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Respawn Answers Apex Legends Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIREDHydra McCoy here project l


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Respawn Answers Apex Legends Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Hydra McCoy here project lead at respawn,entertainment here to answer some of,your questions with Wired's apex support,alright let's get into it,first question is from well played think,that's a play on the words of well,played,what are your pro tips for apex a lot of,times I feel like I made the right moves,and I'm still one step or one shot,behind how do I get to that next level,with a gif of caustic the toxic trapper,honestly it's about time played as well,as thinking ahead you say you think you,make the right moves and then you're,still one step or one shot behind you,have to be able to anticipate you know,the map know your character know your,teammates characters know your weapons,and be thinking ahead strategize don't,just mash ready up for the next match,think about how your previous match went,and what you could do better on the next,one but as your parents always told you,in piano lessons practice makes perfect,so keep at it from the Knights Templar,at Tanner Webster,he asks at play apex so I play on ps4,but I got a cast today any tips you know,I'm looking at your cast they're the,Knights Templar and I'm not seeing any,reason to having excuses for subpar,performance both of your index and,middle finger or fully-operational as is,your thumb so you can operate both r1,and r2 and the right thumbstick and all,the face buttons so get out there and,get some of those wins please next up we,have its Wolfer wrath at yo boy wolf RF,that's a really good name,wait what's an heirloom and how do you,get one of those so an heirloom is an,incredibly rare set of drops you can get,out an apex pack it's a less than 1%,drop rate so that's very rare currently,it is a set of items for Wraith I bet if,you looked it up on YouTube you'd find,numerous videos they're not gameplay,enhancing it is purely cosmetic to show,off how baller you are to your friends,hope you get one next we have a question,from rose / mrs. rose War V so the real,question for playing packs is what is,bloodhounds bird named this might be a,world's first I have been informed that,bloodhounds bird has a proper name of,Arthur Olivia at Olivia slays what kind,of stats are considered good for apex,I'm still lost on how to rate how I'm,doing well honestly the stat that,matters most is how full your heart is,whenever you revive a teammate this is a,team game,it's about being friendly,it's about sharing so if you're getting,fulfilment from that I think you're,doing just fine,who's the best character in Apex legends,the real answer is there is no such,thing as the best character they're all,my favorite children but honestly,lifeline is my favorite and my best,she has would I consider be the most,powerful ability with the care package,because I love boot Scholl Vic's at Big,Mac 7:06 one is asking remember him feel,old yet you know what that's not half,bad I like that name and yes I feel old,we have a question from guzik's says hey,can we have replay mode so we can play,around with camera angles and create,contacts hashtag apex legends at play,apex at respawn unfortunately we do not,have any comment for future features or,content in the game right now but if you,stay tuned we have a lot more coming to,apex legends I wish I could tell you,more at C DEP see yo at play apex I made,hashtag bloodhound if she revealed her,identity what do you think am I actually,close we specifically have made,bloodhound a very mysterious character,so much so that I don't even know what,bloodhound looks like under all that,year so your guess right now is as good,as mine j7z with a little airplane emoji,honest question do we think apex has a,good chance of having a big compazine,those video no comp means competition,aka eSports so we have a lot of players,who are really into apex Legends right,now and they are absolutely stunning at,the game we have a desire for players to,play our game at such high levels but,currently we don't have any plans to,announce for any competitive scene but,we definitely do keep our eyes on what,people are doing and what they're asking,about tal talent cough , at respawn,please CC @ DK o''h 5 that's me and it's,a reddit thread and it's a suggestion,when you kill the last person in the,game make it so they don't die but,instead go to a downed state so we can,use our finisher move to win the game,that sounds like a pretty good idea to,humiliate your enemies like I know that,next is a question from its red Jedi,time to give at play apex ago let's see,what all the fuss is about any tips,question mark,hashtag apex legends battle royale and a,screenshot of him on a Playstation 4 yes,tips for new players finish the tutorial,teach a lot about how to use the,system and some other the abilities of,the game and more importantly once,you're in the game use that ping system,it lets you communicate quickly with,teammates find loot share loot and just,overall have a really fun time at Kyle,vetto vely question is how many apex,packs you have to open in order to have,every it

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When will Respawn listen to us about this Gun?!

