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Scott Adams Tweets Eyebrow-Raising Train Of Thought And Makes Everyone Question His Goalsdid you see

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Scott Adams Tweets Eyebrow-Raising Train Of Thought And Makes Everyone Question His Goals

did you see what Scott Adams tweeted I,yeah I think I what yes what is that I,know it's not mom he said what what did,he say do you remember exactly what he,said I didn't see it yes I did we saw it,he said I didn't see it we are all,laughing about it no wait I don't think,I did okay no he said there's very good,possibility that if Biden is elected,you'll be dead within the year yeah,Republicans will be hunted yeah and I'm,just like that's it was it meant to be,over the top on purpose,probably I saw some people saying that,with just like three tweets he got them,all triggered and going nuts and ate and,that the point may have been to do that,but now it's like it's just it makes him,and it makes Trump supporters look,insane completely insane I don't know I,don't know the goal was to like make,Trump supporters look bad well,stereotypes in general I don't like so,it's like sure he he personally put that,out there he doesn't represent me he,does not perceive let's talk about,persuasion sure that is popping up on a,whole bunch of sub brides having nothing,with nothing to do with politics,like insane people Facebook okay and,regular people are just like face,palming and shaking their heads like,whoa Trump supporters are crazy I think,I think there's people on both sides are,that are crazy that are just they are,separated from the average person that's,looking at both sides going I don't,understand either either group here so I,don't understand if you want to convince,regular people to vote for Trump the,last thing you want to say is that,they're coming to kill me help help okay,well I don't I don't go to Scott for my,political advice I'm not saying you do,I'm asking why would you say something,like what's the point of doing that why,would he say it because he his job is to,sell cartoons and to have that like be,in the public eye so you think he was,just trying to like generate buzz for,himself that's what the news does for I,don't have we not figured that out with,mainstream news guy doesn't he's okay he,may not be news but he's he's on a,platform that he needs his comics to be,read he needs his his name to be spread,and it worked so sure okay he's not a,news man but he's a he's he's in the,light of of the Internet hurting Trump,supporters,make money sure isn't that that yeah,that seems to have worked over the past,four years it's very simple I mean know,a lot of the stuff he was doing was like,explaining Trump's tax I'm not,specifically talking about him I'm,saying in general people orange man bad,orange man bad and he but he's not an,orange mad bad personality that's the,issue okay so yeah he's his own his own,creation sure yeah so what it just makes,I mean hey whatever whatever his goal is,it makes Republicans look like like like,they're lunatics yeah like paranoid,delusional oh no they're coming to kill,me what do I do and then you get the CNN,people acting like anti fraud doesn't,exist yeah and it when it's convenient,I'm sick of this this idea that most,people are just ignorant fools that will,just fall for everything I don't believe,it I just do not believe it for everyone,I meet sure there's those ignorant,people that are just like okay I believe,whatever you say yes but you know for,the most part a lot of people think for,themselves they want to learn they they,don't just read a headline ago yeah,those people exist but for the most part,people are like okay that's a little,far-fetched I'm gonna need a little bit,more I'm gonna need a little bit more,it's like okay sure,reddit or Twitter but we know Twitter's,2% of the population how much it's,probably less on reddit active active,Twitter daily active Twitter users 2% of,the population okay daily active general,active whether like tweet once a month,is 22 okay,that's following that's still a small,margin of the general public yeah so,it's we're like hey it's the political,sphere though yeah but I'm not gonna,fall into this thing that I'm like yeah,all right well that clearly it's,everyone it's like all Trump supporters,must be like this because there's,nothing to do with what I'm talking,about the small group on reddit that are,saying look at look at this guy and I,didn't say small group I said it's,opening up in a whole sort of mainstream,spaces where people are like whoa chomp,supporters have gone insane so the main,their bases are are what done various,like it's all over Facebook right it's,all it's on it's on Facebook reddit,and Twitter and go and people are taking,old Dilbert comics and they're rewriting,the text so that it sounds so Dilbert,says they're gonna kill you and it's,funny in my opinion okay so when I see,like regular people easily getting,propaganda to make Trump look bad I have,to wonder,what was the point of saying it to get,people triggered that's the whole trolls,on the internet that's literally what,they go on the internet to do yes,they're trolling so Scott Adams is,trolling sure yeah that's all I'm asking,like what was what what was

