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BREAKING! Saitama drama - Russ's wife comes clean about Saitama.what is up YouTube welcome back to m

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

BREAKING! Saitama drama - Russ's wife comes clean about Saitama.

what is up YouTube welcome back to my,crypto Journey my name is Rodney and,buckle up because we are going down the,biggest satama rabbit hole because boy,we had some information exposed today,and Russ you know made a little Twitter,space where he offered his rebuttal and,it was really really bad and it does not,look good for satama going forward now,I'm gonna keep this in the background,because I think it's absolutely,hilarious but let me say something a lot,of people are saying oh don't believe,his ex-wife you know she's scorned he,broke up with her whatever I get it you,guys when it comes to divorces there's a,lot of emotions involved right a lot of,emotions he said she said kind of deal,you know I understand that so when she,says things I do take them with the,grain of salt but there are some things,that she said that you just cannot,ignore what do you say when the person,closest to a CEO of a cryptocurrency,project that I've been calling out a lot,of people have been calling out for,being some fake ass pump and dumb,coin project you know real big Lots,Dollar Store ghetto ass coin Vibes,that product say Tama what do you say,when the ex-wife of the CEO of that,project the person closest to them the,person that sits there and hears all the,little pillow talk right the person,that's been with him for forever they've,been together for a long time what do,you say when she calls a project a scam,and she thinks it's all about money she,even called say to Realty out look at,she wasn't the most articulate person,but she was like a duh of course is the,scam how are you gonna buy property with,cryptocurrency none of your,information's on there what do you say,when she says that you have to believe,her let's get some of the backstory from,her and then we'll go into what Russ,said now all this is recorded in Twitter,live spaces I'll put a link to these,live spaces in the description down,below faltron held one give him a follow,very very good job on valtron for,getting this information out there so go,re-watch that give that man a follow but,I'm going to summarize everything for,you I took notes so backstory the reason,why they're broken up right now,allegedly is because this is coming from,Christina that Russ has been cheating on,her with her best friend now she caught,them apparently on some sort of security,camera they were making out and those,sorts of things remember she said all of,those things when Russ had the chance to,come out and address these allegations,he really didn't say much and I'm gonna,get into why that really upset me,because this makes him look even worse,in fact she says right now they're in,Jamaica Russ didn't go to the Dubai,crypto Expo to represent saitama so he,could run off with this mistress and go,to freaking Jamaica now I felt that his,excuse for going to Dubai was some sort,of dumb uh you know error on his part,because he didn't get his coveted,vaccine in time or he was just flat out,lying or he had some issues with the law,now his wife said that he faked his,vaccine card that he took a picture of,it he never got vaccinated and that's,why he didn't have the original document,to submit to United Airlines guys I just,traveled to Europe and to you know,different parts of Europe you know Spain,and Germany and Vienna and no one ever,asked me for any sort of vaccination,proof although they asked for it on the,airline website you never have to,present it for some reason the website,wouldn't let me upload the vaccination,card to their uh to their dashboard so I,was like hey I'm gonna get the kova test,anyways I'm gonna hold on to the you,know the results and I'm gonna go into,the airport and see what they said I,talked to one of the guys he's like oh,yeah it's just it's still on the website,but no one really asked for it so I was,like oh I'm good I didn't even I didn't,even need to take one so that's why that,kind of situation was sketchy to me in,Dubai may be a little a little different,but United Airlines is all the same no,one asked for it to me it's a little,suspicious now when it came to the stuff,about their relationship I mean she,talked about him like being addicted to,drugs and all these kinds of crazy,things she literally said like your,Investments are going straight up his,nose or something like that like he's,she's implying that she's spending all,the money on drugs she talks about how,the girl he's with is like some low life,I don't know this chick right I'm not,gonna say anything about her I don't,know but this is what she's saying and,she's saying that this girl deals with,dangerous people and they're into drugs,and all kinds of crazy stuff she,confirmed that they really didn't have,much money before cryptocurrency but she,did make a note that the house they have,right now was because of their,bankruptcy guys to me Russ is just a big,Mass manipulator right so he he just,knows how to speak to people and people,with a IQ of a acorn believe the, he says now listen it's okay to,beli

