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Building Reputation Resilience. With Richart Ruddie and Drew Rossow (BeInCrypto, Bloomberg Law).than

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

Building Reputation Resilience. With Richart Ruddie and Drew Rossow (BeInCrypto, Bloomberg Law).

thank you for being here today thank you,for having me so brand and reputation,management what is it how would you,define reputation management today in,2022 where we live in an age of,twitter tik tok uh instagram facebook,reddit,yeah uh it's a great question so today,brandon reputation management is how,you're perceived or how you look on the,internet,um as you know everybody has a computer,in their pocket so they take it out and,they're instantly looking up uh your,brand if you're going out to eat,somewhere in austin you're going to take,out your phone you're going to look at,the yelps yelp reviews you're going to,look at the google reviews you're going,to look to see if there's anything else,that may be a violation or issue,that maybe the restaurant had had um so,what our company does is we help people,that have been um tainted for,usually reasons of no fault of their own,and we help them to replace unwanted or,negative content on the internet with,good and positive content and help them,grow their business instead of losing,business due to due to having a negative,review or negative image on the internet,so why does it seem,that now more than ever,brand and reputation management is is,crucial is it,new is it just we're finally paying,attention to it is it the technology is,it the news what what's the phenomena,going on here yeah i think that's kind,of a catch-22 today because,up until 2016,we didn't really hear the word fake news,so much now,every time something happens that people,don't like they say oh fake news,um so in a way it's become,a catch-22 because some people now,discredit a lot of the news,organizations and media because of,what's happened in in the world over the,last uh five and a half six years so,um right now it's so,more important than ever to make sure,that you have a good reputation good,image but it's just becoming more known,now because especially with the covet 19,in the pandemic as more people were,forced to adjust to a digital world when,you go out to a restaurant now,how many times are you seeing a qr code,versus a paper venue and that's because,we're making this digital transformation,overall as a society and we've leaped,forward years,when kobit 19 kind of came into our,lives and took over,so with your business reputation,management company what does,the,average,and i put average in quotation marks,because i don't think any client is the,same but what does an average client,look like with somebody walking through,your doors and and saying we need your,help yeah we really run the gamut of,small individuals to large corporations,um for example today we had an,ex-basketball player who had a dui in,the past and is running a non-profit now,and is worried that it may affect their,chances both getting into the hall of,fame as well as also uh the non-profit,which is not related to their playing,days in professional sports,um we also have people that are very,involved in the crypto world um who have,been involved as advisors on many,projects as you know,not every ico or every crypto startup,has been successful so,some of our clients come to us and they,say i want to disassociate from,being an advisor in the past for this,company um and i don't want that to,affect my ability to focus and advise,and consult with other cryptocurrency,startups or,companies in the blockchain space,we also deal with a lot of direct sales,companies we deal with hospitals,reputation management isn't a very,strict niche it encompasses almost,everybody and i used to speak at these,conferences,and while i was there i would tell all,the audience to take out their phone and,to type in their company name and then,type in the word reviews or type in,their company name password complaints,and then i'd ask them what do you see,and one would say i see ripoff reporter,i see, or i see you know one star,reviews,um and then i go through different,processes and ways in which they can,improve their reputation they can change,some of the negative habits that maybe,their sales people hadn't had uh,enrolled in to uh get them to the point,where they had negative reviews so um we,also help with consulting and ensuring,that companies can uh reverse,negative content online and improve,their reputation so they don't have to,worry about negative reviews and issues,moving forward as much,and shifting into the legal a little bit,you know myself i'm a practicing,attorney five years now and i you know i,dabble in the internet and uh you know,cyber law space and and regularly work,with,clients from different industries who as,you mentioned,may have unfavorable articles uh,listings and,you know i believe your your group also,works with a variety of lawyers as well,is that is that correct yeah we have a,really strong network of attorneys that,come to us because,uh they call us if anybody knows the,show ray donovan they call us kind of,the ray donovan of the internet where,we're fixers and we find creative ways,to,solve problems onli

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Reputation Management | Pitfalls in Online Brand Management | TogetherWell

