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Saleh: Jets "DEFINITELY" Adding A Veteran Coach To The Staff | Could It Be Gary Kubiak?all right guy


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Saleh: Jets "DEFINITELY" Adding A Veteran Coach To The Staff | Could It Be Gary Kubiak?

all right guys what's going on welcome,in so Robert Sala and Joe Douglas just,wrapped up their end of season uh press,conferences where they pretty much just,recapped you know the regular season and,kind of previewed the off-season moving,forward stuff like that and it was,pretty run-of-the-mill a lot of Coach,speak which is totally totally,understandable sticking with your team,backing your guys not throwing any,player uh any coach under the bus,whatsoever and we heard that from both,uh you know both Salah and Douglas here,but Sala said something that is super,super interesting okay but before we,dive into that I just quickly wanted to,recap just kind of Hit the main bullet,points the main takeaways that I took,away,uh from the press conference the first,again he backed his guys he didn't throw,anybody under the bus and say oh no yeah,we're gonna trade this guy we don't have,any plans to bring him back nothing like,that like if you wear green Solace back,in you and I really really like that,number two when Zach Wilson came up he,did not commit to him as the starting,quarterback in 2023 but he did say he's,pretty much guaranteed to compete for,the starting job and you know at this,point really what more could you ask for,I I think that's a fair answer it's an,honest answer and at the same time it's,not like he's doing Zach Wilson dirty or,anything,um I I'm completely completely fine with,that answer a hundred percent number,three there's going to be no set day or,time for finalized changes so whether,that's too Personnel whether that's to,the coaching staff,um you know and this to me like the,first thing that you know popped into my,mind was Mike Lafleur because this is a,big big topic personally I thought the,you know the majority of the press,conference was going to revolve around,the OC position once the play moving,forward but it didn't really come up a,ton it was more so focused around the,quarterback position Zach Wilson and,whatnot but Salah again said there's no,set like mandate that oh we're going to,have a decision by this time it was more,so he was going to sit back take his,time and make his uh you know make a,smart decision on his own time now,something that was super super,interesting was the fact that Salah said,that they're definitely considering,bringing in a veteran option a veteran,coaching option to the squad to,essentially fill the role originally,owned by Greg Knapp and um you know I,personally I think that would be,absolutely Monumental and it kind of,brought me back to yesterday when Rich,samini dropped an interesting piece to,say to say the least he name dropped,Gary cool Kubiak and as we all know Gary,Kubiak freaking he's a legend especially,in this type of offensive system he's,one of he's one of the guys uh in,samini's own words he's one of the uh,Founders this is a guy with Super Bowl,winning experience four titles under his,belt one as a head coach okay he is he,checks that box of being that veteran,option and uh when you look at the,possible you know Salah kubia uh Kubiak,connection it's there you know it's,there as samini pointed out Salah worked,for Kubiak all those years ago back with,the Houston Texans granted it wasn't,some like head coach DC type of thing,Sala at that time was so much lower on,the you know coaching totem pole if you,will as a defensive quality control,coach but we look at Kubiak I mean,really what more can you ask for if this,to me I I feel like is the obvious,choice amongst Jet fans if you could,pretty much have like anybody come in to,help fix or to help run the offense make,Mike lafleur's job easier if he's,retained by the way from the sound of,salah's answers his responses the vibe I,get Mike LaFleur will probably be back,and the Jets will be adding a veteran to,the staff to help Mike leflore along,um again nothing is set in stone I don't,know that to be a fact that's just the,Vibes I'm picking up,from these press conferences uh but I,feel like the three obvious names that,like every Jet fan is going to mention,here Cliff Kingsbury just fired from the,Arizona Cardinals Frank Reich and Kubiak,right those are the big three that I,feel like a lot of people will just link,to the Jets uh naturally but uh one guy,I kind of have my eye on,Brian Griese the current QB coach for,the 49ers obviously former quarterback,10-year player 10 years in the NFL has a,Super Bowl Championship under his belt,has not been coaching for all that long,right but we look at what the 49ers,right so Salah LaFleur same type of,deals similar schemes all that kind of,stuff we look at what is happening with,the 49ers QB room you know Trey Lance,goes on IR Jimmy Garoppolo next up,playing really really good football,potentially could be the Jets QB next,season so you have that familiar face,right off the bat Jimmy G goes on IR now,all of a sudden Brock Purdy steps in and,is playing lights out football for the,last pick in the draft a seventh round,rookie from Iowa State I love them at,I