When will Respawn listen to us about this Gun?!

excuse me,you're an idiot,man this guy's playing dolphin and pig,noises,a idiot that's the same guy,I can say what they're doing but I don't,want to do it because then more people,are going to do it,is there any audio in this game,nice great good hip fire,um,the Dome just broke again Tim,my punch you right here guys all that,white,okay good vibe chat smile that smile for,Good Vibes give me the semicolon,whatever the it is now,the only thing is like these guys,this guy this guy in game chat is like,Tim I'm not here to stream snipe or ruin,your day this is it but now let's make,my day but now the whole server knows,that we're in the game you know what I,mean that's the bad part about it are we,send a bounty here boys,you guys are shooting him at me already,wait they're in car might be able to,Fram,driver,another one yeah,decision oh no,it's ready right here right here right,here right here,he's over here somewhere outside the,building yeah inside here I think or in,your building yeah they saw him in this,one bottom floor yeah bottom four,in front of us in front of us we're not,catching it man it's a Tesla no,he wants he's catching us he's catching,us he's trying to catch,disabled damn,bro just got rinsed,above above above above in fact right,next to you bro wait,one,no he wasn't yeah he was,why am I just getting lasered by a bot,man crouching in a corner,right here right here,I'm about to get Bounty by the way,anything Landing right now all right,that's hot guys there's so many people,down below holy I'm me,maybe anyway,um,fighting AI man that's how I got stunned,goofy armor off on the right clock um,nothing closer another one closer,another one yeah,me,um,I just drill charged that guy by,the way,I'm down I'm down man you guys are,flying Alpha Zone,you're flying on that oh ,on that I can't see in the tree bro you,got him let me yeah,careful come on swag I can't find this,bounty,love me under me look look guys do you,guys see this boys,there's only 50 left,bro you should I might pre-precision,this it's near me,that one yeah,shooting in wait down below down below,what where it's just it's just yeah I,saw an actual player the car got out,yeah right here,actual fire Pride one shot,flying on that,flash broke to my right,one more in the house one more time,get away from me,all right guys one shot at gas,absolutely one shot cap station,not gas okay sound good if you want to,send me your swag I had a fall damage I,couldn't pull my shoot there nice,promise,climbing climbing,nice,okay we're getting sniped from uh from,the uh over here I slide marked him what,the, crack,push one shot absolute super platter yo,the live ping is is one shot in front of,me yeah yeah they're going farther off,as far there as well out here down the,guy up top again yeah,wait until I inside bro,I guess is it just one I could yeah well,I think it's like I'm coming bro I just,got you someone just took my kill,I'm so mad,I won one is this guy that's a person no,no no no no no no no where where are you,like almost above Dennis I think I know,yeah,it's just you oh no no you self,They're All Dead literally,I should have thirst I should have,stayed outside and there's this guy I,down to all three one itself I'm dead,dead no the man,they raised man I know that I,was pushing into a cluster mine and,three people,swag,all right come on,that's like the fourth won this,game,wow they got our PKS on that roof right,there boys playing with swag is the, worse,another airstrike,one in the back once I want it back,we're there one more there,oh my God,what's helping I can't stop I'm,reloading okay,hit me with it what they explain that,Obama cracked and done pack his own,behind the wall,what's up there they just killed each,other,baby very nice, man that was an easy game I should,have made a it wait why did it say,24. I'm pretty sure,he said that there ain't no,intensity all right good job that's one,come on one right here bro right we have,we have to hard life I think it would,have been 30 if,so I go in and do swag all the things

