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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain on President Biden's economic and domestic prioritiesJUDY WOODR

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain on President Biden's economic and domestic priorities

JUDY WOODRUFF: The U.S. labor market proved  to be far stronger than expected last month,  ,despite the Omicron surge. Employers added  467,000 jobs, as the economy picked up momentum.,The Labor Department also said that there  were a total of nearly 700,000 more jobs  ,created in November and December than initially  reported. Wages grew by 5.7 percent last month,  ,compared to a year ago, a good gain, but still  below the rate of inflation. And the unemployment  ,rate ticked up slightly to 4 percent, as  more people returned to the job market.,President Biden took note of  the big gains this afternoon.,And I spoke with Ron Klain, the White  House chief of staff, a short time ago.,Ron Klain, welcome to the "NewsHour.",This is a day of good news about jobs. These are  numbers the administration has to be happy about,  ,not just last month, but November, December. How  much of this can the president take credit for?,RON KLAIN, White House Chief of Staff: Well,  look, it's first and foremost an accomplishment  ,of the American people, their resilience -- the  president talked about that today -- their ability  ,to take everything that the past few years,  that the Omicron variant has thrown at them,  ,and be back at work and fight  on and help grow this economy,  ,our business sector, our workers,  everyone coming together to do this.,But I do think the president deserves a lot  of credit for the policies we put in place  ,that made this recovery possible, the Rescue Plan  in March that got the economy off its back and  ,going, buy American, made in America policies that  have really restored our manufacturing strength,  ,and the bipartisan infrastructure plan that's  got a lot of Americans out there working  ,building bridges and roads,  airports, all these critical things.,So, it's been a strong economic  policy that has unleashed the power,  ,the creativity, the energy of the American people.,JUDY WOODRUFF: At the same time, there's  already speculation that this could lead to  ,higher-than-expected rate increases, interest  rate increases, by the Federal Reserve in March.,How concerned is the White House about  that? And, as you know, the American people  ,say they are very worried about inflation.  What can the president do about that?,RON KLAIN: Well, first of all, about the  Federal Reserve decisions, we have a policy  ,we don't comment on what the Fed does. They're  independent. They do what they think is best  ,for the nation in managing the monetary supply.,I will say, the president has sent five  incredibly distinguished nominees to the  ,Federal Reserve to the U.S. Senate. I hope  they will be confirmed shortly to add their  ,voices -- some are continuing, some new members  -- to manage the critical issues the Fed manages.,In terms of inflation, you  heard the president talk today  ,about understanding the pain the American people  feel when they go to the gas pump and the grocery  ,store and pay those higher prices. And what he  talked about today is his agenda on Capitol Hill  ,to bring down the everyday costs Americans  are facing, to cut the cost of child care,  ,to cut the cost of prescription drugs, to cut  the cost of health insurance,to cut the costs  ,of eldercare for people taking care of  elderly relatives and family members.,So, there is an agenda we have up on the  Hill to really reduce the everyday prices  ,the American people face. I will let the  Fed do its job. We're going to do our job.,JUDY WOODRUFF: Let me turn  you, Ron Klain, to COVID.,As we know, it does appear the number of cases  of Omicron is receding. But at the same time,  ,the United States is now approaching 900,000  deaths from COVID, more than half of those  ,since President Biden took office. To what extent  is that a result of the delay addressing the need  ,for more tests on COVID, and, frankly, just  understanding the seriousness of Omicron?,RON KLAIN: Well, Judy, I don't think anyone has  ,or hasn't perished from COVID  because of the lack of a test.,I think that we have people perishing from  COVID because they haven't been vaccinated.  ,Well, we know is that vaccinated people,  particularly fully vaccinated people  ,who've been boosted, which we have  made available out for many months,  ,those people have a very, very, very small  chance of severe illness or death from COVID.,The people who are dying from COVID now  are overwhelmingly people who have not  ,been vaccinated. Now, that vaccine is available  at thousands, tens of thousands of locations  ,nationwide, free of charge, almost always without  even a wait. Same thing for booster shots.,And so we need to continue to do the  work of getting more and more Americans  ,vaccinated. We have really made it  as available as possible. It is free.  ,It is safe. It is FDA-approved. And we  need to see more Americans get vaccinated.,JUDY WOODRUFF: At the same time, Ron Klain,  ,I'm sure you are aware there's been a lot of  commentary, even criticism of the adminis

