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'Russian goals have changed and are contradictory' | Richard Spencerlet's go to ukraine now russia h

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

'Russian goals have changed and are contradictory' | Richard Spencer

let's go to ukraine now russia has,admitted for the first time that 115,national guardsmen were sacked for,refusing to fight in ukraine meanwhile,ukraine has said that fighting eastern,donbass region has reached its fiercest,level yet well we can go live to the,donbass region now which is spencer's at,the time he's correspondent there hi,richard,hi uh get paid a picture for us what's,it like where you are,uh well where i am at the moment is uh,is is actually quite quiet um otherwise,i wouldn't be speaking to you i think,but uh just uh in the next town a main,town out from here you use the start of,this uh uh this pocket that's gradually,being surrounded by uh russian troops um,they they're coming in to try and cut,the road to this city of siberia donetsk,just north east of here,that is their immediate and main target,it seems at this stage of the war uh,that that road is heavily contested,and uh shutting uh from both sides,apparently uh though the ukrainian side,still claims to be in control of it,uh president silence accused russia of,genocide in the donbass and said that uh,putin wants to uh turn it to ash i mean,is this where the the,we're seeing a sort of escalation there,yeah so that i mean this is the rhetoric,what what the uh the the the fact on the,ground is that you know since the,uh attack on kiev failed and since the,um withdrawal of forces from kharkiv the,second city uh about a month ago um two,months ago in the case of the withdrawal,from kiev the russians have basically,been,concentrating all their resources on,capturing these two uh,sort of breakaway republics if you like,uh donetsk and lahansk um they now uh,the you know the bits of it that weren't,already under their control if if they,can claim the city several donetsk and,the the pocket of ukrainian territory,around it then they would have completed,the capture of luhansk uh they'll still,be part of the nets because they don't,have under their control uh no one as,you know the the russian goals have,stated goals have changed and been so,contradictory that no one's quite clear,what uh putin is after but one,strong theory is that he wants to,complete the capture of these two,breakaway provinces,as we all,revert to them as donetsk and uh lehan's,collectively known as the donbass uh,he's already of course captured this,broad swathe of territory along the,black sea coast to crimea and the,assumptions that will do for him for now,um and he will then you know try and,encourage some sort of cease-fire or,interim deal so that he can hang on to,those boris johnson's been talking uh,sort of along those lines this morning,let's just take a listen which is what,uh bob johnson was saying to bloomberg,earlier,how can you deal how can you deal with a,crocodile uh when it's in the middle of,eating your left leg uh you know what's,what's the negotiation,and that is what putin is doing and any,kind of,he will try to freeze the conflict he,will try and call for a ceasefire,we desperately need it to end uh we,don't the world needs it to end but the,the the one way that it can end,is for,putin to,accept that uh let us say that,the de-nazification of ukraine has taken,place,and that he's able to withdraw with,dignity and honour,which is some people listen to that,we'll wonder if if if allowing putin to,withdraw with dignity and honor honour,is quite the right right approach,i mean i hear a lot of,talk from you know capitals along,various lines about what to do with,putin and what to negotiate over and,what negotiating strategy the ukrainians,should or should not be encouraged to a,lot of it seems rather far from reality,i mean why on earth would putin withdraw,from ukraine i mean,dignity or without dignity he's winning,i mean he's he's not winning in the,sense that we originally thought he you,know you know his goals were in terms of,taking kiev uh taking control of ukraine,establishing a russian-friendly,government but he's uh,you know he's taken a large swathe of,territory in the south he's taken uh,he's made advances in in this donbass,region uh he's he's got you know the,other little pockets of territory along,the russian border to the northeast,um,you know,what what are we what are we or anybody,else offering him in return for,withdrawal i mean this is what he wants,so why would he withdraw,i don't quite understand what uh any of,uh any uh of these discussions are about,um,you know there are there are as i see it,i mean it would say peter might you know,have a have you know you know succumbed,to pressure on of sanctions and so on,and decides he wants to,you know,re-re-establish russia in the community,of nations et cetera et cetera et cetera,there's all those nice sounding phrases,people talk about there's no sign of,that,uh i think you know there are two,options here either you make a ceasefire,now uh when russia has achieved you know,some of its goals and uh just you know,say we have to accept that which is what,valencia says he won't do or you have to,

