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Rich Eisen’s Top 5 Non-Playoff Teams to Buy Stock in Next NFL Season | The Rich Eisen Showtop five,n

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

Rich Eisen’s Top 5 Non-Playoff Teams to Buy Stock in Next NFL Season | The Rich Eisen Show

top five,non-playoff teams that I would buy stock,in for 2023. number five on the list is,a team that I'm going to chalk up to,injuries hangovers and all that stuff,I'd buy stock in Los Angeles Rams right,now I'm hoping Sean McVeigh finds those,batteries recharged obviously this is a,personal decision for him obviously we,don't know what's going on in his life,outside of football that might grind his,gears in the football world,uh but we're assuming Stafford's back,cups back Ramsay's back Donald's back,that means the Rams can be back and I,trust on less need using whatever picks,he has an EFT to figure out how to,protect,Stafford let's hit that offensive line,again and let's make the Rams great,again and I think they can be I'd buy,stock in them for next year number four,on this list is a team that was in the,mix I'm gonna I can't give up man,they were in the mix until they weren't,and man how bad how bad do you have to,be to not score a touchdown in the final,three games of a season when you've got,Garrett Wilson at the very least and by,the way with three different,quarterbacks starting those three games,to boot how bad do you have to be Breece,Hall baby wherever you are rehab yeah,Elijah very Tucker's coming back that,defense how good is sauce by the way,he's better than what I even dreamed he,could be I know Quinn and Williams has,got all pro written all over him I love,the coach,it was the quarterback I mean let's,figure out the quarterback I think he's,going to have to find a new offensive,coordinator even though Mike LaFleur is,his guy and maybe even and by the way,I'm preparing myself for Zach being the,week one starter yes I don't believe,they really want to toss him aside I,know fan base has had enough of him but,maybe we get an offensive coordinator in,a system that actually,doesn't make him the square peg in that,round hole which is part of what,happened I think,but Bruce Hall let's go baby let's get,him back and make the difference number,three on this list is a team that has,got a billion dollars in cap space,they've got the number one overall pick,in the draft now and I like the Chicago,I'd buy stock in the Bears right now I,really would they've got everything that,you need like I said the number one,overall pick a quarterback who wears,number one who looks absolutely terrific,more often than not when he's actually,protected and this team has an,incredible as I'd mentioned amount of,cap space going into this year's free,agency market I mean that's their world,most cap space number one overall pick,and they were one in seven and one score,games going into week 18.,so I like the Bears I'll buy stock in,them number two on this list is a team,that drafted a rookie quarterback played,the rookie quarterback and has shown,this guy's got it and man does he have a,connection with a wide receiver whose,coach told me and the rest of the NFL,Network crew calling his game get your,camera ready and we had and Naji Harris,is terrific and they've got Playmakers,on defense and a coach,hey look Steeler fans I know you've been,retorting to me when I said that anybody,who thinks that Mike Tomlin should,finally be having his time up and,Pittsburgh is dumb I might have chosen a,better word but you're still dumb dumb's,good um honestly and I know that I got a,lot of pushback well rich just look at,how few playoff wins the man's had in,future and it's been forever since,they've won a championship and Steelers,we're about winning playoff games and,championships of course everybody's,about that,but in sometimes circumstances require,the coach to take you to a certain spot,and this year the certain spot was to,take a young team that need to learn how,to win I mean Mike Tomlin told us,in our meeting that sometimes the kids,that you're trying to coach up off,that's tough to step in it,to know that it stinks,and they went from two and six to nine,and eight he still doesn't have a losing,record in a season and I I like the,Steelers next year I like Kenny Pickett,next year number one on this list though,if I had to buy stock in any team that,missed the playoffs this year,and I'm saying this with a straight face,and you all know I'm right the Detroit,Lions are number one on this list I,think Dan Campbell's getting better as a,coach I think he's getting better as a,coach in terms of knowing his team uh,this year better than he did the year,before and uh maneuvering the game and,and understanding when to call timeouts,and things of that nature there was one,moment however on Sunday night I wanted,to see him pop off a timeout towards the,end of the game and he didn't,um but man or at the end of the half as,well I I he's he's not perfect but he's,getting there and I'll tell you what,this team knows what it is and that,offense is one of the best offenses in,the NFL I'll say it and Aaron Glenn is,coaching the defense up they got,Playmakers and they're getting better,and the front office knows how to funnel,the right players to Dan

