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"I'm the Hurricane Expert in this Conversation" - PaxNewsoh hello there and welcome to I'm a 26,year


Updated on Jan 18,2023

"I'm the Hurricane Expert in this Conversation" - PaxNews

oh hello there and welcome to I'm a 26,year old talking about memes and Twitter,all right we have lots to cover today,hurricane 92l the 3k ma'am is off its,rocker Eric cultists back at it again,with the white vans and mr. Mao whole,mr. Mao I'm in notes because,I'm taking this super serious we start,today off with hurricane 92l or as it's,being referred to potential tropical,cyclone - and everyone's losing their,minds already the lovely Airy cultists,hope doubts hold those pipe in thine,hand and projected to e masses New,Orleans braces for a one - weather punch,this week New Orleans River levees which,were first built after the historic 1927,flood are being put to the test for the,first time in modern history right the,first time seem to remember something in,2005 happening but ok the original,article is New Orleans blaze braces for,a one - weather punch but he tweeted it,out many times with many different,things ahead of it,if the Mississippi River breaches the,levee system designed to hold it on its,present course it would ,America's agricultural and petrochemical,industries dilled potentially fatal blow,to New Orleans and changed the course of,American history uh-huh like there's a,lot of potential with this thing but can,we calm down,so Emily Atkin she's a writer a,journalist for New Republic the site,that Eric's article got hosted on I,guess he works for them I'm not sure I,don't care she tweeted the scary storm,system developing off Louisiana's coast,could have come at a worse time,and it's a sign of things to come in our,warming world so you know right off the,bat probably not entirely responsible,saying we're referring to it as climate,change just right off the bat,but it it's not necessarily wrong so,Rimel said this storm hasn't even been,named and already it's being blamed on,climate change kind of has a point like,a sneaky bit this is not a video,supporting right now I can guarantee you,that to which she responded please learn,to read and then there's some back and,forth there but the most epic line of,all was given today where Ryan mal,responded and said I'm the hurricane,expert here which is now my new favorite,catchphrase if anyone disagrees with me,on anything from now on my response is,going to be I'm deep blank expert here,that's just how it's gonna be so hold,this you know with a fear mongering,article that's all it is like his,article I mean it it kind of says,something important you know that New,Orleans is not the most safe city when,it comes to rainfall and hurricanes sure,but there's just this so much this,clickbait that's New Orleans,braces for a12 weather punch and he's,he's you know the tweets leading up to,it talking about how it could change the,course of American history at the levees,broke yeah a lot of things could happen,if the levees broke like I don't think,that needs to be stated that that's,clearly just something to get people's,attention to click on it and it's just,annoying and he really capitalized on,the the rainfall that came today where,Bourbon Street was flooded and Canal,Street was flooded so I think he's just,cashing in on that I don't know just,it's stupid it's moving on this is not,worth discussing,okay so Roger Hill the owner of Silver,Lining,tours a little over a month ago on May,28 their tour van was hit by what was,called a satellite tornado two miles,southeast of the parents circulation two,vans were rolled resulting in a few,minor injuries this is coming from the,Silver Lining tour Facebook page he,basically went on to say that satellite,tornadoes are virtually impossible to,predict and they were away from the main,circulation basically saying that you,know couldn't be avoided,which you know is maybe somewhat,understandable I mean it was a rain,wrapped giant tornado heading into a,large populated city so one would,probably guess with the tour bus tour,van full of people you would maybe back,off but then video came out today of,someone in the tour bus that showed them,being hit by what was referred to as the,satellite tornado and from all,indications of that video probably not a,satellite that looks like the main,circulation and they probably got,clipped by part of it all this,minimization of the event that happened,that caused the vans to roll I,it just seems disingenuous it seems like,they're trying to save face you know,many people Roger Hills is like,Godfather of storm chasing like there's,very few tornadoes in the last ten years,it probably hasn't seen that have been,you know top tier he sees everything,it's insane but still like that doesn't,excuse the oversight here also what kind,of comes is like an ironic thing is,Roger Hill and his wife were in a,chevrolet commercial that happened to,see a couple weeks ago that just debuted,a chevrolet commercial about storm,chasing not a good look when your tour,company has a van rolled by a,quote-unquote satellite tornado not a,good sign just saying I really wonder if,that van was a Chevy or a Ford that's,got to

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Viking Sky Mystery SOLVED?! Cruise ship engine killed by low oil off Norway.

