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RED TSUNAMI: Pollster Rich Baris Says The House Is LOST For Dems, Senate Is Dicierwell just a day be

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

RED TSUNAMI: Pollster Rich Baris Says The House Is LOST For Dems, Senate Is Dicier

well just a day before the 2022 midterm,election over 40 million people have,already cast their votes keeping Pace,with the record level of voter turnout,for the 2019 midterm elections,Republicans appear to be in the lead,with the polls indicating that the GOP,will flip the house where they only need,to net five seats and I bet they do a,lot better than that they could take,over the Senate as well which is,currently deadlocked at 50 50.,key Battleground States like Ohio,Pennsylvania Georgia and Arizona will,most likely determine the fate of,congress with voters focused mostly on,inflation and the overall state of the,economy joining us now to discuss is,data journalist and director of Big Data,poll Rich Barris welcome rich,thanks for having me it's good to be,here coming yes it's great to have you,so uh crystal ball us uh what's gonna,happen tomorrow,yeah you know I think the Senate,obviously though is a little bit more,questionable but I think it's a foregone,conclusion uh that the Republican party,will take the house uh the margin you,know I I think that it's a solid if you,know people low is 15 20 seats I think,that's on the low end I really do it's a,first term incumbent midterm and,although some of the polling does make,it look a little bit more competitive we,have seen this movie before and uh at,the end of the day some of the the,indicators that are really predictive,presidential approval rating the,direction of the country dissatisfaction,in general and the issue said,um you know historically tells us that,it's probably going to be a worse night,for house Democrats than than most,people uh want to admit at this point uh,maybe not but that's historically the,most likely scenario in the Senate there,are just a lot of uh a lot of states,where Democrats are on defense in some,of the areas where uh Republicans have,to hold some of our and others have,shown that it has gotten brighter for,Republicans as we got closer to this,election so again uh you know I'm,thinking that when I'm thinking we have,it as the most likely is around it's 52,seats it's possible if there is a you,know red tsunami whatever you want to,call it it could go higher but you know,elections they're funny like that they,all will be incumbents in the Senate,that we thought were done dead in the,water and they'll hold on and there'll,be others that we thought were,incredibly vulnerable and and uh you,know likely to be defeated and and or,the reverse you know that uh we thought,they would hold on but they don't and,they're defeated that's the nature of,midterm elections yeah it's a very very,interesting picture I I think I've,predicted that Nevada will go Republican,I think Pennsylvania will go Republican,uh then then you have Arizona where it's,a little dicier you have Georgia where,probably I suspect a runoff could come,into play and then I don't really know,what that looks like and then some,people are talking about New Hampshire,as well you were you were speaking of,New Hampshire before we started rolling,that's actually a race I think we've,covered Less on this show so why don't,you give us your quick take on that one,and so the way we poll as well but in,our modeling our our model does uh with,some of the polls uh we we do reduce the,weight for accuracy and the most,accurate poll in in New Hampshire is,saying and some college and they do have,the Republican Don Paul back up a point,uh but another poll that was released,just this morning had a sign up by a,point so we had it actually as leaning,Republicans or slightly it was slightly,Republican but now because of that it,probably will move back to coin toss the,fundamentals favorite bold act uh I mean,Hassan has a a major problem that Gene,chihin never had she was always,underwater on the question if you ask,voters in New Hampshire do you think,that she deserves re-election or not uh,Maggie Hassan always was a negative on,that question whereas Jean Shaheen who,had a tight race against Scott Brown uh,you know she basically uh you know it's,not overwhelming but she was always,positive maybe plus four plus five on,that question so in this environment,it's entirely possible that boldac uh,squeaks it out absolutely it's just you,know there are some of these states that,really are pure coin tosses in Nevada uh,that's another one I know a lot of,people make hay out of early voting,look I always tell people not to read,the early vote Tea Leaves we simply,don't know how those people voted the,early lead for Democrats in the early,vote is not as big as it has been in the,last couple election cycles and it,really comes down uh we've seen this,year after year in Nevada it really,comes down to that margin among,Independence uh Donald Trump won them by,about 13 or 14 points in 2016 but,Democrats hadn't had a turnout advantage,and it came up a little shy the last,Republican to win Statewide Dean Heller,he won them by uh 20 points 53-33 that,is what our polling and other polling is,suggesting lack sa

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Richard Baris, Host of "Inside the Numbers" & Director @ BigDataPoll meets FreeSpace @ CPAC 2022