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Alt-Right's Richard Spencer Praises Donald Trump After Charlottesville | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Alt-Right's Richard Spencer Praises Donald Trump After Charlottesville | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

day 207 of the trump administration,and today when the african-american ceo,of merck pharmaceuticals resigned from,the president's,manufacturing council it took the,president,54 minutes to attack him on twitter,now to the reason why the merck ceo,resigned,it took the president two days to,criticize the presence of,neo-nazis and white supremacists on the,streets in our country,which this weekend resulted in,charlottesville in a loss of life,and tonight after a grim weekend for the,american presidency,the president of the united states is,back at trump tower you're looking at a,live picture,and in part because of what happened,this weekend the crowds,are large and loud in midtown manhattan,about five blocks from here,we have for you tonight a look at the,president's comments,just after 3 30 p.m on saturday,afternoon,and then over 45 hours later today back,at the white house,we condemn in the strongest possible,terms,this egregious display of hatred bigotry,and violence on many sides on many sides,racism is evil and those who cause,violence in its name are criminals and,thugs,including the kkk neo-nazis,white supremacists and other hate groups,that are repugnant to everything we hold,dear as americans,we are starting to learn what was going,on behind the scenes during those 45,intervening hours associated press,correspondent jonathan lemire who will,join us here momentarily reports,loath to appear to would be admitting a,mistake trump was reluctant to adjust,his remarks,the president expressed anger to those,close to him about,what he perceived as the media's unfair,assessment of his remarks,believing he had effectively denounced,all forms of bigotry,several of trump's senior advisers,including new chief of staff john kelly,had urged him to make a more specific,condemnation,warning that the negative story would,not go away and that the rising tide of,criticism,from fellow republicans on capitol hill,could endanger his legislative agenda,according to two white house officials,and the president,is still blaming the media writing this,on twitter tonight,made additional remarks on,charlottesville and realized once again,that the fake news media will never be,satisfied,truly bad people put another way his,statement today was to satisfy,the news media not to satisfy americans,that what we saw in charlottesville this,weekend does not define who we are,it did seem to define the alt-right,though the grab bag of,nationalist causes and then some,represented in the,tiki torch march on the uva campus,friday night,another story from the ap tonight,carries the headline,white nationalist charlottesville just a,beginning,it quotes a leader of the movement named,matthew heimbach as saying,we're going to be more active than ever,before,richard spencer a prominent member of,the alt-right held a press conference,today,said the following about the president,we saw on donald trump,someone who wasn't a conservative donald,trump never talked about,tax or at least during the campaign he,never talked about tax cuts he never,talked about all these,you know he was not all this just kind,of conservative garbage,that we've been hearing for years he,talked about immigration first and,foremost he was a nationalist,he used phrases like america first all,donald trump is not all right donald,trump is not an identitarian,but we were connected with donald trump,on this kind of psychic level,where donald trump was a nationalist he,was the first,true authentic nationalist in my,lifetime,that was from this afternoon there is,also this tonight the latest daily,tracking numbers from gallup show,this could be indeed hurting the,president's job approval rating,this is a poll mind you taken from,friday to sunday,showing president trump at a new record,low of 34 percent,after all that let's bring in our lead,off panel tonight as we mentioned,white house reporter for the associated,press jonathan lemire whose,voice you heard last week peppering the,president with questions at bedminster,he was also on hand for the president's,remarks saturday,and today at the white house former u.s,congressman harold ford democrat of,tennessee now an msnbc political analyst,and with us from washington,charlottesville native,anita kumar also a uva grad more on that,in a bit,white house correspondent for mcclatchy,newspapers,welcome to you all jonathan i'd like to,begin with you you are neither the,president's,apologist nor therapist but this will,call for all your donald trump knowledge,what in his psyche um prevents him from,going out,to make this right for two days um,resist calling out nazis alt-right,white supremacists white nationalists,and forces him to ad-lib on many sides,the part of his remarks that,caused the most trouble president trump,is never one,to acknowledge a mistake it is very rare,that he accepts responsibility it is,very,rare that he wants to publicly second,guess himself or seem like he is caving,to public pressure,he is susceptible to flattery these ar