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The Jets are at their 'WITS' END' with Zach Wilson ūüė¨ - Rich Cimini | NFL on ESPN

The Jets are at their 'WITS' END' with Zach Wilson ūüė¨ - Rich Cimini | NFL on ESPN

hey there on YouTube it's Sal palanconio,at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro with two,of the best reporters in the business,Mike Reese covers the New England,Patriots for NFL Nation,reporter and Rich samini does so for the,New York Jets what a game so many,intriguing story lines I gotta start,with you rich and Robert Sala after the,game first question pointed question did,he think of taking Zach Wilson out of,this game at all said he did not,consider that he said it's the furthest,thing from his mind going forward but he,said something that says about pretty,much everything about their offense he,said we were dog poop today and he,didn't use the word poop yeah and but,all some credit has to go to the,Patriots defense in your view Mike what,were the Patriots defense what was the,Patriots defense doing to the Jets,offense particularly to Wilson to really,stymen 13 possessions Mike and the Jets,did not get across the 20-yard line,line of scrimmage Dietrich wise Jr the,defensive lineman was asked how he would,describe what unfolded he used two-word,cell complete domination yeah complete,domination I thought also they were just,smarter than the Jets off and so you,know I studied the last game on October,30th the defense of the Patriots were,squeezing Zach Wilson on the edges then,looping into his face in the a gaps Rich,they did the same thing in this game and,the Jets didn't block it up they didn't,block it they had a new Right Guard in,there today that's no excuse,Zach Wilson was awful today and I can,tell you there were a lot of receivers,who were frustrated in that locker room,they are I think they've had it they're,at their wit's end with Zach Wilson you,saw it on some CBS caught him a couple,of times guys demonstrately throwing,their hands up a lot of frustration yeah,just from my standpoint and watching it,and studying quarterbacks for the NFL,matchup show he's a very undisciplined,thrower he's undisciplined in the pocket,with his footwork he clearly does not,see see the rush and his eyes drop,almost immediately he gives up on the,pass plays way too early in the down I,think that that's a major problem for,him and can I tell you another problem,after the game he shows no,accountability he was asked after the,game how much of this do you feel like,you let the defense down a quarterback,should take some responsibility he goes,nope now let's get to the most exciting,play of the game that is not good risk,most exciting play of the game Marcus,Jones 52-yard punt by Braden Mann he,returns us for 84 yards and a touchdown,right into this end zone he Sprints in,for the touchdown with five seconds,remaining uh tell us about him after the,game well let's start with this they,were shocked that they punted to him,Braden Mann had been punting it out of,bounds Rich right the fact they punted,it so hold on quick question was Braden,man told to throw,trying to kick it out of bounds he was,okay so he was told to do it it was,trying to do it failed to do it another,failure by the Jets go ahead Sal Marcus,Jones a rookie third round out of,Houston they brought him right to the,podium if you know the Patriots they,usually don't bring rookies to the,podium no he was wandering around on the,field at the 50-yard line looking for,some reporter to talk to but knowing the,Patriots and by the way on a personal,note I have now seen basically two,walk-off punt returns against the Giants,when DeSean Jackson moonwalked into,MetLife Endzone uh out by the,Philadelphia Eagles and now this against,the Jets and against the Giants that,Legacy will never be beat and I know you,love stories and The Human Side of the,game Marcus Jones said this is the first,game that both of his parents Mark and,Viola came together to watch him play,how about that that is cool and he's,from the University of Houston and he,was an All-American consensus,All-American kick returner in college so,I mean you don't kick it to the young,man with virtually no time remaining and,the Patriots having no timeouts let's go,back to the Jets we're do they go from,here Rich well they have Chicago at home,next week I think they got to take a,hard look at this offense assuming,they're not going to change quarterbacks,they got to do something they can't rely,on the defense this much every week this,defense is ready to win they're ready to,win the offense is like back in the,first week of training camp there's just,such a wide Gap I mean they were inept,today they had Sal they completed eight,passes and they had single digit first,downs you can't win in the NFL like that,no you can't but they did sack Mac Jones,five or six six times six times okay so,that's back-to-back games in which they,sacked Mac Jones quite a bit and came up,empty so the the Pats have got a problem,they've got to figure out how to protect,Mac Jones going forward and it's not,going to be easy they're starting center,David Andrews leaves this game with what,looks like a pretty serious thigh injury,cell left t

