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Twitter, Elon, & Free Speech (Episode #307)foreign,welcome to the making sense podcast,this is Sam H

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Twitter, Elon, & Free Speech (Episode #307)

foreign,welcome to the making sense podcast,this is Sam Harris,just a note to say that if you're,hearing this you are not currently on,our subscriber feed and we'll only be,hearing the first part of this,conversation in order to access full,episodes of The Making Sense podcast,you'll need to subscribe at, there you'll find our,private RSS feed to add to your favorite,podcatcher along with other subscriber,only content,we don't run ads on the podcast and,therefore it's made possible entirely,through the support of our subscribers,so if you enjoy what we're doing here,please consider becoming one,welcome to the making sense podcast this,is Sam Harris,okay the end of the year is upon us,I'm going to talk a little bit about,Twitter and Elon,and Free Speech here,the end of my year was marked by among,other things my deleting my Twitter,account,which has been surprisingly significant,I've talked about this a little bit on,the podcast and,on other people's podcasts but um it was,uh really like leaving a bad,relationship,and psychologically it was a pretty,interesting thing to do,but um Twitter has been everywhere I'm,still seeing the signs of its chaos,everywhere in the Press,so I feel like I should take a few,minutes to reflect on what I think is,happening there and how it relates to,what's happening in American society,generally,my Twitter is in many ways the seat of,our societal dysfunction,social media is surely the seat of that,dysfunction,but Twitter in particular because,journalists and politicians appear,immovably anchored to it,but as I'm going to say a few things,about Elon let me just confess my,uncertainty about doing this,as I've said or implied before Elon has,been a friend,I'm not sure what the status of that,friendship is now frankly,and that has a lot to do with Twitter,and I've had to confront this problem,before I've had many friends and now,former friends who have large public,platforms and who have said and done,things in public over the years that I,have found,fairly reprehensible,and have had to figure out whether to,say something about that,and I'm still uncertain about the ethics,of all of this,I don't know what having a friendship or,a form of friendship should count for at,moments like this my default is,certainly to more carefully calibrate,what I say or even whether I say,anything at all in these cases whereas,if it's a stranger out there doing the,analogous thing I'll say something,without much reflection about that and,I'm not sure which way the balance,should swing,should I be treating strangers more like,friends should I be treating friends and,former friends more like strangers,I honestly don't know what the answer is,but um in the case of Elon he's taking,up so much bandwidth culturally that uh,I feel like I have to say something,I just wouldn't be doing my job if I,didn't comment on what he's doing over,there at Twitter,so for better or worse I'm going to do,that now,first the underlying politics of the,moment,in my view there's a needle you really,had to thread,over the last half decade or so,if you're going to be politically honest,and ethically sane,and not that many people Managed IT,on the one side you had to recognize how,bad Trump was and is,not just as a person but as a cultural,phenomenon,you had to see how appalling it was that,we elected such a person to the,presidency,and then you had to be further appalled,when we almost did it again even while,he was disavowing and openly violating,the most sacred principle of our,democracy,a commitment to the peaceful transfer of,power,his behavior before during and after the,events of January 6th amounted to a,direct attack on the rule of law in this,country,this was the first time in our history,that a president has sought to hold on,to power in this way,it was absolutely obvious at the time,but it has only become more obvious on,the basis of subsequent investigations,that Trump knew he lost the 2020,election,and he put our democracy at risk by,attempting to hold on to Power by,perpetrating a conscious fraud of,election denial,and among other things attempting to,force his vice president Mike Pence to,overturn the results of the election on,January 6th,the real Trump derangement syndrome,was not to have seen how bad all this,was,indeed to not have seen how demonic,trumpism was and is in its cultic,Embrace of one man's mediocrity and,mendacity and narcissism,I mean it is just astounding that a,person like Trump got anywhere near the,Oval Office,to have missed that and to have thought,all the concern about Trump was,exaggerated that it was just ordinary,partisan politics,that was in my view the greatest,political mistake anyone could have made,in my lifetime,okay and if you made that mistake,if you persist in that mistake even now,well then everything I've said on the,subject must seem like some bewildering,form of performance art,on the other side you also had to see,that many important respects the left,and therefor

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Sam Harris on Deleting His Twitter Account

