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Roller Coaster Death: Five amusement park deaths that will shock roller coaster fansa teenager was d

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Roller Coaster Death: Five amusement park deaths that will shock roller coaster fans

a teenager was decapitated by a,rollercoaster after jumping some fences,and entering a restricted area at the,Six Flags Over Georgia located in,Austell Georgia the horrific accident,occurred back in June 2008 on the Batman,ride,witnesses say 17 year-old Asia LaShawn,Ferguson,lost his hat while riding the Batman,rollercoaster Ferguson and a friend and,climbed two six-foot fences and passed,multiple signs saying the restricted,area was off-limits and dangerous to,visitors according to the parks website,the Batman ride has a top speed of 50,miles per hour and the roller coaster,was going at full speed when it struck,Ferguson killing him instantly the other,teen who was with him was not injured,and no one riding the roller coaster was,hurt either,however it's unknown whether any of them,required lengthy counseling after the,gruesome accident if you're looking for,a thrill in the Philippines there's no,better choice than Star City the,amusement park operates the star flyer,the only roller coaster in the country,where riders travel upside down,but star city is famous for another,distinction it's the location of a,possible suicide by roller coaster,you'll find star city here just south of,the capital of Manila,according to witnesses a 39 year old man,asked an operator what would happen if,he fell off the ride the operator didn't,think much of the man's question but,investigators suspect the victim wiggled,free of the star flyer safety harness,the star flyer has two inversions was he,thrown to his death the man struck the,rides metal framing before falling to,the ground when the star flyer pulled,into the station the safety harness was,still in the locked position following,the death pass a city engineers cleared,star cities saying no mechanical,problems were found but the man's,sisters said their brother didn't have,any problems and wasn't suicidal busy,adrenaline junkie and you want to fix,then you need some time on the ride of,Steel ride of Steel operated by Darien,Lake amusement park is one of the,tallest roller coasters east of the,Mississippi River however on July 9th,2011 something went horribly wrong when,the ride sent a legless Iraq veteran,flying Darien Lake amusement park is,located just outside of Buffalo New York,the attraction is a popular destination,for locals including 29 year old,sergeant James hacker who was visiting,with his family hakama had lost his left,leg and most of his right one as well as,part of his hip in an IE D explosion,while serving in Iraq,due to his disabilities hackamore and,family asked the park staff which rides,would be safe for him with one of the,workers reportedly telling them they're,all fine so that being the case a camera,con the ride of Steel with his nephew,Ashton who assisted him onto the coaster,when the ride hit about 50 miles per,hour,Ashton noticed the roller coaster,safety harness wasn't able to secure his,uncle properly and just as he was about,to help hakama the force and speed of,the ride ejected the Vette out of his,seat and to his death a very sad ending,for a guy who survived a war,investigators ruled out mechanical,failure as both the safety harness and,restraining bar were working the Darien,Lake theme park website says ride of,Steel passengers must be 54 inches or,taller but without his legs hakama was,only about three feet tall the,roller-coaster and surrounding area were,closed after the accident for further,investigation the ride reopened two,weeks later with a local Department of,Labor deciding that operator error was,responsible for the death of sergeant,hacker murder,the parks general manager said during a,press conference that they have expanded,existing training to include,recertification and increased disability,awareness meanwhile the accident hasn't,deterred thrill-seekers as to this day,there are still impressively long lines,of people waiting happily for their turn,on the ride of Steel tragedy struck at,an amusement park in China when a,space-themed ride designed to simulate a,rocket launch took thrill-seekers on a,fatal trip the space journey ride was,housed under an 80 meter diameter dome,and had only been open for just over a,year but sometimes made in China happens,and it happened big-time on one fateful,day in the summer of 2010 six people,died and 10 others were injured in the,high-speed accident at the overseas,Chinese town east resort in the southern,city of Shenzhen more than 40 passengers,were on board looking forward to an,intergalactic extravaganza of spinning,bobbing and acceleration twice that of,gravity but things quickly spun out of,control when a structural fault caused,one of the cabins to disconnect from the,ride the dislocated cabin smashed into,several other cars at maximum warp speed,as it failed to resist the pull of,gravity some witnesses said passengers,fell upside down from the,to their deaths others spoke of hearing,a Big Bang smelling burning than losing,consciousness an investigation later,found that a loose scr

