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the best gambler in rustokay well let's build this compound guys,this is about to be crazy you're ab


Updated on Jan 21,2023

the best gambler in rust

okay well let's build this compound guys,this is about to be crazy you're about,to see me do something I've never done,before,we got egg,you have um a gear and 200 Metal,Products all right same just pushing it,here,you eat it,you guys ready for this,oh,oh yeah oh no oh no I'm too close to it,no I'm too close to,stupid Village oh man,Maybe not maybe I can actually build,just this side will be a little skinny,but that's okay,hey,let me deal with this guy,this guy's elusive,foreign,that was not him dude,hey you want to grab uh I think he had a,bunch of ear guns or something yeah,well here if you want to take the rest,he has like six guns on him and grab,thinking I put like something good today,I don't have a python oh dude I put a,bolt in there put one of those cheese,bolts,the fish are now armed,how am I gonna make that mistake again,all right the compound is ready,look at that if I saw this I would hop,in so fast,external TC yeah I should probably get,on that,hey,all right I'm thinking we go do some,reading once daytime rolls around I,don't know when Haley's coming out I,can't remember how long it's been but,I want to,see if we need any other TC's maybe one,I think I'm good because of that guy,actually I think that's good there's,this side of the compound is pretty,close to my base and when people access,shop I guess it's a German only shot now,okay air luck true uh maybe no get air,Luck get air lock over here,last time I'm asking before I go to bed,will you put up the damn windows and,armor double doors fine all right I'll,do it so I'm gonna research this damn I,do have a lot of armored doors I really,ought to put these up,to replace the ladder hatch it's not,gonna have one I don't know what am I,supposed to do,read the frame okay smart,oh yeah these have a thousand Health now,to gather my thoughts cargo ah man I got,excited Cargo Helicopter,guys I just don't have the high quality,upgrading that right now I'm not in a,great position I don't think it's a good,use of my fonts okay let us put on some,windows,I really gotta get a ladder hatch it's,very evident that you've never made a,compound before what do you mean by that,I think it's looking pretty good oh,someone did Heavy large no scientists,but door closed interesting scientists,on break at large taking the day off,well I think we should do a big raid oh,you know what I want to do,oh hey you see that what I want to do is,take Hayley see where it spawned it oh,my God it's coming it's coming pretty,close extendo mag on the M2 yeah we're,ready I can show off my new embrasiers,too,there's no way I'm hitting this I can't,even hear it,oh that was 1200 meters damn,and he got my base wiggling it's,up what I just built this thing man,what is with this guy and rocketing my, man what's his problem this guy's,being a goofball come on man somebody,tag him,no he's leaving come back,look what he did to my house come on any,movement he's right behind this damn,Mountain but he's gonna take out my,windmill I gotta prepare this,thing,well maybe he'll come back,okay is it sets right now,stupid mountains me up it's,always behind the damn map all right I,think I'm about to be over soon he,should be so low health,foreign,oh my God not the time dude,go to aim is blocking my mouse Bruce no,unfortunately it's not in the water but,it is what it is it's time to focus,what is that building that man not,stable what is this base worse than mine,dude stop it all right I'm ordering the,mouse spree the cat spray make,them not go to things I'll give them an,early breakfast after this maybe that'll,kill him out come on show me the money,show me the money,dude Velva was red what a cheese,ball man I thought we were cool dude he,was ready with the thing I'm just gonna,wait on the beach and NAB that to get,him toys dude I got this dude so many,toys,okay oh,but,let's see what did I get not bad buddy,buddy all right guys am I gonna profit,or not profit in the next raid,all right let's go let's do this I don't,even know what I'm reading yet all right,let's find a Boost I think I'm thinking,of snow base for the sofa I think we'll,find something scrumptious out here,something delightful hold on what is,that,is this I gotta read this real quick,this will be like two rockets but I can,smell the loop,foreign,let's look at the spoils uh damn 400,Crews okay 2K GP already well that's a,C4 in a rocket so I'm not quite profit,very interesting uh go run this one I,guess if the furnace spaces will be,loaded I think that's where he keeps the,goop,hey you know what I'm just gonna run,home and come back nobody's coming here,all right maybe somebody is coming,I'm going back,going home why didn't I seal that dude,I'm so stupid goofball move I sealed the, wooden pants raid but not the,silver,oh you that's so funny bro,hey yeah you know what this might just,be the furnace base of this guy because,they have the same front door this dude,had a different skin I think it's on,well I think we just cut on our losses,now

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I Did a Sulfur Heist on a Clans Cave Base.