Sam Harris on Deleting His Twitter Account

well I deleted my Twitter account the,other day on Thanksgiving actually,and I've been thinking about doing this,for a long time in fact,it was a very simple decision in the end,I'd been on the platform for 12 years,and had tweeted something like 9 000,times,that's about twice a day on average,so I wasn't the most compulsive user of,Twitter,but it did punctuate my life far more,than it should have,it was the only social media platform I,ever used personally,I don't run the accounts I have for,Facebook and Instagram and I never look,at them,anyway the long and the short of it is,that I just came to believe that my,engagement with Twitter was making me a,worse person,it really is as simple as that,I have a lot to say about Twitter,and about what I think it's doing to,society,but I left it because it suddenly became,obvious that it was a net negative,influence on my life,the most glaring sign of this and,something which I've been concerned,about for a few years,is that it was showing me the worst of,other people,in a way that I began to feel was,actually distorting my perception of,humanity,I know people have very different,experiences on Twitter,and if you're just sharing cute animal,videos or giving self-help advice,you probably get nothing but love coming,back at you,but when you touch controversial topics,regularly as I do,especially when you're more in the,center politically and not tribally,aligned with the left or the right,you get an enormous amount of hate and,misunderstanding from both sides,I know there are people who can just,ignore everything that's coming back at,them I think Bill Maher and Joe Rogan,are both like this,they just never look at their at,mentions,but I didn't appear to be that sort of,person,I could ignore everything for a Time,but I actually wanted to use Twitter to,communicate so I would keep getting,sucked back in,I would see someone who appeared,sincerely confused about something I,said on a podcast and I'd want to,clarify it,and then I would discover for the,thousandth time that it was hopeless,so Twitter for me became like a,malignant form of telepathy where I got,to hear the most irrational,contemptuous sneering thoughts of other,people,a dozen or more times a day,but the problem wasn't all the hate,being directed at me okay the problem,was the hate I was beginning to feel,hate probably isn't the right word it,was more like disgust and despair,okay the Twitter was giving me a very,dark view of other people,and the fact that I believed and still,believe that it's a distorted view,wasn't enough to inoculate me against,this change in my attitude,even some of the people who are most,committed to attacking me on the,platform I know that my impression of,them was distorted by Twitter,I mean there might be a few exceptions,to this but I believe that very few of,my enemies on Twitter are anywhere near,as bad as they seem to me on Twitter,there's just no way around it Twitter,was causing me to dislike people I've,never met,and it was even causing me to dislike,people I actually know some of whom used,to be my friends,rather than say anything about why I was,leaving on Twitter I just deleted my,account,which I now realized made my leaving,Twitter open to many interpretations,and within a few minutes of deleting my,account I began hearing from people who,appeared genuinely worried about me,they saw all the hate I was getting and,they thought it must have driven me from,the platform and several worried I might,have been having some kind of Mental,Health crisis,okay the truth is when I left Twitter I,wasn't seeing that much hate directed at,me because I had blocked so many people,I used to never block people but when I,discovered that the platform had become,basically unusable I installed a browser,extension that allowed me to block,thousands of haters at once,I had probably blocked 50 000 people on,Twitter in my last week on the platform,it was like a digital genocide,I was seeing especially idiotic or,vicious tweet directed at me,and I would block everyone who had liked,it,and at the time I thought well this is,brilliant,anyone who liked that tweet,is by definition Beyond reach there is,no reason why these people ever need to,hear from me again and I certainly don't,need to hear from them,and it basically worked,so I wasn't seeing most of the hate that,was being directed at me,I was seeing some of it but it was,totally manageable,but then I asked myself,how did I become the sort of person who,was blocking people by the thousands,who just happened to like a dumb tweet,as though that one moment in their lives,proved that all further communication on,important issues was impossible,how did I begin to view people as,intellectually and morally irredeemable,how did I begin to view myself as,totally incapable of communicating,effectively ever about anything with,these people,how did I give up all hope in the power,of conversation,Twitter,I've also heard that many people are,interpreting my lea

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Sam Harris on Recent Laptop Scandal