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Richard Spencer's Alt Right Group is Due for “Implosion," Says Ex Business Partner | NBC Left Field

Richard Spencer's Alt Right Group is Due for “Implosion," Says Ex Business Partner | NBC Left Field

What does the term alt-right mean to anyone?,I mean its the most amorphous, chaotic, political term that there is.,I hereby resign,,effective immediately, from the AltRight Corporation that I cofounded.,What's it like at the top levels of the so called alt-right?,That catchall group that blends racism, white nationalism, and,an obsession with white identity.,I've known about Jason Jorjani for a while.,He used to be the editor-in-chief of Arktos:,a publishing house based in Europe that publishes alt-right and far-right books.,Jorjani founded this thing called the AltRight Corporation.,Just basically what it sounds like, a corporation legally registered,in the State of Virginia, that brings together global factions of the alt-right.,His co-founder was Richard Spencer,,who is probably the face of white nationalism in America.,Most people know about him as a leader of the Unite the Right Rally in,Charlottesville.,So in January,,Jason announces the launch of a corporation at this alt-right get together,in Sweden.,I'm referring to a development that was catalyzed by the rise of Trump.,Jorjani and Spencer meet up.,Richard had We had some pretty intense lunch meetings.,They get some press coverage, they take a celebratory selfie.,Yes we were trying to develop a more global movement.,And link it up to the wave of populist energy in the United States.,What were your bigger goals?,To use a corporate structure in order to develop a new sociopolitical order.,He's always been a kind of behind the scenes guy, but,in August I found out that he was resigning from the AltRight Corporation,,so I got in touch, and,asked if he would speak to me.,Really, I wanted to know about what the AltRight Corporation became,,or didn't become, in its first year.,You launched in January, the AltRight Corporation, there was this kind of hype,about it, there was talk about it online and what it was gonna be.,I'm just wondering if anything actually came of that.,It's been reduced, basically to a platform for,organizing alt-right rallies attended by some very,questionable individuals who I want not very much to do with.,Do you feel like the AltRight Corporation has been a success?,No. I'd call the AltRight,Corporation a miscarriage.,Mm-hmm.,Why?,It's not what it was supposed to be.,I'm not sure that it ever appealed to anyone mainstream.,Mm-hm.,And in terms of its major goal, which was to,create a new sociopolitical structure by corporate means,,it's been a total failure. And the reason for,that is that its a start up capital never arrived.,The thing that's really clear is that Jorjani is not offering,a mea culpa. He hasn't had "a come to Jesus" moment or,even renounced his alt-rightness. He just says that,increasingly Richard Spencer's vision of white nationalism for white Americans,differed from his vision, which is for a global aryan world order.,If I had known that this is where things would wind up,,I would never have gotten involved in the first place.,The vision of the Indo-European world that I had is one where there's a new Persian empire.,Is where greater Iran is reconstituted and,encompasses a lot of what we now call the core of the Islamic world.,In September,,a British anti-extremism group called "Hope Not Hate," released some footage of Jorjani.,It comes from an undercover researcher who spent a year infiltrating the alt-right.,It isn't flattering.,We will have Europe, in 2050 where the banknotes have,Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great.,And Hitler will be seen like that.,Like Napoleon, like Alexander.,Not like some weird monster, who is unique, who,unique in his own category.,No, he's going to be seen as a great European leader.,Jason says the video is taken out of context, edited to make him look bad.,He says he was describing a dystopia, a worst case scenario.,"Hope not Hate," the British group wouldn't show me the unedited footage but,But it says this excerpt was not taken out of context.,What strikes me about your resignation letter is that actually,,you don't really disavow Richard Spencer's politics or his ideology?,Certainly, I reject white nationalism.,I thinks it's a bankrupt ideology and extremely destructive.,After many hours with Jason our conversation took a turn.,We started talking about magic, and,the supernatural, and how those things impact his politics.,So mysticism is real?,Telepathy is real?,The supernatural is only mysterious because it's not comprehended by our,current scientific paradigm.,I'd say it's atrophied in us.,Because we've become so reliant on technology.,Would you talk about these subjects with Richard Spencer,when you were hashing out your political views?,Yes.,I found Richard actually quite open to the paranormal.,I'd like to invite Jason Jorjani to the stage.,So I began researching his work, and,I went down into the most amazing rabbit hole I had been for some time,,of Psychological theories and spectral theories and telekinesis and it was wild.,When he say he sha