Richard Baris, Host of "Inside the Numbers" & Director @ BigDataPoll meets FreeSpace @ CPAC 2022

foreign,space social I'm Kylie Jean and today I,am here with Rich Ferris rich thank you,so much for joining us today I'm happy,to be here Richard a very interesting,line of work it is it's full of numbers,lots of numbers it's full of standing,for facts and a lot of time,listen a little bit more about who you,are and what you do so I'm rich Barris,otherwise known as The People's pundit,I'm the director of Big Data poll and,everything she just said is 100 true,because no matter what you release no,matter what my polling says I'm always,going to make someone unhappy,it's just the nature of the game but you,try to be as like you said facts come,first and let the rest follow well,absolute to the side and opinion is what,is being pushed more than anything have,you how have you even seen that effects,line of work that you're doing yeah I,think that the major problem that my,industry has aside from we have,methodological problems how do you pull,how do you reach people but we also have,it's it's two problems we have ethical,problems and you have to learn how to,guard against your own bias everybody,when you're doing this polling you know,what you want it to say and you get and,posters should stop pretending like,they're not human beings so have their,own point of view yeah of course they do,I want someone to win I have a preferred,candidate right but the numbers got to,come first the record has to come first,and at that I'm not sure there are that,number is getting smaller and smaller,every day the number of people like may,you try to guard against bias well and,even with what we experienced in the,2020 election what you do is so pivotal,in being able to bring truth to some,results that may have not even been,truthful so how are you able to stand,and be able to speak on facts with,holding your opinion back in the way,that you said you know we have this,thing that we started in 2020 when I,thought that it was starting to get away,from everybody and it's the public,polling project and people who follow me,yeah they fund the poll so it's the,public uh it's amazing to the people,exactly so I and I know some will be,unhappy with some of those results you,know I know they were Trump supporters,who donated to the Michigan poll and,they were hoping to see him ahead and we,had it you know slightly divide in but,they respect you that you are doing at,least your best work absolutely it's,that presence of that media relationship,I think that tarnishes people's if,you're a pollster you're like dumped in,with their lot and people are,immediately skeptical and they think,you're dishonest,um so we took ourselves out of that but,we're trying you know and uh also,necessarily an easy task it's not and,sometimes there are biases that are not,conscious yeah you know and and uh,I you kind of have to be militant about,it in your own point of view am I really,reading this right is it me do I want it,to be absolutely well in being somebody,that is,your world revolves around numbers it,revolves around how numbers and facts go,together what do you think is one of the,backbone principles from your experience,in your line of work,okay that's a really good question all,right but the bottom line is uh you,can't have and if you're looking at,elections you cannot ask the electorate,to be something you want it to be you,have to let it speak to you yeah every,election the electorate looks different,so you can't make it in shape or wait we,call it waiting you can't wait it to,look the way you want it to look you,have to listen and they'll tell you,they'll tell you that's a really good,point even if just listening that's,right letting the truth come and speak,for itself so to somebody who numbers is,not their world and it feels a little,bit more foreign to them what would you,even say as some advice that can,translate from what you do into the,normal everyday person's life Yeah so,basically these things do matter because,politicians look to them right but uh,for those consumers out there especially,don't follow every single poll follow,the poll that you think is uh that that,uh that you think has a better track,record but also you know we're not gods,don't take everything we're saying as,gospel and uh you know take it with a,grain of salt and don't let it influence,your behavior yeah so these polls matter,they influence fundraising they,influence turnout you be true to,yourself you do what you were going to,do anyway and uh you know embarrass the,pollsters embarrassing there you go yeah,Rich where can people find more,information about who you are and about,everything that you're doing so the best,place to find me where everything's,aggregated is uh people's, and then those find,out all about the public polling project,there we're on every social but that,really is the aggregate area where you,know people can can come and check out,be part of a community of trying to,navigate the Sea of misinformation,together well and communication w

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The People's Pundit, Understanding Polling and Looking at the 2022 Mid-Terms with Rich Baris

The People's Pundit, Understanding Polling and Looking at the 2022 Mid-Terms with Rich Baris