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Episode 1844 Scott Adams: Twitter Has A Whistleblower It's Get Interesting. Plus How To Spot an NPC

Episode 1844 Scott Adams: Twitter Has A Whistleblower It's Get Interesting. Plus How To Spot an NPC

good morning everybody,and welcome,to the highlight of civilization,i'm not sure if we're 13.7 billion years,old in this universe or what,a little bit of question about that,lately,but what i know for sure,is that there won't be a finer day in,your whole life,until tomorrow tomorrow's looking good,but if you'd like to take it up a notch,today if you'd like to live tomorrow,today,well all you need is time traveling and,a beverage so all you need is a cup or a,mug or a glass a tanker chelsea steiner,canteen jugger flask a vessel of any,kind fill it with your favorite liquid,i like coffee,and join me now,for the unparalleled pleasure the,dopamine of the day the thing that makes,everything better,it's called the simultaneous sip,it happens now go,ah,yeah that's it that's it,it's all coming together now,well did any of you uh hear the news,about uh andrew taint,so andrew taint um apparently has been,banned now by tick tock and facebook and,instagram and,i know the phone book and,i think he's been banned from from,everything oh i just i just want to deal,with a rumor this going around some some,of you think that i'm intentionally,pronouncing his name with an n in it,but i can prove i'm not,he just hears that way it's an audio,illusion do you would you like me to,prove that i am pronouncing his name,correctly,all right i can prove it,um,alexa who is andrew taint,according to wikipedia henry andrew tate,is,well you see,you can try it at home,just say to your own alexa and try to,try to pronounce it correctly the way i,did,andrew taint,t-a-t-e if you do that,your digital devices will,recognize it,now i don't think it would have given me,the correct answer if i had pronounced,it incorrectly so you can tell now that,your human ears,are being fooled,but the digital device can hear,accurately when i say taint,to ate,well we've got a really good story here,we got this uh twitter whistleblower,but it's not any common whistleblower,he he was the ex-head of security for,twitter,how would you like to be twitter right,now,when your ex head of security,just absolutely pissed all over the,company,because that's somebody who had access,to some knowledge,well so this uh guy peter,peter mudge i guess that was his,nickname mudge,zacco,so he used to be that of security got,fired for god knows what so keep in mind,that he got terminated,whatever a disgruntled employee says,about the company how much should you,believe it,what is the credibility of a disgruntled,employee it's zero,it's zero,but this this story is so fun,i'm going to pretend as though it's,greater than zero,because i want it to be true,don't you want it to be true,can we all agree to suspend our critical,thinking just for fun,we're just going to pretend this guy,actually has the goods okay,now one of the things that he says,is that there are too many people who,have access,to,the deep information in twitter,and can tweak it,does that surprise you,that there are too many people within,twitter who have access to being able to,manipulate stuff,huh,that sounds like a problem,and i think he's got an allegation,that there might be a foreign agent,working within twitter,he doesn't name names but do you think,there's a foreign agent working within,twitter,wouldn't it be more surprising if there,were no foreign agents working on,twitter,and the other social media networks,don't you think that foreign agents are,trying to penetrate all of them,and if they're not trying to penetrate,all of them why not it's the obvious,thing to do,so here the head of security is even,thinking that twitter may have been,penetrated,so this would explain,one of my mysteries one of my mysteries,about twitter is i couldn't reconcile,jack dorsey's involvement,with what seemed apparently some kind of,banning or shadow banning for,conservatives now it could have been,that it was just a,you know a subjective experience and,there wasn't really any banning going on,at all,i'm actually open to that possibility,because it could be a just an illusion,if you think you're being banned you see,it everywhere but it's just the way the,algorithm works now i don't think so,i mean it looks looks really real,but be aware that you could be fooled,so my my assumption had been,that if there was any of this,chicanery and stuff going on,that jack dorsey would not be personally,knowledgeable about it,because it didn't really make sense with,who he is,right that his,his uh,i guess his character and brand would,not be consistent with,twitter doing something that sketchy and,him knowing about it,right,now,if you haven't met him and you've never,had any personal interactions,you know you might have a different,opinion but if you have any personal,interaction with him,he's just not the guy who would be doing,that,i i just i just don't see it,um and i think he was actually i think,he was actually genuinely curious about,what was going on when people like me,were complaining,because he actually attacked he,connected me with somebod

