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Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Reading Their Favorite Tweets! Hilariousi wake up every day and i find


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Reading Their Favorite Tweets! Hilarious

i wake up every day and i find i love,you more than i did the day before,my favorite thing about outlander is how,jamie's always like,you do the voice this is how things are,done,in the 18th century claire but then five,seconds later he's like,i'm sorry i want to be a better man,please teach me claire i want to learn,oh jamie claire's about to put the sassy,and sassanid,what's it like working with sam he's,amazing and really good actor,and sexy yeah i don't think that's what,that says,currently obsessing over outlander argh,it's so good i also enjoy the amount of,sam human biceps i don't think you see,my biceps much in the show actually,she sacrificed her husband to go back,into the past,what the which one,i don't even know which one you're,talking about did she sacrifice frank or,jamie,she didn't sacrifice jamie she was,trying to protect the baby man,i love how everyone's getting rude it's,lots of curse words now,act nancy mcgilroy let's say you're both,contestants on survivor,who would get voted off first katrina or,sam i think you'd get voted off straight,away,why ever would you say that the alpha,female they'd get they'd get rid of you,stiff competition yeah that's i mean you,know if i was to go,that would be the reason well me every,two seconds watching outlander,claire is so beautiful hashtag that's,katrina i mean ally cast,cash did you write that for me,i did yeah i thought you needed at least,one nice thing sent by you,claire is like drink up drink up drink,up jamie is like oh my god i married a,lush i mean,you know what would you do if you'd,found yourself transported 200 years,back in time,and everyone tried to like attack you,that's a good point yeah all anybody,wants to talk about is jon snow's,i know get me lit right there's,something we need to tell you jon snow's,peach emoji need outlander stars back,ace up so you can reclaim rightful spot,as best,peach emoji on tv i am with you there,jon snow you know nothing,jon snow what is your idea of a perfect,date,what date would you plan for your lovely,significant one,oh wow um i hadn't the other day and we,were talking about this,i've come to conclusion that i need you,know outdoorsy things,uh alcohol um,and sushi i think but i'm also up for,you know,i love breakfast as well i love,breakfast it's good yeah avocado that's,just that the day goes really well,that's it,at glinda loves shoes all right glinda,what would happen if all the whiskey,drunk on set were real,ah well the acting would probably get,better,yeah well i think probably,some of us might have sclerosis of the,river,of the river been at it already,how much whiskey did you have this,morning,how have i never noticed how sexy,collarbones are,thanks for showing me the light jamie oh,my collarbones,yeah oh cool that's that bit isn't it,anatomy doctor somebody yeah you're the,doctor i'm,i'm from the 1700s sam hewn is my new,favorite hashtag tv husband exclamation,mark is where i guess amazing,happily be your tv husband date wonder,um just like i'm getting hooked up here,at market,zing kc,do your best impression of each other,both character,and the real person,you go first oh jamie,jamie stop doing that you should really,stop it because it's not very clever and,don't you know you should wash your,hands,claire is not only smart and beautiful,but give her a weapon and she becomes,one badass lady,i am then what show you're watching can,second that and i also like sam hewn's,ginger man bun oh no,normally not a fan of red-haired men,what's wrong with redhead man but,exception proves the rule i,no longer am sporting a man bun so i'm,sorry petra,but you and me were finished if you,could switch characters with anyone for,one scene,who would it be and what scene oh wow,that's good,i mean i want to switch oh yes i get to,answer i want to switch with graham,very very okay all the time outlander is,a feminist dream,claire is kicking ass and taking names,and i'm all about it yeah she is,and she does kick ass and um there's,probably more people coming up in the,next few episodes that you'll see more,of that happening,my impression of sam is oh,that's quite good i'm not sure i'm,allowed to read this,between claire's boobs and jamie's,awkwardness,i think i need a drink as well,i think i do too they are pretty awesome,awkward what's been the most surprising,aspect of working on outlander good or,bad,just how good it has been um i think you,know you go into these,projects and you hope that you know it's,going to be a good atmosphere and,everything and i think it's just,surpassed,all expectations and i think the most,surprising thing is yeah,the fan reaction has been you know it's,been amazing that they've supported us,throughout the whole thing and,um you know they they tweet us they,support our charities they come to these,events,very thankful and they make us lots of,baked goodies which is always good sam,can make a paper airplane

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5 Times Sam Heughan Proved He Is The Most HUMBLE ACTOR On The Planet

