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"We CAN'T Take Out Putin!" Navy Seal Robert O'Neill On Eliminating Putin | PMUwelcome back to peacem

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

"We CAN'T Take Out Putin!" Navy Seal Robert O'Neill On Eliminating Putin | PMU

welcome back to peacemaking now since,putin continues his barbaric butchering,of the ukrainian people it begs the,question is now the time to take down,the tyrant 11 years ago this week this,tense scene captured the moment,president barack obama and his top,advisers watch the operation to kill,osama bin laden unfold in real time if,it's okay to take out osama bin laden,then why not putin and could it even be,done well joining me now is the perfect,person to ask former navy seal rob,o'neil a decorated special operations,soldier who fired the shots to kill bin,laden rob great to have you on the show,a real honor for me uh i've known you a,long time and it's an extraordinary,story that you have not just with that,operation but pretty much every other,great operation has had you with it so,thank you for joining us big question,people are asking big question people,are asking rob,could we take out vladimir putin one and,two would it be a good idea to do that,even if we could,i don't think we could take out,uh vladimir putin the way we did osama,bin laden simply because he's the head,of state he's got a lot more defense,he's got lines of security around him,you're not just going to be able to,sneak in there under the radar like we,did with bin laden and i don't think,it'd be worth,our interest in potentially starting a,nuclear war the way to get to him is to,go behind the scenes and i know we have,men and women in the intelligence,service that are looking for a coup,looking for some sort of assassination,attempt but unfortunately we here in the,united states have sitting senators who,like to get on television and say that,out loud because they're not really,worried about,getting rid of putin they're worried,about ratings for themselves so that,they can get campaign fighting so they,can get what every politician wants,another uh term and that's it but i,think the way uh is to through a coup,and i think they have something like,that plan coming up hopefully,when you look at what's happening in,ukraine as a military man,i mean you must be sick aren't you of,seeing these scenes play out on real,time on social media now which we didn't,obviously have in previous wars where,you see maternity hospitals being bombed,you see holocaust survivors being shot,dead in their homes you see refugees,being targeted as they try and flee with,their with their children what do you,think of it rob and how frustrated does,it make you well it's very very,frustrating because a lot of these,people that are taking other countries,to war aren't doing it for the reasons,they say vladimir putin said there was a,nazi uprising in kiev and that's what,he's telling the soldiers who are,massing on the border or they're doing,you know different kinds of drills uh,and they they've you know the ukrainian,people are defending themselves but like,you said they're being executed mass,graves there's death squads going in,there by the direction of vladimir putin,with no uniforms they can kill people,and take the spoils of war even right,now uh may 9th is coming up called,russian it's called victory day where,the russians you know beat the nazis and,they they're going to celebrate at mary,opal,they're having civilians clean up a,theater site where they've killed,hundreds of people in a bombing the,place where it said children inside they,had white flags outside they're making,civilians clear that out now right just,for food so they can eat so that the,russians can have a parade there and,show the russian people back home look,look we're winning look over here yeah i,mean it it makes your stomach churn the,the difference like the difference in,him and hitler is is one thing putin is,armed with a nuclear arsenal of 6 000,nuclear weapons and he's now starting to,use that in a very threatening way to,prevent people getting engaged with him,which is not supposed to be the point of,a nuclear deterrent how do you deal with,this new phenomenon of a nuclear power,basically using the nukes as a,protective shield to commit genocide,i mean this this is just proof that,vladimir putin has always been playing,the long game for mother russia there,was an agreement in the early 90s,between the uk the americans and the,russians that ukraine gives up their,nuclear arsenal that's a deterrent,in favor that the russians won't ever,invade and he eventually invaded and now,he's got the will plus he's also got the,terminal illness where he wants to go,down as a great premier one of the best,of all time and he's got the finger you,know a guy with dementia possibly two,guys with dementia on their their,fingers on the trigger and and they're,just throwing around the word nuclear,like it doesn't matter and to someone,that old that wants to be you know go,down in history,what's he got to lose i mean maybe he'll,do it it's very very scary what we need,to do is not just meet force with force,we need to meet that deterrent with the,potential of greater force and hopefully,people close eno