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George Fant BODIES Rich Cimini When Asked About His Contract Negotiations

George Fant BODIES Rich Cimini When Asked About His Contract Negotiations

yesterday george fant put rich tamini in,a body bag and it was,perfect,hey what's going on matt o'leary back,with another video and today we'll be,talking about george vance sticking up,for himself about uh some contract,negotiations before we get started today,i just want to mention you can follow on,socials matt o'leary and why if you,haven't already please make sure to,check out the justjet podcast,and of course you can check out bonus,content over on patreon this video is,brought to you by busr we are going to,be working with them for the nfl season,you can sign up and get a 100 deposit,match bonus with my code we're gonna be,doing a lot of content over with bosr so,get used to them and uh sign up with the,link so after practice george fan was,being asked about moving over to,the left side to the right side which,obviously that i mean those are,reasonable questions,rich samini then tries to ask him about,contract negotiations so he,shuts it down right away let you know,what how about this let's roll the tape,the switch,could have any impact on your contract,negotiations yeah i don't know i don't i,told you before i don't deal with that,man that's what i got an agent for so he,deals with ours today,the only reason i ask is because left,tackles,nice questions,so as you can see,george fan shuts it down right away at,that point it should be like okay like,it it's over and said he keeps pressing,him but,but,good for george fan for standing up for,himself obviously yes we know right,tackles don't get paid as much as left,tackles he knows that we know that,samini knows that there's no reason to,ask that right now who cares about the,contract negotiation currently,he's trying to figure out moving from,the left side back to the right side,it's something that he's done before a,question like what's your comfort level,moving back from the left side to the,right side are you like something along,those lines instead of like you're just,trying to get a quote to stir the pot my,guy and they're not doing it first it,was makai beckton clapping back at him,uh in the second day of training camp,and now george fan is sticking up for,himself and i know some people,at the end of that clip they think that,he called he being george fan called the,register mini a ass which i don't,think so i'm pretty sure he said,appreciate it we'll roll it again nice,but if he did that i mean that is just,that that's,hysterical because they're sick of it,man the jets players are sick of dealing,with it and i get it it's it's,frustrating you're trying like you look,you were training all off season or,george fan was training all off season,long to play on the left side everyone,thought he was going to play on the left,side mikhail play on the right side,and then obviously with the injury they,signs wayne brown and fan has to move,back over to the right side,so,why why isn't that the,the questioning why isn't it like,i i don't know,at this point,the contract like before training camp,starts,the journey the contract's sure but,now like,they're weeks away from a season you,just lost your starting quarterback let,the guy focus up on what's the task at,hand here,it's crazy to me it's just it's very,bizarre i shouldn't be surprised by it,but i continue to be i scratch my head,with these questions,i really do i i don't get it and that,wasn't that really the only viral clip,from yesterday you also had michael,clemons who,gave a great interview i think it was,samini again asked him uh if he was,satisfied with his performance and he's,like,nope,and he's like what can you work on,everything,this guy's a nut and i love it,he's,he's uh he's intense man he's very,intense but yeah uh also by the way i,don't think i mentioned this in any of,the videos yet but i will be at,the preseason game against atlanta,falcons on monday so if you are going,look out for me,number one and also i'm going to try to,get there early because i want to do,some like,man on the street like content so if,you're in the parking lot before the,game,try to find me maybe you'll be in a,video because i want to do some i want,to ask jeff fan some questions uh maybe,do some trivia we'll have some fun out,there why not so yeah just wanted to get,on here quick and talk about george fant,because,yes obviously he needs a new contract,yes moving over from the left side to,the right side,might impact that but now is not the,time or the place for these questions,man it's too close to the season let the,guys figure it out he gave you his,answer the agent will figure that out it,doesn't he said okay you say you know in,your little article i you know george,fan was asked about his contract and he,said he's going to let his agent dictate,that period stop that's it,it's just,this is why,this is why they wonder like you have,uh,connor hughes who went on with green,bean a few weeks ago um and i you know,what i give conor a ton of props for,doing that i thought he handled himself,well uh and he came across

