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YouTubers who tricked royal 'experts' tell LBC why they did the prank | LBCso we basically interview


Updated on Jan 15,2023

YouTubers who tricked royal 'experts' tell LBC why they did the prank | LBC

so we basically interviewed royal,experts,about harry and meghan's interview two,days before,anyone had actually seen it and invited,him on a fake tv show and said would you,give your instant post-match analysis to,the interview that's going on cbs,unfortunately because it's television we,do have to pre-record it but that won't,be a problem will it,oh no they all said and uh offered their,views on an interview that,alas they had not seen did you,i mean i don't want to ask you i know,archery you also work as a magician so i,i'm not going to ask you to breach magic,circle rules and and reveal your secrets,but did you tell them that you'd seen it,no no no uh we we verified that neither,we nor them had seen it before,obviously you paid them which is quite a,big part of the process,yes we uh we did pay them we paid them,the kind of fee,well let's say we did pay them the kind,of fee they would expect to receive for,a television appearance but,we thought it was important to mention,to our audience that we did pay them,both yes,but also because it means that in a,sense they are monetizing this industry,i i'm intrigued by that i've lost an,argument with my wife actually who's,also a journalist because i thought you,might have tempted them into this,indiscretion by putting more money on,the table than is ordinarily available,for a kind of gob on a stick gig,we're saving all our money for the pub,when we're allowed to go we're not going,to,put more money than we need let's have,let's have a little listen to to the,results and then we'll come back to josh,and archie in a moment and they can tell,you,how you can find out more about about,their work my name is victoria arbiter a,r b is in boy i-t-e-r,and i am royal commentator for cnn,richard fitzwilliams,royal commentator ingrid seward i'm,editor-in-chief of,majesty magazine you've not seen the,interview yet have you,no no great i think we have a fair idea,of where the interview's going and we,haven't felt right,you do definitely what was your overall,impression of the interview,i think that this was an extremely,hard-hitting interview,in the interview to my mind this was an,actress,giving one of her great performances,from,start to finish megan was,acting do you think looking back now,that oprah went rather soft on harry and,megan i think the interview was really,um an iron fist in a velvet glove she,did ask the tough questions,she had to ask the tough questions it,was not a balanced interview,but at the same time i think she did ask,those questions in a sympathetic,oprah is a friend and gave them an easy,ride,and certainly favoring harry and megan,she was totally sympathetic and there is,a great deal in it,that the palace will find deeply,concerned,were you surprised in the interview to,hear megan's comments about prince,william do you hear her talking about,members of the royal family,didn't surprise me at all i think she,was very unwise to do it,but she's the kind of woman that you,know once,wants her say megan used extremely,strong language,to describe her relations,with members of the royal household,megan spoke about her love,of animals obviously in the interview,megan talked about the balaam donkey,sanctuary,what does that tell us about megan's,character they're going to talk about,her love of animals,dogs donkey sanctuary in the interview,the,the nicest thing about megan was that,she you know it's her love of animals,she does have a love of animals but,there's only one side of her that's a,domestic sign,is there a donkey sanctuary in balum,josh i don't think there is no but that,didn't seem to uh concern,our royal correspondent and obviously as,far as we know,there are no specific comments about,prince william either but that of course,just adds to the to the sense of fun,but there's some seriousness,underpinning the the fun here archie,why did you do this um ultimately these,are the kind of people that wear,cashmere on breakfast television sets,and once shared a taxi with princess,margaret,and feel that they've got a sort of,insight into the royal family they are,then,duping both media organizations and the,public,with their views that arguably and our,viewers and your listeners to make their,own minds up and i'll give you not,forms and that's shaping what is i think,now becoming quite a toxic debate,we did not target royal correspondents,who did not target tim shipman or,nicolas which shots like,chris ship or nicholas witchell or,anybody who's a proper journalist these,are people who have set themselves up as,experts they're not journalists and we,also asked very open-ended questions it,was did oprah go too soft,yes and we gave them we didn't give them,lines the only two lines we gave them,were so ludicrous that we almost did it,as a chance,you know there isn't a bad one donkey,sanctuary there's no way in,the vaccine when we had to say would be,selfish for not taking the vaccine yes,we didn't play that bit out that i mean,that was that was very topical i supp

