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@Rekieta Law SUSPENDED from Twitter...Here's WHYuh but he says Hey dummy I've been,trying to kill la

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

@Rekieta Law SUSPENDED from Twitter...Here's WHY

uh but he says Hey dummy I've been,trying to kill law tube since it was,created it isn't that easy rip law tube,next he,like,first of all this is before he even,blocked rakeda,so I don't know it says your first,mistake was thinking we are the same we,are not no in fact they are very very,different people they are two completely,different people because one of those,people is much gayer and that is Nick,ricada Nick what's up hey what's up,buddy how's it going brother pretty good,man how are you good I'm just drifting,off of all this enjoying the,enjoying the the drama I was I was,literally Nick today I was a knock,stream I was not gonna stream at all and,I woke up to 30 DMS on Twitter 10 on,Instagram people blowing me up in,Discord like Nick is gone Nick is gone,I'm like okay,Senpai uh you know I got this uh we'll,we'll talk about it so yeah man uh how,do you feel are you totally broken is,your will oh my God I don't know how I'm,gonna live I don't know no so uh I I'm,I'm not mad at all like I've just been,laughing you know what's made me the,most mad today what I was uh so I got my,car back which is great that made me,happy because my,um my Navigator's been in the shop,because the uh when they built it I,guess they didn't Mount one of these um,tubes,hoses that goes it feeds the uh it feeds,radiator fluid to the transmission or,something I guess I don't know and it,wasn't mounted right so it was wobbling,and rubbing on some metal part and it,wore through the hose right so it was,leaking radiator fluid and uh that thing,was back ordered forever yeah and I was,like okay uh so it was just sitting so I,go and get my car back and like I get in,my car and I turn it on and my phone,automatically hooks up and starts,playing music and I'm like yes this is,great and then I start driving down the,road and every on Earth is,texting me messaging me sending me an,Instagram message or whatever and every,time a new person does it the little,notification mutes your music is like,I'm like,mute mute I'm just driving down the road,screaming like stop messaging me I know,I'm off Twitter,oh that is that's the one thing of,being too connected I'll just be out,there like and you know if I'm it's,actually so bad that sometimes when I'm,like going on a date I have to set a,rule okay I'm gonna put my uh I'm gonna,take my phone and turn it on completely,off I just turn it off and I like shove,it in my pocket I'm like I'm not,checking this until after dinner and,then I'm back on the I'm back on the,grind because it'll sit there like a,nagging woman,and you're like stop it I'm,trying to get laid here and I'm and,you're about to go 1950s on that nagging,woman yeah if you know what I mean,two things are going in your mouth,tonight one of them's a fist,oh man so honestly Nick like,to me when I saw this I and I see this,guy you know running around here,gloating like he's won this big victory,like all of La tube is defeated like his,problems are ending I mean it just to me,strikes of a like a very pathetic,individual and then when I when I see,this Nick that not only did he do this,but I don't know if you noticed this but,he's on your locals here this is yeah,this is your tip jar I was like he just,like says hey is he he's paying you no,no that he's probably like that was a,free post okay anyone can tip he should,tip he should tip but he doesn't have,any money so that's the problem that's,okay boozy's made me a lot of new local,supporters today yeah there you go it,sound like like I I honestly I I'm not,heartbroken about this uh the the most,annoying thing is running through my,list of people going okay I have to make,sure I have this person to make sure I,can invite them for guests Twitter's a,really convenient place to do that but,it's not the only place plus I can,always hire a social media person to uh,facilitate you know guest invites and,stuff it's not the um it is not the,be-all end-all as I said in my post yeah,I said shockingly I'm not mad about it,I've been I've been so like just Serene,today it doesn't uh it doesn't matter to,me I am still going to appeal it,um yeah because uh I do not I do not,think that I am guilty of being evasion,okay and I don't know if you want to,like articulate that at all I mean I,know I had some people defending you,saying hey the there's a personal versus,business or you know or fan account,versus you know none I don't know if you,want to get into it or not I don't want,to I don't know I'm not I'm not going to,yet because I haven't drafted the appeal,um the one thing I will say is that the,owner of the uh ricada law tag on,Twitter is not me,um Mercator law on Twitter is is was not,me it's owned by Texas it's owned by a,Texas LLC,and uh that that Texas LLC may have some,recourse under the new law I don't know,if they do or not but uh that'll,probably be part of my appeal,um but I you know what like if if I'm,off Twitter forever then I'm off to well,I'm off Twitter forever I guess but the,the LLC if that's

