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[CODE] Rellgames Announced BAD & GOOD News For The Future Of Shindo Life?!smash the like button in t


Updated on Jan 17,2023

[CODE] Rellgames Announced BAD & GOOD News For The Future Of Shindo Life?!

smash the like button in the next three,seconds so you can have good luck for,over a hundred more years ago if that,was me I would definitely smash the like,button I want some good luck so go ahead,do the same I just found the brand new,Wheel game free Roblox I want to share,with you because I love this project is,also Mr limflame also promote this,project right now I have zero Roblox in,my Palace but now I'm gonna do the steps,on the side just typed up,correctly, and I'll go to it guys,it literally takes two minutes on, balance,guys it should have arrived by now and,there we go guys it's going up quick I'm,giving away Roblox every single video to,join just like subscribe turnifications,on the channel so you watch every video,Drop then share this video to two,friends I'm not bad Roblox, check it out for free Robux yo,what is up YouTube is your voice zooms,you know tired we got some crazy,information uh from real games and also,a new code that you guys might want to,use in this new General Life um update,all right go ahead and hit that like,button subscribe before we get into this,video internal notifications if you,haven't already I would really really,appreciate it and also one more thing I,will be gifting one person uh from this,video all you gotta do is just comment,down your username and what game pass,you want and,the like button and subscribe,let's get straight to this video all,right so we do have a new code for uh,send a life that Roe games posted,on their Twitter I'll show you guys that,in a few and what else we're going to be,talking about is the uh announcement,that real games made about schindle life,current state and what will be happening,happening coming forth with all their,new projects and what's going to be,happening to the shindo live from the,time being once we get the last you know,like bloodline ever so we're gonna be,talking about that let me show you guys,um the newest code we're gonna be,getting,well be it that it's already here,correct myself there you go uh this is,the code vet1 m3es and uh zero W,exclamation point,um use that code for the people who,wants to you get some spins uh then they,said 2 000 likes basically for another,code all right so that's pretty pretty,cool,uh what's it called we got a,gets a good black now they made the,weapon here I'm gonna take a look at it,just right quick since I haven't seen,the weapon all right,that looks pretty nice I dig that I dig,that weapon oh,and there goes the tail beast again oh,that's fire,I think it still looks scary to me,attacked and they're probably gonna show,Jessica black yeah we already seen that,but yeah that looks pretty cool,um they made an announcement there you,go,they made the announcement right here,they said I've been seeing comments like,these all around shindo isn't going to,stop getting updates anytime soon so,they're confirmed it,um they're not gonna stop updating,shindo anytime soon they also said nor,do we plan just to ditch it we are,getting close to filling out the,bloodline panel and want to stop making,them and work on other aspects,subjutsu's RPG gameplay game modes,upgrades and Etc so they said,um they're getting close to getting all,the Bloodlines out there that they want,for the bloodline panel and they're,gonna start updating like some game,modes and sub jutsus and RPG gameplay,and stuff like that and focus more on,those instead of just releasing,bloodlines,they said our initial plan three years,ago was the only update Shinobi Life 2,for two years which we know it's it's,been three years now they said those,plans changed when the game got,copyrighted and we received a lot of,support on shindo we plan to continue,with Chino for a long as the fans want,us to keep developing it updates will,change to monthly sometimes but still,expect one or two updates a month every,other week now this is some bad news for,some of us uh we we are used to the,weekly updates bro we're very very used,to weekly updates,um it definitely affected Shino when,they stopped doing weekly updates around,this time uh the player count has been,probably at its lowest to be honest has,been,um,he said,we plan to continue with shindo for as,long as the fans want us to keep,developing it and updates will change to,monthly sometimes,that is crazy,that is crazy so yeah updates will,change to monthly sometimes but still,expects one or two updates a month every,other week,so that's just the information we're,gonna be getting in just to let you some,of you guys know and uh shindo is gonna,uh,stop receiving that many updates you,know once they get some of this stuff,out and I think that's gonna actually,start very soon to be honest,let me know what you guys think about,this I don't really like it but it's not,much I can do about it uh yeah coming to,your down your opinions hit the like,button subscribe it's your boys are no,tired I'm out peace,of my prophecy beat you