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Mom Gets Trained While Son is Home... πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚ (Gloccky Twitter)

Mom Gets Trained While Son is Home... πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚ (Gloccky Twitter)

your son said he loved me,the 13 year old look he's really hot,he's really mean Waco,mama house,I am going to kermitsui,police,hey man leave a like in the next five,seconds to be rich and successful later,in life I would not risk and don't,forget to click the sub button if you're,new and make sure you get that Bell a,ding ding to never miss a upload thank,you guys so much on to the video,foreign so I've been on the internet for,a while now uh I've been on the internet,before phase before all of that I've,been on the internet when Fred was the,number one thing on YouTube back in like,2009 so I've been on the internet for a,while and I can say with absolute,certainty this might actually be the,worst video I've ever seen in my life,like literally like that hasn't have to,do with someone dying or like one of,those type videos like someone getting,killed this might actually be the worst,video I've ever seen like if I was in,this dude's shoes I might have to end it,all like nah like I could not live with,myself if this happened to me now before,I get into this video because this is,gonna be a long one the only thing I'm,asking before we get into this video is,if you're new please click the Subscribe,button and join the family of moms who,don't get trained but if your mom gets,trained on a daily basis like a little,bro like right here I mean I guess you,can go ahead and skip that but hey uh,people who are subscribed to this,channel don't their moms don't be,getting clapped like that and also a lot,of y'all are asking about how y'all can,get in touch with me and bruh it's,literally at the bottom of the screen,y'all can hit me up on all of those,links I always respond y'all can hit me,up on my snap my insta my my Twitter my,everything I always respond to my,subscribers and with that being said,let's get into this horrible video let's,go ahead and just get straight into it,bro so I'm gonna show you all the video,right now and before y'all watch this,video I just want to caution you okay,bro,put yourself in his shoes do not get to,just making fun of him and doing all,this crazy stuff because this is low-key,traumatic bro I'm gonna show y'all this,video and before y'all comment or do,anything start start putting spamming uh,crying emojis crying laughing emojis,just put yourself in his shoes okay,here's the video Sun here and like I,Uber everywhere still got no job look at,you got no job no look on my track who,do you work for my kids how do you get,your money,go away go away,your son said he loved me,he's really hot Keegan,you know he's too young now there's a,lot to unpack obviously from that video,but that's not even the worst part if,y'all are crying and doing all that,crazy stuff about that I didn't I,literally had I can't show the worst,part about this video because I would,get immediately banned from YouTube okay,literally right after the video y'all,just saw she literally got uh how should,I I don't even know how to phrase this,like literally right after that video,that was already horrible she literally,got turned into a toaster strudel she,got the icing put on her if y'all know,what I mean and I know y'all know what I,mean and let me just say y'all it was a,heavy coat,it was a real heavy coat like this was,it was horrible,so this mother is claiming that she has,no job and she clashes flights and she,thinks she's fooling anybody like where,did she really think she was fooling any,dude in that bed in the video the dude,is asking her where she works and then,she says why why does it matter I,literally I catch flights all the time,trying to act like she got money or,something and then the dude has to say,why my guy sitting comfortable then you,see there's four Dudes sitting in the,same bed oh I wonder where your money's,coming from genius like who do you,you're lying to like oh my God this is,shake and then I literally counted at,least four people and then there's,somebody recording that's five like,there's four Dudes in the room with this,woman and the sad part is you find out,why at the end and she acted like she,had she has a job but she really works,the meat she works meat and she's a meat,specialist she really enjoys getting the,juices out of sad Meats I don't know why,women like this lie you are a meat,specialist you're you're a wiener,Enthusiast that's it you are you're a,Glizzy gobbler,a Glizzy Handler,like that's all you are,and did I mention she likes her meat,dark,like oh my God not one white dude in,there like you knew what they were there,for it was a it was a straight,interracial like it was crazy then after,all of that lying she did one of the,dudes who was finna train her went into,her son's room which is just already it,that just shows disrespect if you're,hitting your side piece and she has a,kid me personally I wouldn't want to,disrespect her or make the kill like,make the kid feel bad because it's like,why am I even getting the kid involved,in me and your mom stuff and then why,would I want to

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Who is "At Yo Mama's House"? | The Worst Man on the Internet | Orrnery