5 Times Sam Heughan Proved He Is The Most HUMBLE ACTOR On The Planet

nu in de dagelijkse Outlander tv-serie wordt erg beroemd fans wachten ongeduldig op,het komende zevende seizoen het is geen leugen als we zeggen dat de bekendheid die het verdient,voornamelijk kwam door deze geweldige Hot Scot Sam Heughan wordt algemeen beschouwd als een,van de aardigste jongens in de wereld hij is bescheiden fan-centrisch en,nuchter kijk samen met ons naar vijf redenen waarom Sam Heughan de beste beroemdheid is van dit moment,Licentie op 40-jarige leeftijd soms denk je misschien dat deze man zijn rijbewijs al heeft Hij is,een goede ruiter in Outlander maar hij had een geldig motorrijbewijs nodig om motor te rijden hij,verdiende het rijbewijs pas toen hij 40 werd. nu is hij zo'n fantastische ruiter net,als het paard dat hij had in de show Sam blinkt na drie eredoctoraten te hebben gewonnen,en gevolgd door New York Times bestseller voor zijn boek Clanlands maakte hem stralend gedurende,deze jaren droeg hij bij aan een liefdadigheidsinstelling om fondsen te werven ter ondersteuning van het werk van Brits,bloedkankeronderzoek en daarvoor verdiende hij de docto,scoorde twee keer in 2019 en won er één in 2022,gevoelig Sam veel beroemdheden maken moeilijke tijden door in hun leven,. een verlies overstuur gekwetst en hard uitspreken,het beïnvloedt mijn leven mentale toestand en het is een dagelijkse zorg mijn Costars vrienden familie zelf,eigenlijk iedereen met wie ik verbonden ben begon zo Sam deelde zijn verdriet en pijn op,zijn twitter fan Centric tijdens zijn roem en succes door de jaren heen deze man wordt met de,dag beter en beter ziet er goed uit en krijgt knappe fans maken deel uit van zijn leven als,hij daar is fans zijn als bijen die hem heel vaak komen zien vanwege enkele bewijzen daarvoor,hallo,creativiteit sommige videomakers hebben meer dan honderden video's nodig om miljoenen,views in Tik Tok te verdienen, gewoon een video en hij verdiende meer dan 1,4 miljoen views,in slechts 24 uur tijdens zijn korte verblijf daar w met slechts 11 video's,verdiende ze binnen een maand meer dan 8 miljoen views geweldig recht,buitenlands,Dit zijn enkele leuke feiten over Sam Heughan hoop dat je het leuk vindt like en reageer en vergeet niet,op de abonneerknop te drukken om meer geweldige vermakelijke video's zoals deze te bekijken,bedankt voor het kijken

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Sam Heughan Asks Kids for Dating Advice // Omaze

Sam Heughan Asks Kids for Dating Advice // Omaze

I need some help on my date.,I'm going on a date.,I wondered if you could like, give me some advice.,Uh, you can sing "Love, Love Me Do.",How does it go?,Do you know The Beatles from the olden times?,Oh, I don't.,I don't know actually.,Oh wait!,♪ Love, love me do ♪,Uh...,No, it's not that one.,Hi, guys.,I'm Sam Heughan here to support My Peak Challenge.,I'm teaming up with Omaze to fly you to Scotland,to be my date for the evening.,Now, I've arranged everything: your flights, hotel,,even a candlelit dinner together,at the My Peak Challenge Gala.,And while I might know a thing or two,about 18th-century romance,,I thought I'd round up a few unconventional visionaries,to ensure that our unforgettable evening together,will be both modern and timeless.,Thank you, guys, for coming.,I have to go on a date.,I don't know what to do,,so maybe you can give me some advice.,Give her a present.,Give her a present?,What kind of present?,Gin.,Gin?,Gin? Gin?!,What you could do, when she goes to a shop,,you could like spy on her,and then buy her things that she like goes after.,That's a good—Spying on her is a really good idea.,Do you know what I should wear?,What do cool people wear?,What he's wearing?,Wear a leather jacket, like, wear like Danny in Grease.,Do not wear leather shorts,'cause when the leather shorts heat up,they go tighter and tighter and tighter.,And then you can't pull your shorts back up again!,Why are the shorts off?,Style your hair up.,Go for a haircut.,Do I need a haircut?,Well...,I probably do, you're right.,Is there anything I should, um, I should not say?,Do not say this:,"How you doin'?",How you doin'?,Do not say that.,Let's say my date is from the future.,Just say...,Just go like this...,Like, wow.,Say it's going really well, this date,,what happens after the date?,What do I do then?,You can flirt!,Oh, how do I do that?,Um, I'm not sure.,Caleb knows how to do it.,Do like a nice pose like this...,Oh, like this?,Like that?,Yeah, like that!,How you doin'?,And now, my last question is for you.,Will you be my date to the My Peak Challenge Gala?,Click the link below, or go to to enter.,Every donation benefits My Peak Challenge,,a global community rooted in the belief,that we can all affect positive change in our lives,while helping others.,So click the link, donate and, hopefully, I'll see you soon.,You uh...,You can't miss me.

