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Putin Tried to Blackmail Europe... it failedthis video was brought to you by our,brand new channel t


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Putin Tried to Blackmail Europe... it failed

this video was brought to you by our,brand new channel tldr business,subscribe by clicking the link in the,description,from the very outset of the war there,were legitimate concerns that Putin,would use several levers at his disposal,to either test Europe's patience or,ratchet up the pain when it comes to,supporting Ukraine one of the biggest,being Russian oil and gas prices Before,the War Began Russia supplied anywhere,between 40 to 50 percent of the eu's,natural gas Imports and so as one of,Europe's main core energy producers,Russia was seemingly in a good position,to use that lever and effectively hold,Europe to Ransom But ultimately the,question is whether Putin has failed to,do just that,foreign,as we see it there are broadly three,factors at play as to why Putin's plan,has failed so far the weather foresight,and political will first and foremost,the weather for the most part here,Europe has been incredibly lucky,experiencing unseasonably warm some,would even go as far as saying hot,weather eight European countries have,already seen National temperature,records for January broken in fact,Bilbao in Spain recorded a temperature,of 25.1 degrees Celsius on New Year's,Day equivalent to the average in July,and more than 10 degrees above the,average for December even before the new,year the UK Ireland France and Spain all,declared 2022 their hottest year on,record this unseasonably warm weather,has ultimately meant that demands for,energy is much lower than previous years,in certain parts of Europe when it comes,to the second Factor foresight what we,mentioned at the top of the video isn't,and wasn't anything new,from the very outset of the ward,to either test Europe's patience or,ratchet up the pain when it comes to,supporting Ukraine in other words we,kind of knew that Putin was either going,to or could use natural gas supplies as,a proxy war between the west and Russia,and so very quickly steps were taken to,mitigate and reduce dependency on Russia,that is to say as the scale of the war,became Ever Clear Europe began bracing,for the worst nordstream 2 a major,natural gas pipeline connecting Russia,and Germany via the Baltic Sea had its,certificate suspended in February last,year more importantly in substantive,terms European nations rushed to fill up,gas storage facilities buying boatloads,of liquefied natural gas or LNG from the,likes of the US Qatar and elsewhere,these gas storage facilities were filled,to near capacity in the Autumn and are,still averaging 84 percent full compared,to 52 percent with the same time last,year in fact at the time of writing most,trees in Europe were actually adding to,their gas storage more than they were,drawing down the fact stores are so high,is given many breathing room all of,which brings us on to the third Factor,political will both when it comes to,supporting their citizens and standing,shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine many,European leaders have gone far beyond,what was otherwise expected of them from,Germany's major investment in the new,era of its military through to the,doggedly neutral nations of Sweden and,Finland applying to join the NATO,military Alliance things that were,otherwise unimaginable to happen during,peacetime did happen added to that,countries throughout Europe have spent,truly enormous amounts of money both,directly supporting Ukraine and,supporting their citizens amid Rising,Energy prices and the cost of living,crisis in the UK the original energy,build support scheme was widely touted,as perhaps the single most expensive tax,or spend policy in British peacetime,history before being slightly scaled,back Germany announced a huge 200,billion Euro energy subsidy program,Italy has a marked some 21 billion euros,to help families and firms many,countries have also urged their citizens,to cut down on energy usage as much as,they can with the countries themselves,leading the way local authorities in,Denmark cut down on Christmas lighting,over the festive season France reduced,the temperatures of public swimming,pools and limited Heating in homes and,offices to a maximum of 19 degrees,whilst in Germany lighting up public,buildings was heavily restricted,plunging the likes of the Brandenburg,gate Into Darkness all three factors,together have allowed for natural gas,prices to come tumbling down from their,lofty highs to close to 350 Euros per,megawatt hour to pre-invasion levels of,about 76 Euro a mega hour none of this,is to say that Putin's gas War hasn't,tested and ultimately hurt European,nations and citizens while Putin may,have failed to effectively,European economies and cut off nations,from supporting Ukraine The increased,cost of living is deeply affecting a lot,of people with many unable to afford to,heat their homes and many more forced to,cut back in some cases this has led to,increased deaths given the annual flu,season coupled with the remnants of,covid circulation in fact The Economist,built a statistical model to predict,excess mortality ar