Who is "At Yo Mama's House"? | The Worst Man on the Internet | Orrnery

welcome back to my channel where we talk,about things on the internet that i find,amusing and wish to share with you all,we've taken a look at some pretty,horrible people on this channel,some aim to take advantage of their,audiences while others are downright,evil and strive to stir up trouble,retired double agent there you ,who's,lost you're talking to me as i've said,before i'm not really on tick tock,but my friend nan met at midnight,informed me about a cliff that was,trending on here,known as we at yo mama's house as far as,i know the only,context for this video is that this man,was at a woman's house for let's just,say,an intimate encounter where he then,decides it would be funny to go into one,of the woman's three son's bedrooms and,wake him up,taunting him saying we at your mama's,house just before he did the dirty with,his mom,just take a look who do you work for my,kids,how do you get your money don't worry,about it,we believe he's gonna do it all about,guys with,13 year old look,like i said this video started trending,on tick tock about a month ago however,the video is five years old,and made by an internet personality who,goes by von maur,every time i watch this video i get this,gigantic knot in my stomach,it's such a cold-blooded and disgusting,thing to do,once i found out this guy had more,content than just this like this isn't,just some random video,i had to find out more about him so von,maur started on vine and is most famous,for the put him in a coffin trend where,you jump and go limp and land on,something,i apologize in advance for all these,vine clips having a ton of watermarks,i can't find the originals,you know how we rocking man ,i remember this trending when i had just,started high school and at the time i,probably thought this was hilarious,but looking back it's pretty dumb and,immature,it's just straight up vandalism and,mischief,he's also responsible for the michael,jordan trend where you grab people who,are usually bald,by the head with your palm knuckle, jordan,michael jordan you heard of him don't do,that,okay i won't do it again i won't do it,again,he has a lot more vines where he just,blatantly harasses people,like there's just one where he's in a,subway and decides to smoke inside,what hit my blood,this puts the worker in such an,uncomfortable situation,like all she can do is tell him to not,smoke but of course he just,keeps on doing it for views he's just so,disrespectful,he'll go behind registers at gas,stations and whatnot,while smoking, you heard of me put him in,a coffin i'm on world stuff,go crazy i'm famous as hell look and,they're yelling at him and he's like,playing the victim,such a cocky saying i'm on,worldstar and i'm famous as hell,like what does that have to do with the,situation at hand imagine harassing,someone and then justifying it by being,famous,and when he's not harassing people or,acting like a menace he'll try to be,funny on his own,nobody's safe i'm just a little baby,superman look at my pants on the baby,i'm just a baby you know just a baby,way to bring the house down man his form,of comedy is seriously just so dumb,this is an internet man child who will,never grow up he just sucks in,every way imaginable,hey look then there's this dude with the,fanny pack that we just makes fun of,bro bro bro so what made you just do,this today,well amazing just rock the funny,packages go crazy like this,you got the friend fanny packs are, tight they're convenient,let the dude live he has other vines of,him skateboarding and he's pretty good,at it from what i've seen,instead of being an i don't know,why he couldn't embody his probably one,of his only talents,to do something good instead we're stuck,with like this,there's really an infinite source for,him just acting like a dick to people,we really could sit here all day and go,through all the terrible things he's,done,but now that we have a decent idea of,the kind of person von maur is,let's bring it back to this we at yo,mama's house clip this dude clearly,doesn't give a about anyone besides,himself,i think there's a lot to say about this,video because there's a couple people to,blame here,i'm not exactly sure how the situation,began in the first place,i read that she's possibly an escort and,von maur and his friends were some,clients of hers,maybe they just met in her hooking up i,don't really know nor do i really care,to know,i will say she claims to not have a job,and when valmar asks how she makes her,money she says,don't worry about it so that could,support the prostitution theory,and like i said that's what most people,think so let's just assume that's the,scenario,who do you work for my kids how do you,get your money,don't worry about it anyways no one,really knows what happened in this,mother's life to end up in this,situation,however she clearly has no shame in,having men over while her kids are home,which is completely unacceptable,not to mention when von maur mentions,her son all she had to say about him

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Murdered While Filming Tiktok | The Kalecia Williams Story

