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Georgia Wins the National Title for the Second Year in a Row | The Ryen Russillo Podcastokay that wa

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Georgia Wins the National Title for the Second Year in a Row | The Ryen Russillo Podcast

okay that was uh,not a close football game,Georgia wins back-to-back titles,demolishing TCU last night I felt like,pretty early on you're like this is,probably not going to be pretty,uh TCU only scored seven points because,a guy fell down,so it could have been worse right and so,that then leads to some of my,most disliked content,um when you start talking about like oh,well TCU never should have been in it,man what the ,like yeah okay what do you want to put,Bama back in it now and have them play,next week,you know,uh as I said after the semifinal the,Peach Bowl game it felt like that missed,field goal was for the national,championship it was Ohio state would be,TCU,and then I can't help but think of the,transitive property of equality which is,usually always a mistake to use in,sports and I mean this like I think it's,always a mistake because every game is,different week to week is different,teams are different every week unless,apparently you're Georgia but there was,part of me that was kind of thinking,about leading up to it I'm going okay I,was down in the Big Ten for most of the,season because I keep waiting for the,Big Ten to be the team that surpasses,the SEC at some point right like at some,point the SEC is going to be totally,down they're going to lose out of,conference games,um it'll be weird because it'll probably,have to happen the bull season where,they were a disaster and then you know,what I mean like for them to lose some,of the benefit of the doubt stuff it's,going to take more than just September,you get the point but I look at the big,The Big Ten is the only Converse that,could really if they had everybody,rolling at the right time and that,includes Wisconsin that includes Penn,State of course Michigan and Ohio State,Michigan State at some points you know,has been a really competitive football,team I'm like that's the only one that,feels like you could get to the fourth,team that won a national Championship,not that I think the big tennis can win,four in a row with four different,programs but you get my point here it,gets a lot harder to get that deep in,the ACC or the big 12. and even and even,times the Pac-12,um,although the Pac-12 maybe has a better,chance but again uh it I I get,frustrated the big time only because I'd,expect at some point it to go a little,bit better uh right now the SEC in the,playoffs is 14-3 against every other,conference so they have more losses yes,against each other but now they're 14-3,so then I looked at Bama beating K-State,who beat TCU and Bama could name their,number against Kansas State and it,wasn't like oh Bama should have been in,because I just don't think that's fair,like what the did we just do for,three plus months right,um but when that happened,and then Michigan TCU happens and yes,there was part of me that still couldn't,get past it maybe you know fluky always,feels a little insulting but there was,like three specific busted plays that,Ohio State Michigan game where I was,like what the hell happened there like,if Ohio State and Michigan played 10,times what do you think the record would,be,because I don't think it'd be five and,five I think Ohio state would win more,of those games but they got trucked at,their place in the second half credit to,Michigan so what I don't want to do is,also turn this in a bunch of stuff where,you feel retroactively like we're taking,credit away from teams but there was a,combination of events there I'm like,okay TCU gets Michigan,now that Ohio State Michigan game was,kind of weird Ohio State's one of three,four teams that has the talent that he,can match up with Georgia that's a close,game goes down to the last field goal,and then wait that's right can't stay,who beat TCU smashed by Alabama and I,mean even LSU who I knew conveniently,became like a weird four loss team,well I mean they destroyed a Purdue team,that yes I understand had,had some challenges with the coaching,stuff but,I mean give me a break I you know that's,that's two division winners there and it,was I mean unless you probably could,have scored more if they wanted to all,right so you add all these things up and,it'll go into next year and it's gonna,piss off Big Ten fans again and it's,that's really simple just start winning,some of these games man just start,winning some of these games Illinois,loses,Ohio State loses although close Michigan,loses and then a weird thing from Ohio,State fans is like yeah hey we were,right there and it could have been yeah,but you're Ohio State like that's not,the way you should be looking at things,you should be pissed off about it not,relieved,right I would think,um Penn State finally gets a ranked win,against a good Utah team that lost their,quarterback halfway through it so it's,Penn State's first win of the season and,it happened in January,you're just gonna need to start winning,some of these games even though the ball,season could be a little misleading,because the stuff that happens depending,on who leaves and t

