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well you guys asked for it and it seems  the royal high devs have finally delivered  ,we have been asking and asking and asking for  this particular thing now for many many months  ,and they've finally announced it  are you buying robux or premium  ,be sure to use stackard stackhoudby  to support me dolly and our channel  ,hey wonderful little beans my name is b and  welcome back to my channel before we get  ,started don't forget to leave a like subscribe  and click that bell and of course don't forget  ,to use stacker b when buying robux or premium as  you guys know there has been a lot of demand for  ,quite some time for the royal high devs to finally  announce and release an official twitter page or  ,social media of some kind for royal high people  have wanted an official page for the game for  ,some time so that they can directly respond to  various things that come out regarding the game  ,various information that people want to know about  and of course tea and updates can be announced  ,officially for a while now we've relied on the  actual developers or land specifically to share  ,information or of course for people to be able to  find each individual developer account in order to  ,stay up to date that obviously is quite difficult  given that there's so many different things that  ,get shared all the time and so many different  places to have to keep up with but now you guys  ,i am excited to see no more the new twitter page  will be the hub for all of the latest tea and all  ,of the latest news and everything you guys want  to know about royal high and it looks really cute  ,as well if you guys head over to twitter and type  in at royal high valks which stands for valkyries  ,landsat on his stream because obviously royal high  is the herb of the valkyries just like if it was a  ,real school you will find the brand new twitter  page that has officially launched and not only  ,has the page officially launched they've already  shared a bunch of tea about the new updates and  ,confirmed that all of the future updates will  also be shared on this account as well in fact  ,barbie already confirmed and long's confirmed  on stream they will be telling us before the new  ,update comes out they have given us an actual date  for this update as well and they said they will  ,announce shortly before so that we can get ready  for it this is something we've wanted the devs to  ,do for a long time and they are finally listening  to us and doing it you guys they've also responded  ,to a bunch of the different issues that have been  coming up in the rawhide community on the page if  ,you want to check them out as well as sharing a  bunch of new options for you to contact them if  ,you need to now remember account support still  needs to be sent to the official rawhide email  ,but you can also ask questions on the twitter  page if you need to and go and follow it  ,obviously you guys me and dolly are really really  excited we've wanted something like this for ages  ,it feels like a long time coming but i am glad  that they have finally done it so you guys if you  ,want to stay up to date with the latest news make  sure you go and head on over to the twitter page  ,and go and follow but do remember as well you guys  if you haven't already that you can subscribe to  ,my channel if you don't have twitter and i will of  course cover all of the tea for you as soon as it  ,comes out as soon as they tweet it on that account  i'm so excited for tomorrow you guys i will be  ,covering the new update so make sure you subscribe  and click that bell and i'll see you then when we  ,buy the brand new set and donate to a wonderful  charity love you guys lost little beans goodbye,you

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Someone Leaked Royale High Photos On Twitter... This is Not OK