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“A Juggernaut” - Rich Eisen on Georgia’s Utter Demolition of TCU in College Football Playoff Final

“A Juggernaut” - Rich Eisen on Georgia’s Utter Demolition of TCU in College Football Playoff Final

it sure looks like that kick by Noah,Ruggles as the ball dropped in Times,Square toe Met ball while ball met I,guess 2023,light up sign in Times Square at the,same time it sure looks like that was,for the national championship,that had Ohio State split the uprights,had no Ruggles made that kick they'd,have been the ones uh administering the,boat race amongst the raindrops the,torrential downpour here in Los Angeles,California but that would take away,obviously from Georgia football,and what they have built,and what Kirby Smart has built in,Georgia and what he has built is a,juggernaut what Georgia did was take,somebody from Nick Saban staff and say,here you come here between the hedges,and build what Nick's done in in Alabama,and,a proper to say is not only Built what,Nick's done in Alabama,it kind of looks like he's he's,one-upted,uh and when you kiss the trophy two,years in a row without losing a game,uh I mean that's pretty uh what we call,certainly in the college football,playoff era unprecedented,and this is truly unbelievable What He,is building,and the kids that are playing in the,National Football League playoffs this,coming weekend,um or those are on their bye weeks this,weekend is another Testament to what,they're doing just churning out one,after another after another top-notch,professional football players and then,there are others that would be drafted,in the top 10 top 15 if they were you,know old enough or,out of high school long enough to be,drafted that Brock Bowers guy I draft,him now,I I mean that kid,is unbelievable number 19 in your,program I I was you know I went to the,game last night with my 11 year old Coop,and uh I said to him you know that's a,tight end,you know that's a tight end when you,when you gotta look at a pass catcher,and remind remind because these Mossing,people he is ongoing to end around with,him he's unguardable he is he is,versatile he is dangerous and I'm just,mentioning him as is just one right,as just one,um but you know when James Cook runs the,football this weekend for the bills when,Jordan Davis stops the Run for the,Eagles when he comes back I mean I could,go on and on and on and on and on and,Jalen Carter has already said he's,turning pro,I mean Georgia football is all that and,a biscuit and um they also have won,back-to-back championships with the only,college football quarterback to uh have,an AARP card actually uh Stetson Bennett,the fourth is halfway to that AARP card,I got it Mike you've got one I've got,one uh TJ one admit if he has one I've,had one you get it you get it when you,turn 50. it's coming it's coming yeah,you're not gonna you're gonna be Magic,Johnson when the mailman comes to their,AARP card what's this I'm not going to,be there,um he's halfway to it Stetson Bennett,the fourth oh boy,he puts the ball where it needs to be,and when he needs to pick it up he,scored the first touchdown of the night,and just when you thought this could be,a game,it's 10-7 uh no because not only can he,run it and he can put the ball right,where it needs to be and his guys get,open his guys he's got Windows he's got,windows and he puts it where he needs to,be and he did that last night over and,over and over again and he is by the way,how about this stat,he is older than Jalen hurts Brock Purdy,Justin Herbert Trevor Lawrence and,tuatango viloa,as we're showing a photograph of him,being the latest National Championship,quarterback to light a cigara AKA Joe,burrow he's holding up the championship,belt he's got more accolades than all,those guys combined and he's got um,um what do you mean by accolades,back to back champ back-to-back MVP of,the tournament and those five guys were,are all quarterbacks that are are just,LED their teams in the playoffs in,varying degrees uh he's also older than,Carla Murray Sam darnold uh Matt Jones,Daniel Jones and Justin fields,and Lamar,he is older than all of them,would you rather have him than all any,of those other guys no I I I don't know,and that's one of the questions I'm,going to ask,um,Albert you know what what sort of,prospect is Stetson Bennett because you,know when he started playing obviously,is when you all know he was you know,whatever Jimmy G was on the depth chart,this summer,um you know when he was not going to,play for the for the,for the Niners it's like hold my beer on,that what was he like sixth or seventh,or eighth or is it two star He Walked on,he had to transfer he came back when we,were draft you know recruiting his,replacement and we were all joking we,were all joking as well and some people,still do that he'll run he sounds like,he's going to run your hedge fund yeah,actually he's upgraded when he first,started winning football games it was,like you know hey come on down to,Stetson Bennett Ford,all right we'll put the title in your,car you know and but now and now he's,either a hedge fund manager or is he an,NFL quarterback,why can't I mean you see what Brock,Purdy's doing why I can't why can't he,do that