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"Tweets of abuse against Meghan Markle are unreadable"

"Tweets of abuse against Meghan Markle are unreadable"

and some of the things that you found,online are i'll just trot through three,and I'll give a bit of a health warning,to people in case any of them that they,are offensive and they're attacking in,nature but just a health warning to,those of you listening on at least one,of them anyway,self loathing race traitor was something,that she was described described as,trailer trash and Megan the queen of M,Island M being an animal that I'm not,going to say the sentence but I think,people can work out what animal that is,in the context and we've seen that kind,of language related to that animal used,in football in racism in football and,elsewhere loads of others that you found,as well how did how did the stuff,directed at meg and Markel compared to,other racist examples that you found,online I mean explain what we do we,recap I'm involved in a project which is,a combination of some journalism,lecturers in computing specialists and,we're interested in tracking the levels,of haze Beach and abuse on social media,so we thought this was an interesting,case to look at what we've captured is a,snapshot a sample so basically we looked,at a period of around day just after the,initial announcement from Megan and,Harry,we captured tens of thousands of tweets,which mentioned Megan all the whelmingly,negative in sentiment I think it's fair,to say and bought the stuff that we were,most interested in were the most abusive,tweets so we captured in that 24 hour,period we cut it around 400 tweets which,were abusive about Megan and which,contained what you would regard as some,of the worst racist and misogynistic,terms and the ones you've kind of read,out there or the kind of lighter end of,the spectrum it's fair it was just,unreadable from my perspective it was,yeah people like myself who who kind of,deal with this stuff on a regular basis,it's still when you read through it you,actually read the comment it is still,shopping to read and I know some of Mike,including colleagues who are used to,kind of dealing with this kind of stuff,or get really upset when they actually,read the kind of stuff they were they,were capturing so I think some and you,become desensitized to it when you when,you see a loss but it our stop now the,internet and Twitter and online attacks,are,I mean sometimes newspapers put things,out and they end up on the Internet as,well so that can that can feed it it can,feed the whole thing can't it the whole,sort of system the whole ecosystem of,racism yes but most people with even,actually you don't even need a public,role for this to happen to you on on,Twitter and elsewhere there's something,about it that's that's just full of bile,and full of venom and hatred and,jealousy and enmity and all of those,things is it,is it any different for her because of,the because of the scale of her position,and in British life,oh well good question and I wouldn't,have clear evidence I mean my sense is,that if you're a high profile person,probably the higher profile you are the,worse it is it's bad so you know we have,lots of examples of female politicians,who deal with this stuff on a daily,basis I'm sure I get it I you know I get,it no I'm not not on the same scale I,don't imagine for a second but yeah I,decide just don't engage with it so I,know that on a daily basis when I do my,job there are people at home tweeting,I've muted them on most of them and they,tweet and and I set up my screen in,front of me so that they're not they're,sorry I don't see what's being said,because it's vicious absolutely vicious,and it's endless it's not just directed,at me but it's but it is directed at me,now yeah is there an argument that,actually there are these weirdos all,over the country some of them are,racists put it to one side leave it,or-or-or is it fair enough to say I,can't stomach this I cannot live like,this I think that has to be a personal,choice and I think some people obviously,can deal with it better than others,personally I rather live in a society,where nobody had to deal with that I,think the reality is if you want to be,on sort of media,and you are a person of profile you will,you will get a lot of this and the sad,fact is that you'll get a lot more of it,if you don't want this research the,children I think female politicians are,three times more likely to get abuse,than their male counterparts for example,and obviously the case of Megan a lot of,the abuse we found was what you might,call misogynistic but there's the added,kind of issue of the kind of racist,content as well