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Robert O'Neill's Phone Call to Kill Osama Bin Laden

Robert O'Neill's Phone Call to Kill Osama Bin Laden

Dodd Jr obviously we know who Don Jr is,Robert O'Neill is the man who uh spent,eight of,tons of time in Afghan yeah most of my,adult life,um was at War I joined the Navy and uh,as a Navy Seal in 1996 and I didn't get,out until 2000 2012. and that's a lot of,time and a lot of missions in there you,know during that time we did the rescue,the Lone Survivor We rescued Captain,Phillips which wasn't in Afghanistan a,bunch of Tours in Iraq and then I was on,the team that killed Bin Laden I,actually killed him,that's one thing I didn't know was the,Captain Phillips yeah yeah that was I,mean that was one thing just to show,what we can do,uh as a country because I I was I wasn't,at War I was at my daughter's Easter tea,party at her preschool on my birthday,Good Friday April 10th and uh we're,getting ready for the long weekend we,got a call that's cap Phillips and we,had um,I think 100 Navy Seals in the Indian,Ocean less than 16 hours later and then,we got them on Easter Sunday because it,turns out our snipers will do that they,will kill you at night on Easter Sunday,wow pretty dope in the mission that,you're most known for is obviously uh,the one where we've been to Pakistan,surprised middle night and killed Osama,Bin Laden yes yeah so I want to touch on,that real briefly because I don't think,Their audience really knows the whole,full story you've told the story,millions of times take us through that,day,um the second you get the call that the,Most Wanted Man on planet Earth you guys,are going to think about that first they,didn't tell us what was happening they,recalled us I was in Florida and they,recalled us because we just finished a,deployment to Afghanistan so we didn't,know what it was,and by recall I mean we went back to,Virginia Beach that's where home base,was and they started out with we found a,thing and this thing is in a house this,house is in a bowl in a in a country in,these mountains and you guys are going,to go get this thing you're going to,bring it to us and show it to us we're,like all right what what is the thing,can't tell you okay what country can't,tell you how are we getting there can't,tell you how much air support none okay,that's an answer sounds like a great,start yeah well and it got funnier,because they we when we worked,you know Army Pilots Air Force para,rescuemen who are the basically the,surgeons on the ground but they're,special operators too Air Force uh,combat controllers which control the,radios and then we have seal operators,and they said it's only going to be,seals because we're saving weight,so if you knew how to carry medical,stuff you're our new Doc if you knew how,to use a radio you're a radio guy and um,so we're getting our gear ready we're,like What could this be and we thought,it was uh the Arab Spring had just,started in Northern Africa so we assumed,they found Gaddafi and we're gonna go,get them and you know not kill them just,get them bring it back so we're coming,up with this plan everyone's fixing,their gear to whatever they're going to,carry and uh then they said go home and,be with your kids for another,you know day and a half and they come,back we're going to drive you somewhere,and tell you what's going on and and we,was going to be there and they started,going down the list of whatever uh you,know the vice president might be the,Secretary of Defense Secretary of the,Navy all this stuff and then one thing,they said was CTC pad which is Cia,counter-terror Pakistan Afghanistan and,no one said anything we went home and I,was thinking to myself,if we're going to Libya why would they,be there so then we came back we got in,Vans and I'm getting to a funny story I,promise we're driving the Vans down to,North Carolina,and I had four guys here and I said to,the guy next who's my boss I said uh,this isn't Gaddafi they found bin Laden,and he looked at me and just said yeah,that's exactly what I was thinking and,that's when the guy in the front,seat said man if we kill Osama Bin Laden,O'Neill I'll suck your dick so three,weeks to the day yeah no I did ask him,about it it's been like 10 years ago not,yet,but yeah that was anyway but then we got,serious they did they said this is as,close as we've ever been to Osama Bin,Laden then we were serious no,high-fiving none of that just can we go,now,and we met the teams that the girl that,found him and all that stuff,trained for a few days and then went to,Afghanistan and waited for the green,light which we got and then we launched

