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The Media is Trying to Make Hillary Clinton Happen Again, with Stephen L. Millerthe other thing is s

Megyn Kelly

Updated on Jan 12,2023

The Media is Trying to Make Hillary Clinton Happen Again, with Stephen L. Miller

the other thing is she's not the only,woman weighing in as you know uh hillary,weighed in and took a shot at justice,thomas and i saw you responding to this,tweet that also got my attention cnn's,crystal is a tweeting,unbelievably,quote,now is her moment hillary clinton now is,her moment with a link to a cnn article,called entitled the whispers of hillary,clinton 2024 have started,oh my god stephen yeah what chris chris,crystal is a journalism's answer to a,question no one asked is once again,pulling out his trick about hillary,clinton he does this like every few,months and,the interesting thing to me about,hillary is,anyone who,any candidate who loses to somebody like,donald trump you would think would just,be put on a mule and sent out into the,desert with like a big paper mache head,never to be heard from again and instead,she's still,kind of this media power broker they all,gather around her every time she kind of,pokes her head out of her hole,and it's really interesting to me that,there was really no reckoning,for her over that it was it was russia,did this or russia stole the election or,i guess russia made her forget that the,state of wisconsin existed for 106 days,and so,i look at that and i just say,here she comes again and this is crystal,liza's big game,and we saw the report in the new york,times that said she she wishes she was,being consulted more by the bide,administration um so she does kind of,have this media strategy which is all,i'll talk to you i'll talk and they all,kind of jump at it,and again i i don't know i don't know,what their plan is is their plan to,replace an 85 year old joe biden with a,78 year old hillary clinton um i think,it really speaks to the lack of depth,that the democrats have and i've i kind,of predicted this on my on my podcast,i've been on this for a couple of weeks,here uh that i i don't think joe biden's,going to be the 2024 nominee i think,there's too many factors and also this,muted response to row,as i said to you this is this is the,worst defeat these people have suffered,in decades and joe biden's response was,to get on an airplane and fly out of the,country,and,if you're on the left what does that,look like to you and so i said on my,podcast i said i think there's going to,be an open primary and i said and the,name that i won't be shocked to see jump,in there is,congresswoman ocasio-cortez and just,last night stephen colbert asked sir you,know you're going to be 35 running for,president and i just i kind of just took,a bow on this one so for whatever reason,they can't wait to get the old man out,of there and i don't understand why they,think that hillary is kind of their,great white hope in all of this,now is her moment,who would have the temerity to write,that about hillary clinton now this is,her moment she's had about 10 000,moments all of which she's blown to,smithereens,yeah she's won what exactly one election,in the state of new york uh,for those of you who remember that was a,that was an election that she was kind,of goaded into by our media they were,like you can go run for senate in new,york go do that and then of course she,ran and she won and she hasn't won an,election since and uh i i don't see the,political left settling for her uh we,saw kind of two instances where in 2008,they were just like okay let's let's,just vote for her and get this over with,and then but of course barack obama hits,the scene and they couldn't dump her,fast enough and then it almost,bernie sanders,black rifle coffee company is a veteran,founded company serving premium coffee,to people who love america they develop,their explosive roast profiles for the,same mission focus learned as military,members serving this great country of,ours black rifle coffee imports high,quality coffee beans from columbia and,brazil and then they roast them five,days a week here in america at their,facilities in manchester tennessee and,salt lake city utah and that means you,get the freshest coffee and the best,uh no matter where you live,enjoy the awesome packaging and the,unique flavors like silencer smooth lava,panther and so many more,the best way to enjoy black rifles,freedom filled coffee is with the black,rifle coffee club and when you join the,club not only do you get your to get,their cool mugs which i love but your,brew of choice is roasted packaged and,shipped free to your door on your,schedule you don't have to worry about,running out ever again a win-win,scenario,buy it at use the,code mk at checkout for 20 off your,purchase and your first coffee club,order black rifle coffee dot com slash,mk use that code mkhit check out,black rifle coffee america's coffee,hey thanks so much for watching if you,like what you just saw hit the subscribe,button for more clips and full episodes

