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How To Save Videos On Twitter ( EASY GUIDE )okay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTube channel in


Updated on Jan 30,2023

How To Save Videos On Twitter ( EASY GUIDE )

okay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTube channel in today's video I'm,going to show you a very simple and easy,way or how you can save videos or,pictures on your Twitter account and I'm,going to walk you through a very,detailed step-by-step tutorial on how,you're going to do this all I want from,you in this video is for you to pay,attention to every step that I'm going,to show you,apply it and you're going to see that,you will successfully save a video and a,picture on your Twitter account but,before that I would like you to leave me,alone in this video so that it will,motivate me and also serve as an,encouragement knowing fully whether,people are with me and people are,getting value from my videos okay it,also got it always going to have many,people solve their problems whichever is,too much for our time let's get started,I believe you're already on your Twitter,account just answer some so just as I am,then let's try to find a particular,picture that I want to download okay,okay if you are a fan of football let's,just go to a musician let's go let's go,to any musician of our choice okay man,I'm just going to go with brown but I'm,going to go with barnaba Okay click on,button boy,yeah then this is bona boys page let's,try to find a picture that we want to,download okay let's just go with this,one in particular,this particular picture and click on it,if you click on there you're going to,click on the picture if you click on the,picture that's this place click on this,three dot at the top click on the,Traders at the top you are going to see,save here then click on Save,and that is the image has been saved to,our phone gallery and first of all I'm,going to show you that it actually works,on image okay and I'm also going to show,you how you're going to do that in your,video so just comment from your Twitter,account,let's go to our phone gallery or photos,Okay and check whether if this thing,actually downloaded,go to your gallery and if you go to your,gallery then you're going to come to,Twitter then you're going to see the,particular photo did you see that I just,saved it to my own phone gallery and,that's another simple one I'm going to,do that we've saved the photo already we,are going to save video right now okay,just stick with me this video leave me a,like leave me a comment and also,subscribe to this channel,then right now we are already on our,Twitter account,let's try to find a particular video of,what I'm going to want to download Okay,click on this media if you click on,media then I'm going to see okay let's,find this particular video and download,this particular video in this particular,one okay,okay let's download this particular,video and as you all know if you click,on the picture you're going to see three,dot at the top but if you click on your,video you're not going to see anything,even if you click on this settings icon,you won't see anything so the the best,way for you to save Twitter videos on,your Twitter account is for you to copy,your link click on this,um share icon at the downright of,visitors click on it then you're going,to see these particular options click on,share copy link Okay click on copy link,and you've already copied the link of,the video then all you need to do is for,you to come on from this site come on,from your Twitter account go to any,browser of your choice mine I'm going to,use Google Chrome for this then click on,Google Chrome if you click on Google,Chrome then you are going to type you're,going to search for this website that,I'm going to show you here go to your,Google search for, okay then click on go or,click on search depending on the phone,you're using then you're going to see,this particular interface okay the next,is to paste the link in this place paste,the link they paste the video link then,you are going to see this particular,place and at the top you are going to,see mp4720 download okay anyone you can,even select any MP of your choice so if,you don't want to click on just download,if you click on download it's going to,bring you out of this place then all you,need to do is first to click on this,your back arrow Okay click on it you're,going to come to this particular,interface or you can or yours can just,start downloading immediately then click,on this three dot TM and click on this,download and with that the video has,already been it has already started,downloading and we are on our way to,finish it so guys as the video is,downloading I would like you to leave me,a like in this video so that it will,motivate you and knowing fully whether,people love me and people are getting my,video,do,leave me a comment in the comment,section tell me that this video really,helped you and I'll be glad to hear that,I'll also tell me on any other topic you,want me to do for you that I'm going to,reduce that because I'm here for you,lastly and most importantly do subscribe,to this channel turn on notification,Bell to be getting more useful,information on h

