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RHOP Twitter Reacts to Robyn Recording Wendy | New Series…Maybe??hey loves Welcome to the Real House

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

RHOP Twitter Reacts to Robyn Recording Wendy | New Series…Maybe??

hey loves Welcome to the Real Housewives,of Potomac Twitter recax to a photo of,Robin Dixon recording Dr Wendy osefo,so the original poster captioned it and,said this absolutely deplorable hashtag,rhop I completely agree Robin's sitting,there recording that woman and smiling,and antagonizing her had me just I,wanted to scream,so one view is a responded phone shaming,her child it said with her iPhone SE,she's a bum and another person just now,another user said like get a new iPhone,if you TMZ child and then they went on,to talk about her looks and I'm not,going to talk about another woman's,looks because if I was going to do that,I would have had a lot to say about Mia,and those red lips last night but we're,not gonna do that anyways they go on to,say she's just an oversized bully,this Twitter user said now this is what,I call antagonizing me too her and,Gisele the entire time were inciting,things to escalate and hyping Mia up but,telling Wendy she's wrong that's so,disgusting this was like my sentiments,exactly all,then this person's gonna say Juan's,roommate is very strange and her friend,with the ankles and the next person go,post this gift I am cracking up with,this wands roommate mess because we know,they are not about to get married and,now this one speaks the truth she said,the satisfaction on her face is the most,disgusting thing of all true colors,shown so it tickles me that I'm not the,only one who keeps feeling like this,sense of disgust like it's really nasty,then these two,pure clown Behavior I agree 100 the next,one says Robin has always been a mean,girl it was hidden under the guise of,being boring or giselle's sidekick for,years this season she has shown her true,colors she is vile and vindictive their,words not mine and then one Twitter user,said now that she's in a position of,strength like not broke her true colors,show Money brings out the true you now I,found this really interesting because I,hadn't really thought about why in the,hell is Robin acting a fool this season,but they are probably right this is,probably the first season she didn't,have as much of the money issues as,she's had in the past she probably done,paid down some of her little debts and,now she feeling herself and acts like a,whole new woman asking Juan for,prenuptial agreements in mass that was a,good observation looks like that's it I,was just scrolling through Twitter these,had me just really feeling some type of,way so I thought I would share them with,you I hope you enjoyed it thanks for,listening in bye

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#RHOP Twitter Reacts to Mia Reactivating Her Account with NO APOLOGY to Dr. Wendy Osefo

#RHOP Twitter Reacts to Mia Reactivating Her Account with NO APOLOGY to Dr. Wendy Osefo