Someone Leaked Royale High Photos On Twitter... This is Not OK

before we get started make sure you,follow me on all of my socials and join,my roblox fan group,subscribe if you want to join the,kingdom and enjoy the video,hey royals welcome or welcome back to my,channel,if you haven't already make sure you,subscribe so that you can help us reach,our goal of 200 000 subscribers before,march 1st which is my channel,anniversary an entire year of making,real high content for you guys and i am,so excited,anyways today we are going to be talking,about something that is absolutely crazy,and i'm so sorry i'm kind of late on,this i don't think there's been any,videos about it but i definitely wanted,to address it because this was all,anyone was talking about a day or so ago,so let's get right into it someone,hacked into the new royal high school,and things got crazy while i talk about,this i'm going to go ahead and diamond,farm because the update is coming soon,maybe even later today and i heard,they're gonna need like 300 000 diamonds,so i'm gonna go ahead and farm while i,talk about this they want to be extra,prepared but without further ado let's,start talking about what happened with,this new school and the person that,hacked,it so guys one day ago and i'm sorry i'm,late again but one day ago a person on,twitter with the username of rh,underscore poppy they posted a clip of,the new school and by new school i don't,mean like the one i'm farming in right,now i mean the actual new school that,we've all been waiting for to come to,royal high she posted either a video of,someone joining the game and like,looking around or screenshots of the new,school i don't know which they was all,taken down really quickly but she did,leak the new school,now,this game is not out yet obviously or,else i would be in it right now it's not,been released the game isn't done the,developers are still working on it so,the game is on private now when you make,roblox games you can choose them to,either be public or private so royal,high obviously is public you can just,play it private games only certain,people with access are able to join so a,normal person that's not a developer,should not be able to join the new,school but for some reason this girl had,a clip of someone joining the school and,photos from it as in like someone took,them that wasn't a developer,people freaked out when they saw this,because we're all so excited for the,school to come out but a lot of people,don't want it to be spoiled for them and,obviously like you're not supposed to,have access to the school so people were,really angry and some people were,excited some people were attacking her,and i don't mean like a little bit of,hate like,death threats people were flipping out,and it didn't actually help anything,because people were retweeting it and it,was just spreading everywhere so even if,people didn't want to see it like they,didn't want it to be spoiled for them,they didn't really have a choice because,it was everywhere on twitter,and obviously she was getting tons of,hate for this and didn't respond right,away and the developers noticed it,pretty quickly because like i said it,was everywhere and some people started,saying that she was gonna get like a,lawsuit filed against her because she,was leaking information that shouldn't,be leaked so this is when things get a,little bit weird,eventually royal high poppy posted,something and explained that she,actually wasn't the one that hacked into,the new royal high school,she said that it was actually her friend,that sent her these clips or photos and,that her friend is the one that did it,but she didn't know it was the actual,school she just thought it was a concept,and she admitted that she was nine years,old so a nine-year-old shouldn't be on,twitter in the first place that's just,my opinion because twitter is a pretty,toxic place,but if you are nine years old and you're,getting threatened on twitter by,thousands of strangers and developers,are threatening to file lawsuits against,you you would be pretty scared wouldn't,you,so this girl said all of that in a post,now jam jam doo one of the developers,asked for her friend's username probably,to block her or ban her from the game so,she couldn't do it again i don't know,the exact reason and um real high poppy,told her it was something with rebecca,in it i don't remember off the top of my,head but it was something with rebecca,in it her friend's username,so i looked at this girl's profile and,it doesn't seem like it's someone's,actual account i can't tell if it's like,her friend's out account that she uses,to like hack games or exploit or if it's,like her actual main account because,there's like not that much on it she,only has one royal high badge not that,many friends not like a really rich,avatar it doesn't seem like it's a real,account that's just the vibes i'm,getting from it so i think there's two,possibilities from this point,one is that royal high poppy the girl,that posted that stuff on twitter is,lying and she actually is t

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THE CREATOR of ROYALE HIGH got EXPOSED.. and BARBIE responds *people are FURIOUS*‚ÄľÔłŹ

THE CREATOR of ROYALE HIGH got EXPOSED.. and BARBIE responds *people are FURIOUS*‚ÄľÔłŹ