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How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

in this video i show you how to download,twitter videos if you're new to the,channel please go down below and hit,that subscribe button and once you have,subscribed please go and leave a like as,well i really do appreciate it so please,do make sure to watch this video right,until the end you know all the steps to,properly download the video and that any,further ado let's go and jump straight,into this as you can see i'm now on my,phone but this tutorial is going to work,on any device regardless if it's an,iphone an android desktop it's all going,to work and this tutorial is going to,apply to all of them and in my opinion,it's super super simple and one of the,best ways out there uh you don't need to,go and download their apps you can all,do it within the twitter app or the,twitter web application so the first,thing of course is what you want to do,is go onto twitter make sure you're,logged onto your account and go and find,a video you want to go and download so,in this case i'm going to go and,download the one i posted several,minutes ago and i want to go and,download this back onto my phone but in,your case it may just be a video useful,on twitter which you'd like to have in,your own phone in your own camera roll,to go and use and do make sure you have,the permission of the original copyright,holder before going and downloading,other people's videos so yeah once,you've gone and found the video then all,you want to do is go and click on it and,you need to go and type a reply so click,here and basically what we're going to,do is we're going to go and tag a bot,which is going to allow us to go and,download it it creates basically a,download for us and it's really simple,so all you want to do is press the add,button and all you need to do is go and,type send,vid,bot now do keep watching those doing the,full steps then go and get it from this,bot onto your phone in a few tips and,tricks then all you need to do is go and,click tweets,and he's going to go and send it,if i just go and reload this as you can,see it's now sent it now what you have,to do is wait a few minutes okay it's,going to take a few minutes because,there's demand for this service,basically so i'll wait a minute or two,and then catch up with you guys then and,then guys after about four to five,minutes you're gonna go and get this,reply as you can see it says you've got,this link however if you don't get a,reply do not worry give it around five,minutes we want to do is go to your,search browser and all you need to do is,come to,and you need to go and enter your,twitter username just like so so i'll,type mine in but you may not need to do,this if you get sent the link but if you,don't get the link this is the way to do,it so then go and click check and it's,going to go and send a list of all the,videos i've requested a download for so,as you can see this was four minutes ago,and i did another one which is 23,minutes ago,so then i'm going to go and click,download and i'm going to click download,and i may go and get taken to an ad if,you do scroll to click back and it'll,take a minute to load and as you can see,it says do you want to download the file,name dot mp4 i'm going to click download,and then as you can see in the top right,side of download but this will vary on,each device of course so i'm going to,click on it and here we go i can now go,and open up and play it just like so but,as i previously said you can also just,go and click on the link in the tweets,but if you haven't got that tweet you,can go and do it manually as i just,showed you if you found this guide,useful please go down below and hit the,subscribe button leave a like for more,i'll catch you in the next one peace

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How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

hey guys it's queen tech and welcome,back to my channel,so today i'm going to be giving you a,tutorial on how to download videos from,twitter,directly to your iphone okay guys so for,this,tutorial we're going to be using the,document app if you guys are not,familiar with this app i have used it,multiple times in my previous videos,and honestly it's i recommend this app,for anybody anywhere,it works for both iphone and android and,it's a hundred percent free,this app can work on any site any,platform and anywhere just to download,any software,and it's also good for writing typing so,honestly i do recommend this app,so first of all we are going to need a,video to download so i'm just going to,go into twitter,once i'm in twitter i'm just going to um,look for a video,okay okay i choose this one so next,we're just going to click on,it and then right beside the dislike,button,okay i'm going to like it right beside,this like button there's this share icon,where it looks like a,arrow is coming out of the box all you,have to do is click on it,and then this should pop up then,immediately click on copy link to the,suite,once you click on that it should,automatically copy to the,click clipboard i'm sorry copy to the,clipboard and then you leave the app,so next you go to your documents app and,once you are here you're going to click,on the bottom,right this safari looking icon on the,bottom right,and then once you do that it should,bring you here to a default page,so next all you have to do is type in,twitter,to why can't i type,to talk to mp4 and then click on go once,you are here,click on this,is a 100 free website,that you can download videos from,twitter to your phone i recommend it,i've used it a lot of times that is the,best out there,so then now you're going to paste the,link which you just copied,and then click on download immediately,the video should pop up,and then it should come out in format in,which the video can be downloaded,it would make combating more in my,comments and less based on the video,quality,of the uploader so once you do this i'm,just going to click on,download video and then our famous,pop-up icon should come up,so you can edit it choose where to save,it to your itunes folders,to like to anywhere and then even edit,the name but i do not want to enter the,name so i'm just going to click on done,now we should automatically start,downloading and here it is,it is downloading very very fast based,on your internet connection,so now i'm just going to go back to my,home page and then i should look for the,video,which should be right there just click,on downloads,and then look for your video which you,have just downloaded,okay here it is the video is up here so,now all you have to do is right click,okay see the video right here guys,so all you have to do to save this video,is to right click on these three bottom,dots at the bottom of the video section,and then click on share right under the,share,folder and then once you click on share,you should come up here again and then,you're supposed to click on save,video so click on save video,your video should automatically save to,your phone so next you should go to your,phone,and then the video should be right here,the video will receive successfully,using volume and you should,video should work properly so guys i,hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you,did,please subscribe give this video a,thumbs up and i'll see you guys in my,next video,bye