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Outlander - 'Never Have I Ever' with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe [Sub Ita]

Outlander - 'Never Have I Ever' with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe [Sub Ita]

I honestly loved seeing the two of you,it has been too long it's like reunion,with old friends which makes me so happy,we're so happy to see you and speaking,of throwbacks one of my favorite nights,ever was the PaleyFest that we did my my,great-grandfather veatch's game who by,the way is from Glasgow and I've never,been here before,honestly Alexander H from Glasgow so in,honor of my grandfather we're revisiting,it's a throwback so NER have a heir,right you each either have whisky or,apple juice and you don't know what the,other person has and at the end you have,to guess what the other person has ever,guesses correctly all right first up ah,man have I air crowded up during a,season for love scene do we drink oh you,drink if you've done it okay cracked up,during a season for love scene you,should finish the whole thing,ne'er have I wished my kissing partner,had a breath mint to be honest we,actually we've now got to a point in our,relationship where we doesn't matter if,the other person's been eating there,have I ever been reduced to tears by,something a fans said good tears is what,I'm thinking,good NER have erred gotten tipsy during,a drinking scene on the show no during a,drinking scene drinking,I know it's mostly apple juice no okay,tipsy during any scene on the show all,right there we go we got it,NER have ere gotten engaged or thought,about popping the question,Congrats congratulations,ner happier felt a romantic spark I'm,sorry romantics part what is it Marty,spark and apart felt a romantic spark,with someone who works on the show NER,hi Xavier NER Xavier sat in the chair I,am sitting in now almost do you want to,guess now at the end of this interview,whether you had whisky or apple juice I,mean I'm guessing he had whisky did you,the answer is yes no but I did it you,stole the lid from the apple juice I,mean I have to say I really am,disappointed that Sam was not drinking,well I'm gonna give it to both of you to,show well thank you so much I'm Susan,for as I know the fans are and this,really feels like a lovely reunion

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Outlander | Sam Heughan Answers Burning Fan Questions