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Army vet: 'Prince Harry deserves protection after risking his life for his country' | LBC

Army vet: 'Prince Harry deserves protection after risking his life for his country' | LBC

royal family should reinstate prince,harry's military honours,and they should honor and respect,whatever whatever path they choose to,take and now,the qualification that i give behind my,reasoning is that i'm a veteran and,as prince harry was i served in,afghanistan on the ground,uh did two tours just the same as prince,harry and actually one of the tools that,he was on,um overlapped with one of mine really,now any yeah anyone that anyone that,served,will tell you that the iraq and afghan,conflict no matter your political view,it was horrendous um the you know the,toll,on your mental health the toll on those,who didn't come back the families you,know,life and limb now prince harry,let's not forget he did too he did two,of those tours,so i believe he's paid his kind of his,debt to,his country and if you look all,throughout history,um the physical security of the nation,and its citizens have been guaranteed,by young men and women who have been,willing to go put their lives at risk,and pay the ultimate price which he has,done,so before anything else i do urge people,to never forget that and to remember are,you surprised by how easily and how,quickly that has been overlooked,absolutely um,thanks to you who are flipping really,you're absolutely on it,i lost like so another similarity with,prince harry is that,i lost my mom at a young age so i,understand what it feels like,and the statements that um,they're kind of blaming this on prince,harry not taking it well,uh not taking his mother's loss i think,that's a real slap in the face to a man,who,who's who served on the ground you know,he was a platoon commander he led he led,men in action,on men and women were on his first tour,and then on his second tour was an,apache pilot,so the thought that everyone blaming,megan and,you you know saying that a man who has,done such incredible things,under the intense kind of the intensity,of combat cannot make up make his own,decisions as ludicrous,can i can i ask you a tricky question,and if you if you if you don't have an,answer to it then don't be embarrassed,to say so,um how because i think a lot of us with,no military service which is of course,almost all of us and then when you,expand that to include people who didn't,do a tour in afghanistan,or iraq it's a it's almost everybody how,insulated was he by dint of his status,from some of the,dangers and realities that you for,example would have been exposed to,i can't i can't like that's like to be,honest i can't i can't speak i can't,really,i can't give you an accurate answer,because i didn't,you know it was it was a very well kept,his safety was was guaranteed but he was,not insulated i don't believe he was,insulated well,i mean an ied or a missile attack upon a,military base in afghanistan,it is not going to be able to work out,who's who's a member of the royal family,and who isn't,is it absolutely so uh in my in my view,i'd say no he wasn't shielded he was on,the ground patrolling,it was just that the only shielding he,had that was that the press weren't able,to let anyone know otherwise,obviously he would be a massive target,now on the second tour,just let me pause you there because,obviously he would be a massive target,and that just puts a completely,different complexion on their complaints,about not being afforded royal,protection on sydney street doesn't it,why would he be more of a target in a,theater of war than he would be outside,a theater of war he's a target for the,same reason,isn't he yeah so can i just just touch,on this point i,i thought about the irony um of the fact,that,here is a royal who fought for his,country,and risked his life to protect his,country,is who is now having his own protection,withdrawn,from him

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James O'Brien reveals the 'most insightful' commentary on Harry and Meghan | LBC