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Rich Cimini Sucks

Rich Cimini Sucks

it's 205 tuesday morning right now and,and,this is 205 am and i'm pissed off like,you know i'm ready to go to sleep like,i'm all in bed and stuff and i'm on,twitter and,you know i run into a rich samini tweet,which you know you're like oh god bro i,hate these freaking,these beat reporters like for the jets,like they're so bad and i understand,you know they're a bad team and you,gotta report i just hate the i hate,these i hate rich to meet you bro so so,the tweet is like new york jets rookie,zack wilson shows inexperience on and,off the field and me being a dumbass you,know i buy the click bait you know,samini sucks like i hope he's watching,this because i'm gonna i'm gonna keep,responding to his tweets you know with,this video um i doubt he opens it he's,not as bad as manish meta so i'll give,i'll give you that but um i almost wish,like i would have put the article up so,i'm not just reading it off of my um,phone and i wish i saw the video of of,this response that zach had but,basically um,just to just just the way he words it is,so bad and i i hate these reporters bro,they're such freaking losers like like,richard if you're watching this dude,you're such a loser like get a real job,like you you add nothing to society bro,like seriously like you know journalism,is is great and all but like seriously,just this click this click baiting stuff,it's like bro just don't tell me you get,it you got into sports to do this job,like i i know like yeah i'm sure sports,have been your passion since you're,since you're um,young,but dude you're just nobody likes you,like like seriously nobody nobody likes,you like get it get a real job you know,actually report um,and you know i'll just get into it i'm,mad as hell at 2 a.m but,uh here it is basically they asked like,um all right here's here's everywhere,dude after another uneven performance,wilson was asked a pointed but fair,question about the offensive lack of,production with him at quarterback as,compared to other pastors of the roster,you could almost see his jaw clinch,that's how he says it you didn't see him,he he didn't seem like the ques question,one bit this was his answer yeah i don't,worry about any of that stuff what do,you want what do you want him to say,like like seriously i wanted to say yeah,they're better than me like like give me,a break bro um it wasn't his finest,moment in a situation like that a savvy,quarterback is supposed to take,ownership of the issue vowing to make it,better wilson didn't giving the,impression that it touched the nerve,like the kid's 22 and i know you're,going on the,you know you go on to be like,um,you know he's got he's got room to grow,like i just it's just like i keep,reading this it just gets weird it was,another learning experience in a season,full of them which is the rose-colored,view of his first season,what here's the reality like,all right this is this is the part like,i was eating i was reading this and you,know i'm used to this garbage from from,people like him,but it just goes on week after week,wilson shows he's not ready to be a,quarterback he's not already being an,nfl starting quarterback that's a bit,concerning considering he's the number,two overall pick in the in the draft,it's just like it's like,you're concerned bro like like,please tell me you never i could just,tell you never played football in your,life right like like it's like,the kid's 20 i i say this every week but,it's just more it's just more i've this,is my fourth,freaking video,defending wilson and i can't believe i'm,doing this like if you go back to like,when they try i was mad they traded,darling you know i admit like you know,now obviously i was wrong and i didn't,want wilson coming out but at least i'm,man enough to like kind of accept their,realities these people don't live in,reality it's like,it's just,it's every leaky gets better bro and,it's it's how can you watch these games,and then just be just get out of it this,negative stuff like yeah the offense,looked better with with with the other,quarterbacks like i'm i'm i'm gonna give,you that,the other quarters could have been been,in the league you know josh shaw's have,been like what 10 years now and you know,mike white three years,and zach just looks better every week,he's missing throws which i'm not we,like,i know i know this is a i'm already at,four minutes i'm repeating myself bro,but i'm just mad as i'm just mad as hell,at these people,um especially rich samini um,dude's a loser you're a loser bro um,nobody likes you,like seriously like i i i don't know,like yeah,i know i'm the loser because i'm the one,you know reading his articles i'm the,one following him on twitter but it's,just it's like entertaining with these,beat reporters that's they you add,nothing to society dog it's like,you're almost as bad as manish you're,not as bad as manish like i'll give you,that but it's just week in and week out,with this just garbage and it's like how,did uh did espn just is so trash,and it's in