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what's up everybody,we're going to talk about some Saint,Thomas right now and listen to what this,guy has to say everybody to bring Gabe,and MK up if they want to say something,that works but,okay so we'll try to keep it keep it,short sweet it's totally unnecessary,total waste of time but here we are,nonetheless,this guy's wife out at him saying he,didn't pay taxes that he's scamming,people his soon-to-be ex-wife by the way,so let's see what uh what has to be said,here,see if we could uh,zoom in here to the brother okay well,that's good all right so we'll start it,off real quick I have there was a space,earlier and some tweets and some,some allegations floating around so I,figured I'd come on here real quick,and uh try to clear it up I'm just gonna,wait a day or two because I really do,hate providing a platform to a relevant, but here we are so the um,the the person who's posting on there,and singing this stuff is my,ex and I've been advised not to go into,too much detail,um about it by my attorney so,um I don't like to put personal,information out there because it's,personal and it's completely relevant to,say Tom and what we're doing not,irrelevant but um you know it's,important to speak on it maybe just a,little bit to clear some Minds so,um without going into a ton of detail uh,my previous spouse and I've been,separated for several months or actually,due in part to her years of infidelity,and now looking for a victim role so,um I wonder what's the saying uh hell,yeah like a woman scorned yeah so we'll,just leave that there for you,um victim blaming,yes I don't really know what was said,but I'm sure,that it was all a bunch,of misguided misinterpreted information,so a misguided misinterpret had no clue,about what satama is and what it does,for the entire who's your wife,the company in itself so for her to be,an expert now is highly suspect to say,the least so an expert now,um what for the Dubai Expo,um touch I just real briefly I,am extremely disappointed that I,couldn't make it there I think but,you're with another chick bro what force,field around it that will not allow me,to go,um I have a photocopy of my vaccine,Carton and it wouldn't and I've used it,before I guess it's dictated on airline,so I fly or I attempted to fly with,United and they wouldn't let me with a,photo because I don't know where my hard,copies,who cares,yeah,no no who cares non-wrapped PCR takes,about 48 Hours nobody cares about,vaccine stuff bro so when I got to the,airport Monday,it um,they wouldn't accept it and they said,okay we need to have,a PCR so I got one immediately right,away and tried to get a new flight but,it was all dependent on when my results,came back in it wasn't an automatic like,okay your results will be back tomorrow,at 5 PM okay I don't care moving what,about the tax stuff what about it being,a scam waiting for it to come back and,by the time I actually got my results in,um there were no more fights available,to go out there uh well in time to make,it for the Expo Additionally the last,minute change of flights from Texas to,Dubai uh were around twenty thousand,dollars so the flights I currently had,were also non-refundable why do you care,about money dude aren't you like oh my,God hotel reservations in Dubai so,needless to say it was a huge letdown,disappointment for multiple reasons,that being one of them as well so that,is the only reason,why I was not able to attend,um trust me we had a ton of plans to go,there and the team of course handled it,sounds like a little uh as it did the,first time in my absence damage control,can't really do anything about covert,restrictions unfortunately UAE is still,one of those countries that have very,strict strict guidelines when it comes,to covet protocol bro you're babbling I,don't care about covet I don't care,about why you didn't attend I want to,know about the tax anywhere else,um I tried to even go into Jamaica,because there was direct flight on,Wednesday out of here that would have,put me in dohar which is closed and I,could have got a connecting flight,because the restrictions are are much,less you don't need a PCR you don't need,any of that stuff,so anyways that's kind of the back story,on that,um there isn't any false narrative to,create there's no alternative reality,that we live in that it's something that,it isn't,um I don't know I heard someone said I,was in jail clearly not in jail,um but Dubai wasn't going to let me in,uh no that's not the case either the,only reason why I couldn't get in is,because I couldn't afford the plane out,of the US to get there without Dubai,didn't let me in it's not the reason but,the reason why they didn't let me in was,because of this vaccination so you just,confirmed you were not letting picture,was not ample,extremely frustrating too because all,the other guys what have you know a,picture or have used or were able to,take a rapid right there at the airport,um but of course you know,every different airline in every country,is di