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Celebrities Melt Down After SCOTUS Abortion Ruling, with Stephen L. Miller

Celebrities Melt Down After SCOTUS Abortion Ruling, with Stephen L. Miller

so you'll have kind of the late night,group therapy,sessions for libs on you know jimmy,kimmel and the colbert report or stephen,colbert you know which is all this has,become which is where celebrities just,come out and air their political,grievances and we just saw like wanda,sykes say this oh wait two nights ago,which is stand by stand by yeah just,play she can say it way better than i,can she was on stephen colbert and this,is her take on it,it sucks man it really does i mean you,know it's like the the country it's no,longer a democracy right i mean we're,it's no longer majority rule these,judges that just,they basically lied when they were you,know being during their confirmation,hearings right the problem is that metal,stuff it's those states in the middle,that that that red stuff,why they get to tell us what to do when,the majority of us live,out you know new york california and,we're paying for all this crap really i,mean right,we're putting the bill if i'm fitting,the bill know your position you know,what i'm saying,you know for real like look if i say hey,let's go out to dinner you don't get to,pick the restaurant just shut up and eat,yeah there's your ad there's your ad i,mean there's just a slap up paid for the,rnc on that i don't know how many,cliches someone can stick into something,and say well here's what the political,rights been saying all along that you,know you have a progressive elitism in,the coastal cities san francisco new,york dc los angeles and then they,believe that in the you know there's,this useless chunk of land called,america in between those cities and here,she is kind of confirming that,and this idea that nine you know nine of,five justices uh on the supreme court,sent a decision back to the states to,vote on is no longer a democracy shows,you that hollywood's really not sending,their best here,um and i guess it's too much to ask for,these people to just have kind of a,monochrome of civic education before,they go on national tv and barf this all,up,um and and i i said with ro one of the,biggest freak outs of why we're seeing,this is exactly what i said roe has kind,of been this protective blanket for them,for the last 30 40 years where they,don't they don't have to talk about what,abortion involves in specific details,they can kind of just point to it and,say right there that's row that's it's,abortion that's hey what else do you,want and now they're going to have to go,kind of state to state,and,specifically lay out where they stand on,this issue and we know that,um it's probably three four five six,percent of the country is at a position,where the the extreme fringe of the,democratic party is which is abortion up,to the moment of birth,and in ralph northam's case you know,post post-natal birth,and so they're going to have to go out,and defend this and i think they know,that they're in a problem where the,majority of the country isn't there the,majority of the country isn't there but,no,life either,she actually said,what happened to majority rule what,happened we're no longer a democracy,that's literally what's about to happen,majorities will rule on this issue state,to state just exactly the way it was,supposed to be the supreme court is the,one who curtailed that who,short-circuited it back in 1973 saying,you no longer get to vote one way or the,other we're just saying,a mostly cis white male supreme court,saved for one person did that yeah the,supreme court that overturned roe was,more diverse than the one who instituted,it and again they kind of have a problem,with that it's why you see all the,vitriol specifically going after,clarence thomas for getting all uppity i,guess,um and i also know that,because it wanda sykes is one thing but,we i i go on this gb news which is uh,it's not fox news but it's a more,right-leaning news over in great britain,they launched about a year ago and i,love them they're doing a really great,thing they're very balanced um they're,smart and great britain needed this so,anyway my pal dan wooden,he ran he put together this budded sound,bite of some of these singers,in response to,the dobb's decision on abortion i'm,going to play it for you for people,listening it starts with lord the singer,then it starts with i think the lead,singer from green day yeah green day,you'll hear him he's ready to renounce,his citizenship heard enough from him,and then it finishes up with uh olivia,rodrigo who's a very big star and uh so,listen to this meltdown,make accessing that wisdom,your life's work,because everything depends on it,the supreme court,country,i'm devastated,and terrified,and so many women and so many girls are,going to die because of this,and um,i wanted to dedicate this next song to,five members of the supreme court,who have showed us that,at the end of the day they truly don't,give a freedom,okay that's that's the best thing lord's,done in years can we just be honest,about that,a little bit i was like okay lord's,found her groove again she's n