hey loves welcome back to another,episode of Real Housewives of Potomac,Twitter reacts and this time we're,reacting to messy Mia activating,deactivating activating reactivating her,Twitter account and still not having,made a full apology to Dr Wendy osefo,y'all have dragged this woman I'm saying,y'all cause I was being nice y'all have,dragged this woman she did not,appreciate y'all talking about the fact,that she ran and deactivated her account,so now she had a little something to say,and of course Twitter has reactions to,it let's get into it but before we get,into reading all these comments go ahead,hit the Thumbs Up Button show me some,love if you like this little series then,be sure to share it with your friends,like why wouldn't you if you haven't,subscribed already go ahead and take,care of that and then this is what MIA,had to say on her Twitter she said I,take full accountability I was wrong no,one deserves to be treated with,disrespect I'm sorry I let you all down,now now let's get into these reactions,because honestly the audience was kind,of split I was kind of surprised by how,many people are supporting Mia in her,foolishness now the very first comment,was actually in favor of Mia and she,said Wendy was antagonizing you she's,lucky all she got was a drink okay so,y'all think that's a fan or is that me,his family because I'm assuming that,that very first comment is probably,family the next user asked the question,that all of us is looking for an answer,to did you apologize to Dr Wendy she's,the victim not the viewers like ma'am,where is the public apology then another,user asks why are you apologizing to us,this was filmed months ago the question,is did you apologize to Wendy then if,not that means you're trying to save,face,good point but then you have another,user supporting me as mess she said I,would snap as well that mouth on Wendy,is infuriating don't let her get under,your skin let her sell her candles LOL,Wendy's mouth is a mess but Wendy is,incredibly intelligent and she knows how,to use her vocabulary and since Mia,couldn't dig deep enough to effectively,use hers that's why she threw that water,then once again we have two users who,are split one says you need to lay out,what you're taking accountability for,you're dancing around your wrongdoings,you're being vague and another says here,comes the toxic fans she apologized move,on but then she applied to Wendy,then we got hit with some classic Mariah,Huck this user says you didn't let,anyone down because we expect this kind,of behavior from you you're not sorry,you plan to humiliate or harm Wendy from,the start of this trip the room,assignment was a dead giveaway,and you have Mariah saying she needs to,go and then the next the next user said,did you take accountability before we,the viewers condemned your behavior and,did you apologize to Wendy immediately,after if not gtfoh,I think comments like that are super,important because it's been months so,like were you walking around this whole,time thinking what you did was cute were,you thinking the fans were gonna love,this one or like what was really your,thought process this whole time and like,now you suddenly are issuing this I take,accountability BS when we still don't,see any apology that Whitney deserves,then these three say you really need to,do some soul searching because your,actions are disgusting you can't keep,making bad decisions and apologizing,because that's not sincere or honest,you're being manipulative and it's not a,good look I agree the next one says,don't apologize to us apologize to Wendy,osefo you disrespect to her loudly in,public and your apology needs to match,that energy period P.S I thought you,were deactivating your Twitter you can,go now I love that one and then the next,one says you're only apologizing because,you're seeing that no one is backing up,what you did to Wendy we see the,gaslighting and Trauma as dark-skinned,women viewers deal with in real life on,Potomac and we're calling y'all out and,it's getting too hot now you want to,backtrack shut up not even going live,this next one tickled me he said imagine,getting that heated for Peter Thomas the,and then you got another Mia supporter,she says sorry for what part because,Wendy was very disrespectful to you and,your family honey what was you watching,I know you do what I know you do want oh,I know you don't want to act that way,you were provoked by her she wanted,smoke girl bye the next one said go,ahead and deactivate again now this is,one of my favorites okay you're getting,there now let's follow through with,those threats to quit,and then another user expressed concerns,about the PSA and they said it was,ridiculous for at Bravo TV to show a PSA,at the end of the episode on rohop,saying they have nothing to do with John,Hopkins University Dr Wendy osefo was,the victim not the aggressor they should,have listed me as companies since she,was the violent one 100 SMH I think,think the reason they did that tho

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RHOP Twitter Reacts: Is Candiace Expecting? | Mia Says F*** What They Think