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Donbas victory is Putin's 'unconditional priority' | Richard Spencer in Ukraine

Donbas victory is Putin's 'unconditional priority' | Richard Spencer in Ukraine

think he's trying to regenerate some of,the enthusiasm for them for for that,point,now that the russia the war isn't going,so well in the east and south they,haven't managed to recapture the,ukrainians any of the,southern band of territory that the,russians took russia's foreign minister,sergey lavrov has said the russian,takeover of ukraine's donbass region is,an unconditional priority for moscow,indicating that the russians have no,intention of withdrawing anytime soon,richard spencer is the times reporter in,ukraine he's currently in dinipro in,central ukraine but he's been in the,donbass over the past week and we can,talk to him now hello richard,hello,um really good to have you with us i,know you've been in the donbass which is,now the focus of some pretty ferocious,uh fighting what was it like when you,were there,yeah no a lot of a lot of um unease uh,in the towns uh,there uh some civilians still living in,the towns actually in this pocket of,territory that's almost surrounded by,the russians in in the far east in in,this luhansk uh province which is you,know one half of the john bass uh lots,of um lots of fighting going on all the,fronts all around there uh lots of,pushing and and shoving on in in either,direction ukrainians pushing in you know,one sector and then the russians pushing,back in another sector uh huge amounts,of artillery the russians are bringing,to bear they haven't they have you know,that's that's the one area where they,have uh big superiority over the um over,the ukrainians and uh you know we felt,that uh yesterday we uh we were in a,town that came under shell fire um in in,that pocket of uh almost surrounded,territory um,sheld going overhead um,the locals,is strangely unconcerned but the,ukrainian soldiers are really getting a,heavy uh heavy taste of that,yeah and we're hearing about heavy loss,of life on on both sides in that region,yeah the uh the the,uh we're a little bit unsure on on the,numbers uh on either the russian side,and the ukrainian side uh we know that,there was obviously a heavy loss of,russian life earlier in the conflict,when they made those,those unsuccessful pushes in the north,of the country and really became a,cropper around kiev uh they've also been,pushed back from khaki but they are,making advances in in in the east and as,i say the the the weight of utilitarian,artillery against the ukrainian side it,means that there are,undoubtedly heavy losses on the,ukrainian side too,well president zielenski was out touring,kharkiv yesterday his first public,appearance outside the ukrainian capital,kiev since the start of russia's,invasion um tell us a bit more about,this,yeah so uh i think he's trying to sort,of boost morale he knows that uh you,know after you know there was,off the initial russian invasion there,was they they you know the russians were,held up around kiev and there was a lot,of uh enthusiasm in ukraine for the fact,that the the ukrainian army had managed,to to hold up that massive russian,column uh around kiev uh,and i think he's trying to regenerate,some of the enthusiasm for them for for,that point,now that the russia the war isn't going,so well in the east and south they,haven't managed to recapture the,ukrainians any of the,southern band of territory that the,russians took any any significant,advances there for the russian for the,ukrainians and they are they are losing,grounds slowly but surely uh up up to,this point in the donbass,so the kharkiv area is is another area,where the ukraines have had some success,they it was it's the second city it's a,very big city a couple of million uh,population at the best uh you know,outside wartime uh it was almost,surrounded uh it all,you know it uh was being heavily shelled,by um by the the russians uh lots of,civilian casualties there,and then the ukrainians did manage to,push the russian army back from the edge,of the city,back beyond the ring road back towards,the russian border which is only about,20 miles away uh so i think zolensky,wanted to mark that success and say look,here we here's another area where we we,have been winning a little bit,um so that's a that that's a kind of a,morale boost i think for some ukrainians,who are starting to have doubts about,whether the ukrainians really can be,successful in this war