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Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill Tweets Some HORRIBLE News for Joe Biden That Ultimately ENDS Him

Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill Tweets Some HORRIBLE News for Joe Biden That Ultimately ENDS Him

Navy SEAL Robert O'Neil tweets some,horrible news for Joe Biden that,ultimately ends him welcome back to the,next news network my name is Elijah,Schaffer of slightly offensive filling,in for Gary who is out on vacation with,his friends and family,Madison Dibble from Washington Examiner,reports that Robert O'Neill scoffed at,the notion that Joe Biden could bring,any type of change to Washington DC,after spending most of his life in the,public office,Biden 77 was first elected to the US,Senate in 1973 where he represented the,state of Delaware for 36 years only,leaving his seat to spend eight years in,the White House as President Barack,Obama's vice president the former vice,president took two years off from,holding down a job in Washington before,announcing his third presidential bid in,April in a tweet post at Sunday O'Neal,mocked the idea that Biden could be the,change that was promised for Washington,now Joe Biden was a politician in DC for,44 years,but if elected he's gonna change,Washington now O'Neal tweeted O'Neal 43,was a member of the SEAL Team six the,group that found and killed al-qaeda,leader Osama bin Laden the Navy SEAL has,made a habit of roasting politicians on,Twitter including his jab at 20/20,Democrats such as California,representative Eric SWA well for,spending more time outlining their plans,to give health care to illegal,immigrants than they did discussing,veteran homelessness all those are,typical jabs that are outlined towards,Democrats online O'Neal has noted that,the mission to kill Osama bin Laden was,a bipartisan effort adding we all wanted,to get him as soon as we could Biden has,been a front-runner sends his entry into,the 20/20 candidacy pool but the Real,Clear Politics polling average shows him,only at twenty eight point three percent,nationwide which puts him nine point,four percent higher than his closest,competitor Vermont senator Bernie,Sanders but I'm not surprised of course,Democrats don't want change they want,more of the same more of the tyranny and,more of the push towards socialism and,communism my name is Elijah Shaffer,thank you for sharing our reports with,your friends and family please always,check your subscribe by clicking the,button below and turning on the,notification bell have a great rest of,the day and may God bless the United,States of America before you go I want,you to consider that more and more,companies are struggling right now and,despite the Trump akane and one casualty,like I mentioned before,well could be your 401k American workers,they're finding that their retirement,money is being frozen their plans,canceled finding your pension suddenly,terminated isn't a great place to be but,it does give you a few options you can,withdraw your funds and get taxed a lot,if your workplace has gone out of,business but you have a new job you can,roll it over to your new employer but,you'll have all the same risk so take,control of your investments with,precious metals gold and silver our,friends over at noble gold they are the,experts on precious metal IRAs and,they've got thousands of families safe,when their futures were pulled off from,under them the number to call eight,seven seven six four six five three four,seven or simply hit the link down below,and you can get your free investment,guide that's the website noble gold,investments com make sure you visit it,today we'll see you at the next report,for the next news network I'm Gary,Frenchy thank you for watching that,report if you want more subscribe to the,channel by clicking on the next News,Network logo right here you can also,watch our latest news reports by,clicking here or you can get the latest,breaking news by clicking here or the,most viral news in the Channel 2 News at,Hillary and Obama hate right here

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Seal Team 6 Member On Killing Bin Laden!