whoa i can't believe the day has finally,come the day where barbie aka the,creator of royal high would get exposed,and hated on for so many different,problems that are revolving around the,community,and the day where people have finally,stopped taking your side and started,realizing the problem surrounding the,community,the topic i'm covering today is clearly,more than drama and it's really serious,how people were boycotting the game,and how the hashtag made by the royal,high community,was trending throughout the united,states on twitter it's just a reminder,on how powerful the royal high community,is instead a record of putting royal,high on trending so many times let's,make their own developers apologize,like i can't believe so many crazy,things happened while i was taking my,break,but like always please remember to watch,the full video before forming your,opinion since the video will include,barbie's apology additional key details,and many more and for now just sit back,and relax grab a snack and a drink and,let's just get straight into why barbie,was exposed,this whole issue all began when one,twitter user had made a thread talking,about how the black history month update,was cancelled last minute due to the,priority of the new school and tao was,actually canceled a while ago but no one,was informed due to poor communication,this thread basically shows and talks,about how the developers were trying to,avoid the topic and we're trying to put,the blame on other people bringing up,the topic to make themselves look better,this eventually made many twitter users,in the royal high community realize more,problems in the community,leading up to people making the hashtag,own up barbie in which royal high,players would talk about a problematic,aspect of the game that needed to be,fixed,and if it couldn't get any more heated,many people were realizing the,stereotypes and printed into royal high,chalisa sheila versus december's dream,and valentine's goddess the plate is,empty the restaurant is closed security,cameras are on doors are locked the,staff is all tucked into their beds at,home don't tell me that barbie thought,she ate with this,now now that this is a thing can we take,a moment to talk about the black,hairstyle names they are very super,stereotypical and micro aggressive,so what they were saying was that the,stereotypical names were put on poc,hairstyles know like creativity and,originality,but another issue that seemed to rise,was how the representation for cultures,were very stereotypical as well day two,of ona barbie and she still hasn't,addressed,let's talk about the racism towards,latina community today,the way that the day of the dead is,treated as nothing more than an add-on,to cold halloween is very much cultural,erasure and not to mention the,inaccuracies of items,this person um put two pictures down,below which are really helpful so i'll,put them on the screen for your,understanding and you guys can pause the,video so you can read them,as a hispanic person i surely do love,getting stereotyped in a game all about,people of color representation,as well as being a seasonal halloween,items for our dead loved ones,and as more of these issues and problems,arise many more people begin to continue,to talk about these issues,and there was lots of backlash and hate,towards developers,but also regarding the lunar new year,traditional foods were also being remade,to fit the aesthetic of royal high which,was extremely disrespectful for example,the color for banchon is also wrong it's,literally paper white and no please do,not bring that it's the lighting out,also you guys gave us a fork if a,banchung is white it's seriously,uncooked,another really confusing issue was when,lan slot started a stream in hopes that,it would fix the problems robbie had,made and would fix the problems from the,community,his stream was basically there to state,his apologies and barbara's apologies,and to furthermore explain what had,happened,but apparently lonslaw had called barbie,a slave midway talking here's a clip,calling you out for recalling barbie a,slave,oh,i got interrupted in the middle of a,sentence uh so i guess if you yeah so i,was i was,oh man choice of words is poor um,but my point was that she would be a,slave to the work is what i was going to,say,meaning that she has to do exactly the,work that we demand of her and not what,she wants to work on right,after watching lone slot stream many,people were quick to comment their,opinions,he did not call barbie a slave while,talking about black history month,representation to black children i can't,deal with this i am literally livid,right now he's making so many excuses,and he just looks worse and worse after,every word,this stream is making me more and more,disappointed at him we all know he can,do better,hi i'm strawberry i am a genderqueer pan,artist and i want to talk about the,issues of the,of that i find in royal hike affecting,the lgbtq community to begin with all,

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The problem with Royale High.

The problem with Royale High.