Sam Harris on Recent Laptop Scandal

Hunter Biden moment because they that,you got into yeah I got into something I,saw you reacted to it and I thought you,because unfortunately the clip that was,exported to all of humanity kind of,distorted my position,my recollection of it was first of all,what you said was fairly benign so I,don't know why you took the bait and I,heard your whole podcast about it and I,enjoyed it mentally because again you,choose word so well I could just listen,to you talk,um but I kept thinking wow you're really,caring more about this than I think,maybe you need to,what I thought was interesting about it,on my show is that Rob Reiner and Amy,Klobuchar were on that panel so very,very strong liberals you know we usually,try to have a balance but a balance,doesn't mean a balance within one day it,means a balance over the whole year some,shows yeah there's going to be two,liberals right and maybe some shows,there'll be you know two conservatives,or something but that show happened to,be two people who have no ideological,difference between them you couldn't,find more MSNBC stalwart yeah than Amy,Klobuchar,and Rob Reiner and I'm very fond of them,both but when I brought up that story,they had not heard of it right you know,it and I even said because you know it's,so our information landscape is so,partitioned at this point it's amazing,because I mean that was it was hitting,the front page of the New York Post but,my liberal friends hadn't seen any of it,and there yet and I was getting,inundated from trumpistan on social,media right I've never I was trending on,Twitter for all the wrong reasons but it,was all right-wing lunacy you know it,was it was very weird because it was in,my world,it was a complete non-issue and and with,respect to my own you know the,reputation I care about it was a,complete non-issue right but it was it,was um,it was amazing I mean the velocity of,the the hatred was was something again,if we lived in the same world we,wouldn't even be arguing over some of,this which,I think if you could get the two,reasonable or people of each party in,the room would say,yes there was,what you would have to call some sort of,media suppression of Hunter Biden's,computer,right before the election,oh no doubt no doubt okay so and the,truth is I still don't know what I think,about that,which is position is why should we be,Hostage to Rudy giuliani's timetable if,Rudy Giuliani holds on to this thing,until the 11th Hour 10 days before an,election and drops it as a as an October,surprise why should the New York Times,and CNN and every other media,organization be Hostage to his goal of,of dropping this at a time when there's,just going to be not enough time to,parse it before the election dropping,what would the hunter Biden laptop story,you're right okay but why are you saying,Rudy giuliani's well he because he he,was the one who had took delivery of the,laptop and original yeah yeah so like,they so but Collective gets left at a,repair shop right the whole thing is,Bonkers a repair shop yeah a computer,repair shop I think in Delaware or yeah,what year is this what is it Episode of,Barney Miller, computer repair shop yeah okay I,use Acme by the way that's right and I,recommend the Miley they're the first in,the Yellow Pages which I also use also,on my rotary phone anyway so it's it but,it's it was completely plausible to,worry that this was a fake story it,didn't I mean and there's there simply,wasn't enough time to get to the bottom,of it really I mean well well then why,did why did the outlets that did get to,the bottom and get to the New York Post,had no problem getting to the bottom,well but but there's still it's what,they wanted to believe they wanted to,believe it and yes they you know you,sometimes you get you're right by,accident and sometimes right,um but I mean to actually parse,everything in there and figure out just,how dirty,Biden senior is as a result of of the,information there can I can I go to step,two of what the two reasonable people in,the room would agree on one they'd agree,it was kind of suppressed two-day degree,that Hunter Biden being the son,of the current vice president and being,a complete ner-to-will douchebag,was ripe to be used as a conduit to his,father through which he was but nothing,really it was common so it was the kind,of sort of everyday graft that's sleazy,that doesn't affect the world okay we,still it's possible we still don't know,right so I'll I'll give I'll give some,Creedence I know the possibility that,it's worse than I understand but the,problem is 10 days is not enough to,figure that out and we knew no but it,was going to derail just on that issue,would you not agree with this statement,that probably yes uh Hunter Biden sold,his father's influence to get money,um but Joe Biden himself would not give,away our nuclear secrets of the China,he's not yours you know he is a soft,spot for his son yeah his ner-do-well,stupid yeah I mean you've heard his,voicemails to his yeah so like Dad

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Sam Harris Makes Nonsense Argument AGAINST Free Speech On Twitter