Viking Sky Mystery SOLVED?! Cruise ship engine killed by low oil off Norway.

video you'll learn why the 749 foot,cruise ship Vikings sky lost all its,engine power off the western coast of,Norway on March 23rd we will discuss the,findings the Norwegian Maritime Safety,authorities investigation of the Viking,sky disaster subscribe to slow boat,sailing where you'll see the stories,that matter to cruising sailors and hit,the bell notification icon so don't miss,our next video the 1373 passengers and,crew of the 749 foot Viking sky which,was commissioned in 2017 cruise ship on,its northern lights cruise a 12-day trip,through the frigid cold waters of the,Norwegian coast lost all engine power,when it was caught in what one,meteorologist called a bomb cyclone and,it was within hundreds of meters of,hitting the rocks on the lee shore of,the dangerous Western Norwegian coast,from the northern city of Trump's ax to,stronger Norway in the South they were,hit with gusts of up to 43 miles per,hour and waves up to 26 feet when their,engines died and they had to deploy,their anchors to avoid sinking the,vessel in the course of 20 hours 479,passengers were airlifted before they,could get three out of the four engines,working again and 436 passengers and 458,crew sailed into mold Norway on Sunday,March 24th 2019 Kurt Olson acting,director of the Norway Accident,Investigation Board told USA Today we,have a very good weather service in this,country so I would guess the crew knew,everything about the forecast how they,responded will definitely be part of the,investigation meteorologist dr. Ryan my,head on Twitter the ship sailed in the,worst possible area of a bomb cyclone,storm hurricane force winds plus maximum,wave height of 60 to 80 feet,meteorologist my went on to say there,was some question about the update,frequency of the captains hurricane,tracking information the forecast from a,private provider anyways we are still,having 19th century maritime mishaps 20,years into the 21st century,slow sailing reached out to bent goof,tusen captain of the Viking sky and,asked if you had it to do over again,would you have stayed in port with that,weather report he has not responded to,our query at the time of recording in,addition Viking cruise lines would not,permit us to use a picture of him but,they did permit us to use this video of,the launching of the Viking sky in 2017,Torsen Hagan chairman of Viking ocean,cruises said his company would conduct,its own investigation and support,government agencies reviewing the mishap,he said I would apologize for all our,guests have been through the Viking sky,cruise was scheduled to wrap up in,Tilbury on the River Thames but all,passengers who had been airlifted or,transported to mould Norway were given,flights home and Viking sky cancelled,their next cruise to conduct,investigation and repairs of the,incident,indeed Viking sky is being investigated,by the police department of mould Norway,the Norwegian maritime Authority and the,Norwegian Accident Investigation Board,as well as the US and United Kingdom,representatives of the Norwegian,embassies this is what they found they,had divers go under the ship on Monday,and they were not able to find any,evidence that the water intakes were,clogged they were able to find evidence,that the oil pan was low and they,hypothesized that the engines were shut,down by emergency shutdown systems when,the oil goes too low due to high seeds,so the rough seas caused,the oil to splash around too much and,they dad's insufficient pressure to,ensure this that the engines would not,burn up stay tuned for my take on what,happened in the Viking sky disaster and,the findings of the Norwegian maritime,authority that the oil pressure was too,low and that's what shut down the edges,okay I've owned boats since 2010 so,about nine years and you know engine,problems are a constant problem for my,boats now I've never owned a boat,anywhere close to the size of the,Vikings but you know one constant has,been the rougher the Seas the more,likely the engine will die and you know,I think it's really interesting that,they said it was an oil pressure problem,and I you know I put this to one of the,prominent sailing Facebook groups where,there's a lot of owners with small,sailboats like mine and they were fairly,skeptical about this whole story about,whether or not low oil pressure would,have cut us started to shut off alarm on,the engine for a diesel so they the for,diesel engines evidently this oil,problem shut them all down they were,able to get three working on the Sunday,the 24th of March after its shut down on,the 23rd of March all four I'll tell you,my personal experience with me my wife,and daughter were sailing off the coast,of Ecuador as part of our part time,around the world trip it's taken us from,New Orleans to the Kingdom of Tonga and,off the coast of Ecuador we hit a little,bit of rough seas,and in retrospect I believe that we had,a dirty oil filter from some fairly,dirty fuel that we had bought and I,should have changed the oil filter prior,to

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Calvin Harris - My Way (Official Video)

Calvin Harris - My Way (Official Video)