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The TRUTH about all of the Saitama Drama on YouTube and Twitter. #saitama #wolfpack #saitapro

The TRUTH about all of the Saitama Drama on YouTube and Twitter. #saitama #wolfpack #saitapro

what is going on believers guys we're,going to talk about saitama and the wolf,pack today and at the end of this,i hope that you subscribe to the content,or continue to subscribe to the content,i hope you'll like the video or you,disliked the video and i hope you leave,a comment down below so they get sent so,that everybody who likes or doesn't like,the saitama wolfpack can see and get an,idea of at least,what i think if it matters to you it's,not financial advice,i'm always right,i'm trying to put money in your pocket,that crypto wallet,even when the market sideways i'm,looking for ways to get paid,i'm checking my coins around breakfast,then again around bedtime bet this it's,not financial advice,but i'm always right,i'm always right,i'm always right i'm always right i'm,always right i'm always right,all right guys last night there was an,ama with jake gagan and russell armand,concerning the saitama,project and,what's going on what happened where do,we go from here,then that led to,um,you know if you don't like saitama,everything they do is going to be wrong,you're going to cry about it to begin,with,if you do like site,uh then,anything anybody says negative you're,going to kind of,block out so,i want to go over a couple of those,things because i said and i'm going to,share with you,my tweet which led to um,uh a fellow you all know classy crypto,uh came out and he had a strong opinion,about it,um so we're gonna go over here we're,gonna check it out real quick and then,uh,yeah we'll go from there so,i said,uh so many people uh,so many people said saitama would rug,pull because none of them were right,that russ would leave the country none,of them were right that's some of former,developers would steal the money none of,them were right saitama was dead over,1400 viewers said that's a lie too now,here's the thing,if you thought that saitama was a rug,poll the way you able,it's not obviously or wouldn't still be,here and the people who were rug pulling,wouldn't still be here either,so,uh the people that told you that,they don't know what they're talking,about and the way that they tell you,that they're clueless,the way that the people who are telling,you that,show you that they are clueless is they,change it and they say well,slow,rug,or slow rug pull or they say something,like that because it declines,everything is tied to ethereum when,ethereum is up most projects are going,to be up when ethereum's down,most are going to be down,now i just said something that people,are going to cut off and go like but,it's not up it's not down it's not doing,exactly what ethereum's doing yeah,because there are still,catalysts that happen in the meantime,both negative and positive that move the,price but generally speaking a crypto,will follow a trend for anything that,it's tied to so when ethereum is up,saitama will be up that doesn't mean it,will be up at the same level,and when it's down,uh the same thing happens and it'll go,down that doesn't mean that the,potential area in which it's trading,is,going to be the exact same it just means,that when ethereum's down,saitama is going to be down and if you,stare at it right now and it's not down,eventually it will be in a day or so if,ethereum's down if ethereum's up saitama,is going to run up to it's math it's not,even,it's not even an art at this point it's,math it's the way that it works now,that being said,um,it's 150 million market cap and a lot of,people that are talking to you about it,are trading and telling you to buy,tokens that have a much smaller market,cap and by the way the market cap,doesn't mean that you should or should,not buy just really shows the strength,of your audience of people who are,investors and 150 million says that,there are quite a few investors now that,quite a few investors part becomes an,issue and there is an issue that still,needs to be addressed and if you are,what i would call a site of maxi then,you should be honest that,you can see that there is a problem,and you should not shut down,people who don't like it because i've,seen it going,time and time again and we're going to,look at that real quick so let's take a,look there and let's see what we see on,this one so say thomas trading at 35 10,but here's the issue,134 410 people have tokens at this point,but there were three hundred and seventy,thousand when,the swap when when the transfer was,being done so here we are uh missing 240,000 of those holders now uh there's been,indications that these smaller investors,with the smaller,let's call them dust wallets will not,see,any tokens from v2 that the developers,pay for because they have to pay for it,out of pocket well first of all,that's not their fault that's not their,problem the developers,created this and and the people that,have tokens up to a certain amount,there's there's got to be a fair cut off,if it's under five dollars,then there can be a cut off but i want,you to understand,that at some point uh that person,uh,whoever that person