this is the create your own life show,where we talk about things that matter,we're free thinkers and we don't believe,in participation trophies,we're not afraid and unapologetically,ourselves it's time to create your own,life,hey how's it going everybody jeremy here,it is,tuesday it is the 9th of august 2022,and this is your create your own life,show uh for those of you guys seeing the,video,uh we've been having a lot of fun,working on,studio backgrounds so right now um this,took a little bit it was actually wasn't,as hard as i thought it would be,putting up barn wood on the background,and uh,we uh took the foam off the back dropped,the back panel,we're thinking about putting up some,sort of uh,like a like a neon logo or something,like that i don't know yet we're gonna,we're gonna try some stuff but i like,the barn wood,um i think it's a significantly better,look i really really like it so we're,kind of working with some stuff here,we'll we'll see how it goes,and uh,i don't think we're bouncing any sound,either which is nice um since the rest,of the booth is padded,but we're kind of changing some things,um we also have uh a light in the back,now to kind of try and change some depth,and stuff,and we're working on some new stuff,because i'm learning a lot here as we're,going along um i'm learning that a two a,three light setup doesn't mean three,lights in front of you it means two,lights in front of you and one behind,you um adding distance between yourself,and the background so i'm playing with,some stuff here but i'm excited for the,episode that we have in store for you,guys today because frankly something,that i've always been a little bit,confused about,is the polling industry and that may be,presidential polls maybe opinion polls,i've been really really confused as to,to how that works so i reached out,to rich barris known as the people's,pundit,and i wanted to learn a lot more about,that because i find that,polling is interesting it's become,in some ways it's become propaganda,in other ways it's become extremely,useful,and,even in other ways it's changed,drastically,how information is collected so i think,it's it's interesting to kind of take a,look at those things and see where we're,at and this is even more relevant than,ever as actually when i was putting this,episode together it was actually last,tuesday which was the day of the arizona,primary and rich made some predictions,which ended up to be true which is quite,interesting,so you guys are really going to enjoy,this one and and learn a lot around,one of the questions i ask is you know,the republican party has become a big,tent,is that going to be something that,splits off right because you can only,have so many opinions go so many,different places so there's a lot of,really interesting parts of this,conversation,i hope you guys enjoy and i'm really,excited to share it with you before we,get to this episode i want to shout out,a couple great companies that made this,episode possible to our friends over at,my pillow who right now are offering up,to 66 off of select products,if you use my promo code which is cyol,over at up to 66 off of,select products,also,shout out to our friends over at audible,who right now are offering you a free,audiobook download a free month of their,service,um i am reading,washington by ken chertow um i got,through a few more hours of this one,over the weekend um really a really good,book,as i'm getting now towards the part of,the american revolution where the french,come and join,and uh you know become more of a uh,a sea power for the americans during,that point in time and i was doing this,while i was moving the hot tub outside i,used to be in a basement putting up this,new barn wood,and mowing the lawn too so that's you,know sunday was a busy day um so if you,want to grab that book or any other book,for free courtesy of audible just head,over to,jeremyreinstate.combook that is,,book also reminder if you have not yet,subscribed to the show be sure to do so,we've been growing by leaps and bounds,on rumble and also on youtube,so be sure to check us out over there,and uh apple podcasts and spotify as,well if that's where you choose to,listen,if you're listening apple podcast do me,a favor leave us a rating review that,does help more people to find out about,us and does help make a bigger impact,alright everyone without further ado,let's get into this conversation with,rich barris the people's pundit,hey what is up everybody jeremy here and,guys i'm i'm very excited for today's,episode um because you know as we've,talked about a lot in the show there's,media manipulation out there there's you,know things that are making you feel,like the world is a scary place and i,feel like once you get more knowledge,once you understand things more you,realize you know how much power you do,have as an individual,and our guest that we have today is,somebody that's going to help us to,understand the world of p