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500,000 - Twitter - Respawn

500,000 - Twitter - Respawn

hello everyone hell how is everyone,doing since we last met as you can see,I'm growing skin back on my face,I'm kind of digging the scar like a,badass double-oh-seven villain like,where are the codes James that was a,that was a horrible impression my my,future in acting is never going to take,place however I won't take this,opportunity she talked about a couple,things first and foremost my channel is,about to reach half a million,subscribers which is kind of crazy it's,weird to think like a year and a half,ago I didn't have a channel and I was,just kind of just some random dude who,played Halo and Call of Duty and now I,have like this cool channel or I can,upload videos and you guys are like,super supportive and ratings and,comments and cool opportunities and,meeting people and happy goodtime fun,and stuff fight I just spoken like,tremendous generalities right there for,cific but I'm very optimistic I try to,stay out of all the monetary gain and,fame and fortune and worrying yourself,out I try to not be involved in that,whatsoever I do this for fun as you guys,know I'm a full-time employee machinima,so my channel it's not a requirement I,upload videos because I like doing it I,don't earn money off of it you guys,should probably like you don't earn,money on your videos but you still do it,it's almost like you remember why you,started doing this in the first place,which is the case I love doing when I,what I do and I will fingers cross,continue to do this in the future as,long as you guys watch the videos and,like them and breaked and comment die I,don't know I don't see any reason why,this would stop hopefully YouTube stays,around egg I'll be really really sad if,YouTube went away but regardless it's,really cool that I can continue to do,this whole thing and I appreciate it I,appreciate all the support I appreciate,the the ability for me to to keep doing,this and yeah that is that I don't mean,to get too sentimental but I love you,all and stuff no homo well I guess,technically,there are women that watch this this,video and/or my content so to you I,don't so if I don't say yes home I just,say I love you with all my heart,if you are of legal age of course I,don't want to get in trouble so next,topic but anywho um the second issue is,the Shorty Awards as you guys know on,Twitter and she has to vote for me it's,basically different categories and,people are represented for gaming,entertainment and it's kind of like a,Twitter award of sorts and basically I,wanted to win because I want to,represent the gaming community as a,whole I feel I'm very positive and you,know forward thinking gonna be very cool,- they fly you actually Team New York,and you get an award and I think be cool,to meet a bunch of people and be like,YouTube is awesome and the gaming,community is awesome and you know just,have fun with it,and if you haven't voted already I would,really appreciate it if you were,following Twitter it's like I have like,60,000 people follow me but only like,500 moated which ranks from a hodge my,Trichet so I know that I get it you,probably you know I probably the same,thing like somebody else will vote I,gotta eat a bagel or something important,right now I can't I can't vote right now,but basically click on the link and says,I nominate seananners for whatever,reason you just basically putting your,reason could be like he loves wine and,or you know playing video games,what-have-you,so if you follow me on Twitter please,vote and if you don't follow me on,Twitter I would recommend doing so,because Twitter is the best way to reach,me as it stands right now I have like,10,000 messages private messages it's,really tough to go through all those,messages and respond to even a small,number of alone on Twitter it limits,your sort of space you can't really,write a dissertation to me because you,know it's really hard to go through all,the messages I get so if you want to,reach me the best place is Twitter I,always read tweet stuff it's fun and,entertaining and I'll try my best to,interact you guys there so beyond just a,contest or helping me out if you'd like,to reach me or show me something,Twitter's the best place to do so so I,will put a link to how to register an,account and how to,and yes I'd appreciate your support and,that would be very cool if you could,vote for me if you guys on YouTube any,other YouTube big YouTube people if you,want help me out I'm very much like an,elephant I will not forget your kindness,and yes so with our topic I want you,guys to know that all my content and,respawn is going to change I'm not going,to have one show and the show is going,to be an umbrella that houses all kinds,of random things so one week it may be,the respawn team goes to the firing,range and shoots guns like it may be me,playing black ops it may be playing some,you know I'll stay to be cool to do like,a fear cam with like dead space to like,well good good like play the game like a,let's play type thing the first episode,is going t

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After 3 YEARS it's BACK!