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Full Ron Klain: 'This Is Just The Reality. Joe Biden Won This Election' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Ron Klain: 'This Is Just The Reality. Joe Biden Won This Election' | Meet The Press | NBC News

is the president-elect joe biden's,choice for chief of staff it's ron,clayne mr clean,welcome to meet the press um,here's me chuck the models indicate,that another hundred thousand americans,may die before january 20th,um we may be sitting at um a case counts,well over 200 000 by the time you take,over uh,in this administration so what do you do,now,in anticipation for what looks like is,going to be,exponentially worse in 60 days,yeah chuck i mean it's a very grave,situation back in september,then candidate joe biden warned that,america was headed to a very dark winter,if the administration didn't step up its,action and uh you know the very first,business day of his transition on monday,of this week the president-elect met,with his kova task force and made a,public statement afterwards,where he called on all americans to mask,up he urged governors to impose masking,mandates now and,reiterated the fact that when he becomes,president he will impose one on a,nationwide basis and so,look he's not the president now there's,not that much that joe biden can do,right now to change things other than,to reiterate kind of the message you,heard from dr osterholm which is that,all americans,and our state and local governments need,to step up right now,if the president the administration is,not going to lead that's where the,leadership has to come from that will,change,on january 20th but right now we have a,crisis it's getting worse you know,we had never had a day with a hundred,thousand cases in a single day until,last week,by next week we may see two hundred,thousand cases,in a single day so this is getting much,worse chuck what do you,um i i'm curious with your,advisor at coronavirus advisory board,has there been any even,informal contact between the task force,and your advisory board,has there been informal contact for,instance between the,president-elect and dr fauci,unfortunately chuck we can't we can't,until we get that gsa,ascertainment that authorizes us to,contact government officials,and so we can't have any of those kinds,of contacts until we,we get to that stage of ascertainment,obviously there's information that,passes in scientific circles,the people on our task force like dr,osterhommer are leading scientists but,but chuck i think you hit a key point,which is that,joe biden could become president united,states in the midst of an ongoing crisis,that has to be a seamless transition we,now have the possibility we need to see,if it gets approved,of a vaccine starting perhaps in,december january,there are people at hhs making plans to,implement that vaccine,our experts need to talk to those people,as soon as possible,so nothing drops in this change of power,we're going to have on january 20th have,your folks had,been able to have any contact with,pfizer uh at all and,and do you have a better understanding,of of just how,soon the vaccine could get distributed,uh we're going to have meetings between,our top,scientific advisors and the officials of,these,drug companies not just pfizer but their,other promising vaccines as well,we're going to start those consultations,this week but but again,i think that there are two issues here,chuck what is the scientific issue,around the vaccine,but i think in some ways the bigger,issue i've been saying this since april,the bigger issue will be,the mechanics of manufacture and,distribution,getting this vaccine out and and that,really lies with folks at the health and,human services department,we need to be talking to them as quickly,as possible you know,it's great to have a vaccine but,vaccines don't save lives,vaccinations save lives and that means,you got to get that vaccine,into people's arms all over this country,it's a giant logistical project yeah you,have said,and in convincing the american public in,a previous interview you said in 2021,convincing him to take the vaccine might,actually be the biggest challenge,we face as a country but i want to stick,with one more issue,on the on the current covet crisis which,is,you've heard dr ostrom every expert has,said,if we're gonna we might have to have a,temporary shutdown but we can't do it if,you're not going to,basically pay these people not to open,their businesses,can't do that without congress agreeing,to something,how urgently do you think house,democrats senate republicans their,loggerheads do you take what you can get,now or,do you support speaker pelosi holding,out,well the president-elect had a,conversation with speaker pelosi and,leader schumer on friday and they talked,about the need to get urgent,action i mean we need action during the,lame duck there's a lot of things that,are going to have to wait,until joe biden is president but this is,not one of them,getting help to people getting help to,state and local governments i mean,it's it's not we obviously we need,urgent help to individuals,but we're going to see layoffs of police,of firefighters of teachers,in the next month in a lot of states and,localities unles