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Michigan Fan Rich Eisen Reacts to TCU Getting Boat Raced by Georgia in the CFP Title Game

Michigan Fan Rich Eisen Reacts to TCU Getting Boat Raced by Georgia in the CFP Title Game

let's talk about TCU and of course since,I'm a Michigan man this one's about me,so,as I'm as I'm you know what's the name,of the show thank you uh as I'm settling,into my chair at Sofi Stadium last night,and realizing that I'm watching the,national championship game being played,between the two teams that knocked,Michigan out over the last two years,um it struck me to say you know what,and it was kind of helpful that I was,surrounded,by purple clad individuals oh you're in,the TCU oh was I,oh was I shout out to them for showing,up they they were they were everywhere,they came they were allowed and uh well,I could have told you that in advance,because they were loud at the Fiesta,Bowl and had every reason to be every,reason to be,because they,showed up in that Fiesta Bowl and made,every play they did they hardly made any,mistakes the only mistakes were like a,tip,Tip Drill interception,um a couple of maybe a couple of,turnovers a penalty here and there,obviously a breakdown on defense they,made mistakes but they made all the,plays and they were a tough opponent,that knocked my team out because my team,made more mistakes,for sure,and so I'm sitting there thinking you,know,one of the axioms I always espouse on,this program,in addition to got to play better than,the refs ref right I'm kind of,consistent on that front,certainly when,Michigan had a touchdown taken away and,then given to Michigan,uh on the one half inch line and they,fumbled it got to play better than the,refs ref got to play better than the,refs ref so when there is a clear,targeting penalty that should be called,and then isn't it doesn't cost you your,season,don't put yourself in that position,so I'm being consistent the other one,that I always say is if my team loses to,somebody,I would like,that team to win it all right because,that lets you think you could have won,it all had you actually beaten that team,right that's it right and that's borne,out that's born out of you know many,different times my team's having you,know lost more than not uh and that that,includes me in my personal life I tell,this story all the time when I was an,intern,at the Staten Island Advance college,intern I really like the fellow intern,quite a bit sweet honor and uh it was,the first one of the first uh heismans I,ever received oh yeah and um and but,that,young last then went on to meet somebody,else at the newspaper tough to watch but,they eventually got married oh you know,what I mean yeah sure,so if I'm gonna lose out,I want to lose to somebody that goes the,whole route it goes the whole way you,know I've been that way behind me,consistent my whole my whole life Sports,personal life you know what I mean sure,so I'm thinking that as I settle in,and then the first snap of the game is a,false start now I say to Cooper where,was that,at the Fiesta Bowl where was that team,that just jumped,but he couldn't hear me because it was,so damn loud and so far Stadium anyway,and then a three and out and I thought,to myself where is that team well,Michigan did after not scoring in the,first drive despite getting it down to,the two yard line and pulling some Ann,Arbor special that I hope they rip out,of the Playbook and then torch never to,be seen again they did get the ball they,did stop TCU so okay here we go,but then Georgia did what Michigan did,which was go down the field and just,hot knife through butter score immediate,touchdown,and then,uh you know Michigan through a pick six,on their next possession in response to,TCU giving them the ball back,um and Georgia scored with it,um Georgia then picked off,Max Duggan and it was a 10-nothing game,just like that and I'm like oh okay so,maybe maybe uh TCU is gonna,it's improving you give up seven now you,give up three now just give up nothing,right and then while I'm thinking that,TCU gets a broken coverage and goes up,top Doug and throw it goes up top nice,play and they wind up scoring it's 10-7,then seven we got a game we got a game,we got a game little did I know Georgia,was about to score the next 55,unanswered,65 to seven and I got one of those,kiddos,who coop is one of those guys like he,will watch a pre-season NBA game he'll,watch a summer league game and there's a,minute and a half left on the clock and,one summer league team is up by 45 and,I'm like that's it we got to change the,town it's not he'll be like it's not,over,I'm turning him when it was 35 7. right,at half I turn to him and I'm like um,what do you think you want to leave he's,like before half time I struck a deal as,it was raining so hard in Los Angeles,hey I I he he's been great to the NFL,Network he's kind of technically in a,way maybe part of our landlord for some,of our office space uh Stan cronky so I,say this to you sir as a uh as a uh a,friend uh your billion dollar roof leaks,when it's really raining and they made,it worse on some of the TCU fans because,sometimes as you know uh when things,don't go your way for your sports team,it's like okay uh you