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Better Bachelor: A Discussion About Men, Women, Speech, and I Guess Twitter

Better Bachelor: A Discussion About Men, Women, Speech, and I Guess Twitter

foreign,hypocrisy,hey what is up guys welcome to Lost,planning the interwebs I am your host,Nick racada of Mercado law a small law,firm in central Minnesota but at least,six inches and with me today is Joker at,uh better Bachelor another YouTube,Creator and uh welcome to the show man,how you doing good what's going on,brother you know I gotta tell you I'm,very impressed with your interview,skills,I've watched you with all the a-listers,it's nice of you to bring in a c Lister,you know to break the you know break it,up a little bit,and and your interview skills are really,good man I kind of feel like I'm on with,a slightly less talented Joe Rogan more,facial hair less weed more racism so,I gotta tell you I'm pretty thrilled,well well we'll talk about the rate now,the problem with Joe is he's too short,to be racist that's his problem I don't,think that's true I'm only five things,so,the implication of that statement makes,me immediately uh endeared so,well uh welcome to it let me get,something out in the open as fast as,possible and we'll we just,we'll talk about it in a little bit,um I yes uh I uh well the Rakata law,Twitter handle has been suspended,um just a hundred and twenty four,thousand followers not a big deal and uh,I will be appealing it as I posted on my,locals I'm expecting to lose the appeal,and if that's the case then I mean,that's the case I don't really uh care,all that much I'm not defeated and,destroyed and sad and Sullen,um I've mostly been laughing about it,all day,but as a reminder the place to find me,because the band hammers Loom over all,of us the place to find me, that's where you,can get uh announcements as to what's,going on stream announcements and,everything it's all over there and it's,all uh it's all easy to uh to navigate,and it's all free like if you want to,participate in chats and stuff that's,when you have to pay a little bit per,month but you don't ever have to do any,of that to get notifications and to make,sure you can always see what's uh what's,going on with the channel what's going,on with me uh what I'm talking about so,so that's there and you also have a,locals as well yeah better, I've been over there,now I think I was one of the earlier,adopters,um because because I also watch,um,uh I I watched Jordan Peterson and I,also watch,um,His Name Escapes me now anyway the other,creator of locals Dave Rubin Dave Rubin,that's it I don't know jumped on my face,I was sitting there trying to think of,it the whole time too I I don't know,they've never returned my calls so why,should I know his name well remember he,is married and you know you're married,I'm sure that there's some conflict,there that he's just not he's just I,mean it just depends how adventurous he,is I guess,but uh,um yeah and I jumped over there pretty,early on because you know being like,most of the kind of the men's content,that's like making fun of blue hair well,I guess you really know this now,recently oh yeah you know you make fun,of some blue hairs or the wrong people,and and they come for you and I said I,felt like for the last two years on,YouTube it's like well is this my last,week or not you know you always have,that sort of Damocles holding over your,head with like one fine spider web,holding it at all times and I said let,me just set up over there,and I actually I enjoy it so much more,over there because again you just don't,have that that constant worry of what,what am I going to do wrong now what am,I going to say wrong now oh yeah we get,to be very unfettered on locals it's,amazing I love the team over there and,they're constantly working on their,product uh just the other day,um I did a live stream that was,specifically to test out some audio,issues I'd be having so it could be,reported to the dev team,um to figure out because I I found out,that like for me at least the Bluetooth,headphones on an Android,um the the the mic quality it's like,throwing a dart man like some days it's,on some days it's off and so I tested it,on an iPhone with uh with their and with,uh their Bluetooth headphones no,problems at all so it seems like maybe,it's a problem with either my brand of,phone or Android itself with their app,so hopefully they'll be patching that up,really really soon but yeah I I've done,a great job I mean they've only been,around for a short period of time and,and everybody kind of Compares Rumble to,YouTube and odyssey to YouTube and,locals to YouTube YouTube's better off,like what 18 20 years so yeah you know,when these new ones,just just but you know these uh when,when they've only been out a couple of,years and they need some UI changes and,some graphical interface you know the,GUI web page change but other than that,I've been really impressed with both,Rumble and locals and it kind of takes,that fear like oh if I'm if I'm crushed,on YouTube at least I gotta back up I,can still make some grocery money maybe,and we always want to eat groceries,that bein