After 3 YEARS it's BACK!

today we have good news and bad news the,bad news of fortnite were forced to take,down their servers but the good news is,that they brought back three things into,the game and of course we're hunting,them down now I know Christmas is over,but I'm hoping Santa's one last present,from the end of this tree can I get one,of these returning items no,no you serious Father Christmas I,haven't been naught to this fear maybe,the final chest up here what can it,grant me okay look this is not what I,want but it's absolutely fine the hunt,continues as this morning we got a,downtime update that no one was,expecting the surprisingly gave us some,really good content oh no the wolves are,after me leave me alone and we're on the,hunt for everything new and telling you,guys what you should be looking out for,first up new weekly challenges are live,and let's take a look if they have made,one of the most requested Updates this,season no this week challenges still,expire after one week look hit the like,button on this video right now to let,Fortnight know that we want these weekly,challenges to last more than a week,because it's not enough time to complete,everything,oh this person got absolutely beamed,let's see if he's got one of the new,items have been up what is what,is,he's hiding and he actually does have,one of the items that I need as back in,the game is the Burst assault rifle,can't lie the gray version is absolutely,trash but it feels like it's been quite,a while since we've had this thing in,the game so I'm excited to give it a go,and see if it is any good in chapter,four in fact this is the first time it's,ever been available in chapter four so,that is the first thing that's returned,to the game I want to get this thing up,to Legendary if I can because I think,epic and legendaries where this thing,will really start to pop off but the,reason all of this stuff got added into,the game is really because fortnite,messed up over the Christmas period,which is now unfortunately over I hope,you claimed all of your free presents,fortnite a few things that kind of,didn't work or were a little bit game,breaking which meant they had to remove,them as a result to bring those things,back into the game as soon as possible,we got a downtime update this morning,which was not meant to actually happen,we were just meant to get the Burst,assault rifle and that was it but,instead we got two more things some,people are fighting over over here so it,could be a chance to see if this thing,is uh any good in chapter four as I said,I do not have high expectations but,let's see,you later the good thing is it means,fortnite fixing things really quickly,and if we go over here we can see that,the shock wave Hammer is back in the,game you may be thinking if you don't,play a lot of fortnite what do you mean,is back in the game if you did not know,this thing was actually vaulted a few,days ago which meant it wasn't in the,game one of the biggest things and the,most popular thing arguably in fortnite,chapter 4 this was due to a glitch and,I'm gonna throw up some footage of the,glitch here on screen when the glitch is,so bad they instantly have to remove an,item you know that it is very very game,breaking thankfully it's back in the,game and they literally did a downtime,update this morning just a hot fix all,of these issues and make sure that we're,back to playing the fortnite that we,know and love with the Shockwave hammer,in I want to try and find an upgrade,station for this Burst assault rifle but,before we do that let's see what,augments we got uh yeah I guess we'll be,using the new assault rifle so let's get,that one I'm gonna go for Splash,medicine,all right uh now that my ornaments have,been activated let's head on over we,still got one of the three new things to,still discover and I really need one of,those upgrade benches to make this gun,good now the issue is with a lot of,things have been going wrong over the,past few weeks fortnite have been on a,holiday now you've got to cut them some,slack because these guys work hard year,in year out and they take a few weeks,off at Christmas and a few weeks off in,the summer as well oh I think I found an,upgrade bench love to see it let's make,this thing a little bit better green,blue let's make it purple I'm gonna try,and get a few kills missing before I,take you all the way up to Legendary I'm,a little bit worried that I spent all of,this gold in this thing and it's not,actually gonna be that good gotta admit,if someone's to say to me would you pick,up a scar or a Burst assault rifle there,wouldn't even be a question in my mind,as to which one I pick up but for the,sake of the fact that it's back in the,game I've got to be using this thing and,you never know oh here we go,no don't want to go in there,mate mate it's kind of good,it's kind of good it's kind of I mean,that thing absolutely shredded his,shield off maybe I spoke too soon maybe,I would pick this thing up over the scar,I mean let's be real

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Respawn Entertainment Dunks on Polygon, Twitter Gets Mad for Some Reason