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10.21.21 - FBN's Kennedy with Alli Breen, Stephen L. Miller, and Kevin Walling

10.21.21 - FBN's Kennedy with Alli Breen, Stephen L. Miller, and Kevin Walling

china is firing a warning shot at the,nba,this time over free speech yeah the,commies wiped the boston celtics from,its basketball broadcast after star,center ennis cantor criticized president,xi in a social media post cancer called,g a brutal dictator and voiced support,for tibetan independence,he even wore sneakers that read free to,bet china was furious so they pulled the,plug on the game and scrubbed cancer,from all social media guess what commies,he's still there of course this is an,ennis first political rodeo he recently,spoke out against authoritarianism in,his home country of turkey we're pretty,much his entire family has been,imprisoned just to get back at him so,will the nba finally do the right thing,and take a stand here and how long till,lebron james takes china's side it's,okay john cena he can translate let's,meet tonight's party panel we've got,versus media podcast host and the,spectator usa contributing editor he's,looking,very uh,who's the guy who got stabbed in the,heart by the stingray it's steve irwin,it is stephen l irwin miller that's a,compliment by the way,democrat strategist and former biden,campaign surrogate it is the kevin,walling and comedian she's back and,she's fantastic ali breen uh welcome,everyone,great to see you thank you very much,good to see you i know thank you,this is great so,stephen this actually uh is quite a,stand that anna's cantor is making and,he has done this before he's not afraid,to back down from a real fight he knows,what the repercussions are he knows the,enemies that he's making and you know he,still has the nads to stand up and do it,how does this compare to some other,athletes in this country who have,engaged in other forms of activism,yeah i can't wait for lebron james to,lecturing his cantor on not,understanding these issues like he did a,a year ago uh the executive from the,houston rockets uh we talk a lot about,you know we kind of make fun of you know,stunning and brave activism where,athletes can take a knee in a stadium,and they're awarded a 15 million dollar,nike contract i i don't see that coming,cantor's way for this kind of stand-up,he's put the nba in a real and,comfortable position and as long as the,nba continues to uh market to china's,you know population their money uh while,ignoring these kinds of human rights,abuses i think the nba deserves to be in,an uncomfortable position,it should be noted the sneakers you,mentioned uh that he wore custom,sneakers that set free tibet was done by,a chinese dissident artist by the name,about a cow who is uh he's currently in,australia for the same reason he speaks,out against,the chinese regime he speaks out against,the uyghur camps he speaks out against,the cracking down in hong kong and is,also as tibet and he's also uh kind of,in exile over these things so,like i said he's put the nba in an,uncomfortable position and the nba,deserves to be there until the nba,starts uh raising their voices a little,bit over these issues yeah and it was,nice to see him and anna's sort of team,up with this and batakawa even said that,he was surprised that edis wanted his,art on his shoes and then uh the celtics,benched him last night what a bunch of,tools um so,you know number one kevin do you stand,with ennis cantor and number two should,the winter olympics be held in beijing,in 2022,no thanks yeah 100 i stand with uh ness,cancer and it's so important to see,these athletes speak out they should,have the support of the nba you're not,going to see any courage from them when,money's involved and you have so many,eyeballs,in china so you know obviously business,is going to trump anything when it comes,to profits sadly,and again the important thing is cantor,shine delight on tibet but i think he,needs to go a step farther even and,really shine the light on the uyghur,situation where there is a serious,genocide going on i'm the democrat on,this panel but that is one of the key,things i supported from the previous,trump administration was,they actually had the gall to call out,the communist china regime for what,they're doing to the uyghurs which is a,genocide and i think we need to take a,serious look at the olympics as well,kennedy to your second point and a lot,of people are starting to talk about,that i mean obviously they they put off,the tokyo olympics by a year because of,kovid so they can take the whole thing,away from beijing god they had them in,2008 they don't need them again,um but ali it's really about the money,that's the thing that drives me crazy,because in this country,you can have freedom,and you can have money it is not,mutually exclusive but there are a lot,of people who are incredibly selfish,turning a blind eye,to some of these horrific acts,and they make it seem like it's it's one,or the other,absolutely i mean the nba and lebron,james both are the locust,people and they go after the us for all,the atrocities that they think that,they've committed but when it comes to,china and people who are putt