RHOP Twitter Reacts: Is Candiace Expecting? | Mia Says F*** What They Think

hey loves welcome back to another,episode of Real Housewives of Potomac,Twitter reacts so this time they're,responding to Candace's tweet that has,people concerned that she might have a,little bun in the oven and then Mia,posted a really gorgeous pic saying rule,number one F what they think and that's,because she's tired of y'all making fun,of her and how she look without no,makeup or at least that's what I assume,but before we get into what Twitter is,saying go ahead and do the YouTubey,things hit the Thumbs Up Button leave,some comments down below share the video,with your friends help me get to that 12,000 I'm trying to grow my little page,and if you haven't subscribed go ahead,and knock that out today so Candice,posted this cute little tweet she said I,never want chicken wings like ever,they're a hassle I could go for some,juicy wet Wings right this second so of,course nosy people like me assume it,means she pregnant one Twitter user says,so uh is that a pregnancy craving y'all,about to have some beautiful brown,babies,another user said are you trying to tell,us something and someone else responded,she is with a little pregnant lady emoji,another user asks yeah and why does that,mean pregnant I guess she didn't really,get the memo on cravings and everything,and another one response spill the tea,are you Prego,and someone else asks is this a craving,y'all get the picture so tell me what,you think you think Candace is letting,us know she's expecting or she playing,games because she know people will jump,to conclusions,on to Mia and her little F what they,think comment,so MIA posted this picture rule number,one F what they think and it's really,interesting because I saw the other day,that she posted something saying that,there were so many Bots online coming,for her and I I know we've seen bots in,the past but none of these really seems,like Bots to me not that I'm an expert,but these seem like people who legit are,not feeling your shenanigans anyways of,course Twitter had something to say,about her photo and her rule number one,so one Twitter user said how come you,ignore Wendy's apology also if you,didn't feel like you needed to apologize,why so many months later did you,apologize on Twitter which is a good,point another said baby I'm just sitting,here waiting to see how much more is,exposed about you and Jacqueline I knew,y'all were flip-flopping these men love,y'all try sexual relationship okay so,that is allegations that is not coming,from me that is a Twitter user is saying,that another one said number one manager,finances or business better number two,be more authentic and stop trying to act,high class she's where she had glass,number three seek therapy for your past,trauma and Hyper ego number four stop,lying so much so number four should have,been number one two three and four,anyways number five learn how to fight,with your words versus your hands Ooh,Child you have said a word I want better,for you and then they left a kissy face,emoji,another one said but you do care that's,why you can't stay off Twitter LOL our,opinions haven't changed that mess with,Peter made you look like you was you was,or have been rubbing skin baby girl I,ain't never heard that one rubbing skin,y'all familiar with that term anyways,you took it personal,another user posted this now Infamous,photo of Mia with no makeup and she said,he said Mia please show more of your,natural beautiful self,another said oh my God I was just about,to say maybe wash your makeup off before,making a bold statement like that but,you beat me with this one damn Gina,another Twitter user said girl you wish,your face looked that good with your,messy self I have one more thing for you,while you bleach your skin like that now,your children don't look like they,belong to you not by their hair or,nothing they are so beautiful as long as,they don't get your attitude okay so I,have mixed feelings about this comment,because,I really really struggle with making,comments about people's kids but,if you've seen the clip from Say Yes to,the Dress of Mia many many moons ago she,definitely had a little more pronounced,melanin in her skin who knows might have,been makeup what we're seeing now could,be makeup but she definitely did not,have the same face as what we are seeing,today so that's a very interesting,comment,then another user said you are more,classy beautiful and intelligent than,that person on the girls trip she took,the group to a plantation for dinner,that used to have slaves inappropriate,four degrees came Bayou class and she,has the least net worth of the cast my,opinions you're the best so aside from,all the grammatical errors and,misspellings in this one,um I remember Wendy taking them on a,cash trip I don't remember exactly what,it was I probably blocked it out of my,mind because I definitely have not been,a fan of Wendy so,um yeah I'm not sure about the cash trip,to a plantation but to say that Mia has,the highest net worth or to say I'm,sorry

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SNEAK PEEK: Gizelle Bryant on Karen's Beef With Charrisse: “I’m Sick of It!” | RHOP (S7 E13) | Bravo

SNEAK PEEK: Gizelle Bryant on Karen's Beef With Charrisse: “I’m Sick of It!” | RHOP (S7 E13) | Bravo