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How to Download Twitter Videos On Android

How to Download Twitter Videos On Android

what's up guys welcome to my youtube,channel in today's video i'm going to,show you the very easy steps on how you,can download any twitter video on your,android phone,and i'm going to walk you through step,by step on how to do this all i'm asking,for is for you to give me your maximum,attention pay attention to every step,that i'm going to show in this video,because if you don't you're going to get,it wrong you're not going to achieve,that okay and if after watching this,video you found this video very useful,and helpful do leave me a like in this,video so that other people like you that,are looking for the same solution on the,same problem can also see it leave me a,comment in the comment section axing me,or telling me to do any video of any,topic you want me to do for you and i'm,going to do just that and lastly do,subscribe to the channel to be getting,more useful information on how to do,various things on youtube i will tell,you so much about pressures and giving,time let's get started with the step one,the first step that we're going to use,to do this is first of all log into your,twitter app just as i'm doing right away,login to your twitter app then we are,going to find a particular video that we,are going to download okay let me go,with music for music lovers i believe,everybody loves music and i'm going to,go with africa let me just choose one of,the top nigerian artists and the top,like african artists that we have of as,of now which is brown a boy let's go for,boner but let's go for any vulnerable,video and download it okay all you need,to do is for you to click on this search,button click on search twitter then,type,one,boy,and here is borah boys account click on,the first page that you are going to see,is the bluetick which is verified then,click on it,if you click on it,then you are going to see a variety of,posts that bonnet boy has posted of as,of now,then if you don't want to waste your,time okay,this place they are going to take to its,tweets and reply media likes click on,media okay click on media,you're going to click on media for you,to easily access to his videos or,pictures of any kind,okay,now we are going to download this,particular video okay,we are going to download this particular,video that we are seeing here,so guys here is the particular videos of,bona boi that we're going to download,let's just choose one of them and,download it okay let's go with this,particular one,let's go with this particular video,let's download this video on our android,phone okay all we need to do is first to,click on this,icon this,here icon at the down right corner,that's the last one click on it if you,click on it then you're going to see,where they see it copy link bookmark,here via down here you're going to see,whatsapp message click on the upload,that you see copy link click on copy,link and you've already copied the link,of the video and that's how you're going,to download it the next thing they are,going to do is for you to come out from,twitter then go to any chrome of your,choice maybe you're using google chrome,or you're using google only or you're,using phone x anyone that you're using,depending on your country but i'm going,to go with google chrome if you click on,google chrome,then you are going to,you are going to search for this,particular website that i'm going to,show you right away that is going to,download this very easy okay all you,need to do is for you to click on this,search button if you click on it then,you're going to type this particular,website which is,save,from,dot net,save from dot net okay click,on go or search if you click on it,then it's going to bring you to the site,okay,okay guys this is a particular site it,does how this um save from interface is,okay what you need to do is for you to,paste the link that you've copied on,your twitter account paste it if you,paste it then it will automatically,bring out the video for you and it will,be more easier for you to download the,video okay,this is the particular video okay,all you need to do is for you to click,on this download mp4720,click on download if you click on,download,then it's going to bring you to where,the video is actually downloading okay,here is the video,here is the particular video,i'm sorry guys i'm having a bad network,here that's the cause of it okay,so guys if you click on that place it's,going to bring you here okay all you,need to do is for you to click on this,trade order is going to see the,downlight of this video click on it then,you're going to see download playback,speed click on the download button,and this video this video is downloading,okay if you want to check whether this,video is actually downloading let's go,to this detail click on detail,then you are going to see the video is,downloading,downloading okay here the video has,already downloaded and let's click on it,to know whether it's actually the video,sure here is the video okay i'm forced,to be extra sure whether this video has,alrea