I Did a Sulfur Heist on a Clans Cave Base.

I stole a lot of sulfur from a clan that,lived in a cave and well it's safe to,say that they were not very happy about,that and they came to try and take all,their sulfur back from my base but this,is all going way too fast let me just,take you back to where it all began so I,said that if my last video Hit 8K likes,I would do a solo Rune and well here we,are thank you guys for the ongoing,support and I hope you enjoy the video,but why are they still here man I,thought it was over,got a hazy that's kind of nice four,seven kids has about start it's so free,bro free bow free gear set free cloth,free heals so free bro now with cloth I,just needed a little bit of wood I,already had a hazmat suits heels and now,with a bow I headed Inland near the snow,admiring their views of where I wanted,to build,I just got bird from somewhere,I don't even know where that guy about,me from can I please bag here man bro,let's take a build here but I got back,here come on now yo please why,what Jesus wait what is this,there's a guy in there so it has my guy,in this compound he's cooking like,furnaces bro I need to get in here I,need twig all right let's build into,this compound and just like instantly,just steal his and dip out it was,one Hazmat guy Arctic I assume with like,some kind of Thompson or something like,that I think he went down to like the,cave or some it's a cave based,compound which is pretty cool but,farming that much to wool all that off,that's crazy okay is this guy,but this furnace is still just cooking,like there's no tomorrow,that's definitely doable I've got many,heels but hopefully I can find a way out,wait a minute you can probably hear me,above I should like run up right around,the cave,ah whatever we're here okay that's a,mini in that oh this is like a yeah it's,a he's running that that part of the,cave I think,what is little bro doing,what is this guy doing can I build in,here I can live in this guy's compound,can I get out though oh easily luckily,for me that TC privilege was weak so I,could get out easily,what the do I do now I needed a,base or at least something to store all,their sofa and sadly I had no stone no,tools no metal only wood unreadable so I,used what I had for now all right let's,go back and try and rub some more ,from this guy because he's so clueless I,want to get luck for this DC though just,in case someone reads my my door,have a good stream bro he is he's,actually Clueless,wonder if it's like anything this can I,get on this base uh no I don't think so,this guy was right here though just now,like the Hazmat guy he was like,literally right here two headshots man,that's all it takes,oh he's going to his furnaces now he's,like what the where's all my I,was like a half inventory of sofa you're,just cooking in the furnaces,oh three of them four of them oh,this hasn't I can't even like save me,from a headshot bro you took all the,silver man I was cooking so much silver,it's it's all gone man,foreign,boy in his picture all right let's get a,base down like an actual base because,that sulfur is not really useful unless,I have an actual Bass Down,all right we're gonna build like here,somewhere by train as well I just can't,be honest like dying in the snow slowly,either way we're not far from it anyway,so we should be fine but also like these,guys uh the freest guns I've ever seen,my entire life like I've not even like,killed one yet but they've killed each,other fighting me when I'm one guy with,a bow you know what I mean like they are,the first ever I want to be,mayonnaise,it's not like a SpongeBob reference,I'll take it dead guy,this guy's farming don't think the,bushes here they dropped,let's see if these guys are cooking but,they're cooking again there's no way oh,my God run do I crouch nah I should,Crouch no bro they aren't here that's,them probably you mean Frags,a little bit of drip all right it works,oh my God,imagine that was open they don't know,how like tourists work then like not use,like electricity bro literally Place one,turret there and this wouldn't happen,and get me out of this quick time,there's no way what if they read in my,little Shack wait I have a so I've so,much I didn't realize how much I've,actually got,I can't even I need to expand or if I,build too much they're gonna realize,like hmm this isn't you know the,there's a guy outside trying to hear,that guy literally right outside my base,okay can you see me glitching through,this right now,that's them whipped,how did he know is he waiting there bro,is there a safe Zone nearby I ain't to,loot and run runner there's only the all,though it was literally only the oil I,depotd all the frags I think but he's,running right now which means there's no,one here,it's my time to run,run just run I don't know where I just,run oh God where do I live now I think I,just like a sheet two by two now a two,by one in this Forest I can't build here,never mind ah,foreign,you lost like a line of metal law but,that's really nothing compared to