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Andrew Whitworth on Chances Mac Jones Is Still Pats’ Starting QB Next Season | The Rich Eisen Show

Andrew Whitworth on Chances Mac Jones Is Still Pats’ Starting QB Next Season | The Rich Eisen Show

Scott zolak breaking news our friend,Scott zolack I wouldn't say that he's,breaking news but he was on a radio,appearance today in Boston and he's the,he's one of the radio voices of the New,England Patriots Yeah he is but he knows,what's going on in one Patriot Place one,would think and they were asking about,things he could Envision this off season,uh about the quarterback and then the,host asked him just to summarize could,you envision Mac Jones being traded to,the Raiders this off season and zoak,said it would wouldn't Shock Me,what do you think I could see that I,mean Josh McDaniel's wanting him you,know for the opportunity to have a guy,that's familiar with this system well,it's not just that it's the it's the,other side that's what I think is,interesting I mean we had the bills,Patriots game and you remember that's,the game where they kind of caught him,on video uh mouthing some uh,pleasantries about the the quick calls,about the quick game yeah the quick game,was uh not working let's put it that way,I think that's the way he said it you,might have used different words,but yes but uh he might have also been,accurate yeah he was accurate I think,he's a little discreet I think he's,upset I think you know I would be too,though I mean it's a weird situation,there to have a guy who's never caught,offensive plays be your coordinator this,early in your career,um I can't imagine how hard it is to,play the quarterback position already in,the NFL level but then to have somebody,like hey who's in big one guiding you,who's never even called plays and is new,to really calling offense in general yes,uh man I mean that's got to be a,frustrating situation for a young player,who's not having the success that he had,in his first year so you you see grind,and gears with Belichick do you think is,that what's happening well I think I'll,look at it as I don't see Bill Belichick,you know uh letting Matt Jones really,control the situation so I think that if,Max upset and he doesn't feel that it's,the right move to have Patricia there,and also Josh McDaniels is interested in,having him I think Bill's somebody who's,always willing to look for different,ways to be better and I think there's,some veteran quarterbacks out there,obviously that'll have a potential to be,free including the one that in in Vegas,yeah Derek Carr Jimmy possibly I mean,Garoppolo I mean there's there's guys,that built you know I think of his kind,of guys veteran quarterbacks that could,come in and just play Within the system,you know and understand the opportunity,to play for Bill which one do you want,you got a fave,I think before this year I would have,loved to have had Derek Carr but you,would have taken Derek Carr coming off,of Max rookie season,no I just mean I I let's not forget I,like Derek Carr I think he's a good,player right this week but I think after,this year something was off with him and,if Jimmy can stay healthy Jimmy's,perfect Bill wanted Jimmy originally,Jimmy was the succession plan to Brady,and then Brady went and won three more,rings,so I I don't know man and plus do you,remember when uh in in training camp and,Bill was just like kind of sunshine and,roses and about everything and we,everyone was like what got into him you,know like he was and he was singing Max,Praises like and and throwing rose,petals around in a way like he would,normally be man covers uh manhole covers,and then this is what he had to say,about Mac Jones just,Monday when asked if Mac's going to be,the starter let's check this out,yeah well I think there's uh you know,Mac has the ability to,play quarterback in this league and,you know we have to all work together to,try to you know find the best,um,and most you know best way to as a as a,football team,um which obviously the quarterback's an,important position to,be more productive than we were this,year,and so that's incumbent upon all of us,we'll all work together on that,and,and again look for better results,and for the radio audience he was saying,that in front of a no bull sign did you,notice that it said no bull behind him,what do you think you want to interpret,that because he was he literally was,choosing his words carefully yeah I was,very careful and it did not say on sound,like he really had a true vision of Mac,being there I don't think so you really,think the Patriots have a different,starting quarterback next year than Mac,Jones I think there's a chance they do I,think there are some options out there,that bill would like I think he loves,veterans and there's an opportunity of,some guys that have played in a lot of,big games and are veteran guys and I,think he looks at as a team totality how,good can we be rather than really the,progression of Mac at this point catch,the Rich Eisen show every single day on,the Roku Channel 12 to 3 Eastern for,free

