cup of tea in my face I ran from the set,crying Scott later apologized but the,abuse continued Scott Baio told me I was,never going to be loved by a woman in my,life because I was so effeminate these,slurs became a running gag on set and,were almost a daily occurrence in public,it was disguised as humor sometimes I,would get mad but most times I'd laugh,along while choking back tears joking,taken to extremes becomes hazing when,over longer periods of time becomes,torture I believe I was being subjected,to mental torture in retaliation for,what I had seen kids are going to work,in the entertainment industry modeling,athletics or any profession shouldn't,they be protected from abuse,I'm here today to support my friend,Alexander Polanski and to talk about the,abuse that I witnessed on set from Scott,Baio on to Alex and I was also in during,my own abuse from Scott Baio so it was,hard for me to stand up for anybody else,when I was trying to find my own truth,but Alex was consistently picked on,tripped pushed around berated with,horrendous horrendous homosexual slurs,all because he was in the wrong place at,the wrong time and witnessed something,he was not supposed to see this type of,abuse she can happen to anyone anyone,especially kids and in the workplace and,by someone who is in a power position,above you which then makes you feel,powerless my mission now is to just,reach out to anybody helping Alex come,forward and anybody who is living in,fear or holding this deep dirty secret,to come into the light and to begin the,healing it is never too late to come,forward it is never too late to start,your healing process and take care of,yourself I'm interested in healing for,all of us that includes Scott I'm,praying for him in all of this I still,have hope he can realize his wrongdoings,apologize publicly and we can all have,some healing in truth that is all I'm,looking for not Fame not money not,revenge,healing thank you my mission now is to,just reach out to anybody helping Alex,come forward and anybody who is living,in fear or holding this deep dirty,secret to come into the light and to,begin the healing it is never too late,to come forward it is never too late to,start your healing process and take care,of yourself child abuse takes many forms,for little boys that can often mean,homophobic slurs child abuse hurts it,deforms it teaches children that they,are trash that was the message that was,conveyed to Alex today is about,rejecting all of that and it's about,standing up against a child of you

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Scott Baio 2024? Actor reacts to the anti-Trump world

Scott Baio 2024? Actor reacts to the anti-Trump world

and as we wait for the finalized results,of the presidential election and,throughout the entire 2020 election,cycle we have seen,a handful of hollywood celebrities come,out forward,publicly with their support of president,trump take a look at this photo,that happy days actor and television,director scott baio released,he was in a michael's store and,rearranged some,lettered candles to say trump is still,your president even getting a retweet,from,president trump himself scott joins us,now scott thank you so much for coming,on today we appreciate you taking the,time,well you're welcome glad to be here i,didn't i was not in the michael's store,that was there oh it was already there,you just you just captured the moment,that's okay that's a that's a picture,that somebody had sent me,got it on the internet they go they go,crazy,and i went to a michael store so no it,was not me,okay and it's a great report but but you,know what something about that photo,stood out to you enough,for you to share it with all of your,followers tell me a little bit about why,you decided to do that and what reaction,you received,i decided to do that because i was still,the president and i know they'd like to,get rid of him yesterday,or four years ago and he's just still,going,to be the president i think uh in,this year's because of all the fraud and,of course i get backlash actually these,people trying whatever the hell else,uh just hateful and um and i'm used to,it but,no listen i think i think uh i think,we're gonna be okay honestly i mean i,hope we're okay,yeah you you say hateful hateful,comments which is no surprise it's,social media there are plenty of online,trolls,out there but you know i think about,scott where you're coming from,you know you've been in hollywood before,you're among,uh people who are most likely leaning,liberal,tell me about what it's been like to,sort of interact with co-workers or,previous you know co-actors in in,situations,now that they know that you do support,president trump,well i i i knew this four years ago,are you seeing me okay i can yeah you're,a little fuzzy i know this phone i knew,this going in four years ago that i,would be,uh vilified and mocked and all that kind,of stuff and i really didn't care,because i,i knew what i wanted i knew what i,wanted for my daughter,uh and i believed in president trump and,i still believe in him and i believe in,his policies,and it didn't it doesn't look if i,sacrifice,my career which i have done and there's,no regrets about it,uh to to achieve something for my child,then then it's worth it yeah you're,putting,family first sounds like you just agree,with the people put my daughter first i,put my daughter first in everything,yeah and because i quite honestly,you know i'm 60 years old and i don't,know how much time i have left and i'm,not being,a morbid or anything that's the wrong,word whatever,i'm not being a fatalist but um i'll be,gone relatively soon she'll be here to,take over the country,and i want her to be in a country that i,recognize and that i grew up in,well tell me about where you where you,see it right now right especially with,your daughter we've got the younger,generation i feel as though,and we've spoken with college students,before they're so uh liberal-minded they,just they get it in the classroom they,get it among their friends,has she's sort of been guided in,more left-leaning education system that,you've noticed and,you try to call out when you see it,she's in the right school and she has,two parents that tell her about the,world,and teach her about the world and that's,that's our job,it's not the school's job our school is,to teach reading writing and arithmetic,period and that's where we've lost our,way in this country so uh,what she learns socially what she learns,about politics,what she learns about life she learns,from her mom and dad,and that's the way it used to be that's,how i grew up,and that's the way we're gonna raise our,daughter she goes to a christian school,and she's getting she's because she,needs to be prepared,for the excuse the expression the crap,storm that she's going to hit when she,becomes an adult,there's a it's it's a crazy world we,live in,right now and and scott it sounds like,you've got such a strong family unit i'm,wondering,do you plan to spend the thanksgiving,holiday together even,though potentially where you live where,you're at the governor might not want,you to gather with more than 10 people,i don't care what governor newsom wants,he has no bearing in my life,he's an empty suit who's drunk with,power he will have no effect on me and,what i do in the way we live our lives,so he can do whatever he wants and he's,any and and quite and listen,go to this guy is a,disaster,so he will have no effect on me and my,family and my brother and sister and,their families,well i got a feeling a lot of those,california restaurant owners would be,heading to that rest,that website right away scott baio,jo