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Richard Baris interview

Richard Baris interview

when we come back after the break we'll,get into a discussion with a public,opinion poll stir one of the best in the,country,in fact heads has really the best track,record over the past several years and,that includes and that's Richard Baris,founder of people's pundit daily also,talks about various economic,publications and in areas of economic,interest so we'll talk to him about what,how all of this could impact President,Trump how there's a correlation between,the public policy response to the,pandemic and president Trump's,re-election these efforts to censor,independent dissident information via,cut the economic impact and the rest so,we asked you to come back after the,break and we ask you to go to our,sponsors website as where,you can still buy critical products that,you can enjoy for your own benefit,before they censor and suppress that to,come back after the break thank you,in a minute we'll be joined by Richard,Baris who's the you can find him at,people's pundit daily find him online,you can find them in social media you,can find them on Twitter without,question the most successful and most,accurate forecasts are in public opinion,polling in the past half decade,that's probably why many of you have,never heard of him because of his,success with accurate polling there's,been a suppression effort just like,there's a suppression effort right now,talking about Bill Gates or raising,questions about whether this policy,pandemic response is really the wisest,or Sage's policy response we could have,but right before we get to Richard let's,go into some of the charts just from,today and from recently that have been,disclosed so look at chart number one,which is one of the charge we'll be,discussing with Richard which talks,about in shows from the Fed talking,about showing how federal debt now far,exceeds the gross domestic product and,that's a chart that's only gonna get,worse in the coming weeks and months if,we go to chart number three we see the,CDC's provisional death count and it's,keeping track and what does it show it,shows our mortality rate has declined,not risen in the recent time period,we'll get compared to expectation now if,we go to chart number four we see the,where the models underestimated which is,the number of job losses that are taking,place in the economy if we go to chart,number five we see just one of the,states that the models got completely,wrong talking about this hospital over,capacity issue that led to the panicked,response of government shutting down,civil society in the economy an,estimated first it was estimated 90,000,then was gonna be 75,000 60,000 now it's,gonna be 17,000 within a few weeks the,similar if we go to chart number six in,California we see again that they admit,that their projection numbers were off,by a ratio of more than two to one,compared to what they expected let's go,to chart number seven and here we have,the weekly provisional figures on death,and mortality rates in England and Wales,and if we go over to the March twentieth,one we'll see that the total deaths have,barely increased over what was expected,given comparable time periods in the,past this suggests there has not been,a plague-like surge in mortality across,the western world used as the pretext to,justify this economic shutdown in civil,society suppression if we go to chart,number eight Alabama was supposed to be,a disaster by now instead it's about one,twentieth of what they expected to be,the case if we go to chart number nine,and by the way all these models were the,models done by these those associated,with Bill Gates backed by Bill Gates and,sold to the White House and President,Trump is what was going to happen unless,he shut down the economy and allowed the,government lockdowns to go in place we,go to chart number nine in Colorado we,see again the estimates were off by,almost a ratio of 20x if we go to chart,number ten we see in Washington,similarly the chart numbers were off by,a very large number go to chart number,eleven Louisiana was supposed to be a,complete disaster turned out to be,mostly limited to New Orleans and,related to Mardi Gras and the numbers,were off by a ratio of about twenty to,one so that's the reality of sort of,what we're facing and dealing with while,at the same time the economic news,continues to decline and the economic,news continues to expose a wide range of,problems now there's another issue,that's gonna happen as the death rates,get reported is that essentially if,you're a hospital administrator the best,way for you to get federal funding is,for you to list a death as being caused,by coronavirus even if it doesn't fit,the medical definition or legal,definition for cause of death as this,article talks about in modern health,care tracking kovat nineteen hospital,expenses is important for federal,funding as he as an article from CNN,admitted the Trump administration will,reimburse hospitals for treating,uninsured coronavirus patients using,stimulus fu

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Is Polling Reliable Anymore?

Is Polling Reliable Anymore?

our next speaker is richard barres,he's the director of the survey research,company big data poll,he's also known as the people's pundit,and he's the host of a video podcast,inside the numbers with the people's,pundit,he's regarded as a pioneer in the field,of digital polling methods if he watches,show,you know that he's an outspoken critic,of the modern polling industry,he believes that median media and,university pollsters have failed to,adjust their methods to the modern era,of polling and as a result he says,they've,lost the public trust and damaged the,polling industry,his polling in election forecasting,became widely known during the 2016,election when his company produced some,of the most accurate,results in 2020 he was hired by the epic,times as their chief pollster,and he's also the founder of the public,polling project,the first survey in the u.s to be,sponsored solely by the public,his accurate polling has earned him the,praise of tucker carlson and the new,york post among many others,what all that means is that he's well,equipped to address,the topic is polling reliable anymore,please welcome richard barris,a little bit of a here all right,yeah first thanks uh i'm happy to be,here but you know i want to thank a few,people for that doug jeffrey of course,tim kaspar,matt bell,and uh dr larry yarn you know i'm really,excited to be here to talk about this,today hillsdale has always been for,years this beacon of truth for those who,are looking for truth and what is a sea,of misinformation that we have to,navigate in america these days,polling,is now a source of that misinformation,and for those of us who got into this,because we love the industry because we,believed in george gallup's vision which,is that it was a self-governing society,pollsters can serve a really,sound role in guiding lawmakers and,telling them what you all think,inmate and helping them to make the,right decision doesn't mean because the,public wants something it's necessarily,the best policy,but you should take it into,consideration if you plan to transform,the society into something it's not,and that just doesn't happen anymore and,polling's been used as a weapon,and that's unfortunate,so anyway i'm glad to be able to talk,here in front of hillsdale today when i,got this topic i thought you know i'm,going to go into people's pundit mode,and i'm going to get all the polls up,and show you the worst posters of 2020.,and for those who watch the show that's,my spiel on big on graphics and data,but i started to think about this and i,was thinking about the question itself,and i realized i don't think i ever,thought this i don't think i thought it,before,is polling reliable anymore,that's why i'm a pollster,i could have been something completely,different,i've always studied math and politics,that's what i studied in college,but,i tended to want to use my mind my math,mind for financial,services,but i'm a nerd i'm a data nerd so i'm,looking at all these people you know the,cook politico report uh larry sabato and,his crystal ball right,and of course the one that's,unmentionable on our podcast but i will,mention today 5 38.,and i'm thinking because i'm a nerd i'm,just going to play and i'm going to see,if i can do this better than they can,math is math it's the same thing i knew,pollsters,i watched them,and it became very clear very quick,that something was awry,it can't simply be,that they're this bad at their job,i thought this was an honorable,profession,and i get into it and i basically,realize posters have a lot in common,with politicians,you can absolutely stink at your job and,you will still get hired,if you know the right people,you're still gonna have a job at the end,of the day and it doesn't really matter,how badly you did,so i began to,decide because this is hillsdale too the,crowd is different,i'm not going to convince you that,polling isn't unreliable,now there are some of us who have done a,good job but generally speaking when i,walk around the question isn't whether,it's reliable the question is always,are they doing this on purpose,it's beyond the fact do you trust us or,not that's over that debate is over,you don't trust us,and this profession,you know george gallup is gone,his his firm,quit the horse race business in 2012.,we don't really have a gold standard,where we can look at and say you know,what i trust that guy,i trust that firm,they've been doing this 50 years they,miss one presidential race,i put my faith in that company i don't,care what the rest of the polls say,that's gone that's over,in the private sector with survey,research we all work together it's,dominated by liberals but we all work,together and get along as soon as,politics gets involved,the smear merchants like nate silver,come out,the guy has never conducted a poll a day,in his life,i've invited him to the office,i told him you can have my chair show me,how to do it better,but he won't because he's never done it,before,neither has larry sabado at