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HURRY! Do This For 100k RC NOW Before It's Too Late In Shindo Life Rellgames

HURRY! Do This For 100k RC NOW Before It's Too Late In Shindo Life Rellgames

smash the like button in the next three,seconds so you can have good luck for,over a hundred more years ago if that,was me I would definitely smash the like,button I want some good luck so go ahead,do the same yo what is up you guys it's,your boys and attire in this video we're,going to be talking about the challenge,that you guys need to hurry up and make,sure you've liked on go ahead and do,that I'll explain more further on this,video but hit the like button and,subscribe for you boy I would really,appreciate it we're almost close to,291k subscribers so if you're new to the,channel hit that subscribe button and,turn on notifications if you want me to,continue keeping you guys updated for,this National Life updated uh update in,the challenge that is going on for real,coins in spins bro cause it's about to,get even crazier than this and also,other information if you guys want to,know you know I got you guys also I'm,gonna be gifting one person all you,gotta do is comment down your username,and what gen 3 you want and I got you,boys uh also this is the sponsor for,today's video feel free to skip just,before this video thumbs up guys I just,found a brand new Wheel game free Roblox,I want to share with you as you guys can,see right now I have zero Roblox in my,balance but now I'm going to do the,steps on the site and let's see how much,Roblox I end up getting I just type the, correctly, and I'll,go to it guys it literally takes two,minutes I'm gonna show you guys how much,Roblox I end up with so, in two minutes I,literally finished all the steps at, let's go,ahead and check our balance guys it,should have arrived by now and there we,go guys it's going up oh,is that thousand not bad not bad not bad,all right that's awesome and wow it,actually worked I'm so hyped let's go,this is,going to read five stars it's only for a,limited amount of time guys you need to,hurry up checking out,for free Robux okay so World Games made,a comment recently oops recently telling,us to uh hurry up and like this post now,if you guys don't know what's going on,there's a lot of real coins challenges,happening right now for Shino that you,guys might not even know about right now,that you guys need to take advantage of,I um I'm gonna show you guys exactly,what I'm talking about so if we go right,here as you guys see uh let me make sure,it's recording uh it should be it should,be all right so,um right here,there we go,um it says three days left on the insta,challenge the insta challenge uh right,here if you guys go over here look at,this kamaki gate and the Shinobi Life 2,R style one heart equals two real coins,and 12 24. we got eight thousand eight,thousand four hundred and twenty six,likes so that means,um if I'm doing,the the the the math correctly hopefully,I am,all right um that means to,we're getting 16k real coins from this,now we still got a lot of time left it,said three days left I believe yeah,three days left bro three days left,and we're already at,16k row coins now if all you guys got to,do is go to their Instagram care bills,and go like this post so we can get more,uh real coins also,uh we still have this challenge going on,for the Twitter,you guys see uh the one like equals,three real coins look at that that's,already got 30k,30k freaking,um,30k freaking likes,like I I I'm telling you I'm bad at math,so I don't know how to really calculate,how many uh real coins were getting but,like geez bro jeez jeez jeez geez jeez,come on,this is this is going great for us I'm,not gonna lie this is going great for us,Twitter always gonna clutch up for us so,yeah there's everybody getting happy,about it you feel me so you guys gonna,need to take advantage of this bro if,you haven't already and yeah let's hurry,up and get these real coins for,Christmas also if this video helped you,guys out at all hit the like button,subscribe it's your boys you're into the,tired amount man also we're gonna chroma,gen 3 super soon hopefully for this,update they didn't update in like two,weeks bro which I'm disappointed in but,it's whatever uh but yeah peace,no one can with me this I'm a,prophecy musicurama we bonding together,with the Gunplay