Reputation Management | Pitfalls in Online Brand Management | TogetherWell

and welcome everybody thank you for,joining us for this third thursday of,course we are going to be talking about,an exciting topic related to,image,branding and making sure that you are,able to protect yourself in that social,media world so we are joined today by,richard rudy who has for the last 11,years been working on,image fixing within the industry,he started his reputation defender um,brand,to help victims of defamation harmful,reviews and figuring out creative ways,to help his clients manage through,difficult times so we are so glad to,have you rich joining us to talk about,this this really important topic and,just so you know um rich has been,featured in entrepreneur magazine forbes,washington post as well as the denver,post and la times and other numerous,other publications uh specifically for,his work on,online reputation management so he's,definitely going to be giving us some,wonderful insights and maybe helping us,with avoiding some particular pitfalls,um,of navigating kind of this social world,and and developing our brand so thank,you so much rich for joining us this,evening,thank you very much dr ball,so let's jump right in and get started,tell me a little bit about how you got,started in this industry yeah absolutely,so i was doing seo work where i was,helping to just rank miscellaneous,businesses and clients who wanted to,promote their business online,and what happened was i had a friend who,said uh we have a an issue,um with something that happened to me,back when i was in college um and today,i have these uh issues that were not,just news sites today it's more uh i,have clients saying uh my daughter did,something on snapchat or posted a tick,tock video and and something was was,wrong with it and help us uh fix these,social media issues that are spreading,like wildfires but uh 11 years ago it,wasn't,things didn't spread quite as fast,online and uh it was a a news story,about an incident that happened on,college campus a few years before that,and i said sure i said that's just doing,reverse uh seo the opposite of instead,of trying to rank a business online or,promote we would do the opposite by,pushing down and creating good positive,content and that's how the first client,got started and then that led to another,referral and then another one and then,started a website specifically for,uh reputation defending it was called,profile defenders,and then have linked up with some,private equity companies in salt lake,city since and,we've grown now where we have different,brands specializing whether our newest,brand we're rolling out it's called med,defenders which is specific for the the,medical industry and health,and,we still have the profile defenders,brand and,things have been great and really,amazing helping clients who can call you,almost in tears when you you solve,problems for them that they've really,suffered through so and i think a lot of,therapists probably can relate with,clients that they help and they see that,are struggling through issues and the,joy and intrinsic value you get when you,solve an,issue for somebody,yeah well it definitely sounds like,there hasn't been a shortage of work for,you given the expansion and the need and,unfortunately,and in some ways fortunately,we've found like,internet and social media has been a,great resource for being able to reach,out to a lot of people and provide,services but of course with every,positive there is always,some negative um so i'm just thinking,about like what you were talking about,and what you you do and for our,viewership who may not be familiar with,the terms seo you're talking about,search engine optimization right and so,can you talk a little bit about,what that actually means is that when,you say ranking is it ranking them or a,person like sure,great great question so search engine,optimization is,where you try to promote and rank,content online,that is relevant for the search query or,searched keywords that somebody types,into,the search bar,so,if we wanted to try to rank for best,therapist in,orange county california we would want,to make content that would rank all the,best therapists in orange county,california and make sure that that,result was would be relevant and would,be something that google would see as,a site that would match what people's,interests or searches are,so,i was doing that initially just for,businesses just like that to rank for,whatever their initial desired keyword,is and then it's morphed into people,that are more interested in their brand,and just making sure that,they,appear and look positive online and they,don't have any ex clients or ex business,partners,patients or whomever maybe that would,potentially post a false or negative,content online that could hurt their,brand and really draw that be a drawback,to their marketing uh that they're doing,so seo at the end of the day is just,making sure that you have a good profile,online and that you're able to be found,through,designated keywords becau

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Caught! Lawyers Invented Defendants to Censor Google