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Richard Baris Interview 2

Richard Baris Interview 2

all right no problem hey uh yeah just uh,see if we got your,audio effects richard all right it might,have been a mayan,there it is thanks for having me back,hey no problem so it's been very,interesting times the last several,months,not only on the legal political front,and everything that's been happening,there,not only this context but the civil,rights context uh but in particular,the bad use and bad understanding and,bad analysis of data,not only the the data that's available,but the methodology that was employed,for that data,the the difference between good models,and bad models,uh the the problems of straight-line,thinking,uh and you made a good point about that,when you have people like professor,murray from the ihme,uh which is a bill gates funded,institution and gates clearly has a very,particular political agenda about this,whatever else one thinks about bill,gates he has not been bashful about what,he believes should happen,as it relates to public policy in light,of a pandemic,and whatever the deal is the nature of,what the people at intme have been,propagating has been in alignment,with bill gates's own political agenda,but even putting that aside,of motivations and whether there's been,a corruption of the academy,institutionally or individually in this,instance,he was sitting there defending himself,saying that he was like a weather,forecaster,and i the and you had a good rant uh on,one of your shows about the problems,with using these kind of,uh that in fact that's really derogatory,and defamatory towards weather,forecasters could you explain the,difference between the problems with the,models that he was using and propagating,that,has an incredibly uh informed massive,public policy of radical actions,versus what actually happens with real,hurricane forecasting,right so that must have been that was,after it must have been the second or,third time i heard them on martha,mcallen and she was pretty hard on,and she says you know trump said this,about the models they're wrong and he,starts to jump on johns hopkins and he,says i think the president was talking,about johns hopkins nah the president,was talking about youtube,you're a fraud and so is your model,weather forecasters,at least know what troughs or,uh you know pressure changes in the,system are going to do,to that storm it's an insult to weather,forecasters to meteorologists,to compare what murray does with what,they do,those are the variables of their model,that's how they create the cone and the,only reason why i know this is because,we cover that on people's funding daily,we run every model that they have out,there,and we put them together to show people,the various paths that storms can take,we're in florida and north carolina is,pretty pertinent to the people that read,our site right,so uh you know talking to these people,everyone gives it to meteorologists for,getting those storms wrong,but at least they know what those,variables will do to their model robert,right murray never had enough data to,even put a model together,it was not just well it's only as good,as the data you put into it that's,really half the story,he didn't have enough data to put into,it and then what he did do with the,model,the assumptions he made he took cases,from countries that supported what his,view was,and he excluded others and then all of,this,was supposed to be measured and really,gauged by,something called social distancing and,mitigation something they never,knew how to measure to begin with so the,whole thing was just a complete fraud,the least weather forecasters know what,variables go into their model,and when you you know the data changes,with those variables what will happen to,that model,he never had a clue that was always it,was always a complete fraud,and you know the thing is it always fits,their view robert so how else,what other conclusion are we supposed to,uh draw here look at neil ferguson he,just had to resign,for because he broke his own rules that,he wanted to impose on the rest of us,as sleeping with a married woman who,happens to be a climate change activist,yes no doubt about that whatsoever,what's extraordinary about all of this,is,it reminds me a lot of the polling,debate of 2016,which is where you had people,deliberately,changing how they were awaiting certain,information changing the way that polls,were happening and some of those changes,were not of their doing,but the fact that some changes were,happening institutionally in the,observed environment you could,so to speak so who led people to should,have led them to be more skeptical of,their own results,and that the interesting thing is it's,led to an indictment and impeachment,of the mere idea of using models when,really the problem here isn't data,the problem here isn't how to develop,that data the problem isn't how,whether or not you can predict or,forecast from data it's what they're,doing with the data it's their,methodological measurements,their uh choices about what inform