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RELLGames Twitter Comment Aren't it 之之

RELLGames Twitter Comment Aren't it 之之

welcome back to a brand new video and in,this video right now,i don't know i had a good laugh off of,it but we're going to be reading,a twitter and youtube comments,for real games all right this is like,one of the most funniest comments i've,ever read i don't know if you guys are,going to like it,but you know let's just stick around and,let's watch it,first we got the first tweet here you,can already see the,comments racking up all right,let's take a look at some of these,comments,hi how are you i was banned supposedly,from using auto farm and i'm 100,legal i'm 100 i am 100 legal,this is unfair i saw people with more,than five,bijous chakra mode s3 rank,and they're not banned so much time i,dedicated to the game for me,past this you are kidding what,bro what are you talking about man hi,i'm a shinobi live player and a friend,of mine is using hacks,i have to test the hacks consist i have,tests the hack consists of auto farming,unlock all bijous,all right had one the hitachi ms,moore but it was bumbukio,they did not give it to me damn dude,that's tough i'm sorry you had a boogie,oh bruh,let's take a look at another let's take,a look at another post,because there are more funnier posts out,there hold on let's see,hi i'll play shinobi live today and a,person banned two people in a private,server,can you do something about it please,here's some proof,he was starting to abandon,hold on ban hell,yo they're crazy you want ben,you want band that good because in the,movies it was random color,like they didn't get say oh i read in,the movies when you unlock it's random,of a color,movies question mark question mark,question mark brother is hilarious,mr l can you give me nine tails or ten,and i want,can kai renegon embassy tachi,embassy,a current ball will spawn and she,despawned this,punk this panda wind,after two minutes the game is broken,brocken,please give me it because she's,please answer if i were to,hypothetically ask for obito,ms if i were to hypothetically,ask for orbital ms when it comes out,when you do your giveaway,will i not be eligible for it due to me,winning the other one,man what the hell this man has been,shapiro,i have an offer you can't pass off 500k,likes on your number live too and you,drop infinite spin pass,per minute on the store or limited time,man get out of here dude hey i like your,game,like i can get a tell beast it's not,spawning i know it's,so one dot dot percent chance it will,spawn but i tired so many times like i,just can't get it,what are these guys talking about,hey rail games can i please get a,renault gone or the 10 tell us we have,such bad luck with that type of stuff,i don't know,what the are not gone bruh,you

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[CODE] This GOD Bloodline GOT A HUGE BUFF In NEW Shindo Life Update! Rellgames

