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Ric Flair responds to Eric Bischoff's tweetsso if you've been uh trying to piece,this together I gue

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Ric Flair responds to Eric Bischoff's tweets

so if you've been uh trying to piece,this together I guess we should also,talk about the other elephant in the,room it's been a bit of a controversial,topic lately you guys went back and,forth after,you posted a video on Twitter it,basically said something like really,Eric,do I need to explain or something like,that and he quote tweeted it and maybe,Steve has some of these I don't know and,it says something like and this was some,of your finest work there it is this is,some of your best work ever you're,welcome I made you,and boy that got a lot of fans riled up,a lot of Ric Flair fans did not like,that and he would go on to say things,like,the horsemen were never really a draw,WCW was never profitable,and you on top did not allow WCW to earn,a profit that's the reason he had to go,to Hulk Hogan but he but let's let's,just wait as you go along he didn't get,Hulk Hogan I went and got a Hulk Hogan,he didn't know Hulk Hogan,hold Uncle why would Hulk Hogan know of,his hand,working downstairs in the camera room,hello I I drove to Orlando with them,well they met in Hulk's trailer they,were shooting America he didn't go find,Hulk Hogan he didn't find Savage he,didn't find Piper,I did,and I put them all over for him,so let's get let's just answer each one,you know as we address them so Rick,here's a tweet from December 9th,um a guy named slizzy on Twitter writes,I for one didn't care for the four,horsemen Eric would quote tweet it and,say very few people outside of North,Carolina did,and another thing that he would tweet,would be in response to a response from,Phil Lander who says Eric,why didn't you guys push the four,horsemen more during this period would,love to have seen that,and Eric writes The Four Horsemen and,incarnations of it while I was in WCW,was a very popular to a regional local,audience but met a little Beyond it and,didn't draw any money,WCW is losing Millions every year,neither The Four Horsemen nor Ric Flair,could draw money which is why I brought,hhn just facts,man some pretty uh stiff shots there and,then he would respond to it a little,more on his show and there were lots of,uh quotables there this all feels like,it came out of nowhere I think from,Eric's side of things he thought you,guys were were friends and pretty cool,and then I guess you saw something in,the documentary is that sort of a the,match that Lit the fuse yeah and I've,gone back and all I said was he's an,arrogant prick yeah,but darken said he's an Erica prick with,no friends now he's now he's pissed off,iron and tummy,I mean basically Paige don't talk to him,anymore obviously I didn't do you see,them talk at the last match,I mean I know they hang out I don't,think they hung out in Nashville or I,didn't see him hanging out but I think,Paige was at his place last year,sometime yeah maybe so I don't know I,don't know it's it's it's strange but um,when I was in England with him he um,invited him over to sit down with me and,DiBiase and Brett Hart and everybody,said I don't think I should because,Brett doesn't like me,I can assure you in my lifetime I will,never experience that humiliation,of having to ask if I'm allowed to come,over and sit down everywhere,yeah,so that's Brett hard he's pissed off now,pissed off Goldberg he's pissed off me,he's pissed off,um I don't know whatever happened to,that Jeremy the guy that were making,these huge movies with,what happened to him,I think you mean um,not Jeremy um Harvey what happened to,him,yeah I'll tell you all fair,oh in other words it can't be good,well I don't think it had anything to do,with Eric I think he's got some stuff,going on,when he's down no I don't want to get no,I don't want to get involved in that but,I meant I just

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Ric Flair on if Hulk Hogan didn't want to work with Rick Rude