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Ryen Russillo Bill Simmons on twitter

Ryen Russillo Bill Simmons on twitter

we were talking a little bit earlier off,here about Twitter and I don't think,people realize but the hosts here all of,us look at it way too much and I think,it affects us as hosts sometimes you,don't necessarily jump into this medium,as much so it's not like you're gonna,write a column publish a paragraph read,reaction to it and then figure out your,next paragraph but that actually happens,a lot here with the segments and the way,the shows work and I think it's a huge,problem and I'm wondering if it's,something it's so popular right now with,our world with sports with media that if,it actually is there any benefit to it,though I think it's gone a little bit,too far I I think Twitter has some,really good value I mean it's really fun,during live event moments like something,like the Oscars,Twitter's great everybody you know,pointing out stuff making jokes it can,almost be like a second screen I get a,lot of news from Twitter like the people,I follow that the recommendations they,have for articles I see a lot of things,that maybe I wouldn't see unless a,friend recommended them so like that I,think where you get in danger is if,you're looking at the replies all the,time and how people are reacting this,stuff it's a it's a sample size that,doesn't represent everybody that's,listening to you're reading you it tends,to be people that might be online a lot,god bless those people by the way but,that doesn't that might not necessarily,be the same person who's like some I,don't know 35 year old teacher who's,driving home from work who might not be,as passionate about whatever you're,talking about as other people I think,sometimes you can get in the danger with,Twitter or with message boards or really,anything of trusting whatever this,collective opinion is and thinking it,represents everybody and I think we do,this too with sports blogs I think you,just have to take it I don't want to say,with a grain of salt but just take it as,part of a larger package like here's,what these people are saying now what,does this mean in the larger context,that makes sense yeah no it makes a lot,of sense because I think some of the,initial uses for what it was are still,there but I think it's almost been,overrun with this sense that it's I,think you have to have it,skin with this but I'm not gonna tell,you there aren't mornings where you wake,up and you have 10 tweets about how,terrible you are that depending on what,your mood is that day that can actually,blow me out a little bit so I try not to,look at it at all during a show because,it's just not worth it and I look at,somebody like you you got about two,million followers and what's the point,of even reading your mentions because,you're gonna get a few thousand a day,and I you know I don't know what the,goal is and you just all you're gonna,sit there and interact with people,constantly and I still don't know what,the value of a retweet is for somebody,but I guess kids seem to like it but,it's just it's weird I feel like it's,heading in this direction where I wonder,how sustainable this thing can be well,and then also you have it's pretty easy,to get attention on Twitter and to go at,people and try to start little feuds,things like that I still think there's,real value and in connecting with the,audience I'm not sure if Twitter's the,the best way to do it all the time but,like for instance I wrote a column about,PDS a few weeks ago and got something,like 10,000 emails the first week after,the column and some of the emails were,so thoughtful and so interesting then I,just ended up I was copy pasting them,and putting them into documents and,ended up we ran this whole feedback,column it was basically 16,000 words of,all these different opinions and,thoughts and people arguing different,things and I thought it was one of the,most fascinating things we've put up and,I didn't write a single word in it it,was just different people's reactions,thoughts feelings concerns about where,peds and sports is going and something,like that I think is great but that was,something that you had to organize a,little bit I think when it's something,where just everybody comes flying in the,best way to describe it is you know,think about like hecklers at a sporting,event right right,so it it let's say Miami comes into,Boston and you have people yelling stuff,at the Miami Heat are the 25 people that,are yelling things at the Miami Heat,does that represent everybody in the,crowd no those are the people that are,just loud and heckling and I think the,players who play for the heat understand,that they're like oh these guys are,trying to get in our heads and I think,sometimes that can happen on Twitter and,I think people make the mistake of,thinking those people represent the,larger hole or something like that,sometimes it's just Twitter,you're right because if you look at it,that way it really is the same thing but,it doesn't feel that way because it,feels more personal because it's your,account it's right to y