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Cara Menyimpan Video di Twitter ke Galeri Tanpa Aplikasi 2022

Cara Menyimpan Video di Twitter ke Galeri Tanpa Aplikasi 2022

Assalamualaikum wr wb, hallo teman-teman semua,Di video kali ini saya akan bagikan tutorial tentang cara menyimpan video Twitter ke Galeri Hp tanpa aplikasi tambahan,Yok langsung saja kita ke tutorialnya,Pertama, di sini buka aplikasi Twitter dan masuk ke akun Twitter teman-teman,Kemudian, di sini silakan cari video yang akan kalian download dan simpan ke Galeri Hp teman-teman ,Nah, di sini kalian bisa cari melalui pencarian di Twitter,Dengan mengetikkan kata kunci/akun Twitter yang ada videonya,Kemudian, di sini bisa melalui tlending ya, nah di sini saya mau cari di trend saja,Ini hanya sebagai contoh saya cari yang video ya,Nah, ini mungkin bagus videonya,Oke, langsung saja di sini untuk langkah selanjutnya silakan buka video yang ingin kalian simpan,Lalu, silakan tap ikon pojok kanan bawah ini,Nah, langkah selanjutnya di sini silakan pilih salin tautan,Oke, disalin ke papan klip ya,Kemudian, keluarkan dulu aplikasi Twitter,Kemudian, di sini silakan buka Browser yang sudah ada di Hp teman-teman,Jadi, di sini kita tanpa menggunakan aplikasi tambahan/tanpa mendownload aplikasi lagi,Karena, kita sudah menggunakan Browser yang sudah ada di Hp, di sini saya gunakan Browser Chrome,Langkah selanjutnya, silakan di sini ketikkan twitter video downloader,Nah, kemudian di sini silakan pilih alamat situs yang ingin kalian gunakan untuk mendownload video dari Twitter yang kalian pilih tadi,Nah, di sini saya mau menggunakan, kalian bisa situs lain apabila susah menggunakan situs yang satunya, maka bisa pakai situs yang lainnya,Nah, di sini silakan kalian tempelkan tautan yang tadi disalin,Tekan lama lalu tempel, nah langkah selanjutnya silakan tekan tombol download,Nah, kemudian di sini kalian bisa pilih untuk quality/kualitas video yang akan kalian download,Nah, saya mau pilih yang paling bawah saja sebagai contoh yang paling rendah ini ya,Selanjutnya, kalian silakan tekan titik tiga yang ada di pojok kanan bawah,Lalu, silakan tekan download,Nah ini sudah,Nah, ini adalah videonya sudah berhasil di download dan kalian bisa langsung cek di Galeri video Hp teman-teman maka videonya sudah ada,Nah ini ya teman-teman, sudah ada di Galeri,Baik, jadi seperti itulah video kali ini tentang cara menyimpan video Twitter ke Galeri Hp andorid tanpa menggunakan aplikasi tambahan,Semoga video ini membantu teman-teman, sampai jumpa di video selanjutnya di channel Nanda Hero

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Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