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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain Discusses President Biden's Agenda | #𝐒𝐀𝐋𝐓𝐍𝐘

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain Discusses President Biden's Agenda | #𝐒𝐀𝐋𝐓𝐍𝐘

ron this is truly an honor to interview,you especially during such incredibly,challenging times at the white house and,throughout the globe as you know a few,years ago the salk conference had the,honor of hosting,then private citizen and now potus and,your boss president biden,so before i begin on behalf of salt and,its founder anthony scaramucci,we want to thank you,we're going to cover a few topics,but the thousands of attendees today,watching live and streaming,are mainly from financial services,so we're going to start with the economy,ron we've seen over the last three,months over 700 000 monthly job gains,i mean really,remarkable numbers,there continues to be a large number of,unemployed but what's amazing and really,for one of the first times we have,actually more jobs available,than those unemployed almost 10 million,now,the gop gladly says,you're just way too generous you're,paying people to stay home,whereas administration often talks about,this is mainly covert related child care,elder care health care,and just the change that's taken place,in a post-pandemic world,so i'd like to ask you how do you close,the gap and how do you see it,well first of all robert thank you very,much for having me i appreciate being,invited to,speak to the attendees at the salt,conference it's always a great,opportunity to get our message out and,answer some questions always great to be,with you thank you even virtually robert,look i think we've gone through a,difficult year here as we transitioned,from a pandemic year to hopefully,getting back closer to normal uh the,three months before joe biden became,president the economy created 50 000,jobs a month uh the past three months as,you noted it's been 700 000 jobs and so,we're making a lot of progress but i,think the transition from a shutdown,shuttered economy to a fully open reopen,moving economy is going to have some,fits and starts and is going to have,some adjustments and some kind of,growing pains if you will,uh and so that's what we're seeing i,think with all these open jobs,not yet filled,in terms of the generosity of employment,unemployment benefits however people see,that what we know is this fact those,extended unemployment benefits ended,last week so right now there's no one in,america getting the extra 300 a week no,one in america who were in that group of,what we call pandemic unemployment,assistance,big economy workers who weren't,otherwise eligible for unemployment who,got unemployment because of special,benefits uh no one in the group anymore,who's getting the super extended,unemployment the additional 49 weeks on,top of the 26 weeks so uh those programs,have now come to an end and uh i think,you're going to see more and more of,those jobs filled but i think what we,have to do is finish the work,of going back from pandemic to normal,that means getting people the child care,they need i think we had a big moment,the past couple weeks as schools started,to reopen sometimes for the first time i,think new york city was the first day,today the students were back in school,in 18 months so our lives as a country,our lives as a society were badly,disrupted in 2020 and we had a bungled,response to the pandemic and so i think,this year as we've gotten people,vaccinated we're getting people back to,work unemployment rates down to 5.2,percent created a lot of jobs i think,you're going to continue to see that,transition back to more economic,normalcy as the year continues to unfold,well that brings us and we're going to,go into child care and elder care but i,think the next question i want to,discuss is,infrastructure,i am someone and you know this that,would like it to pass tomorrow my guess,is there's a lot of people in the white,house that would like to pass it,tomorrow it's a 550 billion bipartisan,bill,president biden is the president about,bipartisanship he touts it all the time,it was one of the reasons i think the,nation elected him,that being said we're at this impasse,why aren't we passing it today when,unions support it,businesses support it,polling supports it what are we waiting,for,well look i think it's working its way,through the legislative process like,everything else we haven't made this,kind of investment in infrastructure,since the 1950s so we're talking about a,lot of investments that are decades,overdue and we all like the legislative,process to work lickety-split,i think we're on the verge of breaking,as i said a 50-year 60-year 70-year,deadlock and finally getting a,bipartisan infrastructure bill i hope it,passes in the next few weeks and gets to,the president's desk,i think the thing we should be,remarkable is not that it's going so,slow but really by historical standards,it's a lot of progress very very quickly,it has been bipartisan as you noted,robert it addresses,very traditional forms of infrastructure,long overdue investments in roads and,bridges and highways those courts sorts,of things but also some new,infrastructure it really gives

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What Makes Ron Klain The 'Nerve Center' Of Biden White House | MSNBC