Murdered While Filming Tiktok | The Kalecia Williams Story

this is the story of khaleesi william a,16 year old girl murdered while,recording what would be her last tick,tock video disclaimer the video is to,bring awareness to khaleesi william's,story and meant to cause no harm please,pray for the friends and the family of,the victim atlanta georgia gained,national news in 2020 after a horrifying,death of a young girl in december 2020,khaleesia williams a 16-year-old high,school student received an invite to a,party that was going to be held at an,airbnb this party would be chaperoned by,an adult khaleesia's stepfather ronnie,savoy encouraged her to go to the event,since she had been confined to her house,since the lockdown due to covet 19.,with a couple of more friends from,school and the mother,they'd done this once before so we was a,little comfortable of letting her go the,second time,and we spoke to the mother and she said,she was going to be there april smith,khaleesia's mother agreed with her,daughter getting some time out of the,house and enjoying herself the chaperone,informed calicia's parents that the,event would be an airbnb party for,children and that she would be,responsible for everything the parents,felt at ease and decided that sending,khaleesia to spend the night would be,good for her at 1202 am khaleesia is,seen performing a dance routine in her,tic-tock video when someone suddenly,entered a room without knocking the teen,looked shocked and afraid then suddenly,stops filming her video the sound of,gunshots could be heard from her room a,few minutes later partygoers were,unaware of what happened to kalisia two,guys discovered kalisia on the floor of,her hotel room they carried her to the,elevator while holding her from behind,and supporting her legs as of 12 27 am,authorities had been notified about an,earlier disturbance at hyatt regency,following their arrival the cops went to,check on kalisia she wasn't breathing,and had no pulse she was then,transferred to the hospital where she,remained for some time the medical staff,tried to save khaleesia's life but were,unsuccessful,the 16 year old was pronounced dead in,the hospital felicia's parents called,the chaperone to check on the well-being,of their child but were only informed,about their child's death eight hours,after she passed it was a shock to,kalisia's parents to learn of what had,happened to their daughter they were,enraged because the chaperone had failed,to tell them sooner of the occurrence,the hotel room was in her name so i feel,like she should be held accountable for,my daughter's death as well they didn't,learn the group was staying at a hyatt,regency until they received a horrific,call the next day like this is the,morgue,and i was like the morgue they was like,yes ma'am they was like well we're,waiting on your daughter body to come,through,i'm like whoa calicia's parents say that,call didn't come until 8 45 a.m the teen,was pronounced dead at 12 23 in the,morning khaleesia's parents were also,unaware that the party had moved to,hyatt regency hotel instead of the,airbnb that was previously discussed the,parents felt like the chaperone should,be held accountable for the tragedy that,happened to their daughter since she,took responsibility for the safety of,the children at the party and her,parents only allowed kalisia to attend,the party on the assurance that the,chaperone would look after her atlanta,police department reports that calisia,knew her attacker anthony grant the,police spokesman of the atlanta police,department reported as follows,preliminary investigation suggests that,the victim was inside of a room at the,hyatt regency with a juvenile male,companion a verbal dispute occurred,between both parties which resulted in,the juvenile male fatally shooting the,victim the juvenile is a 16 year old boy,but identity is being concealed the 16,year old boy was taken into custody by,atlanta police and taken to atlanta,police headquarters for additional,questioning at this time the boy,admitted to shooting kalisia after they,got into a heated argument police then,arrested the boy and charged him with,felony murder aggravated assault and,possession of a gun by someone younger,than 18 years of age the defendant is,now being tried in an atlanta court,pending the court's ultimate judgment,khaleesia's parents also hold the hotel,staff responsible for her child's death,and they protested outside of the hyatt,regency hotel along with supporters to,express their outrage at the hotel's,negligence that resulted in their,daughter's death i want the,surveillance footage of what happened,you know who went in that room who came,out of that room,who was all there what took place i need,to know what happened after she made,that last tick tock video at 1202 and,she was dead at 12 23. i need answers,from 1202 to 12 23. the family is deeply,hurt by the passing of khaleesi williams,and promises to get justice for her,thanks for watching and don't forget to,subscribe please be kind to others and,we'll se

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Teen dies after fall from drop tower ride at Orlando's ICON PARK

