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Trump reacts to Rush Limbaugh's death on Fox News: 'He is a legend'uh we are about to be joined i,un

Fox News

Updated on Jan 27,2023

Trump reacts to Rush Limbaugh's death on Fox News: 'He is a legend'

uh we are about to be joined i,understand by the president,uh the former president of the united,states who you know,gave the presidential medal of freedom,uh in 2020 at the state of the union,address to rush limbaugh,president trump are you with me i am,and it was a great honor to do so when,we gave,the uh medal of freedom it was something,special it was an incredible night,uh we gave it during the state of the,union,address and it was especially half the,room half the room went crazy at the,other half the room,they knew they knew he should get it but,it was special and he was special,mr president you know thank you for,joining us when was the last time you,spoke with,rush limbaugh uh three or four days ago,i'd call him just to find out,you know his his fight was very very,courageous and,he was very very sick and you know from,diagnosis on it was just something that,was not going to be beaten,but you wouldn't know it and he is,married to an incredible woman catherine,who,really every time i spoke to him he,would tell me,how great she was she took such great,care he was very brave i mean he,in theory could have been gone four,months ago really,he just he was fighting till the very,end he was a fighter,while you were in the white house how,did you view,how he either carried on your message,or chose to agree or disagree with the,policies you had as commander-in-chief,well first of all you know you just had,sean on john hannity he was incredible,and sean would say there is nobody like,rush,sean was the first to say that he i i,used to say well,what do you think someday and he'd say,he's he replaced the book,russia's irreplaceable unique he had an,audience,that was massive and you know he could,do something bill,and uh he would he would get up in the,show,and would just talk he wouldn't take,phone calls where you know people would,call in every two minutes and,that's sort of easy to do he would just,talk for,two hours and three hours just talk and,that's not an easy thing to do and i,once asked him i said,do you study for the show or and he said,actually i studied very hard which,which a little bit harris that a little,bit surprised me but but he was a,fantastic,man a fantastic talent and,people whether they loved him or not,they respected him they really did,president trump if you would stay with,us for just about a minute and a half,or maybe a little longer we want to show,the day,that you gave him the presidential medal,of freedom let's watch that together and,then i have a follow-up question on the,flip side,okay and rush,in recognition of all that you have done,for our nation the millions of people a,day,that you speak to and that you inspire,and all,of the incredible work that you have,done for charity,i am proud to announce tonight that you,will be receiving our country's highest,civilian honor the presidential medal,of freedom,i will now ask the first lady of the,united states to present you,with the honor please,oh,rush and catherine congratulations,and if you are just tuning in we are,joined by,president number 45 former president,donald j,trump and you saw him there along with,the first lady awarding,rush limbaugh who has left us today the,presidential medal of freedom,and president trump i have always,wondered just seeing the look of,surprise on russia's face what he knew,about,that moment and what you learned that he,was going through,in that moment after he is succumbed to,tears and i was curious what did he know,was coming,so i did tell him beforehand because we,didn't,have the uh really the the,power of not doing it you know rush was,very sick at the time,he was at a hospital in boston and i,didn't want to do the surprise thing,uh i wish i wish i could have done that,but we really didn't have that,uh that that power of doing it because,he,had it was a very difficult thing for,him to come,into washington from where he was and he,did it,and there was questions as to whether or,not he was just a very brave guy he was,amazing,and he came in and it was as he told me,it was the greatest honor of his life,and,everybody in the room uh you know you're,talking about the republicans and the,democrats yet half of that room went,crazy you remember the evening well i'm,sure it was very unique moment,yeah in our country's history in a sense,because of who russia is but,half what is absolutely crazy the other,half sat,totally dead silent but a hundred,percent of that room,respected rush it was a unique guy and,he was a,he became a friend of mine you know i,didn't know rush at all,i had essentially never met rush and,then,when we came down the escalator he liked,my rather controversial speech i made,that speech that was a little bit on the,controversial side and he loved it,and he was without ever having met him,or talked to him or you know had lunch,with him and asked,he was with me right from the beginning,and he liked what i said and he,agreed with what i said and he was just,a great gentleman great,great man

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Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has ‘Advanced Lung Cancer’ | TODAY

Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has ‘Advanced Lung Cancer’ | TODAY

this day has been one of the most,difficult days in recent memory for me a,powerful voice in conservative talk,radio delivering some difficult personal,news to his listeners I have been,diagnosed with advanced lung cancer,Rush Limbaugh revealing that doctors,discovered it last month after he,experienced shortness of breath the,announcement from the polarizing,personality drawing mixed reactions,we are all praying for the man who has,literally paved the way for all of us,especially me,president Trump calling him a great guy,and fantastic political talent wishing,him a speedy recovery,but others called for more reflection,actor Jon Cryer tweeting he hopes,Limbaugh gets a best medical treatment,and I hope that while he is doing it he,thinks about why he doesn't think poor,people deserve the same thing I have a,question for the Democrats when are you,people gonna get tired of losing,Limbaugh's conservative views paving the,way for a dedicated following throughout,his more than 30 years on air the,Republican kingmaker in ally and friend,of President Trump he's been from day,one he's been so incredible good times,bad times he doesn't waver cuz he's,tough as hell,Limbaugh most recently slamming the,impeachment trial unfolding on Capitol,Hill there's not a crime that has been,found mentioned elucidated this whole,thing is a sham the 69 year old admits,he started smoking cigarettes when he,was 16,quitting years later he went on to,become a fan of cigars I happen to love,big ring gauge cigar,because I don't like these thin little,things that make you feel like you're,drinking soup you know if you're gonna,smoke a cigar smoke a cigar this is not,the first personal struggle Limbaugh has,shared publicly in 2001 he addressed,losing his hearing later receiving,cochlear implants to restore it he also,went to rehab for a prescription,painkiller addiction Limbaugh now ready,to face a new challenge we've got a,great bunch of doctors a great team,assembled,we're at full speed ahead on this and,while Limbaugh plans on taking some time,off to have further testing he says he's,going to try to return to his radio show,as often as he can,all right Kathy think he will want to,turn to NBC medical contributor dr.,Natalie azar so based on what he said he,said he did recognize that he had,shortness of breath I thought maybe it's,asthma maybe it's something else what,are the symptoms what do you take away,from what he revealed yesterday I mean,of the most common symptoms of lung,cancer would be coughing up blood,it could be a new prolonged or worsening,cough definitely shortness of breath,chest pain when you take a deep breath,in and also what we call constitutional,symptoms that's just feeling weak or,tired maybe losing weight or having a,decreased appetite uncommon saying he,talked in the piece about smoking cigars,and I think some people think well,cigars are actually okay yes they're not,like cigarettes but what's the truth,there no no no cigar smoking definitely,increases the risk 80% of lung cancers,are secondary to smoking so definitely,definitely a risk factor for him but you,know the treatment and the prognosis is,really based on a lot of different,things such as the stage and extent of,the cancer the person's overall health,what their underlying lung function is,for example so people who did smoke and,have emphysema may may not be able to,tolerate a you know a big resection and,also the kind of cancer there's there's,two major subdivisions of lung cancer,and the prognosis depends on you know,which one that is what are the treatment,options I would imagine as is the case,with most cancers there are a number of,treatment options absolutely so the,treatment options Craig could be,anything alone or in combination,including chemotherapy surgery radiation,therapy immunotherapy which is when you,harness your own immune system to a ton,of the cutting edge right exactly and,also what's called targeted treatment,which actually are medicines that can,disable this the cancers ability to to,grow and divide promotion the best right,information doctor a czar Thank You,Kathy Park thank you very much,you

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Bakersfield radio hosts react to the death of conservative icon Rush Limbaugh