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SJWs MASS FLAG Nick Rekieta And Get Him SUSPENDED From TWITTER #JusticeForRekieta

SJWs MASS FLAG Nick Rekieta And Get Him SUSPENDED From TWITTER #JusticeForRekieta

you know Twitter and YouTube and all,these have a massive problem with sjws,being able to group up Mass flag,somebody's account and then these tech,companies don't even have like real,people to look at this stuff and so they,just automatically hit the conservative,side of things because they they have in,their algorithm ricada he's bad he's,been suspended several times before,we're gonna just knock him right here,and that's what their algorithm tells,them and then there's no way to talk to,anybody no way to appeal it and uh,social media has just become like an,unfree speech environment so badly at,this point it's really sad that's why,I'm on gab so I think I have to point,this way there we go yeah perfect so if,you see that little uh icon right there,that's gab I like hanging out on there,because you can pretty much say what you,want and um it is a good platform that I,enjoy and so I sign up if you have not,already it's a great thing my link to,Gap my gab is in the description below,give me a follow but uh ricada law today,has been suspended on Twitter he got,brigaded by sjws again uh and mass,reported and I don't know what he did,I've been able to find anything but,people are really upset about it uh and,for good reason now ricade has been,targeted by keffels and their group,keffels is a trans activist who has been,shutting down people that uh they,disagree with on their little trans BS,and uh they've got destiny suspended,from uh twitch a while back they got,kiwi Farms taken down and they've been,going after Rakata actually trying to uh,get rikata disbarred uh been submitting,reports to the bar association just,because they don't like his YouTube,commentary it's really sick these people,need to get lives and that's the whole,problem I mean honestly these people,need to be mental institutions they're,nuts all of them and they settle around,all day online and just harass people,who are normal like you and me because,they can't handle differing opinions,right now I'm suspended on Twitter also,because a comic book mob went after me,on Twitter about a week ago of,Professionals in the industry Marvel and,DC Comics because they don't like the,fact that I'm making Comics without,their permission also it's the same sort,of deal in every industry in every,sector conservatives right-wing people,are getting just torched over and over,again and nobody at these tech companies,uh wants to do anything about it they,actually promote it it's sick all right,so I am John De La Rose if you don't,know who I am I'm a number one,best-selling author an award-winning,comic Creator this is my comic as seen,on ricada law so if you have been on,Rakata law uh a few weeks ago I was,actually on here and he actually,promoted the book so thank you Nick,you're a great friend to Indie comics,and a great friend to Alternative,culture and that's actually why they go,after him so much so uh this is a,66-page graphic novel we're really close,to forty thousand dollars raised off,this about a hundred bucks uh I think,about three or four sales will do it at,this point so check it out grab it we're,gonna be shipping in the next couple,weeks so thank you guys for the,tremendous support all the way around uh,it's been awesome so far all right I was,just looking up for Kata this morning I,know that there's been some trouble,lately uh he had a kind of drunk stream,the other night one of his guests they,actually threatened uh to uh like go,after her career she's uh she just got,picked up a job in Washington DC and,they were talking about threatening her,because she was just drunk streaming it,was it was all in good fun I don't even,think she said anything that spicy but,they were going after and it was really,sick so you had to take down that stream,uh we know that rakeda also has had,trouble with YouTube recently uh getting,uh suspensions for for no reason uh he's,been Mass flagged over and over and over,again uh these uh this trans community,community right is going after him hard,and it's just been sick I've really been,uh upset to watch this as Nick really is,one of the like you know most important,voices on YouTube to be honest uh he,talks about the law in a way that nobody,else will he talks about court cases in,a way that people uh really uh wouldn't,understand without his help and because,he's a conservative kind of guy he just,gets this Flack all the time they just,keep going after him so Justice for Nick,there we are we see a yellow flash,talking about this here they say they,got Nick ricada Justice for Mercator law,says Sierra whiskey everybody is really,upset about this umbrella guy says,regata law has been Mass flagged off,Twitter the amazing level of targeted BS,this platforms allows that's what I,talked about kind of in my opening,monologue of this video that's the deal,if you have a group of a hundred,left-wing people you can go around and,get anybody taken down because if you,just report them a certain number of,times the algorithm will