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The Russo Brothers Answer Avengers: Endgame Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

The Russo Brothers Answer Avengers: Endgame Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

hi I am Joe Russo and I'm Anthony Russo,and we directed Avengers and game and,yes we are still talking about it,now we're here to do Avengers support,blue AdBlue blogs so a baby born a few,days before the snap that vanishes,during the snap is technically now five,years old right but it's still a newborn,because it didn't age during the five,years it vanished,also a spider-man 20 now did he age it's,been five years yeah so anybody who did,go away at the snap when they come back,they come back at the moment they went,away so they sort of missed those five,years well everybody who didn't go away,was aging those five years like we all,normally so you wouldn't age a few words,apt out of existence,you would just stop existing and then,when you were brought back you would,begin existing again so no the baby,would not be five years older the baby,would just be the exact same age it was,when it disappeared so hence Tom Holland,his his Peter Parker character would be,the same age that he was when he,disappeared why five years why not ten,why not five months what's the,significance basically we wanted to pick,a period of time that was long enough to,have forced everybody to move on you,could no longer sort of be clinging to,what we should have done how we should,have done it differently maybe we can go,back and stop this we wanted we wanted,everybody to go through a life cycle,where they had to really commit to a to,an existence where this was their new,reality and five years just seemed like,the right amount of time for that this,is from needy unemotional at Sam Keaton,question 44 why did they not show how,Bruce merged his brain with Hulk's movie,we wanted to track how every single one,of the Avengers was moving forward from,the experience of infinity war and,Banner had this very unique experience,where he the opening of infinity war he,loses the fan oh says Hulk later in the,film he loses to Thanos as banner and so,he is left with this reality that you,know neither version of himself could,stop vanos so in the five-year time,elapsed that happens early on an endgame,he so dedicates himself to trying to,better himself so that this never,happens again and that's sort of the,proper motivation for him to finally,figure out how to reconcile the two,sides of himself okay and that was just,our specific needs for our story and now,you have this incredible action figure,it's got some good flex okay quick,question how do you return a soul stone,it's not like black widows soul will be,floating around or going back to her,body and also what was Captain America's,reaction to seeing red skull again so,this is from Moses at makes and mixed,experience so you get an email like you,do on Amazon and then you have to print,up a label put it on the stone stick it,in the mail,it goes back to Reggie's girl fingers,crossed keep your fingers crossed yeah,so seeing Red Skull again I don't know,that's a good question,kept me hopefully cap will remember him,Alex gross why did you kill Tony Stark,pass Victor stone mean mugging hold on,Hulk has a whole healing factor why did,his arm heal the hook has never come up,against every infinity stone in a,gauntlet and the pure power of those,stones and Fanus is nearly invincible,and then he did not heal either so,clearly when you wield the full power of,the Infinity stones it is irreparable,damage to your being if it doesn't even,kill you Daniel alright let's settle,this once and for all who is the most,powerful avenger there seems to be some,sort of pull here where Scarlet Witch,got 23% Captain Marvel got 6% hmm Thor,got 19% and the kid from Iron Man 3 52,percent correct Jeff Fogle how do you,decide what to keep directly from the,comics and what to use as inspiration,a lot of is what you emotionally respond,to in the books how you feel about the,character there's no sort of formula to,why we would pull something from the,books it's really just inspiration it's,like when Winter Soldier we love the,tone of the original run of the books so,we use that tone in the movies sometimes,we'll find a panel that,we love and then we'll try to build a,moment around the panel like we did in,the Civil War but it's it's impossible,to sort of define any sort of scientific,approach to it yeah it often times,sometimes there's something that we like,in the books that doesn't translate,cleanly to him to a modern a movie and,we find another way to interpret it this,is Garrett 51 at amazing Garrett I feel,like the whole reason professor Hulk was,introduced was to force at Mark Ruffalo,in a mocap suit more as a punishment for,leaking spoilers by a Teresa Brothers,this is a very interesting theory it may,be true but we'll never admit to it,being true,cats so who wants to sit for six hours,and watch both Avengers movies back to,back for me to catch Easter eggs not us,we've seen them too many times at rusev,rather serious question,when dr. strange is seeing all the,scenarios for how the war could end does,he see it like a montage