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🚨Saitama Guru (COO) Got Exposed By his Wife? - End of Saitama?🧐

🚨Saitama Guru (COO) Got Exposed By his Wife? - End of Saitama?🧐

foreign,hey what's up guys this is a quick,update video on satama so in this video,we are going to talk about the latest,controversy of satama where satama,guru's wife exposed him on Twitter we,are also going to discuss about the,future of satama and its Affiliated,tokens so make sure to watch this video,till the end,so first let's start with the latest,controversy so for those of you who are,not active on Twitter say tamaguru's,wife came onto a Twitter space and,accused him of Fraud and told many,things which were really shocking she,has accused satama Guru of fraud,scamming investors buying a Supercar,buying her a diamond necklace drugs,addiction she even went further and told,that these guys were broke before satama,and how satama changed their life,now some of these things can be true but,we cannot rely on her 100 percent,because they are going through a divorce,and according to her Russ is having an,affair with her best friend so we don't,know what the truth is because such,things are common when you're going,through a divorce both parties lie,during such situations,Russ came out and tweeted that he will,hold a space and he already did but like,always his space was useless he could,not defend himself properly in fact his,tweet claims his wife is suffering from,mental illness,but some of the things which his wife,said can be true I mean we know Russ is,a liar he is lied to investors on many,occasion and I would personally never,invest any of my money in any tokens,associated with satama for his team but,on the other hand I am also not going to,support his wife here because she was,supporting him until all this happened,so I am having zero sympathy for her so,now what about the future of satama and,its affilated tokens,obviously after this controversy the,price crashed satama has over 50 million,market cap the current trading price of,seitama is .2011 so in order to kill a,zero from here it needs a market cap of,440 million now reaching this market cap,is not a big of a task but satama has,always been into controversy the trust,level is gone so big whale investors are,not going to dump their money in this,token the future of this token is not,really bright in fact there is no future,of this token,if the market cap Falls by half that is,25 million then the trading price would,be around,0.3056 so this project is already,wrecked but there are some dumb,investors who are dreaming that this,token can change their life for short,term I don't think this project can go,below 3056 level because satama has a,strong PR team and that is their,advantage they are really good at,marketing they know how to manipulate,investors and they are really good at,keeping the dumb investors from selling,so I am not expecting much of a downfall,but people dreaming of this token to,make the million dollars that's,definitely not going to happen this,token might hang around to three zeros,to four zeros level for some months and,then eventually die a slow death,so all the investors who are still,buying the dips in this token I,personally would suggest to move out of,this token and try your luck with any,other coins because the team is,filled with scammers I mean how hard is,it for you to understand the devs have,already made enough money and they are,still draining money out of your pockets,every day but if you still believe in,this project I wish you all the luck,so guys that's all about it for this,quick update video on saitama let me,know in the comments section what you,guys think about this whole controversy,I grew up in a place where they told you,what to chase told you how to run the,race every move is on the page but I,didn't like their way I had to fight and,misbehave I had to find a way to change,I had to leave to find my way,caught up in a daydream I beat my mind,up there almost daily it's hard cause,time no opinions safely it's how I,understand what I want in this place see,cause everybody