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Episode 1714 Scott Adams: More Elon Musk Twitter Drama, Ukraine Updates, And More Stuff We Love

Episode 1714 Scott Adams: More Elon Musk Twitter Drama, Ukraine Updates, And More Stuff We Love

good morning everybody,wow,you are so good looking,as always,and sexy i know i don't want to leave,that one out,how would you like,to take this moment,up a notch,it's already the highlight of,civilization that's why you're here but,we could do better can't we take it up a,level all you need is a cup or a mug or,a glass a tanker chelsea stein a,candidate jugger flask a vessel of any,kind,correction,uh correction i i've been saying a,vessel of any kind,uh but apparently one vessel you do not,want to put your beverage in,would be a uh a russian,missile cruiser,so let me revise this uh,copper mortgage glass tank and shell so,i'm cleaning,a vessel of any kind except for a,russian,missile cruiser,and join me now for the unparalleled,pleasure the dopamine of the day it's,the thing that makes everything better,it's pretty good already isn't it it's,called the simultaneous,it's going to happen now go,well,let's take the wayback machine shall we,dial it back one year ago today one year,ago,things we used to believe were true,one year ago,the russian military was highly capable,one year ago,china,is really good at handling pandemics,oh what we have learned,suppose you had taken the opinion that,everything we think is true is wrong,how would your predictions have turned,out,pretty darn good,just assume everything's a lie,everybody's lying everything's wrong and,every information,uh that comes across your,your consciousness is probably false or,out of context or somebody's trying to,manipulate you,um,on one hand,you would be,quite mentally ill if you lived in a,world,that was like the actual world,ima imagine if you were conscious all,the time,of the fact that everything's wrong and,everybody's trying to screw you,you really couldn't go on could you like,your,your brain would explode you just,couldn't handle it so we live in this,lie where,where sometimes people are you know are,being unselfish and,uh,yeah everything's fine,so you have to have some some kind of,like a little uh fake movie running in,your head just to keep yourself sane,well here's the newest news on the,twitter and elon musk situation,so the vanguard funds which own i don't,know trillions of dollars of assets,they just upped their own ownership i,think they would have been just behind,behind musk's ownership they,bumped their own up ownership over 10,excuse me,and,they usually are a force for management,stability,now,isn't that interesting,you know what what are the odds,that uh somebody like vanguard,would need to come in and even get,involved,and then you've also got this,prince from saudi arabia,walid whose name i can't remember,which i don't mean to be offensive i,literally just can't remember his name,and,he's a you know big famous investor and,he owns a lot of,twitter as well,you know relative to other owners,and he says no he rejects elon's offer,but he's just one stockholder however,a big one,now,why is it everybody's getting involved,and you know max boot is,is sort of the voice of democrats in,some ways,uh you know he's he's against it because,he wants more,more what do you call it,more moderation,in social media not less but more,moderating of,of the unproductive content i guess,so,what do you think,and it wasn't there some kind of,the government is sort of looking into,it and,gonna be opening the hood and seeing,what's what's going on with elon's,various enterprises,so why did this become,like a world war,you know how did uh you know just a,billionaire buying a company,which you'd think would be the most,routine thing in the world,a billionaire,bought a company,pretty ordinary stuff,but this one's not ordinary,is it because everybody feels,the stakes,do you think people have finally figured,out,that twitter is not,just another media platform,do you think everybody figured that out,twitter's not just another media,platform,twitter is where opinions go to be,formed,because the people who tell the public,who isn't paying attention what to think,they all get their thoughts from the,collective beehive that,that is twitter they're not i don't,think they're getting it from facebook,or instagram right,i don't think any of the journalists are,going to tick-tock to get an opinion on,the ukraine situation but they're going,to twitter to do it,so twitter is where people learn to,think,and what to think,at least the thinking people the people,who influence other people,so twitter is where you influence the,influencers,it's the most important platform in my,opinion i mean you know i'm open to a,counter argument but to me there's,nothing even close,to me that the reason that,trump,conquered twitter,is because it's the one that matters,conquering twitter is what makes you,president,conquering facebook,is what gets you more,instagram followers,right i don't know,so,i think the world has now figured out,that this is sort of a,civilization altering,situation and they want to they want,their team to be on the right side of it,whatever team they're on,but,here's