Sam Harris Makes Nonsense Argument AGAINST Free Speech On Twitter

so now we're talking about Donald Trump,got let back on Elon Musk let him back,on and Sam Harris tweeted this out the,prevailing opinion among Free Speech,absolutists appears to be that this,platform in order to become healthy must,helplessly publish the malicious lies of,any Maniac at scale regardless of the,consequences good luck with that hey,good luck with you pretending that your,former Liberty freedom of speech,democracy anything like that anything,that actually is a western value you're,not for it you're a right-wing,Maniac oh yeah he's a western western,yes he's all about how the West is,better than the East and the Middle East,and Muslim the West is the king and he's,he's going against every one of those by,the way how do we know that they're,malicious lies how do we know when,someone publishes something that they're,a malicious life who decides that go,ahead what well uh I think it's uh the,only way we can fight,malicious lies upon Vinnie Maniac is by,if it takes that publishing her almost,just lies,any Maniac as long as their name is not,Trump as long and I think I would vote,for that and also we need to,drop an atomic bomb in the Middle East,thanks,so what he's really saying there,is what this person says yes Sam that's,what free speech is,that's he's describing so what Sam,Harris is saying hey you just want to,let anybody say whatever the they,want yes that's called Free Speech what,you just described is Free Speech all,right Jimmy I'd like to address that,point uh freedom of speech does not mean,freedom of reach and that frogs I'm Sam,Harris thanks,so this person says that to Sam Sam,immediately blocks that person,um,I block anybody who bad faith attacks me,so but that's not but that's not a bad,faith attack,that's a that's a substantive point that,that person's making the things I would,block wouldn't be a point made like that,so it's if somebody tweets out something,like hey Jimmy door is uh right wing,grifter and blah blah blah and and then,whoever tweets that Whoever likes it if,I have the time I block all of those,people,because it's just like you're just a,troll and most of those people are troll,they're they're not even real people,would you use the mute how many times,people come at me,because I don't want people to be able,to tweet,with my tweet I don't want to be able to,retweet my tweet or respond to my tweet,if they're a bad faith actor and and so,but that's not a bad faith tweet what,that guy's saying there is real and Sam,Harris doesn't like he again he's a,coward I couldn't believe it I used to,really look up to Sam Harris but if you,looked a little bit closer you realize,that Sam Harris is a mental,who can't put together two consistent, ideas,it's amazing it is shocking the thing he,said to those trigonometry guys well,here it is you want to watch it yeah so,yeah here's what here's what he says,about censorship if if it agrees with,his point of view it's good watch this,100 by and at that point Hunter Biden,literally could have had the corpses of,children in his basement and he did I,would not care right it's like there's,nothing first of all it's Hunter Biden,right it's not it's like it's not Joe,Biden but no,first of all it was Joe Biden and that's,the whole point and you know that's the,Mastermind that Hunter Biden was doing,Shady business deals and using his,father's influence to get those Shady,business deals done and in fact some of,the uh emails from my laptop said that,Joe Biden was getting 10 Kickback on,those deals so it was about Joe Biden,and it was about the guy who was trying,to be president of the United States and,Sam Harris is either also not only dumb,but super ignorant and uninformed or,he's just a liar which what is it is it,is Sam Harris just super dumb and super,uninformed or is he lying I'm gonna say,he's lying because he's a,partisan hack and he doesn't care about,anything go ahead I'm gonna say he's,dumb,and his shoe and he's uh on purpose,super uninformed to be dumb because he's,saying that out loud dude if he was,saying it out loud like you could have,those opinions but the people that,are smart they don't say what he says in,this trigonometry thing that's a very,special kind of dumb yes well there's a,lot so so let's watch the whole thing,here we go watch 100 by at that point,Hunter Biden literally could have had,the corpses of children in his basement,I would not have cared right it's like,isn't there's nothing first of all it's,Hunter Biden right it's not it's like,it's not Joe Biden but even if Joe like,even and I don't care every scope of Joe,Biden's corruption is like if you if we,could just go down that rabbit hole,endlessly and and understand that he's,getting kickbacks from Hunter and,Biden's deals in Ukraine or whatever,else right or China so that's a,revealing that he did in fact know this,was about Joe Biden he just said it,wasn't about Joe Biden and I just said,it's either I'm ignorant or is lying and,now he reveals he does know it's abou

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Sam Harris on Social Media & Leaving Twitter | Dr. Sam Harris & Dr. Andrew Huberman