Bakersfield radio hosts react to the death of conservative icon Rush Limbaugh

and the talk radio world is reacting to,losing one of its pioneers rush limbaugh,the conservative media host died this,morning after,after a bout with lung cancer excuse me,23 abc's bayern wang joins us live from,central bakersfield,and has more on local reaction to the,news good evening bayern,hey good evening alex there's really no,question that limbaugh was one of the,biggest,powerhouses in talk radio in our country,in fact,his influence really paved the path for,conservative media,in our nation we're not quitters we,don't acquiesce,we're not going to give up the american,dream and watch idly while it is,restructured,and transformed his legacy spans over,the decades,rush limbaugh the pioneer of,conservative talk radio paved the way,for the prominence of right-wing media,hosting the rush limbaugh show for more,than 30 years,more than 13 and a half million people,tuned in each week by 2006.,it's interesting you know when you look,at all of these really big,conservative names today you're talking,about mark levine you talk about sean,hannity you talk about laura ingram,every single one of them will literally,say,that without the ground that was that,was really plowed by,by rush limbaugh in the 80s and the 90s,their careers would not exist,uh conservative media would not exist,his influence also,impacting local radio hosts like ralph,bailey he,generated my career i started as a solo,talk show host about 16 years ago,and four months in we acquired limbaugh,and it absolutely flipped the script,that's what he does wherever he went he,became,the market local radio host richard bean,also weighing in on limbaugh's legacy,rush limbaugh set a really high bar for,anybody,particularly in in radio and political,radio and news talk radio,this guy i believe almost,single-handedly,brought back the am dial amid his,stardom the polarizing figure has had,his share of backlash throughout his,career,including comments he made on espn,regarding nfl quarterback donovan mcnabb,in 2003. the media has been very,desirous and a black quarterback do well,espn let limbaugh go after that but more,adversity was on the horizon i,am addicted to prescription pain,medication a judge sentenced limbaugh to,rehab after he got in trouble with the,law,shortly after limbaugh announced his,advance lung cancer diagnosis in 2020,former president donald trump awarded,limbaugh with the presidential medal of,freedom,thank you for your decades of tireless,devotion to our country love him or hate,him you can't doubt his,influence in the conservative movement,in american history,and many of our local politicians here,reacted to limbaugh's passing you can,find their remarks,on our website in,bakersfield,wang 23 abc connecting you

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Trump’s Rush Limbaugh Tribute, Biden’s Vaccine Promise & Texas Blackout Blame Game

Trump’s Rush Limbaugh Tribute, Biden’s Vaccine Promise & Texas Blackout Blame Game

oh hi i'm jimmy kimmel i'm the host,thanks for watching,uh thank you for watching our ash,wednesday extravaganza today,it marks the first day of lent the whole,year has been len,i don't know what's left to give up,because of the pandemic you know some,catholic churches,had to improvise they were offering a,drive-through,experience this morning this is in this,is,from some church in new jersey,remember that you are dust and to dust,you shall return,oh and here's your eight piece,finger-licking value meal,and god bless the colonel drive through,next,that's right god bless the colonel and,people don't say that enough,and this priest they weren't set up for,a drive-through situation so but this,priest,really got creative repented,well thank you father rambo so you know,we're,we're resourceful president biden went,to church this morning,last night biden promised the vaccine,will be available,to every american who wants it by the,end of july,and then we can get back to spreading,the old stuff,herpes gonorrhea and good times,uh the white house is said to be in,talks with amazon right now to help,distribute the vaccine,the way it'll work is any prime member,who can prove,they've watched all six seasons of bosh,will get vaccinated we'll get pri,and not only is amazon pitching in to,help there was a surprise announcement,from apple today too afternoon,covet 19 was a huge leap forward in the,pandemic industry,and i am so excited to unveil,what's up next introducing,covid,20 is more transmissible than cobit 19,in every way covert 20 can be contracted,by touching moving blinking,breathing having impure thoughts,smiling too hard and my personal,favorite,showing fear now while we're still,working out the symptoms,rest assured that covet 20 will kill,your parents faster than any virus,you've ever seen,and for larger coveted lovers we are,thrilled to introduce,covet 20 plus,pizza pasta cupcakes beef,coco 20 plus lives in everything you eat,delivering the most delicious virus,experience,yes,as long as we don't have to pay for a,new charger i'm,our new president held a cnn town hall,with anderson cooper last night,he said he's tired of talking about,donald trump and referred to donald,trump,as the former guy which i love because,he will hate that more than anything,joe knows that the way to deflate trump,is to ignore him but it's hard he's like,a two-year-old,you worry that if you take your eyes off,him for a minute he'll flush your keys,down the toilet,but biden also sheds some light on which,former presidents he's spoken to,and which he has not have you picked up,the phone and called any former,president yet,yes i have do you want to say who,no i don't they're private conversations,but by the way,all of them have uh with one exception,pick up the phone and call me as well,blink if it's the fat one trump has not,called joe biden trump doesn't have time,to call joe biden,he's too busy calling fox and friends,after 27 days in hiding,trump called into fox news today to talk,about his friend rush limbaugh who died,and what a beautiful tribute it was well,rush thought we won,and so do i by the way i think we won by,substantially and rush thought we won,and he thought it was over at 10 o'clock,10 30 it was over,and a lot of other people feel that way,too but rush felt that way strongly,and many people do many professionals do,and i don't think that could have,happened to a democrat,you would have had you would have had,riots going all over the place if that,happened to a democrat,anyway who died again,there's no eye in eulogy don and it's,not like the fox crew didn't try they,did everything possible,to tee him up to talk about rush but,somehow he kept coming back to this,election,that he still thinks he won did he say,to you what,what role he would like to see you play,next,well we didn't talk too much about that,i didn't want to talk about that too,much either,because i was i was disappointed by,voter tabulation i think it's,disgraceful what happened we were like a,third world country,on election night with the closing down,of the centers and all of the things,that happened late in the evening and he,was,furious at it and many people are,furious you don't know how angry this,country is,and people are furious well i have to,believe that listening to trump blather,on nonsensically about himself is what,rush would have wanted,one of the president one of the former,president's most famous,failures the the trump plaza casino,was imploded today in atlantic city,every chapter of trump's biography is,11.,this building had fallen into,a state of disrepair and they decided to,put it out of its misery,front row seats for the implosion went,for 600 a pair,they used 3 000 sticks of dynamite and,they auctioned off the chance,for one lucky winner to blow it up,he's pretty speedy for a poodle trump,donald trump's legal team has imploded,as well he's broken it off,with his number one hench monster rudy,giuliani team trump put out a statement,sayi