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What’s More Likely: Rich Eisen Talks Harbaugh, NFL Playoffs, Hall of Fame, Black Monday & More!

What’s More Likely: Rich Eisen Talks Harbaugh, NFL Playoffs, Hall of Fame, Black Monday & More!

what what's more likely Never Say Never,but never all right NFL films music,Chris Brockman give me some scenarios,what do you got over there scenarios you,know um something we hadn't talked about,yet was the uh a finalists being,announced for the Pro Football Hall of,Fame so I just wanted to throw that out,there real quick what's more likely this,year we get more first ballot Hall of,Famers or wide receivers in trying oh,gosh I don't have a list in front of me,I got I have the list okay which I have,the list so the first ballot Hall of,Famers are uh Joe Thomas he's getting it,Darrell Rivas he's getting it and Dwight,Freeney I don't know about Dwight those,are your those are your so that's true,who are the wide receivers wide,receivers are Willie Anderson Corey Holt,I think he's Andre Johnson Reggie Wayne,and if you want to count Devin Hester,You Can Count Devin I don't think you do,because Devin should have his own dad,Dion will tell you he should be the,first ballot Hall of Famer from last,year and didn't get in he was really,irate when Devin didn't get in do you,think Rivas makes it I do he should I,think Rivas and Joe Thomas make it I,think DeMarcus Ware should get in I mean,I think Darren Woodson I'll say I'll say,more first ballot Hall of Famers because,you know these these voters are weird,when it comes to wide receivers really,weird yeah every single one that you,mentioned there I mean Andre Johnson I,think is,it's probably should make a Tory Holt,should make it Reggie Wayne should make,it but I'll just say I'll go with first,ballon Hall of Famers and then you're so,surprised Darrell Reeves being a first,ballot Hall of Famer just wait he'll,come in and he'll claim him as a patriot,it'll be wonderful,well who did he win,move on Sir,move on hey uh who's about org who's,more who's more likely to be coaching in,the NFL in 2023 Mike McCarthy Sean,Payton or Kevin McCarthy,uh I'll go I'll go Sean Payton,I'll go Sean Payton yeah Jim Harbaugh,said he expects to enthusiastically be,coaching Michigan but he's also fronting,it with the no one can I I mean you know,he fronts it all with the no one can,tell the future,he could tell the future you have a,place that can tell the future right,next to your dad taking the crystal ball,out what do you think about the rumors,popping back up about Sean McVeigh to TV,I heard that too,and Sean Payton slides right into,wait and yes so then I'll take Sean,Payton more likely well here's a dildo,Chris the Rams don't have a first round,pick and the Saints supportedly want a,first rounder yeah but there's a lot of,golf courses in a beach that Sean likes,a lot yeah oh yeah what else you got,over there Chris hey who's more likely,to jump the Patriots for the seventh,seed dolphins or Steelers,Steelers,Steelers Steelers beat the Browns Bill's,loose to the Patriots,Glennon and teal by the way is a uh was,the I think Glennon and teal was the,original title no it was the original,working title of John Hughes is Pretty,in Pink Glennon and teal not as good,not as good your ducky didn't ducky,didn't like Glennon,by the way plus I just loved Molly,wearing wrong back in the day man oh my,goodness by the way do you guys know,something about Pickett really quick Oh,I thought you're gonna say you knew,about Maui,I knew about Molly ring well with him,you never know right he's like yeah you,know who was in the barn the other day,the first rookie in NFL history guys to,have a game-winning touchdown pass in,the final minute of back-to-back games,he's good never been I was right I'm,claiming that I was right about just pay,the man will you hey who's more likely,to Rich to be the seventh seed in the,NFC Seahawks Lions or Packers,they're coming,they're coming they're playing the best,football out of all of them most,consistent this is gonna be a good game,though they're on a winning streak,I think the Remake I think uh if what's,more likely I think Seattle beats the,Rams and I think,um game 271,uh the Packers win it,but I think it's gonna be great seeing,Dan Campbell in the lambo called,certainly if the Lions have quote,unquote nothing to play for by the way,this whole idea that the Lions have not,that's why they put this game there not,only because the Packers can be winning,it in they know that if the lions are,somehow eliminated before the game I,don't think they want to knock Green Bay,excuse me this is part of Campbell's,winning brand and brand building a,winning brand in front of the nationally,televised audience knocking out,the Packers to show everybody that the,lions are good enough and would have,been good enough if this if they'd only,beat in Seattle what back in week four,week five whatever that was that's the,tie break that would be put on the table,here by Seattle to go to the playoffs,uh this whole idea that the Lions might,not play hard or get out of here with,that noise,what else all right here's a fun player,one here's a fun player one what's more,likely Patrick Mahomes breaks the si