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Rekieta Law CRUSHES Law Twitter & Feds...My Reaction

Rekieta Law CRUSHES Law Twitter & Feds...My Reaction

so negrocata let's get into what Nick,said uh I just want to get into like,kind of a couple minutes of what he said,this is from his Rumble so obviously I,hope you guys are um on Rumble I hope,you guys are following him on Rumble,um and this is just a little bit I'm not,trying to like be seen as evading,um any band,um but,and yes Brandon that's why we call it a,retainer that's true that's true,but I just want to play a little bit,because this point I want to give legal,little commentary on so this is my legal,commentary on every kid in fact I'm,going to put myself below necrated here,so that you guys know what's up,all hail to Pope let's go,so here's here's what I had said imagine,being like this now step away from the,Legend could you could you genuinely,could you imagine being by the way look,at this douchebag here look at this,douchebag here and what he said so so,Nick okay to respond and imagine being,like this now step away from the ledge,because you weren't so Mike Dunford this,douchebag said,um,it will be uh it will surprise nobody to,learn that all the lowest stuff was,drafted by somebody other than Nick,ricada and that Rakata limited his,involvement to his sole area of,unincompetence swearing slurs and Casual,homophobia also surprising nobody,Randazzo likes it,so this is some ,right of course it's people triggered by,napkins is what it is it's gonna happen,and and to an extent,Nick leans into that but let's continue,being,Mike Dunford could you imagine being a,person like this could you you seriously, do that,by the way I appreciate Nick's fed cut I,mean my fed cut is close but his fat cut,is looking good right now,I can't,I don't know I don't know what it what,it's like to be like that,they have no humor,they have nothing to them they have,nothing,that's true by the way they have no,sense of humor they literally can laugh,at nothing they are dead inside,dead,it only gets worse,hold on we've got more coming we've got,more at Twitter today,thank you,yeah so he's going through his tweets,and this is what I want to get to these,deranged tweets right so there's a,couple minutes of this this is the most,important part,because he gets into this album uh in,response to that that thing,here we go,I said imagine being like this now step,away from the ledge because you aren't,brand mind you by the way at this point,Nick is pretty drunk but the one,impressive thing is despite being drunk,Nick delivered some zingers on,this one and in music Brandon music K-Y,who here's their bio black lives matter,Spade in the left,hand telescope in the right,Joyce rip,Berea grad lawyer he him y'all are his,wow wow imagine being this chode,imagine being this showed,crazy,uh by the way Sebastian for uh 200 Dean,it's a Danish Krone I believe yes I,found you a Nick's rotator's Channel,Shop awesome awesome so you remember the,quote when I was like that's it it's,over he's guilty look at big boy,you know that was great and by the way I,never backed down from calling him big,boy because Krauss will always be big,boy forever because he's a fat useless,who defended,criminals and by that I mean Gage gross,points,he took up the position of a known,Criminal,against an innocent man but let's let's,let's let's let's let's let's let's,forget that right,iwd says part of me thinks we should,make a law a trade again and then allow,anyone who passed the bar to practice,even if they don't have the credentials,I think it apprenticeship would be a,good model,I like the apprenticeship model,and here's the thing like,I see this right here so y'all is cringe,enoughy but he has a pronoun I'm okay,with y'all because like I I've been in,the South and grew up in the south,uh well Miami but like I lived in North,Carolina for a while Gainesville right,and,y'all like y'all is technically gender,neutral but putting it as part of your,bio pronouns come the on now like,are you serious,are you serious,like,y'all come on now that's some ,I like this suck at these nuts yes I,like that one I like that one let's,continue with Nick pronouns by the way,he says,you ought not assuming you're a duly,licensed I do not know I'm I'm duly,licensed off,be engaging in conduct which adversely,reflects upon your Fitness to practice,law,by first of all first of all real real, quick,real quick none of this has,Fitness to practice law because none of,these people are clients the majority of,the fitness to practice law ,involves clients and your behavior,towards clients because you're a lawyer,doesn't mean you give up your free,speech this is what the retards on,Twitter don't understand,they don't understand that lawyers don't,suddenly use lose the right to free,speech every American citizen has the,right to free speech to say whatever the,hell we want to say not be punished for,in America right other countries can,punish us for it right,other countries can punish afford the,CCP can punish you forward if you go to,China,but America cannot take it out on you,for saying what you want

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Rekieta Law - LIVE at Twitter Law School Learning From the Pros!