Seal Team 6 Member On Killing Bin Laden!

anyway but then we got serious they did,they said this is as close as we've ever,been to osama bin laden then we were,serious no high-fiving none of that just,can we go now,and we met the teams that the girl that,found him and all that stuff,trained for a few days and then went to,afghanistan and waited for the green,light which we got and then we launched,and um we had come up with the perfect,plan rehearse the perfect plan 90 minute,flight that we should die on um,how we're going to take the house down,we've done this hundreds of times,so shouldn't be a big deal what's the,worst thing that could happen though,someone said helicopter could crash in,the front yard so that happened,uh so we started off with a helicopter,in the front yard,the pilot did it to save everyone you,had two helicopter how many guys flew in,in that mission uh 23. 23 guys so split,evenly on each helicopter yeah and then,cairo the dog was there too and cairo,the dog,and so the our plan we were gonna,put guys down right in front of bin,laden's house fast rope everybody out,my team was gonna drop snipers and a dog,outside and then my team's going to the,roof,and then we're going to get them that,way,and that didn't happen we i mean we were,going to die as soon as the house blows,up when we got on top we were actually,calling ourselves the martyrs brigade,like this is it but the reason that we,were going we thought you were gonna we,knew we were gonna die shot down on the,way in,immediate fight when we get there,houseborn ied we're going to run out of,fuel and then um end our short lives in,a pakistani prison or shoot it out with,a packed mill until we're all dead,because it's not like you could have got,you didn't get air clearance there's no,way to give anyone a hint because,there's nowhere there's nowhere to go,you got nothing,but we accepted it because and we talked,about this i had a guy ask me,um,i'm going,i just need to say it out loud if we,know we're going to die,why are we going which is fair and we,said,we're not going after bin laden for the,fame or for the money we're going after,osama bin laden for the single mom who,dropped her kids off at elementary,school on a tuesday and then 45 minutes,later she jumped to her death out of a,skyscraper because that's a better,alternative than whatever,in the hell is going on inside at 2 500,degrees fahrenheit the last gesture of,human decency was to hold her skirt down,and she killed herself she was never,supposed to be in the fight we're,supposed to be in the fight that's where,we're going when you guys got there when,you guys arrived there though did you,know he was in the building,i was 100 sure he was in the building,because of the woman that found him she,was certain we'd get done with those,training days long days of training on,the site,long hours at night talking over a model,and right before you know we get a,couple hours sleep she would say all,right guys great day of training osama,bin laden is in the third floor of this,building right now i don't know why,we're not going good night,you know certain but yeah but then you,know we that we we were to the point,where we weren't there was no fear,involved with this mission because we,accept death this is what we came to do,um,and then you get in there everything's,wrong i didn't know the helicopter,crashed until i got inside the building,and someone told me the helicopter,crashed,and i said what helicopter crashed he,said our helicopter crashed in the front,yard like he walked right past it,and i'm like well i was looking this way,or something because there's been lund's,house and then as we're doing that,the tail of the helicopter was over the,fence and the sniper with the dog they,were doing a loop to make sure no one,escaped,and he came over the radio and said,hey guys inside be on alert they're,definitely ready for us because they,have a training mock-up of our super,secret helicopter in the front yard,and the boss came over and said no,jackass that's ours because we crashed,and he said yeah that makes a lot more,sense than the i was just saying,doesn't it,weird stuff happens in dark moments but,oh yeah we did that,got in there and then we uh we went up,the stairs the woman told us khalid bin,laden who was his son would be on this,set of stairs which he was the,appointment killed him,we walked around him we're down to two,guys now going up the last seven stairs,uh looking up a curtain and um,so there was some movement behind it i,was the number two man the point man's,in front of me and,he was telling me now we got to go,because he could see movement he's,thinking those are the suicide bombers,but we can beat him if we go now we have,to go now because they're getting ready,and i had no one behind me i was like,well i guess this is it and i wasn't,being brave it was more of a i'm going,to blow up now and i'm tired of thinking,about it let's just get it over with and,i squeezed him we went up and he went,through this curtain,tack

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Rob O'Neill - SEAL Team Six/DEVGRU Operator The Man Who Killed Bin Laden | SRS #027