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Jim Cornette on Vince Russo Trending On Twitter

Jim Cornette on Vince Russo Trending On Twitter

well Jim whether it's Crown Jewel or,comparing Moxley and Jericho to sting,and flare Tony Khan has been trending,every now and then you see it on Twitter,you see Tony Khan trending and,apparently news to me until I heard,about it from someone earlier today,there was another wrestling personality,of the Past who was trending on Twitter,in the past few days not me either,once for once,apparently and he he trained it he,trained it he trended,under his given name rather than the,name that everybody knows him as ,stain but our friend Vince Russo trended,on Twitter the other day from making,again another ignorant remark,but this time it was a funny ignorant,remark and people,got on there and started just I mean,they put the boots to him better than I,could it was almost universally negative,but what he was doing apparently on one,of his recent,programs,somewhere at interviews somehow,he was critiquing the wrestling matches,he actually said he was watching one of,the girls matches in the WWE and of,course you know they're using the the,forearms instead of the punches,Eddie said,so what's the deal now nobody throws,punches when did they start punching,with their forearms,like 10 years ago you idiot what,do you think we've been talking about,for years and years and years nobody can,throw a punch anymore they're all doing,these little flipper forearms somehow,they got it from Japan or something,however,the thing that was,so hard for people to stomach and,especially for me knowing the background,of this individual,is the fact that here's this ,nimrod,critiquing any matches at all,and I know some people are going to say,oh well Jim you're just you don't like,him and you hate the guy and he used to,write this and do that let me let you,all in on another little something about,Mr Russo,even when he was writing this ,he refused to have any responsibility,whatsoever,in producing not only any of the matches,from Bell to Bell,but also even any live interviews or,angles that started out talking that,broke out into physicality,he would refuse he would demand,that another producer,produced those he said well no you know,the wrestling's not my thing bro,you know so you guys are the,professionals so what this was he was,writing the television program writing,the format he was coming up with the,matches who was supposed to wrestle who,and he would even tell the producers and,or agents,how the match somehow was supposed to,end with somebody being a hit in the,head with a sledgehammer or whatever,and that it would be up to you to figure,out the rest of it,it's kind of like if somebody decided to,write a murder mystery,and got the first two chapters done and,then handed it off to you and said well,you do the rest of it and figure out who,committed the crime,it's not my mystery ,the mystery is how you ever got in this,position,so in t and a,especially,not only again would he not have,anything to do with the production of,the actual matches anything involving,physicality,because he knew he didn't know what he,was talking about,but then on live interviews the producer,for whatever segment had to be in the,production truck to tell the director,what was supposed to be coming up,make sure they didn't miss a camera shot,if somebody's going to be running in out,of nowhere or whatever the ,but oh stain,would insist that the person who helped,come up with layout or mutually agree on,with the talent any physicality in that,interview segment had to be in the truck,also,because he didn't want to be responsible,for producing any of the physicality,just because he's writing a wrestling,program,so you know what I did Brian,since I was the lead wrestling producer,I'd be in the truck for three or four,segments in a row,and then a live interview segment would,come up and I'd tell him oh stop down,what's the matter,need to go find Vinnie Rue this is his,segment because that's what he'd do he'd,spend all day,wasting his time on the goddamn,pre-tapes with the underneath guys that,would go on forever and multiple takes,because that was his dramatic,Shakespearean verbiage coming to,life,and he especially liked to work with the,mid-car guys because the top guys,wouldn't say all the he wanted him,to say,and he didn't feel like they came out as,good,so he'd spend all day on the pre-tapes,and then he'd sit down with the guys,with the live interviews and he'd tell,them all the they were supposed to,say,but when it came time to get in a fight,you'd have to go get the other producer,so I started stopping him down saying a,live interview is coming up,where's old video this is his baby he,needs to be in here,and you know where he'd be he'd be,sitting out in the crowd with the rest,of the marks watching the ,matches,ended up sends somebody in to get him,and say hey this is your segment and,he'd have to come back to the truck and,sit there like a mute,because there was nothing to say,because it's an interview and they're,just shooting it but since he had to,have a god

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Experts Reveal Why Russia is in Trouble