Sam Harris on Social Media & Leaving Twitter | Dr. Sam Harris & Dr. Andrew Huberman

this may seem like a Divergence but,I and many other people are very curious,about a recent decision that you made,which was to close your account,on Twitter,um,you still have an Instagram account I,noticed but although I never I mean my,team manages that I've never I love,friendlier over at Instagram I've been,there a lot I've never even see it seen,it so oh it's pretty good actually,considering imagine what would happen if,you did yeah they're doing a good job,with it,um but your decision to close your,account on Twitter,um I think grabbed a lot of eyes and,ears and there's a lot of questions,about why it was a very large account,you know,um it correlated with a number of things,that for the outsider people might be,wondering about,um you know new leadership uh new you,know people who had been booted off,brought back on or at least invited back,on right and so on uh you are certainly,not obligated to explain your behavior,to me uh or anybody else for that matter,but I'm curious if you might share with,us,um what the motivation was,um for taking the account down and and,how you feel in the absence of uh I mean,your thumbs presumably are are freed up,to do other things yeah I was getting,like an arthritic right thumb I think,and I think if you don't mind sharing I,think there's a there's a lot of,curiosity about you and your your,routines you've been very generous in,sharing that your knowledge,um and but also kind of like what what,makes what makes you tick what motivates,um pretty big decisions like that it,wasn't a major platform for for you,right yeah yeah it was it was the only,social media platform I've ever engaged,I mean like you said we I have an,Instagram I have a Facebook account but,I never never used those as platforms,right I'm not never on them I never,thought I've never followed people and,I've never and all the posting has just,come from it's just marketing you know,from my team,um,but Twitter was me I mean you know for,better or worse and um I began to feel,more and more for worse and it was um it,was interesting because it was very,you know I I've you know I've talked,about it a lot on my podcast about just,my my love-hate relationship with,Twitter over the years many good things,came to me from Twitter and I was you,know I was following a lot of smart,people and it had become my,news feed and my first point of contact,with with information each day and I was,really attached to it just for that,reason just as a consumer of of content,um,and then it was also a place where I was,I genuinely wanted to communicate with,people and react to things and and you,know you know I would see some article,that I thought was great I would signal,boost it you know to my,the people following me on Twitter and,that was rewarding and I was I could,literally help people on Twitter like I,mean there was a there were you know,there are people who I've raised lots of,money for on Twitter just by you know,signal boosting their gofundme's and and,uh so I was engaged in a way that seemed,productive,um,but I was always worried that it was,producing needless Conflict for me and,was was giving me a signal in my life,that I was being lured into responding,to and taking seriously that was out of,proportion to its its representation of,any opinion or set of opinions that I,should be taking seriously,so I was noticing that that um again,this evolved over years I mean this this,long before a long long,predated recent changes to Twitter uh,but I was noticing that many of the,worst things that had happened for me,professionally were first born on,Twitter I mean just like you know some,some conflict I got into with somebody,or something that I felt like I needed,to podcast about in response to on,Twitter,um,it's just so much of it it's either it's,Genesis was Twitter or it's the the,uh the further spin of it that became,truly unpleasant and dysfunctional,happened on Twitter like it was just,Twitter was part of the story when it,was got really bad and I've I've had,you know vacations that have gone,sideways just because I got on Twitter,and said something and then I had to,produce a controversy that I had to,respond to and then I had to do a,podcast about that and Bob and just and,it was just okay this is a mess right,and so at that point you know I you know,have,friends who you know also had big,Twitter platforms who would who would,say you know why are you you know why,are you responding to anything on,Twitter just tweet and ghost you know,just due to heaven like Joe Rogan set me,down and tried to get get you know give,me a talking to I said Bill Moore,um,and both of them engaged Twitter in that,way I mean I think they basically never,look at their ad mentions they never see,what's coming back at them they just you,know they use it effectively the way I,use or don't even use Instagram or,Facebook I mean I don't even see what's,going out there in in my name,um and so I I could essentially do that,for myself on Twitter presum

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Sam Harris Deletes His Twitter Because Of Trump, Makes Eric Weinstein SAD