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Trump Jr. Has Something To Say About Rush Limbaugh's Death

Trump Jr. Has Something To Say About Rush Limbaugh's Death

On Wednesday, the world learned that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh died at the age of,70 from stage 4 lung cancer.,Fans of the often controversial figure flooded Twitter with tributes to the late political,commentator, including Donald Trump Jr.,Many will recall that Limbaugh was very much admired by the Trump family, with Donald Trump,awarding Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union address in February,of 2020 — just a day after he announced his illness on his popular radio show.,Just moments after news broke that Limbaugh had died, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted:,"R.I.P Rush.,A true American legend.",Not surprisingly, commenters from all sides of the political spectrum both applauded and,objected to the former president's son's sentimental tribute.,Responses to Don Jr.'s post ranged from critical tweets such as:,"American democracy is a little safer today.",To more sympathetic tweets such as:,"RIP Rush, you are loved and you will be missed!",One follower attacked Don Jr. directly, commenting:,"You don't know the meaning of legend.",Meanwhile, another noted their own long history with the radio host, writing:,"So sad… have listened to him since the beginning.",Another poster praised the media personality's memory, writing:,"The Great Rush Limbaugh may rest in peace, no one can ever replace you.,The king of conservative talk radio.",At the same time, others criticized what they believed to be the mean-spirited tone of some,of the more negative comments on Don Jr.'s post.,Donald Trump, meanwhile, spoke to Fox News' Sean Hannity about Limbaugh's legacy in his,first interview since leaving office on January 20.,In the interview, Trump called Rush Limbaugh "very brave," and suggested the country may,never see a media figure quite like him again.,"And Rush was really special, he was a very special guy, you said irreplaceable, and it's,true.,He's irreplaceable.",The former president also recalled Limbaugh as a visionary figure who loved his country,,and revealed a little more about their early relationship.,"I knew a lot about Rush but I didn't know him, and he was with me all the way, and that,was sort of incredible.,I got to know him after that.",For now, no other Trump family member has paid tribute to Limbaugh, but former advisors,and cabinet members of the recently-vacated administration have shared their early thoughts,about the death of the 30 year radio veteran.,This includes former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany , who wrote in part:,"Rush Limbaugh had unrelenting boldness to proclaim the truth.,Watching his wit, passion, and willingness to hold the media accountable informed my,entire career.",Another former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, shared:,"My heart is broken for the Limbaugh family and our country.,America has lost a great champion of freedom.",Meanwhile, Trump's former top advisor and campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, tweeted,in part:,"Rush Limbaugh was an architect of the center-right movement, defined & dominated political talk,radio for decades & gave daily voice to millions of pro-freedom Americans.",Conway also observed that Limbaugh both inspired his listeners and inflamed his critics.,From the range of reactions to the news of his passing, it's clear that he remains influential,,even in death.