[CODE] This GOD Bloodline GOT A HUGE BUFF In NEW Shindo Life Update! Rellgames

foreign,quick I'm giving away Roblox every,single video to join just like subscribe,on the channel so watch every video Drop,and share this video to two friends I'm,not bad all right,see 50 robots,the amount of time guys you need to,hurry up check it out for,free Robux all right recently uh dokuten,Goku just got a buff once in the life,we're gonna see if we can win a game in,Channel live competitively to see how,Opie it really is go ahead hit that like,button subscribe comment down what,bloodline might have got an above or,Nerf in this recent show to Life update,and I'll review it and try to go into,some competitive with it note that I,don't really Place into life competitive,that much so I'll expect me to be super,good all right then I I just played this,game for a fun and content so yeah uh,hit the like button subscribe turn on,notifications uh if you haven't already,let's get straight to this all right,let's do this just um like I said before,this uh bloodline kind of buff and I'm,trying to see how good it is now are we,still able to completely cook people,with it we're gonna have to see about,that right now you got cooked with the,counter right there go ahead Ember entry,into this nice fine barrage,stuff,I'm gonna use that,I used to the fire Style,got my M1 to him go ahead and do that as,well we're gonna connect it with this,nice,gonna hit against the wall on my Ember,entry,again hopefully bro didn't give up but,he's back nice and stuff,he's just not even gonna try is he he's,just not not even gonna try is he,I don't think he is,that's tough,he's gonna absolutely cook,he just gave up Midway,is he is he not gonna fight,oh that's that's crazy I'm not gonna lie,to you that's crazy I'm not gonna lie to,you that is crazy all right first round,is ours,first round is ours all right let's try,to cook them again then shoot the year,buddy,he's not gonna even fight back you're,weird,at least leave the game like I do come,on buddy please leave the game,at least okay he's not leaving again,okay let's do this we got another round,there we go silly monkey,how did I glitch between them,don't matter,he's ,it's that nice,oh what is happening how did he just,all right,not gonna even talk about it,all right he's a very smart player I'll,give him that,guard the,nice,dark chocolate what the heck is that,well you forgot what that thing is,whatever counter,all right I didn't do anything,nice use that the right time,I think,good air combo,nice connected it,connected even more,oh yeah that's what I like to see,all right let's back up,yep maybe he's gonna do that but I,didn't expect him to do the genjutsu,let's get out of that right quick,thank you,nice,up,oh,nice all right we got it connected with,this good stuff,all right charge up,no no no no no no no no,got him,nice thank you,good good good good good,I don't know how perfect blocked out of,that but,a dub is a dub,nope all right he's clutching up I don't,like this,I don't like this thank you all right Q,spec kind of Saved Me There,all right uh no let's not do this buddy,you're super low and I think you should,just die,foreign,you like are literally doing way too,much,just take this L man,take this freaking L bruh,take it in peace thank you winners you,know tie holy crap I was about to lose,there 60,okay away from losing all right I had a,60k health there,let's not make the same mistake this,time please thank you,thank you,locked what oh that is gay,there we go there we go,all right whatever whatever,these getting jutsus are so annoying bro,nice,so I like to see,oh Musa is so annoying,all right uh,like are you for real he's under the,freaking stairs doing this to me,ah,counter I was ready for it,no,oh,this is so dumb,I see I keep him away from me keep him,away from me keep them away and he's,still able to hit me through that,oh my God the game is literally so dumb,right now because like how is he doing,this,all right whatever yeah he got the,second round he got the second round,this game is literally dog,all right come on,all right maybe I'll move on my part I,was maybe maybe I'll move,like what the is this,come on bro,he teleported all the way over there are,you freaking serious then he just,oh my God you're weird you're you're,weird you're weird for having this,moveset,100 percent,you,good,I still got him I still got him,I still got them all right nice nice,nice,and he teleported I swear if this hey,teleports one more time I'ma lose it,I'ma lose it girl I'm absolutely,am,because all this stuff stopping me from,moving it's so annoying,all right there we go,everything in the world to stop him from,just getting simply damaged it's,ridiculous,good,like for real though,you need all of this,you really need all of this bro you're,disgusting,you're disgusting look at all this like,so extra bro,here we go,and he's back with it again he does not,stop it and how is he hitting me through,it like,all right I got my mode no matter,nope oh my God,this dude me killed me God,God je

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[CODE] Rellgames Did The UNTHINKABLE & Is Giving us a chance to get 200k RC?! Shindo Life

[CODE] Rellgames Did The UNTHINKABLE & Is Giving us a chance to get 200k RC?! Shindo Life