Caught! Lawyers Invented Defendants to Censor Google

and now this new allegation appears to,be that these companies are either,falsifying information or they are,getting the defendant to falsely agree,that the information is false when it is,true all right this is our first major,story today this is kind of interesting,Daniel Robert Warner Aaron Matthew Kelly,rice Abbas Mohammed at all times,relevant mr. Warner was a lawyer mr.,Kelly it was a lawyer and mr. Mohammed,was a lawyer licensed to practice in,Arizona I think it was all three of them,yes they were part of a firm called,Kelly Warner law the firm represents,clients in online reputation matters the,firm offers to get libelous content,removed from the web this is that's prep,work that's prep work let's get to the,general allegations here,respondents engaged in the filing of,fraudulent and/or frivolous lawsuits,aimed at removing online criticism of,the firm's clients the filing or,fraudulent of frivolous lawsuits follows,one or one of two procedural schemes in,the first scheme of client identifies,online criticisms such as a negative,review or allegations of a scam and,hires respondents to remove the,criticism from the Internet respondents,compile a list of online criticism and,file a defamation suit on behalf of a,client alleging the criticism was false,and defamatory rather than attempting to,locate the true originator of the online,criticism respondents fabricate or allow,their clients to fabricate a defendant,purporting to be the individual who,posted the online criticism rather than,attempting to prove the online criticism,is defamatory respondents fabricate or,aloud their clients to fabricate an,admission from the purported defendant,that the online criticism is false the,plaintiff's client then produced a,fraudulent stipulation for permanent,injunction signed by the purported,defendant the stipulation for injunction,states the plaintiff's client and,purported defendants agree that the,online criticism is false and,constitutes defamation the stipulation,further,asks the court to enter an order,requiring Reb websites to remove the,online criticism or requiring search,engines to D Index the online criticism,D indexing means removing the target,webpage from the results once issued by,the court the injunction is served on,such websites as ripoff report and,search engines such as Google the real,poster of the online criticism is not,made aware of the lawsuit the real,poster of the online criticism is not,identified and has not stipulated to the,removal of the content in the second,scheme the client identifies online,criticism or negative online content and,hires respondents to remove the content,from the Internet,respondents compile a list and file a,defamation suit the lawsuit alleges the,content is false and defamatory while,the content is in fact true and,therefore does not meet the standard for,defamation respondents locate the,originator of some or all the content,and named the originator as a defendant,respondents often obtain an admission,from the originator defendant that the,online content is false displayed,respondents and the parties knowing that,the content is true respondents then,obtain a stipulation for permanent,injunction signed by the plaintiff,client and the defendant originator the,stipulation for an injunction states the,plaintiff client and defendant,originator agree that the online,criticism is false and constitutes,defamation despite the fact that the,online content is true,the stipulation asks the court to enter,an order requiring websites to remove,the online criticism or requiring search,engines to D index the online criticism,D indexing removes it from the Google,once issued by the court the injunction,is served on web sites hosting the,content the filing of fraudulent and/or,frivolous lawsuits was or is a tactic,intentionally used by respondents to,achieve a client's desired outcome holy,mackerel that's a different kind of,strategic lawsuit against public or,dissipation than I expected,usually what we see and I'll bring it up,here usually what we see is this kind of,lawsuit where,a lawsuit is filed it's a frivolous,lawsuit it's intended just to overburden,overpower a defenseless defendant who,has posted otherwise true criticism on,the internet and there are laws against,this in various states not in every,state but this is against this is with a,a plaintiff who is willing to go against,a defendant a genuine defendant who has,genuinely made true statements and now,this new allegation appears to be that,these companies are either falsifying,information or they are getting the,defendant to falsely agree that the,information is false when it is true in,April 2015 the court file in Kogan V,shinnok was mailed to the 11th Judicial,Circuit in and for miami-dade County,Florida to Kelley Warner law at the,request of the firm the pleadings in,Kogan V shinnok alleged a reputation,management company named,employed Joseph Janek brand command,shinnok were sued by plaintiff Cogan,K

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Sneak Peek: Drawing Basics with Ronnie Williford