What Makes Ron Klain The 'Nerve Center' Of Biden White House | MSNBC

and some iowa republicans are signaling,they have moved on from,donald trump's presidency ahead of the,2024 race around 1200 evangelicals,recently gathered,for the family leadership summit there,was plenty of praise for trump and more,than a few attendees,told the boston globe they would,continue to support him as he continues,to make,baseless claims about the 2020 election,but in interviews with 15 trump voters,at the conference,none told the globe they hoped the,former president,would run again and from one politician,with possible waning,influence to another who wields heavy,influence on what's happening,in washington right now president,biden's chief of staff,ron klain chief national correspondent,for the new york times magazine mark,levitz profiles claim in his latest,piece,and he joins us now so mark what is,i guess the clean way what are you,learning about how he,is running this white house i mean,essentially,he's a microcosm into how the biden,white house works compared to especially,the last one which,is extremely functional extremely,orderly extremely predictable,and ron clayne is sort of a return to,the model of a chief of staff,being really the chief orchestrator the,person who is both,sort of frontward-facing on the hill in,the media,compared to what we had in the last,go-round with president trump which is,kind of a procession of short-time kind,of marginalized figures that the,president,didn't really know or trust uh ron,clayne's been with joe biden for 35,years or,on and off for 35 years he's very much,if not a first among equal among the,senior staff certainly,uh right up there and and essentially,the nerve center of how this,this you know this administration which,has a very full plate,um is operating right now so it's i mean,ron clean is really the key to,understanding what the biden,administration is doing day to day what,it aspires to,and really how it operates which is a,lot more um,sort of functional than it was in the,last one,so explain what that is what it is that,it shows us the way he he conducts his,work,also keeping it um keeping in mind that,in the last,the former guys administration there,were several,chiefs of staff and ron klein seems to,have a steady hand,yeah i'm going to guess that that ron,claims probably going to last a little,longer than like you know,reince priebus did with his six months,stint at the start of the last one look,i mean the first thing you need to know,about ron clayton is that he understands,joe biden he has been with him a long,long time,um he and the president have if not a,mind meld certainly a shorthand language,when,they can anticipate how the others one,will respond what the other needs,what the others concerns are what how,arguments are going to play with the,other,so i mean ron plain is he's certainly,not he's not exactly,um you know again he's not he's not a,stand-in for the president but he's an,alter ego in the way that he can really,kind of represent the president's,viewpoint,both inside the west wing and on the,hill and and whenever he's talking to,people around the hill,so i mean that that is the first part,the second part is,just as a manager he keeps the trains,running on time very very quickly very,rapidly,very predictably which is again not,something you saw in the last,administration and ron claim is a,someone who has essentially been,heartbeat away from this job for a long,long time he was chief of staff to two,vice presidents,uh vice presidents biden and vice,presidents gore and so,he he's been very close to this job he,knows how the presidency works and so,again it's really kind of a throwback or,at least,a sort of scale back to what we used to,see in a job like this when a chief of,staff is essentially a manager,who led the white house and also who,sort of spoke for the president,marc elise here i really enjoyed the,profile and,i'm a big fan of ron clayne and think,that he's a very competent,steady hand but what i found hilarious,was,the republican quote grousing that he is,the prime minister,because that's what people used to say,about jared kushner who arguably,had the same kind of influence within,the trump white house,what did republicans say to you on,background,about ron clain and is it really his,competence,that is so uh you know this is such a,threat,i mean the prime minister thing is kind,of an old trick where,i mean people like want to try to put,this unelected power center into,into play here because essentially,republicans haven't had any success,going after joe biden nothing has really,stuck,and this kind of plays to the idea kind,of a nefarious idea,that president biden is not really in,control of his own white house he is not,really in control of what's going on the,country is being led,by this person you don't know this man,behind the curtain in the words of john,thune the,republican senator from south dakota so,it's somewhat of an old trip to sort of,bestow great sort of all-knowing powers,onto an aid,but in a s

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Ron Klain: Biden Kept His Promise With Judge Jackson