Why wait to say, at least I did it my way Lie awake,,two faced But in my heart I understand I made my,move and it was all about you Now I feel so far,removed You were the one thing in my way You were,the one thing in my way You were the one thing in,my way You were the one thing in my way You were,the one thing in my way You were the one thing in,my way My way, oh way, oh way, oh way My way, oh,way, oh way, oh way My way, oh way, oh way, oh way,Why wait to say, at least,I did it my way Lie awake, two faced But in my heart,I understand I made my move and it was all about,you Now I feel so far removed You were the one,thing in my way You were the one thing in my way,You were the one thing in my way You were the one,thing in my way You were the one thing in my way,You were the one thing in my way My way, oh way, oh,way, oh way My way, oh way, oh way, oh way My,way, oh way, oh way, oh way My way, my way, my way,You were the one thing in my way You were the one,thing in my way You were the one thing in my way,You were the one thing in my way You were the one,thing in my way You were the one thing in my way My,way, oh way, oh way, oh way My way, oh way, oh,way, oh way My way, oh way, oh way, oh way My,way, oh way, oh way, oh way My way, oh way, oh,way, oh way My way, oh way, oh way, oh way

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This is Now Happening to Earth's Atmosphere (855)

This is Now Happening to Earth's Atmosphere (855)

good afternoon everyone the strongest,summer jet-streams to hit the Pacific,Northwest ever that black dot is where,the winds are comparatively to where,they usually are during the summer,bringing us summer snow of almost a foot,in parts of Canada preceding of this,front hundred mile per hour straight,line winds electrical ferocity now,heading over the Great Lakes Asia,typhoons heading north south that's,incredibly rare and David birch talked,about zonal wind temperatures being,anomalous last month and as the magnetic,field of our planet continues to weaken,along with the intensification of the,grande solar minimum our jet streams are,going to continue to go further out of,there flows I discussed this in climate,revolution my new book understand,prepare adapt and thrive during this,grand solar minimum the links in the,description box below as well as links,to all of tonight's stories and images,so you can do your own research,Kliff mass putting it down for us here,the strongest summer jet streams to hit,the Pacific Northwest ever wind speeds,are so far above the normal that it has,to be a new story yet the mainstream,media won't pick up on this because it's,a cold weather news story so we can see,how the intensification here we are on,the 19th 20th 21st it will continue,through this week until it alleviates,but you know it's 4,000 miles more that,this jet needs to move before it stops,it's wind strength but moving through,the eighteenth nineteen and twentieth if,you're in the Great Lakes central us,this is an intense front that's gonna,push through electrical ferocity is,definitely seen in this Ryan my way,pointing out 100 mile per hour straight,line winds and you can see that's just,at the edge there and look at the,atmospheric disturbance looks like a,wisp for a wave several waves off the,backside of that storm now how is it,moving you're getting that tail wisp as,well danger tornadoes danger lightning,danger hail danger wind this is exactly,what they talked about in the Dalton,minimum Lewis and Clark the explorers as,they traveled up in the same exact areas,talked about how these hundred mile an,hour winds with giant hailstones would,wipe out entire Hamlet's and the amount,of destruction that they talked about in,their encounters in their writings this,is exactly it,2.0 and we're back into it Tyler,Hamilton also talking about the hundred,and forty not jet streams again noting,that dot on the top is so far out of the,norm it's actually it seems like our,seasons have flipped 180 degrees because,this is the type of Jetstream wind that,you would get in the middle of winter as,we're going into December January not in,the middle of the year in summer in the,Northern Hemisphere's so rare that it's,the all-time highest ever recorded for,this time of the year and it just so,happens the grand solar minimums,intensifying our magnetic field is,weakening and somehow they're still,blaming it on co2 I just don't see where,the fallout in science and the matching,a possible causation skips a beat when,it,so talking about a global tax with the,IPCC I just still don't get it the,science is not settled we should be,looking for other answers here weather,network even picking it up astonishing,winter like jet streams threatened two,provinces with July snow yet all I see,across the mainstream media is heat in,the Northeast heat it's going to be hot,it's gonna be hot well it's summer we,should be talking about July snows,because it just doesn't happen it is so,rare even the weather forecasters are,talking about how rare and unprecedented,this event is but all we're getting is,Heat stories you see how a lopsided the,mainstream media is July snows never,before in mid-july have these seen these,types of events in the jet streams yet,all you're seeing is record heat pay,more global tax stop co2 seriously snow,in July how can this happen but look at,the density on the peaks there all the,way from British Columbia,heading into Alberta that darker gray,that you see is 20 centimeters 30,centimeters is the full foot for those,of you in the US so talking anywhere,from 3 to 9 inches of accumulation where,you see these colors but somehow this,just didn't even make the news feed at,all so coming in closer back to be see,here coastal mountain range and some of,the Rocky Mountains continuing snow,trend and over to David birch he was,also pointing out the anomalies near,record low temperatures cold in the pole,based on the zonal mean temperatures and,why that out for you here not at the,250ml a bar but at the 10 millibar level,up in the north pole again people are,pointing this out for the mainstream,media just is not picking it up that,mean temperature was incredibly low at,the last week of June heading into July,also other atmospheric anomalies,typhoons they don't normally go south to,north in a straight line that is so,unusual the track of this not only did,it just dogleg but it went straight,north usually they have some curvature,in them ea