第一个游戏是 ,是数字卡游戏 ,- 我选2 / - 好 2 ,就是了,什么啊? ,没有 ,完了 ,结束了 ,输了 ,Jimin很会玩 , ,一天洗两次澡的人!,一周洗一次也很够了 ,- 是你了 / - 你走吧 ,问题怎么这样啊? ,我完全是果汁啊 ,都说我是柠檬的样子,- 我没有撒谎 / - 是的 ,- 我 / - 是撒谎者 - 是的 / - 真的? ,怎么你一听到问题就动耳朵? ,问为什么举手的时候 ,- 回答很不具体 / - 就是啊 ,是撒谎者 ,这个回合是市民的胜利 ,- OK / - OK ,接下来是 ,- 我有异议 / - 我有异议游戏 ,天才发掘团第三场比赛是 ,我有异议游戏 ,我有异议游戏规则 掷出1到5的骰子,将棋子送至终点,但只有掷出骰子的玩家才能确认点数,可以说谎假装是其他的数字,其他玩家如果对此抱有怀疑,可喊出"我有异议"之后确认骰子点数,如果是真的 掷骰子的玩家可前进相应步数,提出异议的玩家就要后退相应的步数,相反如果是说谎 掷骰子的玩家就要按照喊出的数字后退相应步数,提出异议的玩家可以按照其喊出的数字前进相应步数,还要注意一点,骰子上写有“假话”两个字代替数字6 ,出现“假话”时 当前玩家 ,就必须要说谎 ,游戏开始之后,按照到达终点的顺序 第一名70分,第二名60分,第三名50分,从第四名到第七名,每人可获得20分,这个不错 ,每次都喊"我有异议!"不就行了嘛,在原点的人可以那样做,这个真的是心理战,提出异议 ,对在起点的人有利 ,因为可以一直提出异议 ,就是不要胡来,- 只要不胡来 至少还能前进到一半 - 是啊,依我看这游戏是不是要教育人说,- 最终只有正直的人才能获胜 - 最后还是前进不了的话,一直提出异议不就可以了 ,为了更好地理解游戏 要不要先试一轮? ,- 不用了 都理解了 / - 不了 直接开始吧 / - 不必了 不必了 ,直接开始吧 ,- 开始吧 - 理解了,- 理解了 - 好大,好 我要开始了 ,因为这是第一轮 肯定马上就有人提出异议 ,立刻 立刻就提 ,骰子刚一落下来 就会有人说,我有异议,不对 落下来之前就说,我打算提出异议 ,- 但是我有可能说的是真的 - 是啊,所以你只能说真话,- 我有异议!! - 我有异议!!,还没说是多少呢 ,2!,- 不对 我有异议! - 我有异议!,也有可能是1,我有异议 ,Jin哥和南俊哥?,什么啊? ,才第一轮我为什么要说谎?,那我错了,对不起,不好意思,2,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的不是2 ,不是2,你摇到的不是2 ,你不是2 ,肯定不是 ,要么是假话 要么就是1 ,OK 我有异议!,OK 我有异议! , ,- 挑战 挑战 / - 桢国... / - 我有异议! ,是多少?,2!,- 真的吗? / - 嗯 ,- 重新回到起点! - 回去吧 / - 回去吧 ,今天之内能结束吗?,我把哥哥送出去了,我有异议!,你在说谎 ,1...!,- 你在说谎 / - 1? ,感觉应该不是1,我有异议! ,这是真的!,- 感觉应该不是1 / - 假的 假的 ,- 我有异议 / - 这是真的 ,是假话,怎么第一局就抽到假话呢,那我有异议! 我有异议! ,我现在没有异议了 ,调整一下呼吸 ,是2,2 ,2 ,我有异议!,你摇到的不是2,确定吗?,- 嗯 / - 我也觉得不是2 ,你有异议吗? ,我有异议! ,其他人还有吗?,后退...,- 我有异议! / - 有异议就说出来 ,我有异议! ,有吗? ,因为他认为2是颇具良心的谎话,请安静,- 是2吗? / - 摇到了2 / - 是2 ,没关系 反正我也无处可退了 ,OK 这的确是心理战,不要看 大家都看向前面吧,- 看不到! - 知道了 看不到,而且根本看不到勒!,什么“看不到勒”啊?,那是什么话啊?,抱歉喔 ,把视觉 ,坐下,直接放弃了 ,- 是1 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的是“假话”,- 感觉不是1 - 是1,- 感觉是更大的数字 / - 是假的 ,- 假的 不对 他摇到的是假话 / - 是更大的数 ,都有谁提出了异议,请举手 