Ron Klain: Biden Kept His Promise With Judge Jackson

thank you very much for joining us on,this very important and historic night,and let's begin with what we saw in the,united states senate and i think you're,going to agree with me,that we have never seen anything quite,like what we saw in that vote today,lawrence i absolutely agree thanks for,having me first of all but i absolutely,agree it was uh,really incredibly exciting when she got,back from presiding over the vote the,vice president said that the atmosphere,in the chamber was electric and i will,be honest personally the only reason i,wasn't in the senate chamber is because,privilege to be here at the white house,with judge jackson and the president as,they watched the proceedings in the,senate chamber and i think you have to,take a step back sometimes we need to,focus on history being made in front of,us there is the first black woman vice,president the first woman vice president,presiding over the confirmation vote of,the first black woman going on the,supreme court history isn't accidental,it happened because joe biden promised,if he became president he would pick the,first woman president and he promised if,he became president he would put the,first black woman on the supreme court,and today two years after he made that,promise about a supreme court justice he,kept that promise to the american people,ron i have to ask for you personally,what was it like you worked in the,senate uh on the senate judiciary,committee you have guided others through,the senate confirmation process in the,past you've seen uh so much of this uh,and here you are as a white house chief,of staff from that position for the,first time in your work managing one of,these confirmations from that,perspective you're in the white house,with the president,and the nominee as the votes are being,counted what did that feel like for you,i mean it was a magical moment and to,see,uh judge jackson the president there,hugging uh and her excitement over this,opportunity you see in judge jackson's,face and all my interactions with her in,this process the combination of joy and,responsibility a joy to have this,opportunity to have this great honor to,have this opportunity to serve and the,responsibility she feels she's talked,about standing on the shoulders of,giants standing on the shoulder someone,like johnson's baker motley who shares,her birthday standing on the shoulders,of everyone who's come before her to,achieve this milestone she knows she did,not get here alone she knows many people,broke the path to get here to help her,get here i broke the ground to help her,get here and i think just to be there,and see her do it was just incredible i,also say again you know history doesn't,happen by accident it's made what about,the speed of history no president in the,history of this country even with an,eight-year term has ever put more than,two black women on the u.s court of,appeals joe biden his first 14 months,has put nine black women on the u.s,court of appeals and so we're making,history every day in terms of making the,federal bench look more like the country,making a justice system that's more just,and more representative of our country,and so today was the apex of that uh,with this promise made promise kept,and i think just judge jackson who will,become justice jackson soon,will,deliver incredible uh and long service,on the u.s supreme court,you

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Ron Klain: ‘Democracy Is Definitely On The Ballot’

Ron Klain: ‘Democracy Is Definitely On The Ballot’