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It’s Not About Oil Anymore, Its Prospective Grain Grow Regions Coming Online (858)

It’s Not About Oil Anymore, Its Prospective Grain Grow Regions Coming Online (858)

okay I'm your host James way and this is,North West Liberty News thanks so much,for joining me today let me kick off,let's bring my my fabulous guests in,here he's as I said he's a friend of,mine he used to be a broadcast partner,you see a broadcast partner of mine and,he is probably I think in America anyway,in this country,he alone doesn't live in this country,now but in this country is probably one,of the experts certainly in space,weather and and the grant solar minimum,his his a website is a YouTube channel,adapt to 2030 is very popular and I've,been a guest on his program he's been a,guest on mine numerous times and he's so,knowledgeable about what's going on and,he really has this finger on the pulse,and we have you know mutual friends that,we've interviewed and it's all good it's,all good when you're when you're talking,about my next guest David Devine who was,whose gracious enough to join me here,today David thanks so much for joining,me here at North was somebody news my,friend good to see you again,yeah thank you for the opportunity and,you know I'm absorbing information newly,every single day myself you know it's a,continuous learning process for me,and yeah we had some great conversations,in the day and when we did our original,broadcast a couple years ago you know,what we talked about them is actually,transforming right in front of our eyes,to be real what we talked about these,changes to expect in the ground slowly,minimum I can't believe they're coming,to fruition already you know we weren't,expect these types of massive changes,crop losses massive floods and,everything to be really churning until,about 2021 so it looks like it's about,two years ahead of schedule which means,for me it's a more powerful cycle on top,of the 400 year regular Grande solar,minimum Oh David knowing what I know,about what we've talked about before,that's not good news it's not good news,for us here that this is a more powerful,cycle than you even anticipated before,because the cycle that you were talking,about before didn't sound like it was,going to be a very fun time to say the,least to try to live through now if it's,going to be even worse than before David,now on top of we talked on the pre and,the pre the pre show is we were is we,were chatting before the before the,broadcast you know this this flooding,that's going on in the Midwest now is,some could say borderline catastrophic,on top of the changing weather patterns,and the the the reduced solar activity,we could really be facing a serious food,food crisis here coming up in the next,oh I don't know next 18 months or less,what next year what are you calling,David even the sooner than that right,yeah I'm gonna step far over the line,and call a catastrophic and borderline,never been seen before so I'm going to,step way over that line and get directly,into the mix there you have to realize,we get a go back to 1938 to find,anything equivalent with the minimal,amount of crop planting,we have this year and then it's,10,000,000 late acres less than were,planted in 1938 yeah that's right,thirty-eight how far back in time do we,need to go and how many people were on,the planet at that time I wanted to,touch briefly on China you know I'm over,here in Taiwan our times are a little,bit different 5:00 a.m. start time for,me but picking up on the news last night,before I decided to take a few hours of,sleep the army worm infestation in China,is unstoppable at the moment I mean it,is running unchecked truly unchecked,they don't have the pesticides over,there to contain this army worm outbreak,even if they were to implement a full,program they're still gonna have to,train up the farmers on how to do it and,that's gonna be a I guess a step back in,time as this thing's progressing it is,sweeping through the country and it's,coming in to the prime warmer months,this thing can spread really well,there's a lot of air currents spreading,this as well as birds and other things,picking up these worms and moving them,along it is go ahead so far it's been a,30 percent loss in China now you have to,understand that the world's corn,producers China is number two behind the,United States and then we come into,Brazil and other places like this,Brazil is gonna have record production,this year but they're going to only,eclipse last year's production by a,hundred thousand tonnes that's it we're,talking about losing millions and,millions of tons from United States,production and there's already talked,about rationing or ethanol production in,the United States due to the lack of,corn going to be grown in the US and,it's just working all these trade wars,are starting when we're going to be,pulling back on our exports China is,going to be searching the planet for new,corn this is not a conspiracy theory,right this is this is science and I just,want to say here if you're listening and,you being a Youtube producer you're of,course an original content producer on,YouTube I'm sure like me there you kn