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hey guys larry here i'm glad to be back,to give you a saitama twitter update and,i will also jump into taking a look at,the price and what is going on overall,with the market real quick but before i,do that guys do me a favor and smash the,like button if you're invested in this,token so it's been a couple days since i,did a video on saitama i've been just,really flat out busy but i miss talking,to you guys so i wanted to jump on here,it's a little after 11 o'clock eastern,standard time and i wanted to just at,least give you an update on what is,going on in twitter and also take a look,at the price so so guys without any,further ado let's take a look at what's,going on in the overall crypto market,and then we'll take a look at say thomas,price so right now we are at 2.06,trillion of an overall market cap in the,crypto market and that's an increase of,about 0.38 over yesterday and taking a,look at saitama let's refresh the screen,here so currently we're down almost 11,on the day we're at the 3846,level and you can just see here that the,market cap has gone down to 1.7 billion,so you know just the other day it was,around 3 billion and it's sliding down,fully diluted market cap is 3.8 billion,and the volume is at 21 million so i'm,just you know guessing i'm sure a lot of,you would agree that the reason why the,price is struggling is just because of,it being stuck in the mud i think,saitama is just in a rut right now just,from say to mask,i think that you know eventually when,they get out of it i think the price,will start to pump once sata mask is,properly released and it rolls out the,way they're going to do it and,everything is functioning and there's no,more errors so,it'll it'll all come in due time i'm you,know a very patient person i'm a patient,investor um i'm really you know i'm not,a day trader and i really don't do too,much swing trading or anything like that,so i'm in this for the long haul,i still have not sold one token um i,wish that i would have sold a little bit,when we were at the all-time high right,before the event but i really believed,that there was just too many catalysts i,thought that we were definitely going to,have a top five exchange listing,announced at the vegas event and also,i was thinking of course that say the,mass was going to be released that,didn't happen but at some point i plan,on taking 20 percent off the top once we,either get close to all-time highs we,start to approach it or we get,back near all-time highs i'm going to,really watch it closely i'm also not,really concerned about say the mask,until,everything has been worked out the only,reason why i want to use it initially is,to be able to purchase lilly token,for me lilly token is not going to be a,long term hold but in the short term i,think it's going to be a good play not,financial advice but i think it's going,to pump because there's a lot of hype,now the hype around it has probably died,down a little bit i haven't really,watched any youtube videos really other,than maybe one or two in the last couple,days,but i know that you know saitama is just,kind of struggling right now but they,did come out on twitter with a press,release and i'm sure somebody has talked,about this before me probably a few,people but over here they announced on,twitter that they are doing this uh,press release and you go over to their,website which is,and you can read this press release if,you want so basically the first,paragraph is just about their um need to,be transparent with everyone and what,they do is they have a it's nice that,they have these questions here so kind,of like a frequently asked questions,page so let's go ahead and take a look,at reading some of this so the question,here,why am i getting a 401 error when trying,to log in answer there are some regions,that are still being rolled out and you,will get this message please make sure,that you delete the app,clear your cash,clear you can yeah clear your cash and,reboot your phone to ensure you are up,to date with the app stores if after all,the above is done and you get the 401,error please try to register again,question why am i getting a network,timeout error when trying to log in,answer there are some regions that are,still being rolled out and we are,continuing to monitor uh all traffic,and some may experience some network,throttling,question i have registered but the,activation code has not been sent to my,email i've seen that in the comment,section before that people are not,getting the email and the answer the,mailing service is being optimized so,there will be intermittent,service please close the application and,try again later if you have not received,an email after one hour please check,your spam folder,as well to ensure that your email,service is not blocking so it looks like,they have other issues other than the,ddos attack so that's what i'm seeing,here at least they're coming out and and,giving us some sort of answers,after a successful registrati

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Saitama, Terareum, Lillian Finance, WTF are they doing? This is SHADY.