Rekieta Law - LIVE at Twitter Law School Learning From the Pros!

hey what's up guys welcome to loss,planing the interwebs I am your host,Nick ricotta of ricotta LA a small law,firm in central Minnesota and here we go,here we go tonight tonight is just for,you all and me and me you all and me we,are going to twitter law school ladies,and gentlemen I hope you are ready to,learn from the pre-eminent minds the big,brains the smartest the best the,brightest the internet has to offer,comic book professionals ideologically,aligned to mark waid giving legal advice,all over with all of the authority with,man guys the knowledge that they are,dropping I can't oh I can't even,describe it I can't get to it it's okay,so I have a confession I have a,confession I started to do some show,prep all right I started to do some show,prep I've got clips of all these,different tweets no this stream is not,sponsored by Under Armor I've got I've,got clips and screenshots of all these,different tweets and unlike yeah yeah,this'll be good and then I noticed that,it's impossible it's impossible to clip,the level of wisdom because I don't have,time and I don't have enough interns so,instead instead hold on I'm gonna just,we're just gonna go through and start,picking gems out we don't even need we,don't even need it we don't even need,the clips we're gonna do it live,we're gonna do it live,and I hope you guys brought enough,liquor and happiness to get you through,some of this cuz it's gonna be painful,it's gonna be painful there is there is,no sponsor to this program other than,you find folks in the chat and my,wonderful wonderful supporters on,patreon you can check it out oh my,goodness,I didn't change the caption I didn't,change the caption let's do that real,quick you're gonna see some top-level,getting oh wait hold on let me caps like,it,getting that twitter law degree from the,thickest pros there we go sorry very,unprofessional of me how dare I act in,such a low and unprofessional manner I,should be less biased and more dignified,and how I do these things I can't get a,camera angle that I like tonight all,right,and I'm sorry that this is a little,indulgent if I were on American Idol,with Simon Cowell he would tell me this,is a bit indulgent but again again it's,when people come into your house it's,not my house right I'm just renting I'm,just renting but when people come into,your area and they start telling you,what you're doing is wrong you take,offense to it right Comics pros isn't,that what started all this some no-name,Rando on the internet started,criticizing your precious little,projects and you were like wait a minute,now,how dare you how dare you sir don't you,mess with my drawings in my art in my,writing,you can't do this you've never written a,comic you don't know how hard it is,right isn't that what happened yes of,course that's what happened,and that has led to this reality has,caught up to the Twitterverse and now,you all get to pay for it I can't stop,laughing and how you thought you thought,that nothing mattered you thought,everything was pretend,you thought you could ruin people's,lives and careers and passions for,pretend it's not pretend make a better,product than them because that's how,competition works squealing - mom,doesn't work because when you squeal to,mom and she has a contract with your,competitor that's illegal all right I'm,gonna drink a sip of tea and then I'm,gonna pour myself a glass of whiskey and,here's how we're gonna do this mm-hmm,all right I've got two super chats to,start off the night the first one I I,owe an apology to true American hero who,I called an idiot and I believe I don't,quite remember when but I'm pretty sure,it was on the heal stream I called him,an idiot and for that true American Hero,I do apologize again we we've discussed,who you are and you know I love you,buddy,you know I do and the idiot was said,with all love and affection that could,be given so I apologize it was not meant,for a fence,all in good fun and good faith bagel,goose says for the Twitter drinking fund,thank you sir Larry Bernard says more,Scotch for the Scotch God thank you sir,all right so tonight tonight what do we,start with,we're gonna go Japanese in honor of this,not being an anime whoa,uncool hmm,mmm look at this guy's,that's when your cork breaks in the,bottle so I'm not gonna we're gonna go,with a different Japanese until I got a,till I get a cork extractor to get,things get that thing out of here,Oh Twitter dunking fund not drinking,fund holy cats guys I haven't even,started and I can't read oh my all right,so here's how this is gonna work,here's how this stream is gonna work I'm,gonna go through I'm gonna start we're,gonna pick a rabbit trail and run down,it until the jokes run dry and we'll,pick another one if you have a specific,a specific tweet that you want me to see,and look at and make fun of it regard,please limited to legal issues if you,could just because you know I can't find,them all I can't find them all I was,digging through Jamal's tweets and I,found

