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Twitter DESTROYED Riley Reids want these dirty little chicken,nuggets down your throa


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Twitter DESTROYED Riley Reids Marriage...

you want these dirty little chicken,nuggets down your throat,oh yeah,i can't wait to spend the rest of my,life with you a couple hours later,would you both of us for our only,fans all right kids,sit down the cat's out of the bag riley,reed one of america's greatest porn,stars,is off of the market unless it involves,work so riley posted an engagement photo,on her twitter and bro,the replies and comments on her tweet,are are too good,like they make me weak some of them are,so bad that i can't even show you guys,but to summarize most of the bad ones,that i can't show on youtube,it's mostly just gifts or videos of,riley reed injecting a black,or multiple black tesla space rockets,into the interior of her moon,now beyond the devastating amount of,career highlights starring riley reed,here are some of the best responses to,her tweet that i think are very,appropriate for youtube,and that are just downright evil and,fair warning to all of you,we're going to hell for these and also,disclaimer i'm not attacking riley reid,in any way i just think these replies,are way too good to pass up and i want,to react to them for a video,riley i wish you and your fiance the,best of luck her man after checking the,replies,and then it's followed by a gif of that,call me carson fellow that left the,internet because he was busted for,talking to minors in inappropriate ways,but i digress him how was work today,honey her,oh my god wow today was so good oh my,god yeah,a lot of these responses are just people,making fun of her uh future husband,god they're so good no i'm too tired,from work,bro if you don't give me your mom's only,fans for free by tomorrow,don't even think about coming back,you're not allowed on our swing set,until you give me and the boys half off,on your,so a lot of porn stars in the community,were also congratulating riley on her,engagement and,you got people like this guy responding,to them like so we next,when are we getting married here's,another one of their future kid,apparently getting made fun of ha ha,this homie's mom is a porn star,again the idea right now is pretty funny,but in the future if they do have a kid,i don't want the kid to get made fun of,for something like that that's just not,cool ah congratulations riley there is,nothing better than saving yourself for,marriage,i'm sure the first time will be special,oh yes it will i saw this one last night,and i i could not stop,laughing it really went from this to,this you know her fiance has been,reading these replies i want to believe,that the guy has a good sense of humor,and he's just laughing it off but oh my,god sorry i got caught up at work honey,it was a little longer than expected,anyway these were all the funny,responses that i found that are,appropriate for youtube,if you magically stumble upon riley,reed's engagement tweet and you,decide to read the replies heed my,warning it gets really bad,you might need a bucket and a mop,anyway if you enjoyed today's video do,me a favor leave a like on it subscribe,to the channel click the bell icon,follow me on snap instagram twitter,twitch and join my discord server,links are in the description below have,a great day and,remember riley reed is not single,anymore,bummer

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The Most Ruthless Replies I Have Ever Seen on a Tweet