just before this video does that guys I,just found a brand new way of getting,free Robux I want to share with you as,you guys can see right now I have zero,Roblox in my balance but now I'm going,to do the steps on the site and let's,see how much Roblox I end up getting I,just typed up correctly, and I'll,go to it guys it literally takes two,minutes I'm gonna show you guys how much,robots I end up with so, in two minutes I,literally finished all the steps at, let's go,ahead and check our balance guys it,should have arrived by now and there we,go guys it's going up oh,all right that's awesome and wow it,actually was I'm so hyped let's bow this,literally has a thousand ratings with,five stars it's only for a limited,amount of time guys you need to hurry up, check it out for free,Robux all right rail games just did the,freaking Unthinkable right now they just,started another freaking challenge bro,another freaking challenge they are,making it,so easy for us to get so many freaking,spins probably like around 1 000 spins,and over freaking 100K to maybe even,200k real coins with the challenges,they're giving us bro but you guys are,gonna have to wait to the end of this,video uh near the end of,the no,um sock can tell you guys exactly what,I'm talking about all right so go ahead,hit that like button and subscribe and,also if you're a real fan I just dropped,another video uh before this one uh on,this new Roblox Dragon Ball Z game I'd,really appreciate it if you go watch,that video,um and hopefully like it and watch to,the end because that video you guys do,not want to miss out on man so go ahead,watch that real fans only and let's get,straight to this video one more thing,I'm gonna be gifting one person gin,three pack,I gotta do is calm down your username,Legend three you want internal,notifications for the channel let's get,straight to this smash the like button,in the next three seconds so you can,have good luck for over a hundred more,years ago if that was me I would,definitely smash the like button I want,some good luck so go ahead do the same,all right so basically on Twitter uh,rail games started a new challenge now I,made a video before this talking about,the challenge they uh did for the new uh,Christmas now we got another one bro so,I don't know if they fixed up the other,one or if this one's gonna be a,completely different one but we have a,new real coin challenge bro and we also,have a new code for you guys so I'm,gonna go ahead and show you guys exactly,what I'm talking about but uh the code,is called this hold on let me so this is,the goat M4 Dar for cum5 exclamation,point that's a code that we got the,happy holidays winter challenge look at,this one like equals three one three,rail coins and one spin equals 60 likes,now if we click on this bro,we click on this look this is on Twitter,they have so many followers on Twitter,and this is the best chance for us to do,like look how everybody's getting happy,right now man look at this look at this,one like equals three real coins so you,never did something like this like holy,crap and it ends on the 25th that's in,five more days bro we need to take,advantage of this right now winter,challenge One Life sequel three real,coins this is gonna be the easiest way,for us to get 100K or 200k real coins,bro maybe even 300K then one spinning,equals 60 likes um,which will probably be a little bit,harder to do you know but this one's,gonna be mad easy and we have the other,challenge as well guys we have that,other Challenge from the Instagram post,which ends on the 24th so hey they're,going crazy they are going crazy and,surprisingly we didn't get an update,this week at all I was a bit surprised,about that I thought we're gonna get the,new Karama but we did it which is,alright you know it is what it is a,holding back on the freaking updates now,so,um hopefully this Christmas update is,really crazy so yeah basically,hey go to their Twitter and go like it,up bro go like it up and yeah it's your,boy scenes in the tire and I'm out man,peace,no one can with me this time my,prophecy beat your gurama we bonding,together,with the god play,the pin up your dad if you with,me I had to tell your list of regrets,they go forward I sure High lit up the,rest while I flow on the go

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[RC CODES] Open World, Gen 3: 9 Sneak, Gates & 7 Heaven Remaster