well I just want to know I've,Declassified everything in the world I'm,Prejudice come on,I'm not going to comment on because I,don't know the detail I don't even want,to know I'll let the justice department,take care,how is President Joe Biden a little,while ago essentially mocking one of,Donald Trump's many excuses for why he,had 184 classified documents unsecured,at his Mar-A-Lago Golf Club after he,left the White House it's a rare comment,from the president on an issue that the,president has made a point of steering,clear from this whole team has and,letting the justice department do its,work these remarks so follow a fiery,rally in speech last night where,President Biden sought to energize all,Democrats drawing a very sharp contrast,between his party and his leadership and,the manga Republicans he says are moving,farther and farther away from democratic,small D Democratic principles let's get,right to White House Chiva staff Ron,claim,um Ron I know how message disciplined,you are so ask one very specific,question we learned today is there were,human intelligence sources that may have,been compromised as Chief of Staff you,have the highest security clearances,that anyone in in that building has,other than the president and the,National Security are you aware of,actions to contain the damage based on,what Donald Trump took to Mar-A-Lago,look Nicole I'm just not going to,comment on this investigation the,Justice Department's handling it that's,the way it should be that's what,President Biden promised we do when we,came to office and that's what we're,doing,are you aware of any efforts that had to,be made to foreign governments to assure,them that their sources where they're,shared were saved,again Nicole you're really good at your,job I'm going to try to do mine and say,repeat just as many times as you want to,ask we're just not going to comment on,this investigation the Justice,Department's pursuing it they're,handling all the relevant aspects fair,enough the president though did make a,sharp turn in terms of highlighting the,threat that this version of Republicans,which I'm guessing to him is somewhat,unrecognizable knowing of his history of,close friendships across the aisle talk,about the importance of his message last,night,well look we're entering campaign season,we've spent 19 months delivering for the,American people we've spent time working,with Republicans and Democrats in,Congress to deliver we've had our,Democratic allies just deliver a huge,win for the American people standing up,to uh the special interest standing up,to the big farmer to deliver,prescription drug reform standing up to,the climate deniers to deliver the,largest climate change legislation in,history but now it is campaign season,and what you heard the president say at,the first rally of the campaign for him,uh was to draw a clear distinction,between what he and his allies have been,delivering and what Maga Republicans are,trying to do getting rid of Social,Security and Medicare every five years,of denying election results putting,forward candidates who participate and,believe in the big lie and the list goes,on and on and look the President also,made it clear that's not all Republicans,he was in Maryland last night he spoke,favorably about the Republican governor,of Maryland Larry Hogan is a very,different kind of Republican and he,explicitly reached reached out to,Republicans last night to join with,Democrats and stand for small D,democracy in 2022 it is on the ballot we,all need to come together and stand for,it,I asked your colleague Kate bedenfield,about this yesterday but when you see,the the way democracy is on the mind of,Voters as a top issue and I went back,this week and read the president's,inaugural address and and it's all about,this moment apparel for our democracy,has the president had,has he grown more concerned about those,threats to our democracy in his months,in office,look Nicole uh you know as you said was,in the inaugural address it was actually,in one of the earliest speeches that he,made in this campaign where he talked,about fighting for the soul of America,reclaiming our soul as a country what we,stand for what we believe in it guides,him every single day in the Oval Office,and it is of concern as we look at the,upcoming election we look at the number,of people who've been nominated for,offices uh in this country including for,the U.S Senate Congress other offices,who are saying basically they put their,views ahead of the views of the American,people and who won an election you have,people running for election management,jobs like Secretary of State in many,states who are saying basically uh,they're not going to follow the will of,the voters so democracy is definitely on,the ballot and uh and he's going to,fight for democracy and again he's,reaching out to people of Goodwill,across the political Spectrum to join,him in that effort,Ron um I wonder if you can just sort of,share or reveal your your inner d

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Ron Klain: The President Is Fighting To Bring Down Prices Of Everyday Things