Experts Reveal Why Russia is in Trouble

Russia gambled big on Ukraine, and lost.,But could the nation be on the brink of falling apart?,The problems facing Russia today are significant and numerous, and even if the war were to,end today, the nation would be in the weakest position it's been since the fall of the Soviet,Union.,Maybe even worse.,Russia's most imminent problems are on the battlefield.,After the launch of the Ukrainian fall counteroffensive, Russia's position in Ukraine is becoming increasingly,difficult.,The offensive was at first believed to be a 'flash in the pan' by Ukrainian armed forces,,with most of the world still believing Russia was simply too big and capable a military,for the plucky Ukrainian forces to seriously threaten with overwhelming defeat.,However, the initial gains in the northeast of the country soon turned into an outright,rout of Russian forces.,Ukraine cut off critical lines of communication running from Russia itself in the north to,key positions in the center and northeastern occupied territories.,The battle for Lyman sealed the fate of Russian forces in the occupied north.,Here Ukraine went up against the vaunted 1st Guards Tank Army, Russia's most elite armor,formation.,It was equipped with some of the best equipment that Russia could muster, and was originally,meant to be the tip of the spear of an attack straight into NATO's best defenses.,In an alternate scenario where NATO invaded Russia, the 1st Guards Tank Army would be,held in reserve, counterattacking straight into any NATO breakthrough.,The 1st Guards weren't just the best Russia had left, they were the best even before the,war started- period.,And Ukraine delivered such a stunning defeat that a significant portion of its equipment,was abandoned, the tankers and gunners of the 1st Guards fleeing for their lives.,The 144th Guards Motor Rifle Division, formed specifically to provide infantry support for,the 1st Guards, was delivered an equally stunning defeat.,Any Russian military blogger or western Russian supporter still claiming that Russia was simply,“holding its best in reserve” was permanently shut up.,There simply is no better than the 1st Guards.,The counteroffensive had failed to make significant gains in the south, which had originally been,believed to have been Ukraine's main objective.,The ruse worked so well that Russia repositioned multiple Battalion Tactical Groups to the,south, leaving up its northern flank for exploitation.,Here, Ukraine faced significant and overwhelming resistance- yet, against all odds, found victory,with the liberation of Kherson.,The city had been the only regional capital taken by Russia's forces, and its liberation,was a crushing blow to Russian morale.,With the Ukrainian flag flying once more in Kherson, even the most hardline Russian supporters,had begun to voice considerable concern over the state of their armed forces- and the fate,of the war.,But Ukraine didn't achieve these victories in a vacuum, and this is where Russia faces,its most significant problem in Ukraine.,Since the start of the war, tens of billions of dollars of military aid have flown into,Ukraine, with an equal amount of civilian aid to help keep Kyiv's government afloat.,When it became clear that a quick military victory wasn't possible, Russia had planned,on simply waiting out Kyiv's inevitable financial collapse, exploiting the resulting chaos and,lack of government support to erode public support for the Kyiv government.,However, that collapse never came as the west kept Kyiv- and continues to- afloat with billions,of dollars of financial aid.,If this wasn't bad enough, advanced western equipment is the most dangerous threat to,Russian forces today.,In order to attempt to stop, or at least slow the rate of direct military support, Russia,attempted to play the nuclear trump card.,Vladimir Putin has played a game of nuclear brinkmanship since it became clear in late,summer that his forces had failed and the Russian military was having its initial momentum,reversed.,To his credit, it's been very effective, just not quite effective enough.,The threat of nuclear weapons has been heavily hinted at by Vladimir Putin, with him repeatedly,stating that no option was off the table.,Though he has not specifically stated he would use nuclear weapons, even when asked directly,,he has chosen to speak ambigiously enough to leave the specter of nuclear warfare alive,and well in the minds of the west.,Naturally, western observers were horrified at the thought of nukes dropping inside Ukraine,,and even more so of what that would inevitably mean when the west retaliated against Russia,for their use.,For the first time since the Cold War, the world was once more staring down the barrel,of global nuclear warfare.,But Vladimir wasn't just talking tough, he was talking directly to you, the supporters,of Ukraine all around the world.,Because he wanted to scare you enough to question either your government's, or the west's continued,military support of Ukraine