Saitama, Terareum, Lillian Finance, WTF are they doing? This is SHADY.

what is up YouTube welcome back to my,crypto journey of course my name is,Rodney do me a favor smash that like,button before we get started it helps,with the algorithm and today we're going,to be talking about everyone's three,favorite projects in this space of,course that's satama terrarium and Lily,Finance of course saitama peaking in,November of 2021 but terrarium and Lily,Finance really having their Peak last,year in 2022 and recently all three of,these projects did things that really,rubbed me the wrong way and there are,three very different things we'll talk,about them uh here in a second but if,they want to continue in 2023 and,continue to make some sort of you know,noise in the D5 World they gotta stop,doing things that just seem like money,grabs and it seems like they're just,wrecking their own Community I will,explain right now but again make sure to,slap that like button all that good,stuff and first we'll start off with,satama okay so you know of course satama,did release its main use case which is,SATA Pro now they are offering a SATA,card which is a their SATA card Black,which is just a debit card for,cryptocurrency transactions now,there's an application fee for it and,it's uh 200 USD now there are,application fees but usually not for,debit cards in the real world now I made,a comment about this on my Twitter and,people were like dude there's there's,fees all the time for credit cards you,don't get charged to apply for a you,know a Chase credit card you don't get a,fees for that you get annual fees but,you don't have an application fee and,you damn sure as hell don't get fees for,opening a debit card with a bank account,because there's no credit involved,there's nothing they're doing for you,like credit cards are like a service,right like for example I have a Chase,credit card and many others but Chase is,like awesome because they give you,rewards points right so if you use the,card correctly you end up flying for,free everywhere but part of that deal is,that you get charged one an annual fee,right pretty much now this is a one-time,fee this is not an annual fee right I,believe it looks like yeah there's this,annual maintenance Stakes no annual fee,so no annual fees but this is sort of,like a debit card unless I'm hearing,something wrong this is a debit card you,shouldn't have to pay for any sort of,application patient fee for a debit card,that's kind of crazy to me because you,know there's a there's a crow,card that's free I got the Voyager,before they went under they had a card,that was free so to me it's kind of,crazy asking for 200 for a you know,pretty much a debit card and it just,seems another like another way to get,money from the community it seems like,another way to take money from the,community so not good for satama I mean,of course they did release their use,case so you can't really consider them a,scam you could say they do scammy things,right or if you consider a lot of the,top wallet selling office scam right you,can't really consider them a scam really,because they are putting out some sort,of use case in SATA Pro whatever you,think of it's your opinion but still all,right so that's what satama is doing now,let's move on to terrarium now terrarium,recently their uh marketing wallet has,been dumping or whatever their mark,their wallet is they use for paying for,things has been dumping a massive amount,of ethereum now of course ethereum is,about 1200 right now so you know 86,ethereum sold let me move my face here,80 60 theorem sold right here it's,pretty much equivalent to you say like,90 or probably like 100 000 or something,like in that ballpark so you know,they're selling they're taking they're,making these big sales right terrarium,is they just release their their use,case too right their centralized,exchange which you can only use it in,the UAE in India for right now but you,can sign up and do those sorts of things,different from satama because say Thomas,a decentralized exchange and terrarium,wants to be a centralized exchange but,all these sales,I get it guys and the comparison I get,here is like oh well Elon Musk sales,Tesla shares yeah Elon Musk sells Tesla,shares,um to maybe buy the dip when the market,dumps more because Tesla's been dumping,or to maybe pay for different things or,in this case probably paying for things,with Twitter so we do see CEOs doing,those sorts of things but it's a little,shady in a space where a project hasn't,been out for a year yet right this team,doesn't have the best reputation right,they were saitama investors and it seems,like they don't really know too much,about crypto but they've been learning a,lot about it although they say they do,um they've been making some pretty bad,uh publicity moves especially the CEO,Milton pretty dumb on Twitter like that,guy just does not need to be on Twitter,and when you just look at terrarium as a,project as a whole it's like well what,have they delivered except a basic,interface that was rel