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Barstool Sports’ Big Cat And PFT Troll Adam Schefter Over Tweets | The Russillo Show | ESPN

Barstool Sports’ Big Cat And PFT Troll Adam Schefter Over Tweets | The Russillo Show | ESPN

all right change of plans we'll get to,Mayweather McGregor this feels a little,bit like Kramer bringing out Jerry's ex,the show but Adam Schefter joins us now,on the shell Pennzoil performance line,um this is not scheduled chapter has,called in to talk to the guys from Jeff,T Shafter what's up hey Kat,PST I just wanted to give you guys a,very warm welcome to the es10,headquarters in Bristol Ryan asked me,because I was going to be there today,I'm sorry I'm not some previously,scheduled meetings and I want to make,sure that I didn't bring any cease and,desist letters to you guys while you're,there and that you guys were comfortable,and happy and that radio space and that,everything went smoothly here today I,appreciate you admitting that you're,dodging us that was nice of you let's uh,which cell phone are you calling in on,one of only two calling it on that,particular number I'm truly sorry that I,wasn't there if you guys had come,yesterday we can read this in person for,three straight hours I would have join,you in studios that it was our time we,would've gotten do that we were gone the,jugs machine going remember that is,handsome Hank with you guys as well yeah,yeah handsome Hank this feels like a,letter looking in person Adam feels a,little stalkerish I'm not gonna lie Adam,I think you've like read all of our,stats and you know everything about us,and you're just letting us it's almost,like a sending a message like hey I know,that you guys are there and I know where,you live who Adam um maybe we can break,a little news on this podcast is adrian,peterson still hoping to play two years,in new orleans engaging Peterson wants,keep going till you said the others age,37 they announced that keep doing this,it chefs it for a long time Adam you,were saying like the back story of this,is that you've been blocking these guys,for years and I don't even where where,do we stand right now no we're on block,no no no no basically I think they and,they have enjoyed coffee actually a,couple of times yes which is fine I got,I got no problem with that and it's been,a situation where the unblocking think,Matthew berry they were kind enough to,make a donation I was oblivious,Mathewson block him I said no problem,we got him unblocked and and that that,basically is the deal but in the interim,during this entire time they have made,the jump they've become,the mainstream media I think we remind,every minute and and well well I've been,basically just a stool you know longer,oh come on now oh we're on your block,okay I see you chef t by the way that,that that donation you speak of I made,it clear to Mathieu Burri that was an,anonymous donation I made I want that,just make sure everyone knows I was,anonymous it was a humble thing but it,was anonymous Adam do you ever do you,ever look at Twitter and get mad if Ian,Rapoport beats you by like five seconds,on a tweet I really try not to pay much,attention that I really just try to do,my job as best I can and let the chips,fall where they will what about that,what about that one free agency year I,think it was like two years ago where I,actually took every Rappaport and,shefter tweet screen grab them and,tweeted at you saying Rappaport keeps,dunking on you did you see that again,I'm very comfortable okay all right,that's fair that's fair I will I will,bring this up in the room we have Adam,Schefter with us the guys from Barstow,clear I got a question,you go go Adam I'm sorry for hosting the,show how tall I'm on the lowest PFT I'm,the exact same height as Danny Woodhead,oh great you know you're I didn't have,five nine oh I'm five eight okay I'm,five and a half no big deal okay you got,me by a system yes that's good for that,master I've stood next to Danny wood,Adam yeah he fought niceties about five,eight but okay you but you've been elite,we have research on it now chef D oh I,wrote a whole I wrote a whole expose I,think that's why it all started but B in,classic private sports fashion we don't,have any of those locks anymore four,three five by the way in the 40s whoa,whoa that's deceptively fast yeah four,three side well is he thing worth very,much effort so hmm you guys enjoy your,data so far we have can I can I ask you,a question chef teah a little NFL real,question here who's on the hot seat,right now you know the funny thing about,hot seats is hot seats change year to,year and just because you think that,there's a coach on the hot seat in June,on June 15th or whatever today is those,things change so quickly that sometimes,I,think it's crazy to speculate on a coach,be on the hot seat now look I think,everybody could look at the Jets and say,well they're gonna have issues there,they're not going to win very many games,by most people's expectations and if,that happens then Ewing think that,there's gonna be some type of change,there at some point in time but I I,really don't like to that so it's always,a you never talked about other man's job,well yeah that it's more it's always a, a big t