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Historic Cold Temperatures USA, Quick Forecast (EMERGENCY WARNING)

Historic Cold Temperatures USA, Quick Forecast (EMERGENCY WARNING)

good afternoon everyone this is an,emergency message if you are anywhere in,the north-northeast border with Canada,these warnings are real and it's the,coldest temperatures that you have,experienced in your entire lifetime in,depth analysis in this video of where,this storm is going to track how cold,it's going to get these wind chills are,ridiculous at 70 degrees Fahrenheit,below zero and looking at the actual,ground temperatures are looking at minus,40 degrees to minus 50 degrees,Fahrenheit I'm gonna take you through,the track of the storm that dark green,power grids are very possibly gonna go,down during this event due to so much,draw the Green is the most intense,purple wood on its own be a severe storm,and cold warning but this is something,that we have not seen yet the,intensification of the grande solar,minimum is here this is an indicator the,media is trying to have you believe it's,only in the United States but the exact,same thing is happening over Europe and,Ryan Maui's dubbed it as Barney freeze,because there's so much purple on all,the maps that you're looking at I'm,looking at Grande solar minimum cold,click to subscribe and follow adapt 2030,through the social media and YouTube to,get more information on why this is,happening and how it's going to affect,your lives your families as we move,forward through the next five years of,Grande solar minimum intensification,starting over here on the simplistic USA,Today article detailing arctic air,invades I personally feel they are,downplaying this event they're calling,it Barney because there's so much purple,on all these maps that we're about to,look at Ryan my way I've linked,everything below in the description box,you can follow down the temperature,forecasts all the charts get the latest,so you can keep yourself safe this is no,joke,these are the coldest temperatures you,have experienced in your entire life up,to this point they're looking at,possibly the coldest day in the city's,history Chicago Illinois this place is,cold all the time in the winters this is,a statement beyond statements records in,that city go back to the late 1870s so,when you see the media coming out using,words such as life threatening,dangerous unprecedented and these are,the daily record those are gonna be,shattered as we move through look for,tens of thousands of cold records to be,smashed during this event this events,gonna unfold over the next three days,and they're looking at some wind chill,temperatures in Minnesota in the,neighborhood of minus 70 degrees,Fahrenheit yeah that's right 70 degrees,Fahrenheit below zero so extreme in many,places at the temperature monitoring,stations can't even pick up how cold it,gets because it pegs at minus 33 degrees,Fahrenheit when the National Weather,Service puts out life threatening and,historic wind chills into their forecast,that are still behind because the wind,chills that they're looking at up around,some of the Great Lakes are going to be,pushing 50 to 60 degrees below zero the,updated models are here let's take a,look the storm has been track and this,is off the GFS model the white vortex,centered over the Great Lakes is what,you're looking at that strange striation,across desert southwest also unusual,there's a move into the 30th you can see,actually lo how this is going to dip,into the US now Canada there used to,this type of cold all the time but the,u.s. power grid and our infrastructure,is not used to these temperatures it's,going to be an all time draw on the,grids and I would not be surprised if a,grid goes down due to draw on the power,of people trying to heat their homes and,we're taking a look at the temperature,anomaly here 850 millibars the light,green is what you're focusing on anyway,in a winter storm that light pink there,that would be a warning in itself but,when we get up to these greens I've,never seen this you just don't see,greens like this coming across the,continental US the storm is gonna,continue to track to the east and south,eventually coming over Ohio Indiana and,pushing further south down into the,border with Virginia so as it reaches,the coldest point during this event this,is what you're looking at here On,January 30th throughout the day even far,down into the southeast u.s. Alabama,Georgia looking at something minimum 20,degrees Celsius below normal this is not,a Fahrenheit chart this is Celsius which,means it's actually cooler than,Fahrenheit looking around 30 degrees,Fahrenheit under the normal temperatures,I'm gonna watch this thing track and,then look how it drags in the periphery,comes through the southeast us the homes,down there are not built for this storm,again I'm gonna come back to say you,need emergency preparations because I do,believe the power is going to be lost at,least one of these areas in the United,States they can you look here zooming in,on the Great Lakes temperature anomaly,map that green is rarely seen except in,the Arctic this is not because of co2,this is because of