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Episode 1712 Scott Adams: Unverified Chemical Attacks, Twitter Censorship, More Red Meat, Mmmmm

Episode 1712 Scott Adams: Unverified Chemical Attacks, Twitter Censorship, More Red Meat, Mmmmm

well,uh ladies and gentlemen,and,anything else you would like to label,yourself which is fine with me,you have made it to what i call,the highlight of civilization,the best thing that's ever happened to,you and,for many of you,some of this will even,extend into your families and the people,you talk to today yeah that's how good,it is not only will you be delighted in,the next 40 minutes or so,but think about the people you will,touch,the people you meet along the way,yes and i hope they enjoy the,simultaneous simultaneous sip just as,much as you're about to and all you need,is like copper mug or glass a tanker,tell us diamond canteen sugar flask a,vessel of any kind,fill it with your favorite liquid,you know i kind of like coffee and join,me now for the unparalleled pleasure the,dopamine here of the day the thing that,makes,everything better,it's called the simultaneous sip,go,story number one,can somebody remind me how to pronounce,c e n k,first name of,or,helped me pronounce the last name too,is that chenk,jenk right jenk,uh jenk uh uyghur,iger,how the hell do you say his name,that that's such a disadvantage if you,have a name that the,you know the great,majority of your potential audience has,trouble pronouncing,uh so jen kuwiger all right so you all,know he is if if you're watching this,you probably know of him,and uh,he was uh he tweeted today he goes the,new trend among conservatives,like uh matt gates and representative,mtg and joe rogan and bill maher,wait what,hold on,the new trend among conservatives,like matt gates,representative,marjorie,taylor green,joe rogan and bill maher,that's a list of conservatives,well he goes on,uh it's their trend is to make fun of,overweight people while feigning concern,about their health,they're blaming kovades on them and,mocking them as the real problem in,america classy as always,now,i guess we could talk about the content,of it which is,whether or not they were,mocking people of weight problems,i didn't see it but i understand they,were mocking body positivity,which would be,different than,mocking people who have weight problems,it would be people's opinions about,their weight problems,because we we mock people's opinions,that's still fair right,can we still mock opinions,i think that's still fair right so,um i'm not sure that they care he,characterized what happened there but i,didn't see it so i'll i'll uh i'll be,neutral on the point of the,thing but,have you noticed the following trend,have you noticed the following trend,that when somebody is willing to,consider arguments sometimes on the left,and sometimes on the right or at least,to look to the other side to see what,they're thinking and and make a decision,about,on a topic by topic basis,which ones which one makes sense,why do you call people like that,well,they seem to get called conservatives,and rhinos right,am i right,so if somebody considers things on both,sides,sometimes you say conservative,and other times you might say they're a,rhino because you know they looked at,some stuff on the other side,but in both cases they're being called,people on the right,at what point do the people on the left,notice the pattern,yeah and as somebody is pointing out,here the same happens to me if you if,you see a,an article about me,i'm called sometimes far-right,or conservative,which is pretty far from what i am,i labeled myself left of bernie except,better at math so i don't have crazy,ideas like he does,um,so at what point does the left notice,that whenever anybody can consider,arguments on both sides,they're never called liberals,let me say it again,whenever you see somebody who will,consider an argument on both sides,they're never called liberals,when is it when are they going to see,the pattern,am i right that that should become,alarming at some point,wait a minute,the ability to consider an argument that,i don't hold well that's not a liberal,that must be some kind of crazy,conservative or,or if you're a republican it's a rhino,okay,um,here's a little uh,so a tweet from uh doc anarchy,who you should follow uh his twitter is,uh at uh dr anarchist one word,and he notes today uh and i've noted,something similar but i like his framing,he says human brains are not ready for,virtual reality gaming and pornography,now how big a deal is that,is that like a,a witty little observation about a small,little corner of gaming,has no impact on you or me or anything,important,or,or,is it the end of civilization as we know,it,i think it's closer to that second thing,now when i say end of civilization oh it,could be an improvement but it's going,to change,if you think anything's going to be the,same,after virtually reality,nails pornography and that's really,really close,if you think anything will be the same,after that,you've never tried a virtual reality,headset you just have to try one,and see how,how let's say,how engaging it is even is in its,current terrible form,if you were to rate how good is a,virtual reality,right to