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Nick Rekieta on Alex Jones - Freedom of Speech - Twitter - Musk - Lawtube levels up on INFOWARS

Nick Rekieta on Alex Jones - Freedom of Speech - Twitter - Musk - Lawtube levels up on INFOWARS

because guys I have a 1pm central Time,appearance tomorrow,on the Alex Jones Show,oh damn,that's right man me and Alex are gonna,be out here crushing globalists beating,up the Oklahoma fascists and the vampire,goblins,we're gonna be that's right so 1 p.m,central time tomorrow on the ,Alex Jones Show uh with Alex Jones we're,gonna be I I cannot wait to talk to this,man I've been waiting forever so uh the,frogs will be late and gay,we will turn the frogs gayer,than,next time in the water dare than that I,don't even know I don't even know how,gay they're gonna get FBI agent I never,knew his name until he sued me never,talked about him we never talked about,him didn't even know who he was he wants,550 million I don't even know the guy is,right I can't figure out what what,damage is that guy suffered uh first of,all the the biggest damage is I saw that,guy's picture I mean that I think that,was more damaging to him than anything,else frankly it's the sad estate for an,FBI agent yeah he looks like a little,kid dressed up for Army he really does,it was It was kind of embarrassing uh if,you ask me but no the um the whole thing,is just uh it's it's a huge blow to free,speech and it's it's a pulse check on,our country like we have this,Constitution that says no we get to,speak freely we get to voice opinions,even if other people don't like them,those opinions can be popular or,unpopular they can be dangerous they can,be safe and we have to protect all of,them where do we where do we get our,rights if they're they're recognized by,the Constitution but they're just,snuffed out by by a judge with an agenda,all right well-known lawyer nickrocating,developments and the ongoing escalations,in Ukraine and around the world with,cyber attacks we'll be covering with,your phone call start the next hour,the Nick ricada I wanted to get back to,what you were saying before the break,my view Alex is uh as the pendulum gets,to the to the end that's when we see,that power is at its maximum and that's,the scariest Point that's when these,places are going to lash out hard uh,Bannings are going to increase and ramp,up and and that's when hopefully the,tide will turn after that but it's going,to be a bloodbath on the way to it,um some of these uh really the the only,thing saving us in my opinion is places,like Infowars and then independent,commentators and journalists all across,uh basically everywhere but more and,more places are cropping up places like,Rumble places like Odyssey to allow us,to actually get the message out and that,message cannot be stopped forever we,should not be listening to five,different voices that all have the same,opinion and only approved opinions apply,so as long as we keep building that and,people keep supporting that Independence,I think we actually have a shot of,turning this thing around but Elon Musk,has done some things I didn't like but,he's moving in a direction I really like,and his internal text message just came,out of this Twitter deal as you know as,a lawyer you probably read them,he's anti-censorship he's,anti-authoritarian speech that does need,to be you know it's free speech within,within the context of the law so it's,not I'm not definitely not suggesting,that we you know uh just planned the law,because it will get shut down in that,case this freedom of speech or freedom,of reach and uh you know freedom speech,is one thing because like anyone could,just go into the middle of Times Square,right now and say anything they want,they just walk into the middle of Times,Square and deny the Holocaust okay you,can't stop them they will just do that,but that doesn't mean you have to that,needs to be promoted that doesn't mean,you have to that needs to be promoted to,millions of people so I think people,should be allowed to say you know pretty,outrageous things that are within the,bounds the law but but then they don't,you know it doesn't get Amplified it,doesn't get you know a ton of reach your,take on Elon Musk,uh look my take on Elon Musk is uh him,buying Twitter would be one of the,funniest things I can imagine and,Twitter can't possibly be worse than it,is,um my my view Twitter is one of the,absolute worst websites in existence for,mental health uh it's one of the worst,websites in existence for,um the spread of information oh it's a,cyber it's a cyber re-education camp,it is it is and it's also uh just a,Haven of of pedophilia and child,pornography and it's frankly disgusting,how bad twitter is at removing that,stuff and uh when the I don't know if,you know there's a case that's been,going on for a while against them of a,kid who reported uh to Twitter that his,his video was uh was basically taken,from him uh he was catfished and then it,was uploaded to Twitter and they said it,didn't violate their terms of service he,presented his identification showing,that he was under 18 years old his mom,did it took them getting a police report,and this this thing just sat up on on,Twitter for days and days and