The Most Ruthless Replies I Have Ever Seen on a Tweet

all right what's going on guys so,yesterday on twitter a,certain someone made a very special,announcement you guys may or may not,have seen it,it was definitely trending i quote,tweeted it with my own response so if,you follow me,you probably saw that but i'm gonna,explain,what i'm talking about but first i've,been using twitter for i don't know like,10 years or something now,even back in the day when there was like,no rules really on twitter and people,were posting,all sorts of stuff like you could really,post anything nowadays,it's a lot more strict like you actually,got to be kind of careful with what you,say,the reason i bring all that up is,because the,replies and the quote tweets of this,tweet,are probably the worst most,disrespectful absolutely,ruthless replies that i have ever seen,on a tweet,in my entire life and it's just so wild,because i feel like,every single guy that saw this tweet,like we all,pretty much had the exact same thought,in our head and everyone just replied to,the tui,and expressed this same thought in a,different way,and everyone's reply was on like a,different level,of disrespect you know some people a,little bit more wild than others like,it's actually crazy and then of course,we did have some girls trying to defend,the situation which,i'll address that in a minute but first,let me give you the,proper context of what i'm talking about,so this right here,is the tweet itself i can't wait to,spend the rest of my life with you,hashtag i'm getting married,engaged and then there is a picture of,the very,happy couple there who seems to be on a,beach,maybe that's where the engagement took,place i don't know,seems like a pretty wholesome tweet,right like you might be a little bit,confused about what's going on here well,some of you may or may not have,recognized,the girl in the picture maybe not i,don't know it's not a super,obvious picture i would say i actually,had to crop her name out because of the,profile picture but,the girl who posted this tweet goes by,the name,riley reed now that name may sound,familiar maybe rings a bell,if not i'll post a picture of her on the,screen,maybe help jog your memory a little bit,so you may or may not,have seen her before she probably looks,familiar,so i would say at this point most people,are probably starting to add the,situation up putting two and two,together here,just so we're all on the same page here,let me just try to clarify the best that,i can,riley reed is an actress i guess you,would say but not necessarily,one that you would see in hollywood or,on the big screen,more so an actress that you would,probably see on your computer,more of a meat specialist i would say,actually i've seen some of her films she,is definitely,a me specialist a very experienced meat,handler if i say so myself,now that hopefully everyone is on the,same page you could imagine,based on the content of her tweet,why the replies might be considered a,dangerous place,you probably could imagine what they,consist of,now i cannot show any of these replies,on the video but i do have an example,for you guys i'm gonna describe,my experience so when i first saw the,tweet,obviously the very first thing i did was,go to the replies,and see what people were saying now i'm,not trolling,when i say this i bet people can verify,this,i cannot make this up but literally the,very first reply that i saw,was a clip from one of her videos,where she was being let's say,sandwiched well i don't know if,sandwiched is the appropriate term here,because,that would imply two people it was more,so,her being sandwiched by about,seven sausages i don't know if i counted,correctly,i'm not gonna lie i didn't really pay,that close of attention to the clip but,it looked to be about,seven sausages and they were just going,to town,on miss reed basically whatever they,could get at that point,and not only that i would say pretty,much like,90 of the other replies to the tweet,were basically the same thing with,different,clips or examples all conveying,the same sort of message some much more,extreme,than others now i i say 90 because like,the other 10,was people mainly girls i noticed,responding with like oh,you guys are all disgusting pigs for,saying this just because,you're insecure with yourself about her,job doesn't mean that all guys are like,you guys are just,losers and it's just like i don't know,about that man right,let me let me just talk about that real,quick first of all disclaimer let me,just say,clearly she's pretty happy about the,situation so congratulations,the guy is probably pretty happy as well,i'm assuming or else he wouldn't have,proposed to her maybe he's even into it,because there are some people out there,who maybe,would be into that sort of thing not for,me personally,but to each his own you know if that's,what you're into okay cool whatever so,congrats,to both of them you know if they're,happy that's all that matters at the end,of the day it doesn't matter,what i say or what anyone else s