Teen dies after fall from drop tower ride at Orlando's ICON PARK

a 14 year old falls to his death,causing chaos among the people still,stuck on the ride,fox 35 with video of the incident on the,brand new orlando free fall tower at,first like we thought it was like a,piece of the ride and during the middle,of the ride,the guy just came off the teen falling,out of a seat as the ride plunged,towards the ground still hundreds of,feet in the air we got a little closer,and it was actually like,a person laying on the ground fox 35,with live team coverage of the fatal,fall,tyree sampson was from the st louis area,he played football and had hopes of,going to the nfl he was visiting icon,park in orlando with his friend's family,now the mystery remains how did this,tragedy happen we did obtain video of,the fall which we're not going to,broadcast but the discussion between the,workers after the accident is very,important take a listen,so here's what we know so far in this,case orange county deputies say that,tyree sampson fell from the orlando,freefall just after 11 o'clock last,night he was rushed to the hospital,where he died at 12 30 this afternoon,the sheriff said that the death appears,to be an accident then our crews saw,ride inspectors at the scene at around 1,30. that ride is still closed we have,live team coverage of the fatal fall at,icon park fox 35's valerie boyd talked,exclusively with the teen's father but,we begin tonight with holly bristow,holly you have been looking into what,went wrong yesterday,that's right and for much of the,afternoon an inspector from the florida,department of agriculture and consumer,affairs was right back here at the,orlando free fall ride they actually,took the ride from where it is mid air,all the way down to the ground the,inspectors spent quite a bit of time,down there paying particular attention,to this seat that it is believed that,this teenager fell from they were taking,measurements he was taking the harness,device putting it up putting it down,tugging at the device they were taking,measurements at one point in time the,inspector actually got in the actual,chair that the teen was in and they were,taking more measurements trying to get,to the bottom of exactly what happened,and how this 14 year old boy wound up,sliding out of that seat and,unfortunately to his death the orange,county sheriff's office was the first,investigating agency on scene and here,is what sheriff john mina had to say,our role in this situation is determine,whether or not,this is an accident or intentional act,and this does appear just to be a,terrible tragedy,amusement rides do fall under the,category of the florida department of,agriculture and consumer affairs they're,the ones that come out here and do the,inspections before these are actually,cleared for people to ride on them those,were the inspectors that were out here,today it's unclear exactly how long this,investigation is going to take it could,take weeks it could take months but,we'll certainly keep you posted on any,updates we get from them for now,reporting live on i-drive holly bristow,fox 35 news holly thank you and the,orlando free fall is a brand new ride at,icon park it just opened up at the end,of december at 430 feet high it is the,world's tallest freestanding drop tower,it takes people slowly into the sky and,then drops them at speeds of up to 75,miles per hour,and the same company has similar rides,at other parks across the country like,the drop line at dollywood they tell us,they've closed that ride for now until,they know more about the accident here,at icon park and the sheriff says the,teenager was visiting orlando from st,louis with another family fox 35's,valerie boyd continues our live team,coverage and val you spoke exclusively,with the boy's dad today what did he say,that's right john the victim's father um,sorry it's very emotional the father,yarnell samson says his,fourteen-year-old son tyree was on this,ride with two of his best friends when,the tragedy occurred they were visiting,from st louis,his 14 year old son tyree was on the,free fall ride with two of his best,friends when the ride took off that's,when he was feeling uncomfortable he was,like this thing is moving you know what,i'm saying it was like what's going on,that's when he started freaking out and,he was explaining to his friend was next,to him like man i don't know man,the man this if i could make it if i,don't make it down i'll say that you,please tell my mom and daddy i love it,like you know for him to say something,like that he must have felt something he,says his son is six five and 340 pounds,but this one particular ride decide yeah,we're gonna take you come on you know,you know,when nobody else allowed them to get on,the rise so i wonder what happened,between now and then we'll make them say,come on,you can get on this ride,he says they should have stopped the,ride and wants answers it should never,happen to nobody else's child ever again,and if i have something to do with it,never will happen again arnold says,

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TikToker Beats Her Daughter To Death & Makes TikTok Dance Videos Weeks Later