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BEST Console PVP Settings/Sensitivity 2023 - RUST CONSOLE PVP (PS5)

BEST Console PVP Settings/Sensitivity 2023 - RUST CONSOLE PVP (PS5)

do you want to aim like this,oh my God he sees her writing and he,doesn't want to come over,okay I just tripled someone,to defend online raids like this,he just blew my door he just blew my,door,I killed him,kill another he's above his buff,now that's kind of corny I'm not gonna,lie so I'm just gonna start over from,scratch anyways what's going on guys,welcome back to another video it's been,a while since I've updated my settings,and sensitivity,and I know a lot of you guys have been,asking for updated settings so I went,ahead and finally made an updated one,for you guys so if you're looking to,improve your aim in 2023 then go ahead,and look at these settings real quick,because I finally have found something,that actually feels decent for me and,there's actually one little setting in,here that I'm going to show you guys,that help me improve my aim from like 50,all the way up to like 90 right now so,anyways let's get into it I'm gonna,start with Graphics because everyone's,asking me about my graphic settings,lately and I I don't do anything special,to it it's mainly just color correction,in my editing software so yeah there's,my little secret for how I make my game,look so good I just bump up the,saturation,but anyways you can go ahead and look,through these and copy them down if you,want I'll leave my brightness at 1.5,just because it looks better than,leaving it at Max brightness but,whenever it turns night time I like to,turn it up to two audio you can go ahead,and look at all those I mean it's just,personal preference you you can change,yours to whatever you like honestly hug,again personal preference you don't even,need to mess with it and then the main,thing that people are probably wanting,is controls and the one tip that I set,at the start of the intro that's going,to help you with your aim so much is,having aim resenter on I've always,played Without aimer Center on and I,just turned it on probably like a week,and a half maybe two weeks ago and my,aim ever since then has been insane I've,hit some of the nastiest Clips I've ever,hit,I used to think it always made my aim,worse but I don't know just turning it,on lately it almost feels like I have,aim assist I don't know what to tell you,it's just you guys got to turn this on,and at least give it a shot I I don't,know it just helped my aim a lot I don't,know how to describe the setting in,general but yeah I just have all these,settings on aim assist and all that it,really doesn't even matter on those they,don't work,and then I kind of like faster,sensitivity I'm at 90 for the X and 100,for the Y my ads is at 30 and the one,times so like Hollows and all that it's,at 30. I like that to be a little slower,for when people are moving side to side,I can kind of keep up with them and not,just be jerking all over the place,four times I like to have it a little,bit faster but not too fast where I'm,just zooming when I'm trying to make my,new adjustments bow Sensitivity I like,to have that even faster than four times,just so I can flick with it but,this one's mainly personal preference I,I change this on a daily basis almost,sprinting a hundred I just leave it,there I haven't messed with it I don't,see the purpose boost multiplier 100 and,if this sensitivity feels too slow for,you still then I would recommend turning,this boost multiplier up to maybe like,115 or something dead zones this is just,based on your controller if you have,stick drift I would turn them both up to,like probably 10,um if you don't have any stick drift at,all like it's a brand new controller or,something I would go ahead and turn them,down to five,but on my controller I have a little bit,of stick drift so that's why I have mine,at what I have them at and then game,settings I mean I don't change anything,in there they don't matter,but yeah that's that's all of my,settings that I have updated for 2023 so,far and I don't plan on changing these,anytime soon I kind of want to keep,these the same and kind of get used to,my sensitivity and stick with it for a,while so I don't see myself changing it,in the near future,I might make adjustments to it here and,there maybe a couple months down the,road but I really want to stick with,this one for a while,but yeah anyways thank you guys for all,the support you guys have been giving me,it's it's been ridiculous,you guys have absolutely blown up some,of my videos recently y'all have been,killing it with the support so I just,want to say thank you guys for that,leave a comment down below and let me,know how you guys are feeling about this,new electricity update that's about to,come out soon do you think it's gonna,help revive rust at all or is it just,going to be the same thing they're,probably gonna add a ton of bugs because,I can already tell you I'm going with,option two I think it's just gonna add,an insane amount of bugs but who knows,maybe they'll actually do something,right for once anyways thank you guys,for watching and make sure to subscribe,if y