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and it's been like three days and roblox,is still not up and i just want to play,it,wait what,is that quick update as we work to get,things back to normal we are,incrementally bringing regions back,online,this is it,oh my gosh it's coming back let me see,if it's back for me,after that epic intro now we check if,it's back for me we go to roblox,maybe maybe we have to refresh it maybe,maybe we have to refresh it,but maybe we have to type,it in,and refresh it,okay it seems like it's not back for me,yet i'm not one of those regions but hey,it's fine i'm not even upset about it,alex has been oh i should probably,mention why i'm in this jacket yeah it's,my costume jack skellington i gotta do,the makeup and stuff but like that's for,later anyways roblox has been down for,days and it's been causing a huge ruckus,in the social media and roblox twitter,community youtube community it's kind of,a big deal a lot of jokes that come up,like go touch grass and stuff like that,but like when it's your actual job it's,kind of alarming for me and a lot of,other creators out there that do roblox,games and roblox videos every single day,i really couldn't do anything for my job,for like a few days it's kind of scary,oh matter it seems like it's coming back,up basically roblox has given us a,series of tweets today and they first,started 23 hours ago by saying we,believe we have identified an underlying,internal cause of the outage we're in,the process of performing the necessary,engineering maintenance i don't even,know what any of those words mean i,didn't go to college why are you saying,all these big words just just tell me,tell it to me like i'm a roblox player,you know what i'm saying i was not an,insult to roblox players that was an,insult to myself thank you three hours,ago they actually said we have,identified root cause and solution we,are working on getting things back,online and we will keep you updated,throughout the day,huge news and then 23 minutes ago from,when i'm actually recording this quick,update as we work to get things back to,normal we're incrementally bringing,regions back online what this means is,they're incrementally bringing regions,back online i don't know do i have to,define it for you basically they're just,periodically going to be bringing back,regions and they're not going to do it,all at once so you might not be on right,now some people might be on uh now and,some people might not be on until like,tomorrow i don't really know how,incrementally this is gonna be are they,gonna do it within a day or within a few,days who really knows all i know is like,the video if you want roblox back in,your region and subscribe if you haven't,already and hit that notification bell,because we're about to hit 2 million,subscribers it's kind of insane this is,the first time in like i don't know,probably six months that i've not,uploaded for two days kind of crazy,so,it won't ever happen again don't worry,i'm back to two videos a day as soon as,i get roblox back in my region,unfortunate for me as you guys can see,roblox is actually not back for me at,the moment still says we're making more,things awesome or more awesome things,more awesome whatever it says i don't,know i can't read i didn't go to college,anything's more awesome be back soon i'm,hoping that i could just click on a game,very very soon but in the meantime let's,take a look at all of the tweets and the,things that have been going on in,twitter world um i replied with yes i,love you,start with my region by the way please,and thanks i mean you know it's only,right also i just realized look at this,roblox is trending with 528 000 tweets,that is insane like that's that's like,peak trending it's basically almost,number one trending so no big deal,roblox just saying and the other day i,was like the top account for twitter,roblox topic so i don't know how but,anyways we got bigby saying let's go,we got nightfox saying the end is near,thank you for all your incredibly hard,work and we got albert saying i am still,going to jump off a bridge um yeah let's,just scroll past that one yes bless your,faces of course shout out to all the,engineers who've been working on this,all weekend even though it's been really,stressful for a lot of us and a lot of,the players have been wanting to play,this is kind of crazy for the engineers,they've had to like probably overnight,work and go crazy i'm curious how they,actually like how how this started you,know what i mean like what kind of thing,led to this starting and roblox going,down and then how do they even fix it,how do they figure out what's wrong did,they just type in the code and they,figure out what's wrong i i actually,don't understand but we're gonna get,back on soon bloxy news says this seals,the deal i am no longer a roblox fan,i've been a fan since 1971 and a premium,member since 1979. i officially will not,be renewing my membership nor will i,play the game ever again i'm going to,core where they know how to run a r

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Jeff Jarrett RESPONDS to Recent Vince Russo Comments on Twitter