James O'Brien reveals the 'most insightful' commentary on Harry and Meghan | LBC

so just listen to this because i i've,egged it so much that you might fear,i've over wrecked it but i don't think i,have i i think this is quite quite,brilliant and,it's it's it was,written in response to our clip actually,about the,weird dislike of prince harry and his,wife and where it comes from and a lot,of people are unhappy with the,observation that her,ethnicity is one of the most obvious,reasons to distinguish between her,and other female members of the royal,family but um,so the twitter account is called royal,suitor and as with,so much online i don't know what's um,what's real and what's not but the,byline on this is is is rs,lock pay attention this is really,important it's only a three minute,read and i'll i'll share it with you now,because,i felt pennies dropping as as never,before when i read this,so we'll start at the top again i might,do my jacking,voice for this all right i won't imagine,a society founded on a class,structure with the brackets white,closed brackets and the brackets are,important,british royal family at the top as,determined by birth and by blood,right don't have to imagine it that's,what we've got it's not a matter of,opinion that's a matter of historical,fact,a biracial woman enters the top,of the pyramid by marriage negating both,the birth,and blood requirements society had,previously been told were preconditions,because she lacks those prerequisites,she's considered unworthy because she's,proud of her own heritage and regards,herself as,equal to others at the top of the,pyramid,she's considered ungrateful,the town criers called out from the,lower tiers of the pyramid,i've never met her but i look at her and,i think,i don't think i'd like you in real life,said one,we brits prefer true royalty to fashion,royalty proclaimed another these are,direct quotes from prominent,columnists and commentators we,shouts of she just doesn't speak our,language,came whistling on the wind but at the,top of the pyramid the cries,were met with silence so she's under,attack in some fairly horrible ways and,they expected perhaps,to get some support and protection from,the boss,or even the brother were they too far,away from it,were they too disconcerted to know what,to reply,or did they use the cacophony from below,to muffle the echo of their own whispers,as they murmured the same things,the loudest gossip monger was impossible,to ignore,as he officially admonished her to go,back,to america there was a broach i think,worn by one,of the royals at an early meeting with,the duchess of sussex which i should,double check the facts before,before i um describe it but but have a,look yourself,after years of being told that she was,unworthy and ungrateful,the newlywed took the crier's advice and,returned from whence she came,despite one tattler's audacious cautions,not to force her husband to and,she quotes again choose between you and,us,he did in fact choose his wife just as,he did,the day he married her much to their,chagrin ironically though society,spurned her placement at the top of the,pyramid,when she leaves with her husband for,some it calls into question,whether the pyramid's peak is still,something,to aspire to god this is good,whether those at the top are truly elite,whether blood and birth really are,prerequisites,their departure is considered a,rejection of the pyramid as a construct,thus a rejection of the society itself,for others it was a necessary,repudiation,and confirmed that just as they,suspected,she was n o c,d which translates as,not our class dear and remember the,duchess of cambridge took an awful lot,of dip for a not being an aristocrat and,b,having a mother who had once worked as,an air host desk but,she told the line and fitted it,final paragraph still that wasn't enough,for society to maintain order she must,be,reclassified and her elite status,conferred,by marriage removed,but the society is trapped in a,conundrum,her husband and their children are at,the top of the pyramid,by birth and by blood now i'd remind you,this was written before today's,announcement,about patronages and honorary military,appointments being removed from the duke,and duchess,her husband and their children are at,the top of the pyramid by birth and by,blood,removing titles military honours,and patronages won't remove her,from the top of the pyramid,the only thing that will reclassify her,is to remove her from her,husband and the society,has been working diligently though,unsuccessfully,to that end since the day they learned,that harry,and megan were a couple,do you know i i don't even know,the real identity of the person that,wrote that but it seems to me to be the,most,insightful informed and plausible,explanation of matters royal that i have,ever read,in my life and while you won't be,surprised to learn that i don't have a,spare room full of royal biographies or,or,royal history ographies histories,i do read the papers every day and i try,for obvious reasons to read stuff that i,don't like and paper

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James O'Brien schools caller who says Meghan "dominates" Harry