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Did Kevin Durant make fake Twitter account? | The Ryen Russillo Show | ESPN

Did Kevin Durant make fake Twitter account? | The Ryen Russillo Show | ESPN

so Durant here's the story this was,pointed out what late last night,that he may have private Twitter,accounts where he is defending himself,as someone else and now it's even taking,a more crazy turn updated just moments,ago a new development all this okay so,here's the deal Durant says something,guys reply to it okay and what happened,was a guy just says man I respect the,hell out of you but give me one,legitimate reason for leaving OKC other,than getting a championship so instead,of just being Durant and going back at,that person he was gonna go back at him,as a just random account okay an,assumption your honor just to be clear,yes okay but he didn't log out so then,Durant drops this as if he's not Durant,going he didn't like the organization or,playing for Billy Donovan his roster,wasn't good it was just him and Russ and,then you're like wait a minute,who said that Oh Kevin Durant blue,checkmark unless he was talking to the,third person right like we got to,consider the potential other,possibilities yes that he's talking,about himself in third person that maybe,he has somebody on staff who's Manning a,Twitter but this has happened before,this is this has happened before,oh really with other people people in,the media I know yes,so shadow accounts will they go and they,give themselves high fives right,positive reviews there was a Facebook,one not that long ago that was pretty,obvious like oh you forgot to log out so,there's another one where Durant as,Kevin Durant maybe it wasn't him maybe,it was an assistant and he goes at the,stood and goes imagine taking Russ off,that team see how bad they were Kevin,Durant can't win a championship with,those cats he's like yeah but you're,saying this unless you're killing us a,third person the new development is,apparently there's this Instagram,account where it was under choir choir,Sultan and Durant real Durant was tagged,under this it's a private account a,bunch of famous people follow it and,that has now since been deactivated,because it was this private account that,we didn't really know what the deal was,and those two names are street names,near where he grew up and now they have,dm's of that where he's arguing with the,kid about how good Durant is so I don't,know this,this bums people out yeah so the choir,sultan revelation on instagram which is,an investigation going on as we speak,right now you know what kind of shoots a,hole into the theory that durant talks,about himself in third person or maybe,it was an intern yeah it could've been,sistent it seems to be it's looking like,it's Kevin Durant's game to create,shadow accounts and fight with people in,Kevin Durant's honor for Kevin Durant as,Kevin Durant that seems like an,incredible waste of time oh my gosh but,as I've said all the time when it's,happening to you you feel differently,about it can you imagine being Durant,and being the second best player in the,world winning a title having an MVP,season you've got the MVP trophy not,from this year and then you go okay I,can't believe Cole said that about me,the guy wasn't even being mean so Rudy,this basically this is it for you huh,yeah this is my favorite story since Sam,hinkie got like oh or walk away from the,Sixers I I don't underst,that do this in sports for sure but I,also don't understand what the point is,like you're arguing with nobodies it's,not like you're like tweeting at like,Stephen a or you or you will saying like,hey like no this is why I'm so much,better you're tweeting at nobody's like,random people on Twitter this this,doesn't help you at all so it just must,be self self therapeutic right he might,be tweeting his Stephen a well he might,be who knows how many shadow accounts,he's got who knows how much time he's,but the point is he's making clearly,that one would at least you would,understand the motive behind it this is,just it's just I remember when Van Pelt,and I would argue about his fights Van,Pelt will get into fights with people on,Twitter and I'm good do you ever think,Jim Nantz would around a men's corner me,like hidden we're coming up on 13 and,it's great and then fire off a tweet say,screw you our camera coverage has been,fine yeah you know I kind of I kind of,get your point but I don't know oh man,Kevin Kevin he's got to own it at this,point all there is to do do you think he,will,you can kind of get out of it so they've,been deactivated all right