Rob O'Neill - SEAL Team Six/DEVGRU Operator The Man Who Killed Bin Laden | SRS #027

hey everybody welcome back i hope you're having  a fantastic week even though it's only uh  ,monday but uh but hey if you're  not and it's off to a rough start  ,it's about to get better because i have a  phenomenal interview lined up for you guys  ,rob has been a long time coming on this show  and we finally got it done and i think you guys  ,are really going to enjoy it we talk about his  entire career and we get into some philosophical  ,type stuff that i think you all are going  to find extremely interesting as well and  ,i want to tell you all about the vigilance  elite newsletter that we're kicking off  ,all kinds of good stuff coming through that  especially the exclusive content that's only  ,for newsletter people and uh all kinds of other  stuff when the gummy bears are gonna release  ,new products all that stuff it's all coming out on  the newsletter it's our only way to get directly  ,to you without any algorithms in the way so  anyways it's free sign up links in the description  ,and on another note i just want to personally  thank all of you for being here i love you all  ,thank you and enjoy the show,you guys are here because this is not a drill uh  this is real we found a thing and this thing is  ,in a house and this house is in a bowl and  this bowl is in a country and you guys are  ,gonna you're gonna go get this thing and you're  gonna bring it back to us and show it to us,good evening tonight i can report to the  american people and to the world that the  ,united states has conducted an operation that  killed osama bin laden the leader of al-qaeda  ,and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder  of thousands of innocent men women and children,i said you guys realize this is a one-way mission,we're targeting uh al qaeda in places  where they've never seen guys like us  ,the reason you guys are here is this is as  close as we've ever been to osama bin laden,good evening the al qaeda leader osama  bin laden is dead killed by american  ,special forces who raided his hideout in  pakistan in the early hours of the morning  ,and i remember putting my first foot  came out i'm looking at bin laden's  ,house and i remember thinking it  i guess we'll start the war from here,these remarkable pictures  from right inside his compound  ,show us exactly where osama  bin laden was finally killed,the woman that found bin laden said i don't  know what it looks like inside but there will  ,be a stairwell going to the second floor and you  will run into khalid bin laden and he's 20 years  ,old that's bin laden's son and that is his last  line of defense he will be armed on the stairwell,the blood you can see on the floor evidence of  how he was shot in the head through his left eye,simply because he went this way i turn this  way and standing three feet in front of me  ,is osama bin laden and he's got his  hands on a mall his wife's shoulders,i turn around and um i kind of froze and  i'm okay other navy seals are now coming  ,in the room a lot of guys are in there  and one of my guys came up to me and uh  ,he said um are you good and i said  no no what are we supposed to do now,so,rob o'neal welcome to the show man thanks for  having me i'm happy to be here it's great it's  ,been a long time coming it has yeah i think we've  been promising to do this for a while yeah never  ,never got around to it i even i haven't lived  near here for a couple years and i don't know  ,how i didn't make it here yeah well it's life gets  in the way right yeah it does life happens around  ,you but uh well we had a great conversation about  the upcoming alien invasion that's going to happen  ,i'm i'm at a point right now where nothing would  surprise me right no and even if aliens showed  ,up i would question are those really aliens or  just the government just the final push that's  ,what i'm saying and i don't know what to believe  i mean i've seen enough stuff to be i believe a  ,lot of things now and there's other stuff that i  i'm not sure if i believe it so it's just a it's  ,a crazy world it's to the point where no matter  what happens i'm not going to be surprised no i  ,mean consider a few years ago that a lockdown  was just something you see in a movie there's  ,no way this would really happen and it did  and we fell for it yeah hook line and singer  ,all of us even if you're you know the anti-master  you still stay in your house it's not like you're  ,you're not going to fly without it yeah you're  not traveling without it so yeah well actually  ,i got everybody i get everybody a gift and i was  going to get you a delta sky miles oh thank you  ,but can i open it now yeah  go ahead what do we got here,these are gummy bears those are gummy bears  well thank you go good with uh your beer  ,company that's great that's your beer that's  right oh you're awesome i need to get some of  ,that beard yeah i'll definitely i'll definitely  get you some not a problem at all brewing company  ,we'll send you out as soon as we get d

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"We Went To Iraq For Nothing" | Former Navy Seal Rob O'Neill Explains