[RC CODES] Open World, Gen 3: 9 Sneak, Gates & 7 Heaven Remaster

welcome to open world,this this is something new you guys are,gonna like this man,foreign,so you guys probably think this is,shindo but it looks a little different,right so actually we're scrapping kind,of Chino in a way and we're turning this,into a game mode uh think of it as,reminiscence of Shinobi life too the the,first Shinobi Life 2 uh when it first,started uh like kind of like the CC,which a lot of you guys didn't get to,play but you guys are going to be able,to enjoy this this is going to be an,open Community meaning that it's going,to have a closed aspect but an open,aspect as well so there's not going to,be a level system seal you see the XP,thing that's not going to be a thing,um we're turning the level system into a,Shinobi ranking system dcbas uh to,unlock your jitsu's uh Etc you learn,them from mentors so for example right,um we're just gonna use this for example,so just ignore that it says like it has,a money thing it's just testing so when,you go to a mentor and then you do the,training and stuff and you get to a,certain rank,um it goes inside of your inventory so,like I'm gonna just collect the gates in,this this is just for testing just,um ignore that now the menu is a little,different so you're going to open this,up right uh the menu you're gonna have,your avatar attributes you're gonna have,inventory,um inventory is where the items that you,learn in game like say if you have we,haven't really uh finished the coding on,everything it's brand new like we,basically scrapped everything uh from,the the kind of the stats side I'm,scrapping that down and uh we're gonna,be coding in some new things with like,how the elements work and how the,Bloodlines work and stuff uh but we're,doing the inventory system right now,um and,if you're wondering there's only going,to be one mode there's only a z spec,mode there's not gonna be mode stacking,like uh Shinobi life right it's just,gonna be simple if you have stronger and,you have stronger if you have Gates you,have Gates you have Christmas you have,curse mic you're not going to allow you,guys to put like three things on at the,same time we just want one mode in this,game and you notice there's fewer Keys,there's also no automatic charging I,mean no manual charging oh my God that,messed me up uh so manual charging,meaning holding C down now there is,automatic charging,um and it's more focused on heavy like,combat aspects so,um and you also notice there's a,percentage right how so we're kind of,calculating this game to not be like on,unfair stats Etc or have stat bonus so,um Etc you still have your controls and,you still have the Bloodlines tab now,the bloodline traits are the only thing,that's not going to run on the inventory,because it would be impossible to make,like a thousand mentors to learn your,blog line traits unless we had one,single person that does it but your,bloodline trade's gonna run on this it's,not gonna we're gonna change up how the,level is it's not going to be like this,uh when it's towards the end so,um uh you all follow me,uh you want to explain anything,uh,you just won't be expected,all right so we have kunai throwables,right so I'm gonna do this it costs two,thousand right now it does not cost two,thousand I'm just gonna buy kunai,throwables uh I'm gonna buy a katana now,this all goes inside my Shinobi,inventory so now you see how you have a,limited amount like it says times nine,right so you can only use nine uh,kunai's in total so for example if I,synchronize right,it's literally um gonna go down like in,simple math like if you throw your Kanai,it's gonna go down if I throw that it's,gonna go to Five it's simple math you,see that,um,uh let's see so this game is set up on,an inventory system obviously,um it's gonna have the war service from,previous CC and,um a lot of things are going to change,uh for this game mode uh,uh it's still in early development,thank you,welcome back to a new video let's get,um okay I haven't set a goal in such a,long time man let's get 30k likes on,this video Let's Get 1.75 million,subscribers all right guys in this,update we got the gates reworked and we,got the seven Heavens breeding work and,uh if you see the little sun in the back,just know it's going to be a preview all,right now we're gonna go there's also,something called open world and uh,uh we started development on it again,project open world it's it's it's,actually inside of shindo it's like a,it's like a spin-off of shindo okay so,here's progress on gen 3 nine tails now,I'm debating on putting a skull mask on,him menza azurashi is like the uh gen 3,uh nine tails yes there's already a,Mensa EKG but is there going to be a,menza buff most likely there's gonna be,a lot more busts for menza there's going,to be probably a little reworking there,uh to make the kit a little better no,and um gen Street nine tails obviously,has its own EKG away from menza's EKG,all right boys we're gonna hop into the,gates uh rework with the seven Heavens,uh green met

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[CODE] This OG GOD Bloodline GOT A HUGE BUFF In NEW UPDATE! Shindo Life Rellgames