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The Lions Play Spoiler to the Packers | The Ryen Russillo Podcast

The Lions Play Spoiler to the Packers | The Ryen Russillo Podcast

it is behind us the regular season of,the NFL the playoffs are set recapping,the top five things from week 18. all,right number one I know I'm starting,with something a little weird here but,I'm not sure I've ever felt better about,a team that didn't make the playoffs,than the Detroit Lions last night Lions,football the win at Lambo maybe it was,because the last game,um I'll admit even at one point I was,like wait they're still not yeah like,they're eliminated and it didn't feel,that way it was the weirdest feeling it,was like a team battling for a thing,that they weren't eligible for uh and,they take out Rogers they pick them off,again towards the end there's a bunch of,different stuff that happened in this,game,um,let me let me put it this way uh,Detroit everybody's gonna like them next,year right so remember this now,everyone's gonna like maybe they'll like,them a little too much we'll see what,that over under is maybe some value,there on the under because everybody's,gonna be like you know Detroit football,but a couple things that happened uh,goth who I thought and I'll do this a,little bit later was on the list of my,five quarterbacks it'll probably be,replaced or something to keep track of,and uses a segment concept once or twice,a season right golf in his second year,this was like the ram Super Bowl run,season look at his stats he's a,completely different guy this season and,goes from somebody that again I would,pencil in of being like the one of the,five quarterbacks that's likely going to,get replaced to,like he's good and they have these two,picks they've got picks number six,they've got picks number 18 and before,you know there was a time there you,thought it could have been even higher,uh from that ramps pick the Stafford,deal the whole time but uh the Rams have,been winning a couple games there,towards the end I would have thought,those picks would be packaged or,something go ahead and bring another,quarterback I don't think they need to,with golf again his numbers his numbers,match pretty much what they did the year,he took the Rams to the Super Bowl so,that's a win the other part of the win,is Dan Campbell because there's always,this kind of like football versus,football war going on and it's simple,like I think football guys,right the football Hardo likes the Dan,Campbell Hardo Factor,but when he comes in I think there's,another group of football people kind of,media based where you're like,you don't want to I felt like there were,people that were rooting against it,because he was an old school football,Hardo guy and so this is a win for the,football hardos is the other point to,this uh and also at the end I don't know,what was going on in this game,but the Aaron Rodgers kind of,retirement deal,after the game,was,was really weird like it was,yeah a great catch by tariko or uh,Jamison Williams the corner of the,receiver for Detroit kid from Bama asked,him for his jersey Rogers was like no I,think I'm gonna hang on to this one,um and then he kind of was like looking,up in the crowd he was everybody was,hugging him and I was like did I miss,something today did he announce that he,was going to retire,uh and we don't know we don't know,except,um Rob demowsky who covers the Packers,for,um he said before anybody drafts your,time my papers or traded agreement,consider the other indicators that came,after the Packers season ending loss I,did and said some of the same things,after the packets uh Packers exit from,the playoffs last season end the season,before that this time however there are,no playoffs here's the quote from Rogers,at some point the carousel comes to stop,and it's time to get off and I think you,kind of know when that is and that's,what needs to be contemplated is it time,also what's the organization doing oh,here we go yeah what's the organization,doing all right they had a disappointing,season but that was that was very,walking off into the sunset heavy for a,guy that my guess would be he's probably,gonna play again next year and we're,going to have to do this all over again,and it is becoming a little farvish,we're far retired four years in a row,and finally the Packers like dude we,can't do this anymore with you and then,he thought like oh I'm gonna get revenge,on You by going to the Jets and then,playing for the Vikings which odd oddly,in that first year of the Vikings he was,incredible,um but you get the point so it feels a,little repetitive something like that,all right number two Chicago has the,first pick for the first time since,1947. I talked about the quarterbacks,that I thought could change out and it,weirdly the list got shorter and shorter,and now I think it's long again the Jets,may already have the quarterback if they,switch it out from Wilson and Mike White,um Kenny Pickett with Pittsburgh looks,like he's going to get a real chance at,this now for a while so it's not even a,conversation Tennessee with Tana Hill,live one year left on the contract they,can't g