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Controversial Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer To Speak At Texas A&M | MSNBC

Controversial Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer To Speak At Texas A&M | MSNBC

well tonight Richard Spencer will speak,at Texas A&M University after receiving,an invitation from a former student at,the University you might be saying who,is Richard Spencer well here we go last,month,Spencer ignited controversy when what he,calls his white nationalist group,converged on Washington DC his speech,received cheers from supporters who were,seen giving that salute you see on the,screen there Texas A&M released a,statement on Spencer's attendance saying,to be clear Texas A&M University,including faculty staff students and/or,student groups do not it did not invite,their speaker this speaker to our campus,nor do we endorse his rhetoric in any,way in fact our leadership finds his,views as expressed to date in direct,conflict with our core values while,tonight members of campus are holding a,counter event it's called Aggies United,bringing together students alumni and,faculty against quote hatred and,intolerance and joining me the co-host,of tonight's event Texas A&M student,body president Hannah Wimberly and one,of tonight's speakers host and managing,editor of news one now Roland Martin,who's also if you do not know this I,will make it clear an alumni of Texas,A&M thank you so much for joining us,Hannah let me start off with you you're,all stopping right I got my TV start,just blocks away from where you are,right now Hannah let's start with you,here Richard Spencer invited there by a,former student of the University the,University not backing this when you,heard the news that this guy who refers,himself as a white nationalist we have,this title of alright when I started out,reporting thirty years ago this was,called white supremacist with that said,we know the message that he wants to,convey there how did that make you feel,I was just honestly distraught and and,students immediately started reaching,out to me and expressing how upset they,were that someone would come on at our,campus and spread these views that,directly contradict everything that we,stand for at Texas A&M it was it was a,sad realization most certainly so Roland,let's put this in a larger perspective a,lot of universities have been criticized,for not wanting divergent views,Condoleezza Rice for example a universe,city not far from here Rutgers did not,want her to give the commencement speech,that these universities have become so,safe zone II that a view that is counter,to everything you may believe is kept,out does that apply in this case should,he have a platform to speak no doesn't,apply first and foremost remember when,companies arise that was supposed to,objecting to her politics and that made,no sense to me and so I felt that,protest was ridiculous,this is somebody was advocating white,supremacy now look you know we discussed,I interviewed Richard Spencer on TV one,his views are absolutely abhorrent but,see here's here's why this is critical,what he is saying frankly it's very,overt but then you have those folks who,hold views like Richard Spencer that are,covert individuals who go on to hire,individuals who go on to fire and so we,must actually confront that because,that's a fundamental problem and you,know during the primary we saw 50% of,Donald Trump supporters who make,comments such as 50% of,african-americans are lazy in criminals,their thoughts about LGBT thoughts about,Muslims but also you had folks who,Hillary Clinton supporters who also had,racist views as well the point that we,have to confront is what are these these,personal views that we have and how do,they impact our society that's why I was,willing to come down students reached,out to me to come down to be a part of,is to say that's not who we are,let me play a little bit of Rowland's,interview with Spencer this is what he,had to say on slavery let's play that,the white people ultimately don't need,other races in order to succeed in order,to be ourselves absolutely not,so how do you think America became the,greatest economic nation without not,through black people it wasn't it was it,wasn't because of free labor look the,whole point here is that who creates,these systems who creates these business,models and businesses yes it was a,business model yeah so Berlin and some,might say why not in hand I'll ask you,why not attend this forum with Richard,Spencer hear what he has to,say and counter him there in a,non-violent obviously nonviolent way,rather than having something away from,him I think that attending this event,allows people to normalize the rhetoric,that he's espousing and I don't think we,should be normalizing what he's saying,what he says we should not stand for and,attending that is somewhat consenting to,allowing that to become more normalized,within our society this is also,challenging tamron challenging other,students to go beyond their boundaries,Jim Wallace has his new book and he,talks about that how we must confront,the issue of race in this country and so,one of the things that I'm going to talk,about tonight is to move students to say,go o