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 ,是的 ,就是1 ,- 啊 / - 真的吗? - 摇到了1,叮 ,辛苦了 ,聚在一起很温馨嘛 ,我打算后面没有异议了 ,就是因为这样 所以才没法前进,假话 ,这像话吗? ,我有异议!,我还没开始呢,我还没摇骰子呢 ,我有异议!,不是 我还没说呢 ,我摇到的是3,那我要提出异议 ,我也有异议!,他可能预想到了我们会提出异议 但我这次不提了,桢国 你不是还在起点嘛 不管有没有异议,我有异议 ,对啊 你没有损失 ,怎么都不举手呢? ,好 OK 是多少?,是3 ,处于领先的闵玧其选手 处于领先的闵玧其选手,来了 来了! 大家都准备好了吗?,- 快点吧 - 我要转骰子了,我有异议!,是4!,啊 我有异议,应该不是,你摇到的是象征骗子的4 (韩语谐音),- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! 我也有异议! ,- 你应该是在骗人 / - 你摇到的不是4 ,你摇到的是假话 ,- 看来你们到现在还是不了解j-hope - 我有异议,反正我没什么好失去的了,没什么可输的人是最可怕的,我真的是4,拿去 ,- Jin哥 错 / - 我要前进了 ,痛失一切 ,我打算从现在起要提出异议了 ,JK现在还没离开起点呢 ,5,我有异议!,我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 居然说是5? ,居然说是5? ,看他表情就知道了,1 ,- 1? / - 我有异议! 我有异议! ,3 , ,什么啊? 到底是什么?,请说出准确的数字,5 ,摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 ,- 摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,- 我也提一下吗? / - 不对 ,- 不对 可能真的摇到了5 - 我也提一下?,- 不知道了 - 我有异议!,哦 玧其 ,挑战 我有异议!,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,摇到5了?,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,- 正确答案是? - 正确答案是?,是假话,- 闵玧其 / - 玧其下注成功了 ,玧其中彩票了 ,早知道我就说1了,桢国 那边空气怎么样?,这边空气吗? 很浑浊,OK ,居然说很浑浊 ,这个游戏要有人提出异议才好玩,我太了解金泰亨了 对不起 ,- 我了解你 / - 好像摇到了假话 ,1 ,- 1? / - 1? / - 1 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 我也有异议,我有异议! ,数字是多少呢? ,1 ,- OK - 你了解我什么?,你懂什么? 你算什么?,- 你算什么? - 你哪有了解我?,你算什么 还说了解别人?,- 为什么装作很懂的样子? - 什么啊?,你算什么 装作很了解我 你懂我吗?,就因为你 把我也连累了,Jimin如果戴着猫耳朵,现在应该晃得很厉害,哦呵 真是 ,拜托 拜托 拜托 ,是3,桢国 提出异议吧 ,当然要提出异议了 我有异议 ,其实就是3,哎 真是,处于第二名的金南俊选手 ,我们友好竞争吧 南俊,- OK / - 友好竞争 ,如果抽到假话 那就说不定了 ,是2 ,- 这个频率是固定的 - 2? / - 是2,有人要提出异议吗? ,除了我就没别人了,- 现在只有你能提出异议 / - 对 ,你干嘛呀?,你摇到了假话吗? ,- 怎么了? / - 是假话吗? ,是假话,桢国成功了 ,- 我终于可以前进了 - 所以说一无所有是最可怕的,没什么可输的人最可怕了,好 我要开始了,是2!,好像是假话吧?,- 看他耳朵都红了 / - 假话这么容易摇到吗? ,Jin哥耳朵变红了 ,因为大家都盯着我看,- 变得越来越红了 / - 你们... ,因为你们都盯着我看 所以才会这样 ,我要提出异议 ,走上异议之路 ,桢国 你要想好了 ,我回到原点也无所谓 其实是2 ,OK 那么就请桢国,回到原点吧,明明都出来了 ,现在水鬼又出现了,- 我要把你们都拖下水 / - 水鬼 ,我要提出异议,依我看他摇到了假话 ,表情 ,我觉得玧其哥会实话实说,我摇到了4 ,我当然要提出异议,正确答案是?,的确是4,- 运气真好 / - 玧其哥 ,遥遥领先的闵玧其选手 ,稳定的战术,好 我要开始了,原来要出现假话才行啊,在演戏是吧?,他在演戏 他在演戏 他要说1或者2了,是1 ,OK 就算是1格也前进一下吧 ,我提出异议 ,即使是1格也要前进 ,试一下吧 试一下吧 ,- 确实是1 - 啊 1,对吗? ,- 因为田桢国 我们都没法说谎了 / - 来 传过去吧 ,是啊 只要有人在起点 我们就没办法随便说谎了 ,为了我们的游戏顺利进行下去,可能直接相信他会更好一点,不提出异议 ,是4,- 好 你走吧 / - 我相信 / - 我信 我信 ,那我说5,我相信你 ,- 那我就说5吧 - 相信你 往前走吧 往前走吧,我提出异议,那我就说是4,那我不提了 ,真狡猾啊 ,- 你要不要提出异议? / - 太透明了 - 真狡猾啊,他怎么这么透明呢? ,桢国最终的数字是?,- 是4 - 4,有人提出异议吗?,- 没有 - 没有,- 我能再改成5吗? / - 没有 没有 ,你改成5 我就提出异议 ,- 4 是4 / - 桢国 4 ,前进吧,好 现在起点没人了 ,玧其哥只要选择稳定战术 就能得第一名了,我摇到了4,我有异议,我有异议! ,我也有异议 ,我有异议 ,OK 我有异议,桢国 你是不是需要再往前走两步呢?,我退出了 ,我退出 ,- 三位 - 三个人吗?,请往后去吧 就是4,- 就是4 / - 真是 , ,幸好我退出了,有意思 继续进行吧! ,不错 还挺有趣的,- 是1 - 有趣,看来你还不了解我的性格,我有异议 ,是假话,恭喜 恭喜,并排前进一格... ,摇到了假话对吧 ,这家伙真是孤独啊,你是摇到了1吗?,我摇到了1 ,就算是1我也要前进 ,我有异议! 我有异议,你非要这么做吗?,我要前进1格 ,就是1 ,你真是 你往前走走吧 ,- 因为他 我都不能说谎了 真是的 - 就是说啊,是4!,异议 我有异议,- 因为害怕他 我游戏都玩不下去了 - 异议区域,我要提出异议!,我的目标是,摧毁这场游戏,- 是4 / - 是啊 / - 应该是对的 ,- 桢国 - 嗯?,别开玩笑了 我们试试进入第二第三名吧?,怎么进入第二第三名啊? ,肯定可以的 ,这里玧其哥要摇到假话才搞笑,综艺之神究竟是否站在我这边呢? ,我要开始了,3 是3 ,3的话哥哥就到终点了 ,我有异议,要先提出来 ,当然要提了 我们俩要提 ,也有可能是假话,玧其哥好像要进入终点了,我也提一下? 我有异议 ,是假话 ,哦 闵玧其 ,玧其下注成功了 ,你们往后去吧,就是3 ,- 结束了 / - 太厉害了 ,我到终点了 ,我现在来给大家现场解说 ,哇 玧其哥太懂进退战术了,- 是啊 / - 一下子就赚到了 对吧? ,- 是啊 - 人生就是如此,好 我要开始了 ,我这次要正直一点,我摇到了3,当然要提一个了,提吧 提吧 ,Jimin还不举手 愣着干嘛呢? ,我有异议 ,是3 请看 是3 ,怎么了?,Oh,这样就很可能是说谎了,5 ,他为了无论如何都要前进 ,我有异议 ,就是5 ,哇 Jimin 就剩你自己了 一定很孤单吧,我附近还有人啊 那是谁?,是我 是我 ,我刚才一个不小心,直接退回去了 ,这种程度可以说是隔壁了吧? 是邻居呢 邻居? ,5,要赌一下 要赌一下 ,我有异议 ,桢国 他如果不是5的话,那你就领先了 就是第三名了 ,那我相信玧其哥一次吧? ,毕竟玧其哥已经完成了,老实坐着,让我老实坐着?,我要毁灭这个游戏,5,桢国 ,试一下吧 桢国 人生在此一搏 ,人生在此一搏 ,- 我提一个? - 提吧!,- 桢国 来吧 来吧 / - 来吧 来吧 - 不行 不行 不行 不行 ,OK 我要提出异议,不行 ,不行?,桢国和Jimin提出了异议 ,正确答案是?,是5 ,肯定是这样啊 ,不要随便听信别人的话 ,- 虽然没什么意义了 / - Jimin哥 ,Jimin哥, ,不会是1吧?,- 不是的 南俊哥