"We Went To Iraq For Nothing" | Former Navy Seal Rob O'Neill Explains

so 9 11 happens there's still no game,time action nope the next course of,action for you is what we didn't know we,didn't know um we knew al qaeda was in,afghanistan and sudan and so we didn't,know because we i mean i just cleaned my,gear are we going to sudan right now,what do we got what do you need from us,because no one knew what's going on,because there was a,obviously the pentagon got hit,then there was you know the anthrax,scares so we don't know what's happening,we don't have their sleeper cells,they ended up sending us back to,virginia beach we went home like i,didn't fight for a while um,they had people in place to go so like,the first guys they found out about the,taliban and bin laden was there and they,told the taliban um,we're gonna give them back give them to,us and they said no and then okay now,we're gonna invade afghanistan and um,you know we did that and there's you,know there's all kinds of behind,invasions like there's different ways to,handle ship but a lot of people make a,lot of money invading countries iraq for,example um but the first guys going,where army guys saw cia guys and they,went on horses and uh they they tried to,get bin lad they found him in toro boro,with some of the mountain complex to the,point where um,they had him and bin laden was actually,i wasn't there but um they were saying,that bin laden was actually apologizing,to his guys over the radio like sorry i,got you into this like they got us and,then we let them go um because we,decided to,negotiate or some i wasn't that's,what they got they had the delta force,had them i think and some of the locals,in uh in turbor and then we just uh,you know kept the fight up and i always,thought that the fight was going to be,get al-qaeda out and then kill bin laden,and that's what i thought should have,been done,okay so he goes and then y'all go,yeah,what the well we didn't know,because uh,now that 911 happened that that uh,that's an excuse for us to do anything,and and i'm convinced,that like iraq,i guarantee you they were making plans,to invade iraq two months after 9 11,because george bush wanted to invade,iraq because of what saddam hussein was,saying about his father,and we went to iraq for nothing,iraq's i mean not for nothing but we,didn't need to go to iraq and we took,our eye off of afghanistan and then al,qaeda figured out it was easier to kill,americans in iraq and it wasn't,afghanistan so we turned,i mean i'm at the i found iraq i did two,tours in iraq how does how does iraq,make so much money in war well the iraq,doesn't we do,because i mean,even with the debauched withdrawal in,afghanistan we left all that there,there's a reason we did that because now,someone's cutting a contract to these,contracts oh we got to make more now we,need more helicopters and tanks and ,we need more missiles because we left,them all so make them and so someone's,signing the dotted line hey look,at me i'm rich and i'm on capitol hill i,don't give a about the troops,that's the truth,yeah but i would i wouldn't feel good,about that if i was a troop,no we don't,everyone i know doesn't,but people that have never been to war,but make a ton of money off it like,dick cheney they don't give a ,i was just saying that the night dick,cheney we don't we we sort of don't have,something in common where i went to war,and he was a draft dodger but we both,shot someone in the face,which is a joke you got a lot of good,bars you got a lot of good little bar,jokes,you're on a roll,we make money off of war yeah someone,does uh there we go someone makes money,somebody's making one makes money off of,war a lot of this a lot of decisions are,made based on the money they can make in,the,the personal power they can hold,and it's a lot i mean who's on that,board well um,you know it the the end is the lawmaker,so people in congress the congressman,centers we got to figure uh they need to,get reelected because everyone in,congress and in the white house wants,another term that's they won they love,the power i mean if you got a figure if,you if you look at it,you shouldn't,you shouldn't go in to congress uh on a,really meager salary and end up being,worth eight figures which pretty much,all of them do,so there's money and everything so in,order to help them get reelected there's,lobbyists out there and the big the same,names,whether you're pharmaceutical or,military whatever same names and they're,paying money to get people up there to,to to push the stuff to get the funding,and it's all the taxpayer paying for it,well why do we need money so bad we no,we we don't need money we don't get any,money we're they're they're they're,taking it that's why we're it's the debt,the deficit because there's so much the,taxpayer money is going to that like,washington dc got some of the richest,counties in the world right there except,they don't make anything,it's just the money's there i was just,down there i mean look at the boats in,the condos in the water,they're not it's you

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Rob O’Neill predicts Putin's end goal in Ukraine