Jeff Jarrett RESPONDS to Recent Vince Russo Comments on Twitter

let's talk about somebody who's mind we,wish we could read at different times,and I didn't tell you I was going to,bring this up but I feel like I need to,because I've heard I haven't seen it but,I'm getting DMS from folks who are,saying that based on our,non-discussion of a discussion that was,happening on another platform,that your man Vince Russo is doubling,down on a whole lot of Double J talk and,a lot of people have decided,that since Eric mishoff and,Ric Flair had a little desktop I don't,even know that you know this but Ric,Flair has a documentary coming out the,day after Christmas on the 26th called,woo becoming Ric Flair,WWE spent a boatload of cash over the,summer putting it together I believe,it's a two-hour Affair and allegedly,there is a a clip in there or a line in,there because Rick of course has already,seen a screener version,where basically they talk about things,that Rick had to go through in order to,become who he is today and that included,his 1998 well very well publicized Feud,with Ric Flair and supposedly when they,ask Eric about what happened,Eric basically says I had to make an,example out of Ric Flair,and teach him that rules are rules and,that sort of thing and apparently in,2022 when Eric saw that or when Rick saw,that he got fired up,so last week man on his podcast he just,made a list and checked it twice it was,his naughty and nice list and I didn't,see anything nice just a lot of naughty,and at the top of that list was Eric,Bischoff so now folks see Eric and and,Rick going back and forth and they think,well Conrad's just working a bunch of,feuds I think,the implication there is that this Russo,thing with you and him is building,towards something,we do not as far as I know I don't have,anything planned for some sort of big,payoff or collision course we didn't,even have it necessarily listed as a,topic I'm sure we're going to talk a lot,about him on today's show but it feels,as if he sort of got his sights set on,talking about Double J this is your show,it's called My World,any response you'd like to provide to,anything that you've seen,I kind of thought we had an,understanding but,we are 50 50 Partners in my world uh,uh I see no upside and all right let me,get this out if you yeah and I get it I,I really do get it so I I'm going to,look directly in the camera and say,well you mentioned Feud and all that and,here's kind of the,the reality and kind of the Fallout I,don't know did you see Road dogs tweet,or he said something to the effect that,they're having a riff and I'm thinking,Brian hasn't listened has it watched he,he doesn't really know the full context,and that's okay but,do you think we would have ever brought,this up had Vince not said,I worked him,and myself we would no we that's,I wish Vince Russo I've told him this by,email I've told him this I've seen him,at a couple of signings Conrad I thought,about this,um that I probably should have brought,up and he just wants to manufacture all,this stuff he says uh somebody contacted,me and said hey I'd like to get Vince,Russo for a signing Ken and I said yeah,I text uh disco and I said dicks though,what's Vince Russo's email and he sent,it to me it's the same one he's had,forever but I didn't know if he still,had the same one sir I forwarded it all,so there's no hard feelings Vince I wish,you nothing but the best I hope you are,happy in life uh I would have never,responded to Conrad had I known all this,silliness but it is exactly what I,thought,almost to the T that I said last week,I'll be very curious to hear,his response but maybe he didn't take a,look at the man in the mirror and really,like what's his role in all of this,Conrad see you got me do it again it,just it just you talk about culture and,bad juju and it it's just Vince and uh,Road dog thinks there's a riff and all,this kind of stuff,I'll say this Vince has what he I truly,believe Vince believes,everything coming out of his mouth no,doubt in my mind so I'll just,diplomatically and I'm happy for him he,has his version of his truth or it's his,truth maybe that's better said,ah have my truth or my version of the,truth,I agree to disagree there's no doubt in,my mind go on with your life be happy,about it uh but he he wants to start,saying that I I worked him,it so I had a guy who does my Analytics,on the deal and he goes hey uh,uh he's he's talking about I said do me,a favor what kind of traction is all,this getting and he said give me a few,minutes he came back zero traction it's,8 10 15 20 people whatever it may be,it's it's not a,topic discussion it's not that it's,little to nothing and here we are given,more time to it but it's silly and and,he screenshotted two tweets that Vince,put and one was,something to the effect that he left the,wrestling business 11 years ago yes,yeah something like that and then the,following day and Conrad maybe you know,this the following day,he said something about he's happy to,say that he's writing for two wrestling,websites yes,s

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I Got HUGE LUCKI DOMINUS in Pet Simulator X