Outlander | Sam Heughan Answers Burning Fan Questions

hello outlander fans it's samsung in,honor of season six i'm gonna answer,some of your burning questions so,let's get into it,at liz may question is you've invented,new outlander cannon the claire is a bad,cook are there any other backstories,that you've created that's true i have,created that claire's a bad cook and,katrina actually is not a bad cook she's,not bad but um any other backstories,other than that she's a bad cook not,really other than you know,claire and brianna eat everything and so,jamie never really gets a look in but,i'm quite proud of the one that she,can't cook because her food is awful,at loney ferguson your question is,what's your favorite jamie costume coat,oh there are so many we go back to the,leather coat his father's coat but i,guess it's it's always the latest one i,have to say my least favorite is his,writing coat it looks amazing it's long,even has a hood but it's so heavy it is,the heaviest thing i've ever worn in my,life yes his latest coat is always my,favorite and at the moment he has quite,a nice sweet green number it's sort of a,hunting jacket trisher has done a great,job as our new costume design,at outlander online what has been your,favorite place to travel and what's on,your bucket list well that's a really,good question on outlander we've,traveled to a lot of places we've never,actually gone to america or jamaica,which would be on my bucket list going,to jamaica this place at freyfa 76 your,question is where is the one place,that's a must-see in scotland or new,zealand ah well freya face 76 you've,asked a question if you watched my other,show which is not outlander it's man and,kilts you might see some great places to,visit in scotland and the new season of,men and kilts is in new zealand i would,say one of each well glencoe is a must,in scotland and it's where we shot the,very first scene of this season and a,flashback with jamie fraser back to,oddsmir and in new zealand i would say,it has to be milford sound which is an,incredible incredible place,at elias jamie 747 have you been to the,north carolina mountains where fraser's,ridges set i have i've been to blowing,rock grandfather mountain i would love,to go back and i hear they have one of,the biggest highland games in the world,at grandfather mountain so looking,forward to invitation at parties down,here what was the coldest scene you,remember filming the coldest scene will,probably have been actually this season,was really cold uh filming in the height,of winter but i think the coldest was,probably the fight with the bear man i,think it was minus seven degrees celsius,and i was in just a shirt and i had to,lie on the ground,for a whole scene it was absolutely,freezing i think my shirt the sweat on,my shirt just froze rigid,at hazel 498 which have you enjoyed more,playing younger jamie or older jamie i,wish i could say i could play younger,jamie a lot longer but um i'm afraid i'm,catching up to older jamie but yes i,really enjoyed younger jamie he's very,competitive she's very quick to anger,but it was a lot of fun especially with,the other highlanders always good fun,at jackie staple who had the biggest,impact on you becoming a successful,actor oh that's a great question jackie,the biggest impact on me probably going,back to my first ever job i think in,theatre and the director there i was a,play called outlying islands i played at,the traverse theatre in the edinburgh,festival and i got to tour that play and,actually we toured it not only to,england it's canada but also all around,scotland so i got to see a lot of,scotland and i think that's where i,really began to fall in love with the,scottish landscape at sarah de puta if,you weren't playing jamie is there,another outlander character you would,like to play that's a great question so,many great characters i mean blackjack,would have been an awesome character and,if it's a current character wow that's a,tough one oh young ian young ian is a,fun character but i think john bell does,such a terrific job and i'm not sure how,i'd be in moccasins,at el meda emmeline for outlander fans,jamie is like a superhero he's a warrior,who's always willing to help and to,fight who is your superhero well not all,superheroes wear capes some of them wear,kilts jamie fraser he's not my super,hero but he's pretty awesome he is the,king of men he's got pretty cool killers,at wishbone pottery your favorite,scottish breakfast ah good question i,mean tatty scone obviously delicious if,you heat it up great but cold is also,nice i love a wee bit haggis porridge of,course has to be the winner i'm a big,fan of porridge there's so much you can,do to it protein powder berries almond,butter or just simple with a wee bit,honey or if you're feeling like you,really want to push the boat a wee bit,of whiskey on top delicious,at chrissy crash if you hadn't launched,a career in acting what would you be,doing probably working in a bar,somewhere or delivering sandwiches by,bicycle or working in a perf

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Sam Heughan EXPLAINS Going Full Frontal For Outlander..

Sam Heughan EXPLAINS Going Full Frontal For Outlander..