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I Lived in the Most OP Monument in Rust for 1 week

I Lived in the Most OP Monument in Rust for 1 week

welcome to a solo rust adventure and,today I am attempting an impossible,challenge because I want to take control,of a quarry on a 400 player server,solo,now if you don't know Quarries in Rust,are small monuments that when given,diesel fuel found across the map will,churn out resources at incredible rates,and because of this I always competed,for by larger Clans but I aim to,challenge these groups today and take,control of a quarry all to myself I,guess we'll see how it goes my name is,Will Jim and I hope you enjoy my vanilla,experience,in order to take control of a quarry I,would have to make it there first before,any other player I was against the clock,it was seconds after wipe and after,spawning on the beach I opened my map,and headed straight towards the nearest,Quarry players were absolutely,everywhere but I had to ignore them and,keep on running,I'm like the other people everywhere,after making it to the location I,quickly farmed a tree and crafted myself,a bow I was gonna need a way to fight,off the players in the area my aim was,gonna have to be good today, I need to farm up for this base as,expected it wasn't long before other,players started farming in the area it,was likely that they had the same goal,as me there was only one thing I could,do,but we just bummer,get out of here,thank you,give me that,while keeping my eyes on the nearby,Quarry I quickly farmed up resources to,make a small base as soon as I had a,tool cupboard in the area I would feel a,little bit safer,and with just enough resources to build,a one by one I put down my base as close,as I could to the quarrel staking my,claim on the area,we're in,I think I've got it,first person here,down now I'm secure,and with the tool cupboard now down I,had some control but my job wasn't done,yet players could still build all around,the other side of the Quarry I had to be,fast and farm up and build tool,cupboards fully surrounding it to make,sure it was mine,I kind of just have to kill everyone I,see because all of these guys could try,and build here which I can't allow,get out of here,never come back,it's on our side,yep,okay we're doing kind of good,he's running now,unlike most wipes there was no room for,Mercy I had no choice but to kill every,player that was potentially moving in on,my area,there is non-stop people around here I,knew this was going to be chaotic but,nice,that's huge actually I don't have any,blueprints on the server I don't think,so oh my gosh he's got teammates,two of them,yeah I can win this I'm gonna post up,my arrow,we take that,see that could have been a three-man,that we're about to build here I have to,just kill everyone,okay what did this guy have,a hat nice,sorry,by now I had cleared out tens of farmers,nearby and flee they wouldn't be coming,back,that we're always gonna be more,I feel like I can relax a little bit now,but I need to get some more externals,down first,I want to make a furnace as well low,grade,right I should probably get myself an,airlock before someone goes deep on me,but oh well it'll be fine for now,oh what a shot,no mother,oh come on,he hits that okay,I'm so dead,what my first death on the server but I,couldn't dwell on it time was still my,enemy and I had to get back out then,oh my gosh they're everywhere,what do I do,all right there's a little bit of wood,nice Palm Stone now,okay it's a wolf address I'll take it,oh there's the stone,foreign,with some Stone and wood farmed I had,enough materials to craft my first,external toolkit this would allow me to,expand my realm and hold my claim on the,area,okay now where do I want to build this,I've never actually built on a quarry,before so today is going to be kind of,interesting,um I think I'll put my first TC like,over here somewhere I guess like as,close to the Quarry as I can is probably,a good thing means that the eventual,compound that I build can be smaller,I think I'm just gonna wool this one off,as well,it'll be secure,okay that's enough Stone five days I,reckon that's enough upkeep I could,always come back,what what did he hit me with with a,second tool covered down sealed behind a,stone wall I could now relax,while the area still wasn't fully under,my control it was unlikely any players,would contest me now requiring at least,10 satchels just to raid into my,external I could take my first breath of,the wife,it's probably about time I got a bag in,the pace,I was still gonna need lots more Stone,to build all the rest of the externals I,headed towards a small Mountain nearby,in the hunt for some notes,yeah well it's good to know that I can,get Farm on that little mountain over,there,I took the time now to craft up my first,furnace and get the metal smelting in,some metal fragments,there you go the campfire running,now how do I want to do this,and I'm sure much to your relief it was,time to build my airlock I'd pushed my,luck too far by now,I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to place,the bunker that I had in mind but I can,still make a good base,le