Respawn Entertainment Dunks on Polygon, Twitter Gets Mad for Some Reason

i know i'm not the only one who's,really tired of game journalists just,phoning it in but,i also love seeing them get spanked by,their superiors polygon tweeted out a,link to an article talking about the,recent announcements regarding the next,season of apex legends and,what changes are going to be made to the,game now in this article,which has since been edited the author,wrote about the animated short release,to tease valkyrie the new character in,apex legends,however in their recollection of the,video and the lore itself they got,numerous details,wrong like just flat out wrong character,names backstories motivations just,wrong information and all the info they,got wrong is explained to you in the,titanfall 2 campaign,which is less than 4 hours long and,released almost 5 years ago,for a professional game journalist this,is unacceptable,whoever made this has clearly not played,titanfall 2 nor did they even attempt to,do research on its lore before writing,the article,so it shouldn't be surprising that,respawn themselves responded to the,tweet with a little jab implying they,should have,you know played the game before writing,about it,but unfortunately for respawn they were,responding to a polygon tweet and i,think we all know the kind of people who,actively follow this website,the kind of people who don't care too,much about the details and care a lot,more about just being right all the time,and never having to admit any kind of,fault,and you may say joe that's a little,harsh and i would respond well,not for long yeah that'll show em gotta,make sure those incel,chuds buy your games too verified,account because of course it is,i wasn't aware that correcting wrong,information made you an incel,chud whatever a chud is,like you're gonna see a lot of people,who got legitimately mad at respawn,for this response so and before we go,any further let me just reiterate the,groundwork for what happened here,polygon made an article with factually,wrong information,about a game's lore the developer of the,game responded,with a little jab saying they should,have played the game before writing the,article,and to polygon's audience respawn is in,the wrong here,let's just keep moving along respawn out,here actually ratioing polygon and,promoting a great game at the same time,hell yeah,it's cool that you'd think they'd,correct the tweet behind the scenes and,not go for brownie points,kinda cringe tbh yes because,polygon posted an article publicly but,it's apparently the responsibility of,respawn to correct them,not publicly that's some amazing logic,that's like if you got a question wrong,on a test but the teacher just,didn't tell you what you did wrong they,just put an x on it because if they told,you what you did wrong,well that'd just be kind of cringe this,is really disappointing,why not reach out to the outlet and let,them know they made a mistake,apex and respawn are awesome you don't,need to take this kind of tone,i love this why not reach out and let,them know they made a mistake,gavin they did that and again,why is it even respawn's responsibility,to correct them in a certain way,when they're the ones that got it wrong,and it's literally their job to not do,that,people who follow polygon are just like,allergic to accountability it's,hilarious,i mean even if the person who wrote that,article didn't play tf2 let's not drag,them for their ignorance publicly,which is weird because they're the ones,that made their ignorance public,not everyone who has to report on the,news has played the game they're,reporting on let's not be antagonistic,a polite correction would suffice do i,expect game journalists,to play every single game ever no i,actually don't and it's unrealistic to,expect them to,but if you don't play a game and you,don't have first-hand experience with it,and this goes this doesn't just go for,games journalism this goes for any kind,of journalism any kind of reporting,if you were not physically involved,with the thing you're reporting on be it,you didn't actually play the game you're,talking about you didn't actually see,the movie you're referencing,you need to research that and also,newsflash researching the takes,less,time than actually engaging in the ,researching titanfall lore,takes less time than playing titanfall,it's like yeah you could have put four,hours into titanfall 2 or you could have,put,20 minutes into research this ain't it,i'm so confused what's the problem with,this,i actually blocked him,yeah don't do this it's really scummy,behavior for an otherwise great game,gross i love seeing the people,responding this way and just,trying to picture what they would do if,they were in this position if one of the,biggest game journalist outlets in the,world which,little side notes depressing that,polygon is still up there but if one of,the biggest,game journalist outlets in the world,posted an article,about something you made where they just,got stuff wrong and that article they,made,is going to be read b