Rob O’Neill predicts Putin's end goal in Ukraine

is world war iii already underway,according to one of the most influential,hedge funders in the world,bill ackman the answer he says it's yes,so how do we prevent a nuclear holocaust,or has that been putin's plan,all along the russian military invasion,of ukraine continues to get worse 1.7,million refugees have now fled many more,have stayed to fight but the situation,continues to deteriorate the russians,have reportedly now fired roughly 700,cruise missiles into ukraine it's,impossible to know how many civilians,there have died but i will tell you this,the ukrainians they are fighting back,this is video of ukrainian artillery,firing rounds at the russian invaders,the ukrainians claim to have killed more,than 11 000 russian soldiers they also,claim to have downed scores of planes,and helicopters we're told this is video,of ukrainians shooting down a russian,chopper over the weekend the problem is,the russian tanks continue to roll in,this is video of the russkies on the,outskirts of keefe and because of scenes,like this ukraine's president vladimir,zelinski is still begging for more help,the world should react decisively and,most important fast if western,politicians are scared we are saying let,us do it give us the ukrainian war plans,and fighter jets which we can use to,protect ourselves our children,give ukraine anti-missiles defense to,guarantee that no one will blast nuclear,power plant and ukraine and all of,europe won't be destroyed so should the,west be sending more military gear to,ukraine or would that set off an actual,world war the planet might not recover,from here with me now former u.s navy,seal and co-author of the brand new book,came out last week the way four go get,it now rob o'deal and rob o'neill rather,in his house,and uh he is the guy who shot and killed,osama bin laden thank you for that,forever thank you for having me kennedy,it's always a pleasure to be here great,to have you horrible times i'm curious,what you see when you look at what,russia is doing are we in the middle,already of world war iii there are,people that will say this is the,beginning of world war iii because this,is how it happens and it actually,started before this when the russians,invaded georgia which is one of the,provinces and they annex crimea and,they're kind of sitting there then,they're starting to roll up on ukraine i,personally didn't think they were going,to invade ukraine because i i like to,think of myself as making rational,decisions and vladimir putin completely,didn't and i think he assumed he would,roll in let them keep the flag put in a,puppet government and kill the president,but now that there's resistance putin's,arrogant and he's a narcissist and he's,psychotic and he's probably not going to,stop so it all comes down to what we do,and when we're doing enough now but the,problem is what we're doing is we're,giving them anti-tank missiles,anti-aircraft missiles we in and some,other countries but once they realize,they're losing nine planes in a day as,it's reported they're going to stop,flying and just start shooting in,artillery and that's the whole thing,where those kind of go wherever they go,and shooting them in cities it's you,know explosion's always right yeah it,does seem uh very indiscriminate so,where are they launching those cruise,missiles from yeah well some of the,cruise missiles are probably coming from,the sea there there's land based some,some from planes but um uh the you know,the cruise missiles are expensive,artillery is not and if it comes down to,a knock down drag out fight and a war of,attrition which it could the russians,plan on doing that because because,russia has always been the type of place,where here's two soldiers give them one,gun you both run this way when he dies,you pick it up don't turn this way,because we'll kill you yeah and because,you got to figure with the propaganda,the russian soldiers didn't even know,they thought they were going there,because they were told that kiev was,overrun by white supremacists and nazis,were going to de-nazify do you believe,that because there was a russian,commander who was captured and and he,said that you know tearfully he was like,we we thought it had been overtaken by,nazis i mean that's the kind of,propaganda they're being fed apparently,yeah well yeah vladimir putin even said,that to us and it and it's almost kind,of you do a double take like wait a,minute is that real because nazis are,bad,no wait a minute that can't be real,they're the one and they're the ones on,the border but they were saying yeah,they're trying to invade us they uh,russia,was telling their people ukraine's,trying to invade us so uh i don't think,and you know nowadays everyone calls,everyone a nazi if you disagree with,what that whatever they say left or,right worse than him yeah worse than,hitler we're finding out right now what,could potentially be worse than hitler,and that's if uh if vladimir putin and,russia take ukraine then they start,moving