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How Much YouTube Paid Me (for 30 million views)

How Much YouTube Paid Me (for 30 million views)

hey i'm steven and this is solving the,money problem if you're new,welcome if you're not welcome back so in,this video,i'll be sharing exactly how much youtube,paid me for 30 million total video views,i'll also share all the tips and tricks,i've learned about monetizing across a,youtube channel and i'll also share how,i spent or,invested the money so let's get into the,video but first,hey guys if you'd like to help out the,channel and get up to two free stocks,check out the link in the description to,weeble if you open a new account you'll,get one free stock valued up to 250,dollars,just for opening an account and if you,fund your account with a hundred dollars,you'll get a second free stock valued up,to sixteen hundred dollars,unless you don't like free stocks that,is and if you're in australia the uk,or new zealand you can get a free stock,mistake also using the link in the,description,let's get back to it so why did i start,this youtube channel in the first place,quite simply for meaning and purpose so,we have to win the clock back a little,bit to 2018,i just officially retired after working,my face off i mean like you just,wouldn't believe like a,maniac with a maniacal focus on one goal,achieve financial independence as,soon as possible i went to extreme,lengths,barely slept for a number of years,worked at a million different side,hustles whatever it took literally,sleeping on friends couches doing,anything i possibly could to save money,to achieve this goal of financial,independence so in 2018 i sold all my,stuff,closed down my finance business booked a,one-way ticket to south america and,officially retired,however within six months of retiring i,was already bored and trying to figure,out where to from here,what should i be doing with my life i,have a long overarching goal of having a,significant positive impact on one,billion people,that is my guiding light in life so i,decided to head to the jungles of peru,do some ayahuasca ceremonies and ask one,question where to from here the result,of that,was this youtube channel it's the first,step in having a positive impact on a,billion people the irony of this video,about how much income i've earned on,youtube is that when i first started the,channel i didn't actually expect i'd,ever be eligible,to be monetized because i misunderstood,youtube's policy,i thought because i swear like a sailor,and i also don't mind hitting the packs,and i'm not shy about either of those,things,that i'd be ineligible to monetize my,videos not quite correct,it does mean that less advertisers are,willing to advertise on my videos i have,to tick a box saying i swore i made a,joke about drugs etc,but it doesn't completely eliminate me,from being able to monetize my videos,certainly reduces the total income,earned but initially when i started this,channel,i was just focused on meaning a purpose,so it turns out every cent of the income,i've earned that i'll be sharing with,you guys today is completely unexpected,but hey,i'm not going to say no to income so,what we're looking at here is the first,three months approximately of the,channel,4.5 million views absolutely,unbelievable start to the channel my,very first video was posted on the 22nd,of november we can see there was 23,views,then the following day 10 views then,three views the following day,spectacular start but of course as i,mentioned this channel is about meaning,and purpose,i'm not really fast about views or,subscribers so i persisted,continued to create content my second,video after a few days was picked up by,the youtube algorithm and suddenly,going from 400 views and 100 views up to,14,000 30 000 45 000 75 000 over 100 000,views on that video in a single day then,a bit of a decline another viral video,in january then a bit more of decline,but i continue to post videos,consistently,obviously my cyber truck is engineering,genius video that went viral reached,over 1 million people,that video propelled this channel to,enough views and subscribers alone,just on the back of that one video to be,eligible for monetization,so i turned ads on as well which we'll,move over to now you can see after,monetization was on the first day i went,from zero dollars,to 125 dollars then up to 400,then it declined into the 200s then into,the 100s then that second viral video,again we had a day there of over 400 of,revenue just truly unbelievable somebody,that's just started a youtube channel,who never even expected to be monetized,i posted very consistently throughout,the month probably averaging somewhere,around 150 to 200,per day with a big spike towards the end,of the month so the grand total in,income,earned from ad revenue for the first,three months of this channel 15,858 dollars from 4.5 million views,in the following 90 day period despite,me posting at least twice as many videos,as the previous period,i only received 2.7 million views,compared to 4.5 million in the prior,period,however we'll note a huge spike here i,had a single video th