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You Won't Believe What Trump Is Giving Rush Limbaugh

You Won't Believe What Trump Is Giving Rush Limbaugh

>> Rush Limbaugh recently announced that he is battling stage four lung cancer that is,the most serious stage and the survival rate is incredibly low once it gets to that point.,Now, Trump has responded to the news by saying that he will award Rush Limbaugh with the,Medal of Freedom.,According to a person familiar with the discussion, Trump informed anchors he will bestow Liimbaugh,with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the coming months.,Liimbaugh has been a staunch ally of the President's for years, which is the only reason why Trump,would be interested in rewarding him or awarding him anything and dined with him at his Palm,Beach Golf Course or club over the holidays.,Once during an event in the rose garden Trump praised Limbaugh as someone who, quote, can,speak for three hours without a phone call.,That is quite an accomplishment.,>> It's the most important skill a person could have.,But we gotta tell people what they say the Medal of Freedom is for, the description.,>> How about it?,>> On its face, you don't need to know like if you're from anywhere in the world, you,know the Medal of Freedom.,It's something right but you don't know specifically what it is.,You know it's not intended for people like rush Limbaugh.,The Medal of Freedom is bestowed to quote, individuals who have made especially meritorious,contributions to the security or national interests of the US to world peace or to cultural,or other significant public or private endeavors.,>> Rush Limbaugh has been a huge factor in sowing division and hatred in this country.,I'll give you specific examples in just a minute.,He is someone who I do not have any type of admiration or respect for and given the fact,that he's battling stage four lung cancer, I am going to stop talking about him soon,to prevent saying something deeply offensive and inappropriate.,But with that said, I'm gonna go ahead and give you a sense of who Rush Limbaugh has,been throughout his career, to give you a sense of how he doesn't actually fit the description,that John just read to you.,So here are some actual statements from Rush Limbaugh.,Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?,He also said, right so you go into dar four and you go into South Africa.,You get rid of the white government there, you put sanctions on them, you stand behind,Nelson Mandela, who was bank rolled by communists for a time, had the support of certain communist,leaders.,You go to Ethiopia, you do the same thing.,So he had some pretty terrible things to say about the end of Apartheid in South Africa.,Because that's who Rush Limbaugh is, he's all about freedom.,Let's give this guy the freedom award.,He also said once.,Look let me put it to you this way.,The NFL all to often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Kripps without any weapons.,There I said it.,>> It's a powerful medifor that's deep.,No, he's a racist I forgot it's not.,>> Yeah.,>> Because the thing is, so when he has that skill, if he can talk for three hours without,a phone, you also reveal who you are through those three hours, and he has been very clear,over 31 years who he is, who he likes, who he doesn't like.,>> He also once said the NAACP should have riot rehearsal, they should get a liquor store,and practice robberies.,Regarding African-Americans in America they're 12% of the population, who the hell cares?,To the African- American female color he said, take that bone out of your nose and call me,back.,I mean this is who he is, but it's all about freedom.,>> Racism does not exist in America.,>> But that's it, >> So I'm looking at a full list of former,,people who've gotten it.,And so like Obama, he gave it to let's see, Tom Hanks you can go through the list it's,in a bunch of different categories is dancing, art, literature, and computing, and engineering,,and medicine, and all that stuff.,I would go so far as to say, no one who does this sort of job necessarily deserves it,,the contribution is just not significant enough.,But if you were going to choose someone from amongst this sort of thing, honestly Rush,Limbaugh like you don't think that like if he gets a second term Ben Shapiro could get,the Medal of Freedom in three years.,Mark Levin?,>> I just, I don't care.,There, I said it, I don't care.,I don't care about the Presidential Medal of Freedom.,I don't care who's gotten it.,I don't care about Rush Limbaugh's diagnosis.,I don't care about Rush Limbaugh.,I don't care.,He's a bad person.,Bad people get rewarded in America all the time.,That's how it works.,Welcome to America.,>> Yeah, Donald Trump was chosen to come in and to pee all over the things that we have,in our government.,>> Right.,>> Whatever you think has some sort of respect associated with it, he's there to pee on it.,That's all it is.,>> Yeah.,>> He's there to make a joke out of whatever we have as a culture.,>> Golden showers,and golden towers.,We'll be right back.