James O'Brien schools caller who says Meghan "dominates" Harry

on a question of what they've done to,deserve the kind of abuse they get from,the newspapers do we do we know do you,know and in terms of the abuse they get,from the newspaper all newspapers will,pick up on anything just as I did but,they haven't done that to Kate Middleton,so what was they were quite ruthless it,wasn't a little bit of fun enough for,not having a job and they reported on,the snobbery that she encounters in,aristocratic circles because her mother,was an air hostess but they certainly,didn't sort of doorstep her her dad in,the hope of getting in to say disgusting,things about his own daughter they,didn't pay money to estranged family,members from profoundly dysfunctional,background I mean they went after Megan,Markel in a way that I I can't actually,think of I compared it back to Britney,Spears or Lily Allen it was just quite,do we know what they did wrong to in the,first place it's like your best friend's,marrying somebody who's totally,dominated him and where'd you get this,oh there we go so that's something I've,read in in in newspapers written by,ignorant people where are you getting,your information this is my own,conclusion so what's it based on the,idea that she totally dominates him how,did you arrive at that conclusion when,when did you arrive at that conclusion,pretty pretty early on okay and what was,the evidence for it and deviation from,role protocol I would think no the,evidence for her totally dominating him,Harry,deviating from role protocol for example,and I mean for example that the,photographs that would normally be,expected after the verse pardon,photographs that would normally be,expected,photographs of the baby she'd just given,birth to which has happened in every,case previously yes but you're talking,about her dominating him so you think he,would have wanted to do it differently,and she didn't let him with the,photographs of the baby that she'd just,given birth to and you said it was,pretty much from the start no no you,told me she dominates him that's got,nothing to do with the royal protocol he,finds royal protocol presumably,considerably more restrictive than she,does because he's lived with it all his,life so where are you getting this,evidence from that she,totally dominates him because I've seen,it a lot particularly from people,denying that their negativity is in any,way racist it's all to do with how pushy,she is so so show me because I can't see,it at the moment no way that's what I,say so where's the evidence,Prince Harry was was the scum of the,savory of the royal family,he's the shining star yes where's the,evidence that she quotes totally,dominates him and quote because that's,offensive to both of them in such a,short time he's changed so completely,well we all change when we fall in love,particularly with people that make us,want to be better than we were before we,met them so so again the evidence that,she completely dominate just one little,example before we bid farewell and you,step back from national radio where's,the evidence that she completely,dominates him well just a faint limb,from yesterday that they understood,thanks from rolling eyes but where's the,evidence that she completely dominates,him Steve that's the evidence that they,want to step back from Steve you just,told me the reason they want to step,back from royal life you told me she,completely dominates him and I want to,know and I suggested that you might just,have swallowed that line from ignorant,journalism and you were adamant that you,hadn't so you must have so where does it,come from so where's the evidence that,she completely dominated I've got no,idea about anything that's why I'm,asking you where's the evidence that she,completely dominates him because of the,same yesterday there's no other possible,explanation well apart from the fact,that they want to step back from public,life that's the other possible,explanation so you need to just give me,one little nugget of that because not,least because you said it was obvious,from the start and now you're saying,it's been obvious since yesterday so,leaving that embarrassment aside I was,here I was listening you said it's been,obvious from the start so what what what,is it based on your conclusion that she,completely dominates him Steve the,complete change in his personality Mikey,so you've known him all his life,okay you've known him all his life,what's all what's all of his life's got,to do with the statement to be able to,observe a complete change in his path,I don't know if his personality has,changed at all when did you first meet,him so it's a simple question when did,you first meet him I haven't met him but,his personality is completely changed,and you're not basing that on anything,you've read in the newspapers so where,are you going it crumbly where are you,getting it from I swallowed him since he,was born I hope you haven't those are,there's laws against that sort of thing,but but where is the evidence a that his,personality ha