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How To Save GIFs On Twitter

How To Save GIFs On Twitter

To save GIFs on Twitter,,you'll need to use a third-party app.,For those with an iPhone,,GIFwrapped is an app,that can allow you to save GIFs on Twitter.,Once you've downloaded GIFwrapped,,here's how to use it.,Press the up arrow in the bottom right corner,of the tweet and click "Copy Link.",Open GIFwrapped and navigate to the search tab if necessary.,Paste the tweet URL into the search bar,and press "search.",Save the GIF that appears to your library,or to photos by tapping the icon,that looks like an arrow coming out of a box,in the bottom left of the screen.,Select "Share Image," then tap "Save to Photos.",If you are on Android,,you can download Tweet2gif.,It's a free app that's available,in the Google Play store.,Once you have that installed on your Android,,here's how to save GIFs on Twitter.,Go to the tweet that contains the GIF you want to save.,Then click the share button.,Select Tweet2gif.,Then click "Download GIF.",Also, you can change the save location,by going into your settings.,On desktop, you can download GIFs,in a MP4 format by using a site,like,Once you are on this site,,here's how to save GIFs in a MP4 format on Twitter.,Go to the Twitter GIF you want to save,,press the up arrow in the bottom right corner,of the tweet,,and click "Copy Link to Tweet.",Go to and paste the link,in the box that says "Paste the URL link here.",Left-click the download button,,then right-click the "Download Link" button.,Click "Save link as" and save the GIF,in any folder that you'd like.,If you would like to convert it back to a GIF format,,you can use a site like,Once you are on this site,,here's how to save those MP4s back into GIFs.,In the upper left-hand side of the screen,,click on "Video to GIF.",Under "Select video from your computer,",click on "Choose File.",Choose the file,,click "Open,",then press "Upload video.",Edit the GIF however you see fit,using some of the many options presented to you,,then click "Convert to GIF.",Once converted, scroll down a bit,,make your final edits, then click "Save."

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How to Save Twitter videos to IPhone’s camera roll

How to Save Twitter videos to IPhone’s camera roll

so um,let's see um let's download one video of,um this ukraine versus russia or,the hashtag ukraine and the hashtag you,can find,now look for um if you do those videos,you want to download,okay um,okay let's download this one,i'm sorry this one is um,too graphic,let's um find um,let's let's download this one,now once you um look at the video today,click on them,this icon share,copy the link,now go to um your safari go to these,sites you can actually see a list of,from,this site here,so select the norm but um i'm gonna use,um this one online converter,so you convert a video link paste um,the copied link here,now mom,fill in the capture,get on start,um,let's fight to um process,second time,you shouldn't take um unless um let's,refresh it,no,press,there's a link,click on start,click on download,can download,so,it has downloaded,this is ambitious version let's download,the video version go back um,there's a link,change the format to mp4,and then click on start,now um download

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