hey guys today i wanted to talk about a,problem that i've noticed for the years,i've been on royal high i know when,people think about issues with brow high,they often focus on stuff like the hyper,focus on halos super expensive sets or,scamming and trading,and honestly even though those are,issues,i kind of understand why the developers,might have made those decisions,but this video is actually about,something else so i've been making,videos on real high for a while now and,through that i've customized many,characters from medieval queens to,modern coders and that leads me to the,first thing i'm going to talk about the,differences between what royal high,considers feminine and masculine,clothing so many times i have feminine,characters that are these girl bosses,and female entrepreneurs like britney's,mother or wendy and i found that it is,extremely difficult to find business,attire for these female characters,it's so easy to find it for the,masculine ones look i click formal and,then there's this whole array of suits,that i can choose from but for feminine,characters there's not even a formal,category there's only glam glam is the,closest category but even that doesn't,have anything close to business casual,another close category might be school,but many outfits also don't work and the,reason why i find this so problematic is,because every time i want to dress up a,feminine character in business clothing,i end up going to the masculine section,to pick outfits just because royal high,has made these options extremely,inaccessible this game is highly,centered around dress up and there's a,lot of young kids playing this game so,this is kind of sending out a message,that women just simply don't need or use,business casual clothing and this is a,really troubling message because as i've,gotten older i started to see the,effects,there are so many initiatives to,increase female representation in areas,like business and entrepreneurship,currently women women-led startups,receive just three percent of venture,capital funding and a large reason for,this is because our society has,subconsciously instilled the idea that,women don't belong in these high-level,business roles which has caused a cycle,of there being a lack of female role,models in these positions these notions,come from small snippets of our lives,from when we're young and lead to a,waterfall effect on our society,especially because players spend so much,time on royal high royal high is,essentially teaching kids what is,appropriate for dressing up feminine,versus masculine characters making,professional clothing inaccessible for,feminine characters is sending out this,message that the two don't go together,and i feel like royal high is such an,influential game it's so important for,its developers to understand the role it,plays in people's mindsets,and it's sometimes really upsetting for,me right now that whenever i want to,create a feminine character in business,i have to go to the masculine section to,do so,that simply doesn't have to be the case,you do not have to give up your,femininity to pursue careers in,traditionally dominated areas you can be,your full self and succeed in what you,choose to do,so what can rawhide do to fix this issue,now this solution is actually so so,simple like it's literally easier than a,solution to something like scamming or,rare halos,literally royal high just needs to add,more options and to more seriously,consider the subconscious messages its,design sends out to its millions of,active players it's a really really,simple change but i really hope that we,can make the next generation of players,understand that yes women can succeed in,business yes women can proudly wear,professional clothing without having to,shop in the men's section we can be the,generation that challenges the status,quo and starts with fundamental changes,in the designs of content that we,interact with thank you so much for,taking time out of your day to listen,and i love you guys so much,bye

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foreign,ERS this is Haley here welcome back to,another raw High video on my channel if,you're new here make sure to subscribe,for daily ball High videos and don't,forget to tap the notifications news I,feel when I'm posting a brand new raw,High video anyways in today's video I'm,going to talk to you guys about,something you need to do in the new,Valentine's Day update that just came,out less than 24 hours ago go ahead and,check out my past video about everything,that came out if you're curious but,anyways let's go ahead and get into,exactly what I want to talk about in,this video which is the Opposites,Attract set so if we go to the shop and,we go to accessories seasonal Valentines,and scroll down just a bit you can see,there's a few offices attract items and,they're for sale for about 50 days so,this set is a very very high-end demand,set when it comes to it being for trade,once it's not in the shop anymore the,the demand for descent goes up a lot so,I recommend farming for a few duplicates,of the set and if that's a little too,much for you to farm for then maybe just,the opposite attracts dress and bodice,because this item was super super high,in demand throughout all of 2022 once,they went away during like the end of,February so make sure that you farm for,at least like duplicates of this exact,item if not you know you could do the,whole set get even more,um but just this item in general will,get you a lot of diamonds in the future,and I think you could profit off of this,item pretty well and get super rich just,from the offices attract core set and,not only that but it's just a very cute,item too it's one of my favorite core,sets ever I'm literally wearing it right,now on my outfit like I just really do,like this item and so does a lot of,people which you know it makes sense why,it's so high in demand then,um but yeah I recommend trading it away,for more than what it's sold for,probably a few months after it goes off,sale so it goes off sale in 50 days,which is like I think the end of,February so probably go off sale,February 28th and once that happens wait,maybe until like March or summer time,like the end of March I mean or may or,summer just around when it's spring and,summer time to start looking for trades,for because that's when the demand for,it will probably raise in popularity and,it will cost more in the trading Hub,people will pay for it more I've seen,people trade for Halos for just this one,item let alone like multiple Halos for,just the set so I really recommend,farming for the said you know getting,duplicates also getting one for yourself,though if you do like the set if you,don't like the set though just get one,and then trade that away but yeah I just,recommend making some profit off of this,set I don't think any of the other,Valentine's Day items are as popular,whereas the offices attract set since,it's the newest thing in the Valentine's,Day shop but yeah so make sure you farm,make sure you get a bunch of these set,or just the opposite to check core set,and that's just all I wanted to share,with you guys hopefully in the future we,can all get Halos from this course set,or at least just a lot of diamonds but,anyways that is all for today's video,thank you guys so much for watching if,you enjoyed make sure to leave a like,And subscribe for daily raw High videos,and I'll see you guys tomorrow bye Care,Bears,foreign