Sam Harris Deletes His Twitter Because Of Trump, Makes Eric Weinstein SAD

Sam Harris has been getting into fights,with all his old friends and apparently,decided he had enough of it yeah it's,kind of like when you break up with,somebody and you don't want to see them,out and about so you delete your social,media apps he's got to delete Twitter,because he if he sees you know his old,buddy Brett Weinstein tweeting then it's,it's gonna make him sad can't you just,mute or unfollow yeah,the temptation's too much to look up,their profile so here is uh Eric,Weinstein oh Eric yeah,uh uh tweeting out,oh my Sam Harris,is no longer on um,no longer on Twitter okay checked in,with Sam says Eric Weinstein he did it,himself oh I gotta admit my model,history needs a tune-up yeah Eric yeah,interesting I you know and you'll see,what he's going to be talking about but,um just,remember those words,I have to admit my model of many things,needs a tune-up now I can assure you,he's not going to do that tune-up we're,doing that tune-up he's he's gonna,perform the tune-up so it rebounds to,his credibility so you pay him more,money I haven't tuned up my model of,many things and I realize Sam was really,Disturbed and it was all on him I logged,quite a few hours in conversation with,Sam Harris org from 2016 to 2019 they,are not helping me to predict Sam in the,last couple of years I wouldn't have,guessed this for example I'm curious,about the other things he won't mention,it,uh things like,you know uh he doesn't have covet denial,um that maybe maybe did Sam Harris back,off at least promoting his anti-islam uh,stuff,um definitely been quieter on him I mean,you gotta think,if you thought that Islam was the,motherload of all bad ideas,that it has been in its Essence,problematic,you wouldn't give up on your Crusade,and I use that word uh exactly as it,sounds uh,um you wouldn't give up on your crusade,in the way that he seems to have like he,doesn't talk about it that much you know,what happened to Sam Harris was 2016,comes Donald Trump loses,Sam Harris is shocked that how much of,his audience was supportive of Donald,Trump,and then he's shocked at how much of his,audience was anti was like in covet,denial and then he's shocked at how much,of his audience was like anti-vaxx,and then he was shocked that Dave Rubin,ended up being just a right-wing grifter,and then he was shocked that Brett,Weinstein ended up being just more or,less a right-wing grifter,and then he was shocked,that Eric Weinstein really actually,would there wasn't I had no intellectual,integrity,just shocked by all these things this,guy I've shared a stage with,turns out he's a big charlatan yeah,really weird in fact everybody in the,IDW is as completely as decrepit as all,of my critics have been saying,surrounded by like in uh what's,that movie uh it's Spaceballs yeah,exactly,and he's shocked by all of it and he,basically says I'm going to leave,Twitter you know what kudos,good for you at least on some level you,realize like oh,I dug I dug myself in too great of a,hole I'm not gonna get out,I think it's time for me just to uh,meditate on my piles of money yes right,I'm gonna leave like these bed fellows,go find,and I'm gonna quit,he's gonna be in his 50s oh yeah oh sure,he's got to be around my house yeah,somebody's gonna call in to to you know,be some philosophicals and he'll find,something else he'll find something else,he'll show up somewhere I mean it's you,know Twitter's not his only uh place,uh it's funny how salty everyone around,him in the IDW is that we got this clip,of from Bad stats uh account on on uh,Twitter,um the bad stats posted this video of,Brett and just like the way first of all,it's the way Brett uses it as the,opportunity again to like,describe something he doesn't actually,do as if he does it uh well wait a,second I just want to say this too and,you should understand where Sam Harris,was in this ecosystem,because,Sam Harris,was the one who gave like Dave Rubin,intellectual credibility,Sam Harris was the one who gave a lot of,them their intellectual credibility and,their celebrity because Sam Harris,really built his uh project you know on,his meditation books,and his podcast is largely about,meditation and or at least in that,community and they also built like and,and he leveraged that,I'm a neuroscientist and a philosopher,and so I can write things like an,apology for,um for torture,and the people who it,resonates with will always be with me,and then I can write 14 different,addendums to my blog spot uh every every,other week on this same post to confuse,everybody as to what I really believe in,and sort of Escape ownership from what,I've written,he was a real important linchpin here,because if Sam Harris did not exist in,the IDW it would have been just like a,bunch of like right wing and sort of,disgruntled aggrieved people you know,Brett Weinstein's whole thing is like I,got a good fired in it I don't,even got fired I think he may have quit,like because my my job at this college,you know I I you know you had basically,a Jord