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The Perpetual Pandemic - Stephen Miller | Howie Carr Show

The Perpetual Pandemic - Stephen Miller | Howie Carr Show

i'm great so i loved your piece the,perpetual pandemic and i've actually,been saying that line over and over,again to people,because it's becoming so clear that,that's what the mainstream media and the,experts want,i want to start with dr fauci um in your,piece you highlight something that i,think is really important,you kind of say that there's a,difference between when he's talking as,an expert,and now what kind of seems like he's,talking as a crazy hypochondriac who,doesn't want to do anything ever again,right,and he doesn't differentiate that for us,the audience who he should be,talking to and reassuring um he stated,in an interview with business insider,that he was asked,uh and they the interviewer didn't,really clarify if he was,asking him as a lead infectious disease,expert or if he was just asking him the,celebrity,anthony fauci and he says you know are,you comfortable going to movie theaters,now that you're vaccinated and he says,no,and what about indoor dining and he says,no and what about travel he goes no,that's a no,so you have again the leading infectious,disease expert in the country,doing all of these things who was,vaccinated and saying he's still not,going to go do these things he's also,someone who has said in the past he,can't foresee handshakes coming back and,it sends this mixed message that again,you're trying to get people vaccinated,but you're taking away all of the,incentive,for people to go out and get vaccinated,and again like i said i don't know if,he's doing this as an expert or if he's,just,he has ocd that he's inflicting on the,rest of us or what but these are all,things that,he should clarify and if you notice,whenever he says the science i'm,standing behind the science he rarely,ever cites statistics or data,or any of these things when he's talking,and he's he seems to be going further,and further down the celebrity,uh whole of of what is our media,yeah and something that i've been,noticing a lot and you point out,is that there's there's all this talk,about vaccine hesitancy and there is,there is a lot of that in this country,and i'm kind of part of the group where,i i guess i would fall under jen,saki's uh deadliest catch you know,mountain dew,i watch all that stuff and so maybe i,need to be convinced,but how i really feel about it steven is,i feel like all right well if someone,told me grace if you sign up for a,vaccine today,in three weeks when you get your second,shot you can do whatever you want,i would go and get one but they're not,setting it up like that in fact joy reid,which you mentioned in your piece says,oh i'm still gonna be too scared that's,the word she used,i'm gonna be too scared to take my mask,off so as someone who's on the fence,they really are the ones who are making,people not want to get it,yeah and i think this has a lot to do,with a new york,center media complex you know people,like joy reid don't spend much time in,texas or florida and i even ask,you know how much time is dr fauci spent,in texas and florida's,um they live these kind of northeast,isolated lifestyles where,half of their you know open activities,are still on lockdown,while places like texas florida uh south,dakota places like that have been open,since,last may and you start to see,places like michigan new york where we,just had from axios yesterday report,that new york,overall just did the absolute worst so i,guess they got they have to give cuomo,an oscar now um and so,you have people who are living in new,york city who are,having these kind of condensed bubble,lifestyles and so,it's almost like their geolog,geographical location is the thing,that's making them,hesitant and i don't know why they want,this perpetual pandemic i obviously,think the binding administration wants,to use it to restructure certain aspects,of the country and the economy,because that's just what these people do,um as far as media like you say like,people like joy reid who's like hey i'm,vaccinated but i'm still not going out,um that in and of itself is a form of,vaccine denialism and of course that,this,this is allowed to perpetuate itself,throughout media,and it is it's a genuine problem and for,whatever reason they,they want this to continue that the new,kind of discussion is about wearing,masks outdoors there's,there's no uh discernible data that,shows this virus,transmits itself in any outdoors,activities whether it's the beach,whether it's,sporting events whether it's just,walking around and now you,you have a subsection of media you were,saying you still need to wear your mask,outdoors you need to do this because,it's for the community and it's you're,spreading a good message and i think,that that just reeks of self-importance,a mask is a medical necessity and once,that necessity,ceases and it's gone you should be,taking your mask off,no exactly there's there's a huge level,of virtue signaling to this i actually i,follow an account that like,kind of it's a celebrity account and,they they these people wi