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Will Record May Cold in Europe and N. America Wipe Out Crops (974)

Will Record May Cold in Europe and N. America Wipe Out Crops (974)

good afternoon everyone record cold in,May where you see a dot cold record,broken you won't read about that in the,news too much,Scotland snows Canada snow New York,record snow wheat harvest for 2020 is,only a twenty two percent planted versus,49 percent last year that's a decline,suggestion get a Victory Garden moving,well may be able to get frozen if you,still playing in May Northern Hemisphere,temperature it's 1550 to 1800 you see,how it's moving up and down up and down,when how that happened there were no,factories or cars back then well that's,a first the fdic posting a video on,YouTube urging Americans to keep your,money in the banks and it looks like the,banking system could be in for a ten,times larger shocked in the housing,meltdown in 2008 and it's quirky that if,it was such a stable financial system,the FDIC wouldn't need to say a word,with this much inflation on the way only,one investment stands out Gold Patriot,gold group has no fee for life IRAs,where your IRA or 401k can be in,physical gold or silver at patriot you,work directly with an owner and avoid,paying absurd broker fees call today a,request a free investment kit Patriot,gold the links in the,description box below,and starting over here with Ryan my way,entire eastern us well below normal,temperatures for 11 a.m. on the 9th,that's some deep dark blue there let's,look and really see do I see 32 degrees,below normal Fahrenheit that's where the,dark purple is when we get into the,blues we're definitely into the 20,degrees Fahrenheit below normal,temperatures and you can understand why,they're setting all these record lows,and where Ryan's maps are here with the,circle long record book 100 year plus,breaks record lows Great Lakes Ohio,Valley then here we are even in the,southeast us was at Mississippi Alabama,Louisiana with brand new all-time ever,set cold records in May and then as more,records are compiled this is a better,map here from cool WX everywhere that,you see blue or green is a new cold,record set in May and I found this chart,when I was doing some research for the,alternative viewed conference that I,just presented at virtually last week,Northern Hemisphere's service,temperatures this is from 1550 to 1800,now the red line is the volcanic index,so if there was a lot of ash to the,atmosphere you can see how much the,temperature was pushed by reflectivity,and sulfur dioxide with the albedo,effect on the overall temperature scheme,but what I found so fascinating is this,pushed for the narrative of everything,co2 everythings human-induced and your,the problem with the planet but when we,look at this timeframe that has nothing,to do with anything even at the,steam-engine time we still see these,temperatures fluctuating in Celsius,degrees and the whole thing is keep it,below 1.5 degrees Celsius change well,when I look back I see an enormous,amount of movements of at least one and,a half degrees Celsius and then back,down and then up and then down I,encourage you to freeze the chart I left,a high rest so you can screen grab it,and share it with your friends it's not,co2 it's not you it's definitely the Sun,magnetism volcanism in my personal,opinion jumping over to US wheat,associates u.s. spring wheat for the,harvest fall 22,he is only 22% planted significantly,lagging the five-year average of 49%,cold weather and massive flooding again,G 2.0 who ever would have guessed that,except well all the forecasters,predicting massive flooding again this,year and off the same report here which,I linked in the description box below,Oklahoma hard red winter wheat forecast,what's that 12% below last year and then,at the bottom paragraph here we're,reading about the Oklahoma wheat,commission rating the previous year at,74% of Oklahoma winter wheat as good or,excellent but this year only 64% again,it's not about the yields it's about the,protein content and the actual usability,of it so the same amount of tonnage is,not gonna equal the same amount of,tonnage that's an excellent condition,high protein content there's a huge,difference in that 10% when you're gonna,try to refine or to use it for different,products coming out of a factory hence,Victory Gardens have you noticed a lot,of people starting to talk about,planning their food the only problem,this year is this late May freeze across,an enormous amount of the u.s. if you,planted anything you had leafy veggies,time so that was the old rule would,plant by May 1st because generally after,May 1st when I won't get frozen whatever,emerged especially these early blooming,flowers just got wiped out so look for,fruit and veg down more expensive prices,supply chain disruptions it's just gonna,add into the whole thing you can see why,there's inflation across the landscape,at the moment and then looking up at,this cold blast that ripped through,Canada the United States parts of Mexico,which spawned an enormous amount of,tornadoes down in Mexico oh my stunning,Saskatchewan Canada fresh snow and lo

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