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Riley Reid is Pregnant…

Riley Reid is Pregnant…

does accidental pregnancies happen often,have you ever been pregnant,i will admit i am not on birth control,and i have not been on birth control,since high school i use the pull out,method and i know it's terrible knock on,wood i have never been pregnant in porn,although,yeah i've been pregnant a couple of,times and i was like mission abort,mission afford,all right fellas welcome back we have an,emergency situation on our hands here,we're living through history unfolding,before our very eyes right now you know,one day our grandchildren are going to,be asking us questions about the things,that we've lived through in history,they're going to want to know what was,the great recession like or what was the,day osama bin laden got killed what was,that like and i think they also might,want to know grandpa where exactly were,you when you found out riley reed was,pregnant you were right here watching,this youtube video now this hasn't,formally been announced yet but we have,two very crucial pieces of evidence that,we'll be reviewing in today's video and,i think when you see them you're gonna,realize not only is it evidence but it's,pretty much just flat out proof if you,guys are new make sure you subscribe,right now or else you have a very high,chance of having a small dick and also,turn on your goddamn notifications so,that you can be a part of the buzz like,this every single time a new video goes,live and last but not least of course,watch the entire video don't be a ,now fellas the first piece of evidence,that we have here is from the lakers,game a couple of nights ago riley was,there with her new husband sitting front,row and there was a part where mason,jones fell right into the stands and,landed basically on top of her and you,could see her visibly clutching a baby,bomb take a look here,you're sitting in the first row yeah oh,yeah but she oh that's dangerous,she expecting,wow,so there is some serious instinctual,protection going on there you could see,as soon as danger arises her husband,just puts his arm down there right over,the bum trying to protect it the best,that he can and then right after he gets,off you could see her with the two hands,doing the thing that all pregnant women,do clearly pregnant just so clearly i,don't even know why we would need to,review further evidence after this but,we'll get to some more in just a moment,here i just want to point out i love how,the announcers were saying i wonder if,she's expecting and you think they also,had to just bite their tongues about who,that was because you know they,recognized her right we'd all recognize,riley if we were to see her in public,but these guys just they had to play,dumb because they're on tv now the,second pieces of evidence that we have,to examine are actually a little bit,older see this has been flying under the,radar for quite a while and i'm not,gonna lie to you guys i knew about this,for a couple of months but i wanted to,wait until it was really out there in,public before making a video so if you,were to go on her twitter feed and do,some research under the media tab if you,know what i mean you probably would have,known this a long time ago too so we got,two tweets here the first one is from,march 2nd 2022 and it's just a promotion,for her only fans page here however the,image attached to it which i cannot show,you here but i will describe shows a,very clearly pregnant,singular,for some reason but but yeah if you saw,the picture when it was tweeted you,would know exactly what this was right,away especially if you're a dad like me,right i've had a little bit of,experience with this stuff before and,right away when i saw this i said oh man,she's having a baby people in the,replies noticed as well and commented on,it these look like mommy boobs prego,nips nice ew dude that's just ,gross who is into that really please,reevaluate your life no another great,movie star are pregnant depressed and,then of course we always got that one,idiot in the comments what the ,happened to your nipple dang lol like,dude get a clue, degenerates now that was on,march 2nd of this year which wasn't that,long ago but the actual first time that,she revealed this was on a tweet from,december 16th says call me baby girl,with some selfies again cannot show you,the whole thing but in the bottom,portion you see two very obviously,pregnant,again in the replies same exact thing,going on people either commenting on it,or just being completely stupid this one,says are you prego and then the,degenerates are there again in the reply,saying it looks like a boob job was done,like my dude do you know what a boob job,does that procedure does not make these,things look like this okay there's a lot,more that changes about it rather than,just the size okay and anybody out there,with kids who's married will know,exactly what i'm talking about and these,people just clearly don't get ,laid never talk to a woman in their,lives never been around a woman it's,really really sad this g