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foreign,hey Care Bears it's Haley here welcome,back to another Rawhide video on my,channel if you're new here make sure to,subscribe for daily while High videos,and don't forget to drop the Bell,notification snows like when posting a,brand new Royal High video for guys,anyways in today's video I need to talk,to you guys about an update that,happened in Mile High not too long ago,then removed a bunch of Badges and it's,really sad to see these badges go away,but it also kind of makes sense so I,will get into it I would say but first,let's spin the wheel but I actually,already spun the wheel today and you can,see this is exactly what I got today on,the wheel I got 150 diamonds how,unfortunate I know but anyways let's go,ahead and get into the tea so the tea is,from call me Eve on Twitter it says,Royal High has removed many influencer,badges here's all the influencers listed,up on the screen that got their badges,removed now the reason why it makes,sense as you can tell maybe you can't,but all of these people listen here,haven't really made a rawhide video in a,bit or they just stopped in general or,or they just wanted to quit raw high and,focus on other games it really makes,sense why these patches were removed,since they no longer really even like,support the game as much as they used to,through their like YouTube videos or art,or whatever content these you know,creators would make,um and there is some clarification,luckily from real high about why they,removed these badges so let's go ahead,and read their thread together so Royal,High valks the official Twitter page,posted this hi Royals we wanted to,provide some clarification regarding,patches we reached out to our Crown,royalty last year to let them know of,our requirements to be in the badge,holder program so that part is actually,true I'm part of the badge holder,program and I was messaged around August,September of 2022 told that what my,requirements are like you know you need,to make sure you post so it was just a,list of requirements and if you don't,follow them they will remove your badge,or if you don't follow a lot of them at,least you they will remove your badge,and they will DM you and tell you and,Etc so I was messaged at least I was I,don't know if that means everybody was,but I know for a fact that I was,messaged by raw high so anyways then it,says we set aside specific boundaries,and agreed we would never remove a badge,unless every single one of those,boundaries were met those were inactive,with regards to posting slash trading,some form of raw high content number or,12 months unable for us to contact them,to ask if they want to remain in the,program or they asked us to remove their,badge we try to contact everyone who was,inactive many told us they wanted to,remain in the program and so nothing,happened but some members asked us to,remove their badge and said they wanted,to leave the program and we wish them,well there were also some people who we,are sadly unable to contact these,uncontactable program members therefore,cannot receive any important information,from us or follow the requirements to be,in the program many of them have been,gone for a while and activity periods,are pretty standard for most games and,companies we will always encourage,creators to reapply for the crown,royalty program again in the future if,they decide to come back their badges,are not deleted or removed just disabled,we want to make room for new upcoming,creators to have a chance to work with,us too with that in mind bash,applications will return fairly soon we,are currently rethinking the program and,the requirements to join and we have,already decided that we will let you,know with plenty advance notice so you,can begin working towards meeting these,goals to get one sorry for any confusion,that may have been caused we know that,moving on from past nostalgic things,it's hard sometimes but as we grow,people change and we are entering a new,era for Royal High We will always be,grateful for our OG creators and past,devs forever and truly we do want to,express how grateful we are for your,patience and kindness the future of,rawhi is something we care deeply about,and the devs have done some absolutely,incredible work we really can't wait for,you to see it and we promise this new,era will be Fantastical so there we have,it that is the whole entire explanation,as to why badges were removed in Royal,High it does honestly make sense it's,sad to see people go and quit real high,or just you know stop posting raw High,maybe they still play it you never know,but it makes sense at the same time so,yeah,um that's all I want to share with you,guys for today's video video thank you,guys so much for watching if you enjoyed,make sure to like And subscribe for,daily roll live videos and I'll see you,guys tomorrow bye Care Bears