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NBC is a Pile of C*cks, Musk and Twitter, SCOTUS Whining

NBC is a Pile of C*cks, Musk and Twitter, SCOTUS Whining

hypocrisy,hey what's up guys welcome to law,splaining the interwebs i,am your host nick ricada of rakata law,small law firm in central minnesota what,is shaking guys,how's it going,i hope uh i hope your day's going well,i am on time,take that haters and doubters,and racists,oh my goodness i uh i hope you're all,having a wonderful evening i really do,um,i've got just a shitload of half drinks,to finish,oh my gosh,well guys as you uh,uh as you know,last night was an interesting,endeavor,the endeavor to uh do some commentary,on a media narrative that shall not be,challenged,the endeavor to you know just go ahead,and,ask questions make comments and,observations about the amber heard,interview with nbc,uh that is that was the theme of last,night and it was uh it was an,interesting one because the live stream,was interrupted three times by youtube's,automated copyright system,we detected copyright video we're,banning your live stream,as if that's a reasonable approach at,all by the way that they're auto banning,uh,content without any sort of fair use,analysis just preemptively,banning potential fair use because of,the presence of copyrighted video on,their system,how can you do a live fair use,commentary,if they will simply tear it down,this is the question it's a question,that,kind of matters i think,we'll be exploring it as we go,through tonight but,uh that is not the culmination of events,last night,um,nbc went ahead and did a full copyright,claim on my live stream last night and,took it down,uh i would also not be surprised,not be surprised in the slightest if the,notifications are a little slow for a,little bit of time,i don't have anything to support the,notifications being slow,what i do have though,is just,uh,a hunch,a hunch that the notifications may not,be going out so,with that let me go ahead and talk about,the other things that are out there,just in case,just in case,something like that,happens i mean not that it ever does,youtube has told me over and over they,don't do that sort of stuff,you know it's all just it's all just,based on you know,the,subscribers or whatever,so anyway if you are lacking in,notifications,check out locals, when i create a,live stream link,i post it to locals that is the first,thing that i do after creating the link,i then copy that text from the locals,link and i put it on,um,you uh on twitter,gab and fetiverse normally today i did,not put it on gab or fetiverse,and the simple reason is i was not,actually at my,computer,to create all the links i have gotten it,to where i can now at least,create the,rumble link simply i just need to get my,um fetiverse and uh gab accounts logged,in and i'll make sure and get the,notifications up on fediverse and gab as,well but i've got the majority of remote,creation of multi-streaming live streams,figured out it's,again it seems like something that,should be simple but since all of the,systems work differently,there's just a bunch of extra steps it's,fucking annoying and i'm sure many of,you uh people have all sorts of,wonderful solutions and you're right on,all of them but i don't listen to you,and won't,so you don't need to tell me about it,with that said um,we've got uh,we've got,the live stream,being taken down by nbc tonight,or from from last night i was going to,appeal it and then i thought why don't,we just appeal it,live on the air,we can maybe figure out,something to say,to nbc,because,uh and it'll also be a neat walkthrough,of the youtube copyright system,which i think,many people may not,understand,they may not know how it functions they,may not know,some little quirks and tricks that i've,picked up through the years look here i,am turning tricks on youtube i mean,that's how it goes so we're going to go,through the copyright system,start to finish on how this thing works,how to submit a copyright claim,or,copyright counter notification in this,case for a content id dmca takedown,we will do that this is not a strike,strikes have a little bit of a different,procedure but this one is the copyright,content id dmca takedown so we'll go,through that,i think that'll be educational i'll talk,about the failings of the youtube system,we do this all with profanity of course,of course,my barely contained rage,is only only addled by,a lovely day that i spent with lady,raggeds,um i don't know if you guys know this,but i have been uh lately since the,depth trial is over,um been spending,uh as much time as i can since i spent,about seven and a half to eight weeks,really just locked into creating content,all day it was,live stream sleep live stream sleep live,stream sleep livestream sleep that was,that was almost every day occasionally,i'd have an activity with uh with the,family that i'd have to go do but it was,mostly just live stream sleep sometimes,eat live stream live stream you know,that's how it was so i've been taking a,lot of time to just,recharge and recoup with the wife,something i would recommend everybody do,and

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The REAL Reason Nick Rekieta Law Was Banned From Youtube Revealed! They FAILED To Silence Him!