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Richard Heart on The Problems of Bitcoin

Richard Heart on The Problems of Bitcoin

and,there's a couple of questions here,as an early bitcoin adopter and,maximalist and now you have been,critical against bitcoin and big,pointers what changed your perspective,about bitcoin and why,well you just measure the stuff it's,very easy so let's you know let's say,you want to uh sell your cryptocurrency,on an exchange,and you send the transaction and then,you're waiting and you're waiting and,you're waiting you're like all right,well how long do i have to wait and then,you go to the page that tells you how,many confirmations you need on each,chain,and the amount of time you have to wait,for your bitcoin to be sellable on the,exchange is twice as long as the amount,of time you have to wait for your,ethereum,and so simply do you want to wait twice,as long or not and i personally have had,to wait six hours for a single bitcoin,confirmation one time,what is this trash i can't wait six,hours for my faster electronic,transaction to go through and it wasn't,even cheap it was expensive it's like 20,bucks i think to send the transaction,so when you have software that has a,very,pitiful roadmap that hasn't made any,real improvements in years,that has removed things off the roadmap,like we were supposed to get a block,size increase we didn't even get it,that you know it,can't fund its own developers,you see developers leaving left and,right has had critical inflation bugs,where anyone could have minted as many,free bitcoin as they wanted twice and,they did once in 2010 they had to roll,the chain back,and then a bitcoin cash developer caught,another one a couple years ago and,responsibly just closed it instead of,using it you know that's all garbage,it's slow it has no road map it has had,critical failures it has a long list of,critical vulnerabilities this spaghet,the code is spaghetti code it has no,audit it has no modularity it has no,written spec it takes nine months to,unramp a new bitcoin developer because,it is such spaghetti code if you don't,have nine months of training and chain,code labs you're going to blow up your,first commit it's not going to work,right,um,you know i just want more out of the,life i want more out of crypto i want,more privacy more security more,throughput more price performance,you know my rolexes have outperformed,this is a million dollar rolex,this is outperformed bitcoin this is a,300 000 350.,it's outperformed bitcoin everything's,outperformed bitcoin tesla's out from,bitcoin meme coins nfts everything's out,before bitcoin so like,are you in this to get rich are you in,this to change the world you want to,talk about change in the world how many,vcs own bitcoin and how many vcs own hex,let me list you some guys that own some,bitcoin winklevich twins,draper,uh,chamath palpita probably pronounced his,last name wrong,the government of el salvador,uh,these two hackers that hacked big fenix,had two billion dollars worth of bitcoin,not too long ago,i mean the the mount gox trustee that,can only sell it or give it to other,people that may sell it he's sitting on,140 000 coins which is something like 3,billion,and you just go through the list and,you're like explain to me you keep,adding them all up,and you're like yeah like 10 or 15 and,then satoshi's holding 10,and you're like 10 or 15 or 20 of this,network is people that i'm not sure you,think that,they're they're they're the entrenched,rich people class so if you think you're,like affecting political change in,bitcoin you're not like,and if you think you're going to,thousand extra money in bitcoin you're,not,but you can and you know in other things,so,we're really out here giving people an,opportunity to participate in superior,networks for free,you know when i got into bitcoin i got,in for free,now you can't get in,can't get into bitcoin for free anymore,you've got to give your money to evil,middlemen that aren't in the united,states to hope that they send you your,mine equipment on time so that you can,start paying electricity bills it's just,gross but if you want to mine hex or,mine pulse chain or or you know stake,your your pulse x you don't have to deal,with any weird foreign company and hope,that they send your mining equipment and,hope that the government doesn't outlaw,it which by the way a couple weeks ago,the eu was just going to ban proof of,work they was going to ban it and it was,close to vote so you know now i spoke,out against that because i think it's,disgusting but,you know that's not my financial,interest my financial interest would be,yeah look paul's train solves this so,nice guy i am to do