Ron Klain: The President Is Fighting To Bring Down Prices Of Everyday Things

Spring right now white house chief from,staff Ron Clane,I know I know you're focused on uh on,your own election coming up the the the,midterm elections that are going to,determine where this country goes over,the next couple years but uh I'd be,remiss if I didn't ask you your reaction,to the chaos going on in Great Britain,right now,well you know Joe the president will,have a statement out this morning all I,want to say in front of that is that our,country's always had a special,relationship with the United Kingdom,without regard to the partisan,affiliation of our president or the,politics of uh their uh prime minister,uh that's uh going to continue no matter,who the UK uh picks as their next prime,minister we're going to maintain that,special interest special relationship,there are so many things we uh causes,and concerns we share in common uh with,the United Kingdom particularly right,now in terms of combating Russian and,Russian and Ukraine uh we're going to,work very very closely with whomever uh,succeeds prime minister Trust,I want to ask you about in the white,house plans to lower fuel costs but,before I get to the decisions that you,all have made uh that Republicans have,been critical of I want to ask about the,Saudi decision uh to to to cut back,production a decision that even people,close to the Saudis were shocked by and,said uh made very little economic sense,um what what is America's reaction what,is President Biden's reaction to that,after going over to Saudi Arabia on a,trip that was politically fraught but,but he did it for uh because uh in part,because he did want cooperation on,energy issues and strategic issues uh,how how does the Biden White House,respond uh to the Saudis inexplicable,actions,well as the president said we're,re-examining our relationship with Saudi,Arabia and I think they're members of,both parties in Washington who want to,see that happen uh but I think it's also,important to know the president went to,Saudi Arabia for a number of reasons uh,one was to talk about uh you know our,overall strategic cooperation look the,goal here right now is we are trying to,Rally a global coalition to combat,Russian aggression in Ukraine the,president's had historic success with,that uh bringing Europe together in an,unprecedented way a growing nato in an,unprecedented way to combat Uh Russian,aggression we would like the Saudis to,join us in that Coalition uh and uh help,the world uh check this outrage in,Ukraine and we're going to continue to,try to press the Saudis uh to do that,and we need as many countries as we can,have combined to prevent uh what this,this outrage this Horror in Ukraine from,going on we know that Russian oil is the,key to funding that war and we're going,to do whatever we can to try to prevent,the Russians from using their oil uh,profits and proceeds to fund that a,horrific event that's going on in,Ukraine,so Ron the president announced that uh,we were going to be releasing 15 million,barrels of oil from the Strategic,petroleum Reserve Republicans some,Republicans have come out been very,critical said that that should never be,tapped into except in cases of war and,that the president was only doing this,because an election was a couple of,weeks away what's your response to those,criticisms,well I say first of all we had,Republicans say hey he needs to do,something about gas prices and then we,did something about gas prices and,they're like well well don't do that so,so it's hard for me to take the,criticism very seriously look we've had,a policy this year of a historic release,from the petroleum reserve and it's,worked to bring the price of gas down,over the summer it fell 98 days in a row,in part thanks to those releases and by,the way not just us the President worked,to get other countries to do the same,thing India did a spro release Japan,South Korea we brought the world,together as part of this effort again to,to deal with the consequences of the,Russian war in Ukraine we brought the,price of gas down uh All Summer Long,almost a dollar fifty and then you know,around this action with Saudi Arabia it,started to go back up a bit so the,president again brought the same tools,to the table part of that was the,release from the reserve you mentioned,Joe but also part of what he announced,yesterday was setting a price to refill,the reserve which gives the U.S oil,industry incentives to continue to,explore and to produce more we're going,to see record oil production in this,country in 2023 we want to continue to,responsibly increase that as we make the,transition to clean energy in the long,run we think this country can have,energy security and a clean energy,future that's the direction we're moving,America in and the president's,announcement yesterday is both about the,price of gas in the short run and a more,stable energy Supply in the long run,Ron good morning you're looking at the,same numbers that a lot of us are you,probably have some even more specific,numbers a

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Ron Klain On Democrats’ Historic Midterm Wins

Ron Klain On Democrats’ Historic Midterm Wins

Ron jensaki said that that win would put,a skip in your step so thank you for,skipping over to our microphone this,evening for this discussion thank you,for not and thank you for not showing me,skipping I appreciate that now we have,that video for later we're gonna we're,gonna show that later uh Ron uh what was,that moment like uh for all of you in,the White House who were waiting for it,well I mean obviously it's enormously,significant historically this is,something no president's done since John,F Kennedy to hold Senate seats and,potentially even go up one senate seat,depending the outcome in Georgia to keep,control of the Senate which will indeed,allow the president to pass legislation,in the Senate and of course get people,confirmed and in some ways perhaps most,for historical purposes the ability to,get our judicial nominees confirmed by a,Democratic Senate and so that is one of,the most important legacies of any,president and a very very important,legacy to this President and so uh,winning the Senate keeping control of,the Senate is just uh you know an,unbelievable moment,you mentioned the Kennedy presidency,that's that that midterm is 60 years ago,uh and we know that in the White House,the president the vice president and the,white house chief of staff all,participate in both governing and,political campaigning issues and,strategizing and considerations and that,means that Ron Clane is the most,successful,Democratic white house chief of staff in,a midterm first midterm election,since,1962 the job that you held then was then,held by Kenneth O'Donnell not related to,me in any way from Massachusetts uh what,does it feel like for you personally,because a lot of people were watching,the job you were doing over the last two,years and over the last year questioning,how you were handling that job what what,does this Victory mean for you,uh what it means is I work with an,incredibly talented group of people,starting off with uh General Malley,Dylan who was the Deputy Chief of Staff,and oversees our political operation uh,the President's chief strategist Mike,donalan uh his chief Communications Guru,Anita Dunn uh Steve rashetti our,legislative team you just go down the,line uh quiche Lance bottoms who came in,to oversee our Outreach uh in advance of,the camp this election year so I mean I,I am lucky to work with an amazingly,diverse team of people and amazingly,talented team of people uh and amazingly,dedicated team of people and they,certainly uh you know just work night,and day to help deliver this result,thank you

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