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Will Your NFL Team Be in the Market for a New QB This Offseason? | The Rich Eisen Show

Will Your NFL Team Be in the Market for a New QB This Offseason? | The Rich Eisen Show

how many teams could have new,quarterbacks that are in that,quarterback market so let's I'm into,this all right so the bills and the,bills know but the Dolphins who knows,what's going on with Tua who knows,remember Brady wanted to go there,originally so you've got to throw the,the Dolphins into the the maybe mix,maybe leaning no so all of these are all,maybes okay and some of them maybes are,definites because the Jets you can't say,that's a definite either because you,know the whole idea of like trading Zach,Wilson,what are you going to get for him like a,four or five when you use the second,overall pick for him,yeah you know what team's gonna have to,get take him and then make a fifth year,option decision at the end of the year,like I don't know what value you're,gonna get from you absolutely hold on to,him and try to redeem him as much as fan,base would be you know get out of here,with that so three teams in the afcs,right,um and then nobody nobody in them nobody,in the north because they're going to,franchise tag Lamar I mean even though,we all can admit something whatever the,hell's going whatever I don't think,anything could be going on there with,him you yeah who knows there's no,conventional way to to address anything,with Lamar Jackson other than the fact,that he will be franchise tag at the,very least the South the Colts are going,to get one right the Titans might get,one and the Texans and the Texans that's,three more so now we're at a total of,six yep the Raiders seven yep,that's it that's it okay,um commanders I don't know they got Sam,Howell there I I don't their next,quarterback could be on that roster,okay okay we know it's not wins,um the Giants aren't gonna be,in the market it's Daniel Jones no,question anytime is back yeah yes and,then Cowboys and Eagles ah stop it don't,even go there,do you really want Tom Brady you take,doc out year three of his contract and,put Tom Brady in there look man,tell you what man look man is not this,that's a yes or no question not a look,man that that's not an option,willing to shut up let me answer,thank you Mr Johnson look man,Tom Brady's the goat all right and you,need a goat type quarterback to win the,Super Bowl you would have to cut Dak,which you're not gonna do or trade him,well he could trade out I'll take a,check oh yeah I'll take that and I love,that don't get me wrong no you would,that's by the way that I do you say you,love doc when you're like I want him,gone for Tom Brady at age 46. sorry,about I want him gone it's just that if,Tom Brady is available you have to take,a look at that right like for the moment,though where what's the number we have,seven correct I mean that Dak has a dead,cap of so much money it's seven it's not,gonna happen they're not on the market,seven the set well with commanders,that's the seventh one okay right,because we got six in the AFS we got,three in the AFC East and three three in,the South three on the south and the,manners are seven I know they're in the,Raiders Okay so we've got eight we got,eight what about,um the Bears or not what about the lines,are not in the Vikings or not and I,don't think the Packers will be either,okay they're not in court again,quarterback Market oh meaning they need,a quarterback where they're gonna go,into the market looking for their next,score the quarterback's not currently on,their roster exactly well Panthers and,Saints yes yes that's 10. right the,Falcon's not and then the Bucks might be,no bucks absolutely bucks might be uh,bucks are an 11th team and then in the,in the NFC West Seahawks,that's a maybe you got to put them in,the maybe category San Francisco has too,many quarterback what about San,Francisco no no no they got their next,quarterback's on that roster,yeah we're dealing with this one if,you know they're not trading Brock,parties their whole idea is that oh,Lance is going to be there they're going,to give it back to Lance no matter what,in the same way they just gave it to the,Lance no matter what with Jimmy G Purdy,is Purdy's on a rookie contract doing,this on a rookie there Purdy might even,be the starter next year unless Brady,raises his hand and says I want in and,that would make the Niners another team,that's in the market that's the only way,they would be in the market I don't,think they're gonna be Kyla Murray ready,for week one,yeah yeah um so they what you start Colt,McCoy depends on who the new coach is,for a month well calamari will not be,ready for a week that's correct,absolutely not I don't think they'll be,in the market for a quarterback so what,are we coming with 11 12. something like,that 12 about a third of the league wow,and there appears to be more than 12,that would be at the ready to be,acquired yes,Jones the starter next year is Baker,Mayfield a starter now how about that,where is Baker going what about Davis,Mills he can play you're already Hearing,in New York the Jets should take him,Baker Mayfield yeah you know who I want,for the Jets I want Bro