Sneak Peek: Drawing Basics with Ronnie Williford

do,do,every discipline comes with its own,micro language,and drawing is no different i want to,give you,some terms that you're going to be,hearing over and over in this class,eventually the context should make them,clear,but just in case let's go over them,and you'll have a place to return to and,review,if you find yourself lost,now we're probably going to talk about,some,other words in this class and i'll,define them,as we go you're probably going to,already be familiar with most of these,terms,anyway the first term i want to talk,about,is value value refers to,the lightness or the darkness of a tone,on a gray scale,between 0 which is absolute white and,10 which is absolute black let me show,you what i mean,by labeling white as 0 and,black as 10 theoretically you should be,able to mix 50 percent of each,and come up with a medium gray of five,that's halfway in between the two by,using this method you should be able to,fill in,all of the other numbers in the value,scale,i think it would be a really good,practice,to sit down with a pencil and paper and,just,create your own value scales start with,absolute black and work your way,all the way up to white and try to,really get,control of making those,grays next to each other,our next term is contrast,this is a manipulation of value,it refers to the distance between grays,on the value scale two values that are,really far apart are considered to have,a high contrast,where a couple of grays that are really,close together or maybe right next to,each other,these are considered to have very low,contrast,our next term is contour this is,the shape of a subject represented by a,line,not just along the shape's outside edge,but also,along and around its inside shape as,well,describing size volume direction,change and so on,next we have negative space this is the,shape and the contour of the empty area,that describes the edges of your subject,you can have empty space inside your,drawing,as well as on the outside of your,drawing,our next term is atmosphere it's the,result of,particles that are suspended in your,environment,and they assist you in helping determine,the size,and the distance of subjects in your,composition,it works like this the dirt,and dust and water vapor,and all the other things that float in,the air,are between your eyes and the subjects,that you're looking at,the further away the subject is from,your eyes,the more particles are suspended in the,air and your vision is,being blocked from that subject so,you're looking,through them sort of diffused,the way we draw this is as,our subjects get further and further,away,we draw them lighter and lighter and,with,less and less detail this gives you the,illusion of distance,and size the next term i want to talk,about,is abstract this is one that people,use wrong all the time it just means,that it's a distortion of your,composition,it's been aesthetically altered,for style or effect but you can still,tell,what it's a picture of an example of,this would be,like cartoons the flintstones look,nothing like,real prehistoric people but we accept,that,this is what they represent this is,considered to be an abstraction,when you simplify shapes or alter them,or leave some things out or move some,things around,all of these could be considered,abstract,the next term is volume this,describes the shape and the size of,the room that your subject takes up on,the page,you establish volumes in different,parts of your picture as a way of,comparing,sizes and shapes and distances from each,other,i'll be giving some clearer examples of,this,in the next video you'll get a better,idea of,what this is talking about,next we have foreshortening this is,the illusion of a subject in your,drawing,coming right towards you or jumping,right off of the page,you'll find extreme examples of this in,comic book drawings with superheroes,the comic book artist uses,foreshortening,as a way to create a sense of movement,or action,drama,next i want to talk about perspective,this is a mathematical interpretation of,a subject creating,an illusion of occupying,three-dimensional space on a flat,page it's one of the tools that you can,use to create,foreshortening using practical geometry,and it's super fun i'm going to dedicate,an,entire video in this class on just how,to go about manipulating one two and,three-point perspective,next we have shading shading is,manipulating light and shadow around the,subject,to describe volume and contour in three,dimensions,the formal term for it is character,and we're going to talk about it more in,our next video,next we have blending this is creating a,soft transition of values where you,don't see the hard lines from your,pencil,you just have a very smooth soft,transition,you can get this by using your fingers,sometimes,rubbing your finger across the graphite,rather than using your pencil,then we have cast shadows cast shadows,are created by your,subject blocking light and casting an,eclipse of darkness that's only,illuminate

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Diga El Debil Fuerte Soy -PS. Chris Richards