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Why Riley Reid Hates Me

Why Riley Reid Hates Me

during one of my streams a while ago,someone asked me if I could get Riley,Reid to come on the podcast you know to,talk about wieners vaginas and,runescape just the normal type of porn,talk on the podcast and I responded,saying I don't think Riley Reid would,ever want to do that because she doesn't,like me personally and that led to me,telling the story of the beef between,Riley Reid and myself beef being the,wrong word but for lack of a better term,the bad blood between us although this,was a while ago so I'm sure she probably,doesn't remember or just doesn't care,anymore but now ever since I told that,story on a stream people are constantly,asking me during streams to tell the,story again and it's kind of cute kind,of like you know a kid asking their,grandfather who fought in Vietnam to,tell him war stories that they've heard,a million times from them except in my,case the only war I fought was on the,shores of Riley Reed's butt hole so I,figured I'd make a dedicated edit a,video dedicated to telling the story so,it all started when I made a video about,riley reid abominable rap which remains,today one of the worst raps i've ever,heard,now there's definitely a lot worse raps,on youtube from small channels with like,30 views maybe from like old Pop Hickey,yokels barnyard rap ballot about,cunnilingus on his animals and making,love to his sister or maybe a chemistry,professors educational rap that's just, horrible but those aren't fully,produced raps those are all very amateur,attempts at it so I don't really count,those as actual raps Riley Reed had a,team behind her and fully produce it was,a genuine attempt at it and it was, horrible the worst I'd heard in,that department so I stand by that I,stand by that analysis on the moist,meter that'd be a 5% now and I published,the video I was made aware she wasn't,too happy with my critique of her her,song here and I can understand why cuz,it's clear she put a lot of heart and,soul in that there was inspired lyrics,in there such as spit stringing from my,mouth let you my face good,nutritious nut and who could forget when,she really takes it home with jerk it,out jerk it out jerk it out beat it out,beat it out beat it out jerk it out jerk,it out beat it out jerk it out so I can,understand when I insulted her magnum,opus of music that she wasn't too happy,with that and that's when it really,started when I made that video so it,didn't she didn't like that I made that,she didn't like me and,about two or three months after that I,went on her Twitter page just browsing,and perusing learning more than anything,well honestly I was just looking for,titties for lack of a better cover story,I went through a lot of different porn,stars pages just to see what productions,they were taking part in really but,while on Riley reads I noticed she had,retweeted some fan art and let me tell,you what that fan art bingo bango Bungo,that's the epitome of fan art right,there what it was it was a crayon,drawing of Riley Reid spreading her ass,cheeks apart and just having her brown,balloon not winking at the camera,it was beautiful and I saw this,and I made a tweet about it it was a,very vague tweet I didn't say what,pornstar all I said was haha just saw,you know porn stars fan art with her,gaping and crayon it was great,and then I guess people found it and,told the artist that I said that and,then the artist called me an and,it just Ben Riley Reid retweeted that,saying I'm an so then they were,just double teaming me and you know it,all stemmed because I mean come on it's,a crayon drawing of a porn stars ,how is that not entertaining I don't,want to show the the fan art but instead,I took it upon myself to try and do to,lit my myself I did two attempts here,neither one of them really capture it,this was my first attempt it doesn't,really convey what it looked like this,looks more like a God of War enemy so,then I tried again and this one just,kind of looks like a Wallace and Gromit,character doing some naughty this,isn't what the fan art looked like it,definitely looked a lot better than this,and I went on the artist page and she's,talented but this this particular piece,I had a giggle about you know come on,you got a porn star e spreading her, chocolate starfish and you're,doing it in crayon that's great that's,gonna that's gonna put a smile on,anyone's face,and to be totally honest as far as,crayon drawings of porn stars spreading,their fudge cutters go this is probably,the best it can ever get it was really,well done I could see where the ,was I could see the butt hold clearly,there was even some labia draping down,like some beef curtains and the pose was,really well conveyed like you could see,the stretching of the ass cheeks pulling,it apart and seeing what's between them,it was really well done they had a,side-by-side so you could see what the,posed was not in crayon,and then in crayon really well,translated but I honestly don't know why,they both got so offended about me,making it a

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Chris D'Elia - Riley Reid Has a Gangster Twitter Account