Outlander is not a show that is afraid,to show new people or violent scenes,human has been a co-lead on Outlander,since its first season in 2014. his,contract said that he had to film scenes,but he didn't think he had to be fully,naked for the particular scene ewan's,Jamie Fraser was abused by Jonathan,Randall Tobias Menzies character in the,controversial scene hewan says the scene,would have been handled differently,today starting us off Sam hewan argued,against being an Outlander season one,scene Sam hewan didn't like being naked,in the infamous scene from the first,season of the romance fantasy Outlander,Ewan plays the main character Jamie,Frazier which first aired in 2014 there,have now been six full seasons Stars has,renewed Outlander for a seventh season,but they haven't said much about what,will happen in the upcoming season yet,you are coming back for season seven yes,there will be a season seven stars has,said that season 7 of Outlander will,have 16 episodes but Eunice hinted that,there will actually be 18. Outlander is,well known for its scenes and as well as,for its acting costume and set design,for which it won an even though,Outlander may not compare to something,like Game of Thrones it still has a fair,number of scenes like this human's,contract famously requires him to film,naked scenes which he's done since,season one when Outlander season 1 came,out one scene in particular shocked,people this was the scene where Jaime is,raped by Blackjack Randall after being,held captive and tortured,I know you can do better,the scene is brutal and doesn't hide how,disturbing it is even though the scene,was filmed years ago Ewan can still,remember his conversation with the,Outlander team about how graphic it,would be to show his body Insider says,that in his new book waypoints my,Scottish Journey hewan says that he,didn't think the scene should require,him to show his skin to the camera Ewan,instead found that being actualized a,horrible experience rather than making,it scarier so Ewan pushed back and in,the end he and the creative team decided,that Jaime's naked body would be shown,after the scene not during it the team,decided that explicit shots would be,left on The Cutting Room floor during,post-production hewan writes about his,point of view and says I didn't think,that being naked would make what Jaime,goes through in the castle dungeon as,punishment subjugation and humiliation,any scarier I pushed back saying that my,character's horrible experience was,being turned into a sexual one by his,nakedness this caused a big argument all,Productions involved creative,conversations good art is made by asking,questions about the truth and we all,want to get it right things are,different now the shot wasn't necessary,Siri and it made me a little less,confident in the creative team we can,imagine what the characters go through,without seeing the horror the power of,the mind is much greater why Ewan was,right about outlander's scene the last,thing hewan said is especially true in,this time this scene from Outlander was,filmed more than eight years ago at the,time there was a very different way to,talk about assault and how actors were,treated on set the first season of,Outlander came up before the hashtag,metoo movement got going this was before,many women accused Harvey Weinstein of,total misconduct since then the needle,has moved even more and now people are,talking about the ethics of consent when,there's intimacy on screen earlier this,year actor Sean Bean caused a stir when,he questioned why Game of Thrones needed,an intimacy coordinator most people have,spoken out against Bean though and,instead supports safety and consent in,full scenes on screen since Ewan had to,film these scenes for Outlander these,changes already show that the rules have,changed some shows like House of the,dragon have started to make changes like,showing fewer scenes that use the women,in the show for their own benefit this,is different from Game of Thrones phones,which often has plots that involve,violence against women maybe the next,season of Outlander will also stop,showing scenes that are too graphic and,only shows scenes when they are,important to the story at the very least,the Outlander prequel series can try not,to make the same mistakes as season one,take your pleasure to be done with it,next up Outlanders Jamie Frazier Sam,hewan says he would never ask for money,as fans get scammed Sam hewan who is 42,years old has seen fake accounts,pretending to be him some fans say they,have been tricked into giving away their,money this week the actor put out a,warning on Instagram telling his fans,what to watch out for so they don't get,taken advantage of Sam has had so much,trouble with fake accounts that he has,made a highlight story on his Instagram,where he Flags any fake accounts he,finds he started adding to this list,almost two years ago and now that the,scams are getting worse he has sent out,the same warning Again Sam wrote o

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Never Have I Ever w/ Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan | Outlander | STARZ

Never Have I Ever w/ Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan | Outlander | STARZ

♪,Hey everyone, Leanne Aguilera,from Entertainment Tonight here,with your favorite Outlander stars,,Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.,We are going to play a little game called,"Never Have I Ever.",I'm going to read off a series of events,,if you have done that event you're going to take a sip,,I get these rules, they're good.,- Ready? - Yes.,Never have I ever gone a week without showering.,If you've gone for a week without showering,- You take a drink. - That's disgusting. I wouldn't do that.,Never have I ran a red light.,You're allowed to in America.,- No you're not, - No you're not.,No you're not. I have the tickets to prove,that you're not.,Oh yes, how many tickets do you have?,Yeah, well we won't talk about my driving, right now.,Didn't you receive a letter once,saying, you're the worst driver in Los Angeles?,- California. - Oh, good.,Never have I danced to a Justin Bieber song.,I mean internally danced.,- Sam already needs a refill. - Uh, oh,,I wasn't suppose to finish it?,Never have I sent an inappropriate text,to the wrong person.,I was at college and I called in sick.,but then I called somebody else,,'cause I was having a party at my house,,but I called my boss and left a voicemail.,That's brilliant, it wasn't even a text.,It was a voicemail, so I couldn't--there was no way,I could have lied about it.,Wait that was another one--,Never have I ever lied to my boss.,Oh well, I yeah--,Absolutely not, I would never lie to my bosses,,especially to my bosses at STARZ.,Never have I ever talked my way out of a parking ticket.,No.,Honestly, I have zero game,when it comes to talking myself out of,speeding tickets, parking tickets.,My first ticket I got in America,and not only was I parked the wrong direction,,I was parked too far from the curb,,and in a place I wasn't allowed to park.,It had a list of all the things I'd done wrong.,So uh, yeah, it was good.,Take a sip.,Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.,- Wow, cheers. - Timed that quite well.,It's a good game. I like this game.,Yeah, you guys played it so well.,♪,And thank you fans so much for watching,,be sure to follow Outlander,on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.,- Whiskey. - Cheers all.,Cheers.,- This is a dangerous game. - I know.,♪,♪♪