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Scott Adams Has a Tantrum, Blocks Me on Twitter for Ratioing Him

Scott Adams Has a Tantrum, Blocks Me on Twitter for Ratioing Him

all right everyone now it's time for a,fun video many of you saw last night,Scott Adams decided to block me on,Twitter and he's saying I've cut him out,of my life forever but he's got a little,bit hyperbolic,um he has given reason for blocking me,on Twitter to be clear I suspect is a,facade uh he's claiming it's because I,am a condescending dick specifically,those are his words we'll get into his a,little video clip there that someone,thankfully posted I have a feeling it,has more to do with the reaction to his,original post and the fact that I,ratioed him now ratioing of course for,those that don't use Twitter parlance,comes in two forms on Twitter the post,gets more comments than likes that is,that a lot of people are interacting,with it but the support for what you're,saying is lackluster the other way to,get ratioed is that somebody responds to,your post and despite the fact that,you're the original poster more people,are liking their response to you than,the original post this happens by the,way daily to MSNBC I have helped cause,that to happen three or four times in,the last couple of weeks now that I'm no,longer Shadow bam it's a Christmas,miracle thank you Elon Musk anyway I'm,going to go through his post,and what I said uh in response his,response to my response subsequent ban,and then was asked about this and,briefly opined on his stream the other,day here's his post have the Twitter,files revealed any bad intentions within,Twitter to me it looks like the,employees suffered from narrative,poisoning and believed they were making,the country a better place and I don't,think they broke any laws now as far as,the law no Twitter didn't break the law,the employees there at will you know,they were violating their own TOS,regularly which shows malevolence I,think I don't agree with that part of,his post uh but true I mean the Twitter,employees didn't break any law they,didn't they didn't violate the First,Amendment people are claiming the FBI,and other similar groups did so that,part's correct,and I responded here's my response to me,it looks like the government directly,colluded with a supposedly private firm,to interfere with several elections and,promote State propaganda and the,employees wholeheartedly went along with,it due to their own personal bias this,is an L for you Scott Adams I I said he,takes the L on this now if you look at,my response post it has several hundred,more people liking it than the original,post the thing is that people are,digging through the responses seeing,mine and more of them are electing to,like that than like the original post I,think that this wrangled him I think,that's the real reason why,but then here's his response to my,response to his post this is by Scott,Adams the government routinely works,with the entire media with the intention,of influencing them correct and we don't,hear about it normal of course if you,watch my material you hear about,it I've been ranting about it for a,decade now there's there's nobody's,calling out the fact that the government,influences the media where have you been,for the last half decade lame stream,coverage covers the topic there's uh it,goes well beyond sub-stack articles and,YouTube videos at this point with people,that are concerned about that I I you,don't hear about it are you a CNN viewer,then then you get a pass of course I,have a feeling that he has a bit more of,an intellectual understanding of reality,than being a CNN viewer so I mean he's,Scott Adams he is a smart dude so what,are you talking about and you with,the L stuff and then he blocks me so,effectively,I'm supposed to believe that my post,although it is clearly respectful again,they're still there you can read them,for yourself archived or unarchived I'm,sure the whole conversation has been run,through multiple archives by now because,it's juicy stuff it's fun people love a,little bit of e-drama,um you don't realize why my comment,wouldn't be normally construed as,condescending and then he uh this is,Charlene posting this on Twitter this is,just a little clip from his live stream,he just said he blocked you for being a,condescending dick and and of course he,then he says uh cut him out of my life,forever,well I mean first I wasn't part of your,life we've interacted a few times,publicly before,um I like some of your content I,disagree with you sometimes it seems,that that's a reciprocal sort of,situation,I've never been anything but respectful,to the dude I like not just Dilbert I,like some of his takes we've clanked on,his stream before and I've openly said,to people hey you should sub him you,know it's okay to Clank his chat because,you know it's amusing uh but if you're,gonna do that drop them a sub drop him a,like have I been anything but respectful,and nice to Scott Adams me saying take,the L that's a colloquial term dude what,are you talking about and then claiming,that nobody questions the influence that,government has over Legacy Media to me,of all people I'm