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Jimmy Dore Makes Sam Harris Rage Quit Twitter

Jimmy Dore Makes Sam Harris Rage Quit Twitter

so remember uh Sam Harris lost his mind,when Trump became president and he,became the opposite or he became the,thing he used to yell about he became a,crazy tribal authoritarian he always was,by the way he always works he's always,pro-war pro-western War,and uh but he's definitely a tribalist,right so anything his tribe does it's,okay meaning if you're uh if you're,against Trump no matter what you do is,okay,uh if you're against the,the Arabs anything you do is okay if,you're against Islam put it that way,anything you do is okay,and anything they do is bad,so he said this there's an important,debate to have about wisdom of kicking,Trump off Twitter I still believe that,it should have happened years ago and,that we paid a terrible price for the,delay but for the moment all I want to,say is that so that's him,so that's him um,and now,now they let Trump back on,and boom,he's gone,he's gone oh my God he doesn't exist so,no I don't know why but my big I think,the real reason is that he's been saying,a lot of crazy stuff he lost his mind,right and he showed what a mental,he really is he's he's over he's,educated he's Highly Educated that,doesn't mean he's smart,doesn't mean he has wisdom and it,doesn't mean he isn't just is everything,he he points a finger at and so remember,when he said this about free speech and,censorship and conspiracies and cheating,this is what he said Hunter Biden at,that point Hunter Biden literally could,have had the corpses of children in his,basement I would not have cared right,it's like there's nothing first of all,it's Hunter Biden right it's not it's,like it's not Joe Biden but even if Joe,like even whatever scope of Joe Biden's,corruption is like if you if we could,just go down that rabbit hole endlessly,and and understand that he's getting,kickbacks from Hunter and Biden's deals,in Ukraine or whatever else right or,China,it is,infinitesimal compared to the corruption,we know Trump is involved in it's like,it's like it's like a firefly to the sun,right I mean like there's just it,doesn't even it doesn't even stack up,against Trump University right Trump,University as a story is worse than,anything that could be in in Hunter,Biden's laptop in my view right now,that's not that doesn't answer the,people who say it's still completely so,scamming people out of money,is way worse than the president of the,United States using the government for,nefarious purposes I think it is also,Hunter maybe what if so if he had,murdered kids and it's on his laptop,that's not as bad as Trump swindling,people out of money,fair to not have looked at the laptop in,a timely way and to have shut down the,you know the New York post's twitter,account like that that's a just a,conspiracy that's a left-wing conspiracy,to deny the presidency to Donald Trump,absolutely it was absolutely right but I,think it was warranted right and I'm and,again it's a coin toss as to whether or,not Sam I'm sorry that particular piece,I'm really sorry I was the one that said,we should move on but you've just said,something I really struggled for that,which is,the kids in the basement you no no,the kids in the basement I'm interested,in democracy you're saying you are,content with a left-wing conspiracy to,prevent somebody being democratically,re-elected as president well no I'm,content well so but the thing is she's,not left wing right so Liz Cheney is not,left-wing right Liz Cheney everything in,her policy to prevent somebody from,being Democratic no but there's nothing,conspiracy it's not it was a conspiracy,out in the open it does but it doesn't,matter if it doesn't matter what parts,conspiracy what parts that okay so ever,since then Sam Harris has been taking a,lot of flack from everybody and mostly,his former fans huh,um and so the people who used to like,him and think he was a clear thinker,have now have given up on him,and he can't take it he's blocked he,started blocking everybody I got blocked,he blocked me he blocked everybody,um,here's what here's what he said about,Trump the prevailing opinion among Free,Speech absolutist appears to be that,this platform in order to become healthy,must helplessly publish uh the malicious,lives of any Maniac at scale regardless,of consequences good luck with that,that's called freedom of speech uh Sam,that what you what one man's poison is,another man something of medicine I,don't know what the saying is but,uh if what what people said was a racist,conspiracy theory turned out to be true,which was that the probably true that,the Wuhan the covid-19 virus was created,in the Wuhan lab,so that was considered a racist crazy,conspiracy theory just like you say any,uh malicious lies of a Maniac that's,what they called that they called those,malicious racist lies of a Maniac turned,out to be true,natural immunity is it a real thing,those are freaking malicious lies that,are getting people they're going to be,true,mandates for vaccines do they make,medical sense uh guess what they do,turns out