thank you,I can use this in the islands,all right maybe dinner,hey baby hey how you doing I'm good I,can't believe I'm,getting ready to go to Mexico with the,girls baby why are you going to Mexico,for Ashley because it's her birthday,Ashley and I are gonna host together oh,that's nice okay you know my birthday's,in a few days so well you know I got you,right so what are we thinking like we,could do Mexico that's close by,um Mexico sounds good I will be turning,34 next week it will be really nice for,us to be together we are going to,fire Riviera she wants to invite all the,girls for Candace and Giselle are not,talking Mia just took the mic at my show,what do you do when you share something,with the front of yours and she runs her,mouth and tells her friends,but it's not about me I ever to pray,that we don't pull each other's wigs off,on this birthday trip for Ashley in,Jesus name we pray amen Ashley and I are,going ahead of time to make sure,everybody has identical room so nobody,can complain okay and we want to take,Wendy with us because more people have a,problem with Wendy than not standing,your truth,Ashley and I are hoping with this trip,at least the ladies can bury some things,and move on,thank you,alrighty d,hi hi,I didn't mean to Bali but I just wanted,to know,how it went like my biopsy yeah,yeah that's painful oh yeah,yeah oh yes you knew it was going to be,painful,my doctors have been monitoring me for,about three years and my uterus fibroids,are so huge that they can't just remove,the fibroids they've gotta also remove,my uterus which is just like a,full-blown hysterectomy the act of doing,it is terrifying I don't know whether,I'm going to be able to walk around you,know what's sex gonna be like I mean I,don't know but there's no way around it,they like clip onto pieces like your,stuff yes yes oh yeah,oh yeah it is painful,I was in there like literally Robin I,broke out in a sweat like I just I,started sweating I was like oh my God I,was like holding my hands I was holding,my own hands I was consoling myself,what's crazy is I never feel like I'm,the person that's going to be sick or,need any type of medical attention so,this has kind of caught me off guard,I'm sorry it's okay you know I'm gonna,have the surgery but guess what Robin,surgery will not stop me how about that,yeah I just got to move some stuff,around for the kids because I was I'm,taking them to Martha's Vineyard and all,this did you ask the doctor I guess,maybe not until after well she said you,know I will need time to heal but I was,like you know your your assistant told,me I can't travel she was like no,you really shouldn't but you know you,should be fine so I was like okay,there's no travel police out here so I'm,we're gonna be fine oh yeah,kids time yeah,okay but speaking of ruining my my brain,cells,um Karen's live show what did you think,about that,that was confusing yeah it was very,weird it was like too many people,involved for this to really be like,about Karen doing nothing and then the,whole like you invited the world and you,can't invite Charice and she can't,pretend that that was like a mistake,like Oh I thought Charisse was on the,text thread because Katie was on there,and Jacqueline was on there right to,exclude her on purpose to be mean why,yeah it's definitely deliberate yeah and,Cherise,drop in the video hilarious oh my gosh,yeah,and Karen's trying to act like she's not,mad about it Karen you're Furious about,this video,have a good night and she's like I don't,like for my breasts to be called titties,they are breasts,what do you think is going to happen in,Mexico because Cherise is going to be,there I mean nothing's gonna happen,Karen's going to dance around,topics and conversations like she always,does let's be clear I just want to man,fences between Karen and Charice because,a I'm being nosy I want to know what the,beef is and B I mean in all the truth,and sincerity like we did used to have,fun when we were all friends and I would,love to get back to that look I can be,cordial with anybody it's Ashley's,birthday she wants to invite Charice so,I'll put on my nice cap,if you don't put me,I'm gonna demand that I know what the,hell her issue is with Charisse because,I'm sick of it I'm sick of it