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Episode 1716 Scott Adams: Elon Musk's Plan B for Twitter, How To Avoid Anxiety

Episode 1716 Scott Adams: Elon Musk's Plan B for Twitter, How To Avoid Anxiety

vocals platform by the way sometimes i,go late but they get good stuff and,would you like good stuff too,so here's the situation,i woke up this morning,like i do every morning,whether it's a holiday or a weekend,whether i'm healthy or sick happier or,unhappy,because,i like to be here for you,because i like it,if i didn't like it i probably wouldn't,do it as much right so i like being here,and that is the first benefit you get,this morning,don't you prefer being with people who,want to be there,if you think about it,if there's one requirement you ask of,people to be around you just one thing,just enjoy being there,that's it,it's not really hard,just show just show me you enjoy being,in the room with me and,i am so happy to be around you,that's all it takes now that is a little,tip for the day,you say to yourself,how can i make the world a better place,just show me you're happy to be in the,room that's all,now,how would you like to take that advice,multiply it by a hundred,before we're done here today that's,what's going to happen and it's all,going to start around the time of the,simultaneous sip that will be the,the launch pad,really the beginning of something so,special so amazing that you might even,forget it's easter for a minute,oh then you can return to your religious,beliefs but for a moment,for a moment,you could have a profound spiritual,experience right after the simultaneous,hip,and all you need for that would be a,copper mugger glass of tanker chalice or,stein a canteen jugger flask a vessel of,any kind,except for a cave with a big rock in,front of it which i understand is not so,good for containing its contents if you,know what i mean happy easter,join me now for the simultaneous sep,it's the unparalleled pleasure the,dopamine hit go,ah,yeah,wow,yes,jesus is not the only person,who has risen,i believe that,my spirit has,has risen too,feeling quite good,how about you,anybody feeling better than you did,10 seconds ago a little bit right,you started feeling whatever you were,feeling wherever your baseline was and,then simultaneously happened,probably i don't know,somewhere between 5 and 37,improvement just that that quickly,so you're somewhere in that range,here's something that i've been hearing,a lot,how many times have you heard a,conversation that goes roughly like this,i have a lot of anxiety,okay not yourself you know somebody else,is talking,i have a lot of anxiety,anybody heard that lately,is there anybody in your life,who has told you that they're,having anxiety,well it seems to be some kind of,uh giant,epidemic that's,coming across the country,now,do people with anxiety sleep well,they do not,they do not and the reason that they,don't sleep well is because,why is it that people with anxiety don't,sleep well,what's the anxiety right,the anxiety,causes them not to sleep well now what,would be,something that might cause you,to have anxiety,well i'll tell you one thing that really,can,limit your ability to function well it's,not getting enough sleep,so there are people who complain that,their anxiety is preventing them from,sleeping but also their sleeping is,preventing,them from getting over their anxiety,because they're so not well rested that,they're anxious and then you put those,two things together and they just keep,getting worse and worse until you're,depressed,now,what do people who are anxious and can't,get to sleep do,when they're not getting to sleep,it's 20 22,and it's you know it's,it's 11 00 p.m and you're thinking,wouldn't it be great if i were asleep,about now but you can't sleep so what do,you do,probably take out your phone,start looking at some,viral videos maybe check some text,messages,right,and,so if you figured it all out now the,anxiety,causes lack of sleep the lack of sleep,causes,you to use the smartphone the smartphone,causes you to,become anxious which causes you to lose,sleep which makes your anxiety worse,which there's really only one thing you,can do if you have bad anxiety,you need to distract yourself,with the phone,so one way to cure your anxiety is to,distract yourself by using your,smartphone,which gives you anxiety,and keeps you from sleeping and then,have i made my point,let me i'm going to tell you a story,this sounds unrelated then i'm going to,bash them together i'm going to marry,them right in front of you and they're,going to have a baby idea,seems like a completely unrelated story,here it goes,i've been eating especially,clean lately meaning you know far fewer,additives more natural,and,feeling really good,so the the clean diet is definitely,every day i just feel a little better,just physically i can tell,but one day,my,i guess my cockiness and how well things,were going with my diet caused me to eat,an entire bag of chips,because,i don't know if anybody ever told you,this but,chips,the ones with the little ruffles in them,it doesn't have to be the ruffles brand,but the ridges,they're really good,has anybody told you that i mean they're,really good,