Ric Flair on if Hulk Hogan didn't want to work with Rick Rude

uh I've never heard I've never heard,Hulk didn't want to work with Rick Rude,Rick Rude never got a title shot at WWE,never,that's interesting that it was because,Hulk said he didn't want to work with,him oh I have no idea that that I'm not,taking I don't know I just I'm just,saying I don't think you I don't think,he felt comfortable with him and Leon at,that time,but but I don't know no one ever said,that I just,I just talked was told to me by Eric,Hulk never said it to me,so but I'm sure I'll get the blame for,it but that never,Rick did it that's the next shirt yeah,Rick Rick said yeah oh well why,would you work with Vader I could do,another job okay why would you work,evader I can do another job,I'll tell you I'll tell you a great,story too this is the greatest thing in,the world and so and Eric is a boss,right when I beat Vader wasn't Eric the,boss yes Dusty was the booker right,okay,I beat Vader right I get to the town the,next day and uh it's me and uh,I forget against uh Jeff Jarrett and,Jeff we can tell you the story you work,with Jeff and Scott Steiner and we're,supposed to go over at Scott's diners,we're not doing a job,to Terry Taylor,walks over to me and says you're not,doing the job he won't do the favor okay,fine no problem call Eric,Eric you call us Eric Eric he said God,do something else,foreign,do something else,yeah we'll go another finish,so he's signing with with sonner,if he don't want to do it then he's,siding with him right,uh apparently he didn't want to tell he,didn't want to tell him to do it he,didn't fire him now if I didn't want to,do it I'd get fired,right or something,'s happening yeah hell I just wanted to,go to the Au Nationals with my kid,I didn't miss a town,I didn't cheat anybody I didn't not do a,job for someone,I did not show up in a building,I just wanted to take my son to the Au,Nationals which he won,this guy that meant nothing to the,company,hey and it blew up it's it's,crazy that's the stuff it reminds you of,it reminds me of all books of all the,hurtful things that went down,memories and emotions that went along,with all the memories unfortunately,yeah well it just you know it the whole,thing started when I watched it the,first time the one thing when I went God,he's just still the arrogant prick,of course they go to me we said a lot of,flattering things about you then why did,you play those,so,well then they wouldn't have realized,what you were up against yeah thank you,so the part that's good is what he did,to me,the party did good for me I'm doing,anything okay,okay let me think,I don't know what he did good for me,I get to your doctor for three hours,again and he did good for me he did call,me when my son passed away which meant a,lot at the time,that's the truth and he paid uh,Charles when Charles guys uh broken,wrestling uh against Randy,so,I'll always remember the phone call and,I'll always remember him for taking care,of Charles,but as far as taking care of me I don't,know I'm not sure how that one's gonna,resale,well we appreciate we appreciate the,Nature Boy I I think I bought his last,chords light,well you met look in wrestling you never,say never right you're never right hell,I'll probably be drunk on a year from,nowhere every six months,I swear to God I'm not even mad I just,but you asked me you don't want to know,how these things come around because,social media won't let you get away from,these things correct that's a fact you,know,and you know Scott's diner didn't want,to put me over hell I don't it didn't,want to end of the world of me but it's,just the way the company ran,he had the leeway to say that and not,get any kind of reprimand and you would,have been fired I guess I don't I don't,know I don't pretend to know and I don't,care,I just know what happened,and poor Terry Taylor had to walk over,and deliver the message I said Terry you,don't get it I don't give a,what else do you want to do,foreign

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RIC FLAIR and MARK MADDEN Podcast Split Explodes on Twitter

RIC FLAIR and MARK MADDEN Podcast Split Explodes on Twitter

all right so we know what happened at,the oscars but there was another big,beef on sunday in the in in the world of,professional wrestling,mark madden and ric flair over the woo,nation uncensored podcast and this,really broke down on twitter so here we,go let's talk about it,mark madden i am leaving the flareon,sensor podcast effective immediately,it's not a good fit for me especially,scheduling the prep,and taping during my jam-packed work,week thanks to ric flair and podcast,pod heat for the opportunity and,understanding okay well that sounds,pretty normal,but uh it's gonna get dirty love and,appreciate your work mark madden but i,actually i relieved you of your duties,best of luck with your work i'll be back,better than ever on monday going home to,my son-in-law conrad thompson,even to a guy like me that's cold,back to mr madden okay that's true,and now soon i can tell the whole real,story like how we lost to deal with,podcast one love and appreciate you too,but hey as long as we're telling the,truth,truth is always good,watch this space,and by the way you didn't have the balls,to tell me you were firing me you said,the podcast was canceled period your,son-in-law had to tell me the truth,why couldn't you just let it go,why couldn't you just be a friend after,35 years ooh it's getting deep,madden continues rick one week i want,the podcast to be current next week,who's jay white never heard of him,i'll be honest i never heard of him,either until he got on aw that's,nothing unusual,maybe that makes us both out of touch,coordinated had not heard of him but,anyway here's here's rick,uh mark it's so sad you've been telling,everyone for 30 years that i'm the,greatest wrestler ever quit trying to,get the ro get the rub that made you who,you are look forward to hearing you on,the pat mcafee show oh wait he canceled,you too just be happy and enjoy life,oh there's the nature boy,back to madden have another drink,god gave you the gift of life a few,years back and you thank him by getting,who has faced every single night like,you are right now you're the greatest,wrestler ever what you become is sad,listen i'm sorry it came to this but i'm,not the reason it came to this i took,the high road and he just couldn't do,that he lied to me that embarrassed me f,that i don't give a f who he is,uh back to ric flair so sad i'm sorry,you feel that way and that's about all,he had to say,uh madden have another drink you'll feel,better geez,this is brutal he was never my friend he,actually said that tonight in a phone,message,wow,so what actually happened here i i,really don't know i keep checking,sources,on the internet,wrestling websites wrestling news,no one really seems to know other than,what erupted on twitter,whatever it is it's kind of a shame that,a 35 year old friendship if it really,was a friendship has come to an end,maybe we'll find out when ric flair and,conrad thompson get back together for,the woo nation podcast,take care everyone