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My direct message to NY Jets #1 troll Rich Cimini

My direct message to NY Jets #1 troll Rich Cimini

So the new york jets over the weekend had  their one of their very best drafts ever  ,of truly franchise altering draft that  sets up the future real nice for for  ,the new york jets jets nation understandably  pumped up we're can't wait for the season to  ,start but there is one person i can guarantee  you who is not happy about the jets success  ,and that person is the number one troll of jets  nation himself rich samini hey rich i'm just  ,putting you on notice right now that your days  of trolling gaslighting and bullshitting the  ,jets organization and jets nation are coming to an  end and by the way you're also on the list,now i need to put a disclaimer on this video in  in saying that i'm not threatening rich personally  ,i'm not calling for espn to fire him i'm not  doxing him i'm not doing all of those things  ,i'm just stating uh you know that the the  natural evolution that's right now happening  ,will eventually put peop people like rich samini  out of work that that's all i'm going to state i'm  ,going to explain that later in the video so joe  douglas and robert sala had a press conference  ,riding high off of you know what was a truly  franchise-altering draft in my opinion the jets  ,had the best draft of of the entire nfl and i'm  not saying that because i'm a jets fan i'm saying  ,that because it's fact you know with all the moves  that they made i mean and all all the pics they  ,made it was just truly something special it was  truly one of their best drafts i can remember you  ,know but who comes rolling in to try and reign  on the parade but rich samini himself you know  ,asking oh with all these these picks aren't you  worried about extending them all in five years  ,i mean what a truly imbecilic you know question  that is you worry about that in five years  ,you know you don't worry about that now you just  handle your business you know you know season to  ,season and that's that you don't worry about that  but the the thing is this is classic rich samini  ,jet's success is anathema to him it's an  affront to his his um game of trolling  ,and gaslighting because he's made a 30-year  career out of trolling the jets and jets nation  ,you know it's everything has to be negative  negative negative and that's that's how  ,he's made a career out of it by you know  the jets have a very passionate fan base  ,and you know when when they see see like something  negative they're going to react to it and rich has  ,made a career out of it i mean another example is  is makai bechten the way he's reported on makai  ,bechten makai bechten's girlfriend is um eight  months pregnant um expecting their first child and  ,you know he didn't go to voluntary otas i mean  is voluntary but no rich samini couldn't you  ,know make a story out of that he had to troll him  and you know and try to make problems where where  ,they're not any problems and controlling him by  saying oh you know he he's worried about you know  ,that judd's taking akima quantum with the fourth  pick and all all this stuff is is ridiculous  ,i mean what is when is it gonna get to a point  that you know players are going to start suing  ,reporters for reporting i mean yeah you  have freedom of the press but that freedom you  ,know also has its cost if you abuse it and clear  clearly rich samini has abused those privileges  ,for 30 years but the thing is rich i'm not even  mad i know you're part of a much larger problem  ,with the corporate sports media in general today  and their eternal search for clicks and views to  ,to try and get advertisers i i know that and  i'm not a fool but you know i know you're part  ,of a much larger problem you know where it's you  know it's sensationalize everything in order to  ,get clicks no matter if the story's or  not whether it's true it doesn't matter it's  ,just say the most outrageous things and even  try to look like a jackass just to try to  ,try to get views and it's a big problem with  with the sports media and i understand that  ,you're i understand you're just part of the game  i understand that but what pisses me off about you  ,uh you know other than the jets you know  history the last 53 years is that you've all  ,you've created a complex within jets nation i  mean jets nation is a very you know passionate  ,and you know powerful fan base and the thing is  we're you know and the thing is we're going to  ,react to these things and and you've used that  for the last 30 years to make a career out of it  ,you know at jets fans expense and that's what  pisses me off about you and you're going to be  ,exposed with that i'm going to spread the word  everywhere i mean jets content creators have  ,already spread spread the word about your   you know and i'll get to judd's content creators  ,in just a second so rich i have a question for  you when's the last time you've broken any kind  ,of scoop that was true of anything regarding the  jets i'll wait the fact is i would be waiting  ,probably forev