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hey everyone today we are back to the,next part of positively princess and the,last one it was crazy,we made our man well one of our options,at least sleep on the floor like a dog,he is but the real drama was someone,broke into our room it was trying to,murder us so we need to see what,happened I'm scared for our poor girl I,really hope you guys enjoy it give it a,big thumbs up if you do subscribe if you,aren't already in it let's start the,drama,rise and shine bright like a diamond is,she gonna rise oh my god,I can't believe what I'm seeing I look,that good huh no not you we don't care,about you real quick Dalton we need the,real drama Amina do work up someone made,a comment that he looks like the guy,from Shrek and I totally see it,okay our poor girl what's the wait a,minute does this mean you two and no he,slept on his own so we make her thing no,it's our girl we can't do that he slept,on the floor he's just a little dog to,us he just slept on the floor,total highschool hangs EES except my,seven minutes in heaven was more like,seven minutes and how seriously you,couldn't throw me some extra pillows you,were here to protect me not be,comfortable deal with it teach him where,he belongs to l a-- i mean anyway i went,more deeps i want more deep stew where,was the person okay so everyone is here,they all look shook princess I was,hoping to escort you to breakfast,umm well,oh my as you can see we ate it Dalton,talk about a breakfast in bed,everyone is so shaken right now princess,what's the meaning of this well has,anyone heard of knocking I mean why is,your balcony George or that is the,realty we need is anyone gonna talk,about this your escort was meant to,protect you last night you must be more,careful princess okay well we tried but,anyone could have gotten in if someone,did but that's weird I don't remember,opening the door maybe it was just the,window girl no no no there was someone,in this room security pull the cameras,there is no wind at this time of year in,L and Rhea back off farm Boyd the,princess was safe with me,nevertheless we must speak more careful,now I need you to clear the quarters at,once because it's time to get ready for,the super sexy diamond masquerade ball,of course I look for to sing tonight,princess there's something important I,need to tell you I'll be wearing the,mask with the green feathers find me and,I'll make my confession sounds a little,desperate be excited for his news I,don't want to be I would have put sounds,little desperate so badly but that's so,mean so I'm just gonna be excited for,the news I can't wait to hear anything,you have to say Prince we can wait for,sure Oh someone's angry till then,princess who knows maybe we all be in,for a surprise at the ball I'm a Dalton,okay everyone is just having a little,war with each other internally do I,gotta leave to sir I sure never your,presence is always most welcome late of,course or a sure like thing he wants her,good because a masquerade is hot the air,is gonna be dripping with secrets and,crown jewels the princess will be,presented with the most precious,jewellery from each students private,collection but why the masks because,concealing your suitors identities allow,you to look deeper into their pure souls,isn't that gonna be kind of easily,really gonna know who Jada is and we can,literally tell the difference between,Elijah and Dalton,please tell me you have something aware,awesome for me in that closet Asher I,need my fairy godmother stat I was gonna,wear this but I don't know quite lovely,I'm sure you'll make a fine impression,it's a cute mini but shouldn't she be in,a ball gown for her big debut it's all a,matter of the princess taste an,extravagant look might distract her much,really Madison I mean that's true what,truly matters is the princess lookin,sexy as hell,oh it may it may be it feel like black I,don't like what about this one it's,amazing oh no no no heavens no I'm with,Asha this gown is for display only it's,a priceless piece from our couture,archives it hasn't been touched in years,I can see why in fact it was worn by,Queen Jessica at the very same ball the,night she met your father home do you,have to try it on for me,could be good luck very well you may try,it on but only for a moment maybe oh,maybe it's just me I don't know why I'm,not feeling it I'm dying I really,thought it seemed like a bigger ball,gown like more extravagant and this was,just a little oh you look like a movie,star more than that you look like the,one only princess of diamonds but,there's one more thing to make the,outfit complete more like the princess a,busted now that's the dress you'll find,your true love in I'm fine can she wear,it Asher please no it's fine listen to,sir a sir I don't know if I have the,authority to know go with the bait go,with the mini I want just the meaning,the black mask I'm good thanks I mean,it's my party right I don't have to wear,a ball we're gonna fit him but that's,not really a big ball gown,as you wis

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This Man Ruined a Generation of Kids