Diga El Debil Fuerte Soy -PS. Chris Richards

que dios nos ha dado guau qué bueno que,usted esté acá vamos a titular el,mensaje de hoy diga el débil fuerte soy,diga el débil fuerte soy ahora para,nosotros como hombres,eso no hace sentido,porque nosotros como hombres desde que,somos niños estamos tratando de evitar,toda debilidad,desde niños desde kinder verdad tú y yo,estamos tratando de ver quién es el más,fuerte,y si no podemos nosotros mi papá es más,grande que el tuyo,sino de mi papá el más gordo el tuyo más,feo del tuyo pero siempre como hombres,en todo estamos siempre tratando de,competir y siempre queriendo hallar algo,en el cual somos más fuertes pero dios,nos dice que diga el débil fuerte soy,ahora el versículo del lema de este año,es filipenses 4 13 todos lo sabemos todo,lo puedo en cristo que me fortalece pero,muchos de nosotros sólo leemos esa,primera parte y nos emocionamos todo lo,puedo haber digan conmigo todo lo puedo,y nos emocionamos daba yo puedo yo puedo,pero si tú viniste este fin de semana,queriendo descubrir el campeón en ti te,equivocaste del lugar,porque no se trata del campeón que hay,dentro de ti de mí se trata del campeón,que es cristo,porque ves jesús nos dice hombres,tenemos que balancear con filipenses 4,13 jesús cuando nos habla en juan 15 5,nos dice yo soy la vid ustedes son las,ramas el que permanece en mí como yo en,el dará mucho fruto que está diciendo lo,que pasó y todo lo puedo en cristo no,está diciendo todo lo puedo en mi,habilidad en mis fuerzas dice entonces,el que permanece en mí si permanecemos,en jesús y él en nosotros daremos mucho,fruto y luego jesús hace esta,declaración,ay ay ay ay les va a señores a nuestro,ego dice separados de mí,no pueden ustedes hacer,nada separado de cristo tú y yo no,podemos hacer nada entonces este fin de,semana no venimos a descubrir el campeón,que hay en nosotros venimos a descubrir,el campeón que es cristo,cristo es nuestro campeón,es la habilidad de cristo operando en,nuestras vidas que nos transforma y que,nos da el poder y la habilidad la,capacidad de decir todo lo puedo pero,nunca podemos olvidar esa parte en,cristo todo lo puedo en cristo es en,cristo que puedo tener éxito en mi,trabajo en mi negocio es en cristo que,puedo tener éxito en mi matrimonio y el,en mi vida familiar es en cristo que,puedo tener éxito en las relaciones y en,los negocios y en el trabajo y en la,vida espiritual el éxito es en cristo,en cristo,supongo que como hombres a todos nos,fascinan las películas de héroes no las,de frozen como la de fran,bueno eso es otro asunto,pero bueno,nos gustan las películas de héroes y,cuántos han visto las películas de ayer,y en la historia de este hombre este,empresario llamado tony stark y tony,stark es muy exitoso en los negocios es,es muy inteligente pero él en su,personal él no es un superhéroe él no,puede volar él no puede atravesar muros,pero hace el este este,robot o traje en el cual él se mete y él,estando dentro de ese traje dentro de,ese robot donde de repente ahora si él,puede volar él puede atravesar muros él,él puede ver a resistir balas y bombas y,todo pero no es sencillo él es en ese,aparato que él ha creado,y tú y yo somos como tony stark destruyo,sin cristo somos sencillamente,pero tú y yo tenemos que llegar a,reconocerlo por eso dice diga el débil,fuerte soy de nuestra fuerza en cristo,es cuando tú y yo reconocemos la,debilidad humana que hay en nosotros y,cuando tú y yo reconocemos yo no puedo,pero cristo en mí él puede él puede en,su fuerza es su habilidad,jeremías dijo a señor mi dios tú con tu,gran fuerza y tu brazo poderoso has,hecho los cielos y la tierra para ti no,hay nada imposible,es la fuerza tiene que venir de dios,y la fuerza de dios no opera en la vida,de hombres orgullosos y soberbios,ves mientras tú y yo pensamos yo puedo y,yo lo puedo sacar adelante en mi familia,yo puedo sacar adelante mi negocio y yo,soy inteligente yo lo nos copamos con,una pared,pero cuando tú y yo reconocemos nuestra,debilidad que decimos venimos y decimos,dios yo tengo que depender de,yo no soy un buen esposo en mí mismo yo,necesito que tú seas un buen esposo en,mí y yo no soy tan inteligente para,dirigir mi negocio dios yo necesito tu,inteligencia yo necesito tu sabiduría,para dirigir mi negocio y yo necesito de,estudios en mi vida y cuando llegamos a,ese punto que doblamos rodilla y,reconocemos que necesitamos requerimos,del poder de cristo en nuestras vidas es,cuando él se hace presente,es cuando tú y yo podemos decir todo lo,puedo en cristo que me fortalece saben,josué josué tuvo que llegar a entender,eso josué originalmente en la biblia el,nombre que su papá le dio no fue josué,el nombre que su padre le dio era óseas,que lo encontramos en números 13 16,apúntenlo para que no digan que el,pastor se lo inventó su nombre que sus,papás le habían dado era óseas que,significa salvación,salvación pero moisés entendía este,concepto de nuestra dependencia en dios,y entonces moisés le cambia el nombre y,le pone en desde óseas salvación le pone,josué que significa el

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