[CODE] This OG GOD Bloodline GOT A HUGE BUFF In NEW UPDATE! Shindo Life Rellgames

smash the like button in the next three,seconds so you can have good luck for,over a hundred more years ago if that,was me I would definitely smash the like,button I want some good luck so go ahead,do the same I just found the brand new,Wheel game free Roblox I want to share,with you because I love this project is,also Mr limflame also promote this,project right now I have zero Roblox in,my Palace but now I'm gonna do the steps,on the side just typed up,correctly, and I'll go to it guys,it literally takes two minutes on, balance,guys it should have arrived by now and,there we go guys it's going up quick I'm,giving away Roblox every single video to,join just like subscribe turnifications,on the channel so you watch every video,Drop then share this video to two,friends I'm not bad Roblox, check it out for free Robux yo,what is up YouTube videos,and I'm back with another Schindler live,video for you guys today man now we have,been uh showed that actually,uh one of these God Bloodlines named,azim Cinco has been buffed in this,recent update I'm gonna go ahead and try,to see if this bloodline is still any,good or not trying to go against my,friend over here he's gonna be going,against me and won't be winning we're,gonna see if,um is ASM Cinco is good against like,diosenko or regular Cinco or whatnot but,you guys let me know what you guys think,about this bloodline make sure you guys,watch the end hit the like button,subscribe let's get straight to this all,right so we're gonna get it mode let's,do this,so this is Adam Cinco like I said they,said that it's been buffed uh what is he,using all right he is using diocinco's,second,it's pretty interesting,so yeah,here we go stuff right there,another block break,up all right he's probably gonna go on,the offensive now yep come back here,and,this oh,ah I forgot about that completely,all right it's got me right there,it's not good ah no,no,more we can get out of this,I'm confident,I'm confident,I'm confident there we go,come on uh he lucked out,he's back nice,all right C spec got him,perfect,oh,oh all right we got out of it we're safe,we're safe we're safe,all right I blocked that,oh,yeah he got it he got the win for this,one I ain't gonna lie,he most definitely has it,unless we could somehow like clutch,I got no stamina,ah he got it dang ggs he got the first,round let's try going again all right,we're gonna go again but he's gonna use,stage one this time all right we're,gonna see if that makes a difference,because uh he does have a stage two form,for a DLC,it is quite stronger,go ahead,and start this bad boy off,no,all right that's fine that's fine,that's fine,got him midair,nice all right he's gonna obviously,Dodge those,up,oh I didn't see that coming,got him air combo,z-spec,got it nice,air combo,good,he's definitely rushing me good,I think I missed,all right he tried to get me there,all right he has me on the ground,I don't know how low he is,but,hopefully it's not enough to do,crazy amount of damage to me,there we go come on,up,oh I'm dead,all right I got out of it I got out of,it I got out of it,nice,I I got no stamina,it's not looking too good,got him,nice,all right,can I catch up,yes wait wait I don't know no I didn't,hit him I'm dead I'm dead it's a skill,issue,is most definitely a skill issue dang,ggs ggs I mean artillery for this thing,the moves are meh you know,uh definitely a skill issue let's go for,another one all right let's go again,you're gonna use regular Cinco this time,see if this can make it any difference,but yeah let me know what you guys think,is this bloodline any good do you guys,like using this build line,uh let me know in the comment section,below,nice caught him,he does not know where I'm at let's keep,it like that,oh,all right let's say if we're safe for,safe,what,oh w,ow come on no they sold me,all right good air combo,nice,uh,oh oh that was nice,that was nice,that was nice,oh all right kind of followed me there,oh it hit yes I'm getting lucky with,some of these moves I ain't gonna lie,oh he canceled no,got it,oh,no no no no no no no,oh yes C spec,got it,perfect,I'm back,all right ah,ink,all right I still got some time left I,still got some time,there we go did it hit,no I didn't,oh,got him,oh the reach thing I didn't even hit him,though oh I won that round nice it said,winner Zeno tie all right let's go for,uh,when I'm coming I prove it no one can, with me I'm a prophecy,Beatrice

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Axiore VS Rell Games... | Documentary