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Stephen L. Miller: "Obama's Imaginary Son" read by Rush Limbaugh, 2014

Stephen L. Miller: "Obama's Imaginary Son" read by Rush Limbaugh, 2014

clip i've had it saved for seven years i,guess,i have folders with all of kind of some,media stuffs media hits things that i,want to keep,track of as your career kind of,progresses a little bit,and i have that clip and here it is,i guess playing golf is how mr obama,deals with,heartbreak and distress other people,just riot and loot,but obama heads back to the,well heads back to the golf course,but i i take it back it didn't just head,back to the golf course he,actually did condemn the new york,police killings and in doing so he,called for,patient dialogue,yes my friends in a statement on,saturday night,unconditionally unconditionally means,there's no excuse for it,unconditionally no matter what you tell,me i'm still going to condemn it,after condemning the shooting deaths of,the two,new york city police officers the,president said two brave men,won't be going home to their loved ones,tonight and for that there is no,justification,the officers who serve and protect our,communities,risk their own safety for hours every,single day,they deserve our respect and gratitude,every single day,he went on to ask for a rejection of,violence and,words that harm well,there's a place he might want to start,then and that would be,in his own house i have a great story,here found on ricochet it is a,it's a it's a website by a man named,steven miller,and it's called the extraordinary life,of barack obama's imaginary son,in his life obama's imaginary son has,been shot at,concussed out of football his imaginary,son has been racially profiled yet,obama's imaginary son keeps picking,himself,up and carrying on obama's imaginary son,should be an example to us all,no matter what kind of imaginary,circumstances we find ourselves in,we can continue on with our imaginary,lives because obama's,imaginary son is showing us how,president obama should also look inward,and ask,why his imaginary son continues to put,himself in these situations,perhaps it's also his own failings as an,imaginary parent,the president of the united states seems,much more comfortable,citing the struggles of his imaginary,son,than the privileged successes of his,real daughters,in truth obama's son would have attended,private school in chicago just like his,daughters,he would then be attending sidwell,private school in dc,just like his real daughters obama's,imaginary son would get his pick of any,college in the world just like his real,daughters his imaginary son would then,go on to any career he chose in medicine,law,hollywood wall street or owning an nfl,team not playing on a game,or on a team just like his real,daughters but that doesn't fit the,divisive,racial narrative so obama's imaginary,son,continues to live the hard knock life

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Stephen L. Miller vs. Marie Harf on Lebron James - Kennedy, April 2021