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hey my loves it's me Keisha AKA color me,pink and I am here with another behind,the scenes t video so after this week's,episode of The Real Housewives of,Potomac you know the cast likes to tweet,while watching the show and Candy us had,a lot to say as well as Karen Hugo the,grand Dom but first let's get into,Candace's tweet she tweeted I would also,I would like the record to reflect that,I received the text about four heads,r-a-p-e-y-s husband on camera the camera,was on me while I Was preparing to walk,out of my room and my friend sent me the,text that I later showed her if I had,received the text off camera I would,have approached her off camera,okay,um,I talked about this in my review just,because you saw the text message on,camera doesn't mean that you couldn't,have told her off camera I mean,regardless of the fact you decided to,show her on camera,and Gisele was in the room with you so I,mean it's semantics to me at this point,um y'all all do shady to each other,so like why would you expect for,somebody to,do to you as you have done unto them or,haven't done unto them at this point,child so someone tweeted everything,Candace says to Ashley from this point,forward is warranted y'all can't say,Candace didn't try Ashley is being just,very messy and Candace said bookmark,this one,they was just cool though like at,bravocon they were cool they filmed this,season being cool with each other so I'm,trying to understand where all the,vitriol is coming from like you're,reliving exactly what you film so why,are you mad when y'all made up after,this so I'm confused but maybe it's,something I'm missing I don't know she,also tweeted all Bs aside I cannot,receive that Wendy needs to own in,quotation marks that she can be a little,condescending that she rolls her eyes or,her neck Etc everyone in all caps in,this group is a condescending a-hole,myself included Wendy is just darker and,rebuts better than the majority stop it,do you all agree with that do you think,that there is bias,um with Wendy versus the lighter skinned,women or do you think that,they have a right to let her know that,yes you can be condescending,um Candace also says ask yourself why,you're more offended when a dark-skinned,woman reads you versus when a white,adjacent woman reads you those are your,problems,um in this case when it comes to Wendy,being called out about being,condescending I don't think that has,anything to do with her skin complexion,because Wendy can be very condescending,she just simply can and that has for me,it has nothing to do with her skin,complexion at all so I don't necessarily,uh agree with that,so I don't know about that one let me,know what y'all think Down Below in the,comment section and then Karen tweeted,some folks out here a complete lying ass,fools,what does that mean she also said I,guess the plotting some folk did in,advance of taping this season needed to,be rehearsed whoever told them that this,storyline approach would be believable,lied and we all know who she's talking,about in this case because this is by,far the sloppiest storyline that Giselle,has ever tried to create with this crisp,situation it's just ridiculous and this,whole thing with Cherise and trying to,call out Karen for,um cheating on Rey and having cherise's,back up like the whole thing is just,sloppily done and they should have,rehearsed it better should have plotted,and planned better like their tricks and,schemes are played they're tired and,they're late and they need to to stop Ed,immediately Charisse then tweeted I was,not preventing her from putting her,hands on Wendy she was not about to,physically attack Wendy as soon as she,stood up my natural reaction was to,stand up in an attempt to calm the,situation Wendy said standing Your Truth,she stood when he also to her to sit,down and she did that as well okay she,messed that sentence up security was,there if there was a real concern they,would have interjected I was not holding,her back people are going to interpret,things the way they want lightly nudging,someone to sit back down is way,different than holding someone back girl,tomato you're so full of that girl,specifically called you and said did you,put a finger on me and you said no and,we all saw that you not only put your,hand on her stomach to push her back you,then stood up and put both of of your,hands on her shoulder to hold her back,and then you stood in between her and in,front of her to make sure that she,didn't bypass you but you didn't think,that anything was going to happen if,everything was fine you wouldn't have,needed to get up to calm any situation,make it make sense shoulders you get on,my nerves you really do and this is why,I did not want her and her wide back,back on this show because she, irks my soul I can't wait to see,where the rest of this season is going,to go child because if the Reeds is,already coming this thick and we only,five episodes in child can you imagine,where we're going to end up,um we still have the M

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Karen Huger Takes the Ladies to a Shaman in Mexico: “I Googled It” | RHOP Highlight (S7 E13) | Bravo

Karen Huger Takes the Ladies to a Shaman in Mexico: “I Googled It” | RHOP Highlight (S7 E13) | Bravo

so you can't take us nowhere on the,plane I'm trying to like,figure out what they're talking about,but I can't really hear everything but I,can tell,that they're not good typically everyone,in first class is dignified and they,have their airpods in and they're,watching their movies,um first class was Mia and Jacqueline,screaming about how they mother their,children Jacqueline was like it takes a,village Mia you ain't raising your kids,right what who you think you talking to, what like it was bad okay you can,tell it was like it's real pent-up,feelings they're taught,that I don't care about her kid,just tell sister argument but let me,tell you what happened,the nanny is looking for escape,my nanny her sister is calling me,looking for her kids she felt that I had,not communicated with my sister,effectively Mia being the controlling,Mia wanted to tell me what I did wrong,and what I didn't do wrong I told her,that her kids are not my responsibility,then she said well it takes a village to,raise a family but she wouldn't know,nothing about that,it's her fault knowing that I didn't,have a village to raise me right I think,that that was just really kind of,opportunistic of her and kind of low,very low,this is my first time with a shaman all,right we gotta go shoeless ladies okay,I wanted us to cleanse our group of all,negative Spirits so I Googled it,and I saw Shaman maybe you should go,first Jacqueline hi hi sir hi he's gonna,walk us through let's be respectful this,is my first time with us Mia Mia,Robin Robin we come to the beach we're,just gonna let a random man with,feathers Willow smoke,cleanse me baby cleanse me Giselle,so now we are a cosmic planetary family,connected now Hand by hand,or what is your intention to be here in,this work,typical Ashley woo-woo and wear,Birkenstocks listen we do not need smoke,and the spirits and the Gods,we just need tequila I wish happiness,for everyone because when you're truly,happy,you don't have room for hate,I don't know why this has been,leprechaun Aisha Reese keeps showing up,looking for a pot of gold some,coins some food,some friendship,girl stop

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Robyn and Juan Reportedly Quitting RHOP? Candiace Speaks Out!