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A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar ... | Maz Jobrani

A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar ... | Maz Jobrani

المترجم: mohammad munshi المدقّق: Jehad Alamasi,مرحبا ,الدوحة , مرحبا , السلام عليكم,أحب المجيء إلى الدوحة , إنها مكان عالمي,انها كأن -- تعطيك الاحساس ان الأمم المتحدة كلها هنا,تصل إلى المطار ويتم استقبالك بواسطة امرأة هندية,تأخذك إلى خدمات المها , المكان اللذي تجد فيه امرأة فلبينية,تسلمك إلى امرأة جنوب أفريقية,تأخذك إلى رجل كوري ,واللذي بدورة يسلمك,إلى رجل باكستاني مع العفش,يأخذك إلى الى السيارة مع سريلانكي,تنزل في فندق وتجد على الاستقبال لبناني,حقا ! ثم أراني غرفتي رجل سويدي,قلت له : أين القطريين ؟,(تصفيق),قالوا لي : لا , لا , الجو حار جدا . انهم يأتون متأخرا . انهم اذكياء .,(إنهم يعرفون),وبالطبع , انها تنمو بسرعة , أحيانا هناك بعض المتاعب,مثلا , أحيانا تقابل أناس تظن انهم,يعرفون المدينة جيدا , لكن في الحقيقة هم لا يعرفونها جيدا,سائق التاكسي الهندي جاء إلى فندق (W),وطلبت منه أن يأخذني إلى فندق الشيراتون ,,قال لي : لا مشكلة , سيدي.,ثم جلسنا في التاكسي لدقيقتين,قلت له : مالأمر ؟ . قال لي: هناك مشكلة واحدة سيدي .,قلت : ماذا ؟ . قال : أين هو الفندق ؟,(ضحك),قلت : أنت السائق , يفترض بك أن تعرف المكان . قال : لا , أنا لقد وصلت للتو .,سألته : للتو وصلت الى (W) ؟ . قال : لا للتو وصلت إلى الدوحة . سيدي.,كنت في طريقي إلى البيت من المطار . وحصلت على وظيفة .,و ها أنا أعمل مباشرةً,قال : سيدي, لماذا لا تقود أنت ؟ .,قلت : لا أعرف إلى أين نذهب .,قال : ولا أنا , سوف تكون مغامرة . سيدي.,أنها مغامرة بالفعل . الشرق الأوسط كان مغامرة أخر سنتين .,الشرق الأوسط أصابه الجنون مع الربيع العربي,والثورة وكل ذلك . هل هناك لبنانيون هنا الليلة ؟,أي لبنانيون ؟ بالتصفيق ؟,نعم . الشرق الأوسط يصاب بالجنون .,تعلمون متى تصاب المنطقة بالجنون,عندما ترون أن لبنان هي أأمن دولة في المنطقة .,(ضحك) ( تصفيق),من كان يتخيل هذا ؟ ياإلهى,لا, هناك مشاكل حقيقة في المنطقة .,بعض الناس لا يريدون الحديث عنها . أنا هنا لأتحدث عنها الليلة .,سيداتي سادتي من الشرق الأوسط .,هاكم مشكلة حقيقية . عندما نرى بعضنا,,عندما نقول مرحبا, كم مرة سوف نقبّل ؟,كل دولة مختلفة وهذا مربك , حسنا ؟,في لبنان , 3 قبلات . في مصر , اثنان.,كنت في لبنان , وتعودت على ثلاث.,ذهبت إلى مصر , أردت أن ارحب برجل مصري ,,قبلته واحدة , اثنان . حاولت أن اقبله الثالثة , لم يتقبلها .,(ضحك),قلت له : لا ,لا ,لا أنا كنت في لبنان.,قال : لا يهمني أين كنت, ابق في مكانك لو سمحت , ابق في مكانك فقط .,ذهبت إلى السعودية , في السعودية يقبلون مرة و مرتين ,,و بعدها يبقون على جهة واحدة , لثلاث و أربع و خمس و ست ,,سبعة , ثمانية, تسعة , 10 , 11, 12, 13 , 14, 15, 16 , 17 , 18,(ضحك),المرة المقبلة عندما ترون سعوديا , انظروا عن قرب , ستجدونه مائلا قليلا.,"عبدالله , هل أنت على ما يرام ؟ " نعم , لقد ألقيت التحية لمدة نصف ساعة.,سأكون على ما يرام.,القطريين , أنتم تفعلون الأنف للأنف.,لماذا ؟ هل هو متعب لكي تذهبوا للجهة الأخرى ؟,حبيبي , الجو حار جدا . تعال إلى هنا للحظة . قل مرحبا.,مرحبا حبيبي , لا تتحرك . فقط ابقى هنا لو سمحت .,أحتاج إلى الراحة,كل دولة - الإيرانيين , بعض الأحيان يفعلونها مرتين , و أحيانا يفعلونها ثلاث مرات .,أحد الأصدقاء شرحها لي , قبل ثورة سنة 79,كانت اثنتان قبل الثورة و ثلاث بعدها .,لذا مع الإيرانيين , تستطيع أن تعرف لأي جهة ينحاز ذلك الشخص,على أساس عدد القبلات التي يقبلك إياها.,نعم , إذا قبلت مرة, مرتين, ثلاث, -- "لا أصدق أنك تدعم النظام,بثلاث قبلات.",لكن لا , أصدقائي , فعلا , من الرائع أن أتواجد هنا,,و كما قلت , أنتم تفعلون الكثير على صعيد الحضارة ,,و هو مذهل للغاية و يساعد على تغيير الصورة,المرسومة عن الشرق الأوسط في الغرب. هناك الكثير من الأمريكيين,لا يعلمون الكثير عنا , عن الشرق الأوسط .,أنا إيراني و أمريكي. أنا هنا , أنا أعلم , أنا سافرت إلى هنا.,هناك الكثير , نحن نضحك أليس كذلك ؟,الناس لا يعلمون أننا نضحك , عندما قمت بجولة محور الشر الكوميدية ,,ظهرت في مركز الكوميديا , تصفحت الإنترنت,لأرى ردت فعل الناس حولها , انتهى بي المطاف لموقع محافظ.,أحد الأشخاص كتب لآخر , " لم أكن أعلم أنهم يضحكون ",فكروا بها قليلا . أنتم لا ترونا نضحك على فيلم أو تلفاز أمريكي , أليس كذلك ؟,ربما ضحكة شريرة " واهاهاهاهاااااا (ضحك),سأقتلك باسم الرب , واهاهاهاهاها.",لكن ليس بهذه الطريقة," ها ها ها ها ",نحن نحب أن نضحك . نحب أن نحتفل بالحياة.,و أتمنى أن يسافر المزيد من الأمريكيين إلى هنا . أنا أشجع أصدقائي كثيرا :,سافروا , اذهبوا إلى الشرق الأوسط و هناك الكثير لتروه , الكثير من الناس الطيبين.,و العكس كذلك , إنها تساعد على وقف مشاكل,سوء التفاهم و بناء الصور النمطية من الحدوث,مثلا, لا أعلم إذا سمعتم بها ,,قبل فترة قصيرة في أمريكا , كان هناك أسرة مسلمة,تمشي في ممر في طائرة,يتحدثون عن أكثر مقاعد الطائرة أمانا .,بعض المسافرين سمعوا حديثهم و أساؤوا الفهم,و اعتقدوا أنه حديث ارهابيين, و تم طردهم من الطائرة.,كانت عائلة , أم , أب , و طفل , يمشون بالممر ,,يتحدثون عن المقاعد. الآن , كرجل شرق أوسطي ,,أنا أعلم أن هناك بعض الأمور التي يجب أن لا أتحدث عنها,في طائرة في أمريكا , أليس كذلك ؟,لا يفترض أن أمشي في الممر على سبيل المثال ,,و أقول " مرحبا جاك " تعلمون , هذا ليس صحيحا.,حتى لو كنت موجود مع صديقي جاك , ينبغي أن أقول ,," تحياتي , جاك , التحية عليك يا جاك ",لكن أبدا ليس " مرحبا جاك",(ضحك),لكن الآن على ما يبدو أنه لا ينبغي علينا أن نتحدث عن,المقعد الأكثر أمانا في الطائرة .,لذا نصيحتي لكل أصدقائي من الشرق الأوسط و المسلمين,و أي شخص يبدو عليه ملامح شرق أوسطي أو مسلم ,,مثلا , الهنود , اللاتينيين , الجميع ,,لو كنت أسمر البشرة --,هذه نصيحتي لأصدقائي السمر.,في المرة المقبلة التي تركبون فيها طائرة في الولايات المتحدة ,,تحدثوا بلغتكم الأم فقط .,بهذه الطريقة

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