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NBA Twitter Arguments for All 30 NBA Teams | Ryen Russillo | The Ringer

NBA Twitter Arguments for All 30 NBA Teams | Ryen Russillo | The Ringer

hey I'm Ryan or silho and I am the enemy,and I'm the enemy why because I'm the,national basketball guy who doesn't,understand local basketball plight so,I'm gonna run through all 30 teams,social media arguments on why everybody,who doesn't understand these teams,should off,Toronto every one of you guys had us,trading all of our players of the trade,deadline and instead we're really good,again even after losing the best player,maybe the entire league in Kauai and,sure we've done to DeRozan tribute,videos sorry for caring off Boston,people in the media think that our GM,stinks wrong that our coach is overrated,wrong and every time we have a,three-game losing streak some idiot says,that it wasn't kairi's fault last year,yeah okay enjoy that one off hey,I'm a nets fan and we didn't have a,draft pick for a decade is what it felt,like and Sean marks did a great job,adding role pieces and then we get Kyrie,and Kevin Durant you can make all the,Kyrie jokes you want but it's still too,young for us to know how bad it's gonna,go and 25 other fan bases would trade,rosters with us tomorrow off in,Atlanta yeah I know we sucked but you,thought Trey young would get cut from,the Skyhawks nevermind the Atlanta Hawks,and you know what migos thinks our,roster is cool he's cool as ,off Milwaukee Bucks we haven't won a,title since 1971 sorry that we're a,little excited about what's going on,right now and we have the best player in,the entire world and you guys want to,put them on the Miami Heat, off speaking of the Miami Heat we,are back in this before anybody thought,we would be we have the best coach in,the NBA in SPO and yes we are on what,month 18 of Dwyane Wade's retirement,we're treating them with the royal,wedding but at least Wayne Wade was a,number one option Harry's been nothing,but a to his entire career off,hey in Orlando we look forward to our,lengths not overpaying players in being,seventh in defensive efficiency so ,off look I know the Pistons have missed,out on some guys we've overpaid Reggie,Jackson maybe even Andre Drummond we,even gave blake griffin chance but you,know what we're gonna get a sweet,lottery protected first for derrick rose,when we trade them off when you,think wizards basketball do you think,spurs we do there are only two teams in,the NBA in the top eleven of offensive,efficiency that have a losing record,Austin San Antonio it's also a mystics,town now anyway off the Knicks,I literally have nothing you know what,sounds awesome your 11th seeded,Charlotte Hornets be honest it looked,like the least interesting roster in the,entire league but now they play the most,interesting games and we know we're not,very good we have no pressure about we,got MJ's owner and that's gonna help in,free agency off and Chicago we ask,ourselves do we have good ownership no,good for Mamas not lately a coach I,don't know a number one option we like,nope but just think about this Wendell,Laurie and Kobe are all young enough to,not even know and when that MJ doc comes,out this summer it's gonna be sweet to,be a Bulls fan off the Pacers we're,a top 5 seed again and that's without,having our best player and Oladipo for,over a year so yes we don't have the,pressure of thinking we're gonna win a,title because we don't think that we're,also not tanking we're in that sweet,spot fun competitive win games and no,pressure of actually thinking we're,gonna win a title it's a good spot to be,in off,Philadelphia yes we're tough we're,Philadelphia but you know what I'm tired,of hearing everybody wanted to break up,our best two players and Simmons and,embiid every single podcast Simmons for,silho and the fact that yeah you know,what we're overlooked as a franchise,we're one of the stories of the 80s but,it was all Lakers and Celtics and yeah,we're Philly off Cleveland look,it's gonna be four years removing that,title it still feels like yesterday so,we didn't even check Twitter we didn't,care how why would you even be mad at us,now because we have guards that don't,fit who cares off hey we're the,Lakers we're the 1 seed and guess what,we've surpassed our wind total already,this year of the previous six seasons,for all you people out there and say hey,you're never gonna have enough talent,out there we went from Ingram,Lonzo Alonso's dad and Kuzma to LeBron,80 in Kuzma when all of you said we,didn't have enough to trade for anything,Davis in the first place you can ,off okay look I get the whole Lakers,Clippers thing but Kauai picked us over,the Lakers and Paul George picked us a,year later after he said no to the,Lakers last summer and yeah we rest,dudes like we've won something but you,know what the Knicks would let Kauai,play 10 total games a season if they can,actually even get a free agent into New,York City so you can off too yes we,get it that in Dallas our roster at,times looks like a cast of bad guys in a,Lethal Weapon movie but you said the,same stuff about Dirk being soft ten,years ago and he wants a title so keep,it going with