Chris D'Elia - Riley Reid Has a Gangster Twitter Account

my favorite too is like I saw who,the was it I saw a girl on on,Twitter,she's always popping up in my like,people either respond to her or,something,I can't remember a name I think,she follows me but she was like but she,would like she just is gangster on her,Twitter what is it I don't remember,and it was like all like people just,because Twitter is like the Wild West,like Instagram you can barely post a, well I mean you can't post a,nipple you know some of these Co watches,ads they're basically het porn but like,you know these girls will be like Oh,watches and they'll have their watch,like this and their nipple just like,it'll be like that ping pong,thing where the in South Park where the,ping pong ball keeps coming another I,don't know the but it's like Co,watches on Instagram and it's like,scientists sign use my code 20% off Co,watches and were like where's the co,watch it's coming out of ok it's coming,out of her I get it,and but this girl's gangster like,because on Instagram you Riley,Reid is what it is that's what it that's,her that's her name and and she and I,was and I looked at her Twitter and it's,like gangster like these poor I don't,know I don't really I haven't seen many,porn stars on Twitter but this one I,should look at more to see if they're,all like this but this one was and I'm,not trying to be like holier than thou I,watched porn I'm not I'm not trying to,be like whoo I get all the things that,porn does I go on pornhub you know what,I mean sometimes I check it out,and I just see what's going on and I,window shop but um remember that song by,50 cent use the window shopper that was,the last song what 50 cent made were,like okay well I guess he's done making,songs huh so um so it was like gangster,it was like just like it would be like a,video god this is a crass episode but as,what I saw she would be like this is how,you,it would be like this is how you stack, and it'll be like three girls on,top of each other you know like like,there was anybody ever questioning how,these stack you know like anyone,was ever like ah I gotta go and ask,Jeeves calm how do you stack ,Jeeves you just pretty much probably put,a lady on a lady on a lady also,why are you doing it does on a ,step one get a piano bench have one lady,one lady lay down and then another lady,lay down and then another lady lay down,on her it will be like it's just,gangster dude and they just put that on,the internet like they have no parents,and then another one will be like you,know we just walk like does this be like,a porn like we just want to make you,come and to be alone I got another girl,with another girl and then just be like,and I'm just like god damn that's,gangster I have no problem with it but,it's gangster you know what I mean so,then I would like but it's like oh and,then but the funniest to me was she,was like I saw one tweet where it was,like man they deleted,no I've seen a lot of actually seen,a lot of like girls where it's like oh I,can't be they deleted my Instagram porn,stars I get it but some regular chicks,will be like oh I can't believe they,deleted my Instagram yucking stop,stacking you know what I mean,stop being so gangster with your mean of,course they delete it up or how many you,see a girl's Instagram and it's like,deleted it's 60 thousand but I'm back,stop exposing your meat dude it what are,you doing man cover up your baboon,Rutter's Seacrest,I gotta think at different words dogs if,I keep saying put is too much if I keep,saying the P word you know but it's just,uh,of course they deleted it,stop being so gangster dude oh man so,funny dude that's so funny to me man,why do they delete my Instagram bruh are,you really asking dude stop,being so this is you this,because this is you on Instagram dude,just squirting all over stop,squirting if I worked at Instagram,I wouldn't delete the porn stars I would,delete the girls who are trying to get,away with everything to sell a watch or,to sell a bang energy drink or,whatever it's so funny that day that's,so funny to me dude this is a McDonald's,you know put your meat away umm,yeah dude but shout-out to that that's,the thing man I love people who love,their work I don't care if you're a, porn star or a UPS,driver you know that girl loves what she,does and she's gangster on Twitter cuz,you can be but just don't you know I,guess if you're a porn star or whatever,just do Instagram like more artistically,or whatever I mean because then I was,thinking about it and I was like maybe,it's more like me that's like saying,don't do Joe,son Instagram like that I would even,have Instagram maybe that's what it's,like being a porn star it's like why,can't what is what I love,is showing my taint you know this is the,song that I was trying to play when at,any time a porn every time a porn star,starts on Instagram when she was deleted,at 60k

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Riley Reid Announced Her Marriage and Twitter Went Crazy.......