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Outlander’s Sam Heughan Just Might Have an Online Dating Profile | This Guy | InStyle

Outlander’s Sam Heughan Just Might Have an Online Dating Profile | This Guy | InStyle

the one thing that can never be done is,someone giving someone instant coffee,you know the granules with the hot water,i just don't understand it it's,sacrilegious,hey what's up in style i'm sam heun and,you're watching this guy,i,find it really hard sometimes when,people ask you if you're similar to your,character or not i guess you always have,to you have to be similar because you,have to find those characteristics with,inside yourself but yeah he is a 18th,century uh scottish warrior and uh and i,certainly wouldn't do very well in the,highlands of scotland facing,the british army for sure,it is a very physical role there's a lot,of action the the days are long the,actual sort of scheduling of it but um,he's such a great character there's,so many iconic moments obviously they,come from diana gabaldon's books so,i know that the fans are always,excited and anticipating certain scenes,so i think it's just the pressure of,pleasing everyone,the books are,vast i would say diana gabadan uh,certainly likes to write and she's,writing her tenth book now we do one,book per season roughly but we are also,dipping into other books and other story,lines as well and there's so much that,we can't include from the books but also,there are scenes that we shoot a great,amount of material that,doesn't quite make it into the final,edit but i guess that's storytelling,jamie and claire's relationship is,integral to the show i mean we're,following this couple that fall in love,and grow together and grow all together,i think we don't normally get to see,relationships especially over a long,period of time and how that changes um,but there are a couple that we aspire to,be like you know they're still very much,in love uh at an elder age and um,you know i think it's it's been really,nice to to try and find that,relationship and then to try and,work on letting the audience see it grow,i think the fan involvement or the fan,anticipation is has been quite unique,actually i don't think i mean obviously,there are other shows and fans get,really invested but i think ours,especially,there are different factions different,groups uh some that that have,their own um their own narrative but i,think you know,uh we're just happy that fans love the,show and are really invested in it,i'm not sure if what they are but i,guess you know i'm i am scottish you,know and i,i uh did was brought up in scotland and,lived there now because i'm shooting,outlander but um,maybe not as scottish as people think,i'm certainly not ginger i don't wear a,kilt every day,if i'm in scotland i'd love to go to go,hike i love cycling a bit of a motorbike,fan recently so i might take the bike,out,or work out go for go to the gym,i'm a taurus and,probably a very typical one um stubborn,but i think stubborn in that,single-minded,driven,slow to anger but probably when i am,angered it's not pretty,and um i eat a lot of grass,it's something that i sort of,sort of,like a lot of people probably have us,have a half an eye on i do kind of,believe in it i think that there is some,um truth in it i think if we look at you,know how the moon affects the planet,may also have some sort of effect on us,um i think we're a lot more connected to,the planet until the,the galaxy then we maybe realize we are,indeed all made of stardust,coffee simple strong and black it has to,be and i'm just,it's not that difficult,strong black coffee but it's so many,people get it wrong but the one the one,thing that can never be done is someone,giving someone instant coffee you know,the granules with the hot water i just,don't understand it,yeah i have my own whiskey brand and we,collaborated recently with a mexican um,distillery called articulano made our,own tequila which uh just one,master distil award it's something i'm,really proud of and i wanted to tell,their story you know they are master,distillers um so i really enjoyed that,aspect and it's a creative side that i,can do whilst shooting,tv shows or movies but um,yeah i'm working on a new book and,also have my my charity fundraiser might,be challenged so there's a lot to keep,me busy,probably watching a movie,um and for some reason it's always on an,airplane i don't know why that is i feel,like either it's it's the generous,supply of wine they,give you on the airplane or maybe it's,like the pressure,um everything just seems so much more,intense,and i think the movie,it might have been something really,obscure like i think i was talking about,the green knight recently and yeah that,somehow affected me,um how does it feel to be my age i was,described today by someone quite close,to me as being having born in 1969 which,would make me 53 years old,which i'm last time i checked i'm not um,i'm actually 41 but uh,yeah it's it's a strange one i guess we,all say you don't feel like you're,getting,older but,i still feel like i'm about 23.,however yes the body doesn't agree so,much with that,but i think right now you know i think,um certainly the past few years uh,

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