The REAL Reason Nick Rekieta Law Was Banned From Youtube Revealed! They FAILED To Silence Him!

now cavalry,thank you,foreign,what's going on everyone Jeremy here,from the quartering and some pretty big,news happened last night in YouTube as,well as a seismic shift in the way that,I want to do things going forward first,I want to talk about,the unjust absurd ban of rokata Law and,exactly what the reason was for his,Banning is we've been able to put,everything together now what we're doing,to try and restore the channel also uh,Nick directly uh I got a new phone I,lost your number I'm trying to connect,you with Bill Richmond because he has,experience in sending this stuff to,email uh to to,um YouTube so uh if you see this video,uh I'm sure people will share it on,Twitter and just like before I'm going,to ask people I'm going to leave the,tweet in the comment please open a new,window share that and I will tag team,YouTube will try to get their attention,one of the fastest growing if not the,largest,um single like uh individually run law,tube channel on YouTube was banned last,night,the reason for the Banning we now know,is the result of well at least two of,the three uh strikes come from a certain,harassment campaign by a certain unwell,individual in their fans,received his third YouTube Strike last,night if you get three strikes within a,year or so I think it's a year your,channel gets terminated the first strike,came back in July of this year in which,in a five hour live stream he showed a,40 second clip of an incident uh where,something spicy was happening uh and he,got a strike,not dissimilar than content that you,would see like donut operator upload but,for whatever reason you got a strike for,it the second strike came from a uh,basically Mass flagging,at the behest of one internet weirdo,and their Discord uh catboy Ranch of,sycophants,then,yesterday night during a live stream,live like on YouTube where Kayla law was,removed from YouTube and this is absurd,I try to remain kind of calm and because,I just think screaming at YouTube is,irrelevant and that's why the second,half of this video is as important as it,is,but,he received his third strike and,outright Channel,removal from YouTube last night as a,result of sharing,public information so,his channel was not banned by mistake he,received a third strike which means he,is unlikely to get his channel restored,unless we make enough noise by leaving a,like on the video sharing the video,sharing the tweet for YouTube to,actually watch it I laid everything out,in a nice thread for YouTube last night,I'm gonna do it again today,the third strike came from this very,same group of people uh,had submitted 45 ethics complaints,against Nick ricada Nick ricada is a,lawyer in Minnesota so they make ethics,complaints with the bar,the bar laughed in their stupid faces,and when you make a public complaint,about a lawyer this is a public document,it's just like when you file like a,police report you have to put your name,on that there's a lot of people on the,internet who talk about I'm going to sue,these people and they rely on anonymity,and they're find out pretty quickly that,you don't get an anatomy anonymity when,you go into the U.S legal system okay so,these 45 individuals thought they were I,mean these people are literally trying,to ruin his livelihood because they,didn't like his opinions on the internet,okay then due to the Absurd,absurdly easy to abuse system on YouTube,of the flagging system they were able to,submit enough rapid fire complaints,about the channel to get it terminated,see you can submit any number of of even,if they're rightful flags on a video and,YouTube isn't going to act immediately,there is a number however that these,groups of losers know if it's 50 or,maybe it's 100 people who will rapidly,report something YouTube's just going to,take it down because they know hey oh my,God if like say it was a video upload of,somebody live Shooting themselves doing,something very terrible or something,they don't want to wait for a human to,review it so they just take the video,down herein lies the rub I understand,why Susan and team YouTube has this in,place for that exact reason something,truly heinous goes up a bunch of flags,come in they have an automated number I,don't know what that number is but it's,clear that that's how this works because,I've had my channel Mass flag before too,and they just took the whole Channel,down you even though I have no strikes,and I've never had a strike okay,well I've had warnings and stuff like,that but I have no strikes at the time,when they took the channel down I was,like how do they delete my whole Channel,I don't even have a strike,it's because of mass reporting so losers,know that they can Mass report so,in Nick reading some of the names,of publicly available legal documents,they said that he was doxing them which,is incorrect YouTube didn't bother,looking into it because of the way,YouTube is set up these type of,complaints are reviewed first by someone,that doesn't even speak English,as a first language t

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