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Episode 1909 Scott Adams: Elon Musk Buys Twitter And Nothing Will Be The Same, Including Ukraine War

Episode 1909 Scott Adams: Elon Musk Buys Twitter And Nothing Will Be The Same, Including Ukraine War

foreign,good morning everybody and welcome,to a highlight of civilization and one,of the most fun days that you'll ever,have on coffee with Scott Adams today,Neo has entered the Matrix,and I don't think anything's going to be,the same I don't know we'll find out,but would you like to take it up a notch,would you like to enjoy coffee in not,only this Dimension but higher,Dimensions as well well all you need is,a copper mug or a glass of tank or,Chelsea style the canteen jogger flaska,a vessel of any kind fill it with your,favorite liquid I like coffee,and join me now for the unparalleled,pleasure it's a double being here today,the thing makes everything better it's,called the simultaneous sep and it,happens now go,um yeah freedom,freedom,well I was very proud of my tweet last,night,I tweeted the following everything you,can identify by its initials is working,for its own interests not yours no,exceptions,now how would you like a little,persuasion tip to cake off your morning,what was the persuasion part of this,tweet I'll read it again and you tell me,what is the persuasion part everything,you can identify by its initials is,working for its own interests not yours,no exceptions,yeah no exceptions,do you know me well enough to know,that of course I know there are,exceptions,don't you know I know there are,exceptions of course there are,exceptions of course there are,but but the fact that I make you think,about it is what is what binds you to,the tweet,so here's here's what I hoped you would,do yeah I'm seeing some exceptions like,AIDS,yeah that would be an exception,so what you were supposed to do is say,well this can't be true,Well it can't be true that everything,that you you can identify by its,initials is working for itself not you I,mean what about the FBI oh okay,all right but it can't be true of,everything I mean I take for example the,IRS,but okay well at least you've got the,GOP,oh okay,yeah and not all people,not all people I mean what about AOC,oh yeah,but surely not BLM oh yeah,somebody said KFC somebody said most,somebody said every business,is identified by its letters on the,stock market to which I say that's my,point,that's my point not your point every,single company is working for itself,that's called capitalism so yes every,single company that's listed on the,exchange is working for itself that's,how it works even KFC,even IBM,all right so just so you know you can be,on the inside,of course I did not believe there were,no exceptions of course I did not,believe that,but it's funny,can you give me that did it work,how many of you spend extra time because,I said there were no exceptions,I'll bet you did yeah ESG right,all right so that's your persuasion tip,of the day,that would be the intentional error,persuasion trick,well I continue to watch CNN to see if,they are turning toward the middle,and I do see signs of it I do see signs,of it for example uh,we did see that even CNN people I saw,several of them questioned whether,fetterman should have given even done,the debate,I'm not sure they would have done that a,year ago,I feel like that that was you know,clearly a move to the center,and uh spur Cornish I think was the one,who said it directly you know maybe it,wasn't his time maybe maybe wait till,next time,yeah which which has nothing to do with,the disability,I think you can be,you know perfectly appropriate and still,say maybe,maybe next time was better for him,so,uh along that theme Chris salazu writes,for CNN and had been one of the most uh,prolific anti-trump opinion piece people,but here he is today he says erase a,little opinion piece it's just this weak,Little Penny piece that looks like he,dashed it off in 10 minutes,he says with less than two weeks left,before the November midterm elections,all signs are pointing to a strong,Republican showing that would result in,a switch of party control in the house,and possibly the Senate he goes that's,very good news for Donald Trump,and then I'm waiting for the twist you,know the part where okay now he's now,he's going to get him and he just goes,on to say that Trump will uh do what he,always does which is take credit,if if the if the midterms go Trump's way,do you think Trump will take credit,for the fact that a lot of people that,let's say The Observers didn't think had,a chance or at least die or might,actually win,yes now not only will Donald Trump,predictably,try to take credit but let me ask you,he deserves it right,right I would I wouldn't even I wouldn't,question it at one moment would you,if Trump took credit wouldn't you say,yeah that's that's warranted,because I believe that even the people,who are doing things sort of,independently from Trump,are still conforming to Trump,am I right,there's nobody who's out there,completely independent of trump if,they're a republican if you're a,republican you're running under a trump,set of parameters whether you say it out,loud or not you don't have to say it out,loud,yeah Trump would get compl