Robyn and Juan Reportedly Quitting RHOP? Candiace Speaks Out!

Candace went on to page six and she,basically said when it comes to this,platform my goal was to use this,platform to get to where I am and she,says it's working which it is if you,look at where Candice was and you watch,her now you know it's like a complete,180 she has had exponential growth and I,believe that growth uh being exponential,is due to the Real Housewives of Potomac,not saying that she wouldn't have got to,where she is today without the,housewives but they sped it up because,of the Fanfare because of the visibility,because of the power of the franchise,right she says that it's working for as,long as I am having fun she says on,housewives which was very much so tested,in season seven I will be here,later adding so I'm here until I'm not,or until they fire me she noted,whichever comes first,now it's really interesting the part,about her having fun because honestly it,doesn't really seem like she's been,having fun for the past three seasons if,you ask me I mean in season five she got,beat the hell up by Miss Monique Samuels,had to go through the lawsuit had to go,through the therapy and those things and,season seven it seemed like you know she,was arguing with her man a lot a lot a,lot a lot a lot the mama versus Chris,Bassett I'm sure that was you know some,stressors there,um the whole salad tossing situation,a whole hot mess I felt like she was,fighting with everybody and then this,season you know we get a very somber you,know uh Candace this season uh you know,and I think what really makes me kind of,sad is the fact that she was trying to,do the injectables to freeze her eggs or,something to that effect I don't know,what the term is but you know she was,injecting herself,and uh I think the process failed and,she blamed it on the stress of the show,and it really didn't seem like none of,the women had any sensitivities towards,that they said we're going to come after,your relationship anyway sis we don't,care if you can't freeze your eggs or if,you can't do the injectables or if your,body is rejecting the injectables we we,we could care less,we want to ruin your relationship we,want to exploit your relationship to,extract a storyline for our own personal,gain no matter how much it hurts you,um,there is evil in this world,there is evil in this world,okay the snake is your man,nothing but a whole bunch of evil snakes,anyways,um so yeah it doesn't seem like she's,been having fun on top of the fact that,they've been piling on trying to you,know let me know that Chris was you know,luring them into rooms and doing all of,this creepy stuff and dming them and he,was flirting and his elbow got too close,to me and he was staring at me oh my God,the lies the lies the lies and More Lies,okay stop the lion,y'all are lying like crazy,and I'm not I'm not I'm not here for it,so it doesn't seem like Candace is,really having that much fun but,according to this statement it doesn't,seem like she's going anywhere either so,miss uh Teletubby uh Between the Lions,Miss Big Bear in the Big Blue House yeah,sis you're gonna have to try again with,another lie on another person,trying to use this girl in her innocent,relationship to uh uh uh you know for,your own personal gain and I just kind,of feel like that's disgusting okay,worry about your man your kids and that,Elmo sippy cup that you so stupidly was,sipping on on Instagram live silly,rabbit tricks anyways I was scrolling,and trolling on the interwebs and I saw,this article from all about the tea now,I'm not really a fan of all about the,Tea I think this blog is a joke,okay and when it came to Monica and that,whole situation on the YouTubes and,stuff like that you know I was trying to,be neutral and I really didn't want to,go in on the bloggers because honestly I,didn't really feel like it was that big,of a deal but for like the past year and,a half I was following all about the Tea,on Instagram and had to quickly unfollow,because I'm just like wow the articles,on this is just dumb as hell,um and her viewpoints under other blogs,I just kind of felt like were so,problematic and so extreme and so,radical and so dumb and so stupid that I,just really could not do it anymore I,was like wow,I was flabbergasted at that situation I,mean she said something so abhorrent one,time I was just like Okay click unfollow,unfollow unfollow unfollow I cannot do,this I don't like this but even though,it'd be silly with these articles,sometimes you know,I have to read this one okay and,apparently they got this information,from Media Takeout right Robin Dixon and,her and her fiance Juan Dixon are,reportedly leaving the Real Housewives,of Potomac amid a Blockbuster,lawsuit out against the HBCU coach,according to Media Tech auto production,Source informed the outlet that Robin,and Juan Dixon are not expected to,return to the Bravo reality series at,the conclusion of season seven okay,they're expected to not return so are,they quitting or are they getting fired,the source explained the Juan a

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RHOP: Ashley's Lying Friend Says She’ll Be Vindicated After Being Exposed!