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Are Russian troops solely focused on Donbas now? | Richard Spencer

Are Russian troops solely focused on Donbas now? | Richard Spencer

at the end of the day the war will come,to an end one way and another the,chances are putin will still be in place,and that will be,at the end of the war will be um,done through negotiations and some sort,of ceasefire now only diplomacy can end,the war in ukraine that was a message,from president vladimir zelinsky in a,national tv address last night there's,been heavy fighting as russian forces,step up their efforts to seize the whole,of the against region let's speak to the,times correspondent richard spencer,who's in dinipro this morning hi richard,good morning hello tell us more about,what president silence has been saying,i mean it's interesting that particular,line from his speech has been picked up,the idea that you know there'll be no uh,piece without negotiations i think,uh that's a line he's been i mean that's,the line he's always had before and he,was elected originally on a um,on a ticket of coming to terms with the,russians three years ago um obviously,didn't quite work out and um i think,what he's saying i think he's sending a,message there to countries like,france and germany who um have been,supporting ukraine but,not wholeheartedly and you know with a,lot of murmurings in that country that,he's been too antagonistic to moscow and,that,at the end of the day you know russia,and europe have to get on together,european union have to get on together,and,don't think that putin will fall and,therefore you know he has to be given,some sort of uh honorable way out of,this,uh,slightly chaotic uh invasion that he's,conducted into ukraine um but he's also,said in the same speech you know there,will be no compromises there will be no,um,giving away of ukrainian territory in,order in in,in order to make peace so i don't think,um the the fundamentals of his position,have changed,is it an impossible request richard,uh sorry whose request uh,to uh say that um uh say that talks,needs to end the war that there's a,place for diplomacy here uh we're,obviously talking about,involving russia led by a president who,is,who is beyond compromise sometimes so i,understand why he's calling for this but,is it but is it an impossible request,i mean i think at the end of the day uh,the war will come to an end one way and,another the chances are putin will still,be in place and and that will be,at the end of the war will be um,done through negotiations and some sort,of ceasefire the question is really i,think for,um ukraine and zielinski is i'm sure the,russians would you know quite like at,some point to work towards a ceasefire,with um you know as much of,ukrainian territory under their control,as they can hold on to having,seized quite large amounts of it you,know they haven't taken,kiev and kharkiv the two biggest cities,we as we know but they still have a,large swathe of territory in the south,um,so i think a lot depends on whether uh,you know the ukrainians can um,push uh the russians back in those areas,uh and whether therefore they can you,know have a peace,or at least a ceasefire on their terms,um,the indications are from from zielinski,is that you know he does need to um,achieve that um,unless he unless you know there are,sudden reverses,now and the russians started taking more,territory again,are all russian troops really now,centered around that eastern donbass,area is that where the concentration of,them is,no um i mean there's a slight,misunderstanding here i think um,i i wrote a piece in the times about,this yesterday um that's where the the,offensive is and that's where the um,that's where they are currently trying,trying to make ground but they still,have troops all along this southern zone,across the south of ukraine along the,black sea coast,uh they've taken these major cities like,mario paul malitapol,and kurta and the biggest city they've,taken,just to the northwest of the crimea,and they have troops defending a front,line all the way along there as well,where there is also fighting not the,same extent as in the far east uh so the,question is you know they they they are,embedded there they're dug in in,trenches and they're exerting control,over these big,uh ukrainian cities so um you know,that's that poses very big questions for,everyone involved in this conflict yeah,i'm just having a look at your piece now,with some marvelous photography in there,um also where you,look at the battle to reach the black,sea there's been plenty of discussions,about the stranglehold really on that,black sea area and,the issue of trying to get um trying to,get grain out of the country and the,supply line,is there any movement uh on that at all,as uh ukraine tries to,tries to keep those chains of supply,open,yeah there's this is a very uh,interesting topic because,um of course um,ukraine,is is such a large grain exporter that's,going to provide you know this war is,going to make such a,a big dent in food supplies to to the,rest of the world and a lot of people,very worried about that and a lot of the,price rises we're seeing