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Ric Flair/Eric Bischoff Feuding Again On Podcasts And Twitter. Or Are They?

Ric Flair/Eric Bischoff Feuding Again On Podcasts And Twitter. Or Are They?

hey guys I've been trying to examine,this whole Ric Flair Eric Bischoff,situation in case you don't know what,it's about so Ric Flair was on his,podcast with Conrad Thompson and Conrad,also produces a a podcast with Eric,Bischoff now Ric Flair has a documentary,coming out on peacock on December 26,called becoming Ric Flair and I mean I'm,gonna watch it because I'm I've grown up,a huge Ric Flair fan,apparently Eric Bischoff's made some,comments on that documentary that Ric,Flair didn't like because Ric Flair just,went off,on this podcast,about Bischoff again and I thought they,had squashed things um the beef between,them long ago,and now it seems like it started back up,again,particularly to do with this documentary,so there's some tweets and,basically Eric Bischoff is saying that's,you know when he came back in 98 Ric,Flair came back in 98 after the,litigation between basically WCW and Ric,Flair that he was doing the best work of,his career and Eric said I made you,that's basically what he's tweeting out,it's basically all he's saying about it,until his podcast comes out I think,either today or tomorrow,so it makes me wonder if this whole,thing and like I said the lines of,wrestling often get blurred,if it's elaborate work just to get,people to watch the documentary and I,would think Ric Flair's name,would be enough but then I started,thinking about it and I was like how,many Ric Flair documentaries have we,actually had,um you know all those documentaries that,WWE did in in the beginnings of those,um DVD collections he did years ago and,of course the ESPN one which was pretty,brilliant and just happened to fall in,the timing where Ric Flair had his,terrible Health scare and he did the,follow-up,right after that was released so you got,to see both sides of of nature,um,honestly I don't really know,um it could be legitimate heat all over,again uh or flip a coin it could be just,they're trying to Hype up this,documentary so people will watch it on,peacock and I I would think,maybe it doesn't need that kind of hype,but then again people might tune in and,say oh what what did Eric say we've got,it you know we've got to watch this this,doc so,um heads or tails folks I'm sure we'll,talk more about this on the podcast uh,coming up later in the week and uh stay,tuned,to see you know stay tuned to Twitter,and watch uh 80 listen to 83 weeks and,listen to the Ric Flair podcast and,see if we can't make sense out of this,whole deal,all right thanks you guys have a good,day,um tell me what you think leave a,comment below and don't forget to like,And subscribe to the channel and we'll,see you next time,thumbs up there

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Ric Flair's Last Match highlight reel