Stephen L. Miller vs. Marie Harf on Lebron James - Kennedy, April 2021

okay here we go this is for steven,which of these donkeys has appeared in,five batman movies new york governor,andrew cuomo former california governor,jerry brown or vermont senator patrick,leahy who is it stephen,that's patrick leahy and lebron james is,still a moral coward,all right i'm going to give you an extra,point for being right about both of us,i'm just kidding i'm not getting on,james is like,yay can we hunt you into the next,universe man this is great okay good,stuff you got that right man you don't,want to take online,patrick leahy and val kilmer,uh shared a sweet moment and a,passionate kiss,in batman unhinged marie this is for you,which of these donkeys officiated one of,elizabeth taylor's weddings marianne,williamson former california senator,barbara boxer or california congressman,ted liu who is no good at anything and,he is my congressman in california and i,don't like him go ahead marie well i,think ted lou's great and i think lebron,could beat up anyone on the show and,uh i would love for it to be marianne,williamson i don't know that it is but,like i would love for that to be the one,i'm going to give you that point that is,correct and uh your love took you to the,crest of the mountain or the peak or the,zenith or whatever,go google lebron jones or lebron james,feet lebron james feet go ahead,okay stephen this is for you,which of these donkeys resigned in,disgrace after it was revealed he had,allegedly paid close to two sorry eighty,thousand dollars to prostitutes during,his time in office former dc mayor kwame,kilpatrick former new york governor,elliot spitzer or former new jersey,governor governor jim mcgreevy,that sounds like all of them if i'm,being honest i'm gonna i'm gonna go with,spitzer on that and lebron james is a,moral coward,spitzer i don't even know her uh you're,absolutely right,exciting stephen which of these donkeys,won an award at the international,science and engineering fair for their,science project on microbiology was it,new york senator chuck schumer new york,congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez,or horrible california congressman ted,liu,uh wow um,i'll i'll go with mark's bae i'll go,with alexandria ocasio-cortez,and lebron james is a moral coward owned,by china,okay marie here we go this is your last,question you're an idiot man that's it,you got to give it up give it up i'm not,an idiot i have a lot of not you,okay not you,graduated valedictorian stephen and mike,you have to guess uh which number,between one and nine am i thinking of,mike,uh wait what does steven think about,lebron james again i can't uh,i think a lot of people care i think,china cares okay,uh you guys die because chelsea's,yelling at me i love you all you've been,fantastic and the donkey pin the tail on,all of you so thank you very much,mike steven and marie excellent,when you do,television or at least kennedy,they don't tell you,usually who's on the panel with you,it's just kind of uh here's your you,know here's what we're going to talk,about,we'll uh we'll buzz you at x amount of,time usually 10 minutes before and i,give you instructions and say okay,four minute commercial coming up,etc etc,so i don't really tell you,so i didn't know,who was on a panel with me,last night,and then i found out kind of like rate,about a minute before and i heard marie,there's something,that,people,who are trained in comms,marie harf was essentially,jen saki's deputy press secretary at the,state department under barack obama,at the time she was one of these kind of,very online youngsters promise of,hashtag,that whole thing that came to the obama,white house that extremely,attitude,which i think,ron claim the acting president united,states who's on twitter all the time,it might be even more online than our,last president or the one before him,but one thing that,comms people are good at is they're good,at standing they're good at fielding a,question they're usually prepared,in jens hockey's case they probably know,the questions or they know what at least,they're going to be because they source,those,so it wouldn't shock me if harf was that,same way,so they're good at you know,asking the question receiving the,question giving you the rehearsed sort,of answer,they are not good at being poked,and prodded,and so that's,how a segment that she's not expecting,turns to lebron james could beat,everyone on this panel up,i wanted to get the message through the,lebron james is an immoral coward,so i hope that came through loud and,clear