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Razer Made Gaming

Razer Made Gaming

what's up guys i'm random frank p and i,definitely got a bit of a different,video for you today,because razer just put out their own,gaming gum,yeah so if you remember last year when,they put out their gaming drink which,was called respawn,now it's the same sort of lineup but in,a gum form,with a collaboration with five i'm sure,you're familiar with five gum,so i'm definitely interested to see what,this is all about we'll do like a taste,test go over the different flavors i,assume there's a variety in here,and we'll talk about if it's a good you,know alternative to like,gaming drinks like g fuel or energy,drinks and stuff like that,uh because this is definitely you know,not my territory when it comes to,reviews,so like i said a little first look and,uh taste test so we've got a little,thing here,i'm not gonna bother reading that don't,cover up my onyx,all right we got cool mint right off the,bat pomegranate watermelon,and tropical punch so,i'm not much of a gum guy you know i,don't really chew gum,but i think i would be if i had to kind,of categorize what i would prefer,probably more towards the minty side not,so much the,the fruitiness but we'll it doesn't,matter we'll check them all out,either way also interested to see what,kind of ingredients we have here,so i'm just taking a look at the respawn,and five pack right now this is the,mental focus and reaction time i think,they all say that right yeah so they're,all for,mental focus and reaction time you know,when you're gaming you just really want,to get,focused in and dialed in um so vitamins,b5 b6,b12 niacin green tea extract,okay so i don't believe there's any form,of actual,um like caffeine or anything um and i,assume you know with that with the green,tea,extract that's gonna be where your,energy is coming from with the green tea,so okay so no actual caffeine,interesting,let's open this up,nice vibrant colors as well so we got,the the bright,teal for the cool mint,bright red for the pomegranate,watermelon and a bright yellow for,tropical punch so okay let's hop into,this,let's see there's one two five ten 15,pieces of gum,per pack and i saw they were selling,them in packs of 10,for 28 so you're getting,10 packs of these uh figures out to what,like 280,a pack so not too bad and a bit of a,shocker here,it's like a black kind of gum i know it,has like a powder on it but it's like a,dark,okay,we'll give it a minute i'm sure you guys,are loving,me chewing the sounds,cool mint yeah minty,cool cool mint i'm gonna cut a lot of,this out,need to give a good amount of time to,chew okay,so um definitely minty it's not like,overbearing like you know when you,use like mouthwash and stuff it has like,that tingling kind of mint,nothing like that here pretty subdued,overall,but i mean it tastes fine tastes like,yeah cool mint all right so,actually let me let me cleanse the,palette first i can get the mintiness,out of my mouth because if i'm trying,out different flavors,the last thing i want is that that mint,hanging over you know,okay pomegranate watermelon so,so just first impression here i do kind,of wish if this is a piece of black gum,um it was as bright or the same color as,the packaging,it's a little bit more satisfying you,know to have the color coordinated gum,but yeah something something about,putting like a dark licorice flavored,piece of gum into your mouth,i don't know i would have rathered a,brighter piece of gum stupid preference,thing,all right pomegranate watermelon,whoa immediately,very good stimulate your senses,whoa this brings me back to something,in my childhood what does this taste,like,there was definitely a gum as a kid that,tastes,just like this i cannot remember the,name,this is what's up all right pomegranate,watermelon,stealing the show right now like i said,in the beginning i'm more of a cool mint,kind of guy you know if i were to have,gum,uh i prefer that mintiness but this,tastes ten times better,all right now to tropical punch,so i i've done absolutely zero,um reading up like about this stuff,um i just saw like the announcement and,the price so i don't know like you know,how long they want you to chew it for,before you start feeling,you know the the uh the mental focus and,increased reaction time well that's just,marketing terms you know,um but yeah all right tropical punch,well okay also,very good pina colada,pina colada gum where's the actual,wrapper hold on,okay so,natural and artificial flavors because,these do,taste very sweet and like on point to,the,actual name so i wonder what type of,natural and artificial flavors go into,this,this is very fruity oh but okay it's so,these are all sugar-free by the way,that's um that's pretty important,because i know people who chew a lot of,gum you are getting that actual,sugar in there um and it says yeah 35,fewer calories than sugared gum i didn't,even see that but yeah it does say on,the bottom,15 pieces of sugar-free gum okay,okay all right so i'm gonna chill for a,bit,and um then we'll come

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Do You Want This Back? (Apex Legends Season ????)