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Rob O'Neill suggests taking out Taliban-occupied presidential palace

Rob O'Neill suggests taking out Taliban-occupied presidential palace

welcome back we're going to do a little,quick interview with rob o'neil and talk,about the stuff that's been going on i,have a question for you when isis when,we decided to take out isis and i say we,as in me in america,uh,we annihilated them and that was a,roughly what is it i don't know how many,was it 70 100 000 fighters we yeah we,annihilated them at first but then when,we decided to leave a war zone and leave,it into a vacuum as opposed to just,bombing a convoy we just didn't do it,and and again i i don't want to blame,any one person bad decisions are made,all the time in in combat but right now,keep the base bomb the bad guys yeah you,have there's there's a picture of them,in the presidential palace right by the,way the president ghani left and he had,so much money in his helicopter he,couldn't close the door but they're,really yes but they're taking pictures,in his um weight room it's like yeah,here's a crazy idea drop a j damn on,that place yes if you know where he is,if you know where they are,that's all you have to do his name how,ironic his name is ghani,never even put that together i'm going,to steal that joke please do you surely,need them,no offense in case you were wondering,well,thank you you're welcome um your show,um should i be skeptical about the new,improved taliban,you know you know what you never talk to,them you talk to the telephone i,actually have i asked are we are we like,exaggerating no no no they're brutal,they're really really brutal but i did,have taliban guys tell me over over um,we're eating rice out of the same bowl,but for some reason we have cold,coca-cola with no ice i don't know how,they do it wow but,what they have told me is if they knew,that we were as serious as we were at,the beginning with the bombing and the,fighting they would have given us al,qaeda um,maybe not because they're two different,people al qaeda's foreign fighters in,afghanistan anyway and i don't think the,taliban has interest in attacking us,here they want their valleys they want,their mountains i want to be optimistic,because i think hopefully no and i could,be i'm probably wrong but uh hopefully,they just want to keep their country and,you know not let the press and then just,murder people how can china i mean,because china because china will crush,you yeah china's moving in right now,they're making get all the minerals for,the e-bikes of course they're gonna do,it uh batteries for my e-bike but see,they have to go back rob well see the,the taliban understands you mess with,china they will kill you yeah look at,the uyghurs yeah seriously they're,horrible they're they're both horrible,china's tougher so you know notice the,russian embassy didn't close russia will,kill you yeah we decide um boy i hope i,don't use harsh language yeah exactly,but by the way we're too busy reading,anti-racism books to our church oh yeah,we're we're doing that yeah i mean we're,putting building new bathrooms we've,been putting our own,troops in prison for for murder in a war,zone yeah which again i feel like i'm,taking crazy pills um it's it's,frustrating to see and you know i've,talked to so many friends today that are,just what do we go for yeah it's it's,very frustrating yeah did you get,anything from cat because those were,crazy pills,yeah she said it was a it was i was,taking a vaccine,do you um,i i've been reluctant to bring up heroin,but it fuels the taliban financially and,i was just wondering if that was their,vodka or that was their pot why didn't,we go into business with them i don't,know that's why no no their vodka is,still vodka their pot is still pot it's,all there it's just that china doesn't,care how the money comes in neither does,russia we're just we're so woke and so,politically correct that we can we can,screw anything up with wokeness wait and,see all right um also,what did this uh this botched,exit was without question one of the,worst except that we don't have any,comparison,to it is it possible that it would have,been bad no matter what you know what,there is a comparison and i don't want,to screw this up but john f kennedy when,his first in office and the bay of pigs,he said that victory has a hundred,fathers,um defeat has zero yeah and as an orphan,and i take responsibility,and joe biden president joe biden came,up and said i accept all response,does the buck stop here yeah i'm not,seeing you or the chairman joint chiefs,resigning anytime soon yeah there you go,all right rob,that was interesting,hey sean hannity here hey click here to,subscribe to fox news youtube page and,catch our hottest interviews and most,compelling analysis you will not get it,anywhere else

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