TikToker Beats Her Daughter To Death & Makes TikTok Dance Videos Weeks Later

mum daughter smiles and dances is what,nicola and three-year-old kaylee jade,priest would present to the world on,tiktok a normal mother and daughter,having a laugh through the pandemic,trying to make most of what time they,had together during lockdown,once the cameras turned off however a,grim reality away from the smiles would,soon begin,what you've just witnessed is kaylie,jade's last day out at the park before,she would go on to be killed in her home,by either her own mother her mother's,boyfriend or both of them she had been,subjected to months of horrific abuse,previous to this and in that clip itself,police would come out to say that,visible bruising could be seen an,untreated bone fractures were present,but let's have a bit of a deep dive into,this case and see what exactly went down,on that summer's evening in the,kinghurst area of birmingham on the,morning of the 9th of august 2020,emergency services had been called to,kingshurst house in stonebridge crescent,when both paramedics and police arrived,at the scene they found kaylee laying,lifeless in her room and she would go on,to be pronounced dead around 11 25 am,but first responders said something,didn't feel right about this situation,because a three-year-old girl with no,underlying health conditions had just,been found deceased by her mother and,there was visible bruising so they,decided to call detectives to the scene,once they'd been called over nicola,would go on to be arrested so police,could get her account of what exactly,went down and she was treated as a,suspect because she couldn't explain,what happened to kaylee police would let,her go though presumably on bail and,then a series of tick tocks had been,made a tribute tick-tock was posted with,the caption r.i.p my baby 10 days later,on the 17th she can be seen crying and,lip-syncing the lyrics to the song to my,parents the lyrics go i'm sorry mum and,dad i know i messed up bad,should have should have done better i'm,sorry mom and dad this is more than,likely a crocodile to appeal though to,her parents to say that she should have,been a better mother four days later,another tribute post was made to kaylee,with the caption i love you so much,darling mummy will never forget you ever,r.i.p angel but then only one day later,the social media narcissist would post a,tick tock dance challenge video with a,caption way too serious,laughing face,dancing always helps me,one day later on the 23rd she would post,this video with a caption love my makeup,purchase everything goes perfect,that would be the last video uploaded to,her tick tock account so we can presume,a short while after this the police,would have finished their investigation,and nicola and her boyfriend at the time,callum redfern were charged with,kaylie's murder you see the,investigation had been opened after the,results of the forensic postmortem it,revealed that kaylee suffered a number,of significant injuries to her chest and,abdomen area she had also suffered,severe internal injuries during an,assault and was recorded as having small,tears to the brain and a punctured lung,this was the result of heavy blows,possibly kicks or stamps and a punch or,a very hard slap to the head some of her,injuries showed signs of healing and,were dated back two weeks before her,death suggesting she had been a victim,of physical abuse before the injuries,that caused her death were described as,something similar you'd see as if she,had been involved in a road traffic,collision that on top of other evidence,including cctv would secure the charge,that was brought against the pair you,see the cctv showed that both nicola and,callum were present at the flat the cctv,footage that you seen at the start of,the video took place on the seventh of,course they did leave the flat but they,came back and after that they didn't,leave,callum turned up on the eighth with a,friend and would go on to leave at some,point later but police said the time,frame that callum was present is when,the assault took place and ultimately,kaylee died so the pair were charged,both would go on to deny the murder,charge the lesser charge of manslaughter,allowing the death of a child and child,cruelty so a trial was held at,birmingham crown court in june of 2021.,in court it was heard that kaylee had,been subjected to a brutal assault at,some point on the 8th of august 2020 but,didn't die straight away it's thought,that if she'd been taken to hospital for,treatment there was a very good chance,that she could have survived but by the,time nicola rang for emergency services,she was already dead the prosecution,said the catalyst to kaylee's death may,have been kaylee interrupting nicola and,callum after they were noted as spending,quote time alone together in the bedroom,now although both of them were on trial,for kaylee's murder they both tried to,pin it on each other talking of a,previous history of abuse nicola would,say that on one previous occasion she,recalls hearing callum punch kayle