Ric Flair's Last Match highlight reel

or football,introducing from dallas texas,marshall and ross the modern,jim crockett promotions has returned,for one night,ladies and gentlemen we are coming to,you live from the nashville memorial,auditorium,and tonight you can be a part of ric,flair's last match it'll come at the,time of the hour when we go live on,fight tv,here in jcp david crocker,what's up,rick ricky looked around said you guys,want me to come in i'll tell you hell,yeah we do well yeah i admire brock,anderson's spunk saying hit,two three ropes some momentum oh he sent,saban down with a big kick,yep uh watch out shelly,oh he's got that ankle yeah,it's the white robe,one of the more iconic robes,that he has worn throughout his,illustrious career,16 times,a hall of famer,jay trying to block it,somebody is very upset,there you go ladies and gentlemen your,winners andrade,as well during his career,and there it is,just happened better the last time,to have you here,the greatest wrestling town,one of the greatest i hate to say,greatest because then,everybody gets upset but,i had one of my best matches of my,career here,is ricky steamboat,all my family's here,we've made jokes about me being married,five times,while all the kids are here,one wife,but all my granddaughters and,each other here and,and my friends are here,and i swear to god guys,if i didn't have enough pressure on me,tonight, kid rock walk in the ,locker room and said,he said to me

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Ric Flair Fires Mark Madden on Twitter

Ric Flair Fires Mark Madden on Twitter

this is one of those great stories where,nobody comes out shining at the end,everyone's a piece of i think right,now i'm leaning towards ric flair but,have you heard about ric flair firing,mark madden and mark madden freaking out,i heard about ric flair being pissed off,and that's the most that i've ever heard,about about any of this news at all i'm,very excited to hear one was he i,thought he handled it well if he was,pissed he said nothing but enjoy your,life,get better be happy like he was being so,patronizing,because you you know mark madden had to,hear other words in real life but then,once rick's on twitter he's not,repeating his dms to the world where he,says you're fired and i was never your,friend that mark madden said,rick blair told him personally through,texts the the night of all this drama we,were never friends because mark madden,kept tweeting it i've been his friend,since 87 and rick flair's like you're a,fat what are you talking about for,a friend you'd be at the gym with me so,from ric flair's point of view i get it,but from mark madden's i do too tyler,let's start at the beginning it started,with mark madden tweeting i am leaving,flair uncensored,podcast effective immediately this is,great it's not a good fit for me,i want to spoil it but all right,especially scheduling the prep and,taping during my jam-packed work week,thanks to ric flair and pot heat for the,opportunity and for understanding so,tyler how could this go wrongly how,could this go bad right now it started,off so good,yeah it seems like it's very,professional he's just taking leave and,that's what that's where we're at we're,not going to do anything else we're not,going to start firing shots at anyone,we're just going to be leaving this,podcast right well little did we know,this fat lying to us he's not,leaving,like imagine being rick flair you go on,twitter and you see all this and on,top of it mark madden was retweeting,people going unsubbing,fan of mark,so like if you were actually leaving,gracefully would you retweet that no so,ric flair has to see these retweets he,has to see this lie look what ric flair,did rick flair tweets out,love and appreciate you mark madden but,actually i relieved you of your duties,exclamation point and all every word is,of course capitalized because that that,must be his phone's fault i don't know,who that can't be how people wrote in,the old days love and appreciate you,mark madden but actually i relieved you,of your duties best of luck with your,work because mark madden bringing up his,work week like no you're not too busy,for ric flair like i get why rick flair,would be insulted by these lies we're,not trying to work people that's not,this ain't a wrestling,it's a podcast a wrestling podcast but,it's not a wrestling show you should,tell the truth on your podcast so ric,flair continues,i'll be back in better than ever next,monday,going home to my son-in-law,at hey hey it's conrad so that's the bad,news part of it tyler now i first took,the conrad news as good news thinking,okay this actually might be exciting and,then i tried to think of why it could be,good news like what could be good about,conrad absorbing another great wrestler,into the mangler you ever see that movie,tyler you were dead when it came out,there was this movie called the mangler,where this machine would just capture,people and mangle them it didn't have,legs i don't even think it had wheels,the seamstresses were getting sucked,into it twice a day that's the best,comparison i can get to conrad's ad free,shows machine it's a mangler i don't,know how he tricks and works,professional workers professional,carnies like kurt angle and is selling,mortgages for him i assume conrad takes,zero dollars and just puts ads,everywhere of him and his fat ,his fat henley he's trying to hide,something i'm not,get a title one for me tyler people,can't see they think i'm conrad conrad,fat hey do you want to save money,one of the things i like to do is help,people save money give me your social,every video starts with this ,salesman it's so frustrating and then on,top of it the podcast sucks so there's,no reason to even get through the ad and,now we're gonna take ric flair who was,actually making our headlines weekly,with the mark madden show the rick,flair would say he was too dumb to know,was offensive conrad will let him know,i'll cut that off for you that part's a,little offensive i'm trying to sell,mortgages to families i'm not trying to,do a good podcast here that's what he,does tyler he does his mortgage all, day he wakes up super early to,record a podcast he does it before work,and then he does one after this is,conrad's schedule we're the the side,projects and these wrestlers we want to,hear them shoot we don't want to hear,eric bischoff shoots on farm-raised,salmon that's not the clip i'm,looking for in fact farm-raised salmon,they have to feed him orange dye the, this guy puts up sucks tyler and,now ric flair is gonna suck,oh yeah ri