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Rust Console News: The LIKELY Reason Elecricity Didn't Release

Rust Console News: The LIKELY Reason Elecricity Didn't Release

seen a lot of console rust players upset,about what happened with this wipe and,they have no reason to really be upset,because I think on d11's part a smart,decision was made so what I'm talking,about specifically is the Rust console,edition power surge update or,electricity coming to the main branch of,the console edition of rust this is,something that all of us including,myself are waiting for it's going to be,amazing it's going to be epic it's going,to open up a lot of new avenues for all,of us for us players old and new the,reason people are upset about this is,because the electricity Branch right now,is on the test branch of the console,edition rust only it's been there for,about a month it ran really well on that,branch and for whatever reason it wasn't,pushed to the main branch well that,reason is actually pretty simple the,reasoning behind it is likely because,d11 doesn't want to push it in the,middle of that sort of time between,Christmas and New Year's when nobody,really wants to do anything my guess is,running on a very short staff and should,something go wrong should servers start,crashing or things just go amiss they,might not have the manpower to actually,go and fix any issues that have occurred,we all know there's been times in the,past when things have gone wrong and,it's been weeks and weeks and weeks,where people can't play the game or,maybe it'll be even just like a weekend,where players can't log in on any normal,weekend that would pretty much be,catastrophic but if you take into,consideration this is the weekend,between Christmas and New Year's when a,lot of people evolved when a lot of,people don't have anything to do and,it's one of those weekends at the,console edition Russ just happens to be,on sale crash right now could be almost,as catastrophic as Andrew Tate posting a,picture of a pizza box so yeah basically,if they release the electricity Branch,right now and everything went amazing it,would be great we'd all have a better,weekend and people be able to grind rust,into the new year while they'd be able,to grind rust with electricity who are,we kidding if we're saying we're not,grinding Ross but if they released it,and things went wrong it could be,catastrophic there might not be enough,people on staff to fix consider the,people they need to fix it might not be,in and the game might be down for a,period of days to maybe even a week,because I believe over in the UK they,get a little bit more time off and a lot,of people are taking that time between,sort of New Year's and that first week,the first weekend,of the new year so yeah that would be,like a solid week where Russ just,wouldn't work and that would be bad so I,think overall while it was disappointing,to see electricity Branch not being,released it's good that they didn't,release it because it could be,catastrophic and I don't think well at,least me I do not want to have people,working the weekends or working between,Christmas and New Year's when they,should be spending time with their,family so I think overall this is the,best thing for developers mental health,it's best for long-term progress and I,think overall it is best for the players,because they could have been a really,messy situation if they decide to just,go ahead and see what happens so yeah,that's why the electricity Branch likely,didn't drop this wipe but I do have,confidence that it will be dropping at,the end of January until next time peace

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The Iceberg Raid - Rust Console Edition (Part 4)