Riley Reid Announced Her Marriage and Twitter Went Crazy.......

hey stupid,you realize you just kissed every ,in the party you ain't heard what i said, running back,my girl whip a trick hitter like,wanna ass cornbread what's,going on youtube it's your boy saint,clout coming,back with another video and today we're,going to be talking about,the famous p star the porn star pretty,sure you all heard her name,skinny white girl riley reed she just,announced on,twitter that she is married she's,lovingly,married yes she tweeted it out with a,picture of her kids and her little,husband,hashtag yo i don't know the hashtag,young marriage or some i don't,know,and you know it's twitter,and twitter is a wonderful place,most of the time so you're already,concerned you know you're thinking all,the comments like oh good job babe you,finally got married nope,you scrolled down once you see this, over here getting,gang bang raw dog a bunch of , like i was so happy,you already know out here being,out of pocket being aids,it was like oh they were posting all her,black raw scenes or her getting gang,bang lily was just being a,supposed to all this and they was,like oh her husband when did she check,her twitter comments all the time it's,it's it's so and everyone else is all,the girls i'm too like oh my god,y'all are so mean man i'm so ugh oh my,god,yeah that is kind of a's i'm not gonna,lie with these doing but hey,hey she put herself out on it and it,like you know she knew what she was,getting into,so anyway yeah was going crazy,posting all that stuff and talking you,know making jokes or whatnot but like,god,i i can't i i wouldn't be able to handle,this ,if i if i had to go down i'd be in this,i'll be down i'll be,nabber i i'll be in that ,crying like a if i if i,like you post i wouldn't even watch you,posting like you that you got married,if i ever married a poor like a porn,star or some no you don't even no,you don't post that you you,i'm hiding don't even post me just say,oh i just got married whatever the ,oh don't even post me in the , because i don't even want to see,the comments because this is,this,no i'd be in there i know that man is in,there crying,or not cuz i i want to be able to do,that bro and hell nah like blah all,them black raw season,all types of like her eating ass no,no we gotta go you gotta go,you got you ha like nah i can't i,wouldn't be able to sit down i,i i'd kill myself bro straight up like,that don't ,come home go and kiss it kiss your wife,even though you don't see over here,been eating ass all suck the,meanest dick got by like 10, at once would y'all be able to do,that and then,having to see that under your i just got,a gage post like,would y'all be able to handle that,because that i got more power,more power to y'all more power to him if,he's able to sit there and read that,he's like,i still love my honey like he don't he,don't feel not one,little bit of resentment in this,whole like this just,i married a whole zac randolph i i,buried a whole type this this, look like 21 savages what,was it 2018 when he was with ,uh amber rose he over here that,poster or some oh my i know y'all,remember that that ,i think it was 21 savage like he was, mad as when he was,out there with everyone was he was,captain he was captain to save a whole,that was the suit i was a superhero that,was,halloween costume or some bro oh my,god,and then don't only get me started if,you ever have kids with a then,that's a that if you procreate brother,the kids are getting bullied for,life bro for l for l you better put that,little in private school,i don't think they probably better,homeschool that because you i,don't even think private school could,say that little ass bro yo he get,he get he get into one argument ,like, pull up his mom's videos it's over,bro like ain't this your mom it's over,this the kid can't he get,he gotta switch she gotta go to another,state you gotta go to another school bro,hell nah yeah she hopefully don't,procreate or does because,it's it's over with they ever had kids,kate is gonna be bullied until he's,older to change if you can even change,his life change his full government name,because he can't know,read it's over nope all right let me,know what y'all think of this in,the comments cause this hurt me,i was reading the comments dying like a, let me know but you already,know who it is this is saying clout,i love you don't forget to like comment,subscribe and i'm out this

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Riley Reid on Filming with David Dobrik & Feeling Uncomfortable at Times