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Stranger Things Cast Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Stranger Things Cast Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Joe period we are here to do the white,on a complete interview yes we are it's,like I feel like Jim Vanna White is,maybe she's before your time most people,are,there's stranger things based on true,story yeah actually it is based on a,place in Montauk New York called camp,hero,there was like rumors of secret,government spies like doing these human,experiments to fight in the Cold War,oh I shouldn't say it's exactly what's,happening in stranger things and so it's,based on that one government lab in,Montauk New York which is a real place,you can go visit but you're not allowed,is stranger things appropriate for a 12,year old I'd say so,man I couldn't even watch like men in,black when I was a kid why did to your,yeah I thought it was terrifying you do,watch jaws yeah man that I was like 14,teeth yeah et scared me I saw it as a,kid just was thing depends on the kid is,stranger things by Stephen King,yes no it is not no no is inspired by a,lot of his work Stephen easter-egg of it,when Bob is talking to will in the car,he says he lives in Maine and he says,there was this clown that tapped me oh,they didn't say it was penny wise but,they didn't say it's mr. bald oh and he,would talk to his dreams every night,oh no you just get to the bottom I'll,hold this one hey stranger things,dungeons and dragons dragons that's in,it so these are real searches that,people yeah this crop is stranger things,is it good for kids is it cleaned a,little bit of unsanitary yeah and you,hold the board I'll rip the tags is,stranger things in Spanish they can be,can be you can put Spanish subtitles is,stranger things jumpy like you're,watching and you go oh there are a few,good jobs here definitely I think,music is easy to make very well that,makes it jumpy for me is Ranger things,inspired by it I feel like the kid bike,yeah I think it has like some elements,like the monster yeah later in the book,you kind of find out that there are,shiners yeah he's wise do you know I,mean I love that even if this one is,stranger things like The Goonies a,little darker than your knees I gotta,say yeah not as playful definitely,elements of everything I think yes it's,like the game yes it's like to answer,the you know okay next board is Joe,carry that one is Joe carry oh my,god okay I'll take this one sand the boy,yes is that even possible,no mother board I like these yeah I like,this game skate Matarazzo,no yeah no better answer ladies ahead,there better as though uh not the,actress but my mother's name is Heather,man right I was gonna say that is your,mom's name my mom as an actress named,Heather madarao so and everyone's like,is his mother no didn't even know that,yeah next next hitter the vegan no next,worth it yeah yeah did any like worth,watching the show or is it like is he,even worth being on this planet okay,judge stranger things get stranger,things things get better,and guys I think season two in my,opinion is better than really yeah I do,I like it a lot better I think you get,to know more about the characters and,everything,yeah especially I like it favorite this,season really your cares of my favorites,really next the stranger things pass the,Bechdel theft I'd like to believe it,does well I don't know why it wouldn't,know no one of a sadie's character she's,not talking about like a man the whole,time she's like badass she talks to 11,first split second and says I've heard a,lot about you also 11 Mike may I think,it passes strangest things cut yes I,never I just say swear or curse I never,liked the word cuff it's so first season,you only can say cinema swears and they,saved them all for you guys like I was,always like is it cool if I say I like,what the hell here and then I can save,you,does Netflix air at midnight no the,strangest at midnight,no so yeah is Joe Carey related to Ben,Schwartz no I love the guy and we do,look similar but we're not related,it's fury dating yeah are you dating,well I think I'll just have to leave,that up to mystery because that's what,it's all is Joe Curie and a Domino's,commercial that was my twin goal next,question is Joe Carey still in post,animal the boys are touring around I've,had some work obligations but I still an,active with the band and writing music,is coming back from where I would assume,to the show and the show it been the,same without you so is it getting better,so famous I think I don't like the F,word great joke what do people Susan,again I think they're referring to the,fact that I am,the only ones who hasn't a kiss in the,show it sounds like no oh yeah it's like,why is it nothing about willow I don't,think we'll the gopher bomb just,strangest things I've been told that,stranger things ukuleles okay you're,gonna you're gonna answer this what does,it mean something I don't know does,Jenna know it can be scary sorry,the stranger things filming location yes,yeah shoot me an email I can send you,all the filming location isn't that the,cast filmed it in Atlanta yeah they're,everywhere outside pretty muc

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TWISTER CHALLENGE | Comedy Family Challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