The Iceberg Raid - Rust Console Edition (Part 4)

yo what's going on guys in today's video,we rated the craziest iceberg bass i've,ever seen on console rust make sure to,subscribe if you haven't already it,would help me a ton and this raid is one,of the best i've seen on console hope,you enjoy,all right all right it is,going crazy at the wall,they got like no recoil,road,hey,two guys in front,scene four,are they kidding this dude's coming out,of his base,you guys went on the base fully kitted,dude what what are we what are we,getting into here,but it's not,i just hit one like four times over,i think they might,kill them,they're looking all done,probably the easiest swindle of all time,i get this ladder hatch open it'll,probably help us,got it open,you're dead no,no shot they're going to let us in now,oh we open the hatch again,dude down here is open,front doors i got him,i'm coming over,so,if you get up here i mean we can go,right through their other ladder hatch,you see a ladder hatch,going down,dude i'm already deep right now,what do you mean,dude come through the front door,you could grab my body without dying,just don't jump up,oh me,can you just throw the satchels,where's your body,his body's in there oh no,no no you could close your ground,we do it boy the whole base is open to,the top,bring him over real quick oh there's,most definitely going to be some in,here,killed him,you want me to watch up here,where's the chat where's the shotgun,it's it's over by the door,shotgun trap is behind that garage door,oh my god and they left my lr here too,detroit bags quick,i like better subscribe,you see the c4 first,yeah i did c4 first,and there should be a satchel with a,little bit of ammo,give me back that kid you ,oh they got comps at that possum,a decent little tc loot,yeah it's absurd,a whole bunch of blue cards yeah these,are the guys that constantly run ,sewers,no matter what fit you have on,yeah because it's wet plus cold the wet,doesn't go away let's look just like i,still have 22 percent well it looks like,it's,my toe in the water yeah you can't you,can't go from that way to it because,you'll just die,nice pretty wild,nobody's going to counter this raid,because no one's going to know,anything's over here that base is the,most hidden basement shall we build here,give me a call blue,hold on,yeah it's pretty big that is,i say dude,not to you they got so,yeah actually,oh my god they got so many turrets it's,going to be hard to disappear,it's me sweaty bruh get wrecked and,alpha easy,three people,that live right you know i live here in,this base right behind us that's what,i'm saying,not out there,so we doing a second story,not because,the same way around these three the same,room and then you did this one the other,way around,because spongebob likes feet,all right let's check out the base you,went around there,uh while i was coming back here i saw,like a peak of the they only fully go,back there,honestly like if you look on the left,the turrets there the way to go up,and then there's twits on the right but,we could probably go in from the middle,of that,let's kill him,i've got my,alarm straight towards us,they have turrets in these prison gates,up here they do yeah they do yeah,geez,what about the one that's over there,yeah,we could break that we could rock it,so honestly we break that and then we,can go from our details,uh yeah right there so you ladder right,up to it,yeah ladder right up c4,we'll have to blow up those turrets,though,on the left yeah we might be able to,creep right in where you said steve,after scoping out the base we decided,we're going to ladder up the side of the,iceberg to hopefully bypass all the,turrets we brought over 50 rockets 20 c4,and 30 hvs,hey get the turret get the turret,turrets shoot down better than they,shoot up,so we're gonna have to ladder up just to,right in that coordinate ledge where you,can stand,around,all right it's on the back,so it's right here,all right i guess,he's already making the ladder,how's he done now,how can he see the ladder,oh,as long as we don't die i think we're,good yeah this i gotta see i think i see,a stash,oh no it's a landmine,uh the only way to take out a landmark,is you have to step on it,okay so why do you want to see this it's,probably this one right here wow no no,wait,that one there's something behind it oh,no that is the best is that the base,oh yeah it's the base all right perfect,and then but there's a barricade,is,it can we go to the right of it though,well we'll just rocket the wall anyway,it'll probably break it,oh yeah,everyone get back,put your armor,uh,now,now we can we could shoot right,there,hold on,oh my god,thank you,it's uh it's the turret that sees us in,between the crack right there,outside the base oh more boxes,okay,i think we need to take this back,that we couldn't get to because there's,a box in front of it so i just have a,jeez all right we got two boxes down,let's go why don't we load up the boat,look how many spots there are in the,front all right,which is good,bu

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The Luckiest Snowball - Rust Console Edition