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foreign,hey Care Bears it's Haley here welcome,back to another real High video on my,channel if you're new here make sure to,subscribe for Daily World High videos,and don't forget to drop the Bell,notifications not exactly what I'm,posting a brand new raw High video for,you guys anyways in today's video I have,some devastating news that you might,have seen a few people talking about,this already on YouTube I know mewpie,has talked about I think B has talked,about it as well but I wanted to share,with you guys in case you didn't know,it's very sad news and I honestly cannot,believe this but at the same time I,should have expected this but before I,get into it let's go ahead and go Spin,the Wheel of Fortune maybe today we'll,get our dramatic eyelashes who knows I,don't know let's see what we get oh oh,never mind yeah we're just not lucky I,spoke too soon all right 175 diamonds I,definitely needed that I'm rich,okay anyway so in today's video I'm,going to talk about the fact that all of,the updates this year are probably going,to be canceled so yeah I know that's,that's so sad I can't believe this I'm,actually probably going to cry in this,video because I am so upset that we're,probably going to get no updates this,year so here is a screenshot up on the,screen from Barbie's stream so you guys,know Barbie streamed right like Barbie,stream showing like things about the new,school I've made like three four videos,on it so make sure you check those out,but anyways this is the screenshot right,here and it's a person asking about if,there's going to be any seasonal updates,coming this year and Barbie replied and,only said this once the new school comes,out we will be hosting lots of fun,seasonal things in the school I'm not,sure if that means we're not getting any,seasonal things once like until the new,school comes out or there's not going to,be any new seasonal updates and no just,be recycled updates until the new school,comes out either way it feels like all,the seasonal updates have been canceled,for me since I've already seen all the,content from the previous years of all,the seasonal updates so if they do just,recycle the updates it basically doesn't,even feel like new to me anymore for me,personally since I am an older player,but if you're a newer player and they do,recycle the updates they will probably,be new to you which is good for you,right so I'm not sure if they're going,to recycle updates or not recycle,updates at all and we just have to wait,until the new school comes out but on,the bright side we will still be having,shop items I'm pretty sure these are,automatically put on sale on the dates,that says they'll come so the newest,stuff that's coming is the Valentine's,Day stuff coming on January 10th which,is in like two days as I'm posting this,so I think maybe we will still be,getting this stuff I'm pretty sure we,will because this is automatically they,don't need to go into real high impress,like publish or anything I don't think,think for these items is just like on,its own timer and then also,um I think once the Easter update comes,out I think they might put just these,items on sale for very cheap and not do,the Easter update at all there's no way,you can earn the Easter items except if,they put them on sale here so that's,really really upsetting same for the Dew,Drop showers though I think they put,these on sale too at least they did one,time last year or the year before I,don't remember so I think all the events,where you have to like play to earn,diamonds are going away and they might,just put them on sale in the shop kind,of like how the Valentine's Day items,don't have in an event it's just you buy,them in the shop I can definitely see,them doing that I really hope that this,new school update comes out very soon so,we don't lose a whole Year's worth of,seasonal updates imagine if we didn't,have Royal awine this year because of,how long the new school will take,imagine if it's still not out by October,we wouldn't have Royal Wing which I know,is everyone's most favorite update and I,hope that doesn't happen I really hope,new school comes out over the summer or,something at the latest let me know what,you guys think when will the new school,come out and do you think that the,seasonal updates will just be recycled,or they just won't come out at all and,the only thing that will come out is to,shop items since those are automatic let,me know in the comments down below,that's all I wanted to say in this video,thank you guys so much for watching and,I hope that the new school comes very,soon bye Care Bears,thank you