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Zach Wilson Is Under Fire From Teammates Following Post Game Comments

Zach Wilson Is Under Fire From Teammates Following Post Game Comments

that as an offense though I mean when,you guys are only able to score three,points the defense only lets up three,points I mean do you do you feel like,you let the defense down at all,let's understand who this young man is,before we ask him to accept,accountability he's a young man who grew,up with a lot of money I don't think,he's ever had to accept accountability,and so now on the biggest stage we want,this quarterback to accept that that,doesn't that doesn't resonate at all,like I mean he's a tough-minded kid he's,pumped through I mean everyone's never,had to challenge I mean he hasn't had to,accept the accountability and so now on,the biggest stage we want this kid to be,an adult in front of grown men and,accept accountability it may not feel,good but what I know about it he let him,down yesterday that's for sure he let,him down yesterday,following the atrocious Jets lost to the,hands of the Patriots on Sunday,quarterback Zach Wilson has come under,Fire after his post-game interview where,the QB took zero accountability for the,yell guys this game was deadlocked at,three a piece later than game and looked,to go into overtime as neither offense,could get anything going the Pats even,had a couple misfield goals as it was a,pretty windy encounter in Foxboro,basically this game was more about,punting than anything else so after the,game Wilson was asked if he felt like he,led his defense down and responded by,flat out saying no guys anytime your,defense holds the opposition to just,three points you gotta come home with,the win and you just completed 9 of 22,passes for 77 yards isn't going to make,you too endearing to your own defense,the jet ski has been solid all season,and ranks in the top 10 among scoring,defenses they're largely the reason why,the team stand with a 6-4 record this,season because truth be told Zach Wilson,has had nothing to do with the team's,success this season in fact he's been,pretty pretty much their Achilles heel,from his rookie campaign he hasn't,really developed as much in his second,year he continues to throw the football,In Harm's Way struggles with his REITs,laid on his throws and just basically,has been thinking way too much and you,can see it in his throwing mechanics,during the Jet's four-game winning,streak Wilson pretty much had a blank,stat line for three of those games as,his defense pretty much carry the team,but Sunday's lost New England magnified,the whole situation particularly because,of Zach's response after the game and,the backlash Wilson received from his,own teammates just goes to show you how,serious a problem this was following his,comments Jets D lineman John Franklin,Myers liked to tweet contrasting the,difference between Josh Allen and his,own quarterback's response after a poor,Audi and then sources inside the Jets,locker room said that his comments,rubbed a few players the wrong way,stating that he was acting like he,wasn't the problem the lack of,accountability in Zach seems like a huge,issue especially if it's causing a rift,in the locker room the team is still six,and four and in the hunt for the,playoffs and and it'd be a shame if,something like this started to cause,dissension within the team and the,earlier clip I played for Monday Night,Football where Booker and Steve Young,kind of went at it shows you that there,could be a lot more to this issue in any,event I'm not even sure how much longer,Zach Wilson is going to last in the Big,Apple as Robert selling refused to name,him as a starter against the Chicago,Bears which kind of says a lot when your,own coach won't even commit to you he,was pretty upset at the post-game,presser saying that the team played like,dog in the second half anyways it's,going to be interesting to see how this,all unravels in the coming weeks in New,York they have Mike White as a backup,and Joe Flacco has a third string QP who,they can always turn back to