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Jim Cornette on Ric Flair & Becky Lynch's War Of Word On Twitter

Jim Cornette on Ric Flair & Becky Lynch's War Of Word On Twitter

well jim apparently becky also had some,comments and went back and forth a,little bit with ric flair i'm not,exactly sure,where this came from i have an article,here from the new york post,the latest saga at ric flair and becky,lynch came earlier this week,lynch gave a strong promo implying,charlotte flair had ripped off her,father's gimmick,in response the elder flair,which is a funny way to put it,who by the way jim has a really,troubling thing where he puts the first,letter of every word in caps in capitals,on twitter i'm i'm,do you have to do that on purpose or is,it just a setting that that he's not uh,aware of it's not a setting i'm aware of,so i think you have to do it on purpose,because i don't because you know i don't,text at all so he's still ahead of me uh,all props to the nature for doing the,texting thing but i would think that,would be more difficult,well apparently ric flair or someone,representing ric flair using his account,tweeted out i think i'm going to have to,make the trip personally to see you beat,the piss out of miss charlotte,i don't think so sister,i don't think so sister,the man big time bex or whatever you,call yourself,there's not enough choreography in the,business to save you becky lynch,now again whatever is going on with her,and charlotte we don't know if rick is,just going all freestyle here,or if anyone's actually asked him to,participate but becky's response,was again in the ariel hawaii interview,on the mma hour look,i saw that tweet the one you're,referring to the one i'm referring to i,wrote out a response that would have,been quite biting and i deleted it and,let it go because i think it's really,sad,this a legend at one point this legend a,16-time world champion ric flair is now,jealous of me,that's cool it's cool for me,and now he's trying to use me to get,clout to promote whatever he has going,on next because he's dug himself into a,bit of a hole with other things,oh,uh yeah how much of that is working i,don't know whether they asked rick to,play or not even if this is a work,because that seemed like that she didn't,take that uh,particularly kindly um,maybe rick just thought he would,pop in and add to the situation and and,becky didn't know it was coming i don't,know what's going on with these people,apparently in response to becky's,comments,ric flair or a representative,controlling his twitter account,retweeted those comments,as well as an article about ric flair,officially selling the man the trademark,of the man to wwe,which that's right he did it what like,two years ago uh maybe a year ago i'm,not sure how long ago was it's been a,little while we talked about it here on,the show when it was happening but ric,flair quote tweeted both of those images,and said so disappointed,i did this out of respect for you becky,lynch,it made you millions and made me nothing,after 40 years of being the man the,company doesn't own it and neither do,you,i'll always be the man,ask your husband,oh,and by the way for the record,you did sell the man so you tactically,are not the man,and you didn't do it out of respect you,did it out of need for money i believe,was there ever a sale price on the man,report what's the sticker price on the,man right was that he didn't give it up,he was trying to battle them for it it,wasn't like i did this out of respect,for you it was like no i made sure i got,every penny i could out of them and then,i said okay well but did we ever get a,figure on the sale price of the man i,don't think so i don't think so that it,would be interesting to find it because,if she'd made millions i won you know,how much did it cost originally uh,ah

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AEW STAR QUITS Twitter !! NXT Ric Flair Final Match video WWE