I Got HUGE LUCKI DOMINUS in Pet Simulator X

today I want to get the new huge lucky,Dominus pet in pet simulator eggs things,in the brand new update and it comes,with all of this look look there's like,these look he blocks me break them and,um wait I,need give me something give me a pay,there we go and then oh okay we just got,a regular pet okay but anyways look,what's happening huge black looking,black effect happened in 10 seconds so,guys I think you can actually get the,huge uh indominus lucky pet from this,thing so we're just gonna get it this,happened in five four three two one,let's go okay where's the where's the,big Lucky Block oh it's right there all,right down my Boost I need to turn my,Boost uh uh uh turn on this this that,should be it okay come on open it up oh,no oh my gosh I'm so bad at this all,right put that there we also need the,Super Lucky boost and the ultra lucky,boost so that way when we break this we,get super luck and get the best pets so,um yo why is it just a big Noob head,over here what is going on in pencil,right now there you guys that's the,brand new huge pet but there's also,something really interesting I'll show,you guys later in the video so make sure,you guys stay here and it's probably,game changing I mean just look at that,we're already halfway I mean the entire,server is literally attacking the huge,black looking black and guys this is,gonna be insane so once we break it,hopefully we get a huge fan if we don't,get a huge pet then,um,ah then I probably won't be too happy,okay I mean look it's literally about,break come on come on,okay where's the egg where's the egg,where's the egg the egg what what then,nobody get an egg let me see the chat,what so people got mythical Prince I,didn't even get a single pet that's,crazy it's okay we found another one and,hopefully we get better luck here and we,get the huge bed hey everybody let's get,the huge lucky Dominus come on come on,we need to get it this person's asking,me for a pet should I give them the pet,guys let me know in the comments but,okay we still have time so we go over,here look the mailbox is finally uh,fixed and also you can't delete the pets,from it anymore so I mean people are,sending pets by the way guys I'm not,gonna be signing pets through the um,through the gifts or anything like that,anymore because Joseph things that,happen I'm not gonna sign anything but,let me just test it out so um let me,reject this one okay okay so it does,work oh my gosh look it's a rainbow huge,unicorn okay maybe I'll sign up a shiny,hey where are you guys getting these,pets wait a second what because I said I,want to name a pet after him after after,who me okay but the thing's about to,break guys so okay we have all our boost,owners even the server three times,damage so this thing's taking forever by,the way but we're about to break it,right now come on come on come on give,us the huge back give us the huge bad,let's see okay am I gonna get the huge,bed now oh an egg an egg,um Well turns out I didn't even get the,pet because I'm a mythical pets I'm,delete,there's no way well guys I guess we're,going to get one from the training Plaza,let's go to the training plus and,hopefully we can find one and trade for,it,oh my goodness what is going on over,here okay so we're now in the train,positive let's see if we can find,anybody oh we got people with the monkey,stand that's really good oh wait,occupied I can buy the Luckys oh my gosh,right and it's it's it's a monk I sell,it okay perfect because that's that's um,my favorite animal or pet two and pets,on her eggs yeah why is this guy making,it so expensive it was 100 million over,there okay,um let's look over here this is 100,million Thank you very much okay so,let's go check out these huge huge the,regular lucky so what in the world still,watching my image were white wait,what the bro I didn't hatch this,I didn't even have why do I have this in,my inventory,um people are like freaking out like OMG,they think I got this bad but guys did I,miss it did I hatch it earlier in the,video what is going on and where's the,other lucky ones okay so I do have the,other look the ones I just bought okay I,don't know if I got it I do not remember,getting this pet but okay you know what,I'll take it you know what I'll even,sign it I'll even sign it there we go,it's my pet now there we go guys look at,that huge Thomas lucky Inside by Vegito,and I think we should sell this this is,a very sellable print let's go over here,um I mean there's not that many that,exist guys so I think it should be,pretty rare right okay we're gonna list,the pet for five trillion Ah that's a,fair price they're signed by the Judo,too does anyone in the survive oh oh no,nobody has nothing wait traveling,Merchant arrive where is it where is it,right there wait wait we can buy the new,you're always this no yeah okay nobody,wants to buy it so I just have to remove,it okay all right time to maybe trade it,in a regular area okay so now we're in,the regular server and what why start,