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Mekhi Becton Claps Back at Rich Cimini After Jets Practice

Mekhi Becton Claps Back at Rich Cimini After Jets Practice

it's day two of practice and rich zamini,and makai bechten are already going at,it,hey what's going on matt o'leary back,with another video today we are doing,mckay becton and rich samini going at it,once again before we get started today i,wanted to mention where you can follow,me matt o'leary and why twitter,instagram tick tock anywhere you want,find me matt o'leary ny you can also,subscribe give a rating review all that,good stuff to the justjets podcast i,have new episodes every monday then,during the season we switch to,wednesdays and exit 16 west plus other,bonus jets content on patreon we have a,new episode coming out later tonight so,it was the second day of practice and a,hot day in uh new jersey where the new,york jets practice and makai bechten,was at times resting there they're,portions where they come through and you,know obviously he was working and it was,a mix of both you know taking a knee and,going in and mixing in the work and rick,samini had this to say he says mackay,bechten has been laboring through the,early portion of the jets practice,offensive line drills took a knee off to,the side,now makai bechten responds back and says,make sure you say the part when i still,grind it through practice you weirdo,love the response but,the issue that number one i've always,had,with certain members of the beat is that,they give you things but don't give you,the full context and make things seem,worse than what they actually are,point blank this one from rich samini,this is fresh off the one where he got,it wrong yesterday when he the quote was,like,uh robert salas said that mackay,beckton's left tackled days aren't over,but he's the right tackle now,and then rich cimini comes out was like,uh we have the head coach robert salas,say that his left tackle days are over,for mckay back like it's just,what are we doing here guys here's a,perfect example from zach rosenblatt who,is the new jetspeed reporter for the,athletic he says mckay beckton has had,to take a breather a couple times,already today looking good physically,but still working on his stamina,is it that hard to add a little extra,context that is needed to tell the,entire story here what are we doing guys,and robert sala's not even concerned you,just know people are gonna blow this,story out of proportion but robert sala,said it's been a year since he's played,it was a little sticky today he's a big,man i mean it's it's july it's mid or,end of july right now,it's his second practice hasn't played,in a year yeah it's gonna take him a,little bit to get back into playing,shape in terms of like the the actual,stamina of the reps and reps and reps,this isn't uncommon but yet you just,know,what some of these people are trying to,pump up these stories makai's out of,shape he's fat he's 400 pounds he's,never gonna play he's gonna get hurt,they keep pumping it up and pumping it,up when it's stupid it's not what's,actually happening it's just a little uh,frustrating but i'm glad makai kind of,stood up for himself i'm good with that,supposedly was a tougher day for the,offense today than it was yesterday,um,again when you have,guys and just helmets and notepads i,think the defense is going to have a,little bit of an easier time uh than the,offensive line the offensive line once,the pads go on,should be able to take a step back but,like at the same time,let's look at this logically again for a,second here do you want one side of the,football being dominant every single day,i don't think so i think it's going to,be a little up and down some days the,offense will look good for instance,yesterday sometimes the defense will,look good for instance today,if it's just one thing you know,dominating over and over and over again,then you're in bad shape remember in,2020 it was the defense dominating every,single practice it felt like the defense,was it was always the defenses look good,the defense looks good,and then the jets offense came out and,was atrocious and they went 2 and 14. um,so like and there were other factors in,that but,more of the stories let's not get too,crazy here,um and,now hopefully you understand the,frustration that some of us have with,uh certain members of the beat i think,that's that's fair to say because well,you didn't get the full context of the,full story it's really not asking too,much to allow fans the access for the,full context,not just,the blurbs and the little blips so let,me know what you think down in the,comments below thank you so much for,tuning in once again i'm matt o'leary,thanks for subscribing and supporting it,means a lot give the video a thumbs up,i'll talk to you next time,you

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New York Jets INSIDER Rich Cimini dishes on the next 'BIG MOVE' that is coming