TWISTER CHALLENGE | Comedy Family Challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends,Today we are going to do a very fun family challenge,If you like our challenges, then like this video,and subscribe if you have not already,But before anything else,sanitize your hands with,Asian Paints Viroprotek hand sanitizer,and surface disinfectants,let us see the video, it will be fun,Today we are going to do twister challenge,let us not waste any time and start,What will we have to do ?,we will tell you wait,friends let us see who will win today,boys or girls,girls will win obviously,boys,OK fine,the one's who talk don't win,We win even after saying,What is this?,Oh this is it,yes,It's name is twister challenge,yes,Means we have to stand and twist,no, no,keep your right leg on yellow,and left leg on blue,do the opposite,this is starting point,OK, fine,now this is the board,I will spin this,now it is left hand on yellow,Where is your left hand?,keep it on yellow,so when it comes, we have to keep,no problem, I will handle that,OK,I am very,twist-able, I was very good at gymnastics,Look at him,Should I show you?,Everyone can see,who does gymnastics,OK fine,come on friends,Let us start,and our knee and elbow,should not touch down,we will start the game,OK, Aayu,Left foot on green, very easy,no,it is very easy?,For mom it is easy,for me it's a twister,Let us twist,I will do this,Let us twist,Let us twist,Do not fall dad,yes, I won't fall,Left foot,Left hand on green,oh no,Great,Great,come,Yeah,You will fall,do it fast,Right hand,on red,Great,Out, you are out,out, this is easy,fall, fall down,Who do you think I am?,Twister,Dad has Ben twisted,Left foot on yellow,Dad which one is left tell us?,this one,Done?,I am done too,Properly?,mine was easy,yes thank you Aayu,What have they done to me?,See,Dad is look so nice, right?,yes,left hand on yellow,left hand on yellow,It is very simple for me,a little easier for me too,yes,do it fast,Left hand on red,Left hand,on red,Now I am a bit relaxed,and now mom is twisted,no problem,Right hand on blue,very easy for me,but mom is even more twisted,Left hand on green,yes,Left hand,on green,I am again twisted now,Instead of twister it's name should be churros - Jalebi,Come on,Do it fast,I am twisted,Left hand on red,I am spared again,Right hand on green,it is,oh right hand,Mom it is fun,Mom will fall,No I will not,Right foot on green,Right foot on green,great, great,Now what will happen?,Slowly kids,carefully see, carefully,this can not be done,so then admit to your defeat,bring from the back and keep here,How will I do it?,knee and elbow can not be touched,look at mom,Mom try it one,try it come on,she fell,out,yes,out, out,yes, yes, yes,No problem friends,his twister will also come,no problem now Aayu will come,Aayu is dancing too much,we will show you,Aayu,tell your friends once,who lost the challenge,Girls,Boys won,we will only win,1 round is still left kid,come on,Who will loose next?,Girls, Boys,come on,Should we start?,take your positions everyone,done,Did you?,not everyone, we two,yes you two,yes,Right foot on yellow,yellow,that was good,Right foot on red,Aayu red foot on red,now Pihu sister turn,this one, yes,on red, very good,Now what?,Right hand on green,Aayu right hand,yes this one right hand,that is easy,great very easy,Pihu how is it? are you having fun,it is easy,having fun,Right, left foot on blue,Aayu left foot,the left one,here, yes this one,yes very good, now Pihu's,Pihu's also done,Very good,very nice,Thank you you untwisted me,Aayu is OK, but Pihu is trapped a little,Right hand on red,very good,fast,Left foot on red,you will have to change,How will I change?,get up and turn,cross just like mom crossed,very good,you are on white,out, out,you were on white,At last I can relax,At last girls won,So Pihu how are feeling after loosing,I won,you have lost,So one round was won by boys team,and one by girls team,So now there will be a final round,of the winners,like me and Aayu,yes,come on mom go there,come on Pihu at your position,there,this was my place,this is my place,that was my place,whoever stood here won,Oh that also happens,that's a trick,it is OK Pihu do not worry,it all depends on this,yes,OK, let us start,I will spin,dad's should be easy,Left hand on blue,Left hand on blue,Aayu spin,on blue,blooper, blooper,Left foot on yellow,yes, left,your's is on yellow,my right foot is on yellow, now left,done, done,he is cheating,done,,Aayu come on,next, tell us next,Right hand on red,Right hand,on red,great,Dad is going to be out,look at my state,I am so twisted like a roller coaster,do it fast,Right foot on yellow,Right foot on yellow,now open up,yes, I am not twisted anymore,I am not twisted,no, you both have become a frog,Aayu fast,Right hand on red,do it,2 minutes,my hair,my hair too,start it,Left hand on blue,Blooper,How many times on blue will we have to do?,Oh,I did it wrong, I should have gone that side,Left foot on red,What?,Left foot on red,Great,So nice,Now Pihu,give one more red mom,and then Pihu will be twisted here,Aayu go back,Red, red

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