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Richard Spencer Prepares For His Alt-Right Rally (HBO)

Richard Spencer Prepares For His Alt-Right Rally (HBO)

last month video from a white,nationalist conference in DC went viral,Heil Trump handle our people hail,victory the clip got more than 40,million views the event was organized by,Richard Spencer one of the spokespeople,for the so called alt right which now,has allies as high up as Trump's chief,strategist Steve Bannon le rêve met up,with spencer to find out what the,alt-right movement really is it's the,night before the big conference like a,counterinsurgency and Richard Spencer is,planning an escape for about a hundred,out writers because protesters have,crashed their dinner party basically,this just mob of smelly disgusting,freaks just comes I mean you can still,smell them right now you can still smell,them they start coming up the stairs and,they're chanting you know die fascist,dude Stalingrad again I can't even know,any of their stupid stuff the one guy,sprayed me so I had some skunk,it's like shits liquid yeah so I had to,take off my shirt and now I look a bit,like Popeye but where I don't know maybe,if it's good luck all right I usually go,out and like wave to them when they do,these things just to show that I don't,give a about them and they're,stupid,you know whatever their base their whole,a life is based on feet,since Donald Trump's election the media,has been obsessed with the so-called,alt-right movement the alt-right is,growing the alt-right is real the,alt-right is not going anywhere and the,alt-right is going to change the world,a lot of that obsession has been,directed at Spencer since he's one of,the only people in the outright to show,his real face and use his real name even,has a real think-tank the National,Policy Institute even though it's run,out of his apartment who are you NPI,argues against multiculturalism and for,increasing the political and cultural,power of white people we aren't just,white white is a checkbox on a census,form we are part of the people's history,spirit of civilization of Europe are we,ready to become who we are when people,talk about the alt-right,they're talking about an online culture,that evolved on sites like 4chan and,reddit where young men share,self-deprecating jokes about being,virgins and trade offensive memes I,think all right was beat out as as the,word of the year by sub I post,truthiness but it just Spencer is,conference to less than 300 people this,year which leaves the question is the,alt-right really a rising political,movement or is it just a bunch of kids,messing around online we met up with him,on a windy afternoon by the Lincoln,Memorial together for warmth I guess do,you think the alt-right is real what,does that mean is it mostly a mirage out,of like a lot of Twitter BOTS what we've,been able to do is leverage ourselves,because of the power of our ideas we're,the ones people want to talk to we're,the ones people fear and that shows our,power do you really think that it's real,yes you have Steve Bennett's here can,you call him on the phone,no the only connection between Bannon,and Spencer is that they shook hands,once at a party we memed all right into,existence and it's now almost a,household name these memers often call,each other neck beards slang for,socially inept guys who spend a lot of,time online,and not enough on grooming do you ever,feel like 10,000 neckbeards are living,vicariously through you I've never,thought about it that way look yeah,because because this is a radical,movement not everyone can be open not,everyone's willing to do that and I,totally understand why so if they want,to see me as a representative great I,don't see what's wrong with that but but,the people who created like the texts of,the art right our teenagers on 4chan who,trolled themselves into believing,anti-semitic stuff do you know what's,interesting is that there I have,actually met some kids from 4chan who,started reading anything critical of,race relations immigration Jewish,influence so on and they actually read,this stuff so that they control people,but after reading it they were actually,convinced by it but that again that is,demonstrates in a way that the truth,quality to it doesn't it just mean,they're too committed to a joke it,started out as a joke and then it became,real,but that's magic but it's like you can,call you again you can say oh it's all,fake it's not real it's the realest,thing there is you you you describe,you'll often like compliment the OLT,right but just use snarky language so I,kind of you know it's like I actually,agree with a lot of things you're saying,just not the tone and the snark I like,to troll the trolls any try harder yeah,come on,they're trolling I think you're a spit,it out you think I'm a fraud how is that,we you are you are exploiting hatred,that has always been around,we'll always be around and we've,repackaged it and you become the face of,it I would never say that Richard,Spencer has through rational,argumentation convinced millions of,Americans to vote for Donald Trump or,created the whole right to rationale I,a