AEW STAR QUITS Twitter !! NXT Ric Flair Final Match video WWE

what's up wrestling fans i'm joe cronin,uh please leave a like comment down,below jade cargill has deleted her,twitter account,which i can only imagine is probably for,the regular reasons that it's a toxic,cesspool of evil people but uh other,than that i can't really figure out,exactly why she would have done it,all i know is the goddess herself is off,of twitter and now we can no longer look,at her,wonderful photos um,jade cargill is an amazing miss for the,wwe i still can't believe,that the wwe didn't sign her bait just,on her looks alone,you know i i don't know how this got,missed,or how it was overlooked,jade cargill is unbelievable sometimes,sometimes okay in the ring,other times not very good in the ring,but,there's one thing you cannot look away,when jade cargill makes an entrance,with that title belt and if i was a,promoter,i would pay and hire her 100,so,seeing her leave twitter,uh,is sad but it is a cesspool i recommend,to you guys if you have not seen the ric,flair um videos about his last match,you've got to get to over there and see,that there's a there's a 23-minute part,two,uh youtube video episode that that went,up uh,i think it was just the other day but i,could be wrong,in fact it doesn't even how does it not,have a date on it oh 19 hours ago that's,why just 19 hours ago it's a phenomenal,video,uh better than raw so if you spent three,hours watching raw i don't know why you,wouldn't spend some time watching this,um it outlines the whole ric flair,situation beautifully,and it culminates in a wonderful ending,uh in the build towards the match,and one of my favorite lines in a while,is uh,don't meet your idols which is hilarious,to me,don't meet your idols telling you guys,watch that video,um uh the ric flair last match will,potentially be better than uh will be it,will definitely be better than raw,but it could be better than uh,summerslam itself to be honest so i,found that fun to watch,i enjoyed it and if you guys find me fun,to watch,leave your comment down below and make,it a super thanks if you can use the,heart and make it a super thanks i will,pin the top one,to this video as soon as i see it and,i'll try to respond to the other,comments as well an update on adam,cole's injury plus uh goldberg,goldberg's got an a in e uh biography,adam cole hasn't been in the ring since,aw verse new japan he suffered a nasty,concussion says we all,know about this we all remember what,happened he went limp and started acting,very strange,which looked like a concussion and then,there was some thought that he'd pull,the shoulder,something like that,uh he's definitely recovering and,healing said brit baker i hope just like,everybody else we get to see him back,soon uh my theory is obviously that he's,dealing with post-concussion syndrome,um,which is something i dealt with for six,to seven months i'm assuming that's part,of what it is,um so that yeah it's a very it's a very,dangerous situation,i mean you know what i mean i couldn't,deal with playing video games,you know when i had my post-concussion,syndrome,uh that lasted about seven months,and,you know once in a while would come back,uh to bother me so uh yeah i'm assuming,that's part of what he's dealing with,but i'm not 100 sure they're not exactly,going through all of his,progress or prognosis or whatever your,diagnosis,um but,i don't know uh we comparing bill,goldberg's a and e biography compared to,the undertakers because they both had,one uh goldberg's a e special the second,episode of the latest season it aired on,sunday and according to wrestlenomics,it was viewed by about,595 000 people so just slightly above a,rampage audience,up by two percent from the undertaker's,episode,goldberg was also up 14 in viewership,when it came to the key demographic,wow,who would thought who would have thought,that you would think the undertakers,would beat his,is that true i mean i almost don't,believe this,that's kind of crazy must have been have,something to do with things that other,things are wrong at the time i don't,know,um,but yeah pretty crazy stuff it's a,tuesday so we have no wrestling tonight,really other than nxt if you are,watching that let me know if you,actually are watching nxt those ratings,aren't looking very good either recently,and you gotta love it when you realize,that the top news out there is that jade,cargill deleted her twitter like that's,when you know it's a slow news day hey,maybe fightful in andrew zarian and all,them hey maybe you guys could uh say,that vince mcmahon is uh,gonna take the wwe tvma today since,there's no wrestling news you know maybe,you guys should come out with something,today that's crazy hey maybe you guys,should announce wcw's coming back and,then tomorrow you can say oh nevermind,we got it wrong,because like i'll tell you what the news,is dead today we need to make something,up today you know,make anything up i don't know stephanie,and triple h are getting it divorced and,then tomorrow we'll just s

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