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Andrew Tate on Scott Adams wife 👀

Andrew Tate on Scott Adams wife 👀

that night i said to her you've done so,well,and i want you to just keep doing it,steady,so it's like it was hours,just steady perfect speed,back and forth nice and steady nice a,good step nice steady hand hand shandy a,nice steady steady hand job,so she was doing steady hand jobs got,bored of her kicking her out of course,obviously send his wife back to wherever,she's from,and then,she got in a beef with scott now what,happens with his wife is she sometimes,puts things on twitter and then deletes,them quickly yep because like when she's,beefing with scott she tries to bring,shame and pain on his name this is,another thing you know remember,you remember amir's amir khan's wife,used to do this as well yeah and emma,khan's wife used to cuss his family on,twitter in public,saying that you're a bunch of literally,using the p word if anyone's in england,and they know people from the pakistani,community they're using the p word,saying you're a bunch of broke,i can't say the word because i'm not,from everyone argues with their chick,right but if your chick starts trying to,blast you in public in public yeah you,can't go back on that so anyway,so anyway she starts blasting him in,public now i because i am the top g i,have things on her account so everything,she tweets get instantly saved because,i'm the top g come on you can't delete,things on me exactly you don't know i,know so so here's what she she tweeted,out she tweeted this out and as a,professional because that's what i am,we analyzed it we analyzed we saw,between the lines so here we got the,screenshot and it's it's christina,basham arguing with scott on text,so she's obviously in blue so scott,said,you'll never release on your sister's,fake news don't know what that means,doesn't matter because christina is,supposed to have cancer but you know she,was still steady so it's fine,your cancer is gerard and johnny's,problem not mine you made your bed so,scott's saying i don't care about your,cancer it's it's gerard's and johnny's,problem,and she's like what a horrible thing to,say now as a professional please,understand something i want you guys to,understand something at home when i talk,i'm not talking i'm a professional,and when i say we know i'm a,professional of life i am at least 10,times smarter than the average man which,means that my brain works 10 times,quicker which means every one year of,computation that you endure,is 10 years of computation inside of the,tape mind that makes me at least 350,years old because i'm 35. i've been,around i've seen it all i've been,through more than you would,possibly believe jesus,christ so i know the gang i don't know,the number so i know when a man says,that's this other guy's problem that,means that this other guy is who she was,sleeping with right,so,gerard and johnny so he says i don't,care if you have cancer it's gerard's,problem it's johnny's problem so he's,like i need to find out who jared and,johnny are how long do you think that,took me,about eight seconds about eight seconds,about eight seconds so gerard and johnny,gerard is my ex and johnny is my flight,instructor,mm-hmm,so basically scott flying lessons flying,steady step steady steady joystick,control now,now all of them all the pieces are,coming together nice and steady joystick,manipulation yeah very steady so gerard,and johnny so scott's like listen,doesn't matter if you have cancer that's,gerard and johnny's problem so she was,banging behind so not only was she,messaging me she's banging gerard she's,banging johnny scott adams is sitting,there drawing cartoons with his mask on,tweeting that everyone should get,vaccinated,making cartoons about dilbert's wife,game flight instruction,playlist scott adams is officially a,bombocra,so champ of the week is leah thomas,loser of the week,it's scott adams it has to be so his,wife is getting nailed by her ex and her,flying instructor and giving steady hand,jobs to my brother over here,it was so steady it was so steady she,hasn't got the chemo shakes yet,you

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