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Rush Limbaugh's Complicated Legacy | The View

Rush Limbaugh's Complicated Legacy | The View

yesterday one of the most dominant,figures in talk radio,and an architect of the conservative,media movement rush limbaugh,passed away at age 70 from lung,complications lung cancer complications,there's been an outpouring of tributes,along with a lot of criticism,of his decades of controversial comments,uh,so the question is ladies how will you,remember him i'll start with you joy,well i i did work i worked at a radio,station in 1991,ish around that time wabc radio and he,i i came on to 10 i believe and then he,was on at 11 o'clock so i was,engaged with him quite a bit in those,days um,and he you know over the years he's,called me mord behar which i thought was,interesting i guess he was,saying that i was like b arthur in the,in the show mord who was a big raging,liberal i presume that's what he meant,and i considered that a badge of honor,to be compared to maude,but um it's interesting you know i,worked with him,i worked i've interviewed ann coulter,many times,janine pirro has been on the view trump,has been on the view i went to his,wedding for marla,um you know these people,have gone through some kind of,metamorphosis of,of weirdness over the years and i was,trying because janine pero used to come,on the show she was actually fun,uh ann coulter is basically i consider,her a comedian i don't even consider her,a pundit,and and we all know what trump was like,before you know he was a democrat,um so what's what happened to them and,my answer is money,and money is what happened to them,they've been thrown at,so much money at them at fox for example,and various places,that they could not resist the money so,they go on the air and they spew their,hatred,their prejudices their lies as did rush,limbaugh,for the almighty dollar and they fool,americans into believing that they are,authentic they are not authentic,i know these people they're not real,right so sonny what do you think his,legacy will be,well you know i i've been listening to,to everyone,uh you know sort of eulogizing rush,limbaugh,and i remember listening to him as a kid,growing up,and for me he just normalized,hatred he normalized racism and,you know i think he really weaponized,white male grievance,um and and you know he sort of uh,hard in these like rural white listeners,people you know sitting in their trucks,and,in in the middle of america and in the,south and you know,listening to rush limbaugh and i mean,this is someone who called you know our,president barack the magic negro this,is someone who talked about an nfl,football game,as uh you know a gang match between the,bloods and the crips this is someone who,made fun of michael j,fox's parkinson's disease this is,someone who,likened a 13 13-year-old chelsea clinton,to,a dog you know this wasn't someone,who was a nice person this is someone,that,spewed racism and hatred yet he is now,considered um i guess uh the most influ,an influential person in building the,modern republican party and conservatism,he,uh to me that's not something to be,proud of i mean how is that,a reflection of conservative values i,thought you know conservatism was about,small government and family values and,if if family values is,making fun of of of black people and and,a child,and and a disease uh you know i don't,know where the,the the republican party uh is i,you know i think his legacy is that he,paved the way again for the modern,republican party,and trumpism and i don't know that,that's something to be proud of,megan what about you you're what are,your thoughts about all this,well i used to work in talk radio i was,actually the first woman to host,a conservative talk radio show in the,top four lineup i was on behind rush,limbaugh,and sean hannity i hosted a show called,america now on the premier network so,i knew a lot about rush limbaugh i knew,a lot about his work i also,grew up hearing him on the radio quite,often he was an absolute titan,of of media he in the premier studios he,had actually had a golden microphone,that was like,solid gold that they had for his studio,in los angeles whenever he would come in,um he oh there you see it right there he,had a loyal following of 15 million,followers i actually think he,started this the trend of infotainment,which by the way is what we do here on,the view this like sort of hybrid of,information and entertainment at the,same time he completely revolutionized,the way media was done he was obviously,highly controversial said mendy in the,incendiary,and insulting things throughout his,lifetime he also,was very very influential in the 1994,republican revolution the tea party,he sort of saw trump coming early and,was an early,proponent of his i think what's,interesting about rush limbaugh is that,he tapped into this audience that feels,underrepresented in,mainstream media he tapped into the idea,that it's only liberals speaking for us,and he really created the model for,which all else has spewed forth,uh both positively and negatively and by,the way the infotainment isn't jus