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ROYALE HIGH JUST UPDATED! New Update Is Out Right Now With BADGE CHANGES! ūüŹį Royale High Tea

ROYALE HIGH JUST UPDATED! New Update Is Out Right Now With BADGE CHANGES! ūüŹį Royale High Tea

hey little beans we are trying to reach,300 000 subscribers to help us get there,make sure you subscribe and turn on post,notifications so you never miss any of,my daily Royal High videos,hello wonderful little beans my name is,B and welcome back to my channel before,we get started with today's video don't,forget to leave a like subscribe and,click that Bell and of course use that,could be when buying rare books or,premium for those who don't know a brand,new update just came out for Royal High,but it's not necessarily a super,positive update it is an update and I,don't think it's negative either and the,reason I decided to cover it for you,guys even though some people have felt a,bit negative about it is because I think,I can offer an alternative perspective,on a complicated update that I think is,still important to talk about as you may,be aware if you use Twitter Royal High,recently updated to remove things not,add things it's a bit of a strange one,but I wanted to share it with you,nonetheless if you've got over to the,Royal High game page and have a scroll,down you're gonna see that there's some,badges missing in fact quite a few bad,juice from some of the older urgi,creators from Royal highs history and,some older devs have actually been,removed now I recognize lots of you guys,may find that a little bit confusing but,perhaps you aren't sure why these badges,haven't been moved or not so I'm going,to explain that to you in a moment but,they have,ads how they do still,any of them I actually do,in here such as cybernovas and there is,a few others in here Kit Kat I don't,have but hers was removed Kristen plays,kaija and a few others out of here have,gone and actually also too you can see,I've not got a hairband anymore as well,many of these creators have been,inactive in Royal high for a long time,and the Royal High Twitter account,basically said if they were inactive the,reason for this is because they want to,create a new influencer program from the,sounds of it they've basically said they,are going to be much more integrated,with their Community going forward,creating a program that allows the,actual influences to partner up with,them for even more content to create,together so in other words World high is,actually going to start providing,content for badge holders and actually,make a partnership that is stronger with,them as well this is going to be,interesting going forward because I,think that Royal High has had a bit of a,lack of their influences for a while now,it's kind of felt like the influenza's,guys have to figure out things on their,own whereas in other games like adopt me,there's a much closer relationship to,their influences so I think it's really,nice that they want to do that and it,makes sense that they need to be able to,have contact with you and also have,active creators in order to do that now,obviously the community is going to find,it hard this is a huge nostalgic part of,Royal High that they're going to lose,and a lot of people watch those original,creators for years and years and I,recognize that people are going to feel,upset about it but on the other hand it,does make sense you guys Royal High has,been progressing for a number of years,and the new school is going to change,things into a totally new era for the,game so it makes perfect sense that they,may want the game to be reflected with,that with all of their partnership,programs and Community programs we know,that their other community program the,top contributor program has recently,ended and they're beginning a new Royal,High artist program so similarly they're,doing the same thing with the badge,holders and creating the new Crown,royalty program where they're going to,be more specific about the requirements,in there and creating a much better,partnership between the influences which,I personally think is really cool now,obviously you guys there's a lot to,think about and there's a lot going on,surrounding it and some creators might,not feel super happy about this but I do,think it makes sense at the same time,even if it's sad most of the creators,agree that it makes sense because,they've been inactive in fact and,obviously weren't necessarily annoyed,about it either the future is I think,interesting for overall how you guys and,I am very excited about all of the,future updates and I really think things,are going to be bright especially,because new badge applications are,coming out and Royal high is committing,to adding more people into the badge,program who are smaller upcoming,creators to help support them with their,journey I think the future is very,exciting and I can't wait to share it,with you guys so let me know in the,comments down below what do you think,about all of this I don't think there's,anything else that came out of the,update but it's exciting nonetheless,thank you so much for watching I love,you guys lots and even though it might,be a little bit sad I do think it's,exciting that the devs are actively,rev

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