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Is This a Real Magic Johnson Tweet? | A Game Show With Bill Simmons, Russillo and House | The Ringer

Is This a Real Magic Johnson Tweet? | A Game Show With Bill Simmons, Russillo and House | The Ringer

did magic actually do this tweet or not,I'm gonna read you tweets I either made,them up are there an actual magic,Johnson tweet house goes first house you,have to decide is this an actual magic,Johnson tweet I loved what I saw from,Gary Harris tonight he reminds me of,Jamal Wilkes exclamation point so on,brand yes that's a magic tweet all right,Priscilla Yammer hill just wrote that,cuz we were talking up theory Harris,tonight,Nikola yo kitch has really caught my eye,with his two triple doubles in this,series against Portland,exclamation point true that's true,because it doesn't say anything like he,really baited me with that yeah Jamal,will target that was really dirty I'm so,excited for this LA Sparks season I,can't wait for us to get started,three exclamation points that's got to,be true not true,he loves the LA bar are you sure he,hasn't said that going on this timeline,I could find that all right Priscilla,chance to go up to oh here all young,basketball players should watch the,Felipe Lopez 34:30,the Dominican dream on ESPN must-see TV,one exclamation point true that is true,god damn it I'm so bad at this is that,it no you got to get to three three I'll,be tuned in at 5 p.m. PST to watch the,2019 NFL Draft,that's true that one was true oh yeah,basic and he knew that would have been,nasty if he messed with you on the start,time it said for PST,Yanis reminds me of my old teammate the,captain Kareem abdul-jabbar with the way,he can control the basketball with one,hand two exclamation points false Wow,Priscilla just owns this game smokin if,I would have said true to that one -,okay I've just read bill for so long,yeah,I don't know I've only known over 30,years,let's give house what boy Kevin Durant,vs. James Harden reminds me of some,legendary player match ups like Michael,vs. Isiah Michael vs. Drexler Michael,vs. Reggie Miller no just don't be very,sound oh no chair jack first Tim Duncan,no no that was a magic tweet do the,research to get all this melody that,reading the tweets well he did play 450,retweets all right one more for so and,then we're done just could just cuz to,see if you can throw a perfect game a,big caps big congratulations to Tiger,Woods for winning the Masters to s,commission points the roar of the tiger,is back excavation place false either,wouldn't say roar that woods true