Do You Want This Back? (Apex Legends Season ????)

holder once again my ever faithful,internet audience is I the chicken man,back at it again with another one of,these missing videos now today's missing,video I'm using a weapon that is no,longer on the ground anymore using the,bow the bow check bow to be exact I must,admit I'm a fan of the bow right I'm a,fan of these long distance weapons even,though I'm not you know the greatest,with them but it feels like it's been,forever since you've seen it on the,ground right but I got to thinking do do,you even want it back on the ground,should the bow check both stay a care,package weapon this was one of those,weapons even pre-packaged you're able to,get a lot of value out of this for a,very minimal amount of effort let me,know how you feel down in the comment,section below and while you're down,there be sure to like the video if you,liked it dislike if you disliked it,consider subscribing if you're new,enable those notifications and you'll,never miss another chicken video ever,again I do hope you enjoy the rest of,this gameplay and I will be seeing you,in the next one,man,well the beak PK right there that was,that was beautiful that was like a,little trailer moment right there yeah I,mean it was you came to my rescue real,quick I appreciate that no I didn't,listen they ain't gonna get away with,that nonsense tell you that right now,bro I couldn't hit him I swear the way,his character model was moving when he,was punching yeah I'll have to show you,is insane there's a guy right here we go,check out here,there's a guy right there,guys I'm griefing I'm griefing,needed one by accident huge,oh that's got a kick it's climbing move,this way,are you good yeah I'll be fine,I won't be fine I won't be fine I just,whipped everything I whipped everything,Chase he ran away,I'm coming to push him,we don't need your help,I need your help reloading,I don't need your help,good work my friend,I'm paranoid,I was whiffing every like I had it lined,in everything was like making sense for,a minute and then all of a sudden it's,just,the focus was lost,you got him no you done it he did it,he did ultimately die if that is very,true,I'm gonna push this guy I think he's a,solo in here and there's another team,too there's two teams,ping,damn nice Longbow shot we're gonna get,pushed by another team,get on roof,Hop on Pop,yeah,I'm a bad bad man,that's me I'm the bad man,wait oh I got all the loot in the world,is amazing enemy in the distance,bro I'm under Fire,what are these little goobers doing,Target there,are they sliding all the way down yeah,wait you got a guy on you,I'll be okay because I'm pushing this,other guy I'm committed,oh yeah,I'll take my arrows back thank you,nice good job dude,we handled the ones sure,oh they're right on the other side dude,we should actually Accel tolerate the,right side somewhere okay ready,we have The High Ground Anakin it's over,for them now okay well they they took a,pad literally the one we showed up,unfortunate on the box,shot his toes his only fans career is,ruined nice,he's stuck she's stuck oh it's so good,he brings me from the heavens,look at me another team here though,because they never oh there's a there's,a gold gold heavy in that box downstairs,oh that could be him dying right now,he's right in front of me don't let him,get away no I'm gonna wait,oh the clothesline,oh he went for the pen,we're going into another team too bro he,patted into another team,cracked him up oh my God 40 HP 40. he's,so lucky that's another team just,actually hit me with that all right,bro I did that blind,nope so there's another teammate up,there another demon up there oh but he,don't care,I got one of them I'm on a battery,oh I knocked him off he fell off,nice did you slack him I did little this,is Sparta moment,I'm actually beating the octane got away,this was an octane yeah,I don't know if it was the same one or,not though,well some things are confusing right now,okay those bad guys afoot and I don't,like their tone the bullets the way they,were speaking to me I just not a fan oh,they're on the other side of the,house way out there,okay and we go directly on the building,I hope that you can Ash off from this,rope because it'll be cool if you could,okay I don't know if you can or not I've,never tried this no can't I'll just jump,like slightly before I'll try to time it,and,okay well it was okay that was awful,that was awful,okay,they ran are they still at the bins yeah,they ran it went past the bin okay one,Ash,so far and one dog let's go,oh that's a PK,will you back up go to the portal if you,need to I I can't she has no she has no,things,she still hasn't healed now she's healed,foreign,if I go through I'll live,I'm good I'm good,life,I don't know why I thought that you were,gonna be stuck in storm I wasn't gonna,come could the other portal live in the,storm,all right we're going back yeah oh yeah,100 I just got up heal because I don't,have a message yeah I'm not going,without you we're gonna go in together,listen ev

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Respawn New Year SBMM Update Brings Hope!