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Was Scott Baio Racist About Michelle Obama?

Was Scott Baio Racist About Michelle Obama?

copy of the middle that twittering controversy akki posted a picture of,michelle obama,and uh... under,as a comment to that picture he basically ground uh...,while he wakes up to this every morning,now of course some of his followers were enraged a thought that it was a racist,comment,they are all emilio within limits and i tell you that picture of the show no it,was a picture of her uh... looking angry she had her mouth ovation but she was,yelling at someone,so it was not a tractor picture michelle obama,and you know he's his followers didn't like what he wrote so it they started,setting him dot threats unless there is uh... even sent in instructions on how,they can kill himself right an outlook over twenty i already here,i think that a hundred forty temperature site pretty now wide clips you jump,alright but expected now look his action of posting michelle obama's speech alone,isn't that bad right but his reaction to the death threats are terrible ok,goodself buddy,tweaked so he says and races for posting a picture of michelle obama by life best,friend is black hullo,and another that make it look better,anyway so he continues,i think i mean,whatever,well,he says he wakes up to that meeting like this you private you only event location,as red as is,by a better place past presidents daughters meets right that fact that,there was like that's like the fifth the person out there with you,paredo person my lovely wife,stand-up,and this is her sister mary and her husband shank and my,papers cousin,from philly,dr,all right so what else is that i probably did not say that but that's,only continues on and he says black racist missus renee's bestfriend stop,using the race card,and that's when it was the best picture,visit don't don't don't read differently so restaurants recently that you look,silly i mean i think that it's a fine job and i felt bad for you know because,what he said it's only twenty days of a set off,but but then it would be pulling the recruit mother and father and i like,best best friends,hairstyles,is a mixed but that martha about it,but you know what i thought the same time ribeiro again is imports on that's,you know what i'm saying like yet because of that unit would agree with,our economy and these elaborate santa is a lot of things happened if you're not,an easy,now his last uh... tweak said if i'm racist don't think i would have directed,shows like the partners and the waves brothers are worked out forty one,episodes,lane victoria rowell whoever that is andy murder,victoria rowell not familiar with some electoral,well obviously,and where behind to high school with another guy who was also black right,what i've done that friday once can do it,with the black cab driver i totally state in football,bride,like chicken,i think we'll be talking whitbread,and their third cameraman uh... on the right-hand side of johnny loves chachi,orly black,uh... not that they are not a racist,uh... reportedly

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