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VIDEO: Ryen Russillo Addresses Arrest and Suspension in Show Opener

VIDEO: Ryen Russillo Addresses Arrest and Suspension in Show Opener

video we will get to the football we,will get to will came be my co-host,today but first I need to address,something and we were spending a few,minutes on that because that's probably,the most important thing even though I,want to talk to football too but one of,the things I pride myself on the show,and everything we try to do here is cut,through all of the nonsense and tell the,truth and be genuine and that's what I,need to do and this is a something you,know I'd never want to have to do in a,radio show but I'm doing it now last,week I was suspended and I was suspended,because two weeks ago the vacation that,I spent all this time talking about,going out to Montana and that part was,great and then getting to Jackson Hole I,got arrested the first night I was in,Jackson Hole I got arrested because I,went out that night I drank too much and,I went to the wrong hotel room and,that's how I ended up getting into,trouble and when you wake up and the,jail is like who are you like I'm Ryan,um and they go this is all over the,place and you're getting destroyed just,want to give you a heads-up I was like,okay thank you the way I felt that day,and every day since has been tough but,the thing about screwing up is it can be,hard when it's just you but that's,actually what's made this easy is that,it's only my fault,I have no one else to blame I don't have,any thing like people say a wrong place,wrong time I guess you could say that,but that was my fault you know my,friends or this guy or that guy wrong,group of guys wasn't me,it's all on me there is no one else I,could go through a timeline of events,that if this happens this happens maybe,this whole big thing doesn't happen but,then it's gonna sound like I'm making,excuses and that I don't get it and,trust me I get it,I understand that this is a big mistake,because I'm a public figure I have my,name on a show and I work at a place,like ESPN in a place that I'm proud to,come into work every single day so I'm,not saying this cuz my bosses are,listening but I deserve the suspension,you know I embarrassed you guys I,embarrass myself and I just I feel so,bad about the people here as it works as,an on-air person we're,you are you know there are people here,that that love me and there are people,that are like maybe and I'm not sure,about that guy I'm not sure that I get,it and I think all the people that have,been arguing for me and me feeling like,the underdog and finally getting my name,and all these things have happening the,last 12 years here I don't want those,people in the room they've been fighting,for me to give up on me or to feel like,I've you know because I have let them,down so I'm sorry to them I'm sorry to,my family that's been asked about this,non-stop and I'm sorry to my friends and,even though I make a ton of jokes about,not having any friends I've heard from,so many of you guys after the fact it,meant a ton and helped me because I was,super depressed especially that first,week when you were sitting there,thinking about your actions and making,this kind of mistake and you're in a car,by yourself driving through Idaho Falls,and then into Montana and a rainstorm,and you're like I can't believe I did,this,I can't believe this happened and I'm,sad and then I'm angry and I'm punching,the steering wheel then you get a phone,call and you feel a little bit better,and so as I said I joke about not having,friends obviously I have a lot maybe I,should actually pick one of those next,time I go on vacation the other part of,this is understanding reminding myself,that I am a public figure and that the,rules are different and if you want,these jobs and you want your name to,resonate and you want all the good,things with it you have to understand,you're gonna pay a different price when,you screw up and I've definitely paid,that price I've some of the headlines it,was a tough little sensationalized but,at the same time like I'm the one that,put myself in that situation to go to,sleep in another room and have all this,happen so again I'm sorry to everybody I,understand it's serious but as one,friend who talked to me about it said,hey line in the sand step over it know,it's there and move on that's what I,plan on doing even though I know for,years I'm gonna have to own this and,wear it because if I say Flacco's having,a hard time finding us receivers you're,gonna say three years from now just like,you in hotel rooms so that's the price,that I pay as a public figure I,understand it but again I'm sorry and,let's talk some football and get to will,came so again let's start the show over

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