Respawn New Year SBMM Update Brings Hope!

foreign,to anyone who plays Apex legends that,the skill-based matchmaking system we,currently have is one of the most strict,that has ever existed in an FPS game on,top of that when the Casual Community,Pro players and content creators all,voice similar opinions regarding the,skill based matchmaking system with,little to no response from respawn it,becomes a very severe problem,however it looks like we've got some,direct confirmation from respawn,regarding upcoming changes to the skill,based matchmaking system that might have,you guys getting a little bit more,excited about the update but first if,you enjoy the channel how about taking,the time to like this video and if,you're new Smash down the Subscribe,button with the notification Bell so,that you can get alerted anytime that I,drop a new video and remember to take,all of today's topic with a grain of,salt because quite honestly it could be,changed prior to the release in two,weeks but Sammy Duke over at respawn did,have some very interesting stuff to say,all the way back in November when he was,discussing this very topic with the pro,player snipe down who has been,struggling to have enjoyable time to,play with his girlfriend and the skill,based matchmaking system that we,currently have and just today we got,information from respawn themselves that,says tests they've been working on have,basically concluded and that they've got,information that looks like they found a,way to increase the number of players,that are getting kills in Apex Legends,and to a satisfactory rate now this all,sounds good and looks good on paper of,course there are some things to be,concerned about when a skill based,matchmaking update comes there's two,things that could happen that are very,necessary to get people in the right,matchmaking rating or MMR and one of the,major things that they could do is,actually do a clean reset where when we,log in it will feel like there is no,skill based matchmaking for a while as,you start to actually settle into the,new matchmaking system on the other hand,they could keep the current matchmaking,rating and you'd have to again settle in,to the new MMR system that is in the,game compared to the previous one either,way it would make the game either feel,like there is no skill based matchmaking,for a little while or as if the skill,based matchmaking has not been altered,at all,so depending on which route they take,the game could feel very different or,very much the same for a little while,for you but it does look like they have,some promising changes that are going to,severely impact the outcome for the,majority of players in the game and that,will make people have a lot more fun and,when you look at mixed skilled parties,that are similar to like snipe down and,his wife playing in a Lobby there's,definitely a lot to be changed in terms,of how the game works and how the,systems work and knowing that right now,they at least intended to make it,average through the actual Squad rather,than being just the highest member of,the squad's matchmaking rating being,used as the deciding factor it could be,a very unique experience and a much more,enjoyable experience that we get in just,about two weeks,so keep your eyes on the patch notes and,on the social media Airwaves to find out,any more changes and any updates on this,topic and of course guys I will keep you,informed on everything I find out as,always there's definitely a couple,different ways to check it out as well,you can find the Apex minutes Channel as,well as the other social media links,that are up on the screen right now as,well as in the description for different,ways for shorter form and different,content so you can keep up to date with,what's happening in Apex Legends so make,sure you head over to any of the social,media links or the other channels and,give them a like a favor to follow,subscribe whatever you haven't done and,it will be greatly appreciated and don't,forget to drop a comment down below and,let me know are you actually excited to,see what is going to happen with the,skill based matchmaking changes now that,we've actually got some direct,information from respawn regarding these,upcoming changes for me it's looking,promising and if they aren't just,embellishing anything and the data is,real then it could be a really awesome,time in Apex Legends that's a lot more,similar to what we saw way back in the,day during the original Apex Legends,season zero and season one,now will it be that fun and that amazing,I highly doubt it but it would be really,nice to see something like that happen,and uh you know for a content creator,that struggles to get decent gameplays,every day and has to play hours and,hours on end for One recording it would,be nice if I didn't have to struggle,that much to be honest and it would make,uh delivering content to you guys a lot,easier and a lot more enjoyable but of,course guys we're gonna end the video,here because there's not much more to,talk about in this par

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