New York Jets INSIDER Rich Cimini dishes on the next 'BIG MOVE' that is coming

today we're going to be breaking down,the new york jets off season looking,ahead to the nfl draft and discussing,the rumors that are out there that the,jets are ready to strike for a number,one wide receiver on the trade market my,guest is one of the best the great rich,samidi from espn's gonna join us so the,quote ron middleton let's hit it and get,it started,welcome in everyone my name is jake,asman this is the jake asman show,the jets just had one of their greatest,wins in the last 20 something years and,we're gonna break it all down zach,wilson robert salas cj mosley joe,douglas elijah moore makai beckham,michael carter,of super chat you cut the lie,smash the like button down below that's,that thumbs up icon,now let's talk about the new york jet,here we go on a monday show hope,everyone had a fantastic weekend and,let's dive in talking jet start of a new,week another day closer to the nfl draft,i mentioned the guest he needs no,introduction the great rich samini joins,us right now here on the show rich,really appreciate it i've had you on the,radio show a bunch but this is the first,time on the youtube show so thanks so,much for a couple minutes here all right,yeah we gotta dive into some new,technology here so thanks for having me,jake i appreciate it that's right rich,let's start with this kind of,overarching big picture question this is,a very important offseason for the jets,every jet fan watching certainly knows,the circumstances with the cap space and,the premium draft picks so far how would,you evaluate what you've seen from joe,douglas in this regime this off season,you know i give them,like a solid b so far i i think it's,been very,much what we expected we know joe,douglas he's a very methodical gm,he's not going to chase you know he's,not going to give out a contract at the,top of the market so i think us in the,media we actually did a pretty good job,of predicting what he might do,brought in some solid football players i,think the best guy they brought in was,lake and tomlinson and uh you know cj,uzuma a really good tight end so but you,know he didn't chase the stars i mean,they they were talking to chandler jones,a little bit,um they had some interest in marcus,williams it never really got serious so,i think it's been a very typical joe,douglas offseason some solid players,some good citizens and really no,outrageous contracts,rich when you look at what they did,specifically at tight end i'm curious,because everyone knows the jets need a,number one wide receiver we'll get to,some of the trade stuff here in a moment,but do you think adding a second tight,end bringing in conklin after they,already signed uzama was maybe a direct,uh reaction by douglas in the front,office to seeing what the market was for,these wide receivers so they pivoted and,brought in that second tight end,that's exactly what happened jake um you,know they were,you know flirting with somebody you know,some of the receivers got taken off the,market like mike williams was a guy that,the jets i think would have been,interested in he ends up going back to,the chargers and uh you know i don't,have my list in front of me right here i,had all my free agent rankings on the,big board but uh you know the jets,did have some interest in some of those,guys but once they all got scooped up,and certainly you know of course the,tyree kill situation but that came after,the tight end situation so yes the jets,did pivot into more tight end situations,i think uzama and conklin are a good,compliment uzama is more of a,traditional wide tight end you know,he'll be on the line big target at six,six i think conklin's a guy they could,move around a little bit in different,formations and i think he's more of a,down the field threat a guy who can beat,man-to-man coverage so in theory on,paper it looks like they complement each,other well were you surprised the market,for braxton barrios never got to what,was reported he might be looking for,like you know two years 12 million,dollars 7 million guaranteed i think,every jet fan was shocked that he was,brought back at that amount,well i think what happened was from,talking to people around the league you,know there's a bunch of good slot,receivers in the draft coming up so i,think teams were a little reluctant to,maybe shell out as much as they as they,we expected for slot receivers so you,know braxton got a good deal i mean i,think jet fans i think certainly braxton,was looking for something in the 8 to 9,million a year range i was saying all,along that if it's in the five to six,million range the jets would get it back,and i think they were at about five and,a half million,uh and joe douglas at the last second,upped it to 6 million what's interesting,about that deal is it came just before,christian kirk signed with,jacksonville for a ridiculous amount of,money,had the jets waited a little longer on,barrios or had barrios waited a little,longer on the jets that kirk deal could,have done serious damage to

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