The Luckiest Snowball - Rust Console Edition

you win yep,is that lars at a,launch crate i think there's a ginormous,fight i think,he's on phase i swung at him he still,doesn't want me dead,oh he's killing somebody that's why,oh my god here we go here we go here we,go,why is it glitched i picked up his db,and shot it but it didn't even like,what does that mean things didn't start,off too hot but it'll turn around,i think i just fell for a trap base,all right things didn't turn around yet,but maybe on this third life we make,something happen,so,brothers dude just left this whole base,open,i'm i'm literally in this whole base,there's like level three like,crates but like,not much in it,went upstairs,i got a dv no ammo,got two level twos,oh my god so many pumpkins and ,i'm almost here dude what,stone gay male barricade it's all open,oh my god oh my god,ak,hey is he coming,i think i don't know where you are dude,two rows of sulfur another full cup okay,somebody's coming dude,i'm going to hide i have no ammo,i have no ammo though you throw it out,somewhere,inside the balls,yeah i don't know how to get to the core,there's no way to the core,no,dude is creeping around with a db in the,base oh my god,i should have just left i was trying to,find ammo for the ak,that might not be the hazzy's crib,though he's still not closing the doors,i don't think,as he's out here it might not be he bro,he's running he's right here in front of,me right yeah dude,that's not his base yeah we gotta get,the rest of the it he's,probably got a lot of but it,try to get something out of it,not gonna kill him in rocks so much,cloth in here too dude another guy,the sulphur is gone,i gotta take the dad camera and kill,this guy i have a pump with some spots,as well,out of here,kill him yeah,get what we can,somebody coming,here,did you kill him yep,yo yo take the jackhammer up here come,up here yeah good,get get these under the repair bench,low key,greedy let's go wait the gate's going,we could jump out we slip through,great,now,we don't have bladders,me the crib so bad right now no,shot you have to be kidding me we have,absolutely no way of making a grip we,have to make a few stashes get an,inventory space that was great,so we what do you have right now three,ak is a baltian mp5 and a full metal kit,there's a hazy guy in front,not going down,alright,making some sashes already bro yeah i,have no inventory space at all another,hazy guy,oh my god the stashes were literally,crafting bro i was gonna put the in,the ground,that's actually insane how do three guys,pull up instantly they hear us kill one,has he she she she she she,sheesh,we died with everything and we were set,back to zero once again jose got off,without hesitation but i was so shocked,that i quietly ran back hoping to spark,any type of reason to stay on the server,before i gave up for good,you know what's up man,how's your day been,how's your day baby man,it was good until you guys came,out of the woodwork and killed us with a,group and we had a great start,oh yeah we were reading that base over,there but we're done though there was i,thought you guys won that fight you guys,lose that fight it was only me and jose,and you you both killed us right away,right here you dropped my ass almost i,was the naked all right i was the, oh yeah we were sitting here,because you're getting ready to get some,more boom you guys got all my loot,though no we didn't get ,oh i think it was that base right there,though,right there,i had a full inventory of i don't,have a spin for bro just for you you,know yeah,this is the guy that must have killed,you,active yeah no he came out with an mp5,right before you guys showed up and i,was shooting at him,and then,he must have killed her did he kill you,two guys i died to you and then papa,killed you,and then leo is just kind of new to the,game i think i'm pretty sure this guy,came out of his base and killed you both,then and took everything after we spoke,in game chat for a bit they wanted to,help me get started and gave me some,stuff to build a base and a few guns,this was a small spark that gave me a,chance to learn a little bit more about,the clans on the server once i set my,base up i went right back out to look,for the guy who took our a case and,that's when a big clan showed up no no,no,back at home right at home,yeah,i told you,i walk i'll be on after school tomorrow,but it was lit it was a good grinding,weekend yes,oh you got three of them on your,dick i'm gonna start rocking them to,death to get them off hopefully,what,i'm done,i almost killed one,i think i heard four full sprays,away okay,two of them on you guys three up the,hill they're yelling okay sucks dick,in game chat yeah in game they're all,yelling ob white he's like the king king,t is yelling oby who is that,oh no,yep,yeah,they're like four of them sit on the,roof and like eight of them will push,you on the ground it didn't seem too,good i was just stuck behind this, base,yeah they're not,hey these,guys actually right there,he wants to meet

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Oil Rig Gameplay - Rust Console Edition