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“We memed alt-right into existence”: Richard Spencer Extended Interview

“We memed alt-right into existence”: Richard Spencer Extended Interview

I mean if someone told me two years ago,that we would be here that we would have,these new words that I mean I think all,right was beat out as as the word of the,year by producing Post truthiness but it,just thanks do you think the,alright is a real what does that mean,well it's mostly an internet movement,yeah the 990s of your nonprofit,operating budget of less than a hundred,thousand dollars is it mostly a mirage,out of like a lot of Twitter vines a,characteristic thing about the alright,is that it is coming from the internet,and there are a lot of reasons for that,a I think just any new movement is going,to probably emerge from the internet and,you in 2016 now anyway,but we're going after big taboos people,have something to lose to the anonymity,has allowed many more people to write,and interact then you know we would have,otherwise if this movement work if a,similar movement were going on in the,1980s or 50s or whatever what we've been,able to do is leverage ourselves because,of the power of our ideas so in all,everything you just said I could flip,around and say yes you're right we don't,have a George Soros throwing money at us,yet we're the ones making a splash we're,the ones people want to talk to,we're the ones people fear and that,shows our power it's like you're right,in a way we don't there's no single,institution that has a building like the,Heritage Foundation or that receives you,know eight figure donations from these,big patrons I we will get there but the,fact that we make a huge splash the fact,that everyone wants to talk to us and,learn about us just shows our power well,but maybe everyone wants to talk to you,because you're flashy,and you like tweet pictures of ovens of,people and figured out how to manipulate,journalist fixation on Twitter that just,seems to be saying what I said just,you're using your like little kind of,snarky words like tweet pictures of,dozens or whatever yeah but it's like,yeah they want to see us because we're,flashy that means that's like we,understand PR we understand how to talk,manipulate journalists I guess I'm doing,that to you right now and you're like,yes I mean we have bold ideas that are,out of the mainstream and ppthere,they're just inherently exciting and,this is going to keep going even if,Donald Trump loss I think this interest,would have kept going but now that he's,won I mean it's going to be huge I we're,never going back if I were a a liberal,maybe what would make me so disappointed,is that my own ideology is so just stale,and lame that it's become a joke if you,want to talk about something you know,like oh you know I think we're just all,individuals and like everyone's great,and we should have like more rights and,like whatever that is the stupidest,I've ever heard in my life,that offends no one effectively you,could say that to the President of the,United States you can say that to anyone,else you're not challenging anything you,could say that to a financial bank you,could say that to the federal government,you can say that to the US military and,they are not going to disagree with you,and that shows how utterly lame,it is why it is a because it is old at,one point that actually challenged the,system at this point that liberalism and,just goofball rights will individuals,talk that is the system's ideology,you're not speaking truth to power right,you're like that is power speaking do,you ever feel like 10,000 neckbeards are,living vicariously through you uh I've,never thought about it that way,I look yet because because this is a,radical movement not everyone can be,open not everyone's willing to do that,and I totally understand why so if they,want to see me as a representative great,I don't see what's wrong with that you,you you describe you often like,compliment the OLT right but just use,snarky language so I actually agree with,a lot of things you're saying just not,the the tone and the snark well I like,to troll the troubles it's probably not,gonna work on me okay any try harder,yeah come on troll you want more troll,yeah come on look they're trolling I,think you're a spit it out you think I'm,a fraud right how is that let me tell,you the moment I was like you're,definitely a fraud it was when you you,fancy yourself as an intellectual right,but during that press conference you,mentioned the daily stormer which has,absolutely no pretense of,intellectualism it's pure thuggish news,from behind a computer just swastikas,and the most vile depictions of African,Americans I actually did initially route,but roared I actually did a mission to,do is the crowd cheered more than one of,the journalists did okay and they,cheered,they're just as happy to hear about Anja,England as they already hear about me,she or whatever it is you want to name,drop right like that's the driving force,is cruelty inhave not some like,highfalutin like philosophy okay,so that makes me a fraud how I don't,even understand I mean it's just like,people can have different interests

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