Axiore VS Rell Games... | Documentary

it seems like the Roblox anime Community,is continually growing gradually more,and more new Innovative games are being,made every day such as project mugetsu,anime Showdown and diver like seas and,even the older games have been remaining,in their own Realms as well Central life,are what most of us know as Shinobi Life,2 was first publicly released September,25th of 2020 at the time of me recording,this video shindo is standing at a,whopping 21 000 concurrent players on a,Monday morning and gets upwards of 60,000 concurrent players on an update this,means that over the span of two years,shindo has remained as one of the top,anime games on the entire platform same,thing with games such as All-Star Tower,Defense Grant Piece online blocks fruits,and the list goes on while these games,at the top have maintained a solid,foundation there have been others that,haven't exactly been able to mix and,match the inevitable downfall in player,base once a great and still great games,Fallen relevancy every single day but if,these games are good then why do we see,them decrease in player count time and,time again the answer to that question,my friend is time and time your favorite,games will eventually give boring that's,just how it is but the objective of all,creators is not to keep your attention,on one apparent thing forever the true,key is to find out how many different,things we can try and how long these,different things last even with me as a,YouTube Creator I'm trying something new,right now in documentaries why because,in time my regular gameplay videos have,started to decrease in views watch time,Etc but the key is not to remain,stagnant and hope that in time things,will progress again the key is to,maneuver and time move as the clock,moves when one o'clock Falls create a,new one don't wait for it to create,itself time is not something you can,manually control but it is something you,can maneuver through accordingly but who,would have thought in time one tweet one,statement one interaction between two of,the biggest names in the Roblox anime,Community would set everything Ablaze in,this video I'm going to be explaining it,all grab yourself from Takis or any,snack of your choice this one's gonna be,a good one don't forget to subscribe as,well,foreign,of time the Roblox anime Community has,always stood at a weird place I'll try,to explain it in the most simple way,possible let's refer to the Roblox anime,game creators as the overseers now let's,imagine these creators or overseers,create a product this product is going,to be the anime game but for this,analogy we're going to call it the pit,now within the pit lies us the players,but for this analogy we're gonna be the,civilians now for the overseers at the,top there's always positivity up there,nothing but shiny days but for the,civilians which are us nothing but rainy,days fights break out every day seems,like nobody can get along this my friend,in other words is the toxicity of the,Roblox anime Community while the,overseers are making hundreds of,thousands of dollars off of a civilians,we sit and complain about a game that,we're still going to play at the end of,the day now forget about the complaints,of the game think about the toxicity,that rests between player to player,competitiveness is one thing but the,amount of toxicity that rests within the,anime Community is unmatched now you may,be asking and Dumber what does this have,to do with the original topic of,discussion toxicity from player to,player has lasted since the beginning of,time but it's unheard of to see two of,the biggest names in the community,publicly so with disinterest in each,other let's take it back to the analogy,but let's imagine it a little,differently imagine two sets of,overseers now as well as two sets of,pits as well as two sets of civilians,Within These two sets of pits as well as,two sets of toxicities Within These two,sets of pits Within These two sets of,civilians now imma you head up with,this one imagine the two overseers also,established their own level of toxicity,towards each other now not only do both,pits have a toxic Foundation,individually but now this toxicness,starts to be directed towards each other,in the visual pit now this my friend is,the endless cycle of hatred that lies,within the Roblox anime Community lead,by example is the quote but my friend,this is not lead by example,if you don't have anything nice to say,then don't say it at all but this is,nothing new in the Roblox Gaming,Community instead of applauding someone,for trying something new we bash them we,talk down them that is what the Roblox,Gaming Community does also I am fully,aware that xeor did not make blog screws,I was just using them to make the,analogy easier to explain don't destroy,me in the comments but knowing the anime,Community some of you already have,in order to garnish exactly how this all,happened we must first journey back to,where it all started axior the first,YouTuber to actively be a part

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