Riley Reid on Filming with David Dobrik & Feeling Uncomfortable at Times

you know we don't really do anything,spontaneous on set in the sense of like,you know there's just we're never going,to be like hey let's do anal hey let's,do bondage let me let's whip each other,you know put on in situations like when,I did David dobrik's YouTube video he's,has a camera on me and he goes,um he's like oh do you think uh my,friend Dom is hot and I was like yeah,he's cute he's like would you kiss him,and I was like yeah I'd kiss him he's,like would you kiss him right now and I,was like oh I'm under a little pressure,I wouldn't naturally kiss him but like,okay sure and and I end up playing up,Riley Reed so like maybe I'm not,actually attracted to this guy but I'm,filming a video and I'm like yeah he's,hot because that was the one where you,acted like you were gonna bang him right,and then you didn't do it right I didn't,even want to but is it presented like,you did in the video Yeah well so the,whole video is presented and it was like,under so much pressure because I'm I,also I'm in a room of like 12 people,playing up this Riley read Persona,filming this David dobrik video and he's,and he's like this like icon person so,that he's like will you kiss him I'm,like yeah will you kiss him right now,you yeah okay kiss him and I'm like okay,okay I'll I kiss him like I didn't,really want to but like whatever I, just done so much I don't, care so I kiss him and he's like,would you him I was like yeah again,playing up Riley Reed Persona right and,then he's like would you him right,now and I was like uh and then they're,like okay like let's go into the room,and they like they basically like pushed,me into a room with him and,he starts like talking to me about,wanting to do stuff and everything and I,was like oh and I asked,him I was like when's the last time you,were tested and they were also talking,about how he just had a threesome like,the night before or something right and,he was like I haven't been tested in,like three weeks or something I was like,well I'm definitely not you,because I shoot for you know companies,uh this time I was still actively,shooting I was like I was like if you,have chlamydia and you give it to me,then I'm gonna give it to so and so and,so-and-so is going to give it to them,and that like thank you for that because,I have gotten sdds from this exact thing,where the girls just out being a hot,girl random dudes who aren't,tested and then all of a sudden they're,giving me and my girl SDS yeah and so,like and I felt so lucky that he didn't,get tested because then I got to end the,video on such a beautiful positive note,because I was like guess what he could,have me if he was tested but he's,not so make sure you get your STD tests,ding you know like Riley Reid for the,win but like he put me in such a weird,awkward position especially as like my,Riley Reed Persona that I was like I,felt so uncomfortable but like I I tried,to find a way around it and I ended up,making it work for me but like even not,on porn I was put in this uncomfortable,situation because I do porn right and,that's that is interesting because like,most vloggers haven't really like had to,learn that lesson that like people in,the porn industry kind of get at a,certain point which is like you really,don't want to be doing spontaneous,you want to have a plan and you do the,plan and especially yeah even the fact,that I showed up and I didn't know that,there was going to be 12 people it's,like when I show up onto set I know who,I'm yeah and like who's the,camera guy like I know everything that's, going on so it's like whoa like,you're throwing me into something like,you you don't know what porn's like and,I know everything I'm like before we,shoot a scene I sit down with my guy and,I'm like okay like what positions are we,doing so that I know what how to change,comfortably because it's like if I'm,going from one position to the ones I,don't want it to be fumbling I want it,to flow because yeah like I mean we one,thing people probably don't know is that,before you do a porn scene it's like,there's a no list and you kind of just,have that conversation with the girl,what do you what do you not like and,girls will say stuff like I have,extensions so I don't want you to pull,my hair that's a very common one they'll,say uh you know I don't like getting,slapped in the face which is like I'm,not really going to do that anyway,unless we talk sometimes it happens yeah,some guys are more aggressive than,others myself I'm like very paranoid of,like Crossing some of these boundaries,and like then having a kind of like,reframed afterwards so I'm really not,gonna like do anything unless we maybe,talk about I'm always trying to have a,conversation and kind of gauge like how,crazy they're down to get with the, because I would really like to, Every Girl's makeup up but that's a,lot to ask because a lot of girls have, to do for the rest of the day yo we,just hit 400 000 subscribers right here,on the clips channel so if you want to,help u

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Riley Reid | Before They Were Famous | 2020 Biography