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oh yeah,put this yeah guys I gotta go on like 30,so if you guys want we can film this now,and then come back out yeah yeah let's,film this dope is gonna be hi guys have,your do you guys have your jokes and so,on,yeah I have my skin's okay I'm ready go,first who's going first what nothing I,can go right yeah I guess don't be on,the set because we don't yeah yeah yeah,I can go first I'll switch on my skin,here I'm a dude almost okay so you guys,do the intro,oh yeah bro what is sound guys guys,chill did you guys put CT anywhere I've,been pretty good in try damn boys Nate,yo Nathan have a pretty good man would,you do with the TT yo brother didn't,even awesomer it just lightning right,there dawg thunderstorm clear there I,mean weather clear oh wait you didn't,know bro what the ha lightning over here,what there's really no TT there dude,it's just an explosion do you sweat what,blowing up over here yes,yo you straight up you want to be prank,okay,yo I'm not breaking like serious like,okay yo so hold on this is going on yo,guys,I kept we on guys record this legit,record this guys I'm doing reporting,because I thought what about to start,I'm still recording I'm sir I'm sorry I,thought this was gonna start yo my gosh,bro don't I don't know yo what the heck,yo guys I didn't want to map up fam no I,did wrong dude this legit just a normal,world I swear this word we need to get,the do not laugh video done dude you,have to go soon that is so loud it,seriously yeah I know,brah I know but do you guys not see what,the flip is this yeah I do see it let's,see where it goes what is this it's sort,of this young will explore this for like,five minutes dude but we need to we need,to recruit this to not laugh video,because you got it you gonna no no I see,I see I see coming did I see it coming I,promise yo what put on tab is going else,three on the server do you guys see that,no one guys heck yo yo there's a button,right here is there what's there's a,button right here later touch it here,okay push it,Wow but that did nothing here dawg Oh,bro yo how would you like that hey guys,guys guys hold up yo yo chill there's uh,there's more redstone going that way and,there's more going that way and this way,you see that yes Oh real quick you break,you I swear let me go on the street so I,can see farther away oh wait is there,three different paths and then one,through here is that what you see George,we really like I know this is cool and,everything but we really don't have time,for this like we need to record I'm not,kidding guys joke is like you okay I'm,being honest okay like legit like like,bro - bro here guys like I'm not,pranking you guys we should literally,fredifer no no we should literally film,this we should,no guys when you throw to bromine when,you bro to bro me on anything and always,guys why don't we literally record this,and make a video of this this is really,I'm not doing this I promise you alright,there's three paths straight up dude I,don't want nobody actually yeah there's,actually no nobody anyway do you guys,wanna make a video this we can do an,intro right here don't have the,girlfriend no cool let's do this alright,three two one alright guys so we have,found something really suspicious in a,Minecraft world I don't know what is,going on,we were about to record this do not,laugh video no idea what's happening but,there's three different paths and we're,gonna take all these paths and we're,gonna see where they go guys okay you,guys want to see more than moose school,go I'll go one of these dates and which,way do you want to go straight or chill,chill chill chill chill chill chill,chill chill okay we're all both going,off on different ways make sure you guys,are recording this okay so everyone,watching this video right now go check,out mooses perspective check out my,perspective and check out Nathan's,perspective yeah because I don't know,what dude all right guys we're splitting,up here we go all right guys okay uh so,what's it called guys so I split up into,a different channel with moose and,Nathan so I'm in a separate channel now,and we actually have this thing called,like setup on our server where it pretty,much like you can hear people when you,are at like us like a it's weird yeah I,will be able to talk to them when I get,closer with them if I do so I should be,able to hear I don't know how far they,are from me right now but I should be,able to hear something so logic there's,an,our button here with the flip was that,TNT again bro was a CNT again was that,GT again there's redstone wait oh my,gosh is that cz that's literally,flashing and I knew it I flip and do it,what the heck is going on oh my gosh bro,where'd I go,okay the redstone goes through the tree,I think that does guys this is so creepy,if any of you guys have ever experienced,anything really really weird like this,then please let me know in the comment,down below I really don't know what the,flip is going on I'm gonna do some,research though after this video

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What We Know About the Colorado Springs LGBTQ Club Shooting | HasanAbi Reacts