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“I'd Be Shocked” - Andrew Whitworth on Chances Sean McVay Retires from Coaching | Rich Eisen Show

“I'd Be Shocked” - Andrew Whitworth on Chances Sean McVay Retires from Coaching | Rich Eisen Show

let's jump into the Sean McVay news it,was all over the place on Sunday for the,the Sunday morning shows and how uh,Sean's going to take some time away and,that he might step away as head coach of,the Los Angeles Rams what what did what,Insight might you be willing to provide,us on this Andrew yeah I think it's a,really tough year obviously you win the,Super Bowl you're at this all-time high,you come back uh and you really look at,their season you don't start off the way,you really want to against the Buffalo,Bills and then the injury train just,starts and never ends I mean obviously,historic injury rate up front in the,offensive line I think they set the,record for the most different groups,consecutively starting in a game uh so,it was a tough year for that entire,organization I think because when you go,from being at that level to now hey,we're just finding ways to contend in,games,um I think I was tough on him it was,tough on everybody in that building and,obviously a lot of other things in his,life happened in this last year and all,things that uh you know lead to you know,if you feeling stressed out and worn out,you know and so I think it's going to be,him taking some time and figuring out,what's really important to him and who,he wants to be and what he wants to do,and,um man it's just hard for me to imagine,him not leading the rooms I mean one of,the most impressive things about him,when I met him when he took the job is,his ability to capture a room and and,lead a group of people I thought it was,just so rare I've been around some,really special ones when they talk,everyone listens and Nick Saban being,one of those guys that can just you know,something about him you immediately want,to sign up to go wherever he is and,Kirby smart as well he was there when I,was at LSU 2 and they're both like that,and being around them and their success,and and now Sean when I got to be around,him I told him that I said man since,Nick Saban I really haven't been around,somebody like that so I would be shocked,to see him not leading a group of men uh,playing this game that he loves so much,well I mean as you know from your past,year uh a television audience is also a,room yep and so is a production meeting,and somebody in a position that he would,hold on a on a set or a booth would be a,leadership role in that regard as well,and he's so terrific at that uh it was,so terrific at that but he's also so,terrific at coaching as well as you've,pointed out and you've also been around,him socially we all know the story about,you know Cabo and and how you know,Stafford,um you know was in Cabo as well last,year and that was the the beginning of,what wound up being your final year in a,Super Bowl year and that's my long setup,to ask this question is he too hard on,himself is that what it is like you've,been there like yeah I mean I think it's,a fact too much you know there's other,things that happen I mean from,everything that was going on with even,his wife Veronica and and in her home,country and then his grandfather and,just you just think of like when life's,just coming at you at a time where it's,like man you just feel like everything,uh is snowballing not in the direction,you want it that just there's just tough,adversity after adversity in your life,but you know there's also really good,highlights too I mean getting married to,Veronica this summer winning a Super,Bowl I mean there's some great moments,in his life and that's kind of what I,mean is when you're in that road you,know I think people think sometimes you,know we just show up on Sundays and play,when he's in that element of preparing,and just every week trying to lock in,and focus and then everything that's,going on around him I think it's it's,what people have to understand is Sean,is an extremely open human being he,wants to be real and honest with exactly,how he feels and so sometimes you can,take everything he says and try to take,it somewhere and the reality is he's,telling you every expression and emotion,he has in that moment so that's why he,needs a second to step away all right,I've already that kind of said where I'm,at now let me figure out what I really,want to do and what what is important to,me and my passion going forward can he,broadcast can he be in front of a TV,audience and kill he will absolutely be,he's exceptional he will be unbelievable,because that January you and use,genuineness that you just described is,exactly what can help somebody transcend,you know like the guy I'm seeing on the,air with you is a guy that I I know when,you're not sitting in the mic and right,here as well it's it's not it's not easy,by the way to pull that off that's why,he'd be so terrific at it and when he,came on this show just a few weeks ago,um prior to the the Monday night game,that that the that the Rams played,um I had him on and he was talking about,this is really humbling this season I'm,learning things about myself that I,never thought I would learn I aske