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welcome everyone to the bear market so,what we're going to do today is we're,going to talk a little bit about the,price action of saitama we're going to,talk about the overall market we're,going to get a feel for what people are,talking about uh on twitter as far as,say thomas concerned and say to mask and,we're going to take a look at some of,the things that i'm doing with my,portfolio to help out to combat the bear,market that we're going through now but,before we do that guys if you're an,investor in saitama if you're part of,the wolf pack do me a favor and smash,the like button all right so let's get,into it uh so i'm curious as to how many,of you have gotten satamas to work so we,had version 1.7 and 1.8 if you guys,would just do me a favor and drop in the,comments below we're just going to do a,little informal poll here just let me,know in the comments below if you're,able to get sata mask working for you,and keep in mind guys that the overall,market is down so that's main reason why,you're seeing saitama down and like we,talked about yesterday also obviously,you know say the mass not working is,really hurting the value of the token so,what am i doing with my portfolio,personally um i still have not sold any,satama but what i have done over the,last few days i was looking at the forty,thousand dollar mark as the,psychological support level for bitcoin,once it dipped below forty thousand when,it got into the in around thirty nine,thousand over the last few days i was,moving some of my high risk investments,those uh meme coins and things that are,not as strong of a project it's like,something like saitama not as strong as,a community project some really high,risk meme coins i moved those into,stable coins just because i believe that,we are in a bear market i'm not 100,certain that we're in a bear market but,i'm probably about 80 sure that we are,all the world events that are going on,with the stock market crashing with the,things that are going on in the world,crazy stuff that's going on out there,let's jump over to the screen and take a,look at what people are saying on,twitter so what i did for you guys over,on our twitter page at,cryptotalknow21 i reposted some tweets,some interesting tweets from the saitama,community and what i do with twitter is,i try to gauge what is going on in the,community by reading some of the posts,on twitter i think it's a nice way to,stay updated on what people are thinking,about what the sentiment overall is on,uh saitama as a whole uh mxgnxm,and he says uh both my phone are now,working well i was dumb to bought a new,phone just to check if i can log into,satamas lesson learned to be patient so,basically he actually went out and,bought another phone to get it to work,and he found out that it works on both,phones so that's good news and then,tsukar ready here he posted uh something,helpful here he says if you have saved,your original satam ass seed phrase and,still have error 401 or account doesn't,exist you can create a new account and,import your old saitama seed phrase so,that's helpful for any of you guys that,are still getting the 401 error message,and you want to be able to take your old,account that you had set up with a seed,phrase you can go ahead and import that,seed phrase and guys i really like this,post right here i'll give him a follow,give him a follow from jeremy brinker it,says if the whole market wasn't down,i may be worried about the projects i'm,in,but we've seen this before down 60 and,then up 160 you need to look at the past,to see the future and by that you will,see crypto is the future so i really,like this quote right here,and you know basically just speaks to,overall about saitama that if you're,concerned about what's going on yes they,did botch the release a couple times of,state of mass and they're having issues,i think that they're,probably about half half the people out,there that are using it are able to get,it to work but we have to keep in mind,that the whole market is down and not,just the crypto market but also uh,issues with the stock market as well and,this tweet right here from ed lowe,it says say to mass 1.7 now ios is works,now perfectly i can't wait the next,update 1.8 so that's good news right,there that he retweeted and then danny,right here danny z it says right here,i'm in say the mass version 1.8 ios it's,amazing,amazing job creating this revolutionary,app that will help now jumping over here,to dex tools guys at we can,see the chart here of saitama overall,you can see what's been going on with,the chart here just been bleeding out,today and you can see that over on uni,swap the total liquidity is still over,14 million the daily volume on unity,swap is over 10 million and you can see,that the holders is holding strong over,318 000 there's 318 593 the market cap,has slipped down to 1.2 billion so,that's where we are with dex tools and,guys now taking a look at what's going,on in the overall market let's jump over,to c