Riley Reid | Before They Were Famous | 2020 Biography

all right so what are you everything before Riley Reid would win the fan,award for social media star at the 2019 AVN Awards before Riley would join Jake,Paul is a ring girl in his latest fight against YouTube star Edison again before,Riley Reid with clock and 1.7 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram,even though she would have her account deleted on multiple occasions and would,launch your own YouTube channel now boasting over 170,000 subscribers and,will be hanging out with the likes of David dobrik and Logan Paul's crew,having been in the P game for almost close to ten years now will Riley read,she's made a living off her girl next door good lucks know over that time,she's racked up award after award winning in AV and almost every year,she's been in the industry her 420 friendly approach has garnered her,legion of fans well that and her other assets now Riley,she's learned from a very young age how to leverage her god-given gifts and,talents she had this to say about always noticing reactions she would get from,men while walking down the street I know he's looking at my a SS sometimes they,turn and look just to see how they'll be like oh she caught me I've always been,whistled that I've always had cars honking I would always kind of resent,that what a guy could look at me in a very vulgar way even though I'm very,sexual and now I want the average gentleman walking down the street to,check me out and well she didn't always plan to be a part of the industry she's,in now well I think we can all agree well it looks mighty good on her this,one time Teachers College applicant took a bit of a side road when she realized,she was having a lot more fun getting it on with guys and girls alive and when,she found herself in need of getting some quick cash well Riley she changed,her goals and sent her course for a career that would turn her into an adult,film star that's with a capital S what's going on guys it's boy Michael cretin,back at it with another before there are famous and this one is kind of of the,after dark variety I'm not gonna lie we've been down this path before once,upon a time this channel it was built on poor Bauhaus but it was a love,relationship with YouTube and I almost got bad so you know we had to give them,a rest now if you want to show some love for this channel you can do so by,becoming a channel member that way you get to watch these videos without any,ads also if you're not following Riley on Instagram or Twitter or YouTube well,there are links down below alright ain't getting any younger so let's get into,this video,Riley Reid was born of July 8th 1991 in Miami Beach Florida now it's pretty,clear from taking just one look at her that she's the definition of,globalization with her background coming from a widely diverse ethnic makeup,including trochee Dominican Puerto Rican Irish German and Dutch descent I mean,can you guys imagine them family gatherings I mean I'm just,Irish and I know we have a hard enough time while not killing one another as it,is but throwing some German yeah I can only imagine the fights over which beer,to drink still that Dutch lineage well it's probably what keeps her so chill,she would get exploring her sexuality in a very early age in elementary school,and middle school and even then we'll our sex drive it was amped up to 11 now,her first romantic partner was a girl and Riley well she reportedly took on,the male side of the relationship if you know what I mean actually well with such,little hands-on experience myself you know like with like the Bell girls,well I barely know what I mean by this but Riley if you're out there I'm,willing to learn okay fine I got a girlfriend these days I'm not,technically allowed to be cracking those types of jokes but damn it they make the,video so fun then this being the early 2000s bo Riley she was still,self-conscious about her sexuality and she was worried that other girls will,they would slut shame her and be well uncomfortable with her advances so she,decided to drop the female angle and she switched over to the boys lucky for us,after making the switch Riley she came to the realization that most 16 year,olds girls do well boys there are a whole lot easier to control especially,when you have something they want and certainly did she have that all figured,out so she had her pick of the litter when it came to her group of guy friends,as she lost her v card at the tender age of 16 or at least close to it Clark,wherever you are you are the Neil Armstrong you know if the moon had been,visited by like a thousand guys after Neil Armstrong well you were still the,first so you'll always have that even if you really didn't even want it in the,first place Clark if you're watching this video hit me up in the DMS I'd love,to interview you you see since that video was posted will people they've,actually dug up some old tweets from Riley that let's just say they go into,more detail of how that first encounter came about,and some pe

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