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Rich Eisen’s Advice to Lamar Jackson after the Ravens QB’s Recent Twitter Outburst | Rich Eisen Show

Rich Eisen’s Advice to Lamar Jackson after the Ravens QB’s Recent Twitter Outburst | Rich Eisen Show

Lamar Jackson spoke today and he was,asked about his,um highly,um,blue tweet that he sent back clapping,back at a somebody who criticized him,after the loss in Jacksonville here was,his response after the game,and when I got on social media that was,the first thing I seen,and I just busted my behind my whole,team did coaches did and that's what I,seen and,I just reacted to it,my bad my bad or were you concerned,though the perception and the response,to that as a reflection on you and the,organization,no not really you know I was like I said,you know I was just reacting at the time,I was I was mad you know I wasn't,thinking about actions you know it was,like bitter I was bitter I feel like you,should be bitter at the loss though like,no Smiles in fact the fans should be mad,we lost two but not mad at us like we,try you know but it happened I apologize,you know if I heard feelings out there,so two uh pieces of unsolicited advice,to Lamar Jackson,I would after a loss not touch my phone,for hours,and the number two this is advice I give,to everybody unsolicited,hover don't press,right when your thumb if you're angry,type it out if it helps you type it out,and read it and then hit delete hit,delete yeah hover over that send button,and don't press it hover don't press,that's it,that could be like a t-shirt a bumper,sticker it makes you feel better better,to write it out write it out get it out,of your system yes just don't hit send,correct you could tell anybody to eat,whatever you want absolutely but don't,hit send I mean some people need to be,told that they can but it doesn't matter,you're punching down that person just,wants to see that they've been heard and,and seen it doesn't respond it doesn't,work it doesn't matter it doesn't help,ever ever back here on the Rich Eisen,show talking about Lamar Jackson's tweet,that he sent on our we're talking uh now,on our our radio show to our radio,audience it's just you don't ever have,to anytime you respond to a troll,anytime you respond to anybody who's,critical of you Keith olberman taught me,this a long time ago he's like anybody,that criticizes you on the Air does not,about what you do on the year or,whatever does not have your best,interest in mind just doesn't doesn't,have a personal stake in anything just,maybe have something personal against,you pay it no mind you might take it the,criticism and internalize it to get,better,so Lamar it's just like it doesn't,you're giving this person your platform,when you're responding,I've told you that all the time don't,don't read the YouTube comments look man,but some people like every now and then,you're gonna respond oh and I totally,understand his response is I'm a human I,got upset you know and I know it sounds,great to like just internalize it but,not everybody can do that all the time,he's got to well I mean certainly if,you're a face front quarterback in the,National foreign,like you say you're you've got you're,multiversity even on Twitter nobody you,know no I'm just I can't tell nobody to,go and eat it makes no sense,for him to tell this guy off you're,right you're right you just saw that,there's no upside yeah when you hit send,it's just like I told that one fan,that's sitting there that doesn't,clearly have my best interest in heart,my personal best interest,you know,because I busted my butt and next time,when I score a touchdown that guy's,gonna love me again it's just it's,fanatic has the word fan at the very,base that's it just think about that and,hover don't don't don't hit send,catch the Rich Eisen show every single,day on the Roku Channel 12 to 3 Eastern,for free

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