This Man Ruined a Generation of Kids

every couple of months i'll open up, and roll my eyes at this,stupid meme about how these four,youtubers ruined a generation of kids as,if a single person or even a group of,people could ruin a generation of,anything i thought until i found out who,andrew tate was and that's what we're,here to talk about today you've probably,heard about the man he's blown up over,the past couple weeks andrew tate is,even more popular than mr beast by,google searches right now this will,change because that's how trends work,but he's hot he's hot and you might be,wondering who the hell is andrew tate,good question he's a former kickboxing,world champion turned reality star when,he joined big brother but then he got,kicked off big brother because it was,discovered that he was beating women but,then the woman he was beating said it,was consensual and bdsm so i don't know,make of that what you will uh and then,he was also famous because he was,running a online fan cam service,basically he was a pimp for women online,and they were selling relationships to,men and farming them for all the money,they have it actually made a millions,and millions of dollars but he quit,not because he like felt bad and,was the whole i'm not your friend thing,it's because the romanian police raided,his house and there was claims that,people were there against his will and,uh and i don't think anybody wants that,heat but why are we talking about him,now why is he hot right now why is he so,controversial that a man named andrew,tate had to change his name on twitch,because he was because he was getting so,much hate well the reason,is his new venture hustlers university,basically selling a lifestyle to mostly,teenaged boys,he is a powerful strong rich man and,he's trying to tell you the average man,that you can have this lifestyle if you,just follow his class here's a real clip,by the way of him advertising it i get,called morpheus along i get called,morpheus all the time in my dm's because,i'm trying to weight people oh my gosh,is real touching this video i am,morpheus,i get called real really really tall and,funny all the time i'm not making this,up it's super real,now andrew tate if that was all he was,known for wouldn't be someone we would,be talking about today,but he's also a man who has very very,controversial takes and smartly he,doesn't always spout these takes on his,own streams he goes on media tours of,random podcasts and says them there,takes like this i was getting on a plane,and i could see through the cockpit that,a female was a pilot and i took a,picture and i said most women i know,can't even park a car why is a woman,flying my plane,crazy stuff crazy stuff he's also said,that women can't drive because he's been,in five car accidents and every single,accident was with a woman driver,and also him driving but i don't think,he's noticed that consistent variable he,has other gross things like like this,person who feels like they need therapy,you're useless because in the harshest,realities of this cold world there are,people in syria whose entire families,have been blown to who are still,getting up every day making ,bread and selling on the streets so they,have enough money to buy a new pair of,sandals sometime next year,forget about the jordan peterson make,your bed we've moved on it's time to,make bread fellas if you're not making,bread you're made a all right and,then that's just the fact uh and and it,all kind of came to a head,him having this career of,his university and trying to sell this,lifestyle uh and then the the twitch,sphere when he hopped on aiden ross's,stream uh and this was a huge huge,stream uh and from my perspective as a,guy who's pretty confident in his morals,and his ethics and what guides me as a,human,it was pretty funny i mean,here's a clip from it my neighbors she's,only about 16 15 16 some 15 16 year old,girl lives a couple hours away yeah i,hope she ain't watching because she was,looking for a cat the other day and a,pit bull ate it so uh oh god and i put a,sign up cats don't come inside but cats,are such arrogant little they,must have read the sign and thought ,this guy they're either too stupid to,read or they're arrogant and ignored me,for sure i thought cats were fast but it,turns out pit bulls are fast my cat,okay so,that's that's the gta npc that is andrew,tate uh and that stream was big and,there was kind of a problem with it,aiden ross said yes to every single,thing andrew tate was spitting out even,the sexes and the problem with,andrew tate is he doesn't only say dumb, crazy funny stories he also,ties in some pretty basic life life,lessons like this one you ever seen,anyone with a vape,if you ever sat in a room so we go wait,oh let me just go my vape's done,charging,load it up,i mean i smoke cigars but i know what,the i'm doing,give me a big fat cigar i'm risking,cancer to look like a mafia boss,fine,i'm not sitting there smoking cigars and,going i can't believe this is bad for me,no like th

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The Suitors of Helen and the famous Oath of Tyndareus!