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we have some really big news from,twitter that could be the game changer,we've all been waiting for wolf pack,make sure to stick around until the very,end of this video because i'm going to,be unpacking this hot update and how it,affects you as a saitama holder,go call your friends and make sure you,don't miss a single second of this video,because i promise you it's gonna be a,big one,disclaimer,what's up saitama wolf pack and thanks,for checking out the channel today's,video is a really big one as it concerns,some major updates from the,controversial tech mogul himself elon,musk and his newly acquired company,twitter,some rumors coming from that angle look,like they might be critical and game,changing to saitama eno and if you stick,around to the end of this video i'll,tell you all about it,but before we get into the video please,make sure to hit the subscribe button,and hit the bell icon as well that way,you're the first to know once we have a,new video uploaded on the channel and,with that said let's check out today's,news,i know you're excited for the twitter,update but let's begin with some equally,priced pumping news saitama inu is doing,crazy well on the charts in fact on,friday april 29th ok x listed its top,five 24 hour gainers and guess what,saitama inu was number three,if you don't realize how huge this is,let me remind you that ok x is the,second largest cryptocurrency exchange,in the entire world it has an average 24,hour trade volume of nearly 3 billion,dollars for saitama inu to come in third,place on an exchange this huge says a,lot about the tokens prospects and how,it's currently perceived in the market,if things continue this way then demand,for saitama inu is going to skyrocket,which will jack up prices and give,holders some massive gains so yeah this,is a huge congratulations for the,saitama wolf pack,and on that exciting note we'll now go,straight into the twitter news make sure,to keep watching,if you haven't already then you've,probably been living under a rock in,that case let's be the first to tell you,that elon musk has bought twitter with a,weeks long saga that began with him,acquiring nine percent of twitter shares,this made musk the company's largest,shareholder before he offered to buy the,entire company outright at roughly 54,dollars per share bringing the total,asking price to 44 billion dollars,that's a pretty huge sum of money to,spend on the spur of the moment without,any plan for a good reason at least and,if we know anything about elon musk it's,that he's too experienced a businessman,to be random,the new twitter boss has already started,rolling out plans for a new modus,operandi over at twitter and while not,all of these plans might go down well,with everyone there's something to make,the saitama wolfpack and the entire,crypto community really excited,to begin with musk has already announced,that he'll be replacing twitter's,current ceo paragargawal with the new,one whom he hasn't unveiled just yet but,musk has even bigger plans which,involves monetizing tweets especially,those that go viral or include important,information,he also suggested that the idea of,charging a fee when third-party websites,quote or embed tweets from verified,accounts,musk might also be introducing the idea,of paying influencers to create content,for twitter this business model is tried,and tested as proven on tick tock,now i know you're probably wondering,where all the good news for crypto is,but keep watching because i'm about to,get to that so elon musk has hinted that,he might be interested in the idea of,subscription services that twitter could,offer,now you probably already know of twitter,blue if you don't twitter blue is,twitter subscription service for a small,fee of three dollars monthly you get the,premium benefits of being able to undo,your tweets read news articles without,ads and several other benefits,well musk has suggested that this fee,can be slashed and wait for it he also,suggested that subscribers could pay for,their fees in crypto,twitter under jack dorsey's leadership,has always been quite open to crypto in,june of last year the company announced,that users would be able to tip their,favorite content creators in bitcoin,this was a huge one for the crypto,community and right now it's one of the,reasons we can believe that the twitter,board of directors would agree to this,idea,if elon musk makes twitter blue,subscription fees payable in crypto then,it flings the door of opportunities wide,open for saitama eno whatever coiner,token musk approves first it's only,going to be a matter of time before,other tokens are gradually accepted on,the platform,elon musk is a revolutionary and a,crypto lover and with his love for,community driven projects chances are,strong that saitama enu will become a,mode of payment for twitter blue,anyway let me know what you think about,this in the comments i'd love to hear,from you,now one quick announcement before we,move on to more exciting upda

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