Oil Rig Gameplay - Rust Console Edition

yo what's going on guys sorry for taking,a little longer to post a video i've,been super busy recording a good story,for this white i'm still trying to close,out the video but so far we've made some,crazy enemies and had some insane fights,at the new oil rigs in this video we,take small oil and i show exactly how to,do it so if you don't know how then this,video should help and then after small,oil we took large oil twice and also had,a team counter us by next week i'll have,part one to the new series out and it'll,definitely be over an hour long for now,enjoy these oil runs and i'll see you,guys in the next video,let's kill the doctor,i bet you you you guys are ,freezing when you go,dude i was hit i'm also freezing now,sir you have to be,attack right there,oh you're crazy,i just turned the switch,did i turn that off now,you turn it off,can you just flick it again,oh guys what the is this oh my god,turns off,our requirements,i got your ass right there i'm moving,down no no no no no no no no there's,another one,i'm one,look at me look at me look at me,got him got him got him,what is that it's not bad it's like,weird weird,there's some ,that's actually a fire as though,you know there's no way it's like,he's not bro it's kind of like,what the crazy yo give me this even,have a helmet,that was lucky oh yeah let me get one,too,lucky,one for each,wait was that four or five,four,it's not too bad in the hoodie the,hoodie was essential,yeah,this is like an added chariot,yeah let's go hey you want to take out,the one on the balcony real quick oh,yeah,yes,oh yeah,i mean it always gets me bro i miss,the second one, miss,probably,all right,hollow is even crazier,i'll just give you the card,thank you and the green right here,thank you,where's the green is it green over here,somewhere around here yeah over here,this is cute this is the fuse one right,here this one right here i'll put the,fuse in oh no,you get another green card in here,and there's a tier 2 in there,here too,that's fire,oh,i better die,i got you,i suppose i hate the comments over there,i just i deploy a glitch and everything,yep,she met over here,there's a guy swimming there's two road,signs one swimming,three road zones they're coming,yeah they're coming should we go down,and fight them,yeah,oh my god,this is not good,you're leaving,hey shot one,driver's dead,be careful edging back careful oh ,oh did we kill all scientists,no,oh double empty holy ,oh my god mike i had a dip from there be,careful bro i'm good,do you have any thoughts,nope i have zero,killed him i killed two there's only one,you're in the water oh do i go out there,i think he dipped and grabbed him dude i,don't think he grabbed the second second,i died,this is nice nice double empty,a lot of these why do these guys know,how to get cover,who programmed these guys,it might be good,oh no i'm dead i'm jumping off,dude i think i killed like maybe like,four of them and like,at the sargeant,dude dude i'll drive out there real,quick,m3,150 scrap it's a jackhammer drag are you,coming back here,yeah i'm coming back all right i'm okay,i'm just getting that boat that we,ditched i'm leaving,oh,jesus my jib was creeping,there's so much ammo here,oh my god there's still more,oh i see him,yeah there's like a lot of just like,random stuff on,just look at all the scientists bodies a,lot of them by the crane,you know watch us get four chest plates,i was gonna say that that'd be fire,two mps,there's got to be loot somewhere here,dude dude i thought i was a person on an,m2 brad,yeah i just got a little loot on this,body bag,bro the way they were spring like it was,like it was almost a real person bro,oh gee no cap all right now let's push,them dude,i got a holographic excitement, off search the whole rig bro search,the whole world,get up here let's go,oh my god,oh he's rushing me,there's somebody there,oh my god,oh my god,this one is juiced,they all got murked,don't ever push me goofball bozo,so you guys can see this whole inventory,there's more in this bag bro i,don't know how this guy could hold all,this ,i need bro i don't want to die,let me go with a little hot yeah,there's there's a scientist's body with, on it over here too,yeah i need to go to the fire bro i'm,about to die,hey when why are they running,oh there's two of them,empty,there's another one on the floor below,you two floors blow you,oh my gosh you killed them no way,tommy,thompson thompson comes in,yeah,there's some there's some instant pistol,bullets and bro your grandma,all right let's do it,we go,go please,oh yeah we're done we're done we're done,please oh my god dude we're done,oh it's right there isn't it that's it,it's not it's,driving just trying,he was

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