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Sam Harris: Why Twitter Brings Out the Worst in People

Sam Harris: Why Twitter Brings Out the Worst in People

but I think I think I picked my battles,better now than I used to I may I could,use you know I could turn any dinner,party into a you know a knock down drag,out debate about the most fundamental,issues,uh anyone could summon and you know I,think I,um as I get older I pick my battles more,um just because I like that the hassle,factor of touching certain topics in,certain ways has has become more Salient,for me because I the Twitter was that,was the real teaching tool for me like I,I just you know I got on the platform as,everyone did not really aware that I was,enrolling myself into a psychological,experiment to which no one had consented,and and the the outcome is as yet,unforeseen and,um yeah I just kind of let loose you,know with it on various topics and I,would you know when I would see some,malefactor there who was treating me or,other people badly well then I had to,deal with that right then and there and,and,um,yeah it's just uh the hassle factor of,dealing with the the toxicity of it and,also just the,the um,I'm convinced now that at the bottom,it's a misrepresentation of humanity,right it doesn't seem like I mean you're,actually dealing with what someone wrote,there I mean it's not it's not in error,but you're not getting the whole person,you're getting a a um,uh a part of them that has been,Amplified by the the frame into which,the conversation has been put and the,the frame has certain features that are,not helpful to good conversation I mean,it's got anonymity it's got you know,it's got facelessness it's got,um the performative aspect you're doing,it in front of your crowd or some,possible crowd so it just it you know,it's disastrous for intellectual honesty,and and,um compassion and,uh,you know theory of Mind under actually,understand taking the time the extra,moment to understand where the other,person is coming from and so it's either,there's no principle of Charity so it's,just it's really a disastrous machine,for uh manufacturing Discord,we had a guest on the show called,Richard Grant who made the point that,what it does is reduces everyone to an,avatar so if everyone's an avatar what,does it matter if you attack them if you,you know dehumanize them if you,misrepresent them because the game is to,win right it's not to actually have a,discussion is to destroy and ultimately,to win,yeah well especially if you're not if,you're a public person dealing with,people who are not public people right,because then there's really this then,it's just a single shot you know Lottery,it's not a there's no,ongoing future of collaboration or,cooperation that is is being maintained,I mean it's even bad when you have two,public people who you know are who know,both know they're gonna,meet each other in real life at some,point still the the wheels come off,rather often uh to a surprising degree,but,um,yeah it's just uh,yes I in the end I think it's bad,technology which is it's still somewhat,inscrutable because it seems like it,should be good I mean and in some ways,it is good because you're seeing you,know you're seeing a lot of smart people,tell you what the most interests them,and most worries them on a daily basis,and you know sending you articles and,and videos that you and that's that's,why that's why I can't break my,connection to it because I'm following,so many smart people who are curating,for me an information diet that I still,appreciate,um and then I you know occasionally put,my own stuff out there just so it's like,a kind of a marketing channel but I'm,doing much less in the weeds back and,forth with even public people who I,notice uh you know you know poke me on,on a given issue or whatever so some,does it not go do you not have a little,thought in your head when you go to,tackle these very contentious subjects,you know and you know that you're gonna,get push back you know that you're going,to get flat you know that you're going,to get Mr represented do you not think I,really shouldn't be doing this or what,goes through your mind before you go out,and you make your point,well again I I uh I think about it more,than I used to now I mean I used to I,used to do it very there was a basically,there was no friction in the system and,that just was like okay this is like,that that cartoon meme you know somebody,on the Internet is wrong about something,I was that guy on Twitter and,um,so I'm not that guy anymore and I really,do pick my moments and,there's a cost to that because there's,you know that you're you decide to sit,certain moments you know cultural,moments at you sit on the sidelines and,um,but,I mean if I guess if I could just,distill it to a to a lesson here it's,like you're not,you don't you don't always need to have,an opinion about everything right you,certainly don't always need to have a,strong opinion about everything and even,if you do have a strong opinion you,don't always have to be the person,expressing that opinion because very,likely someone else will right and,you know given you kno

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