What We Know About the Colorado Springs LGBTQ Club Shooting | HasanAbi Reacts

five people are dead following a uh,Colorado Springs shooting at an lgbtq,nightclub the nightclub is called Q,I'm not mistaken and this happened last,night five people are dead and this is,the latest news from Colorado coming,from the Colorado Times Recorder five,people are dead in at least 18 are,wounded following a mass shooting at,Club Q in Colorado Springs according to,Colorado Springs Police Department,Club Q is one of the Colorado Springs,oldest lgbtq nightclubs and it regularly,hosts drag shows and community events,according to Lieutenant Pamela Castro,the cspd public information officer the,first calls regarding shooting at the,club came at 11 56 pm on November 19th,last night cspd arrived at 12 a.m and,the suspect identified as 22 year old,Anderson Lee Aldrich was taken into,custody at 1202. the reason why the,apprehension was very quick,was because patrons actually stopped the,shooter they launched at him and they,stopped him is what I heard from,original reports we know one or more,patrons heroically intervened to subdue,the suspect and we praise,uh those individuals who did so because,their actions clearly saved lives said,the Colorado Springs Mayor John suthers,in a statement post to Facebook Club Q,Road Club Q was devastated by the,senseless attack on our community our,prayers and thoughts are with all the,victims and their families and friends,we thank the quick reactions of our,heroic customers that subdued the gunman,and ended this hate attack this is of,course if you're familiar with mass,shootings in the United States of,America how a lot of mass shootings,actually end up uh stopping being,stopped oftentimes it's not police,intervention but intervention from the,immediate people uh brave people to,throw themselves and their lives and,their bodies at the problem and and are,able to subdue not with guns mind you,but with their hands,um,Club Q is a safe haven for our lgbtq,citizens,said csbd Chief Adrian Vasquez every,citizen has the right to feel safe and,secure in our city to go about our,beautiful City without fear or being,harmed or treated poorly I'm so terribly,saddened and heartbroken,okay,Vasquez cautioned that the investigation,is still in its early stages and noted,the FBI is already on the scene and,assisting with the investigation we are,also working to identify the victims who,have died and notified their families,Vasquez reported that at least two,Firearms were found on the scene and,that a long rifle was used in the,shooting,also not very surprising on June 18th,Aldrich was involved in a bomb threat on,the Larson Ranch neighborhood according,to a news release from the El Paso,County Sheriff's Office the reporting,party said her son was threatening to,cause harm with a homemade bomb multiple,weapons in ammunition the reporting,party was not in the home at the time,when she made the call and was not sure,where her son was deputies responded to,the home after further investigation uh,realized the suspect Anderson Lee,Aldrich date of birth uh 05 20 2000 was,in the uh okay well whatever this is,like insane amount of information and,detail local news goes crazy with this,um deputies evacuated the neighborhood,and over an hour later Aldrich,surrendered according to the El Paso,County Sheriff's Office the regional,explosives unit cleared both homes and,did not found any did not find any,explosive devices,though aldress was charged with two,counts of felony menacing in three,counts of first-degree kidnapping the,Colorado Springs Gazette reported that,no formal charges were pursued in this,case which has since been sealed,according to the DA's office,um if I were,a Gambling Man,I would like to know if the FBI tried to,use this person as a CI,I I don't know it's probably not the,case but this is a lot more detail uh,than than what I knew about when I first,read on the story,huh,why why does a dude with this kind of,like with this kind of history have,access to weapons well of course,you know,um of course it's gonna happen you know,the FBI is going to come out and be like,we were aware of the suspect you know,they that's their the the FBI was on our,radar is coming incoming okay hot,coming in hot just expect it you know it,always comes,always there,oh we knew about this guy no,thanks man thanks FBI that's very cool I,love when mass shooting uh you know,people that engage in mass shootings are,on your radar it's so sick to know that,I love FBI's radar it's so fat it's so,it's so beautiful,okay,um anyway Michael Allen the Fourth,Judicial District Attorney who declined,the charge Alders in 2021 expressed,sympathy with the victims of their,family said this is a tragic day for our,community and we stand in solidarity,with the victims and their family,members as we make sense out of a,senseless crime he said every person,regardless of who they are has the right,to be secure from fear and physical harm,actions taken to strike fear in specific,communities will not be tolerated in our,community th

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