The Suitors of Helen and the famous Oath of Tyndareus!

welcome everybody to another video of,ancient greece reloaded today we will,talk about the suitors of helen and the,famous oath of tindarios by the way if,you like the video please hit the like,button and subscribe to our channel so,stay tuned for upcoming videos in greek,mythology the suitors of helen are those,who came from many kingdoms of greece to,compete for the hand of the spartan,princess helen daughter of zeus and leda,helen of troy is arguably the most,famous woman written about in greek,mythological tales here's was a face who,launched a thousand ships the amassing,of an armada to bring back helen from,troy was not just down to helen's beauty,but had as much to do with the oath of,tindarios taken by the suitors of helen,prior to her marriage,some affirmed that helen was not a,virgin when suitors from the hall of,hellas came asking for her hand for the,seals they say had abducted her years,before fathering a girl ethyenia whom,helen handed over to her sister,clitemenistra when she came back to,sparta having been rescued by her,brothers that the oscuri who destroyed,the city of afitnai naticka where the,seals had hidden here but many others,never cared about these rumors finding,this daughter of zeus who was hatched,from an act to be an unsurpassed beauty,and when because of here war broke up,some aged wise men found it perfectly,understandable that archaeans and,trojans should slaughter each other for,his sake for to such an extent may,sometimes wisdom submit to beauty so,when it became known that king ninjarius,of sparta was offering in marriage he,stepped on the helen prince and nobleman,from the whole of hellas came to win her,hand already at this stage it was feared,that helen could cause a war and when,dindario saw the multitude of suitors he,feared that choosing one of them might,provoke the others to start quarreling,noticing his plight odus promised that,if the king would help him to win the,hand of tintaro's nice penelope he in,return would reveal a way by which all,trouble could be avoided when tindarius,accepted this bargain odysseus told him,to exact an oath from all the suitors,that they would defend and protect him,who was chosen as helen's husband,against any wrongdoing against him in,regard to his marriage,the list of suitors especially their,number varies depending which source you,study the three main sources being homa,higuinus and apoladoros the most,noticeable suitors were ajax the great,aegis the lesser amphimajus,odysseus patroclus philoctitis,protesillos stanelus defcure etc the,oath of tentharios,this is how the oath of tandarus came,about the suit is being sworn by the,king and odysseus receiving penelope,from micarius brad of tindarios the,ceremony was done in the place later,called the tomb of the horse on the road,from sparta to arcadia for before,administrating the oath to the suitors,tindari sacrificed a horse and after the,suitors had been sworn standing aboard,the pieces of the horse the animal was,burned in the same place what was the,oath all about odysseus told indarios,that the king should extract from each,suitor and oath that they would protect,and defend whichever suit of helen was,chosen no hero of note would break such,an oath and even if someone did then,they would have to face the force of the,other suitors who were bound to protect,helen's husband it is also told that in,darios fear that agamemnon might divorce,his daughter clita ministra and,following odysseus's advice bound,himself by an oath and gave helen leave,to choose a husband and she chose,manella's putting a wrath on his head,later when the seducer parish came to,sparta and abducted helen taking her to,troy the oath of tindarius was invoked,by her husband manelos and his bratacha,memnon in order to form the coalition,that sailed against troy but the oath of,tindarus through which odysseus won,penelope turned against its inventor for,now this was bound by the oath he,himself had conceived to go to war,furthermore an orca had declared that if,he sailed to troy he would be away 20,years and he would lose everything so,being reluctant to join the alliance or,this sustained madness but palamides,seeing through the deception forced him,to stop pretending and go to the war let,us finish with the following saying,i think death is nothing more than the,separation of two things from one,another soul and body plato that being,said remember guys to hit the like,button and to subscribe to our channel,it would help us a lot thanks for,watching and stay tuned for upcoming,videos

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