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our quest to get on the leaderboards and,pet Simulator X is not over yet because,I've got some tips and tricks and some,hidden sleeves up my sleeve wait what I,got hidden ideas up my sleeve I don't,know I got sleeves now is the point,because I'm dripping out like the video,right now if you like my drip okay this,thing is looking fancy although my my,blue hoodie is coming through my my,sleeve a bit it kind of looks awkward,but you know what one like equals one,like for the trip okay anyways we're,going for the leaderboards in pet,seminar x hardcore mode not in normal,because that's just impossible let's be,real but I have some methods apparently,that are going to give us better ways to,get on the leaderboard better,ingredients better Pizza Papa John's,haven't said in a while Sebastian like,but if you guys are excited subscribe if,you're new and hit that notification,Bell numbers video we will probably open,a few uh of these eggs balloon eggs just,because they're almost gone but I'm not,gonna spend that much on them because,I'm saving for the next egg sad but you,know I'm gonna have to buy that egg also,we're gonna go to the trading Plaza and,see what's up there if we have time but,for now let's head to hardcore mode and,see how far we are from the leaderboards,we we have an update coming in two hours,and 21 minutes which I'm psyched about,and do gifts work yet please tell me,where please tell me they were ah it's a,shame all right hardcore mode we go okay,so here we are at hardcore mode about 69,quadrillion or Q quintillion I don't,know what that Q represents still a bit,confusing to me but we're getting up,there if you look on the leaderboards we,are,oh we're right around here so I am 69.4,I'm going to be 16 68th on the,leaderboards we're making our way up,there I'm not too I'm above stomping,blocks I will take it somebody,apparently said if I only have one,hardcore pet in my bank or in my uh,inventory it will uh somehow make me,higher on the leaderboards I don't,really understand what they were talking,about but basically I should only have,the best hardcore pet like this one and,not all of these I I don't know how that,makes sense but we're gonna deposit a,lot of these pets so I'm at 69.4 or,something like that and I'm gonna see if,this goes up I don't see why hiding,these pets in my bank would help but,that's what some people have said so,let's go ahead and get rid of some of,these exclusives in here put them in the,bank because we're gonna make some more,room for more huge pets that's what we,have to buy today to actually get on the,leaderboard so let's deposit those and,see what happens to my bank now I still,have access to these bets so I can I can,re-grab them at any point because I'm,using a friend's bank so let's just put,all these away make some extra room we,got a party Crown ducky rainbow not bad,and uh yeah that's a good amount of room,right there there we go okay so now that,we did that we're gonna go ahead and,check the leaderboards we went down so,to my surprise not really we went down,on the leaderboards now why did I go,down that's because I put away some,really powerful pets so for some reason,somebody was telling me to like not put,all the hardcore pets in my inventory,only one of them only the best one but,that's that that makes no sense like,adding better hardcore pets puts me,higher in the leaderboards now if I had,just one of the best hardcore pet and,then a full inventory of that pet or a,full inventory of huge bets then sure I,would be higher in the leaderboards but,that's not how it works wait those,exclusives actually gave me a lot huh,because they put me the exclusive has,put me up a bit maybe I should get more,exclusives maybe I just need more huge,pets so the goal to get higher in the,leaderboards is going to be exclusive,eggs and training because I need huge,pets I need Titanic pets and I need uh I,guess exclusives kind of help too but,not really the biggest thing that helps,are going to be these huge pets so every,huge pet is as good as my best hardcore,pet which is going to be pretty valuable,so we did a video yesterday where I got,Max gems AKA not really Max gems but I,tried to that 1.4 trillion and now we,can buy a lot of huge pets like we can,buy a ton of Hell rocks which will,definitely get us higher in the,leaderboards so I think what I'm gonna,do is I'm gonna get 50 of these eggs,open them real quick see what we get and,then we're gonna go to the trading Plaza,and buy a bunch of Hell rocks and golden,hell rocks and we'll see how high up we,get okay so let's open this 50 right,here maybe we get another Titanic uh,monkey you know who knows let's see,nothing nothing at all but we'll open,these 50 before we go in the in the,plaza,just to um,you know give us some exclusives I guess,these exclusives are pretty good as well,like the shinies and stuff those are,pretty good as well they're not bad so,they definitely help there's another,huge that's what we needed that's what,w

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