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Mark Levin gets choked up remembering Rush Limbaugh's legacy

Mark Levin gets choked up remembering Rush Limbaugh's legacy

i want to bring in mark levin host of,life liberty and levin,and a fox news contributor he joins us,now,by phone mark good to have you with us i,heard you speaking earlier when the news,was,very fresh just a couple of hours ago,your thoughts as you've continued to,reflect on the loss of your dear friend,well martha first time i met you was at,his wedding wasn't it that's right,and uh he was one of my best friends,pardon me it's okay,i would say this very very happy with,the outpouring of support for him,and in many ways he would be shocked by,it people say he was a very regular guy,he was a regular guy,but he was utterly inquisitive curious,all the time he had a huge library in,his home,he read the great philosophers this is a,man who never went to college and he,didn't need to go to college,he uh we exchanged over the years many,many emails,lots of discussion about various issues,he became an expert on the constitution,the history of the nation all,self-taught,he was as kind as kind could be you know,early on uh,it's a wonderful staff snerdly,you can see the jokester cookie kid,carson who passed away and that upset,him,to all of us greatly and i would start,to send him early on you know some,issues on the constitution independent,councils the clinton years,and finally he tells a cookie who who is,kathleen gleason a wonderful lady did,his audio,and i want to talk to this guy directly,so he would talk to me and then he gave,me his email and then we would and he,appointed me the director of his legal,division,f lee levin because he didn't have a,legal division,but that's the way he was yeah and,i wanted to know about my kids later i,wanted to know about the grandkids,had us to his house was a tremendous,gentleman,and host and um,he smiled he laughed he was also serious,he was very very worried,particularly now about the future of the,country,and i think about all these things and i,think what was it that attracted him,to donald trump you know a lot of us,eventually were attracted but he was,attracted early on and i think it's this,trump was an outsider trump was rejected,by the elites,they said trump couldn't succeed,they all said the same thing about rush,and i think russia identified with that,in many respects,and also i think rush felt why should we,be controlled and hindered by what the,left or by,what the mainstream media tell us what's,okay what language we can use what we,can discuss this is america we are free,human,individuals human beings and he didn't,think it was terribly controversy,to be an old-time defender of the,country was he was absolute patriot,uh he gave it mounds and mounds of money,to different causes without making a big,fuss about it,he would help out individuals without,making a big fuss about it,and even even his later books,he and catherine with liberty and,paul revere and these folks in order to,reach out to young people,he really felt that the country,while he thought it was more than worth,saving and when i think of rush,generally i worked for reagan too and i,knew reagan,i campaigned for him in 76 and 80.,i've known some very very great people,and,rush limbaugh he's not at the top he's,near the top of the greatest people i've,ever known,i think he's in the category as newt,said if a reagan,of a bill buckley the milton friedman,he was not just a broadcaster he was an,activist,he had his own way of encouraging people,to do certain things,he was to some people a fatherly figure,to some people a brotherly figure,to some people like a son but he was,always good old rush,we could always rely on rush and get and,the worse,things got the more he wanted to tune in,and listen to what russia had to say,what is russia's take on this,that's what everybody wanted to know,what does russia say i'll tell you,he encouraged me to get into radar as,hannity did i didn't really want to get,into radio or anything,and i remember once he said,he wanted me to sub i said well i don't,know how to do it he said just do it,he'll do great so he'll throw you in the,water you know,and that's a big audience to just do it,and i said to him when i first started,out on radio,what can i possibly say after you speak,and hannity speaks then it's my turn,and he said mark they've heard me,they've heard hannity but they haven't,heard you,but this is the kind of guy he was he,didn't say only listen to me omnibus,even though he was yeah absolutely,hands down shawna taya absolutely the,best,but he he didn't even look at himself,that way you know,people would listen to him you know,about uh alone from god and went on to,this was all tongue-in-cheek stuff he,was hilarious absolutely,and a great guy yeah he had a great sort,of self-deprecating sense of humor that,i think people misinterpreted sometimes,um with you know the excellence in,broadcasting and,talent on loan from god and all of that,you know he it was,very funny uh i always thought that he,had a great,sense of humor and was hilarious and he,was generous with with pe

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