RHOP: Ashley's Lying Friend Says She’ll Be Vindicated After Being Exposed!

hey guys welcome back to the house where,we talk new celebrities and Hot Topics,listen messy Deborah Williams is on,Instagram talking about she's Vindicated,Deborah what in the oh excuse my,language y'all look at this look at this,foolishness that she has up here on,Instagram okay wait let me go back to,her Instagram page this is Deborah,Williams okay remember we went to her,Instagram page a couple of uh days ago,because she was on Real Housewives of,Potomac lion talking about you know,Chris was trying to talk to her and,introduce himself and flirt and his,elbow was so close and he was staring,and he was doing all that and the rohot,producer footage is said that the lie,detector said that was a lie it was a,lie and then we went to her Instagram,page and found out that she has roja in,her bio and it's just like a girl,you really want to be The Cookie Lady of,the Season you really want to be the,yavana of the Season you really want to,be missed the snake is your man no sis,you really want to be uh miss a whole,cookie you really want to be that,from CAU but it's not working and Royal,hop is not going to hire you and you're,doing all of this you're ruining your,reputation you're damaging probably your,own marriage and you're doing it for,free,how that girl say yes,and suck that for free sis why is you,sucking it for free you don't suck no,for free what's wrong with you,do you always for money,now you can give the little the tip and,the ball is a little tingle for free,okay but no look excuse my language,listen Deborah was caught lying on the,television screens last Sunday night and,now she has this post talking about some,I will and she'll be Vindicated nobody,can make that happen but me period what,girl what now I think she's alluding to,the fact that you know the footages,caught her line and things like that and,I guess she's saying that she's not,gonna rely on the footages and the,editing and listen to give Miss Deborah,the benefit of the doubt editing can,make things look different than how they,appeared in real life however I do not,think that that is the case because you,clearly saw Deborah introduce herself,first now maybe they spliced it real,good and listen I am an editor I know,how to edit and so I can see where,things have been cut and when I look,back at that clip,to me,it don't look like they took it out of,sequence on who introduced to to who,first,okay so Deborah you're a liar and you,need to stand in it and you need to stop,now who is this lady under this uh,comment talking about some clapping hand,emojis and praise hand emojis I am key,21 underscore who are you,who are you uh co-signing this this this,foolishness and the lies,I am key 21 digital Creator the black,friend host of the real-ish TV 19k,subscribers over 3 million views on,YouTube who are you,why are you co-signing the lies the lies,the lies,okay we see that she didn't got a BBL,ciao they all getting bbls,okay I am key I don't know what you're,doing and I don't know who you're doing,it to but you need to quit it,okay hit it and quit it but now the,interesting thing about this uh thing is,that as you can see there's 140 comments,now I don't know what the is wrong,with my Instagram,but look at this y'all it's 140 comments,you can see on there and 57 likes,however when you go under the comments,like nothing happens and Let me refresh,the page so y'all think,so y'all don't think that my computer's, up,nothing's happening I'm refreshing it,I'm refreshing it Instagram isn't down I,can look at everybody else's pictures I,just can't look at Deborah's pictures,she blocked me because I called her Miss,uh Between the Lions child okay I called,her Miss PBJ and Otter I called her big,bear in a Big Blue House child,um,but yeah girl and man she doubled down,in her story talking about find your,purpose pursue it relentlessly,passionately and loudly okay trying to,exploit our good sis Angela bass said no,and then that's her and her husband,Throwbacks uh with her husband child,and now she's giving the pretty young,things a shout out talking about my,friend tribe whom are my creative family,are everything to me,um,and then she doubled down talking about,some I will and I shall be Vindicated,How You Gonna Be Vindicated allies a lot,a Lie Is A Lie Eliza lies allies a lie,and since you're a liar how can he say,the lies the lies the lies y'all let me,know how you all feel about the entire,situation in the comments down below,like the video subscribe to the channel,and don't forget to create a great day

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